A universe does not need an explosion to coem to being, and the mind does not have to be confined to organic tissue.

- unknown

Immortality In Memory also known as the Transcencia Incident was a social political incident that began in the Milky way but spread elsewhere. Pursued by the engimatic Transcencia who appeared to travel the gigaquadrant taking numerous alien individuals by the thousands. But there is more to this recruitment programme than meets the eye.


Prologue - An Emergent Idea[]

Commmunications Breakdown[]


Develani was in her persona chambers meditating. The sky-screen for the city was showing sunrise. She felt at bliss as she sat cross-legged in the middle of the room. She felt a Warm sensation well up to her waist, met by a cool sensation descending from her head. In her legs she felt heavy, in her torso and head she felt light. As she sat, she head a whisper inside her head.

Rokior - Develani? May I speak with you?

This signalled Develai to gradually open her eyes. She recognised the voice, it was one of Tebvanur-baldra's uploaded personalities.

Develani - You may, Rokior.

As she stood up, the world around her blurred. She found herself in an ivory gazebo. However in the distance, to her left, there appeared to be blackness, nothing. Develani turned her head and looked at it in alarm. Rokior, a tall, dark-skinned Theian with a single long pontail of silver hair awaked up beside her.

Develani - Rokior...what is that?
Rokior - That is what I wanted to show you. Part of Afterworld has gone dark. That is a region we cannot access.
Develani - Have you tried crossing it physically?
Rokior - It would be like walking into glass. "soemone" has tampered with the system. We are unsure how.
Develani - So... that is restricted space?
Rokior - Even. To us.

Develani stood in shock, looking at the void-like mass that loomed in front of her. A rift i nthe sky and in the earth.

Develani - Any clues as tow who may have done such a thing?
Rokior - Either a rogue programme, or someone within Tebvanu.
Develani - Is the latter even possible? To be so selfish as to reserve an entire region of digital space sounds... well selfish.
Rokior - Sometimes personalities go rogue. We are not in unison at all times, we do not all think alike. But we all still accept the principles of communality. To be selfish--
Develani - Is to abuse the self. I remember.

Rokioir turned his head to look at Develani and smiled.

Rokior - We were right to select you. You shall become a promising member of the collective.
Develani - But what of this space?
Rokior - We will attempt reconnection. However if our suspicions are correct we will need to find the responsible party before conenction can be efficiently restored.
Develani - And if not?
Rokior - Then the softWare must be ejected.
Develani - How many personalities were in that area before the blackout?
Rokior - Two hundred and seventy one.
Develani - Two hundred and seventy oen personalities. Gone. If we ever erase that region.
Rokior - It msut be done. That blackout is still using up processing power. In essence, they are stealing precious computation capacity. This msut be rectified. Develani - The others must know. Rokior - Yes. Now, we are done. We will keep in touch, as always.

Develani nodded as the gazebo and the landscape dissolved, returning to her normal quarters and the real universe.

The Transcensia arrive[]

A Brood cruiser travelled by itself across the dark abyss of space. The cruiser was filled with thousands of Zazane and Cyrodi of various backgrounds, who were getting on with their daily duties and business. As the ship cruised past, its sensors picked up an opening wormhole right near their location. Strange readings were picked up emerging from the wormhole. What emerged were five sleek ships that glistened in the light that spewed from the mouth of the wormhole. After emerging, the ship was hailed by the unknown ships. This was brought to the attention of the ship's bridge crew.

Lieutenant Korogaz - General, we are receiving readings within the local area, five ships. A transmission is also being sent through. What should be our course of action? General Tukal - Prepare the guns, but do not fire on sight. Hail them.

Feeling confident, the ship answered their transmission without hesitation.

Vitalia - Greetings Zazane, we are Vitala of the Transcensia. We have come searching for those we feel worthy.
Korogaz - We are the Murder of Loneliness. I am General Korogaz. State your intentions in further detail.
Vitalia - We seek to enlighten and to improve. We search for those who desire to understand the fabrics of reality.
Korogaz - And what do we have to do with your plan of enlightenment?
Vitalia - You can be the keys to our understanding. As one species we are still blind, we need the aid of differing minds. Will you help us in our task? THe reWard is beyond all measure.
Korogaz - If we have a reWard in mind, then we shall send over a few volunteers from our crew. Both Zazane and Cyrodi.
Vitalia - A few is not enough.
Korogaz - How many do you have in mind?
Vitalia - Your crew.
Korogaz - The ENTIRE crew?

Korogaz sat forWard in his chair, shocked by the aliens' request.

Vitalia - Yes.
Korogaz - Why would you need such a number?
Vitalia - We want to help you. Your lives are short. We mean no harm. We need as many minds as we can find.
Korogaz - Several hundred shall be enough for you. That is all we are willing to offer.
Vitalia - We need as many as we can get.
Korogaz - You are not getting our entire crew!
Vitalia - You leave us little choice if you do not comply.
Korogaz - General, permission to open fire!
Tukal - Granted! Show them punishment for their stubborn behaviour!

Before the ship had a chance ot fire back, many probes teleported on baord the ship and emitted a vapor thoughout the decks that quickly dissipated. The probes themselves then disintegrated into dust. After a few minuts, none of the crew found they could move. They were paralysed, Zazane and Cyrodi struggled valiantly but they eventually succumbed to the vapor. Korogaz and Tukal were left on the floor, paralyzed. Thir visino blackened as

When the two woke up, they found themselves walking through an odd silver corridor. They could move their heads of their own free will, but not much else. They strugged to move as they were all amrched down. At the end of the corridor they could see the door to a room. The Kordalu prisoner(s) the ship had been transporting were at the forefront of the group.

Korogaz - Urgh...G-General! Status report.
Tukal - Korogaz...we have been captured, or so it seems...I do not know by who.
Kordalu - Ascension awaits us! The machine beings have found us worthy!

The door ahead of them opened, and a slim blue alien, 6-and-a-half feet tall walked in, flanked by drones.

Varalla - I apologise greatly for your treatment, but your captain was rather uncooperative. Beyond this door, a better life awaits. No fear of death, no illness, no ageing. Only pure consiousness.
Korogaz - We made no agreement! We offered several hundred crewmen! Why do you see us as worthy for this...abomination?!
Veralla - You are all intelligent in your own way. Such minds are useful. For their willingness, the Kordalu may be the first to enbrace their new beginnings.
Kordalu - The machine gods have come for us, organics. At last, our chance at a true unity shall arrive and it shall succeed.

The Kordalu could feel themselves more capable of movement. They were prompted down the hallway into berths while the other crew patiently waited. After the Kordalu, the other Zazane could feel themselves being forced to walk down.

Korogaz - The Kordalu shant be missed! This is a breach of our right of choice!
Veralla - I am sure you will thank us later.
Korogaz - You shall burn upon your deaths!

Korogaz was marched past. He climbed into a pod within an alcove that closed up around him. His arms and legs were locked in place as a liquid membrane engulfed his body. over his head, a set of scanners positioned themselves.

Korogaz - Allow me my control! You cannot do this! This is against my will!
Tukal - Calm down, Lieutenant...it is no use struggling.
Kordalu - Silence yourselves and embrace your worth, misled orgamics. You have been chosen, you shall not complain.

Welcome to the Afterworld[]

Tukal walked past him and entered a berth. Once Korogaz was secure he felt drowsy as the scanner hummed. His eyes fulttered shut, his vision blurred and became nothing. As he woke up, he could feel control returning to his body. This time he was standing within a medium-sized mable hall. The air had an electric ting to it and as he looked down, he panicked as he found himself completely naked.

Korogaz - What...What is this...Where is my armour?!

Veralla appeared in front of him, a faint blue aura surrouned her.

Veralla - How do you feel?
Korogaz - You have no right doing this! Shyrak!
Veralla - That wasn't what I asked.
Korogaz - I feel...dishonoured. And angry.
Veralla - Can you move your body?

Korogaz moved his hand around and took a few steps. He looked to Veralla and nodded, before lunged toWards her with a clenched fist. Nanoseconds before he hit, Veralla vanished and reappeared to his left and this took him by surprise. Veralla looked at him blankly as he staggered back to his feet.

Korogaz - Explain this to me! Give me your reasoning!
Veralla - You are in a lobby for the afterworld engine. It is a massive computer programme and right now, difficult as it may be to believe, you are data.
Korogaz - ...Return me to my body, now.
Veralla - My kin and I have liberated you from the limitation of flesh. Why would you want to go back?
Korogaz - You obviously have no idea what makes me a Zazane, you Shyrak-eating scum!
Veralla - In fact, this instance of you is even bettter. You are naked, why not clothe yourself. Picture something and concentrate.

Korogaz growled and closed his eyes, growling and clenching his fists. Before he realized, his muscles swelled by some measure and his height almost doubled. When he realised what had happened to him, he panicked even more. Having no idea what was going on.

Veralla - ...Not what I had suggested, but you probably get the picture.
Korogaz - ...What have you done to me? Why and how can I do this?
Veralla - You are data in this place. Data can be modified freely.
Korogaz - WHY AM I DATA?!
Veralla - That is what the pod you entered does. It copies your mind and transfers the mindmap here.
Korogaz - Am I able to go back?!
Veralla - Not exactly... You can go back, but you will need an avatar.

Korogaz stepped toWards Veralla. He had always been taller than her but in his new state he towered over her.

Korogaz - What do you mean by that...?
Veralla - What I mean is that you require a specially-allocated cluster of utility fog if you ever want to return to the physical universe.
Korogaz - How about you tell me this in a more understandable manner, wench!
Veralla - I am doing my best. THink of it as a machine body, only the machine body can reorganise itself at will. You can even become a cloud if that is your inclination.
Korogaz - I want my original body! You have seperated me away from my own body, my pride and honour, for no reason!
Veralla - We...didn't think you wanted it anymore compared to the new state we have given you. Your weapons and armour have been scanned and duplicated by now so they will be with you here.
Korogaz - I have spent over four decades modelling my body with pain and effort! You had NO right to take it from me!
Veralla - Why spend four decades when you can do it instantly?
Korogaz - That is not what Zazane stand for! You have cost me my honour!

Veralla lowered her head and stepped back. Suddenly realising the situation's magnitude.

Veralla - I forgot how much your honour ment to your species.. but the Kordalu--
Korogaz - We do not consider the Kordalu part of our species, they are dishonoured! They are fanatics obsessed with machinery! Now what have you done with MY body?!

Veralla waved her hand with a tear and Korogaz ttansformed into what he looked like before he was captured. His armour and his weapons erturned to him.

Veralla - It has...left the local area.
Korogaz - Explain to me, now!
Veralla - I don't know what happened, a gland ruptured near your heart once the process finished. Your body was returned to your ship.
Korogaz - ...I see...
Veralla - Others survived. They returned to their ship while the Kordalu requested to remain here.

Korogaz realized what had happened and he began to crouch onto the floor, a saddened expression on his face. The description Veralla gave him was identical to a Zazane bursting the posion gland next to their heart. In the back of his mind he wasn't sure if this was from a sense of shame, panick, both or a side effect of the machine that scanned him. His body was dead and removed. he could not go back.

Veralla - All your crew know is that you died somehow. They won't remember this incident.

Veralla walked up to Korogaz and placed her hand on his shoulder. he began to sob where he crouched and he placed his head in his hands.

Veralla - I'm sorry Korogaz.
Korogaz - Why...W-Why have you done this to me...Am I the only one who died during the process?
Veralla - A few others died a similar way. This has never happened before. Look at it this way, Krogaz. You still live, here, because of us.
Korogaz - You have stripped me of my honour and my effort! And my family and friends!
Veralla - You can still see those who were on your ship, feel free to visit them. I will give you one gift before I go Korogaz.

In the blink of an eye, the chamber disintegrated and reformed into a pastoral landscape, in the sky were two moons and a bright sun. The grass was lush and stretched for miles. No sign of others about.

Veralla - Welcome to where you can call home. Modify it as you seek fit.

With that, Veralla vanished and left Korogaz alone. he looked out to the landscape and sighed. Feeling that he may as well make the msot of this strange land. He rememebred what Veralla said and closed his eyes. he concentrated hard and wished to himself...

The Poor Gausians[]

Addor gathered his small tribe outdoors in the dead of night. He has one of them light a fire to help withstand the cold desert night. He had recently received a message asking him to gather his people, promising to give them a better life. He had no idea what to expect, but he knew a better life for him and his tribe was worth the risk of being tricked. They were Gausians, part of the poor class, and not employed to any of the wealthy. This meant that finding food and water was difficult, and at times, there was none to find. The idea of a life worth living was an absurd fairy tale. If there was a chance to give his tribe a better life, a life worth living, he couldn't risk not taking it. He didn't want to live the rest of his life wondering if this had missed such an opportunity.

As everyone waited patiently, the sand stirred, a hurricane blew but none of the dust was sent into the tribesmen. It swirled around, masking their village as a loud hum rang through the air. Silver dust then swirled around the area, it reformed into slim humanoid shapes, their skin glistened in the starlight. The silver gave way to electric blue, the creatures stood over 6ft tall and wore white-colored, tight-fitting clothing. Addor and his tribe sat in awe of this.

One of the figures, a woman. Gracefully walked up to Addor. He gathered his composure as the woman apporached.

Addor - Hello, I am Addor. Were you the ones who sent us that message?
Theian - We are. We have come to relieve you of this place.
Addor - Our huts...? But... this is all we have.
Theian - You will be provided with something vastly better. Come, before your uppers learn of this.

Addor considered this briefly. His tribe was being asked to leave everything behind. All their belongings, it sounded like a serious offer. But anywhere was better than here.

Addor - Agreed, we shall come with you.
Theian - You...shall be the first.

Addor was somewhat nervous, but he swallowed his fear.

Addor - Okay. Where are we going?

Theian - To enlightenment.

Addor - What do you mean? I Warn you, if you have raised my hopes merely to preach to us some spiritualist--

Before a response was given, Addor was led inside a ship. His tribe followed him inside. The Theian led him down to the bowels of a strange ship. The walls were smooth, curved and almost featureless save for faint energy streams running along the walls. The woman led Addor to what looked like a pod with a comfortable chair inside. Under the woman's request, Addor climbed into the pod.

Addor - You have similar ones for the rest of my tribe, yes?
Theian - You will all be serviced in time.
Addor - Serviced?

A glass dome closed over the pod. If he looked down, Addor could see a membrane material rising up from below his feet. Scanners positioned themselves by his head. This panicked him; What was going on was beyond his comprehension. He didn't know about such advanced electronics, it was almost impossible to understand.

Addor - Wha... What is happening?
Theian - Stay calm. You are being scanned. This is a requirement for your new life.

Addor took a few deep breaths, closed his eyes, and tried to stay as calm as possible. He eventually found himself blacking out as the machine did its job. When he regained consciousness he found himself naked inside a marble room, standing, the pod was nowhere in sight. The theian reappeared, this time with a bright blue aura around her.

Addor - What... Where am I? Where is my tribe?
Theian - How do you feel?
Addor - Confused. Where am I and where is my tribe? Will I ever see them again?
Theian - I am Alfiria. Your tribe are in other lobbies and you can see them again.
Alfiria - Welcome to the Afterworld.
Addor - Afterworld?
Alfiria - It is another universe. A simulated reality within a computer system.
Addor - And I'm supposed to have a better life here?
Alfiria - I will demonstrate. Can you move?

Addor begins moving his fingers and his arms.

Addor - Yes.
Alfiria - Good. Now, in this universe I have given you special 'properties'. You are naked, would you like something to wear?
Addor - Sure.
Alfiria - I want you to picture an outfit, whatever you like, and really focus.
Addor - Okay...

Addor did so. He thought hard, picturing an outfit from his memory. Dissolving onto his body, starting from his shoulders and materialising downWards, was a simple brightly-coloured tunic that he remembered well, for it was the same tunic he had worn on his wedding day.

Addor - What... How is this happening?
Alfiria - Here in Afterworld, thoughts can become reality with concentration. You are changing your own properties - in this case, changing yourself from wearing nothing to a brightly-colored tunic.
Addor - Woah...Can I do anything else? Can you bring my tribe to me so that we may finally have a meal without having to debate whose turn it was to go hungry that day?
Alfiria - You can create anything you can imagine, although bear in mind this simulation mimics the universe - what you create must be capable of surviving in a real universe or else it will fail.
Addor - Alright, so when will they be brought in? I'd like to have my first meal here with them.
Alfiria - You can now.

in the blink of an eye, the hall dissolved and Addor found himself standing in a verdant landscape in front of his tribe.

Alifira - This is your new home - shape it how you like.
Addor - Alright... Thank you so much for this. My tribe has always lived in misery but now... thanks to you...
Alfiria - Your physical bodies shall be relocated to a habitat you can be taken care of. But you possess something they lack. You can shape your world how you like - no illness, no death.
Addor - Thank you so much...
Alfiria - Is there anything you wish to ask before I leave you?
Addor - Yes. Will you bring over any other tribes? Most of them live as poorly as we did and will be equally blesses by being brought here.
Alfiria - We can make no promises, but other tribes on your planet were being contacted.

Addor focused as hard as he can and was able to create a table full of food for his tribe to feast on.

Alfiria - As you get used to this ability, it will take less effort to perform tasks.
Addor - Okay. By the way, is there any way I can contact them and assure them that you are trustworthy?
Alfiria - We can always arrange to provide you with an avatar - a way to contact the external world. Even as an avatar, you have no fear of death as your mind shall remain stored here.
Addor - Thank you so much, for everything. All of this is...
Alfiria - May you prosper in your newfound freedom.
Addor - Indeed I intend to.
Alfiria - Farewell.
Addor - One more question, is there anyone else here?
Alfiria - There will be many in this realm. But on this planet, your tribe is alone.
Addor - Okay then.

Addor sat down and began to feast with his tribe. Alfiria dissapeared.

The Grand Plan[]

Alfiria reappeared within a large room filled with a white light. As she stepped through the room a booming voice echoed within.

Alifira - The Gausians have been accomodated. While I am concerned for their primitive worldview--
??? - Do not discard their worldview as primitive, Alifira. All species go through such a stage and many filter it out. They are valuable for their purity and innocence.
Alifira - As you wish...patriarch. What is the next step?
??? - Continue adding more to the database. We have a long way to go.
Alifira - But patiarch, we already have dozens of species catalogued!
??? - Not good enough. We need MORE!
Alifira - How many more?
??? - Irrelevant. We need as much variety as is possible.
Alifira - Are you sure it is a good idea to offer these aliens access to alter the code?

The voice was silent for a few minutes.

??? - Yes.
Alifira - Can I ask why?
??? - It is a test. If we are to transcend further we must unshackle the title of "Theian". To remember who we were is to burden ourselves. The plan will not work otherwise.
Alifira - So... you want--
??? - Yes.
Alifira - Alright then. What of the Circle?
??? - They will be kept busy, I assure you we shall ocntinue our operation uninterrupted.
Alifira - And if they find out?
??? - We are disconnected from their afterworld. They cannot interfere.

Alifira nodded.

??? - Continue data collection. Meanwhile our siblings will observe what we have so far. To see if they are...ready.
Alifira - As you wish, patriarch.
??? - Excellent. Now, attend to your duties.

Alifira nodded and left the room by teleporting out. Returning to her office within the simulation. With the blink of an eye, a Kordalu Zazane appeared in the middle of the room. Immobile save for some basic animations; breathing, blinking and twitching. Information about the Zazane - brain scans, personal information, thoughts, personalities, history, essentially everything that it knew of itself - floated about around it and Alifira smiled as she examined all of it, folding her arms as she leaned back.

Alifira - This one is perfect.