Surrender to the will of the Imperial Alliance

- The Unknown Entity

The Imperial Alliance is a massoive organisation within Quadrant 89 and Quadrant 82. It former excisted out of the Lizardian Empire, but when a Unknown Entity killed the Lizardian Emperor, the Unknown Entity reformed the Empire into the Imperial Alliance and absorbed the Lizardian Empire.

The Alliance later grew more powerful, as the Rambulan Empire and the Saurien Sector Coalition became members of the Imperial Alliance. They soon engaged various empires, like Rambo Nation, the URC, Sylit Republic and the DCP, and they allied many other empires, like the Cognatus and the Vartekians. But they were not without schemes as they also destroyed former allies if they furfilled their purpose in the eyes of the Alliance. The Imperial Alliance became one of the most feared empires of the First Gigaquadrant at her high point, but after the Intergalactic War the decline began, eventually going so far as the alliance being divided by the betrayal of the Regent of the Imperial Alliance. Her actions resulted in the "seemingly" death of the Unknown Entity and the fall of the Imperial Alliance.

Though it didn't mean the end of the Alliance as the Alliance was reformed. Now the Imperial Remnant rules over the remaning empires that remained loyal to the Imperial Alliance and those wishing to join the Remnant.

Imperial Species[]

The Imperial species are species that joined the Imperial Remnant/Alliance. Though the original species were more known as member empires the Remnant began using the term Imperial Species, starting the fact that the Imperials were now more of a state than an alliance.

Also with the forming of the Imperial Remnant the Rambo Imperialea gave the enslaved races more freedom and right, to form a stronger union. Though the Dwartanias remained a worker class, together with the Squirnals.


CRE High Prophet Ramordarth-0c7084eb ful.png

The Imperial Remnant was once led by the Galactic Emperor and his War Council. Since their forming they have decided the political course the Alliance was to make and decided when and how to wage war with other empires. However with the death of the Emperor and the following disbanding of the Alliance the command chain was changed.

As the Imperial Remnant was formed, the Rambo Imperialae known as High Prophet Ramodarth, the last remaining member of the former War Council. Tasked with the burden of rule the High Prophet decided that he had sole power over the Alliance and that he had all political power. However he had some trusted advisors who are aiding him in his decisions.

The citizens are happy with the new political power, as Ramordarth gave all citizens more rights and freedom and instead of an alliance of empires he made the Imperials more of a union and state. Ramordarth has became very populair within the Imperial ranks.


Lizardian Empire (1152 BQF-10 BQF)[]

The Lizardian Empire was a huge and violent Empire whom were conquering many species and taking over a lot of territory within Quadrant 89. The reptillian like creatures, known as Lizardian were known to even eat there prey or enslave them to work in mines or even worse. The were also the sole rulers of there Empire.

Attack Formation II, ships of the Lizardian Empire, out of service around the time of the Second Galactic War

Attack Formation I, put out of service around the time of the Second Galactic War

At 16 BQF the Empire arrived at Quadrant 82 were they encountered Rambo Nation for the first time. This event became known as the Lizardian Threat upon there invasion of Quadrant 82. Shortly later, they attacked the Empires of the Noble Alliance, but were defeated and withdrew to there recenlty conquered territoy in Quadrant 82. These attacks were led by the Lizardian Commander, a dangerous and cunning Commander of the Lizardians.

When Rambo Nation discoverd a wormhole to Quadrant 89 they first encountered the Hutter Kingdom, who informed them that the most powerfull member of Quadrant 82, the Lizardians were more active then ever. The Hutter were surprised that the Lizardians found Quadrant 82.Rambo Nation then learned that the Lizardian home planet was located in this system, but they have already encountered them and engaged into battle. Now that the Lizardian found Rambo Nation active in Quadrant 89, they did send a delegation to the Rambo, notifying that Lizardian Space must not be tresspassed or Rambo Ships will be fired upon.

Shorlty after, the assualts against Rambo Nation diminshed, and left them wondering about there plans. They discovered that the Empire was ruler by an Emperor and they still had plans to invaded Quadrant 82 and overthrow the Noble Alliance. After some studying the Rambo discovered the Lizardians had treaties with the Hutters, Swerions and Rambulans. At 10 BQF the unknown entity killed the Lizardian Emperor, and formed the Imperial Alliance and the Lizardian Empire ceased to excist. .....

Imperial Alliance (10 BQF - 02 QFT)[]

Origin (10 BQF - 7 BQF)

When the Unknown Entity arrived in Quadrant 89 he saw the Empires there in a state of uneasy peace. A peace which was about to turn into a system wide war thanks to the arrivel of a new nation, from a differant system, namely Rambo Nation.

With there arrivel and the founding of Deep Space Colonie 01 the other Nations were getting uneasy, and the Lizardian Empire was already at conflict with the Rambo. So the Unknown Entity formed a master plan (or what he likes to refer too), to ally himself with the other Empires, so he could form a massive Alliance with him at it's head. Although he soon found out that the Rambo did not cooperate, they were busy exploring the Galaxy and had there own alliance which they had joined, namely the Noble Alliance.

But the others did not, and the Rambulan Star Empire also stood at the brink of war with the Rambo.

Founding of the Imperial Alliance (6 BQF- 5 BQF)

And so the Unknown Entity changed his master plan, with Rambo Nation as an enemy. And so he personally visited the Lizardian and Rambulan Emperors and killed them both. Taking with them, the most loyal officers and senators.

What remained was a schocked and desperate Empires, and with his smooth talks and the promise of conquering Quadrant 89, and then advancing into Rambo territory the Lizardian Empire and Rambulan Empire soon joined the Unknown Entity with him as there new Emperor. But the Alliance was not yet formed, because the Rambulans first were uneasy with the fact that they had to ally the biggest threat of Quadrant 89, the Lizardian Empire. But when they dilivered information about the Tigris War and the defeat there of the Saurien Sector Coalition, the Unknown Entity went to the Tigris System and talked with the Saurien leader.

He returned with a massive Saurien Fleet, the had a massive migration and were eager to ally with both the Lizardian and Rambulan Empire, and so both of them agreed and the Imperial Alliance was founded. At the founding, they only excisted out of 3 Empires, but the Emperor has plans to expand the members of the Imperial Alliance and even conquer other Galaxies beyond Quadrant 82 and 89, but that had to wait for a while, he first had to place the peaces on the puzzel before revealing the Alliance.

Imperial Galactic War(4 BQF - 3 BQF)

This is the start of the devastating war between the Imperial Alliance and Rambo Nation and it's allies.


The Emperor then ordered his War Council to make a plan to delay Rambo Nation, and make sure they were hit at it's hart.

And so they began plotting against Rambo Nation, and what came out of there plans were surprising and frightning to say at least. But they had to wait for the right time. All the while, the other Empires (including Rambo Nation) has no idea of the Alliance yet. Although it seems the Cianju Alliance has suspicions about the excistence of the Imperial Alliance.

Attack at the Rambo High Council

When the Emperor finally wanted to reveal himself he saw the plan that the War Council made up. And he was pleased and happy with it. So he ordered the Lizardian Commander to lead the attack and have Rambulan Fleet Captain El'd'Shell later back him up in Imperial Space in Quadrant 82.

And so it happened, the Imperial Fleet attacked the Rambo Capitol and bombarded the Rambo High Council, destroying there High Command and the death of the Rambo Emperor. But the fleet of Ramaxar quickly responded and the Imperial Fleet retreated to former Lizardian Space and there they began plotting there invasion plans.

Imperial Alliance forces engage a medical convoy of Rambo Nation

But Quadrant 82 and Rambo Nation were now aware of a new threat, and especially Rambo Nation was in peril, since they were already involved in the Tigris War, the Tralor Invasion and attacks of the Rambo Resistance. The Emperor believed that Rambo Nation would soon fall, but was surprised to learn that the Rambo Emperor's daughter, Ramashe was already crowned Empress. He had expected her to die when the Tralor Empire attacked Rambo Nation's Deep Space Colonie 03, so he smiled upon it. Now it became really interesting.

For the further course of the war see: Galactic War

Truce (3 BQF - 1 BQF)

Near the final battle for the Dissia System, the Galactic Emperor made peace with Empress Ramashe, claiming that victory was not possible. Instead, his intentions were a ruse and during the truce he remobilised his forces and made an alliance with the dangerous, and unknown Rambo Imperialea.

Second Galactic War (0 BQF)[]

After the alliance was made, the Galactic Emperor started the second galactic war, together with aid of another dangerous faction, the Ruin Sector Alliance.

See: Second Galactic War

Aftermath of the Second Galactic War (0 BQF - 1 AQF)
The Battle of Urania IV

Urania IV, a large secret base of the Imperial Alliance came under attack by the Sevan Starr Alliance shorlty after the Second Galactic War when the Imperials retreated back to there own space. The attack was vicious, and even the Galactic Emperor was almost in peril, the first time of his life during his reign as Imperial Emperor.

See Battle of Urania IV, a story by Sacron.

A new discovery

Near the end of the Second Galactic War the Imperial Fleet withdrew from allied space after a failed attack at the Imperial Capitol of Quadrant 82 by the Allied forces. After that, the Rambo and Allied forces unofficially saw the Galactic War ended, but in fact it did not. The Emperor withdrew his forces so they could repair and heal the wounds, and the Imperials made a shocking discovering at the captured planet of Koerband, it was an ancient structure with unimaginable powers.

During the discoveries newer ship classes were launched into active service like the Aredent Class Frigate and the larger and powerful Star Destroyer II Class.

Later on, the Imperials also learned from the DCP Civil War and the rise of the Warlords and the fall of the Sylit Republic. Happy, the Emperor now awaited his time to strike again on the Rambo and the Quadrantia Federation. However, recent events in the Cyrannus Galaxy with the unknown alien race troubled the Emperor. This was an unexpected turn in events, in which he had to be cautious. His rise to power and the oncoming Clash of the Gods could come into danger by them.

The Clone Trooper Army!

The Verpine attacks the New horizon, the first step into creating the Imperial Clone army.

The Imperials later employed various Bounty Hunters to steal classified information of Rambo Nation, and there newfound allies, the Ancientia Kingdom and there Clone Army. As the Imperial Alliance was still rebuilding and nursing her wounds the Galactic Emperor send the Verpine to engage a Ancientia Ship, as ordered the captain succeeded and managed to kidnap some Ancientia Clone Troopers and brought them to the Imperial Capitol of Quadrant 82. Happily and pleased, the Emperor ordered his scientist to clone those troopers and build a new soldier army. This happened in secret without Rambo Nation knowing of it and the results of the cloning are still unknown.

Discovery at Koerband

Shorlty before the fall of scorpia there first clone trooper garison of over 100.000 clones were finished. The first tests pleased the emperor a lot, and together with the War Council he searched for a first target, to see them in action for the first time. However, this target had to be destroyed afterwards and the excisting of the Imperial Clone Army had to remain a secret for a while.

During the creation of the Imperial Clone army, the Imperials did a surprising discovery at Koerband, and because of this discovery the Galactic Emperor decided that he wanted to give it to the Cognatus Alliance, as a sign of peace.

The Imperial Fleet arrives near Lanat!!!

The Galactic Emperor later send Captain Lizrawn of the Laberynth to aid the Tralor of the United Lanat Empire and there struggle against the Freedom Force and the Rambo in the Tralor Civil War. He send a very large task force with new ships to Lanat, full of Imperial Clone Trooper and he also gave Lizrawn a special mission, he was to attack and destroy the Dagians if he found the right time to do it.

Second Rise of the Imperial Alliance

The second rise of the Imperial Alliance meant a time of rising and expanding there influanche, fleet and might. With new ships launched, older ones withdrawn the Imperial ranks were expanded by the joining of the Trilx Federation and the Imperials allied the Girdo Empire and once again started attacks all over the Quadrant Galaxies and beyond.

The Novae and attacks at many fronts

The sun's destructional wave hits the Resistance Fleet

New Erion, the new homeplanet of the Resistance was the first side of the Imperial assault and second Rise. New Erion was known as a peacefull place were life was florishing again for the Resistance. However, there peace came to an abrubt halt when an unknown Imperial ship dropped out of hyperspace near the sun of the system. It was a ship that seemed to be cut in half.

Immediatly Captain Ramchar and Ramnandesh approached the ship with the remaining ships of the Resistance. Surprised they opened a channel and in shock they saw the Regent and the Emperor on there screen. Happily, he pledged a new day has arrived for the Resistance and the Imperials. Unable to halt the unknown ship it build up a massive energy and unleashed at the sun.

The Galactic Class, the Novae firing her weapon.

And it was over in seconds, Ramchar and the Resistance fleet didn't stood a change and were unable to even raise shields. As the beam hit the sun of New Erion System it went nova. A massive wave of solar energy and other energy washed over the Imperial ship, which survived, and hit Ramchar and his fleet. When the wave hit the Resistance fleet they were incarnated and the ships exploded. The wave then hit the planet of New Erion and incernated all life until the planet fell apart.

The Galactic Emperor smiled, anyone who would arrive at this system, if you could still call it a system, would find debris. He then smiled and branded the test of the Galactic Class a succes, he then returned to Imperial Space.

And for New Erion and the Resistance there, there was only silence. Dead silence.......

Imperial battle URC and Rambo forces at the remains of New Erion

Now as the Novae her first test was succesfull, the Imperials wanted to test it on another sun, but which one they were not sure and were now carefully looking for potential targets, it should have to be a drastic event after all. But before the Emperor decided what to send, the Imperials send a task force to New Erion to hunt down any remaining Resistance ships and to investigate the radiation. But upon arriving, a URC ship and Rambo Nation ships, led by Captain Ramborwski, had also arrived and the Imperial Captain attacked the Rambo/URC investigation team. Outgunned they were forced to retreat, but the battle meant new tensions were rising with the Rambo and the URC.

And upon that moment, the Emperor saw his new target, he would target the oldest and wisest of Quadrant 82, respected members of the Cyrandia Alliance. With there destruction he would cripple and hold the advance of the Rambo again. Oh yes, his plan was about to begin!.

Also the Emperor noticed various new conflict arise, and was interessted in the Imperial Civil War.

The Novae destroys the Insector homeworld's sun!

As the Galactic Emperor founded his new target, he took the Novae, escorted by two Imperial Star Destroyers II to the Insector Homesystem. The Insector reacted immediately, sending an emergency transmission to the Cyrandia Alliance that three Imperial ships had arrived in their homesystem. Various D'Kyr classes went to intercept the various Imperial ships. However, they headed for the sun in their surprise and, upon meeting each other, the Star Destroyers engaged the D'Kyr Class vessels of the Insectors. In the midst of battle, the Unknown Entity opened a channel, claiming this was the end for the Insectors and the strange Imperial ship, known as the Novae fired an energy beam at the sun of the Insector homesystem. Immediately flames erupted and destroyed the various Insector ships, and soon the sun went nova, massive waves of solar energy ripped through the system, killing all that inhabit her.

The USS Dallas battles the USS Guinevere and the Adarga.

Yet to the Galactic Emperor's surprise (he was also onboard) something went wrong, the sun did go nova but the two Imperial Star Destroyers also took heavy damage and one even exploded. Soon the Novae began shaking and, as the sun was gone, it was left with no propulsion system. Communications were also down. Still, the Galactic Emperor was pleaed, as the Insector homeworld was destroyed. But now he was stranded, with Rambo and URC forces probably arriving soon. He later managed to escape to Imperial Space before it was he was discovered by Rambo and URC forces. He was then contacted by the Tokzhalan Empire, and they exchanged various types of technology, the Imperials sended the Empire the schematics of the Galactic Class Super Weapon and of the Immobilizer Class Spheres. In return they were given zero-point energy extractors, which they could duplicate and with it, the various ships would have almost infinite energy at there disposal.

The Imperial Krakana Class approaches URC vessels above Capricaerón (picture by Cyrannian)

The Lusankya destroys the last few ships of the Resistance

Later on, Captain Chisarlyna of the USS Guinevere mysteriously dissapeared and the Imperial Star Destroyer Adaga was badly damaged. The Emperor suspected Rambo Nation to be behind this attack, but could not prove nor find a reason how weak Serindia could defeat such many a Clone Trooper. Yet the attack at the Adaga was soon forgotten, a bad mistake, as the Imperial Decoy Ship, known as the Krakana Class approached Capricaerón during the final battle of the Intergalactic War. Working together with the Basileus they managed to destroy various Legacy Class ships of the URC and managed to approach Capricaerón. There the ship awaited the arrival of the Mortalitas, as there was a President to be captured.

At the same time as the Final battle of the Intergalactic War Aur'Lodin and Captain Trentucula were dispatched to the War of the Blocs, to deal with the last remnants of the Resistance. Upon encountering them Aur'Lodin showed now mercy, as Captain Ramato of the Resistance approached them without shields, as he still believed them to be neutral she saw her change and the Lusankya's cannons fired. Within a mere minutes she swept away the last remnants of the once proud Resistance. Happily, she returned to Imperial space to await further intructions. The Lusankya's attack to destroy the Resistance meant the end of the seemingly random attack. In fact, it was the Emperor Grand Plan that was still in motion, he weakened the loose ends and with it, strenghtened his allies. Now the Imperial Alliance was finally ready to strike back again, with there rebuild fleet, a massive clone army and various superweapons, the Imperial Alliance was going to strike again, but not in open war. No, that would be to obvious and to foolish now, it was a time of attacking, yet not starting war.

The new time of attack meant that the Imperial Alliance was attacking various targets and positions, testing the strength of there enemies and weaken there positions, while improving there own strength and knowledge. The first attack was the attack at Cyroenia.

A Mortalitas Destroyer destroys a Cyrandia ship.

Attack at Cyroenia

Cyroenia, the new orbital shipyards of the URC was a newly made construction, which would be able to produce many ships a day. The Galactic Emperor learned of this new construction by his large network of spies and agents. Troubled, he asked the Mortalitas to investigate. They in turn send one Avenger Class destroyer to weaken the structure and efforts, but a single Krakana Class intervered and was destroyed. Due to the delay, a URC fleet managed to drive away the Mortalitas ship.

Battle of Fornaeria

Battle of Fornearia starts.

Shortly after the attack at Cyroenia the Imperial Alliance attacked the Rambo Nation outer colonie of Fornearia, which still had a few Imperial supplies, left behind there during the Second Galactic War.

Captain Lizrawn of the Laberynth and various Tralor ships began sieging the colonie. But none could imagen the outcome of this long battle, perhaps the longest in both Imperial and Rambo history.

See Battle of Fornaeria.

As the Imperials had to withdraw from Fornaeria, various members of the Alliance grew uneasy. Another defeat was unexpected and a important Captian, Lizrawn had perised during the battle. Especialley the HarbronrSauriens grew uneasy and there was some division in the Grand Alliance. However, aid from Emperor Tokzhalat arrived in the form of new technology, the so called quantum replicators, which can make anything from food till neutronium to antimatter. This kept the Imperial War Councillor happy for a while, but there were raising voices of perhaps living in peace, and that the Imperial Alliance should propose an neutrality towards Rambo Nation. Many forces were tired of fighting, except the clones ofcourse.

File:Gathering Fleets.png

The Imperials aid the Tokzhalat Empire

Though the battles did not end, there allies, the Tokzhalat Empire requested aid from the Imperials as Tokzhalat was gathering forces in the Ardenta Galaxy to launch an attack at the Gigaquadrant. The Imperials complied and sended an large armada to aid them. In the midst of the battle, the Imperial forces were informed by a shocking news!

A Sudden End!

The Alliance divides, resulting in a betrayel which means the end of the Galactic Emperor!

Imperial Alliance End?.png

The HarbronrSaurien's grew tired of the Imperial losses and failiures, though they still remained the most powerful force in the Quadrant Galaxies. But the mass expansion of Rambo Nation could mean peace for the HarbronrSauriens and as they talked, it also seemed the Rambulans grew tired of the long conflicts with Rambo Nation and planned to act. Aur'Lodin, the Regent of the Imperial Alliance had also noticed this and saw in awe and anger the Mortalitas desicion to form the Conferacy of Independant Systems. She planned to punish them for it but instead the Galactic Emperor allowed it and even supported them.

She then sought out to the Rambulans and the Saurien Sector Coalition, and she found the most luck with the Coalition, they were after all very large and had a lot of experience due to the Tigris War. She then contacted the Emperor and together they went onboard the Chancellor-Class to a remote region of the Imperial Alliancem, as Aur'lodin claimed to discover something surprising.

Together at the bridge they dropped out of space and the Emperor looked at his viewscreen and asked in anger, what she wanted to show. Aur'Lodin just said she was sorry and that he had served his purpose. The Emperor turned in surprise and anger, and wanted an explanation. Though he knew he had to thank Aur'Lodin for a lot of his succes and the forming of the Imperial Alliance, she never raised her voice against him. Aur'Lodin looked defiant and claimed this wasn't there plan, Rambo Nation would had fallen a long time ago and instead of wiping them out during the Second Galactic War he allowed a treaty with them, which led to the loss of the Second Galactic War for the Imperial Alliance.

The Sector Alliance attacks the Chancellor Class of the Galactic Emperor

A clone trooper then informed the Emperor of three Saurien Sector Ship coming out of space and were approaching the Chancellor Class, the Emperor turned and knew he was betrayed as the Sector ships locked weapons. He then felt an agoning and piercing pain, and looked down as Aur'Lodin her massive sword went through his body. She then pulled her sword back and the Emperor staggered on his feet and looked at his Regent with one burning question in his eyes, why? He managed to tell his Regent he would return, as his body could be destroyed but not his spirit. She simply smiled and raised her sword once again, hitting the Emperor dead on. His lump body fell to the cold floor of the Star Destroyer brige. A blinding light and Aur'Lodin exited the bridge, leaving the clones surprised and without a leader. She launched an escape pod and was picked up by one of the Sector ships as they began firing on the Chancellor Class. After moments of buckeling attack the massive and proud ship of the Galactic Emperor was destroyed and exploded leaving no survivors.

A HarbronrSaurien Captain approached the Regent and asked her further plans? She simply smiled as she sad down on her command chair. She ordered the Saurien to go to the Imperial Capitol, she would inform the Imperial Alliance of the death of there Emperor and she would see to it the Imperial Alliance would dissolve, and she assured the Sauriens got there oppertunity to join Rambo Nation as members, with various plans she would give the Sauriens, she liked to call the "Legacy of the Imperial Alliance".

The Captain then informed her, they arrived at the Imperial Capitol. Aur'Lodin rose as she was prepared to inform the Imperial Council of the death of there Emperor.

A broken Alliance

Aur'Lodin approached the Council, she had summoned them and from every species there was someone who represented them. It had been a while since they were all summoned and all wondered the reason for it. Aur'Lodin looked grim (at least her facial expression, inside she was very happy) and told the Imperial Council the following words:

My people, sons and daughters of the Imperial Alliance. A dark time has fallen upon us. Our beloved Emperor has died during an accident onboard his Chancellor ship. Sadly this meant I am now the ruler of the Imperial Alliance. And as my first and final act I commence the treaty of the Alliance is over. The Imperial Alliance has fallen and is over. Be gone, live happily until the time comes when all things end!

With it Aur'Lodin vanished in a blinding light and the various members looked confused. The Lizardian Commander knew what it meant, the Emperor told him what to do when the Alliance had fallen. He rose from his chair and said his goodbyes. The Rambulans were also more than happy to oblige and also leaved the Council room followed by the Sauriens.

This left only the Trilx, Mortalitas, the Order of Light and the Imperialiae behind. All confused. Soon they all left the room, knowing the once great and beautiful Alliance was over. It left Quadrant 89 in chaos as in within mere days, the Rambulans went into isolation, the Saurien Sector Alliance joined Rambo Nation due to some files and there capture of the Novae. The Mortalitas returned to the CAS and the Order of Light and the Lizardians left the Quadrant Galaxies to places unknown.

The Imperialiae wanted to continue there assualts against Rambo Nation and sought ways to contact the CAS. But one thing was certain, a shadow looms over the Quadrant Galaxies. Especialley now that Rambo Nation became the most powerful Nation in the Quadrant Galaxies................

Imperial Remnant (02 AQF - Current)[]

Remnant attacks Rambo Nation forces in Tralor Space

As the Imperial Alliance had ended, the Imperial Remnant tried to hold on for there own, but due to relentless attacks by Rambo Nation, the Hutter Kingdom and the Basileus Imperium the Remnant was losing there territory at a fast rate. After one year the Remnant managed to resemble there fleets and kept there borders save. Shorlty after, they were contacted by the Darklight Federation who sought to ally the Remnant. They met shorlty afterwards.

Battle at Eire

After the meeting the Remnant began attacking Rambo Nation convoys in Tralor Space, targeting medical and trade convoys they weakened the Rambo presence there and were now preparing to launch an attack at Traloria, the Tralor colonie that was occupied by Rambo Nation.

But before doing so, they were going to test the URC there strength and might, and they attacked the URC Outer Colonie of Eire. At first, the battle turned in favor of the Imperial Remnant, but with the arrival of the Pride of the Core, flagship of Supreme Admiral Nagala the battle turned in favor of the URC and the Imperial forces were forced to reatreat. The Remnant learned an important lesson, the URC had grown in military might since the Intergalactic War, and the Remnant Goverment were now going to discuss if it was possible to form a treaty with the Cyrandia Alliance.

Sadly discussion were going slow and were difficult, as there wasn't much trust between the Remnant and the Cyrandia Alliance. To make matters worse, the Imperial Remnant has lost a lot of former colonies to the Confederacy (mostly due to efforst of the Basileus) and the economy of the Remnant was in a depression.

Border conflict with the Rambo

However the Imperial Remnant began constructing new ships, new kind of Star Destroyers which were even more powerful then before. Now the Remnant was ready again for battle, and one could only wonder when that battle was about to take place.

In the tenth month of the year 04 AQF, during the Quadrantia Disorder and the Great Cyrannus War the Remnant aided a Confederate frigate who was being chased by two Rambo ships near Imperial borders. Intercepted by two Imperial Ardent Class Star Destroyers the Rambo ships took damage and were forced to withdraw. The report of the first life action against the Rambo was given to the Imperial Senate and the new Emperor, and he was pleased with the results and ordered his fleet to prepare for a possible counter attack by or at Rambo Nation.

Yet the eventual attack didn't happen and as such High Prophet Ramordarth ordered the alert status to be turned down. Over time, when 05 AQF began the Imperial Remnant economy was getting better again and many planets and colonies were rebuild and the citizens had work, also due to Ramordarth allowed the citizens to have equal rights and the same amount of freedom. After 05 AQF started the Helatrace, a gifted race of diplomats joined the Imperial Remnant, marking the fact that the Remnant was once again growing more powerful.

Treaty of Rambo Prime

After Ramordarth met with an entity called Morgandaûr the leader began a discussion for perhaps peace with the Cyrandia, and perhaps even joining that organisation. Yet these plans were thwarted when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed and conquered Rambo Nation. With the loss of their main rival the Imperial Remnant almost fell apart until a summon was given for their leader, to meet with Grand Mandator Garlboz of the Empire. The meeting was held on Rambo Prime and the outcome was quite surprising, a weapon truce was signed and the Remnant now had a goal again, protect herself against a possible Empire-Rambo invasion. Imperial Remnant Command decided to use of dagger like ships was dangerous, and seeing the Rambo Imperials were the main leaders now production began for saucer like ship, which the Rambo Nation also uses. Yet these ships were going to be more powerful, equipped with a transwarp drive and better shields and weapons!

As such the Treaty of Rambo Prime was succes for the Remnant, as it unified the Remnant once more!

Imperial Military[]

Imperial Clone Trooper

Imperial Clone Commanders

Imperial Clone Trooper

The Imperial Clone Troopers were cloned from the Ancientia Clone Troopers. After the Verpine attakced and kidnapped various Ancientia Clone Troopers, Captain Lizassk brought them to the Emperor. The Emperor sended them to a secret location where they were cloned and later killed. The Ancientia Troopers that were clones sweared loyalty to the Imperial Alliance and they recieved heavy training and education.

Some of the Imperial Clone Troopers were trained as Clone Commanders and were even allowed to command various star ships, as the Imperial Fleet was expanding at a rate the Emperor could not imagen. The Troopers are specially trained in the art of weapons and combat, while the Clone Commanders are trained in battle tactics and commanding ships and troopers into combat.

As said, all the original Ancientia Clone Troopers were killed, except for one. He became known as the Clone Supreme Commander, although he is still below the Imperial Captains, like all Imperial Clone Troopers are.

Imperial Navy[]

Because of the size and members of the Imperial Alliance, their fleet and military is pretty big and impressive, but not undefeatable.

Remnant Ardent Class V2

Remnant Ardent Class V2

  • Size: 1250 meters
  • Classification: Star destroyer

With the Imperial Alliance fleet defeated in 03 AQF the Remnant was in crisis. Due to the fact many believed the Imperial Alliance was over the Imperialea, now the leaders of the Remnant constructed new kind of ships. Two kinds, a frigate and a star destroyer. The star destroyer became the Ardent Class V2, with powerful shields, weapons and a large jamming sphere it could stand at her own in a battle for quite some while.

With integrated weapons of the Imperial Alliance and the Imperialea the Ardent Class is the most powerful star destroyer class in the Quadrant Galaxies, feared by all. The Remnant claims the only ship that could beat a Ardent Class V2 at her own is the Well Class of Rambo Nation.

Though the Remnant numbers of ships has decreased, her strength didn't. The Remnant has over 1200 of this kind of star destroyers in service. With the introduction of saucer like ships, the Ardent class became the back bone of the Imperial Remnant her navy.


The Imperial Alliance and Imperial Remnant have various individuals and characters beloning to them. From Imperial captains to the war councillors, all are playing their part (or already have played their part).

See Imperial Individuals.

Relations with other Empires[]

Ratings+2green.png Sister State
Ratings+2green.png Allies
Ratings-0yellow.png Neutral
Ratings-2red.png Enemies


The Imperial Alliance, wishing to conquer us and even managed to do so for a few days. Evil and dangerous, the Imperials are an ever present threat. Though with the reforming into the Remnant, perhaps peace is possible?

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

A feared and expansionist empire native to Quadrant 89. Perhaps our most hated enemy until the war with the Confederacy, I now hear that peace is possible. Something I would be happy to accept.

- Apollo of the United Republic of Cyrannus

The Imperial Alliance served its purpose for us. By the time it was destroyed, we had little need for it.

- Zillum

Former Imperial Alliance[]

Original Members[]

The Original members existed out of seven empires which decided to join the Imperial Alliance. Together they launched a campaignainst Quadrant 82 and other galaxies.

Lizardian Empire (former)

The former Lizardian Empire ceased to excist when the Unknown Entity killed the Lizardian Emperor and took his title, he reformed the Empire into the Imperial Alliance and the culture of the Lizardian was absorbed into the Alliance. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance all Lizardian migrated elsewhere.

See Lizardian Empire

Saurien Sector Coalition (former)

After there defeat at the hands of the Congregation the Sauriens immigrated to Quadrant 89 at the advice of the Unknown Entity. They became the back bone of the Imperial Army and are most often send first into battle. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance they aided the Regent and later on even joined Rambo Nation.

See Saurien Sector Coalition

Rambulan Star Empire (former)

When the Rambulan Star Empire was contacted by the Unknown Entity, they dicided to join the Imperial Alliance, after seeing the might and plans of the Unknnown Entity. They proved to be a wothy members, since there power, knowledge and cloaking abilities surprised enemy fleets. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance they decided not to join the Remnant and went into isolation.

See Rambulan Star Empire

Ageastillia Order of Light (former)

When Universe 66501, there home universe was almost destroyed by the Xhodocto, the Order was diminishing and they neared extinction. When the Remnant of Allies left that Universe, the Order secretly followed and allied the Imperial Alliance in secret. They are loyal members and guard the other borders of Quadrant 82, so that none is alllowed to intervere with the Galactic War. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance they also migrated elsewhere.

See Ageastillia Order of Light

Rambo Empire

The Rambo Imperialea, also known as the Agh rakatulûk are an evil Ramboidae race whom intentions are to destroy Rambo Nation. They joined the Imperial Alliance after there Emperor went missing and they have ship that look like Rambo Nation vessel, but are far more powerfull. A Imperialea is considered as strong as a Civatron or a Xhodocto. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance they became the supreme rulers of the Imperial Remnant.

See Rambo Empire

Mortalitas Empire (former)

The Mortalitas are a sentient species of sharks who for the last thousand years have been bitter enemies of the Capricorn Sector Alliance. Since the defeat of the Trucinex the Mortalitas have been longing for the destruction of the CSA and its allies. The joined the Imperial Alliance because of similar goals and quest for domination. They later left after the fall of the Imperial Alliance as they were the founders of the Confederacy of Independant Systems.

See Mortalitas Empire.

Trilx Federation

Trilx Federation

The Trilx Federation is a federation made up of Trilx and many conquered species. They are the main rivals of the Sylits, and were just barely defeated by SR and their allies during the Ramvelkys War. They joined the Ramvelkys Alliance to make the allies think they turned friendly, but they secretly joined the Imperial Alliance to bring SR and it's allies down. They believe their military will help the Imperial Alliance, as will their ability to spy on SR in Ramvelkys Galaxy.

Original Goverment[]

The Galactical Emperor

Galactic Emperor

The Galactic Emperor is feared by all and is better known as the Unknown Entity. He soon began forming his plot and plans to form the Imperial Alliance and began amassing his armies to strike down the Noble Alliance and Rambo Nation.

With brigth and shining armor to represt pride and justice, with two rotating shields by electromagnetic powers and a huge sword the Unknown Entity rules over the Imperial Alliance with an iron fist and show now mercy to his enemies. Yet a notable trait of the Unknown Entity is that he shows respect and admires bold captains and individuals, whether they are enemies or allies.

See Galactic Emperor/Unknown Entity for more

Members of the War Council

The War Council consists out of the representives for the members of the Imperial Alliance, since all other rulers were killed by the Unknown Entity himself.

The War Council oversees the Imperial Fleets, Military and Diplomatic talks. They also stand directly under the Emperor in rank, and are seen as the second in Command of the Imperial Alliance.

Each member of the War Council is equel in rank, with only the Emperor above them.

However, during the course of the war and the War Council's formation can change to reposistions or capture or deaths of War Councillors.

Aur'Lodin, Regent of the Imperial Alliance

The members of the War council are:

During the First Galactic War

  • Aur'Lodin, the Regent of the Imperial Alliance.
  • The Lizardian Commander.
  • Saurien Representive Saraxvrantrix.
  • Rambulan Fleet Captain El'd'Shell.
  • Lizardian Commander Krazkramkrazm.
  • Rambo Commander Ramauron, former Royal Guard Captain.
  • Lizardian Commander Lizrkrahmkyn.

During the Second Galactic War

  • Aur'Lodin, Regent of the Imperial Alliance.
  • Lizardian Commander.
  • Rambulan Fleet Captain El'd'Shell.
  • Lizardian Commander Krazkramkrazm.
  • Rambo Commander Ramauron, former Royal Guard Captain.
  • High Prophet Ramordarth.

See Captain page

Original Imperial Navy & Militairy[]


The vast navy of the Imperial Alliance was powerful and feared throughout the galaxy. With dagger like ships they were known for their durability in battle.

Imperial Ardent Class Frigate

Ardent Class Frigate

These Frigates were constructed after the Second Galactic War and are often used as strike ships. They are produced a lot, and often escorts Imperial Star Destroyers or protecting Imperial Strongholds in blockades.

The Ardent Class Frigates are experts in fast hit and run attacks and have powerfull batteries which can fire a lot of salvo's. However, it is one of the smallest Imperial ships, but not one to underestimate. The ship became an active and common ship after the Second Galactic War. Later on the ship was retired from active service and replaced by her V2 version.

Size: 425 meters.

Imperial Chancellor Class

Chancellor Class

The large and powerfull Chancellor Class of the Imperial Alliance is the flag ship of the Imperial Navy and is even more powerfull than the Star Destroyer II. An one in her kind, the Chancellor Class is the personall ship of the Galactic Emperor.

The Imperials constructed this ship shortly before the completion of there second Super Weapon, yet the Chancellor Class cannot rival the strength of the Galactic Class, the Chancellor Class is more powerfull than the Immobilizer Class. As there is only one ship of this class constructed (they are very expensive) she became the personall ship of the Galactic Emperor, often called the "Mobile Throne" by the Imperials, the Emperor rarely leaves this ship. The ship has hangars and powerfull shields, turbo lasers and cannons. They also have ion cannons and say they also have missles that can track cloacked ships.

The ship was later destroyed by during the fall of the Imperial Alliance by Sector Alliance ships

Size: 2100 meters.

Imperial Galactic Class

Galactic Class when firing

The large and massive Galactic Class of the Imperial Alliance is a one of her kind. Escorted by a large fleet this newly and still experimental class carries a deadly weapons. What kind of weapon remains still to be seen.

It was later revealed the weapon the Galactic Class carries is a Sun Ray, capable of sending sun's to go Super Nova. With special technology used of the Gudrafnar and the Lizardians, the Imperials were capable of almost precisly calculating the amount of energy needed to send a sun to go supernova. Due to this calcualtions the Imperials can manage to decide how large and how powerfull the shock wave of the super nova will be. A side not on this, the farther away from the sun, the stronger the shock waves gets, that is why the Galactic Wave is equipped with stolen shield technology of Rambo Nation, so it can stay close to a sun when it goest supernova.

The only knowns Galactic Class is named the Novae. The ships was later stolen by the leaving HarbronrSauriens and was given to Rambo Nation as a gesture of peace. They dismantled the ship in secret and began using it and the schematics for there own weapon of mass destruction. The Remnant is now busy constructing another one of this class.

Size: 1950 meters.

Imperial Lizardian Battle Cruiser

Imperial Lizardian Battle Cruiser

These vessels are meant for the Lizardian Officers and are massive and very large. The ships are also more powerfull then Rambo Nation every encountered.

Due to the ships massive size, sometime Cruisers can dock in it's bay and shuttle bays are also found a lot on this ships.

The ships shields are also very strong and it took 25 Rambo Ships to only cripple the ships, with only 12 ships surviving the attack.

The Lizardian Commander commands one of these kind of ships, namely the Chimera. During the Second and First Galactic Wars and beyond, these ships are used a prestige positons by Commanders and still remains flagships of various Imperial Fleets as they still remain one of the stronger ships of the Imperial Alliance. They were later replaced by the Imperial Star Destroyer II Class.

Size: 1800 meters.

Imperial Lizardian Fighters

Imperial Lizardian Fighters

The Lizardian fighters are known for there speed and devasting attacks. If correctly working together they can destroy frigates and star ships.

The Figther Squadron mostly fly in formation of 3 fighters, but sometimes they also fly in bigger formations. They back up the Attack Formations and are often found in the fleets.

Sometimes the fighters are also send on patrol duties or on intercepting missions.

They are the most frequent fighters used in the entire Imperial Alliance.

Imperial Lizardian Heavy Battle Cruiser/Super Star Destroyer

Imperial Super Star Destroyer/Heavy Battle Cruiser

Another big and powerful vessel in the Lizardion Navy. These massive ships are slow but very powerfull, they are bigger than the normal battle cruiser and larger, powerfuller and more frightning.

The ships are pretty new in the Imperial Fleet and are the biggest ships in the entire Imperial Armada. However, due to there size they are pretty slow but have good shieldings.

Recenlty, the Laberynth was upgraded and was an experimental ship which could travell at warp, if the ships passes her tests all Heavy Battle Cruisers will be modified. Although called Super Star Destroyers, the ships are no longer then 2 km.

As of the destruction of the Resistance, they are the oldest class of the Imperial Alliance still active. Though after the fall of the Imperial Alliance the Battle Cruiser was withdrawn from active service.

Size: 2000 meters.

Imperial Lizardian Heavy Defense Battle Ship

Imperial Heavy Defense Battle Ship

This Class is a Heavy Defense Cruiser, although they are not as strong as the other Battle Ships, this ship has a powerful weapon which can destroy enemies shields in only 2 direct hits.

But because of the massive canon, it means the ship is very slow and cannot function into fleets, as such the Lizardians used this ship as orbital defense.

During the Lizardian Empire there were only 20 vessels in production because of the high costs to produce it.

But when the Lizardians became part of the Imperial Alliance, this class became the primary Defense Ships of the Planets and production was raised by 200 procent. As of speaking, the Imperial Alliance already deployed over 956 ships of this class.

After the Second Galactic War the ships were put out of active service, due to the more effective and powerfuller Ardent Class.

Size: 739 meters.

Imperial Lizardian Immobilizer Class

Imperial Immobilizer Class, the First Super Weapon of the Imperial Alliance

This newly created Imperial vessel is based upon the very succesfull and popular Imperial ship, the Star Destroyer. However, it is quite differant in lay out and in function.

The Immobilizer Class has said is a new creation by the Imperial Alliance and was launched during the Second Galactic War 6th Week. The ship has 4 spheres build upon her, which are called Graviton Spheres. These spheres when activated can prevent ships from going into Warp, Transwarp, Vortexes and Hyper Space. This is an effective way to counter attack the hit and run tactics which are mostly used by Rambo Nation or Hutter ships. Because those vessels are fast, the Immobilizer class can prevent this and take them out before too many damage has been done to the Imperial or RSA ships.

However they are expensive to build and as such there are very few of them. Another function the spheres have when activated, make her a super weapons as the spheres at full power can create Spacial Anomolys which can destroy the enemy vessels or prevent them from approaching Imperial and RSA planets.

Size: 1600 meters.

Imperial Lizardian Light Cruiser

Imperial Light Cruiser

The Light Cruisers were pushed into active service when the Second Galactic War broke out.

These ships are fast, they can even match the speed of Rambo Nation vessels and there fire power is pretty impressive as well.

However, the ships are put in mass production which means some of them are not at full operational level yet. The ships are now a recommended vessel for the Imperial Alliance and they often back up the Star Destroyers or act as escort for the Battle Cruisers. During the Second Galactic War the ships were one of the most produced and constructed vessels as they are very succesfull.

Size: 200 meters.

Imperial Lizardian Star Destroyer

Imperial Star Destroyer

The Imperial Lizardian Star Destroyer are the newest ship in the line and the most powerfullst. They are capable of entering orbits and bombarding planets, they are the new backbone of the Imperial Fleet and are now a days constantly involved in battles.

The ships first saw action during the attack at the Dissia System and now are used everywhere in the Imperial Fleet. How many there are is as of speaking unknown.

The ships are very large and powerful and are stronger than Sovereign classes of Rambo Nation, but they lack the ability of manouverability of agility and are considered a little bit slow compared to the Rambo Ships. None the less, they are still feared and carry a lot of fighters and troops.

It is said that a Task Force of 22 ships can take over an entire system of Colonies. During the Second Galactic War these ship became the most used ships of the Lizardians in service of the Imperial Alliance. They are around 800 meter long. Even after the Second Galactic War these ships are still used and constructed a lot.

However, many of the Lizardian Captains now wish to command the new Star Destroyer II class, however, this is a slow process as the Galactic Emperor does not wish that the Captain change ships if they are not destroyed. However, shorlty later and during the first battles of the Intergalactic War the Rambo were involved in, the Star Destroyers were put out of active service and they were dismanteld. There parts and other usefull equipment were used in the production of the newer ship classes.

Size: 700 meters.

Imperial Praetorian Class

Praetorian Class

The Imperial Praetorian Class is by far the largest Imperial Ship. Measering over 35 km this ship has recently been finished and is now scheduled for launch. With powerful weapons and upgrades from the Tokzhalan Empire, the Praetorian will be feared.

The zero-point extractors give them massive ship the power to function to an infinite status, there weapons consists out of ordinary Imperial weapons but also have various small ion cannons, capable of destroying a Rambo Miranda Class V2 with one shot. Upon her launch there were 2 ships in active service. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance the Imperial Ramnant only has one of this class in service.

Size: 35000 meters.

Imperial Skimmer Class

Imperial Skimmer Class

The Skimmer Class is by far the largest Imperial Ship Class. Measering over 5000 meters the Skimmer Class carrier Imperial Fighters and Light Cruisers into battle. Equipped with heavy weaponry and shields, the ship is a menace at any battlefield.

Not much is further known of this class, only that there are rumors it is also equipped with a small Clone facility to create the Imperial Clone Army and also has a large medical bay for the injured clones and other Imperial personall. Currently there are only 3 ships in service of this class, as they are expensive to construct. After the fall the Remnant withdrew all of the Skimmer Classes and the ship was turned down into favor of other ships.

Size: 5000 meters.

Imperial Star Destroyer II

Imperial Sar Destroyer II

The Imperial Star Destroyer II is the newest class of Star Destroyers build by the Imperial Alliance. Large then the smaller brothers, these ships are more powerfull, but do not surpasse the Super Star Destroyer Class.

These large and powerfull ships are mass produced and are often escorted by the smaller Ardent Class Frigates. The Star Destroyers II are now being mass produced and are the lead and parade ships of the Imperial Alliance. Many of the Captains now whish to command this new and powerfull ship.

Size: 1600 meters.

Imperial Troop Transport Class

Imperial Troop Transporter

The Imperial Troop Transport, shorlty the Imperial TT are medium sized spaceships which arrive after a space blockade has been broken so they can land on the surface and unleash the troops inside, they are troop carriers, but are also lightly armed.

The Imperial Troop Transport, shorlty the Imperial TT are medium sized spaceships which arrive after a space blockade has been broken so they can land on the surface and unleash the troops inside, they are troop carriers, but are also lightly armed.

These ships were constructed shorlty after the Second Galactic War and are being mass produced.

Size: 752 meters.

Lanat Class Super Star Destroyer

Lanat Class Super Star Destroyer

The Lanat Class Super Star Destroyer (LCSSD) is a ship class build by the ULE as a gift for the Imperial Alliance. Equipped with armor and shielding that are unmatched, it's size strikes terror to it's enemies (4,100 meters), and the super laser makes quick work of even the most well protected hostile ships. A powerful ship, the Imperial Alliance used this ship to increase her influance in the backyards of Quadrant 89. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance, the Imperial Remnant lost track of the ship (or so they claim) and are now searching for it to use the ship against there enemies.

Size: 4100 meters.

Mortalitas Dreadnought

Mortalitas Dreadnought

The massive Mortalitas Dreadnought was given to the Mortalitas by the other members of the Imperial Alliance.

A roughly cylindrical warship, the Dreasnought's surface was dotted with heavy weapons emplacements capable of piercing through the shields and hulls of enemy vessels. Dreadnoughts were massive, cylindrical 1,088-meter-long warships with a pointed nose that tapered towards the superstructure. Rising from the stern portion of the vessel, was an elongated main communications and sensor pod. A famous ship of this line was the Benevolent, under the command of General Zillom. It was involved in the Battle of Capricaerón but eventually had to retreat back to Imperial space as the CSA, Rambo and DCP defeated the Imperial Navy.

The Mortalitas Dreadnough is an officially ship class of the Imperial Alliance, and will probably also be re-painted to function into the Imperial Fleet and not only in Mortalitas Fleets. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance the Remnant sold all of these ships to the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

Size: 1573 meters


Imperial Lizardian Elites (former)

Imperial Lizardian Elite

The Lizardian Elites are the most powerfullst of all Lizardians, they are specialised in hand to hand combat and there strength rivals that of the Judge Magisters of Rambo Nation. They are not often seen, and are mostly kept secret.

These Elites are under the direct command of the Lizardian Commander and are very loyal to him. When the Imperial Heavy Battle Cruisers were launched into service, they are now equipped with a squadron of these Elites, mostly reaching a total of over 200.

The Elites are fast, strong and experts in close combat and range combat. However, there weakness is that they are easily angered and that there defences close to the neck is not that strong.

Imperial Captains

See Captains of the Imperial Alliance.

Lizardian Soldiers (former)

Lizardian Soldier Class

Lizardian Heavy Soldier Class

The Lizardian Empire has many soldiers, which can basically narrowed down to the Soldier Class and Heavy Soldier Class and the Officer Class, but only the Lizardian Commander has been encountered of the Officer Class.

The Soldier Class are the normal Lizardians who became soldiers. They fight the battles and take orders from there superiors. There are many of them and they also serve on the ships, in battle, as shuttle pilots etc.

The Heavy Soldier Class are bigger Lizardians, who are very strong and difficult to defeat, although slower, they are more efficient then the normal Soldier Class, the Heavies (there nickname) can even walk threw walls and can survive falls of high buildings. They are always backed up by the Soldier Classes.

The Officers are high ranking Lizardians and have custom uniforms, they are ruthless and don't shy away for a fight.

Saurien Sector Coaliton Soldiers (former)

Rambulan Star Empire Soldier

Saurien Sector Coaliton Soldier

The soldiers of the Saurien Sector Coaliton are the first ones send into battle and are often used as living shields, something the Saurien don't mind, they enjoy fighting battles.

See Saurien Soldiers

Rambulan Star Empire Soldiers (former)

The Rambulan Soldiers are equipped with small Cloaking Devices so that they can strike from ambush, they are also very agressive in battle and prove difficult to defeat, since there agility is very high.

They are mostly used as ariel support soldiers.

See Rambulan Soldiers

Imperial Guard (former)

Lizardian Galactical Guard

Imperial Guard

The Imperial Gaurd is charged with the protection of the Emperor and the War Council members.

The Gaurd only excist out of Lizardians and are said to be stronger then even the Rambo Royal Guard.

The Imperial Guard is an Elite Force of the former Lizardian Empire and the Guard carries Blaster Staffs, Deflector Shields and Poison Klings. A foe to be carefull off. The Guard is trained to have no emotions, so they are ruthless, unmercifull and obey any order from the Emperor and the War Council Members.

The Guard is supervised by the War Councillor, Lizardian Commander Krazkramkrazm.

There is also a special Elite of the Imperial Guard, called the Galactical Guard which are specialley created to protect the Galactic Emperor, they say these Lizardians can rival the strength of a Rambo Imperialea.

Imperial Treaty Members[]

Threaty members have a special meaning and way of joining the Imperial Alliance. The threay rules are:

  • 1: You surrender to the will of the Galactic Empire.
  • 2: By doing so you will join the Imperial Alliance.
  • 3: However you can keep your goverment, manners and way of living, instead this happens now under the Imperial rule and watchfull eye.
    • 3.5: The Space fleet is also allowed to keep excisting, however it gets smaller and is not allowed to attack Imperial or RSA forces, and Imperial and RSA forces are to be obeyed when given an order.
  • 4: You're Empire is represented by a Grand Senator in the Imperial Senate.
  • 5: Again, the Imperials are the rulers, you are just allowed to live in peace under Imperial rule.
  • 6: Welcome to the Imperial Alliance.

Another word for the Treaty Members are simply conquered nations and systems. However upon the forming of the Remnant they became full members of the Remnant.

Craskal Order of Knights

Craskal Order of Knights

The Craskals are members of the Craskal Order of Knights and recenlty joined the Imperial Alliance. They originated from an unknown place and system and they arrived shortly after the forming of the Imperial Alliance. They see the Unknown Entity as there savior and God, and so they follow him everywhere. The Craskals are a species without space travel, and so they have to rely on the use of space ships of the other Imperial Allies.

Even though they follow the Unknown Entity by free will, they are still seen as a conquered species and are used for many differant tasks.

They are specialised in mental abilities and are often used by interrogations. They also carry swords, but those are mostly used to amplify there mental abilities.

Dwartanias Mining Guild


The Dwartanias are small creatures, who lived peacefully until the Lizardian Empire absorbed them into the Empire. After that they became the lowest in rank in the entire Empire, working in mines or cleaning plasma pipes.

That is also the only reason the Lizardians conquered the Dwartanias instead of destroying them. They are used to clean the plasma pipes of ships or to work in the mines.

The Dwartanias hate this way of living, but they cannot imagen another live, the Dwartanias have been conquered over 3000 years ago.

When the Lizardian Empire was absorbed into the Imperial Alliance, the Dwartanias had the lowest rank of all, and were frequently faced with this. They continued there jobs under the Imperial Alliance

Nevarias Union


The Nevarias are a peacefull species that have been conquered by the Lizardian Empire. They don't have high ranks, instead they are used to work in forests or in deserts. They are often a little bit sneaky and odd behaving.

Most of these species are easy to influance and have a weak for money. That makes them a bit untrusteble, because when a Lizardian would pay enough money, they are likely to betray anyone. They are often found in the deserts, were they have to work of the Lizardians and are not seen worthy by the Lizardians. But they conquered them anyway, because why would a Lizardian do dirty jobs like cleaning carbage or working in hot temperatures.

They continued there jobs under the Imperial Alliance.

Noble House of the Squirnals


Squirnals are a small and friendly species that have recently been conquered by the Imperial Alliance and function as slaves for the production of wood, water etc.

The Squirnals were discoverd within Quadrant 89 but were a civilization that was still in Tribal Stage, when the Imperials arrived, they simply conquered the planet which was rich on productions and spice.

And so the Squirnals stood no change and were captured and put to use as slave throughout the entire Imperial Alliance. They mostly work on planets as producers of food or the production and salvaging wood, stone and water.

The Squirnals hate this way of living, and find the stories of other conquered species interessting and they hope to meet one day other species like the rumored Venocios followers or the Blue Birds.


A Vierian

The Vierian are a bunny like creatures, known for the bauety and skills in charming and dancing.

There kingdom was long ago conquered by the Lizardians, and most of them end up as slave dancers and are taken away by the Syndicate.

Although they are seen as citizens of the Lizardian Empire, they don't have anything to say and have to follow every rule etc. As said, they are often taken away for slavery. But the once who remains at peace are given positons and observers and scientist, and are known as the best scientists and healers of the Lizardian Empire.

When the Lizardian Empire was absorbed into the Imperial Alliance, the Vierians were stripped off there ranks and became slave worker, dancers etc. for the Imperial Alliance. Though not all Kingdoms were conquered by the Alliance.

Original Strongholds[]

Not much is known of the Imperial Strongholds or where they are located. Those whom are known are listed below. There is little know to Rambo Nation of these Strongholds due to there well defended and monitored positions and Rambo Nation also never dared to stage an attack back at the Imperials due to this.


Impaerusqiantia, the Imperial Alliance Capitol of Quadrant 82

Impaerusqiantia is the Imperial Alliance her Capitol Colonie of Quadrant 82. The Colonie contains a large City with pitch black buildings and statues and even has her own station in orbit, the Rambulan Impaerusqiantia Docking Station, under command of Rambulan Captain El't'Isco.

The Capitol Colonie of Impaerusqiantia is an old and ancient Colonie, already build by the Lizardians well before the Lizardian Threat or the forming of the Imperial Alliance. When the Galactic Emperor became leader over the Lizardians, a statue was build at the Courtyard which pleased him very much.

Not much is futher known of the Capitol Colonie as Rambo Nation only has a few images of it and never dared to attack it after a wise lesson during the Tigris War, when the attack of Civa Prime failed. After that attack, no Rambo officer dared to even think of a plan to attack Capitol Colonies or Planets.

The Staue of the Galactic Emperor, found at Impaerusqiantia

Rambo Nation knows that the Colonie is heavily guarded by fleets, armada's and a lot of cannons and orbital shields around the Grand City. The Station also is a mean of defence and monitors all whom visit or leave the Colonie.

Lately a lot of new activity is around monitored around Impaerusqiantia, which annoyed the Captain of the Docking Station due to the joining of new factions to the Imperial Alliance, namely the Rambo Empire, the Ageastillia Order of Light and the Mortalitas Empire.

After the fall of the Imperial Alliance the stronghold came under possesion of Rambo Nation.

Ramrevera Prime

Ramrevera Prime, rebuilded by the Imperial Alliance and stronghold to them.

Ramrevera Prime was Rambo Colonie, but was taken by the Imperial Alliance during the First Galactic War and was modified and rebuild by the Imperials.

After that, it became the staging area for invasion of the Dissia System, and attacks at other Colonies. The Colonie became so important, that a small docking area was build by the Imperials and a large invasion and defence fleet was stationed. Even the Galactic Emperor once visited Ramrevera Prime.

From here all Imperial Ships are send into battle and Ramrevera Prime is also used as a repair and re fuel position. Thus it became a key location for the invasion of Quadrant 82 and losing it would certainly mean a temporarily halt to the Imperial Advance into Rambo Space.

However, as said before it is heavily guarded and protected by the Imperial War Councillor, Ramoradarth and some Rambo Imperialea. After the fall of the Imperial Alliance Remrevera was destroyed by leaving Imperial forces.


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