It calls to us... as we see deep into ourselves we find the realm of the extraordinary, of defiance, of an eternal struggle between order and chaos. A micro-universe built from the essence drawn out of sentience, yet flooded by the chaotic nature of our collective subconscious. One day it is a stream of calm rivers, another day it turns into violent tides.

- Unknown telepath upon breaking through.

The mind is in many ways a reflection of the universe itself, a microcosmos. All species may not reach this insight, but their minds are tools greater than any other.

- Master Gaula

The Iluvii Realm, also known as the Psionic Realm, the Mental Realm or the Mental Universe, is a parallel dimension to the Prime Universe composed entirely of Psionic Energy. All psionics powerful enough to go beyond the perks of telepathy and telekinesis are able to access it and draw power from its unending currents and fonts of raw psionic energy. It passively feeds and draws sustenance from those who access it, and thus great focus and psionic affinity are needed, lest the individual will be consumed and be left as an empty shell.


The term Iluvii is a modified form of the Sumerian Ilu ("god or a god), with the creator of this realm then adding the final words, therefore intending it to call the realm of the psionic masters "Realm of Gods".

In-fiction, however, the term was coined by the Krassio following its discovery and subsequent settling there, they do call it "Realm of Gods" in their language, first believing that the Krass had created it, only to realize it has existed as a primordial realm since times immemorial.



Since the beginning of time and space itself, the Iluvii realm blasted into existence just as the tiniest of minds reached awakened levels of psychic power. In ancient times, spirits who coalesced from the collective gestalt of civilizations that came and fell were the first to take notice of the Iluvii and colonize it. Physical beings were naturally deprived of accessing it and bask in its power until The Valader first breached the veil between both dimensions.

Parallel Universe[]

The Iluvii Realm is a dimension parallel to that of the First Gigaquadrant in the sense that the viewer or denizen beholds an obscured and abstract version of the place he is located at. However, constructs such as buildings and equipment, as well as ships and other symbols of materialism are not present in it for some mysterious reason. The individual is able to navigate the Iluvii Realm at will but also at the expense of it drawing psionic energy from the individual. Thus, only the strongest psionics in the Universe are able to delve deeper and deeper in the shrouded and mystical valleys of the Iluvii Realm.

Temporal Relativity[]

Due to the subconscious nature of the Iluvii realm, the thought-process of every psionic accessing it will speed up dramatically until reaching an atemporal state of consciousness. In this state, the visitor to the Iluvii Realm can experience days within the realm, all the while spending just hours or mere minutes in the real universe. This is one of the main reasons why the Iluvii Realm is exhausting to people who stumble by accident unto it or dwellers who are not fully prepared for its initial outburst, people lose track of time and lose track of the limit they can handle.



Little is known of this time, as Kraitoss, one of the oldest psionic spirits in existence, does not share as much about the Iluvii Realm at the time as one would like. However, he and many others agree that the Iluvii Realm predates sapience itself, perhaps suggesting the Iluvii realm was conceived and constructed by hyper-ascended beings in times long-forgotten and dark, but many scholars also theorize that the Mental Realm is simply a natural occurrence formed with the universe, even if it shows signs of being much older.

Psionic Revolution[]

In the fringes of the Tigris Galaxy, the Civatron warrior known as The Valader sought to improve what he believed was latent mystical powers in all his kind. His intense and greatly extended meditation sessions allowed his innate psychic powers to evolve and break the veil between the physical world and the Iluvii. The Valader grasped the power of the Psionic Realm for a whole decade, returning to his people with great revelations and a spiritual and social revolution that would shape the future and destiny of the Civatron race.

At that time, however, the Valader was the only and sole commuter with the Iluvii, as his people took time to understand and fully embrace the effective energies of the Iluvii Realm. Space Exploration and technology were not reconciled with the Valader's spiritual beliefs, so the latter was regarded as its sole preacher and teacher. With his knowledge increasing every day, the Valader penned the Book of Discipline, landing all of his initial knowledge of the Iluvii Realm, the psionic energy, and how to prevent it from overloading the mind.

Tigris War[]

The next record of the Iluvii Realm being key to a physical species was during the Tigris War, where the onslaught of the Congregation was on the verge of achieving unmatched slaughter and mass destruction--by destroying the galaxy. Defeated, depleted and in full retreat, the Civatron-Andross-Juvax alliance called the Cianju Alliance finally embraced what it had avoided for centuries. Entire colony ships, ark ships, and warships engaged in psionic energy in order to enter the Iluvii Realm.

As they entered the mysterious dimension, the entirety of the fleets that managed to come through the veil was almost immediately infused with psionic energy, the Iluvii Realm granted access to the Cianju Alliance's members, who proceeded to call themselves the Krassio, the "Children of the Stars".

When the fleets entered the Prime Universe again, the Krassio had become even more powerful than they could have ever imagined. Psionic Energy was their lifestyle, their technology, their belief, it was part of them as they were part of it. Bone and flesh were overcome by highly dense constructs of bodies, mind defeated matter.


Iluvii host.png

Aside from the scores of visitors and users of the Realm's celestial energy surges, there are entities that cast a gargantuan shadow and presence across the vast planes of this dimension. These entities are easily marked and identified as the essential beings of psionic energy, and they come in different forms, from the relatively lesser spirits of the Vaalaa race to the omnipotent, ubiquitous gods that seemingly hold the secrets of the Iluvii Realm within the palm of their hands.


As the name suggests, this category of denizens is the countless trillions of minds that uncover, at their own pace, the existence of the Iluvii Realm, tapping unto the waves and waves of psionic surges and taming the tides of another million minds. These beings are normally just observers of what transpires in this parallel dimension, contempt in floating and waiting to have something come to them, mostly because they lack the strength to exert any motion in their bodies so to "swim" in the alternate universe. In their most weakened stage, a visiting civilization may need a group of mystics of psionic adepts and have them focus together so that they may endure the initial sap. For those strong enough, they may endure and even enjoy it, but they will be immediately pulled out if they attempt any harsh actions, straining their concentration and disconnecting them.

The visitors are normally seen as idle, spirit-like pilgrims, unable to attain a metaphysical form just yet, observing and taking in as much as they can before they fade back into the prime universe.


The second most varied population. The denizens of the Iluvii Realm and the ones that either entirely exists there, or have a partial representation in this universe. The Iluvii are represented mostly by three different essentials: the Vaalaa, the Xol'Etra and the Krassio.

  • The Vaalaa have turned the Iluvii Realm into their natural habitat, but since the rise of the psionic godforms following the clean slate of the Xhodocto Annihilation, the Vaalaa choose to willfully serve these god-like entities, shaping themselves to better suit their needs. The Vaalaa may manifest into the prime universe through summonings of psionic casters, and they normally come in the form of Archons, Tetricus, and Avatarii.
  • The Xol'Etra, originally conceived as the true masters of psionic energy for a time, proved to be at the real gods' mercy and barely a match for the Vaalaa or the Krassio once resurrected. They are the proof and testimony of tragedy, for they fell into service of their own creation. The Xol'Etra were responsible for tying the Iluvii Realm to their own mental entanglement called Pharia. However, their constant abuse of the Iluvii realm and their signature psionic essence coalesced into a psionic entity far more powerful than they could have ever imagined. The Pharia claimed them as its servants and integrated them into its loose, reactive mind. Now the Xol'Etra only manifest themselves in the Iluvii Realm or the Prime universe if the Pharia wishes so.
  • The Krassio, on the other hand, are mortal beings turned into essentials, and thus remain bound to the prime universe just as any other individual from the Visitor strand. Nevertheless, their incredible affinity to psionic energy makes them being able to dwell inside for as long as they want, the Iluvii Realm becoming part of them. The Krassio are represented as light-imbued iterations of themselves and are considered to be even more powerful than the common Vaalaa, and even a match for the greater ones. The Krassio are the greatest contributors to the few cities or structures built in the Iluvii Realm.

The Pantheon[]

Used to include all different godforms that have appeared in the early times of modern Gigaquadrantic history, the Pantheon is evidence there are a few beings that stand out as actual gods, with their power and usage of psionic energy completely off the charts of any mortal nomenclature. However all of them are regarded as equally divine (their power coming from the same source), there are power discrepancies among them, generally due to the nature of the gods and their domain.

  • Singul'Aren - God of Order and Balance. Arguably the greatest in the pantheon and sometimes considered chief among them. All the minds in the universe are connected to him as they struggle to master and practice psionic energy. For every user who wishes balance in spirit and mind, Singul'Aren is there. For every individual who fights the forces of chaos and seeks order from the inside out, Singul'Aren is there. The Lord of Psionic Energy is intrinsic in the hearts of many psionic users, whether they believe his power to be a reactive force or if they call him by one of his many names. Singul'Aren remains as an everlasting beacon of protection and defense in the face of the many dangers that observe the First Gigaquadrant with envious and malicious eyes.
  • Kroc - Master of the Civatrons. The Strongest of the gods, some scholars and followers actually believing he is far more powerful than Singul'Aren. His reach touches the hearts of every Civatron that was, is, and is to come. He is the manifestation of the whole might of the Civatron race, his domain even extending to the other Krassio species. He is chaos' bane, and his very presence is crushing to the common mortals. A common Civatron once, he is the prime example of what all Civatrons aspire to become: Glorified physical bodies capable of wielding unlimited power; that is Kroc's promise to his beloved people. For others, he is the embodiment of hope and salvation, as many worlds have witnessed his gleaming blade, steaming with psionic essence, tear apart originally unbreakable alloys and demonic sorceries, massacring the forces of Chaos with little effort. All psionics who are on the brink of despair cry out a prayer of salvation, and many find strength and valor in the Grand Maester of the Civatrons to resist the onslaught of ill-intended powers.
  • Ynur'Vae - Goddess of Death and War. So far one of the young gods, yet one of the strongest. She came into existence following the destruction of an entire galaxy at the hands of the Xol'Etra. She embodies the afterlife of all psionic users, the hope for a better tomorrow, and protection from demonic damnation. Due to the excess of death during the War of Ages and even more so in other consequent conflicts across the universe, once Ynur'Vae took hold of Death's domain she attained a power even she has not truly mastered. For all dwellers of the Iluvii, she is the undisputed queen and the keeper of their souls once their mortal bodies wither and die. Additionally, she was granted the domain of war by Singul'Aren, her mate, taking all war matters and military affairs from the Krassio. All those who seek retribution or vengeance for lost comrades, worlds or families seek her guidance, as her tenets are whispered by her closest followers across the stars. As long as there is war, so can Singul'Aren, her love and obsession, instill order and balance.


  • The Iluvii Realm was thought by the early stages of the Fictionverse to be some sort of opposite to Chaos, which at that time was called Hell.
  • The Iluvii is also the name of the realm's first denizens, with no changes to the adjective.
  • The Iluvii shares some similarities with the Warp from Warhammer 40k and the Shroud from Stellaris, although it also shares from the Sacred Realm of The Legend of Zelda's parallelism with Hyrule.