Illum Puri is an artificially created plane of existence associated with Pure Energy, supposed to fill the vacuum that was left after the destruction of Celestial Energy and Illum Alta. This realm serves as the new heaven for both purified souls and normal souls who have successfully traveled through the Mora'Talli realm, also known as the purgatory. It is reigned over by the Purity.

Created in 2835, it is also allowing for fast travel between the Heaven's Gates, which serve as the main entrances to it and are located each in the 5 galaxies colonized by the Purity: Mirus, Selten, Krothul, Phradox and Coriusian.

Properties Edit

Illum Puri 2

Illum Puri is a dimension shaped like a torus, meaning that one can go in one direction and return to the center of the realm from the other side, without even noticing the change in direction. In the middle of this torus lies Pure One's mind, connected to Illum Puri through the Heart of Purity.

Upon entering heaven, you may automatically receive the properties of a soul, either if you are pure or if the Purity has allowed you to travel through it. That means living beings will have the ability to levitate (souls in their pure form have the ability to fly) and temporary immortality while in it.

It is possible to leave Illum Puri and enter Mora'Talli, also called the purgatory through the bottom of the realm, however if you are a soul it will be harder as the current of the Sea of Ascension will try to pull you back up. Living being that fell down may also try to come back by swimming with the current that would transport them to the top of the Sea of Ascension.

Should a being capable of controlling Pure Energy enter Illum Puri, living or nonliving, they receive a nearly unlimited amount of Pure Energy at their disposal, which they may use to create nearly any materials or structures they want. Due to this process of being able to build anything without much time consuming the realm is expanding proportionally to the amount of souls it possesses.

Locations Edit

Heaven's Gates Edit

White portals that serve as the main entrances to Illum Puri, they are able to transport entire fleets of the Purity between themselves, which is much faster than hyperspace. They represent the first layer of heaven.

These heavenly gates are each guarded by monumental Avatars of Purity, massive unstable collections of Pure Energy resembling Pure One's shape, who will tear down all unwanted visitors should they try to enter Heaven impure.

Endless Sky Edit

The Endless Sky occupies most of this plane and takes the form of a white sky completely covered in clouds with golden and cyan colors being present. The air is both breathable and travelable with spaceships without causing friction due to its essential properties. The sky is infinite and can be traveled into any direction to discover various islands, temples destined to other religions and other objects of interest.

Garden of Innocence Edit

The Garden of Innocence is a collection of silvery floating islands completely covered with nature. They appear all around the Sea of Ascension, some of them even being directly above it. Ranging from small to thousands of kilometers wide, they are the ultimate resting grounds for any soul having a peaceful, healing atmosphere. With the perfect environment, they house nearly all non-sapient species of the Gigaquadrant, usually manifesting into a single male and female version of that species to live on the inner islands. The outer islands, stretching infinitely into the horizon possess all the souls of dead animals that went to heaven.

Sea of Ascension Edit

The Sea of ascension is a huge tower of clear water located at the center of Illum Puri, right below the Kingdom of Heaven. The body of water always moves upwards like a fountain until it reaches a certain level, which is also walkable on the surface. The Mora'Talli realm, also known as the purgatory connects to the Sea of Ascension, through which redeemed souls can travel upwards. A white path on it followed by a stairway leads to the kingdom itself.

Kingdom of Heaven Edit

The Kingdom of Heaven, also known as the City of Light or the Promised Land, is the city in the center of Illum Puri, floating over the Sea of Ascension in the clouds. Spanning eternally across the sky, This city is the final destination of most souls that went to heaven, where they get to live in perfect harmony with each other and everlasting communion with the Pure One. The people in the kingdom all have utopian living standards, able to manifest anything they want with a mere thought, living in complete happiness and unity.

Pure Palace Edit

Constructed of pure white, the Pure Palace is the main residence of the leaders of the three pillars and other very important guests of the Purity. It is located in the center of the Kingdom of Heaven, spanning kilometers into the sky overlooking the kingdom. The throne room in also present here, where J.U.D.G.E., Tricherus and Sanctiel reside. The Pure One overlooks them from the sky, where his soul resides inside the Heart of Purity. The true copy of the Book of the Aeons is also located here.

Heart of Purity Edit

The Heart of Purity is a gigantic flawless crystal of Pure Energy floating over the heavens, this is the place where Pure One's soul is held. Shining like a sun it is the source of all light in Heaven and also the thing that keeps powering it. From here, the Pure One rules over the entire empire. One can speak directly to him from a platform below, to which he can respond by manifesting his soul into the shape of a Ravenrii. He can do this in any part of heaven if called, at times possessing multiple bodies. Under certain circumstances, the crystal may be entered, which will enter the mind and soul of the Pure One, a sub-dimension of its own.

Trivia Edit

Thanks Spluff for making the dimensional representation of Illum Puri.

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