The young, hot and bitter Sinleri Elf Idris Vanguinar is a proud yet stubborn girl gifted with agility and an art in killing. Once caught pickpocketing, she became enslaved by the green Orc Regzhul, a former gladiator and now a slave master after being sold to him. Now trained by the gifted shaman orc, he wishes to use her to gain profit in anyway possible, most prefferably by gladiator fights. She was eventually saved from this life by the crew of the Falcon, most notably Tironus Manition to whom she took a liking of.

After becoming the unwillingly Kings Champion of High King Rambert Ramveral she was saved from her fate during the Excelsior Incident by the Libertus Altus Mirea who sees her as an adopted daughter and takes care for her. She later joined him and became an officer of the Lusitania Squadron, part of the Rambo Loyalist and the greater Cyrandia Resistance.


Early Life[]

Idris Vanguinar was born in 17 BQF in a Sinleri village at Ramalivua, her village were one of the few Sinleri who were unable to leave the Quadrant Galaxies. Carving for dark and arcane magics like most Sinleri, she became known to be have a hot temper, yet also skilled in healing abilities. Sadly at a young age, her parents and her entire village were murdered by orcs under command of Bolgrash Bloodhammer. Forced to live as an orphan, she survived by stealing in pickpocketing until being caught by orc enforcers, thrown into jail she was eventually sold in 07 AQF to the Orc slave master, Reghzul who hopes to use her to gain profit for himself.

Idris faces a Barbobrian

In february 08 AQF, Indris and her master, Reghzul travelled to Nal Amroth, the new headquarters of the Syndicate. There she was pinned in an arena battle against the undefeatable Saurdoshan Hunter. During the fight, Idris made use of the arrogant hunter and managed land a kick at his snout. Taken by surprise she managed to drive one of her knifes in the side of the Hunter as well, sending him on his knees with two knifes at his throat and at the girl's mercy. To her surprise her victory was taken by Xidan, member of the Board of Masters. The next day she had another fight, this time orchestrated by the Board of Masters. Removing her cape she readied her weapons when to her surprise she had to fight a brutal Barbobrian.

Tironus Manition comes to aid Idris

The brute swung his weapon though Idris was far more agile and launched herself into the air, slamming her two daggers in his neck, ending the battle quickly. Before she could catch her breath various Vietara Behemoth's were released into the arena intent to eat Idris. Putting up a valiant fight, she was outnumbered and soon ecame exhausted and the creatures managed to inflict damage upon Idris, refusing to surrender she kept fighting. Postponing her own fate while obtaining injuries and bite marks. Suddenly three persons leaped into the arena, Corva, Tironus Manition and Claire Rambo whom began firing at the Behemoths and saving her life. Getting out of Nal Amroth the crew of the Falcon took her to Terra Prime for treatment of her wounds and fever. In 09 AQF she was abducted from Terra Prime while she was on her way towards Krabler's Rock.

King's Champion[]

Brought to Fornaeria, she was tortured by Ramveral guards, including humiliation by called worthless, not fed for days and chained upon a hook in the ceiling. Eventually they whipped her, the end a metal clip that teared open her skin multiple times a day. Eventually the was visited by Rambert Ramveral who brainwashed her. Weak and naive she promised to serve him to survive, and in the following years she had to do terrible things including removing political opponents of Rambert. In may 12 AQF she was dispatched and poisoned Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, whom she referred to as the "Old Serindia". After Rambert became High King he had her frozen in stasis until the time he needed her. Those that disliked her at court called her behind her back the Kings Assassin or the Kings Whore.

She served as King's Champion until the Excelsior Incident where she was saved from her fate by Altus Mirea whom Idris considered an uncle for her and who showed her a different path in life.

Lusitania Squadron and Rambo Loyalists[]

Dissidents join the Loyalists

Under the protective wings of Altus Mirea, Idris joined him after the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm and the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War. Together they formed the Lusitania Squadron under the Rambo Loyalist rebel cell onboard their three modified Cosular-class frigates. Assuming the rank of lieutenant, Idris became an important asset and agent for the squadron and the Loyalists. Often using the acronym as the "hooded girl" or "Lusitania" to make contact with other cells or squadrons.

In february 21 AQF, she was dispatched by Altus to the Finduila Sector, rumored to be in the Endless Space. With great difficulties she managed to rendezvouz there with the dissident sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera though had to dissapoint her that she was not there for fighting. Instead she found an elegent solution if the dissidents would want, but it meant they had to leave for the Cyrannus Galaxy or else perish at the hands of the to her unknown Legatus Finduilica. Yvenne complied and Idris rushed back to Cyrannus to inform commander Altus Mirea and Lord Ramannis Le Rambo. Luckily they agreed with her plan and together they arrived in time to save the dissidents from the Imperator-class star destroyer Relentless.

Idris faced the judgement of Lord Ramannis

Idris was later present onboard the bridge of the Acclamator-Class Eendragt where the dissidents officially joined the Loyalists after Lord Ramannis and commander Altus invited them. Shortly after she was brougth before Lord Ramannis Le Rambo onboard the Loyalist One during the Valour of the Resistance storyline. Threatening to kill her she made her plea with the proud Serindia Lord and told her tale, including the brutal details of her torture and her dark deeds. Upon telling she poisoned his brother, the Lord launched forward and began choking her, cyring and begging for her life the Serindia released her. Falling on her knees, Idris made a blood oath of loyalty to the Serindia Lord to amend for his crimes. The Serindia Lord hesistantly accepted this and ordered commander Mirea to take her off his bridge.

Approaching Concor Refueling Depot

Afterwards she said her goodbyes to Zaa Ashara and Idris departured on her own mission. By the end of april/start of may 21 AQF Idris too one of the red painted Consular-class frigates, the Acceptance on a mission to steal three Dreadnought-Class command destroyers from the Imperial Concur Refueling Depot. Using civilian emergeny codes she was allowed by commander Lissarhk Gnackt to refuel as allowed by Senate Articles. During her time onboard the station she waited in a local saloon where she almost killed the bartender after he suggested she was somekind of pleasure girl.

Idris and Yvenne (undercover) at Concor Refueling Depot)

She was stopped however by undercover agent, Yvenne Thalyssaera who informed her that all was still on schedule. As the mission was executed, Idris coordinated the Loyalist forces who managed to steal two Dreadnought-classes who Idris escorted towards the rest of the Loyalist Ensemble.

Shortly after on one of her supply runs she found herself and her crew under attack by Lady Astrosia and Raptor Squadron. Idris and her crew narrowly managed to evade destruction though unknown the ship was secretly outfitted with a tracking device. After the battle Idris and her crew went to Ozdudrahk were they informed Loyalist Command of what happened and left the planet again after repairs. The tracking device was destroyed during orbital entry though the Empire had the Loyalists whereabouts. A while later, Zaa Ashara informed her that Raptor Squadron was advancing to Ozdudrahk though Idris was too late to inform Loyalist Command as the Empire had already engaged them. After the loss at Ozdudrahk she made an inspiring speech to continue following Ramannis and their fight against the High King of the Rambo and the Emperor of Cyrannus.

During the Umbra du Elen'nathien-events Idris joined Kara Inviá and her strike team to infiltrate the Rambo Capital and remove the Rambo High King from the throne. As they infiltrated the Royal Palace in Tirithsilliana Idris and the Wolf Komamuka Sajin formed a duo, while Idris felt cold she expressed her concerns that the darkness was draining her magical stamina. Suddenly the demonic appearance of Rambert Ramveral appeared and attacked the team. During the battle Idris had a hard time evading the dark tendrils, but eventually saw an opening and drove her knives into the Corruptus heart that send Rambert chrashing into the ground. Exhausted and wounded Idris witnissed Aoirtae Valaeris plunging her energy saber into the heart of the King as well, finishing the Serindia King. Afterwards, Idris was called back as the Resistance fleet withdrew from the Rambo Capital as to their horror the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus overrun the weakened planet and dissolved Rambo Nation, the once proud Nation fell with one swift strike by the Imperials.

Escaping from Starbase 33 with Commodore Malegras onboard

Furious she returned to the Loyalists where she began preparations to engage the Imperial forces in the Space in Between.

At 2 January 2820 (22AQF), during the Dawn of Divina-events Idris led an assault against the former Rambo Nation starbase 33 where commodore Malegras was imprisoned and under watch of lieutenant Vax Trask. Infiltrating the station using her stealth abilities, Idris managed to liberate the commodore and after engaging the Imperials on the station managed to escape Imperial custody with the commodore.

Idris locatd her objective, the King of the Netherlands in an attempt to rescue him, April 2820

Aferwards, she rendesvouzed with the rest of the Loyalist fleet at the Purpura Nebula in the Space in Between and joined them to the Finduila Sector. By April 2820, she was tasked by Lord Ramannis Le Rambo to infiltrate the Legatus INL-01 drydock facility to liberate and locate the Dutch King, Willem IX. After crawling in the ventilation shafts for hours, she eventually found her objective and jumped down on the desk of the surprised King. Dispatching the guards before she or the King could discuss the event Idris took a small break as her bladder was quite full.

She later escorted the King to the Eendragt and witnissed him supporting the forces of the Dutch Navy to the Loyalist cause. Idris remained in command of the Acceptance and returned to the Quadrant Galaxies during the battle of Starbase 25. Idris was in command when the Acceptance was destroyed during the Battle of Ramgotheria, though luckily she and her crew managed to escape the ship in time. Saddened by the loss of her ship, commander Mirea gave her command of the Cruandai.

By the end of August, Idris rendesvouzed under orders of Loyalist Command with the HRSS Tirith though were ambushed by Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral onboard the ICS Thanatos. With the Tirith destroyed, Idris led her crew and passengers into an asteroid field where they evaded capture. She remained in the asteroid field for repairs and the passengers were relieved by the Curagae. In September 2820, Idris, amongst others of the Loyalist command structure attended a meeting at Ramsoria where they discussed their plan to siege Pauvenris and its prisoners while the Singularim Pact besieged Karzhamarhi-Nui. Later on, Idris commanded the Cruandai during the battle of Pauvenris and managed to survive the battle unharmed.

Personality and Traits[]

Indris training with Reghzul at Orcgrubad

Young yet bitter due to her harsh life, Idris is often considered by many to be an isolated person, not easy to get along with and best avoided because of her hot temper and aggressive nature when irritated. Yet underneath her anger lies an unsecure young girl, raised without parents or love and always had to survive. Skilled in the use of knifes and healing abilities, she is can be a valuable ally or dangerous enemy. As a Sinleri, she carves for dark energy, as in ancient history the Sinleri became addicted to it, ever hungry for it.

She wears a specially designed dragon scale upper armor, almost unpierceable by normal swords, knifes and arrows.

By 21 aQF, Idris has donned a new outfit: a long ponytail and a tight golden/red outfit with armored leg and lower arm pauldrons. Her outfit is finished with the red colored hood, hence her nickname as the Hooded Girl.


Idris' original appearance


Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


Yellow face.pngWe shall see!

  • Kjac - A friendly professor and Yodian
  • Ramannis Le Rambo - An impressive Serindia! I am so sorry for my crimes, but please don't call me the King's Whore
  • Rambert Ramveral - Thank you for this new chance, your majesty
  • Reghzul - My slaver and mentor in fighting and healing arts

Orange face.pngBlergh!


Little puny girl!

- Bolgrash Bloodhammer


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