Idris Changecloack is a Carnthedain Elf, the first and youngest of her kin to enter service within Rambo Command and serve onboard their star ships. She is a gifted pilot and loves travelling through the stars, though strict in regulations and having problems with human "humor", she is a trusted and capable officer onboard her first assignment, the famous exploration ship the USS Enterprise-A.



Idris Changecloack is born in 16 BQF at the planet Carnthedain, a planet located in the Space in Between, a region of space between the five Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy. She was raised in a decent family, with her father and mother being farmers. Due to her kindness and love for nature, she was eventually chosen as a handmaiden for Lourdes Windrunner, and remained in her service for years. Upon Lourdes and empress Ramashe meeting during her abduction by Morgandaûr, the sorceror of Carnthedain she became interessted in space travel, a fact Lourdes learned and decided to send her to the Rambo Acadamy while Carnthedain became a protectrate of Rambo Nation in the third month of 06 AQF.

Service onboard the Enterprise[]

Idris is introduced by Ramniels to James Rambo

During her classes, she showed herself to be a capable operations officer, with a natural talent at steering shuttles and starships and studying star charts. With a good physical condition, she passed all her health and sport tests as well. During the 12th month of 06 AQF, mere days before the change of year into 07 AQF, the USS Enterprise-A lost her helms officer during an incident at the planet Gaskhan. Rambo Command decided that Idris was able to work onboard the Constitution-Class Enterprise while regulary coming back to the Acadamy to finish her exams. Rather unsure and nervous, she was proud to be placed at the helm at once after she was transported to the ship by captain Ramniels Ramcelsior of the Miranda-Class USS Majestic.

Idris first shameful moment onboard the Enterprise

When captain James Rambo ordered her to set a course to the homeworld of the mysterious Chavelli. Plotting a course, Idris was unable to go to warp, confused she was asked by lieutenant Jolene Adams if she released ship's external inertial dampener. Ashamed she corrected her beginner's mistake and the Enterprise set course to Chavelli with Idris at the helm.

While on route to the Chavelli homeworld during the first month of 07 AQF, she was at the helm when the sudden green spacial cloud appeared out of nowhere, she informed the captain that long range communication was down, and that they could only travel at impulse speed until they were out of the cloud.

Personality and Traits[]

Idris is a kind and gentle person, with a love for nature and animals she will think twice of harming the natural balance of things or to do harm against someone. Though raised as a hunter by her family, with excellent abilities in the use of bow and arrow, Idris only uses it in dire need.

A spirital person, she is devoted to the Rambo Gods and often prays before going to bed.

During her carreer, she has shown excellent abilities in steering starships and shuttles, as well as having a natural talent for studying star charts. Though sometimes shy, she doesn't show her emotions to others, like most elves refuse to do making her not open to others and sometimes difficult to get along with if you do not keep that in mind. Strictly in regulations, she often forgets her position when informing her superiors about them. She also finds the "human" humor difficult to understand.



Green face.pngI pledge fealty to you!


Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


Red face.pngYou will face the Rambo authorities!

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