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This is Year Six of the Ice Age.

Allied Matriarchy[]

March 2796, three months had passed since the attack on Hyperborea launched by the Benefactor. Despite the deaths of hundreds of soldiers and Kicathian Agents, Hyperborea itself appeared seemingly undamaged, almost as if the entire attack had been nothing but a nightmare sequence. In these three months of peace, the Council discussed between themselves the membership of a new empire in the Alliance. With Valzaria gone and Kithworto back to his mission, the decision was made solely by Councillors Semirian, Xeron and Rylarien. Xeron heavily opposed the idea, but Semirian and Rylarien both had nothing against the decision, and as such, it was approved.

The Composer's Melody landed on Hyperborea's spaceport, and out of it, appeared Vileraz IV, Matriarch of the Rovegar Matriarchy. Following her was her bodyguard Erureidan, and with them, many Rovegar officials and diplomats. The Matriarch and her forces all made their way to the Council's tower, where the Councillors awaited. Vileraz IV, Erureidan and a single Rovegar with with redhead hair walked into a platform, which was elevated to the Councillors' eye level. As they arrived, Semirian and Rylarien both received them with smiles, while Xeron remained indifferent.

  • Semirian - Greetings, Matriarch Vileraz. We are glad to receive you on the Council Tower today.
  • Vileraz IV - Good afternoon, councillors. Before we begin, I'd like to apologize for not being present during the attack three months ago. Clearly I should have ordered my forces to stay at the station to help repel the invaders.
  • Rylarien - You have no need to excuse yourself. You had no way of knowing.
  • Vileraz IV - Very well. I assume I have been called because of my request to join the Alliance?
  • Rylarien - Indeed. Your request has been accepted.

The Rovegar Matriarch put her hands together and smiled, almost as if she was surprised. Erureidan looked at the Matriarch and rolled his eyes, as he was well aware of her real intentions.

  • Vileraz IV - I'm so glad to hear. To think our history began with fighting due to a horrible, awful misunderstanding, and now my race has the honor of finally joining your great alliance.
  • Semirian - Those are kind words, Matriarch. I take you are already familiar with how membership works?
  • Vileraz IV - Indeed I am. My fellow Alliance brothers and sisters are free to travel through Matriarchy space as they see fit, and my own race gains this same privilege. I have already brought the Matriarchy's own diplomat to meet you.

Vileraz stepped to her side and presented the redhead Rovegar, who nodded in acknowledgment to the Councillors.

  • Vileraz IV - This is Nayanur Nens, our diplomat.
  • Nayanur - It is a pleasure.
  • Semirian - The pleasure is all ours.
  • Xeron - All this sweet-talk...listen here, woman! We accepted you, but remember: stay in line! If you mess up, you're out!
  • Vileraz IV - Oh, of course, Councillor. My people will behave, and I expect yours to do the same.
  • Rylarien - Welcome to the Polar Crystal Alliance, Rovegar Matriarchy. You are free to go, Matriarch, and Nayanur may now make her way to your race's embassy, which the Caretakers are currently sorting out.
  • Vileraz IV - Thank you for your time, Councillors. I'll be on my way now.

Vileraz bowed slightly to the Councillors as the platform she was standing on lowered back to the floor. Her and her forces then turned around and left the Council Tower. The people around Hyperborea watched in curiosity as the Rovegar walked on, and while she was smiling on the outside, the Matriarch was quite annoyed on the inside. Erureidan and Nayanur both heard the voice of their mistress inside their minds, complaining.

  • Vileraz IV - [That filthy insect, ordering me around again!]
  • Erureidan - [Hey, at least you're a good actress. You could star your own movie or something.]
  • Vileraz IV - [Silence yourself, male. I don't care for your feeble attempts at humor.]
  • Nayanur - [Matriarch, must I really work with these dirt-throwing primitives? Merely gazing at them unnerves me greatly.]
  • Vileraz IV - [Don't question my decisions, girl. You will do what I ordered you to. You will spy on them and you will inform me everything. Or do you want me to trap you in a room full of Varkorus in heat?]
  • Nayanur - [Ngh! I'll do it, Matriarch! Don't worry!]
  • Vileraz IV - [We just need this Alliance for the time being. After we make them fight the Ganthoreans for us, we can take our rightful place. The plant-monsters will fall to our new tools, and we will be masters of this galaxy once more!]

Gardin's Training[]

Within the bowels of Vekaron's ship, the Rovegar rogue known as Kirlisir awaited within the training arena, which allowed for virtual holo-environments to be reproduced and recreated in a variety of ways, allowing for a more efficient session if concentration was necessary. Standing beside Kirlisir, who had been without her armour today and instead wore a skintight suit, was a perfectly-balanced stick, plucked from a tree at some point. She appeared patient and mediated, with her stance similar to that of a pose undertaken during meditative practice. She was expecting company and had arranged for such a meeting several hours prior, with a smile worn across her face. She had grown delightfully accustomed to the ship and its crew throughout the relatively short amount of time she has been here.

Entering the room was a much younger Rovegar, with a frown on her face. The child Rovegar Gardin appeared, carrying with her a plush of a cat-like creature known as Purion. She looked at the arena and let out a loud sigh.

  • Kirlisir - Ah, so you have come. Good, I was hoping to not have to come looking for you.
  • Gardin - Daddy forced me to do this...
  • Kirlisir - Daddy's a smart man. You're weak and vulnerable currently, you aren't able to defend yourself.
  • Gardin - I don't have to defend myself. I got Daddy and Uncle Wragrot and Auntie Kilch and Uncle Kamaris.
  • Kirlisir - And what happens if they're gone?
  • Gardin - They're never gonna be gone, don't be dumb.
  • Kirlisir - Who defends you when you're on your own in the middle of a battlefield? ...What happens if you see daddy in trouble that he can't get out of?
  • Gardin - Daddy can beat anything!

Kirlisir frowned with a grunt and stood, approaching Gardin with narrowed eyes. In a step, she had materialized from where she once stood to behind Gardin's back, where she took the opportunity to grab ahold of the plushed Purion that the young girl was holding. Teleporting once more to the center of the room, she set the plush upon the floor and stood behind it defensively.

  • Gardin - Aaah! Gimme my Nyakik back!
  • Kirlisir - Why don't you come take him back? Come on, he's just sitting here.

Gardin puffed up her cheeks with a frown and ran to her plush's direction, with the intention of getting it back. As she approached the doll, however, she was knocked back by a sudden, small burst of psychic energy that was generated by Kirlisir. Kirlisir continued to sit behind the plushed animal, watching Gardin with narrowed eyes and a smirk. Gardin fell over, hitting the back of her head on the floor. She held her head in pain and let out sobbing sounds.

  • Kirlisir - What's wrong? Don't you want Nyakik back?
  • Gardin - Y-you hurt me...
  • Kirlisir - Believe me, an enemy soldier will do far worse to you if they got the chance. They wouldn't just hurt you. They'd kill you.

Gardin got back, shaking her head. She ran for her doll again. As she ran once more, Kirlisir generated the same sudden psychic burst, knocking Gardin back once more while the plush remained where Kirlisir had set it. She laid a hand on the doll and leaned forward slightly, glancing over towards Gardin.

  • Kirlisir - Before you start running again, I'll ask you a question; do you want the doll?

Gardin began tearing up and let out an extremely loud shriek, which pierced Kirlisir's ears like a needle.

  • Kirlisir - Ech! S-Stop that! By the Composer, dammit!

With Kirlisir distracted by the noise, Gardin then took the opportunity and leaped at her doll's direction. Kirlisir's eye narrowed itself and she began to become focussed, even among the noise that Gardin made. The sound of her wails was blotted out and Kirlisir glanced towards the young girl once more; before she could lay her hands upon the doll, Gardin found herself suspended within the air, surrounded by psychic energies that stopped her from moving downward. The Rovegar child shook her arms and legs as she tried to set herself free.

  • Kirlisir - Listen to me. This is telekinesis; the art of allowing one to move objects without the need for touching them. All of our kind have this ability, even you, little one. It is the simplest and most easily-learned skill of the Rovegar's psychic arsenal.
  • Gardin - Let me move you bad woman!
  • Kirlisir - If you charge towards an enemy needlessly with no means of attacking or defending yourself, you are going to die. And you are going to let others die because of that. If I was an enemy soldier... If I was the man who scarred you, this doll and you would already be dead because of it.

Gardin let out a yelp as Kirlisir mentioned her scarring. Her expression changed into that of fear, and she began to visibly shiver. Kirlisir set Gardin down at the far end of the room once more and continued to sit behind the doll. The psychic energies surrounded Gardin disappeared, allowing her to move once more. She smiled as she watched Gardin again, eager.

  • Kirlisir - Do you see Nyakik here in front of me?

Gardin turned to Kirlisir very slowly. She nodded, yet she trembled where she stood.

  • Kirlisir - I want you to imagine yourself holding Nyakik tightly. I want you to first visualize Nyakik in your head, and then imagine yourself hugging him and not letting go.
  • Gardin - O-o-ok...

Gardin closed her eyes and wrapped her hands around herself, as if she was giving herself a hug. She imagined her doll back on her grasp, hugging it the hardest she could. Kirlisir looked down towards the plush and watched as small amounts of psychic energy appeared around it. She nodded to herself and looked towards Gardin once more.

  • Kirlisir - Now imagine yourself carrying Nyakik, not letting go. Don't lose track of your thoughts.

Gardin grunted as she did her hardest to concentrate. She was not trembling as much as before at this point. The doll slowly began to move, lifting only inches off the ground before it began to move gradually towards Gardin. Kirlisir folded her legs again and smiled as she watched the Purion plush approach Gardin, watching as her trembling began to cease.

  • Kirlisir - Very good! You're doing great!

Gardin opened her visible eye, the other being hidden behind her hair. As she saw her doll in front of her, she immediately jumped forward and hugged it.

  • Kirlisir - See? That wasn't so hard, now was it? You managed to do it in your first try as well.
  • Gardin - N-never touch my Nyakik ever again!

Kirlisir stood and grabbed ahold of the stick. Approaching Gardin with gentle steps, she held the stick loosely between her fingers and looked down at the child. She then proceeded to reach out and poke Nyakik, the doll, with the tip of the stick.

  • Kirlisir - Boop.
  • Gardin - Stop!
  • Kirlisir - Then don't stand in the way. Boop!

Kirlisir gently poked Gardin with the end of the stick, smiling as she did while she kept the stick held in a loose grip. Gardin let a short yell and held on where she had been poked at. She grunted in annoyance and turned around, running at the exit's direction. Kirlisir looked towards the exit and reached out a hand. The exit doors closed before Gardin could reach them, leaving them both separated from the rest of the ship while Kirlisir had control of the environment. She smiled and approached Gardin again, holding the stick.

  • Kirlisir - Never turn your back on an enemy. You always look forward, look towards them. You examine their movements, you examine their weapon. Boop!
  • Gardin - Stop bothering me! I hate you!

Gardin began running backwards away from Kirlisir as she approached.

  • Kirlisir - Stop trying to run away, little one! If your opponent places a weapon between them and you, what do you do? ...You dodge it and de-arm them. Boop!

Kirlisir once again reached out to poke Gardin with the stick, her grip still loose and flimsy as if it was almost intentional. She had a smile on her face, watching as Gardin backed away while facing forward, almost as if she was beginning to understand. Gardin threw herself to the side and then launched her doll at Kirlisir's stick, as if she was using it as a bat. The stick was thrown from Kirlisir's hand, hitting the floor some distance away. Kirlisir looked towards Gardin and smiled, standing straight as she looked down at the young Rovegar.

  • Kirlisir - Well done, you're coming along nicely.

Gardin then began slamming her doll against Kirlisir's leg, which obviously did no damage to her, but did not stop the child from doing it anyway. Kirlisir's smile slowly vanished as she looked down at Gardin, with her expression changing to a look of almost sadness. She knelt down and placed her hands on Gardin's shoulders in an attempt to stop her from trying to hurt her further.

  • Kirlisir - Hey...
  • Gardin - Go away! Stop bothering me!
  • Kirlisir - I'm trying to help you, can you not see that, little one? I thought you'd understand if I...
  • Gardin - You hurt me! You hurt my Daddy! You're bad! Bad person! Go away!

At that point, Kirlisir looked away from Gardin and stopped attempting to restrain her. Reaching out an arm once more, the exit doors lifted. Kirlisir walked away from Gardin, her back turned to her while remaining deathly silent, aside from a single sentence which she uttered in a sad, quiet tone.

  • Kirlisir - You're free to leave.
  • Gardin - Don't bother me again! I hate you!

Gardin immediately ran off as fast as she could. And as she left, Vekaron appeared on the door. He looked inside the arena with a worried expression as he saw Kirlisir.

  • Vekaron - Are you okay?

Kirlisir remained with her back turned towards Vekaron, although she allowed herself to look over her shoulder in order to at least acknowledge Vekaron's presence. Her eye was glimmering and she wore a frown across her otherwise elegant face.

  • Kirlisir - Should I go?
  • Vekaron - No, of course not. She's just bitter from the day we've met.

Kirlisir sighed and turned towards Vekaron, where he could now see the full extent of her frowning expression as she kept her arms folded. There was a certain type of sadness in her eye, as if she felt uncomfortable or distressed with the given situation, filled with perhaps regret or guilt.

  • Vekaron - Perhaps you should try getting her friendship before training her? I'm worried about both of you now.
  • Kirlisir - She won't listen to me, she doesn't want me around. It is difficult to dissuade a Rovegar who is at such an age where impression is everythi--

Kirlisir tripped as she walked forward, landing on her front. She hit the ground with an audible thud, although she seemed, at least physically to appear fine. She looked up towards Vekaron, a look of utter confusion on her face.

  • Kirlisir - What am I to do?

Vekaron sighed and extended his hand to get Kirlisir back up. Kirlisir exhaled as she took ahold of Vekaron's hand and lifted herself up, rubbing her stomach where she had fallen first. She kept eye contact minimal, preferring not to look directly towards the Penumbran as she struggled to hold quiet weeping and sniffles of upset.

  • Kirlisir - I-I've never... n-never done this before.
  • Vekaron - Hey, it's okay. I'm sure she doesn't mean the whole "I hate you" thing. She's a 7 year old after all. You just gotta give it time.
  • Kirlisir - I have a feeling... you've done this before.
  • Vekaron - Well, I used to have a wife and daughter. Up until Torrent murdered both.
  • Kirlisir - ...And it was Torrent who scarred her, wasn't it? I guess... t-that kind of explains it all now.
  • Vekaron - For your first time, you're doing fine So don't be sad, I don't want frowns on my team!

Vekaron patted Kirlisir's shoulder with a smile on his face. Kirlisir smiled with relief and nodded to Vekaron, with pink blush now forming on her cheeks. As Kirlisir noticed she gasped and ran off, hiding her face while trying not to let her commander hear her laughing, much to Vekaron's own confusion.

  • Kirlisir - D-Dammit!

Uncultured Monstrosity[]

On an ordinary world owned by the new Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello, one would think that the society would pretty much be dead by this point. But there were still some, if small, kinds of culture that occurred. One such being the arena on Planet Yoriks, a place that was once a gladiator arena owned by the Inalton, but became a concert hall later on when the Galot took over. And indeed, a classical performance was going on, led by a rather strange looking Galotian conductor. The orchestra was playing while the crowd sat quietly listening and enjoying the music.

As the orchestra was playing, in a blinking flash, a new creature appeared among the crow. Half-Wranploer, Half-Sankáryn, with an experimented, orange skin. It groaned and growled as it looked around, and it immediately jumped at one of the guests, bitting him at his jugular. Few seconds later, another similar creature appeared in the same fashion, then another, and another, and another...until the crowd was being swarmed by them.

The conductor raised an eyebrow as he looked at them...and grinned.

  • Conductor - Oh, but this just makes the show much more exciting! Interaction with the audience! Play on! Play on!

The instrumentalists played on nervously, and every wrong note was met by a glare from their conductor, whom they all secretly feared. The ground shook as explosions were heard from outside the concert, as if something extremely large was attacking the city. A single one of the mutants, with a Grox-like body, slowly floated at the conductor's direction, its head tilting from left to right repeatedly.

  • Spawn of Vengeance - I like your music, entity. I also like your smile.
  • Conductor - Why, thank you! This particular piece took me several hours to compose. It's on in a series, you see. And this is the climax! The perfect time for some audience interaction, yes?
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Indeed, it is the climax. The climax of your life. The real star of this show is about to arrive.
  • Conductor - Oh, I can't wait!

The conductor then coughed, stopping, and signaling his musicians to play on. He turned towards the Grox.

  • Conductor - Ahem. You know of my name, I assume? Xaltsa Setalazzio. I'm one of the more famed musicians around here, as a matter of fact! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and contributing to my performance!
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Tell me, Xaltsa Setalazzio. Do you enjoy big crowds?
  • Xaltsa - Indeed I do! I love them!
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Then you shall enjoy becoming a literal part of the greatest crowd. The crowd that is the Herald of Perfection's body. And here he is.

The walls were punched down by a massive fist, and Vorius' massive frame appeared, slowly entering the concert. His deep black eyes penetrated the very souls of whoever had survived the initial attack. They all screamed and attempted to run as Vorius' body opened vertically, taking the form of a gigantic, fanged maw which roared loud enough to make the entire building shake. The musicians, too, began to scream in fear, and stopped playing. They instantly left and ran off. Xaltsa growled and shot a few of them as they ran.

  • Xaltsa - Idiots! What do you think I'm paying you for?! You're supposed to play! This just makes the show more epic!
  • Vorius - Ottzelloans. Various specimens. Feed. Feed. Feed.

Xaltsa growled, and turned to Vorius.

  • Xaltsa - You came here not to help my show...YOU CAME HERE TO RUIN IT!!

Dozens of tentacles erupted out of Vorius' maw and began capturing living guests, and also the corpses of dead ones. They threw them at the maw itself, which devoured them easily, deafening the orchestra with agonizing screams of digested individuals. The Spawn of Vengeance snickered at Xaltsa as it floated away from view, waving him goodbye as it did. Xaltsa growled angrily. He then saw that the mayor of the city, who was in the crowd, had been consumed. Thinking quickly, he had to act. He brought up a screen by his conductor's panel, and spoke, pressing a few buttons.

  • Xaltsa - Evacuate the planet in the various evacuation points. Leave at once. I've called for ships to come and take you off this world, but it appears it may have to be destroyed.

He turned towards the Spawn of Vengeance, and threw a grenade of antimatter at their direction.


The Spawn was already gone by the time Xaltsa attacked, the grenade exploding and destroying various mutants. Vorius himself closed his maw and reverted to his Wranploer shape, staring at the Galotian's direction. The mutant lord then thrust one of his arms forward, and it extended almost as if it was made of rubber, going at Xaltsa's direction. Xaltsa jumped to dodge it, his rage suddenly making him combat worthy. He chucked some grenades at Vorius and spat at him.

  • Xaltsa - This will never do! This was to be my finest work...and YOU SPOILED IT!
  • Vorius - I hunger. The world must be born. The world of corpses must grow.

The grenades exploded at Vorius' legs and tore parts of it away, but the giant himself took no notice from it. He put his arms together and then launched them away, creating a shockwave of psychic energy which caused the entire building to crumble, crushing both guests and his own mutants with debris. Xaltsa spat again, and then strapped on a jetpack. He flew up in the air, tossing more grenades, trying to leave the collapsing building while still issuing orders for evacuation points to open.

  • Xaltsa - If you ruin my show...I'll ruin yours! Your world of corpses will be destroyed!

Chunks of Vorius' flesh were splattered across the floor as Xaltsa's grenades hit him. However, they all crawled back to the body, as if they had a life of their own. Vorius began walking away back to the center of the city, showing no interest in Xaltsa himself. This offended Xaltsa even more. He flew after, chucking more grenades in frustration, growing more and more frustrated each time Vorius rebuilt himself.

  • Xaltsa - Get back here, you little pest!

Suddenly, out of Vorius' back, a tentacle erupted and went after Xaltsa, with the intention of absorbing him like the others. His quick reactions allowed him to throw another grenade at the tentacle and blow it up before it could reach him.

  • Xaltsa - Why won't you die?!

Voirus let out a roar which sent Xaltsa backwards slightly, and the Galotian could watch as the mutant's entire formn changed again. Growing several claw-like arms, several horns, tentacled tails and many black eyes, it was as if he had taken the form of a spaceship. Most specifically, Regnatus' own physical form.

  • Vorius - I am infinite. I am deathless. I am your god.

Frantically throwing every grenade he had, Xaltsa looked to anyone looking as if he was having a spasm. But despite his best efforts, Vorius continuously healed his wounds and ignored him completely. The mutant lord was more worried about completely devouring the planet, one individual at a time. Xaltsa's fury had no limits, but even he knew he was wasting his time.

  • Xaltsa - I think I'll ruin your show another way...

He flew up higher until he reached a spaceship, then issued a command. Those who hadn't been evacuated already were now helpless, and this planet was now lost and useless to USO. An USO Warship came to destroy the planet. Vorius looked up in the sky to see the Warship arriving. He let out a commanding roar and in a flash of light, him and every one of his mutants disappeared. His growth in power had given him the power of teleportation, which was how he had arrived to the planet in the first place. As the planet was destroyed, Xaltsa had no idea that Vorius had teleported. He left to see the world in explosion, and cackled evilly, laughing so hard that he almost forgot about the ruination of his orchestral performance. A nearby Kralgon soldier, crewmember of the ship, watched the whole scene as well.

  • Kralgon - Those were the Children of Synthesis, weren't they? The Alliance spoke of them before we left them.
  • Xaltsa - They must have been. Well whoever they were, they are dead now! Hahaha!
  • Kralgon - Of course. No one could survive that. Still, this should probably be reported to the Supreme Leaders.
  • Xaltsa - Oh, indeed. I already issued a command that alerted the entire network. The response was...intriguing. Apparently they were 'impressed with how I handled the situation alone'.
  • Kralgon - ...You fought them alone? Are you mad?
  • Xaltsa - Yes? Everyone was so scared that not even the nanomachines' fear suppression would let them fight. I suspect that without it they would have probably died of a heart attack or something.
  • Kralgon - ...Woah. No wonder the Leaders were impressed. You're really something.
  • Xaltsa - I...suppose so. I've never seen myself as much more than an entertainer though. I just play music for people.
  • Kralgon - Wait a second...you're Xaltsa, aren't you? I love your music! Can I have an autograph?
  • Xaltsa - Why, yes I am! Of course!

Xaltsa got a holo-pen out, to print a solid autograph on the Kralgon's tablet device, the type which Ottzelloans use to start their entertainment in.

  • Xaltsa - An official signature by me! That tablet of yours is now worth quite a lot.
  • Kralgon - Thank you! This makes me really h-
  • Commander - Hey, you! Stop slacking around and go back to your position!
  • Xaltsa - Naw, he's fine! Leave him!

Xaltsa and the soldier talked for a while, but then the day as over, and he got some sleep. It was time to go straight back to Grenzaar to give an official report, before he could go back on tour.

Return of Oltauris[]

At his new headquarters, hidden away from known space, Torrent held on his head in impatience. His alliance with the Benefactor ended up completely useless, and now he found his territories under constant attack of the Children of Synthesis. Dark Grip were away in a mission to fight off the invasions while the Kvargo warlord himself watched the situation from his throne, checking on multiple screens around him. Already fairly stressed, there was someone who was about to ruin his day even more. Gyjak hissed, as Torrent suddenly found his connection with her lost. She then snarled at him. Torrent hardened his fist and pointed at Gyjak while barring his teeth in annoyance.

  • Torrent - What do you think you're doing, you little shit?

She hissed again, and then pressed a button which opened the door. Billig Oltauris entered.

  • Billig - Alright, mate? Missed me?

Billig seemed like a rotting corpse. A foul stench came from his fat, soggy skin as he walked forward. It disgusted Torrent how Billig could not be disgusted with himself. He walked forward, stomping on the ground due to his sheer weight, appearing like he should drop dead at any moment. Worse...like he had already dropped dead, and was still walking regardless.

  • Billig - Now, now, I'd better 'ave me territory back. Deal's a deal, eh?
  • Torrent - Who the fuck are you?

Gyjak took a place on Billig's shoulder and hissed at Torrent.

  • Billig - Don't remember me? I'm CEO of the bloody Oltauris Consortium! I'm Billig, mate!
  • Torrent - ...Billig? You look like a sack of shit.
  • Billig - I don't care. That don't change the situation.
  • Torrent - I don't know how you got here, but get the hell out. I got better things to do than smell you.
  • Billig - Like...returnin' me territory, perhaps?
  • Torrent - No.
  • Billig - Shame, eh?

Out of his right arm, Billig threw out a metallic meat hook, which was in fact a cybernetic attachement. It grabbed Torrent and reeled him in, as Billig then kicked him down and Gyjak hissed.

  • Billig - I'll just 'ave to murder you and take both territories!

Torrent's skin hardened as he was hit by the hook, something Billig himself had not yet seen in action. As he was kicked, he grabbed Billig by his neck and lifted him off the floor, before throwing him into a wall with enough force to crash Billig through it.

  • Torrent - Good luck, fatso.

Billig was surprised, but got back on his feet. Meanwhile, Gyjak threw herself in Torrent's face and scracthed at it.

  • Billig - You got new tools yerself then? Interestin'...

Torrent grabbed Gyjak and bit her head, crunching her on his shark-like teeth. Billig's hook saved her by pulling her out, as he then walked forward, rotting his own skin away to damage Torrent with chemicals deadly enough to burn metal.

  • Billig - Me whole new body replaced with toxic chemicals...like it?
  • Torrent - No. Get out of my room! I have bigger fish to deal with!

Torrent delivered punches to Billig as his nanomachines healed away the wounds caused by Billig's chemicals. On his screens, warnings of more invasions could be seen. While the punches damaged Billig, they didn't knock him back. Gyjak appeared from behind, scratching at Torrent more, while Billig smashed Torrent away with his hook and a huge butcher's knife. Torrent grew angrier as Billig was not yet dead, and kept delivering blows at him. The duo's fight got up close to the monitors themselves, and Billig could see some of the Children's targets were his own territories.

  • Billig - Woah, one sec, gimme a moment, would ya?
  • Torrent - ...What?

Billig stopped fighting, then had a look at the monitors again.

  • Billig - Huh. These people are attackin' me territories, then. Apparently there's been bigger problems since I've been gone, eh?
  • Torrent - Regnatus is back, you fat idiot! Of course there's been bigger problems! There's hordes of mutants appearing out of thin air everywhere in the galaxy!
  • Billig - Hmm...

Billig pondered for a moment as Gyjak took his side again.

  • Billig - In that case...fightin' each other is probably a waste of resources. First time we beat Regnatus by joinin' forces against 'im.

Torrent glared at Billig for some moments before he relaxed from his fighting stance. He walked closer to the monitors and inspected them himself.

  • Torrent - Every day, this "Vorius" grows more influent. His attacks go from here all the way to the Alliance's colonies. And he's attacking awfully fast.
  • Billig - I guess he's learnt a form of travel faster than our Cold Relays, then. Meanin' he ain't reliant on those.
  • Torrent - I've seen him up front...it was like staring at Regnatus in the eyes again.
  • Billig - Then the only conclusion I can come to is that 'e's usin' some old Kormacvar tech with Regnatus' programmin' in it.

Torrent turned to Billig, his anger appeared to have ceased and his expression was of genuine worry.

  • Torrent - Have your territories back. But make a deal with me and use all resources you have to take that thing down, no matter the cost.
  • Billig - Course, that's what I was plannin', eh? With me on your side, it'll be like you 'ave Zaarkhun again. Remember what a genious 'e was? Anyway, I only want one other thing in return...
  • Torrent - Hmpf. What is it?
  • Billig - You 'ave any corpses lyin' around on this station?
  • Torrent - Uh...yes, I have a few.

Torrent called a few up, and as soon as they were in Billig's sight, he grabbed them one by one with his hook and ate them in under 12 seconds, then burped.

  • Billig - Cheers, mate.
  • Torrent - You're a freaking weirdo.
  • Billig - See ya 'round.

Billig and Gyjak then walked off, leaving the space station by their own shuttle. As they left, Torrent sniffed the air and cringed.

  • Torrent - I need a bath, urgent.

Back from Vacation[]

Gardin's training was one of the few sources of activity at Vekaron's ship. After they fought Angazhar, they received a three-month vacation and spent most of their time traveling across the galaxy and even beyond. Going around the Arm of Knowledge, to Grox territory, to even Andromeda and the Indoctrinate Collective's capitals worlds at the Milky Way, Vekaron and his team spent their time well.

As they returned to duty, Vekaron sat on his commander's chair, scratching his chest in boredom. Wragrot snored loudly in a chair, while Gardin made drawing in a tablet-like device. In front of Kamaris, was an ancient Mahanayan scripture of which he was reading, seemingly by passing his fingers over the text. Kilchárunya, however, was slumped on the table, fast asleep. Vansenk, having not undergone a single wash session throughout their vacation, sat at the far end of the room against a wall, his eyes closed but not fully asleep. Kirlisir was sat at the table that Kilchárunya had happened to use to sleep, and giggled faintly as she applied decoration to her claws. Vekaron yawned as he browsed the news, holding on his head as he did so.

  • Vekaron - Other than the whole business with UNO, feels like nothing happened at all around here.
  • Kirlisir - Well, I heard that my kind have a representative within your organization now. Which is fine, I guess.
  • Vekaron - There's that too. Which worries me a bit. Considering what we went through when we met them.

Kilchárunya slowly rose from the table, stretching as she did. A dissonant yawn passed out of her mouth as she looked around.

  • Kirlisir - You can never trust the Matriarchy. I sure don't.
  • Kilchárunya - What's this about matriarchy? Never heard of such a thing. ...Sarcasm.
  • Kamaris - Wait until you see your claws.
  • Kilchárunya - My claws? Wha--

She looked at her claws, painted different colours of blue, red and green.

  • Kilchárunya - What the?! What?! Am I diseased?! Help!
  • Kamaris - Well done, Kirlisir. You just broke Kilchárunya.

Kilchárunya started running around the ship, screaming and flailing her hands around. Kirlisir giggled loudly and fell back out of her chair, landing on the floor where she proceeded to engage in an all-out bout of laughter. Wragrot woke up from the screaming and looked at Kilchárunya in annoyance.

  • Wragrot - Bloody shut the hell up.
  • Kirlisir - I-It's too good! It's... I-It's too good! Ahaha!

Vekaron's screen suddenly changed, and on it appeared the face of Councillor Xeron. The Penumbran was caught by surprise and stumbled on his chair.

  • Xeron - Penumbran Vekaron! I hope you enjoyed your vacation, because it ends now. We have a mission for you.
  • Wragrot - Already? C'mon, it's been like three weeks.
  • Xeron - You mean three whole months, Murgur.
  • Wragrot - Same thing, different names.

Kilchárunya stopped screaming, realising it was paint on her claws and not that her hands were infected. Vansenk stepped forward and approached the screen, glaring with a waned, tired expression across his face.

  • Kilchárunya - That was a sick joke. Sick.
  • Kirlisir - Y-You should've s-seen your face!
  • Xeron - I'm not here to listen to your jokes. I take you all have heard about the "Children of Synthesis"?
  • Vansenk - Children of Synthesis? Is that what they are calling the rampant abominations, now?
  • Xeron - Yes. They are a rising threat and have claimed tens of planets while you were away. I want you all to land on an attacked colony and investigate. See if you can bring a sample if possible.
  • Kamaris - To land on a planet infested by a sentient virus? Without hazard gear?
  • Xeron - As far as it is known, they are not a virus, and the colony I'm sending you to has been abandoned.
  • Vansenk - Sounds like my type of mission.
  • Kamaris - I object, unless we are provided hazard gear to deal with the threat.
  • Vekaron - Send us the coordinates and we'll get it done, Councillor.
  • Xeron - Good. And you should have hazard gear in your own ship already. It is supposed to be fully equipped for all situations.
  • Kirlisir - If you can survive this long on a vessel with Vansenk, I'm sure you will not need hazard gear.

Wragrot chuckled.

  • Kilchárunya - Right. Into more gelatinous death masses, then.
  • Xeron - Good luck. I await your report.

Xeron's transmission closed.

  • Kirlisir - "Good luck, I await your repor--" Suck my dick, that guy gets on my nerves.
  • Gardin - Oh! Before you go, I made a drawing of you all!
  • Kilchárunya - Hm?

Gardin lifted her tablet to reveal a crude drawing of Vekaron's team. In it, Vekaron, Wragrot, Kilchárunya, Vyatak and Kamaris used Vansenk as a whip to hit Kirlisir's head.

  • Kilchárunya - Seems accurate enough.
  • Wragrot - Heh! Hehehehe.
  • Vekaron - Gardin, that's not nice.
  • Gardin - They're not nice either!
  • Kirlisir - Doesn't appear very tasteful.
  • Vansenk - I want to stick this on the cold storage entrance. I want to be reminded of this picture every time I desire something frozen.
  • Kamaris - At least you got Vansenk right.
  • Vansenk - You haven't drawn Kamaris' head large enough.
  • Kamaris - You didn't draw Vansenk's tongue long enough, either.

Taking a shuttle to the planet, Vekaron and his team landed in the ruins of what was once a Wranploer city. They all wore hazard suits as per Kamaris' request, and they were greeted with nothing but destroyed buildings and strangely malformed skeletons.

  • Kamaris - Are you grateful now that I suggested that?
  • Wragrot - Doesn't seem bad at all, though.

On their suits, they heard Vyatak's voice coming out of transmissors.

  • Vyatak - Bring skeletal remains. Useful for research.
  • Kilchárunya - I'm not touching a warped corpse. Nope.
  • Kirlisir - Hey Wragrot, look! Spooky scary!

Kirlisir allowed her psychic powers to take control of one of the malformed skeletons, puppeteering it and making it dance in front of the team.

  • Wragrot - Oh yes. Too spooky for me.
  • Kamaris - Have some respect for the dead, Kirlisir.

Vekaron walked over to one of the skeletons and lifted it off the floor. It were the remains of a Liopera-Minchar mutant. The entire skeletal structure appeared...off, and Vekaron began imagining the creature itself feeling tremendous pain from even moving. Some bones were disproportionately larger than than others, it seemed almost a miracle that thing creature once managed to stand up.

  • Kamaris - It does not seem fair for them.
  • Vekaron - Vorius obviously doesn't care for the well-being of these entities.
  • Kilchárunya - Would you if you didn't have a brain to begin with?
  • Vekaron - This is just like with Regnatus. He processed Grox alive into goo to turn them into spaceships, and did not care for their well-being either. I can only hope this is not Vorius' plan.
  • Vansenk - I wonder what would happen if I were to be spliced with a Zoles. Or a Murgur.
  • Kamaris - Or a Mahanayan.
  • Vansenk - I prefer attractive creatures, Kamaris.

At this moments, faint growling and wheezing sounds could be heard coming from a building. Vekaron and Wragrot immediately jumped to cover and prepared their weapons. Kirlisir rolled into cover and prepared her blades. Vansenk slithered into the ground, camouflaging himself among the debris. Kilchárunya vaulted over a fallen barricade, her pistol in hand. Kamaris unsheathed his blade, and his gun was in the other hand also. In a distance, the team could see a large mutant being the source of the noise. A large Zazane-Loron hybrid, it did not seem to notice them. However, they could all see it slowly walked on all fours, stumbling and wheezing louder each second, as if it was suffocating.

  • Kirlisir - What the actual fuck...?
  • Vekaron - Stay frosty...
  • Wragrot - It looks like it's dying.
  • Kamaris - Reminds me of that other hybrid we faced...

The mutant suddenly vomited a blackened liquid all over the floor it was standing and then fell over, lifeless.

  • Vansenk - Pleasant.

Vekaron slowly approached, with his blade prepared. Wragrot walked over to the hybrid and poked it with his gun. No response. Kirlisir approached and examined the spectacle. She knelt down and examined the black liquid, resisting the urge to touch it.

  • Wragrot - Dead.
  • Vansenk - I want to play in its vomit.
  • Vekaron - What.
  • Vyatak - Forget the skeletons! Bring that specimen to the ship! Flesh and liquid more valuable than bone!
  • Vansenk - ...Or we could bring both?
  • Vyatak - Yes. Both. Good idea. Should've guessed myself.
  • Kirlisir - Hey Vansenk, mind storing this black stuff in your throat?
  • Vansenk - I am afraid I am not as professed in such a practice as you are, xenos.

The building the team encountered the hybrid was filled with video terminals still working. Vekaron walked over to one of them and turned its recordings up, revealing to the team a battle between an army of Wranploer and an army of mutants. The mutants swarmed into the Wranploer in a matter of seconds.

  • Kilchárunya - Well. That makes me feel comfortable. Not.
  • Vansenk - Never stood much of a chance.

Vorius himself appeared in the recording, extending his right arm like a tentacle and slamming it down, absorbing Wranploer soldiers who touched his skin. Wragrot looked at the recording with clear disgust, while Vekaron barred his teeth.

  • Kirlisir - It's not going to stop, is it?
  • Vekaron - Unless we make it stop, no.

Vekaron put the recording forward, to a few days after the attack. Vorius and most mutants were gone, except for a few who walked around aimlessly as if they had been left behind. One of the mutants, a Levarcor-Chronodrake hybrid, bit his own arm until it started bleeding, and then began randomly painting a wall with its blood, as if it was trying to write.

  • Kamaris - Is it wearing off?
  • Vekaron - I'm certainly saving a copy of this for the Council...
  • Wragrot - Heh. Imagine the Niaka guy's reaction to it. I bet he'll cry and vomit all over himself.
  • Kirlisir - Or dies. There's always that.
  • Kamaris - Either way, we should leave. What if mutants were alerted to our position?

Vekaron sent the recording forward one last time, to a day before they had arrived. Mutants randomly died out for apparent no reason, with all the deaths appearing as if they were suffocating. Vekaron then turned the recording off and began downloading it into a small pad device.

  • Vekaron - It seems once their use is done, they die out.
  • Vyatak - Not all species compatible. Forced fusion not safe for individual. Biologies incompatible.
  • Vansenk - Perhaps I could have a copy. I could use it to lull Gardin to sleep.

Vekaron turned to Vansenk and narrowed his eyes, glaring at him. Wragrot walked over to the Loron-Zazane mutant corpse and put it on his back.

  • Wragrot - Alright. We go now. This place gives me the creeps.

Kirlisir once more used the psychically-controlled malformed skeleton to dance in front of Wragrot, trying to hold back a giggle as she did.

  • Kirlisir - Whoo, whooo!

Wragrot walked over to the skeletons and broke them down with a kick.

  • Wragrot - No.

The Gallarade in Action[]

The colossal vessel that was The Composer's Melody was breaching the atmosphere of the planet only known as Nyhrane's World like a spear penetrating through flesh, with an army of escort ships guiding the aerial behemoth towards the assigned location where the ship would be allowed to hover. Most of its systems were ran with cold automation and machinery, with a majority of the crew dedicated purely to fulfilling whatever menial needs that Vileraz IV, the monarch of the Rovegar Matriarchy, required fulfilling. There were no docking bays for ships such as The Composer's Melody; it was a city in and of itself, and cast a shadow over all that resided beneath it. Much like Vileraz IV's presence within the position of monarch over the rest of the Rovegar species, her ego the size of worlds. The ship was beginning to come to a halt over one of the world's major cities, with communication being maintained by The Composer's Melody's crew and that of the escort ships.

The ship soon stopped entirely, and a crowd had gathered beneath it, surrounding the headquarters of planetary governance upon this world - a tall building, thousands of feet in height, which pointed towards the sky, fitted with a lengthly catwalk outside especially designed for arrivals and inspections such as these. Using assigned teleporters, the elderly empress and her only ally, the Gallarade, arrived at the start of this catwalk.

  • Vileraz IV - I will be in a meeting for the next hours.
  • Erureidan - I don't have to go, right?
  • Vileraz IV - You must not go, male. I don't want you distracting everyone.
  • Erureidan - What can I do? Everyone wants a piece of this.

Erureidan put a finger on his own armored leg and let out a noise, as if it was something hot coming in contact with water, much to the Rovegar matriarch's annoyance.

  • Vileraz IV - Enough of your jokes. Get out of here and don't come back until I call you.
  • Erureidan - Right, right. I'll be at the city.

The Rovegar monarch turned and made her way through the catwalk. Erureidan, though, laughed and looked down at the crowd that had formed. He then leaped, posing as he began falling at high speed. The crowd cheered as Erureidan made a descent towards them and they raised their arms in unison, screaming excitedly as they used their psychic powers to slow the Gallarade's fall and gently set him atop of the crowd. Each individual took a turn in contributing to carrying him, with Erureidan practically "surfing" the mass of people that had gathered. What's more, it was not just any standard mass; it was a horde of women.

  • Erureidan - Now this. This is the kind of company I like.

Erureidan was carried by the crowd for several minutes, pulling him away from the governance building and the crowd beginning to dissipate, as the crowd had only amassed so generously because of Erureidan and his reputation and status. He was carried into the primary, densely-populated commercial sector of the city; a hub for the Rovegar populace. As he was put into the floor, he signaled for the horde of women to pay attention, and then spoke.

  • Erureidan - Ladies of Nyhrane's World! Are you ready to see what your Gallarade, your defender and protector, can do?
  • Rovegar 1 - We're always ready for the Gallarade!
  • Rovegar 2 - The Galla-Raid never stops!
  • Rovegar 3 - Our bodies are ready, Mr. Defender and Protector!

The ladies screamed and cheered their answers chaotically, squealing and laughing loudly as each woman wanted to be heard over the next. Erureidan then pressed a button on the chest of his armor. The arms and legs of the armor opened up, revealing themselves to the Rovegar women. And as they did, Erureidan began flexing, showing off his massive muscles. Such musculature was impossible for Rovegar females due to their weak physical, but to Erureidan, they were nothing but the usual. And they were enough to send even the most celibate female of the species crazy.

The women crowded around Erureidan, climbing over one another in order to get a better look at Erureidan's toned, impressively-sculpted form from the best available angles. Several of them fainted outright from Erureidan's aesthetic, as he was considered to be the paragon of sexual appeal among his people, and it would have been impossible to think the thought was not justified.

  • Erureidan - You wanna give them a poke? Go ahead! I belong to you all, my beauties!

Many of the women swooped in, pushing one another aside in order to claim a firm touch of Erureidan's figure. There was little else to be heard other than screaming and cheering, and Erureidan could feel as several girls within the crowd had kissed his muscles and other parts of his revealed form, as evidenced by marks left on his figure.

  • Rovegar 4 - I'll poke them everywhere for you!
  • Rovegar 5 - I want to give them more than just a poke!

Erureidan then pointed at random, pointing at the direction of one of the Rovegar in the crowd. He approached her with a smile.

  • Erureidan - You. What's your name?

The girl he had pointed to was short compared to the others, likely because she was younger, and looked at him with widened eyes and wore a wide smile across her face, feeling weak at the knees as she clasped her hands together, squeeling uncontrollably while she somehow managed to get an answer through.

  • Rovegar - A-Aldrasan! I-It's Aldrasan!
  • Erureidan - Aldrasan, hm? That's a really cute name. But you seem a bit of a shorty. How about I make you the tallest of everyone here?
  • Aldrasan - T-Tallest? Y-You can... Y-You can do that, M-Mr. Gallarade?

Aldrasan smiled up at Erureidan with a glimmer in her eyes, breathing heavily as she spoke to the Gallarade, a dream many wish would come true. Erureidan chuckled and gently grabbed Aldrasan, lifting her into the air and then putting her on his own back. Giving her a piggyback, she now towered over the rest of the crowd. Erureidan opened his arms and spoke.

  • Erureidan - For the next few moments, you are my queen and I am your throne!

Aldrasan gasped as she looked over the crowd of girls that massed around Erureidan, and realized that out of the potential thousands that had gathered here today to get a chance of being with the Gallarade, she was one of the lucky few. She had joyful tears in her eyes and she cheered happily, waving her arms excitedly. Erureidan walked around, making his best for the girl to enjoy herself.

  • Erureidan - Hahah. Make way for Queen Aldrasan!

Suddenly, something felt... wrong. While the crowd was still cheering and screaming, the holo-boards that displayed the event had turned to static. All the lights that were activated due to the presence of the shadow of The Composer's Melody above them were ceased, and everything was dark. Soon, the cheering and screaming stopped, replaced with the sounds of worry and confusion which swept swiftly over the crowd. It was all so ominous and overwhelming, yet nothing else was happening. One could even go so far as to say that such a silence, especially within a commercial area such as this, was frightening. Fear afflicting.

  • Erureidan - Huh? What happened to all the screens?
  • Rovegar 6 - What's going on? What's happened? A power outage?
  • Rovegar 7 - A special announcement? What's going on...?
  • Aldrasan - ...G-Gallarade... I'm s-scared.
  • Erureidan - Don't be. I'm here for you all.

Suddenly, the screens turned black, with red, alien text displaying itself across the screen, with some of the numerals being barely recognizeable to the Rovegar yet they did not know explicitly why. Soon, all the available lights within the city activated and transitioned to red, bathing the entire city and its populace in a crimson light. Soon, it was all accompanied by a voice that was heard by all:

  • ??? - It is sickening to believe that a race as mere and basic as yours inherited the legacy of our enemy.
  • Erureidan - This sounds familiar.
  • Zarkhator the First - For billions of years, I have overseen the evolution of Borealis and its children. For billions of years, I played witness to your development. Standing on the spines of giants, using their tools for yourselves. And to observe such... primitive behaviour is to make a mockery of the name and might of the Kormacvar.
  • Erureidan - I was right, huh. It is you, the so called Zarkhator.

Erureidan gently put Aldrasan into the ground and walked up to the largest screen he could, waving to get Zarkhator the First's attention.

  • Erureidan - Oi! Lizard mug!

The screen transitioned from red text shortly after Erureidan's declaration to moving, virtual image of a close-up of the face of Zarkhator the First, albeit obscured by a degree of darkness and his eyes illuminated fiercely.

  • Zarkhator the First - You know of Zarkhator?
  • Erureidan - Oh yeah, I do. Apparently you're a jerkass who likes to scare girls for a living. For someone so mighty as yourself, I'd expect a proper attitude toward a lady.
  • Zarkhator the First - Gender means little, for you are all rats nonetheless. However. For a race as well-spread and powerful as yourselves, I am incapable of seeing any men. All I see are children.
  • Erureidan - Yet you can't even show up in flesh to confront me like a man! All I see is a manchild who relies on giant screens to make himself scary. I want you to apologize to these ladies right now, guy. And I mean it.
  • Zarkhator the First - An apology? You demand an apology from the one who laid the bones for you to strip? It is you, your kind, that should apologize and beg; it has made itself a mockery and has distorted, contorted the image and reputation of my Kormacvar nemesis. There is little I hate more than Kormacvar; imitations are one of them.

Erureidan mimicked a mouth with his hand as Zarkhator the First spoke, putting his tongue out.

  • Erureidan - I see you babbling all this crap but I don't see you apologizing.
  • Zarkhator the First - There shall be none to apologize towards once the process of exacting punishment for your failure as a race and successor of the Kormacvar has been completed. This will be the last time we speak, Rovegar, for this world shall mark your grave.
  • Erureidan - Grave? Pal, who the hell do you think I am? I'm more than eager to shove those words right up your butt crack!

Suddenly, screaming once again filled the air. It wasn't the screaming of before, however, it was not orientated towards joy; this was terror, horror. They were screaming out of fear. From across the city, Erureidan and many others could see as heavy infantry, equipped with large guns and blades, blasted quark fire into the crowds, subatomically eviscerating those unfortunate enough to be struck. Erureidan quickly formed a massive elemental shield which protected the entire crowd from the fire. He turned to Aldrasan and leaned down. He then gave her a gentle kiss followed by a smile.

  • Erureidan - Just so you know? I have a thing for petite girls.

Aldrasan blushed and smiled, giggling to herself as she exchanged a hug with Erureidan for several seconds. Mechanized infantry, including droids and aerial machines, bombarded the psychic shield with anti-material fire, in an attempt to cull the crowd. Soldiers began to make an approach, followed by levitating tanks with their cannons aimed at the populace.

  • Erureidan - Now...watch your defender and protector in action!

Erureidan put his arms up before throwing them away, releasing a massive shockwave around the forcefield he had created, enough to knock the Zarkhator soldiers and tanks into the ground. Explosions followed suite, with several of the tanks being utterly destroyed by the shockwave. The machines opened fire towards Erureidan, their attention drawn to him while Zarkhator soldiers made a mad dash towards the Rovegar male, shouting and roaring in their alien language. Erureidan enveloped himself in a psychic barrier to protect him from the fire, and pressed a button on his armor to get it back to normal. His massive Witch Gauntlets appeared and he looked at the soldiers with a grin, before making his move. In a flash of light, the Gallarade disappeared, before immediately reappearing, delivering a strike with his blades which decapitated one of the soldiers in a single slash.

Several soldiers and machines aimed towards Erureidan and fired at him, while other infantry ran towards him with their own long, straight-edged blades readied in their palms in order to at least attempt to subdue the Gallarade. Again they roared, while the tanks began reinforce themselves with more war machines. But despite all of their attacks, they could not seen to hit him. Erureidan teleported himself around, each time he reappeared meant a Zarkhator life was taken by his blades, and before any shots could touch him, he was already gone, and another soldier died. It was as if he was dancing around them, almost ignoring the fact he was in the middle of a battlefield.

As Erureidan slashed the heavily-armoured soldiers of the Zarkhator into mere pieces and easily disposed of their minor support droids, which exploded into acidic pseudo-liquid substances after they had been initially severed into minuscule pieces, he could feel vibrations of tremendous proportions travel through the earth beneath his feet. Civilians, specifically the mass of women that had gathered to initially see the Gallarade himself, screamed and cried as explosions followed shortly after. From behind them, and thus the opposite direction where Erureidan had been attacking, large spider-like machines of titanic size crawled through the city's landscape, supported by wasp-like aerial drones and larger, more potent variants of the initial basic support droids. Erureidan turned to the new, larger enemies and ran at their direction with his blades prepared, leaving a trail of dust behind him. His speed made him barely visible at the eyes of the Rovegar who were still alive in the area, as all they could see was a blur where the Gallarade was supposed to be.

Beams of atom-separating energy flew past Erureidan as he travelled faster than what these machines could accurately detect, although that did not stop the mantis support droids from traversing to interrupt his path, protecting the larger offensive war-machines. They fired simultaneous blasts of quark energy at Erureidan in a machine-gun like fashion, before one of them moved forward and created a blade-like weapon from the materials of one of its arms; it was attempting to counter Erureidan. The Gallarade smirked as he saw the gigantic blade coming at him, and right as it was about to hit him, he leaped upwards and landed directly at the weapon. Running at the top of the blade, Erureidan made his way to the mecha's body and delivered an Essence-charged kick at it. The mantis mech was launched backwards from Erureidan's kick, causing it to fly backwards and slam into another mecha, which continued firing quark energy even as its partner collided with it - the proceeding explosion caused the much larger spider-tank behind them to stagger slightly, with its primary cannon missing its civilian targets.

From minor guns across its body, it unleashed a volley of quark energy at Erureidan while other spider-tanks laid waste to the architecture of the city, tearing it asunder as civilians fleed for their lives and Rovegar military forces finally arrived at the scene, attempting to use their own weaponry against their Zarkhator foes. As the battle raged on, Erureidan and the survivors of the conflict could hear as their foe spoke through interceptected communications across the world;

  • Zarkhator the First - Lay down your arms and accept defeat, for I will not allow such childish animals to make a mockery of the legacy of their predecessors - my nemesis. I will not allow it. Your existence ceases here.
  • Erureidan - Nah, I don't think so. Still waiting for that apology.
  • Zarkhator the First - Then it shall be the fault of your own that the pain you shall feel will be greater than any other before it. The Rovegar are lowly and primitive; they shall never ascend beyond my enemy, and thus they fulfill no right to use the spirit of their technology.'
  • Erureidan - Talk to me once you get your head off your ass.

The spider-tanks continued turning the city and surrounding territories to ruin while their mantis support robots went forward ahead of them, launching their weapons at Rovegar soldiers and vehicles that attempted to counter them and eviscerating them into shreds. Around him, Erureidan could hear as Rovegar, both military and civilian, screamed and pleaded for death as they were mutilated by the precise beams of destruction launched by the Zarkhator robots, while others attempted to retreat or escape the scene with their lives. As he heard the screams, the Gallarade's smirk disappeared. Instead, a frown formed on his face as he pointed a finger at one of the titanic spider-tanks. The mech found itself paralyzed by Erureidan's sheer Essence power, and began to levitate as Erureidan pointed up. He then forcefully pointed down, and the spider-tank found itself crashed against the floor with enough strenght to explode violently.

  • Erureidan - You made an awful mistake, guy. No one touches Erureidan's girls and gets away with it.

Debris was launched in all directions as the mech was obliterated, with its remains bubbling and proceeding to explode as the other droids of the Zarkhator had done when they were destroyed - the process caused nearby spider-mechs to become damaged and topple over, while mantis robots were either crushed beneath the falling debris or acidized and melted beneath the substance of their remains. Erureidan's eyes burned in energy as he let out a shriek at the enemy forces. It was not like the feminine, high pitched screeches of the females, it was instead much like a roar, amplified by Erureidan's Essence. Soldiers and droids alike found themselves blown away as all buildings around Erureidan were destroyed by the sheer force of his voice.

In all directions, buildings collapsed and shattered, the enemy mechs were reduced to semi-liquids, and Zarkhator infantry were torn apart by the absolute, unstoppable rage that was Erureidan's shriek. The civilians and surviving soldiers were deafened by the vocal assault, temporarily overpowering and overwhelming their senses, although they suffered naught in comparison to their Zarkhator enemies. Soon, there were no reinforcements that came to carry out the task of destroying the Rovegar; the city, and all others across a wide vicinity that could be easily seen from space, was destroyed and left in smouldering ruins. The war-machines of the Zarkhator vanished, leaving little trace of their existence as their remains bubbled to nothing, and the corpses of the Zarkhator infantry suffered the same fate.

Part of an entire continent was left devastated, a scar dealt against the world. All that remained within this planetary bruise were the corpses of millions upon millions of Rovegar and their own destroyed technologies. A wasteland surrounded Erureidan and whatever survivors there were; beneath the ashened skies of red and black, there was but a single foe - a soldier of the Zarkhator - who was left without a weapon, and struggling to walk. The Gallarade ran up to the soldier and in swift strikes from his Witch Gauntlets, severed all four of his arms before kicking him into the floor. He pointed at him and spoke in an annoyed voice, his eyes still burning with energy.

  • Erureidan - Crawl back to your boss. Tell him Erureidan Darach is waiting for a real fight.

The soldier looked up at the Gallarade with a look of discomfort, an expression that perhaps indicated tinges of fear. However, the lone soldier raised his head and slammed it against Erureidan's in order to glare into the eyes of his enemy, growling with a scowl across across his face.

  • Soldier - You and your race shall be met with only death, imitator.

Before Erureidan could retort, the soldier vanished in a swift flash of red light, dissipating before the Gallarade's very eyes and leaving no other trace of his presence other than his severed limbs, which were melting into nothing as the remnants of his armour degraded into the same acidic substance the materials of the droids' did. Vileraz IV walked up to Erureidan and stopped by his side, looking over the destroyed battlefield. While the Gallarade was angered, the matriarch had a smirk on her face.

  • Vileraz IV - I see you took care of it.
  • Erureidan - So much death...for what purpose? This was a waste of time.
  • Vileraz IV - Regardless, I'm going to have the Alliance help rebuild this place. Indeed, Zarkhator is a strong opponent...

Vileraz IV then put her hands together, her smirk becoming even larger.

  • Vileraz IV - And strong opponents make the best slaves.

Infinite Hunger[]

The Loron of Da Rogue Boyz partied in the colony of Palan. An usual Loron planet, the inhabitants had just successfully raided a Niaka fleet and looted large quantities of objects to be sold at the black market for easy credits. The warboss in charge of the attack declared a world-wide pizza party for the job well done, and soon enough all the Loron, Dark Loron and Cold Loron were eating, dancing and having fun in the standard chaotic Rogue Boyz way. The Norol worked on the loot, preparing it to be sent to the ships and sold away, not showing much interest in the mess the Loron were causing.

Loud rapping music blasted away as the Loron commemorated and stuffed themselves in pizza. It would have been a completely normal day at Da Rogue Boyz until an orange-coloured creature suddenly appeared among the crowd. It looked like a Loron, except it had the body parts of a Zazane, and as soon as it arrived, it jumped at one of the Loron boyz and bit his neck off, splatting blood all over the floor and over the Loron close to them. As the other Loron turned around to see what was going on, more orange creatures suddenly appeared and began attacking as well.


Mutants of the Children of Synthesis appeared everywhere, attacking the Loron at their closest proximity. Of course, the Loron themselves, the strongest creatures in the universe, would not allow someone to simply come in and ruin their pizza party. The Troopaz took out their guns and unleashed hell upon the mutants, while Boomaz fired their bombs all over the place, hitting not only the enemies but other Loron as well. Cold Loron Freezflamas launched blasts of cold and fire at the abominations, who were then crushed under the feet of Loron Jetpakkaz. Meanwhile, Dark Loron Flashiez launched blasts of Dark Chronoscopic essence which tore the mutants apart.

Yet despite all this firepower, all this determination to kill the invaders, the Loron were being overwhelmed. The Loron, so famous for their swarming prowess, were being swarmed themselves. Tanks and Smashes arrived to the scene and fired at the mutants in an attempt to stop them, only to be swarmed and have their pilots killed by the waves of chimeras. The warboss held on his head, unsure what to do, while the soldiers around him shivered in sheer fear of what they were seeing.

  • Loron - I CANT MOOV
  • Warboss - WHAI
  • Warboss - oh ma dayz YOO CANT BE SERI-

Before the warboss could finish his sentence, his jaw dropped as he saw an humongous shadow appearing in the battlefield. Vorius himself had arrived, and swinging his tentacles, he grabbed and absorbed all Loron, Dark Loron and Cold Loron on his way. Not even the Norol had a chance to run away from the flesh giant as he casually walked forward, launching parts of his being at his victims to absorb them.

  • Spawn of Vengeance - Calling the party out already? I can't let you do that.

The Spawn of Vengeance had appeared right next to the warboss. Its fingers extended into tentacle-like tendrils and grabbed the Loron leader, lifting him off the floor. The tendrils entered his mouth and eyeballs, causing the warboss to agonize until the Spawn winded up and threw the Loron directly at Vorius, causing him to be absorbed immediately. The Spawn then turned to the terrified soldiers, who at this point had already given up, and did the same to each of them, one at a time. It was only a matter of time until the whole planet had been either killed or consumed.

As the mutants were teleported away, the Spawn walked over to Vorius. It had actually been its idea to come here and absorb the genetic materials of all Loron subspecies. It awaited Vorius' gratitude for doing so. However, it expected too much. Vorius simply teleported away, ignoring it completely. When the mutants had all already left, the Spawn was left behind. It narrowed its eyes and growled to itself.

  • Spawn of Vengeance - You are trying my patience...

Ancient Enemies Reunited[]

With the nocturnal expanse of Borealis' outer regions within the galactic east, a megastructure; two colossal rings, positioned diagonally, supported by a central stretch of structure that met the rings at their X-shaped crossings. A mass of titanic metal, the structure and its brethren had remained hidden from the sights of the Borealis natives through the advanced method of reshaping space around it, altering one's perception and its own dimensions to remain unseen, effectively hiding in plain sight of the many primitive world-restrained natives that had been evolving with these external regions of the galaxy. Upon its surface, arcologies that stretched towards the artificial sky of orange-red, a landscape "grown" of intelligent materials, programmed to expand and ascend in specific pathways. Self-constructing structures were beyond what many Borealis natives were capable of, intelligently adapting to the needs of the populace of this artificial colossus. Within each arcology, countless clones, sustained by the miles-high, stem-like growths of highly-evolved algae, providing nutrition and the necessary elements required to sustain their health and remain in condition.

An industrial complex the size of a gas giant, merged with self-sustaining natural and artificial materials; a pinnacle of Zarkhator technology and intelligence. Within a particularly large arcology that stood above all others by several hundred times, the figurehead himself sat upon a semi-physical thrown of ever-changing metallic tendrils that swayed and flowed like liquid. Zarkhator the First, the progenitor of all Zarkhator, was swarmed by several legions of his soldiers, their backs turned to him while machines replicated food materials and the most alien and exotic of alcoholic beverages at his side. He sat patiently, eyes narrowed, waiting. Waiting for... something.

And something did happen. Among the sound of soldiers and machines working, Zarkhator the First heard something that stood out. A single rabid growl of a creature who seemed to come out of nowhere. In instants, the sounds grew louder until some Zarkhator soldiers could also hear it.

  • Zarkhator the First - The tide has, at last, come in. My genetic prodigy, stand guard and show no fear. Fear will not even lay a scratch upon its hide.

Zarkhator the First took a sip from his metallic glass before looking over his legions of soldiers, smiling as his eyes narrowed. Lifting his arms, he made gestures, akin to composing, as he heard the sounds becoming louder and louder with each passing moment. Hordes of mutants suddenly teleported inside the megastructure and attacked the soldiers, robotic servants and all equipment or buildings within it. The king Zarkhator watched over holographic screens as the destruction unfolded, his smile growing wider, baring his teeth, as he observed the carnage play. He continued to compose, as if he were commanding an orchestra, and heard his soldiers begin to fire as mutants of all types made their way into the massive arena of the throne. He, nor his soldiers, showed no fear indeed, as their comrades gunned down the mutants with their with their quark guns.

  • ??? - I did not know you composed, morosvar. I see you've spent your time alone well.

Behind Zarkhator the First was the Spawn of Vengeance, who sat in a platform above the Zarkhator leader. It tilted its head from side to side as it watched him.

  • Zarkhator the First - Ah, you speak the tongue of koromacavar. In honesty, it is yourself who is lending to the symphonies, my ears are riled with the pleas of your victims. How many have you consumed prior, hmm? Can you count?
  • Spawn of Vengeance - 7,896,315. Now 7,896,316. And 7,896,317...
  • Zarkhator the First - Is that so? Tell me, creature, what do you hope to achieve from this? What point are you hoping to make?
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Me? I don't have a point. I am pointless.
  • Zarkhator the First - Clearly. What you do here today, creature, and how many your masses consume of my number means nothing. You may reduce this station to an absolute zero, it means nothing. You are as pointless as it is to fight me. The Zarkhator are eternal, after all. Innumerable and absolute.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Sure didn't feel that way back then. When you were alone.

A raspy giggle came out of the Spawn of vengeance, despite its lack of a mouth. Zarkhator the First chuckled and stood, holding onto his metallic glass of alcohol as he looked over the conflict at his feet, observing his soldiers clash with aberratations and worse. He turned, looking upwards towards the Spawn, and held up his glass towards it in some form of gesture.

  • Zarkhator the First - A worse fate befell my nemesis, it appears.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Hm. I wouldn't say so. Your "nemesis" is still around, Captain Vengeance.
  • Zarkhator the First - You refer to Arkarixus?
  • Spawn of Vengeance - I don't.
  • Zarkhator the First - Whom?

The Spawn of Vengeance pointed forward, to the horizon. In a blinding flash, Vorius himself teleported to the megastructure and let out a roar of multiple screaming voices at the Zarkhator forces. Creating a tentacle out of his right arm, he swung it, taking several Zarkhator soldiers and quickly absorbing them into his being. Zarkhator the First passed a glance towards Vorius, his eye twitching as he laid his eyes upon the monstrous abhorration of nature that had materialized inside the throne room. He passed a low growl, before taking a single step towards the abomination, clenching his fists while his eyes began to illuminate.

  • Zarkhator the First - I smell... koromacavar.
  • Vorius - Slave. Become one with me.
  • Zarkhator the First - No.

Vorius marched at Zarkhator the First's direction, each step causing the ground the shake under him. Vorius at this point was almost 50 meters in height from all the creatures he had consumed. Behind Zarkhator, mantis war machines emerged from the floor and fired upon Vorius, rushing past their designer as they attempted to subdue the monstrosity, firing atom-dividing quark lasers in unision. The mutant crushed or slammed the machines with its tentacles, but as he was hit by their weapons, his body reacted. Faces sprouted out of Vorius' skin and screamed in pain, but unlike other enemies who were otherwise evaporated by Zarkhator's weapons, Vorius instead began liquefying in the areas he was hit. Even so, he kept marching at the Zarkhator leader's direction, while the Spawn of Vengeance laughed at the scene.

  • Vorius - Scum of ancient times. Your survival means your punishment was a success.
  • Zarkhator the First - How far the koromacavar have fallen if their legacy lives in this... thing.
  • Vorius - Kormacvar. I am beyond Kormacvar. I am Regnatus.
  • Zarkhator the First - No, you have regressed. You are in reverse. You are certainly not koromacavar, but you are not beyond them.
  • Vorius - I am beyond them. I am beyond you. Become part of me. Become part of me. Become part of me.
  • Zarkhator the First - You are not koromacavar. And you are not my nemesis. How could my archenemy have fallen so far from grace?

Instead of retaliating to the threats, chanting and absolute screaming of the deific anti-god, Zarkhator stood in defiance, glaring at the beast with narrowed eyes before his body began to dematerialize, starting to transition into a red energy while he stood with his arms folded, his body in the process of teleportation from location to location. Vorius, barely keeping himself up, sent his hand at Zarkhator the First's throne, clawing the surface in front of the Zarkhator leader. However, the quark weaponry's power had taken its toll on the mutant, and Vorius slowly dissolved into a large, orange-coloured puddle. The Spawn of Vengeance's laugh ceased as it looked at what his master had been reduced to, and for the first appeared, he appeared genuinely worried.

  • Spawn of Vengeance - ...Master?
  • Zarkhator the First - Look upon the fate of all that attempt to mimic or mock the legacy and grace of the koromacavar. The Rovegar, the Seagon, your tide of horror. All of it.

A few moments of silence hit the megastructure as Vorius had fallen. Or so they all thought. Out of the puddle, a shining piece of metal appeared and began levitating, before manifesting an immense, radiant aura of pure psychic energy. The puddle below it was launched upwards and slowly took a new form, one which Zarkhator the First could recognize well: the form of a Zarkhator. The mutant roared to the sky as a barrier of energy formed around its body, defending it from further attacks.

  • Vorius - I am beyond you. I am you. I take your form. I use it for my leisure. This galaxy is mine. You cannot kill a god. I will remain. YOU WILL DIE.

Zarkhator's eyes widened and he took a step back, his body breaching the metaphysical as it transitioned from the physical to something akin to a hologram, yet his presence could still be felt. He clenched his fists and his eyes glowed, looking upon the mockery that Vorius had undertaken to insult him.

  • Zarkhator the First - If you are me, then you will SUFFER as I did, god of death.

Vorius ignored the Zarkhator ruler's orders and sent one of his fists at his direction. The fist went through Zarkhator, he could no longer be touched, yet he could not initiate an attack against the monstrosity. His bared teeth, his rippled lips turned to a frown and his eyes illuminated brighter, before they eventually settled and he looked downwards, his shoulders raised and tensed. The Spawn of vengeance's eyes widened as Vorius' fist hit the building, causing it to be crushed under his massive hand alongside the rest of Zarkhator's throne.

  • Zarkhator the First - Do as you please with this construct, my enemy, for I shall allow you only this pleasure. Then, you will come to harm. And you will die.

The flesh titan let out another roar as it then turned away from Zarkhator the First and attacked his soldiers once more. The 'hologram' of the first Zarkhator glared at the monstrosity before turning to the Spawn of Vengeance, standing in midair as he glared towards the only intelligent mutant in the room. He took a holographic step closer to the Spawn, looking down at it intensely.

  • Zarkhator the First - I will make your kin suffer, animal.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Urk...and we will make you live in solitude again, morosvar.

With those words, Zarkhator's form dematerialized, disappearing from the Spawn's sight. As he left, the Spawn had noticed something... bizarre. The Zarkhator soldiers that had offered their lives to fight the horde, who had been absorbed by Vorius, did not scream. There was no screaming coming from the opposition, as if they had accepted their fate, or inevitability.

Their expandability.

  • Spawn of Vengeance - Grrrh...this was the last straw...

Project Exile[]

At Hyperborea, the councillors met up to discuss their newest idea. Coming out of the most devious parts of Councillor Xeron's mind, this was to be the Niaka's greatest achievement after the defeat of the Old Niaka Order months prior. Xerkea arrived to Hyperborea, being invited to take part of the discussion. She made her way to the Council Tower until she arrived at the meeting chamber, where the councillors were already waiting for her. taking her seat, she nodded to them.

  • Xerkea - Greetings, Councillors.
  • Semirian - Welcome, Chief Major Xerkea. We were waiting for your arrival.
  • Xeron - Welcome, ma'am.
  • Xerkea - So, what are we discussing here?

Xeron pressed a button on a keyboard next to his seat, revealing the hologram of what looked like blueprints for a massive facility.

  • Xeron - I present you: Project Exile.
  • Xerkea - And that is?
  • Rylarien - The pinnacle of the Alliance's dominance over the space pirates of Borealis. Exile is a max security prison, which will be created to contain the worst of the worst of Borealis.
  • Xerkea - Max security prison. Elaborate. I'm interested.

Xeron zoomed into the hologram, showing off the blueprints' details to everyone in the room, not just Xerkea. It appeared as a massive tower surrounded by a gigantic ring-like structure, which would function as cells for the prisoners. The tower and the rings were connected by several bridges, with the top of the tower serving as the administrative hub of the station. The blueprints also presented a size comparison between Exile and the Zoles homeworld of Zoleia. Exile was roughly as big as the planet.

  • Xeron - By uniting our resources with those of our allies, we will create such a formidable prison that not even the greatest criminals will be able to escape. It will be the true final punishment for those who stand before the Polar Crystal Alliance. We already have the support of the Kormacvar Legacy, the Indoctrinate Collective and the Brood of War, who will all lend technology to the station to make it the most efficient possible. Of course, as gratitude, we'll allow them to make use of it themselves, though I doubt they'll have the need to.
  • Xerkea - Fascinating...it's because of things like this that I created the Niaka Special Forces.
  • Semirian - About who will be in charge of Exile, we have discussed the possibility of having a member of the Borealan Adjudication Corps be the director. No offense, but we require a fearsome species to rule over the most fearsome prison of the Gigaquadrant, and the Niaka...are not especially fearsome.

Xerkea scoffed at Semirian's comment.

  • Xerkea - You should see me when I'm really angry. But no, I understand your point. And really, we need those Borealis Zazane doing something around here.
  • Rylarien - We hope to begin construction as soon as possible, but it will probably take a few months to be complete.

Xeron pressed another button of his keyboard, presenting the image of the Alliance's Most Wanted list. He scrolled through it with a smirk.

  • Xeron - Look at all those potential "crewmembers". Which one of them will have the honour of inaugurating Exile?
  • Xerkea - Perhaps Torrent and his goons?
  • Semirian - I'd personally love to have Billig trapped for the rest of his life. This time for real.
  • Rylarien - Or perhaps the Loron. I sincerely don't believe they've survived so many years after the Second Great War ended. I thought they would end up killing each other.
  • Xeron - Why not just one? Why not an entire bunch of scum inaugurating our galactic trophy?
  • Xerkea - Haha. Look at us, we're gushing over a prison.

The councillors and Xerkea all shared a laugh as Xeron turned the holograms off.

  • Xerkea - I will lend my full support. Make sure this station works just as good as you described me.
  • Xeron - We will, ma'am. Have no worries.
  • Semirian - We shall contact you if changes or additions are decided. Have a good day, Chief Major.

With this, Xerkea left the chamber and made her way back to Ikkiz. Project Exile would be one more way of showing how hard it was to break the Polar Crystal Alliance's unified mindset. They were more than eager to send all of their problems into the depths of this station and have them spend their lives trapped. However, not all problems can be contained.

True Plan of Ascension[]

One week following the visit at the planet attacked by the Children of Synthesis, Vekaron and his crew received an urgent call from the Council. Councillor Xeron appeared in a hologram, visibly distressed, to the point Vekaron himself got worried.

  • Vekaron - Councillor? What happened?
  • Xeron - Everything happened! We got an urgent mission for you!
  • Kilchárunya - Urgent mission number eight hundred and six...
  • Kirlisir - Eight hundred and seven, actually.
  • Wragrot - What could be more important than me getting a meal?
  • Xeron - We found their capital ship! We found the Iron Fist!

Vekaron stumbled on his chair, nearly falling over. Kirlisir raised an eyebrow and folded her arms, tilting her head curiously. Vansenk looked down from where he was laying on the ceiling and glared towards Xeron's hologram.

  • Kilchárunya - Not very imaginative.
  • Vekaron - Iron Fist? You mean Volim's Iron Fist?
  • Xeron - The same.
  • Kirlisir - I've heard stories of the Iron Fist, seen it a couple of times as well. Heard there was a swimming pool.
  • Kilchárunya - Crazy Consortium types.
  • Kamaris - What about it, councillor?
  • Xeron - Vorius is using the Iron Fist as his spaceship. All reports of mutant attacks involved the Iron Fist being present.
  • Vekaron - I thought that ship was destroyed along with Vijaha during the Second Great War.
  • Xeron - So did we. But we were wrong.

Kilchárunya double-took; her face in distress.

  • Kilchárunya - Oh no. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. I'm not going to the Iron Fist.
  • Vansenk - A vessel of prize and dead pride raped by the all-consuming tendrils.
  • Wragrot - Do we destroy it?
  • Xeron - Not yet. You do not have the firepower to do that, besides we don't know what Vorius holds within it. Get information about the damned mutant, then get the hell out of there.

Kilchárunya slammed herself into the table, whining.

  • Kilchárunya - This is the stupidest mission I've ever been sent on! Next time we're on Hyperborea, I'm having words with Kithworto!
  • Kirlisir - Striking at the heart of the beast. I fancy that.
  • Vansenk - Vorius beyond that of 'mere', though he is a beast.
  • Xeron - Now go, before it leaves again. I'll send the coordinates now.
  • Vekaron - Very well.

After a few moments, Xeron's hologram disappeared. Vekaron turned to the team with an usual expression, before shaking his head.

  • Vekaron - This is going to suck.
  • Kamaris - I should prepare the last rites.
  • Kirlisir - Hah! Are you joking? This is the chance of a lifetime; to finally strike a dent in Vorius' fleshy armour!
  • Wragrot - Or a dent through your head.

Kamaris sighed, his hand passing over old Mahanayan scrolls.

  • Kamaris - I bet twenty thousand credits that you will change your mind.
  • Kirlisir - Considering I do these things on a whim, you're probably gonna get those credits in no time.
  • Kamaris - May as well pay me now.
  • Kilchárunya - Agh...shouldn't we ask Vyatak to give us...like medicine or something?

Making their way to the coordinates provided by Xeron, the team traveled to the Iron Fist's location. They could see it orbiting a planet, the former flagship of the Wranploer turned into a deformed iron hulk, an amalgamation of spaceships mashed together. Taking a shuttle, the team made their way inside, wearing suits to protect them from the space vacuum. The formerly gold-plated corridors of the Iron Fist now laid in ruins, with entire halls torn apart by enemy fire or by colliding objects. Barely any light existed inside the hulk, with the team having to rely on their own light to look around.

  • Kamaris - Well...I would be lying if I said I could barely see anything.
  • Kilchárunya - So you do have a sense of humour?
  • Kamaris - That was funny? ...What do you aliens like for humour exactly?
  • Kirlisir - Certainly doesn't live up to the legends people said it was.
  • Vansenk - This place is but a paradise, are you blind? It is dark, damp, filled with crevices and stray nooks... I like it here.
  • Vekaron - I've been here more than once. I should be able to take us to the command room.
  • Kirlisir - Lead the way, and while you're at it, try and find that swimming pool I mentioned.

Vekaron led the team through the corridors of the ship, having a rough estimation of where Volim and Zaarkhun's command room used to be. The decorations which formerly showed how rich Volim was were destroyed or burned away, replaced with debris or machinery of unknown origin. The team did pass through a swimming pool, but once they arrived, they found a cage around it.

  • Kilchárunya - Is that a swimming pool? ...What do you aliens put in swimming pools by the way?
  • Wragrot - Water.

Kirlisir approached the swimming pool and huffed with annoyance, folding her arms and looking down into it.

  • Kirlisir - Well, it's something.

There was no water. Instead, there was an immense number of dead corpses.

  • Kilchárunya - I have to admit, I prefer frozen corpses over water.
  • Wragrot - The hell? Is this his lunch?
  • Vekaron - Urk. Disgusting.
  • Vansenk - I would enjoy a dive.
  • Kirlisir - I hate this place already. Vek, how much further?
  • Vekaron - Not much further.
  • Wragrot - Pff. "Vek". Just call him dear already.
  • Kirlisir - Shut your filthy mouth, ape.
  • Kamaris - Enough you two. I might not be able to see but I can smash your heads together.

As the team progressed, they entered an area of the ship which still held some oxygen and pressure, allowing the team to open their helmets if they so wished. On the walls, more adjacent rooms could be seen, also turned into storages for corpses. It was almost as if Vorius was stockpiling them.

  • Vansenk - Vekaron, your ship requires decoration such as this. It is... cozy.
  • Vekaron - No.

As they walked on, a mutant appeared from the shadows. Vekaron immediately prepared his blade, the mutant did not appear hostile, and simply ignored the team as it walked away.

  • Kilchárunya - Oh, are we that uninteresting?
  • Kirlisir - Yeah you'd better run.
  • Vekaron - We're here.

The team arrived to the command room of the Iron Fist, an enormous room where Volim and Falrik Zaarkhun's thrones could be seen at the very top. The entirely of the room's walls, floor and ceiling appeared to be made of the same flesh as Vorius, but the team could apparently step on it with no issues. Kirlisir grunted as she heard the wet sounds of stepping on soft flesh and moistened innards, cringing with disgust.

  • Wragrot - Hell, it's like we're inside a stomach.
  • Kilchárunya - ...We are inside a stomach aren't we?
  • Vansenk - That would not surprise me.

Vekaron walked over to the control panels in front of the thrones. There were more mutants inside the room, but they all remained static, ignoring the team completely. Wragrot shot the head of one, who simply fell over, with no reaction from the others.

  • Kamaris - Odd.
  • Kirlisir - If we get digested I'm sure at least one of us is going to give this mother a chronic case of indigestion. Hopefully diarrhea.
  • Wragrot - You.
  • Vansenk - This... diarrhea. It sounds appetizing.
  • Kirlisir - You have no idea what it is, do you?
  • Vansenk - Is it cake?
  • Kamaris - Urgh.

Vekaron browsed through the logs, using a datapad to download them as he did. Great part of the logs were pure gibberish, but he was able to make sense of some. The team could see Vorius had obtained the Iron Fist two years prior, and they could also see a large list of "resources", which included the names of dozens of different empires. Reading on, the team could see several mentions of the expression "Project World of Corpses". Diagrams could be seen, taking the shape of a planet, as if the Children of Synthesis were planning to build some kind of weapon.

  • Kilchárunya - Oh boy. Reminds me of those...uh...what were they called...
  • Wragrot - What?
  • Kirlisir - Corruptus?

The diagrams showed Vorius himself would be located at the very core of this weapon. Looking for more information, Vekaron found bits of information saying what was going to be used to create it. His expression went grim.

  • Vekaron - Oh no...
  • Kirlisir - ...Say it.
  • Vekaron - This is not a weapon...this is a new body. They really are stockpiling bodies...because they want to make a planet out of them.
  • Kilchárunya - Well. That's pretty gross.
  • Vansenk - How unpleasant.
  • Kirlisir - Indeed, sounds grote-- WHAT?!
  • ??? - Indeed. The World of Corpses is a literal world. Of corpses.

At Volim's throne, the Spawn of Vengeance could be seen, staring at the team. Kirlisir looked towards the Spawn and stepped back, preparing her blades... before she settled and squeaked quietly at the mutant, tilting her head curiously.

  • Kirlisir - It's kinda cute.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - It will not see the light of day, though, for I will destroy it.
  • Kilchárunya - Eh?
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Vorius is a degenerate, unruly and ungrateful animal with no mind of his own. He is not fitting to be Regnatus' successor. Me, on the other hand...
  • Vansenk - The creature has stolen our job.
  • Vekaron - One mutant betraying the other. But we would rather have both of you dead.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Your wish will not be granted, Vekaron. Unlike that idiot, my intellect is vast. I will make my own empire, with my own mutants, to take over the galaxy that belongs to me!
  • Kamaris - Intellect? Vast, perhaps. Modesty? Lacking slightly.
  • Kirlisir - Your intellect will prove useless when your adorable face is sliced in half.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - I leave you to this. I will destroy Vorius later. For now, why don't you play with him a bit?

The Spawn of Vengeance teleported away, and the flesh around the room all began shaking aggressively while letting out a loud groan.

  • Kirlisir - Now that is just too sexual.
  • Kilchárunya - Where are you from again?
  • Wragrot - Don't tell me. DON'T tell me this is Vorius we're standing on!
  • Vansenk - I am reminded of the flytrap.
  • Vekaron - Oh ancestors no. RUN!

Kamaris and Kilchárunya ran the fastest they could, shooting at the mass of flesh that covered the room. Kirlisir screeched and made a dash, while Vansenk slithered quickly as the flesh all across the room tremored and quivered. Kirlisir grasped for Vekaron's hand as she rushed. Wragrot and Vekaron ran, as tentacles formed out of the flesh mass, the room being deafened with screams as it was shot. Vorius' head morphed itself out of one tentacle, and he glared at the team as they escaped.

  • Vorius - Invaders. Traitors. Destroy. Destroy.
  • Kilchárunya - If we all die here now, lemme just say that I was the one seeing sense here! Screw every one of you!

The formerly docile mutants roared at the team as they escaped and began chasing them, with the gigantic Vorius running after them himself. Vorius was several dozen meters larger than when they met him at Torrent's base.

  • Kilchárunya - If this is what that Andromeda team have to deal with, then fuck them seriously!
  • Kirlisir - Crap crap crap CRAP!!
  • Vansenk - Severe unpleasantness!
  • Wragrot - Fuck everything.
  • Vekaron - I hate you, Regnatus!

Vekaron slashed at the mutants to open way for the team, holding on Kirlisir's hand. Wragrot threw them at Vorius with his psychic powers in an attempt to slow him down while firing his shotgun at him. Kirlisir blew mutants aside as they ran with her psychic powers, while dismembering or decapitating any mutants that had strayed to close to either her or the Zoles captain.

  • Vorius - He betrayed me? He is me. Yet he betrayed me. He does not understand. You do not understand. No one understands! Nookrul would have understood!
  • Kilchárunya - Nookrul? Who?
  • Kirlisir - Who the bloody fuck is Nookrul?!
  • Vekaron - Get your suits ready!

As the team prepared their suits to return to the vacuum, Vorius sent one of his tentacles at the wall, destroying it and sending it flying in a blast. The mutants except for Vorius himself immediately died out from being exposed to the vacuum of space, but Vorius himself kept chasing the team.

  • Vansenk - Scurry!
  • Kilchárunya - Fuck this! Fuck you! Fuck everything! Fuck!
  • Wragrot - I'm pretty scared.
  • Kirlisir - Times like these I'm thankful I don't wear underwear.
  • Kilchárunya - If we get back to the ship...

The team evaded the mutant's attacks until they arrived to their shuttle. Vorius chased them all the way to the shuttle as well, sending a tentacle at them which barely missed crushing Wragrot and Kirlisir. The team quickly made their way inside and left, leaving the Iron Fist behind. Inside the shuttle, Vekaron took off his helmet and panted loudly, while Wragrot held on his head in pain. Kirlisir threw herself to the floor and quickly removed her helmet in order to vomit, although her hand had not left Vekaron's throughout the duration of the pursuit. Vansenk breathed heavily, splayed across the floor.

  • Vekaron - It's invulnerable...it can survive being in the vacuum...and it wants to become planet-sized...
  • Vansenk - We shan't allow such a genesis of dread.
  • Kilchárunya - Xeron sinásátazhátman. [Fuck Xeron.]

Kilchárunya ripped her helmet from her armour, angered at the entire mission.

  • Kirlisir - B-By the Composer... That t-thing is absolutely fucked!
  • Kilchárunya - What the hell was Xeron thinking sending us down there?! Who the hell goes down on a fucking mutant infested ship?!
  • Vekaron - That's what Penumbrans do..I think...we need another vacation...

Kilchárunya picked up Vekaron with one hand, straight to his feet.

  • Kilchárunya - Oh no we don't. I'm gonna get some answers out of the damn councillors as to why we have to go and commit suicide every damn mission.
  • Vekaron - I'm gonna give this info to him, and I don't want to see his face again for a month.

Kilchárunya sighed heavily, calming down.

  • Kilchárunya - ...Right. What now?
  • Wragrot - A drink. The strongest drink on the ship.
  • Kirlisir - I can second that. ...V-Vekaron, care to join?
  • Vekaron - Yes. I need some time off.

Confrontation of Vengeance[]

Zoleia Under Attack[]

King Rebaris of the Zoles Imperium rested on his throne, with his queen Aldaren by his side. There was not much going on at this particular date, and he wondered what he could do to pass the time. Getting up, he walked through the halls of his palace, admiring the portraits of his family while drinking some tea offered by a small droid. Walking up to a weapon stand, he grabbed an old Zoles sword and stared at it for several seconds, before swinging it around. The Zoles king remembered his old days of serving in the military, a chuckle coming out of him. He pointed the sword at the taxidermized remains of Young Volim and thrusted his sword at it, jabbing it at its chest. A few moments after, the sound of snapping came out of his shoulder as his old bones were too tired to lifting and swinging such a large weapon. Rebaris held on his shoulder and walked away, looking for more things to do.

Soon, though, he found himself occupied by alerts, which hit the palace. At space, an asteroid shower was sent down at Zoleia's direction, one the Zoles had not detected until now. The planet's defenses were quickly dispatched to take them down, but as they did, their remnants merely spread out. What they did not know was that these asteroids were infested with mutants, sent down to Zoleia. From the darkness of space, a titanic spaceship appeared, one of origin unknown to the Zoles. It was an Assassin Class Stealth Cruiser modified to serve as the flagship of Aurfaust, years ago taken over by the Children of Synthesis. But at the command room of this ship, there was no sight of Vorius. Instead, it was the Spawn of Vengeance, leading its own army of mutants like it had claimed.

  • Spawn of Vengeance - I will prove myself greater than that Vorius simpleton...by destroying the greatest empire of this galaxy in a single blow!

The Cruiser was followed by a horde of smaller, simpler ships, created out of looted remains of the Children's enemies and piloted by AIs. The Spawn of Vengeance could not teleport its servants like Vorius could, but it was much more intelligent than him and had made plans to make such details irrelevant. Or so it thought to himself, at least. The planetary defenses were taken by surprise by the gargantuan ship's appearance and found themselves easy targets to its attacks, its technology far greater than that of the Zoles and easily taking their vessels down. Meanwhile, the Spawn's asteroid shower hit the planet, and mutants started spreading everywhere at alarming speeds.

The Imperium's soldiers mobilized themselves around the Royal Palace, where Rebaris, Aldaren and the Prime Ministers were taken to a safe location.

  • Rebaris - I feared such a thing would happen.
  • Aldaren - We need to do something right now, underground is no place for a lady like me!
  • Rebaris - Hmmm.

Rebaris stopped on his tracks and walked over to the commander in charge of taking them to safety.

  • Rebaris - Before we go, take us to the communications room.
  • Commander - Reinforcements were already requested to the Alliance, my liege. You do not have to worry about doing that.
  • Rebaris - But I imagine you did not call for the reinforcement I have in mind.
  • Aldaren - What do you plan to do, dear?
  • Rebaris - I will call Vekaron. He has the most experience with those beasts out of anyone in this galaxy.
  • Commander - Penumbran Vekaron, my liege? But he has no obligation to obey your orders anymore.
  • Rebaris - I'm not going to order him. I'm going to ask him a favour.

The commander looked at his king for several moments before nodding, ordering his squad to turn to a different direction. Rebaris and the squad made their way to the communications room, to call for Vekaron's help.

Lost Control[]

Vekaron's ship arrived to Zoleia, and as it did, it found the Spawn of Vengeance's ship fighting the Zoles planetary defenses. No matter how tired of mutants he was, no matter how angry with Xeron he was, attacking Zoleia was a personal and grave offense to him. As they arrived, he turned to his team, showing a defiant look not seen on his face for a while.

  • Vekaron - I don't care what it takes, we are going there, and we are going to kill every one of those mutants.

Kamaris, unsure that Vekaron's sentence was pertinent, remained silent.

  • Kilchárunya - So, we're gonna die trying? Urgh. Fine.
  • Vekaron - We won't die. We will succeed. I will not lose Zoleia again.
  • Wragrot - You know what? I'm in. I'm tired of running. I want to see those monsters dead even if it takes every fiver of my being.
  • Kirlisir - Your homeworld. A man's wrath cannot be tempered by thoughts of home if he has no home to return to.
  • Vansenk - Extermination assignment. Time to reap.
  • Vyatak - Unknown ship. Seems more powerful than Zoles dreadnoughts. Not enough firepower to fight such vessel.
  • Vekaron - Then prepare the shuttle. We will board it.
  • Kilchárunya - What a suicide mission this is gonna be.
  • Wragrot - Quit your damn whining. If you're so scared then don't be part of it.
  • Kilchárunya - I'm not scared. Just...agh. Fine.

Taking the shuttle, the team made their way to the Spawn of Vengeance's flagship, undetected due to its small size. As they managed to board it, they found most of it broken down and messed up on the inside. The blood and bodily fluids of mutants were all over the place, much unlike the Iron Fist which was at least clean for the most part. It was as if the mutants had lost all coordination.

  • Kilchárunya - Well this breathes death all over.
  • Kirlisir - They are disorganized. Heh, makes our jobs easier.
  • Wragrot - Weird.

As the team progressed through the spaceship, they quickly encountered hordes of mutants. Every mutant fought the one closest to it, causing a huge brawl in front of the team's path. They were turning on each other.

  • Kamaris - Odd.
  • Vekaron - I don't know what's happening, but it gives us the advantage. Attack!

Kilchárunya blasted volleys of her pistols at the mutants, tearing up their viscous flesh in the process. Kamaris fired bolts from his gun, blasting chunks of the mutants to shreds. Kirlisir charged forward, dismembering and beheading mutants with her Witch Gauntlets while Vansenk tore them apart, limb from limb, with his scythe, all the while allowing his nanomachines to infest within the bodies of the mutants and incapacitate them, causing them to die easier. Wragrot fired his shotgun with a grin, while Vekaron jabbed the closest mutant to him with his blade, lifting it off the floor. Monitors across the room showed the face of the Spawn of Vengeance, who clinged on the desk he was sitting on. His many eyes twitched and veins all over his body pulsated, as if he was losing control.

  • Spawn of Vengeace' - I am your leader now...why do you not obey? Stop fighting each other and fight the enemies, you imbeciles!
  • Wragrot - Well, if it isn't Grox-man.
  • Vekaron - So you're responsible for this attack.
  • Spawn of Vengeace - ...What? How did...when did...get out of here...I have no time for you.

The monitors all shut down as the team opened a path through the hordes of mutants. Each corridor they entered had hordes fighting each other, forcing the team to push their way forward. The Spawn had obviously lost control of the ship at this point.

  • Vansenk - Chaos and disorder. I love schism.
  • Kirlisir - Looks like his little secession didn't work out too well.
  • Wragrot - Let's find him and give him a piece of our minds.

Upon arriving on a hall, the team was met with a horde of mutants fighting a single hybrid, which seemed to be a three-way fusion between a Zí-Jittorám, a Cold Loron and a Borealis Zazane. Its hands appeared to be replaced with Zí-Jittorám tongues, and each blow sent mutants flying across the room. Kirlisir had to place a hand to her mouth as she stared at the horrific aberration, visibly sickened by its appearance, while Vansenk found a grin creeping across his face, showing his malicious, rotted teeth.

  • Kirlisir - What the FUCK is that?!
  • Kilchárunya - Oh for fuck's sake. It's like that thing we saw on that Imalmah planet.
  • Vekaron - Kill it! Use the horde as a shield!

The mutant let out a screech which caused it to vomit bodily fluids all over its front. Wragrot charged himself with his essence as he fired his shotgun at it, while Vekaron sliced through nearby mutants who got in the way. Kamaris and Kilchárunya nested at a distance, firing at the mutant's mouth. Kirlisir charged forward, throwing mutants out of her path with her psychic prowess and slashing at any who happened to have resisted her power, which needless to say was a minimal few. Vansenk stayed at a distance from the aberrant and allowed his nanomachines to try and pass themselves into the creature to weaken it.

  • Kilchárunya - I! Hate! Zí-Jittorám!
  • Wragrot - Who doesn't?

The nanomachines weakened the monster's already deformed biology, causing it to fall over. Mutants all over the room jumped on it and began devouring it alive, while it thrashed about, sending acid, blood and other fluids all over itself.

  • Kilchárunya - Well that's disgusting.
  • Wragrot - Bet Stinky wants to take a shower in it. Don't, though.
  • Vansenk - ...Why? It appears... pleasant.
  • Kamaris - Of course it does.

The abomination eventually stopped moving, and all the mutants around the room began chanting in unison.

  • Kilchárunya - Why don't I like the sound of that?
  • Wragrot - Hell, I don't like the sound of anything in here.
  • Vekaron - Our path is clear. Move out before they attack again.
  • Kirlisir - Can't argue with that. Roll out! ...No Stinky, out, not in.
  • Vansenk - But the blood...
  • Kirlisir - Move it, already!

To End the Vengeful[]

The team moved on, opening their way through the mutant hordes. The most they approached the ship's command room, the more mutants appeared on their way. Vekaron and Wragrot were already soaked in blackened blood all over, and the Zoles commander panted as he grew tired of swing his weapon. Kirlisir let out a sigh as she cut down mutant after mutant, although her armour allowed her to keep going despite being tired - without it, it was likely she would've fainted at this point. Narrowing her eyes, she cut down another mutant and moved onward, grunting.

  • Kirlisir - It's a war of attrition here; either we'll tire and get overwhelmed, or they'll run out of things to throw at us.
  • Vansenk - Perhaps it would be wise to rest and consume the meat and flesh we have harvested.
  • Kirlisir - You're a sick fuck, anybody ever tell you that?
  • Wragrot - I don't think this ship'll ever run out of monsters to throw at us. The sooner we find Grox-man, the better.

Despite Kilchárunya's general inability to fear, she was beginning to doubt the certainty whether she would survive the mission. Kamaris would have already accepted his fate, if it were not for the mutants fighting each other. At this moment, hope hit the team as the Spawn of Vengeance's voice could be heard at the end of the corridor they were currently at. It yelled out in annoyance, growing more and more frustrated at how the mutants refused to obey him.

  • Spawn of Vengeance - Your world of corpses will never exist. I am your ruler! Obey me! You must obey me! My intellect is the most vast! I am the most competent leader of this galaxy! I am Mirras the Third, and I demand respect!

Kirlisir smiled and placed a hand on Vekaron's shoulder, grinning as her ears twitched upon hearing the Spawn's voice.

  • Kirlisir - Go get him.
  • Vekaron - Not by myself, no. We'll all go get him.
  • Wragrot - Just kiss already.
  • Kilchárunya - Heh.

Vekaron and his team walked into the next room, which revealed itself to be the command room of the vessel. The Spawn of Vengeance sat in the center, twitching all over itself. As it looked at the team, its many eyes all widened. The calm, sadistic Spawn the team had encountered so much was nowhere to be seen, being instead replaced with a clearly angered, almost maddened entity.

  • Spawn of Vengeance - You...Vekaron...you're ruining everything more than it already is!
  • Kirlisir - Hey, we're here too!
  • Vekaron - Hmpf. You claim to be Mirras III, but you make him no justice.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - What?
  • Vekaron - The real Mirras would never reduce himself to whining like you.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Insolent! I am vengeance made manifest! I am the very mind of Regnatus given form!
  • Vekaron - I get it now. You're not Mirras. You just think you are him.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - I can devour your soul whole with a simple snap of my fingers!
  • Kamaris - ...Well, what are you waiting for?
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Do you forget my abilities? My powers?! I am the true successor! I am the next in line for the throne of Borealis!
  • Wragrot - This guy really lost his way.
  • Kirlisir - It's adorable watching him squabble and whine like this. Like a baby.
  • 'Vekaron - You are below Vorius. You are nothing but a jealous fraud. It almost makes me ashamed to have seen you as a threat before.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - You will pay for underestimating me, primitive!

Vekaron took his blade out of its sheath and charged at the Spawn of Vengeance. Delivering a strike, he slashed at it. horizontally. The whole team could see...as the Spawn was cut in two feebly, letting out a pained screech as its halves fell into the floor.

  • Wragrot - ...Wait, what? That was it?
  • Kirlisir - ...Are you serious?

Kilchárunya seemed a little unnerved at the situation.

  • Vekaron - So much for "next in line for the throne". You are nowhere as powerful as Mirras III. You're a mere mutant who thinks you are Mirras III!

Vekaron walked over to the Spawn's head and began stomping on it, causing the mutant to screech out with each blow. Kirlisir watched the scene with a lowered brow, a frown across her face as she watched the Spawn become pummeled under every one of Vekaron's stomps, and she withdrew the blades upon her Witch Gauntlets. Vansenk salivated eagerly, his fingers twitching as he resisted the urge to approach the bisected Spawn and devour his insides.

  • Spawn of Vengeance - Was...was I wrong all along? Was I...never Mirras III?
  • Vekaron - You were not. You were just a pawn.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - How...discomforting...
  • Vekaron - Make up for it. Tell me where the World of Corpses is.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - I...don't know...somewhere in the Arm of Wildness...but where exactly...I have no idea...it appears I am not as intelligent as I thought...the mutants...they obey no one but him...make my wish true...and destroy him...the Shard...the Shard is in control...
  • Kirlisir - And what exactly is this "Shard"?

The Spawn of Vengeance jabbed its own forehead with one of its hands and took out a small piece of metal, displaying it like this.

  • Spawn of Vengeance - A shard of Regnatus' body...Vorius by himself is not even a living being...the Regnatus shard inside him is what truly rules the Children...Regnatus lives on inside that shard...or at least, part of his mind does...
  • Wragrot - But you also got a shard in you?
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Vorius found it...two years ago...but it appears my shard is...nowhere as strong as his...
  • Kirlisir - You're nothing but an extension.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - I thought I was in control...I was wrong...to destroy Vorius, you must destroy the shard...you must destroy Regnatus' mind...no matter how much you harm its shell...until the shard dies, the Children will live on...

Vekaron stepped away from the Spawn as it talked.

  • Spawn of Vengeance - And like him...I will not die until my shard dies...finish me off, Vekaron...I do not want to live...knowing that I have failed...

The Spawn took its shard and tossed it at the floor, in front of the team. Vansenk nodded in acknowledgment before stepping forward. His eyes narrowed, he leaped downward, aiming for the heavy wounds inflicted upon the Spawn, and began to rend him asunder with his jaws; he tore the Spawn apart, devouring its innards and bloody fluids mercilessly. Yet, as he tore the Spawn into shreds, the mutant felt nothing but agonizing pain as it met its demise.

  • Vansenk - I will play... in YOUR BLOOD!
  • Wragrot - Yuck.
  • Spawn of Vengeance - Hmpf...you will let someone else kill me?...I hate you, Vekaron...

Vekaron took his blade and struck the Spawn of Vengeance's shard, breaking it into pieces. The mutant himself stopped moving completely immediately after. Vansenk wrapped his jaws around the Spawn's head and crunched downward, exploding its face and cranium with a juicy bang as its innards sloshed and dripped all over the walls and floor. Vansenk continued to devour the remains of the Spawn, salivating heavily without care for the rest of the team as of the moment, occupied by indulging himself with gore.

  • Wragrot - I hope you get indigestion.
  • Vekaron - Our job is done. Let's get out of here.

Vansenk looked up, covered in blood and innards, and stood up shortly afterward. Not even bothering to wipe himself of the muck he had spilled over himself, he walked back to the team, a wide smile crept across his disgusting face, his eyes frenzied.

  • Vansenk - I could not resist.
  • Wragrot - Take a bath.

With the battle won, Vekaron and his team returned to their ship. The Spawn of Vengeance's flagship, gone inactive after his death, was bombarded and destroyed by the Zoles navy after Vekaron left. The Zoles commander sat on his captain's chair, resting, while Wragrot snored loudly at a nearby seat, falling asleep moments after he arrived. Kirlisir was nowhere to be seen, having called for another session of training with the young Gardin, while Vansenk hung upside-down from the ceiling near Wragrot and Vekaron, licking his lips with a smirk across his face. Kilchárunya, trying to sleep, found it difficult as Wragrot's snoring kept her awake. Kamaris, however, returned to read another scroll upon the table.

  • Vekaron - We have to kill a shard...this is gonna be difficult. And weird.
  • Kamaris - As per usual.

Vyatak arrived to the room, with his arms crossed on his back.

  • 'Vyatak - Warned council of results. They are very pleased. Will evaluate uniting allies against Children. Can you imagine? Second War army may be reborn.
  • Vansenk - To fight a single foe?
  • Vekaron - Did you never hear of the mighty army created to fight Regnatus? If Vorius is as much of a threat as the Spawn said, we might even need this much firepower again.
  • Vansenk - I live in the aftermath of such a conflict, within the ripples after such a war. I have only heard legends.
  • Vekaron - The Council can take care of that. Our objective now is to find the World of Corpses, wherever it may be...

The Army's Rebirth[]

Three days had passed since the Spawn of Vengeance's defeat at Zoleia. The Polar Crystal Council studied their options, being warned about what was happening by Vekaron and his team. They shared looks in hesitation, fearing that they would have to rally the army of the Second Great War once more. However, the death toll of the war against Regnatus was already something that the galaxy had not yet recovered from. Unless the Alliance received a lot of help, perhaps it would not be enough. As the Council talked between each other, they received a transmission coming from unknown, untraceable space. Upon accepting it, they were greeted by none other than the Kvargo Torrent and the zombified Billig.

  • Xeron - Oh, what do YOU want?
  • Torrent - Calm down, Niaka. We are not here to cause any trouble. For now.
  • Billig - Oi, what's this all about, 'ey?
  • Rylarien - Is that...Billig? What happened to him?
  • Billig - Oh, nuffin'. I jus' died an' went to a Xhodocto realm, nuffin' major...
  • Torrent - Nevermind that. News spread that Zoleia got attacked by those Vorius fellows. Me and Fatty here are willing to make a truce for the sake of eliminating him.
  • Billig - I ain't likin' the idea of Vorius swallowin' up the galaxy fer this. It's bad fer me business, 'ey?
  • Semirian - A truce?...I must admit, we would not have won the battle against the Grox if we did not have the Borealis Consortium Network's numbers on our side.
  • Billig - Havin' me along is the closest to havin' both Zaarkhun an' Sollow with you again let's not forget that.
  • Xeron - Feh. Yes, you're correct.
  • Semirian - Having you at our side will be helpful. Considering you two hold most of the power on the Arm of Wildness, perhaps you can locate the World of Corpses for us.
  • Torrent - World of what now?
  • Billig - World of...Corpses? Ta me, that sounds like World of Food, 'ey?

Semirian sent the information gathered by Vekaron to both Torrent and Billig, displaying all the details about the World of Corpses. As he read it, Torrent's face went pale.

  • Torrent - Not this again...the whole processing business was bad enough.
  • Billig - Hahaha. Wussin' out, are ya?
  • Torrent - Don't deny that you were just as terrified of Vorius as everybody else, lard-ball.
  • Billig - Oi. I ain't denyin' that. I jus' like the sound of food.
  • Rylarien - This World of Corpses is somewhere in your galactic arm. Locate it, and we may rally the entire force of the Alliance to strike it.
  • Torrent - Hm. That shouldn't be too hard to do.
  • Billig - One condition...
  • Xeron - There we go.
  • Billig - You 'ave any meat?

The councillors blinked for a moment, confused.

  • Xeron - ...Meat?
  • Billig - Yeah, yanno...like...stuff to eat?
  • Rylarien - We obviously have meat.
  • Xeron - Oh, don't tell me you want us to feed you.
  • Billig - Well...any prisoners or anyone ya don't like, I'll eat one, then I'll take ya job.
  • Semirian - Urk...
  • Torrent - Hey, I know how you guys feel on that one.

Another transmission was received. This one, however, from a frequency none of them were familiar with. Semirian raised an eyebrow and accepted the transmission, while Torrent stared in curiosity. A sound came from the transmission as soon as it was opened, and a fairly unfamiliar figure spoke.

  • Xaltsa - Oh, hello there, not-exactly-friends! How are we all doing today, hm?
  • Torrent - The hell is that?
  • Xaltsa - The hell am I? I'm Xaltsa Setalazzio, the most famous entertainer in all of Ottzello...and I have recently become one of the Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello's Supreme Leaders!
  • Xeron - Ugh. What do you want, Ottzelloan?
  • Xaltsa - To KILL YOU, of course! Hehehe...oh, I wish. Ahem. That Vorius bloke. I want to kill HIM!
  • Rylarien - I get the feeling you are trying to trick us.
  • Torrent - This guy's a clown.
  • Xaltsa - Why would I try to trick you? I'm not at war with you. I couldn't kill you if I wanted to. What I DO want to do is KILL THAT VORIUS IDIOT! HE RUINED MY SHOW!!!
  • Semirian - Ruined your...show?
  • Xaltsa - It was my debut performance of my most recent orchestra symphony! It was to be the greatest composition of my lifetime...AND HE RUINED IT!!!

The councillors looked at each other in hesitation, and then looked at Torrent, who watched the whole scene in disbelief. They then turned to Xaltsa.

  • Rylarien - UNO was a major member of the army of the Second War. So if you are really against Vorius, then we could work together.
  • Xaltsa - Why, of course! Here's one thing. UNO's resources were limited. But due to matter-to-energy conversion, a lack any limited supply of said energy, USO's resources are not. So we'll send as many fleets as needed TO DESTROY THAT FOOL!!!
  • Xeron - That's good. We'll warn you once we find Vorius so that you may rally your fleets.
  • Xaltsa - Oh yes, of course! Maybe I'll write a play about this! It will be: the day the ugly little mess died. Starring me as the main character! And the scriptwriter! And maybe I'll compose, and make it a musical! No, an opera! It will be the greatest opera the galaxy has ever known! Oh, I can't wait!
  • Torrent - Yeah, we're all eager to do that. Go prepare yourself.
  • Xaltsa - Prepare? Prepare?! PREPARE?!?! Oh I don't need to prepare to BOMB that fool! My bombs are artwork, and I prime them all the time. Sometimes I have to test on my own civilians, but they're always primed to DESTROY!!!
  • Semirian - Erm...very well. We'll keep in contact.
  • Xaltsa - Splendid! We'll be at the ready whenever you need us. Oh, and I have one request. Leave the big explosions to me, please? Blowing stuff up is fun!
  • Xeron - We'll make sure to do that.
  • Xaltsa - Then I believe we have little more to discuss. USO's fleet will prepare to destroy that ungrateful, art-disgracing freak whenever you want. With that, I'll be off. HASTA LA BYE BYE!

Xaltsa then left the comms screen.

  • Torrent - Why is everyone from Ottzello a massive lunatic?
  • Billig - Ottzello's a messed up as hell sector, 'ey?

The army that once fell Regnatus was about to be reborn. With Torrent and Billig looking for the World of Corpses, it would only be a matter of time until the final battle began. To survive, or to become one with Vorius' scheme of perfection...

PR Gone Wrong[]

Councillor Xeron sat on top of a moving platform as he visited a planet under the protection of the Niaka Special Forces for the purpose of appearing present to his people. A public relations campaign intended to present him as a personable figure to the people so as well as crowds gathering there were hundreds of reporters. The Niaka himself however was highly bored by the visit and wished it to end soon. Xeron was always ato-the-point sort and felt he was much better off organising things back on Hyperborea than taking trips like this. Around him was a shield in the form of a dome, and his vehicle was surrounded by elite soldiers of the Polar Crystal Alliance, including Zoles, Niaka mechs, Levarcor and Borealis Zazane troopers.

As Xeron was travelling down a wide promenade, showing himself to the people and saluting troops who stood in formation as he passed by, the boredom of the day was interrupted by violent beams of light coming from the sky and impacting parts of the city in the distance. These beams were followed by what appeared to be small meteorite-like objects that landed within the very settlement he was visiting. Xeron saw the strange phenomena and asked for one of the soldiers, a Zoles, to investigate, directing his attention towards the anomolies.

  • Xeron - ...Strange. You, soldier. Go investigate that.
  • Soldier - Aye-aye, councillor.

The Zoles soldier left the formation and made his way to where the beams of light had landed, approaching cautiously as the beams continued firing. CLoser inspection revealed them to be tearing into buildings. As the Zoles soldier approached the devestation, several armed aliens emerged from the ruins and fired their coilguns towards him, shouting out in languages from around Borealis and, strangely, Andromeda. The soldier took cover and fired back, while the other troopers around Xeron looked at the scene and prepared their weapons. A few of them left the formation and joined their comrade, firing at the aliens, while other soldiers kept around Xeron to protect him. The sounds of puse fire could be heared from where Xeron was and his boredom was erased by surprise.

  • Xeron - What is the meaning of this?!

More fire descended from the sky, these same meteoric objects, which were in fact deployment pods, crashed on the opposite side of Xeron to the first wave. More and more alien soldiers began swarming out, firing at the local garrison as they began surrounding Xeron's location. Taking charge of the situation, Xeron began barking orders at the soldiers around him while the population panicked and fled. The soldiers of the Alliance fired their weapons at the invaders, hoping to eliminate them all and keep their councillor safe.

Within the hour the city became hellish warzone as the invaders poured out further. They were soon joined by androids, more and more came down with the intent to overwhelm the forces surrounding the councillor and cutting off any chance of escape. The garrison had quickly come to the conclusion the beams were in fact turbolaser fire, and if they were doing this, then ecape fro mthe planet was unlikely. As more aliens approached, a pod came down and smashed into the ground barely twenty metres from the councillor's platform. Emerging from it was a physically imposing vaguely-humanoid alien. While far from the tallest species on the scene, his presence was made easily known as his hand was a pulse rifle, the blasts of which he began using to try and break Xeron's protective bubble. The blasts drew Xeron's attention as he darted his head around, shielding his eyes as confined plasma beams dispersed themselves over the bubble.

  • Xeron - What on the Chief Major's name is going on here?! Kill that thing, damn you!

The soldiers who survived to this point pointed their weapons at the alien soldier and focused on him, the shots dispersing themselves over a personal shield that shimmered as it was hit from the gunfire, some of the androids behind took this oppertunity to fire at surviving Alliance soldiers. The alien moved closer though the gunfire and, with a bionic right arm, was able to deliver a force from a punch hard enough to break trough the shield and grabbed Xeron by the torso. The Niaka shrieked and feebly began punching the alien's arm in an attempt to free himself. The alien's trunk-like arm was broad enough to dwarf Xeron and as he was not built for strength, the punches did very little.

  • Xeron - Get your filthy hands off me!

The alien let out a distorted laugh though her vocoder before pulling Xeron out of his bubble. Holding Xeron tightly he tossed the platform out of the way and bounded towards the city ruins. He displayed an impressive speed from the length and pace of his stride, darting into the ruins as he cleared the plaza, jumping though walls and darting behind corners with the intent to lose any pursuers. Xeron all the while yelled out in anger while the surviving soldiers became hesitant to shoot the alien, as they could have harmed the councillor in the process. Eventually, after much tracking, using Xeron's voice as best they could to find their target, they lost him among the ruins. The alien had used his other hand to hold Xeron's mandibles shut, prompting a feeble struggle fro mthe Niaka councillor in order to free himself.

After he had found a safe spot, he let go of Xeron's mandibles and reached his left arm to tap in a combination on a bracer wrapped around his bicep. The two dematerialised from the planet, rematerialising within the inside of a dark metallic room where he mockingly tossed Xeron to the floor.

The Niaka landed on his belly and coughed in recovery from the force, before getting back up. Not paying attention to any hostile looks, the alien walked towards a door where he pressed a panel on the side to open it. Standing behind the threshold were three aliens, one of them looked vaguely Draocnis-like, clad head-to-toe in obsidian black armour. Xeron turned to his titanic captors aggressively.

  • Xeron - Where the hell am I? Who do you think you are? I demand answers!

The Draconis tilted their head and let out an amused chuckle though their vocoder, sounding deep and reverberating.

  • Blackguard - Dear councillor, for the sake of your longevity, I advise you be careful what you ask. But for the sake of sating your cuiriosity....you're an influential being. And thus, you are useful.
  • Xeron - I'm not a tool! I'm gonna ask again, who the hell are you?!

The draconis stepped up and crouched over Xeron.

  • Blackguard - I am called the Blackguard. That is all you deserve to know.
  • Xeron - You think you can just nab a Councillor and get away with it? The last wise guy who had the same idea was sent to a solitary confinement!
  • Blackguard - Your councillors are stubbourn in their plans, I will give them that. But neither you or your council have any idea who took you.
  • Xeron - Someone with their days counted. You've invoked the wrath of a galactic arm, idiot.

This only prompted laughter from the alien, who stood back up to his whole height.

  • Blackguard - I've been challenged by worse, and yet here I am.
  • Xeron - Do I look like I care?
  • Blackguard - Hm. Perhaps not. - the Blackguard swiftly turned to his accomplices - place him in some decent accomodation. We do not want to make our prize suffer too much...
  • Xeron - Kill me if that pleases you so much, you're not profiting out of me!
  • Blackguard - Now that would make me an idiot.

The alien grabbed Xeron once again and carried him out of the room, she took im into the corridor and though metallic tunnels to a decent bedroom where he tossed him in. Xeron hissed and spit on the ground in front of him, before turning his head and looking around the bedroom with his arms crossed. The alien looked at him as if he found his angered expression adorable before she shut the door. The room itself was indeed decent; well lit, a plush, good-sized bed, a full bookcase, good furnishings and am modest television projection screen. Xeron however, was not happy. Not because the living conditions were to his tastes, but for the simple matter that this was not the kind of place he would call home, especially considering the facility's other inhabitants.

  • Xeron - They're treating me like I'm some kind of little girl!

Dealing With the Blackguard[]

Councillors Semirian and Rylarien had just received news that Xeron had been taken away during his visit to the Special Forces a few hours ago. The two of them had watched what reporters had captured on film and were shocked by the unprovoked attack. Further reports indicated that there was a short gap between Xeron disappearing and the attacking armada actually leaving the planet. Almost as soon as the news was delivered, the two of them had orderd dispatches to look for the councillor, though they were very worried about him or what could happen. This was especially true for Semirian, who had been kidnapped by Billig before and as such, knew how this kind of experience felt like. His capture by Bilig was still rather frech on his mind, the memories flooding back by this news.

A short while into this search period, while the two of them looked over other matters, the projection screen in the main council chamber suddenly flashed black and all prior information vanished. It was all replaced by the distorted image of a large being clad completely in black armour, but features such as bulk, horns and bat-like wings were still visible though the distortion. His vice, coupled by the vocoder in his helemt, also sounded lsightly glitched but still reasonably clear enough to understand

  • Blackguard - Salutations councillors. Word came to me that you were all...a little distressed.
  • Rylarien - Who are you? How did you get into this channel?
  • Blackguard - I have my ways councillor. And who I am is but a small concern but...I come with a request.
  • Semirian - Be brief. We have important things to do.

Appearing to surround the figure were names of numerous organisations, including PMCs and known criminal groups who by the logic of PCA law were acting well outside thegal parameters - punishable by destruction of property on sight. Wnlike the quality of his own image, all of them could be clearly read.

  • Blackguard - All these firms are having a spot of trouble with your forces, all I ask is that you leave us be. Now I know it's a tall order but...

Blackguard stepped to the side, revealing Xeron bound to a table. The correlation was clear fro mthe image of Xeron and the names posted that the Blackguard was distorting only himself and the more opern surroundings of his environment to keep himself unknown Semirian and Rylarien were both shocked by this image of the Niaka councillor, bound and helpless on a table in the unknown.

  • Blackguard - I doubt Councillor Xeron would be happy about turning down my offer.
  • Rylarien - Xeron!
  • Xeron - Don't you dare do a thing he says!
  • Blackguard - I found him in a rather nasty state the other day, I would be happy to return him but...In accepting my offer I can assure that he will return in a, how shall we say, better condition.
  • Semirian - Ugh... Not this again...
  • Xeron - Forget about me! Call Xerkea, track this bastard down and send him to Exile!

The Blackguard turned away and approached Xeron's table, making glancing looks towards whatever was recording his image, looking as though while walking to the Niaka, his full attention was still on the other councillors.

  • Blackguard - My terms are reasonable, and in accepting them you get your councillor back fit and healthy. Oh and ahh, if you do send soldiers after me...

The Blackguard outstretched a hand and extended a finger, lightily pressed on Xeron's torso, prompting looks of anguish from the Niaka.

  • Blackguard - Xeron here could end up victim to a terrible accident.

Xeron hissed while Semirian and Rylarien exchanged looks, unsure of what to do.

  • Semirian - ...Give us time. We need to think of this better.
  • Blackguard - Very well. But plase keep me and the councillor here updated.
  • Rylarien - We will. Just... don't hurt him.
  • Xeron - Rip him to pieces!

Blackguard shut off the screen from his end, leaving the two councillors to exchange looks and dreading as to what they were going to do. It was as if no matter how much effort they put into making Borealis safe, and no matter how many lives were sacrificed to make the galaxy a safer place, there was always someone there to crawl up and cause trouble again. Meanwwhile, The Blackguard and turned around to look at Xeron straight-on. Xeron could not see it but he was becoming irritated. Despite his increasing intolereance, he retained that calm eloquent voice that he used thoughout the discussion with the PCA council on Hyperborea.

  • Blackguard - You're starting to test my patince, Niaka.
  • Xeron - I don't care, you scum. I told you already, I'm not your profit tool.
  • Blackguard - Unfortunately...you do not have a say in that regard. We'll see what the council really thinks of you, shall we?

Xeron hissed again before turning his eyes down. He had nothing to say, and merely hoped the Councillors would do as he told them. Blackguard stood back up and turned his body towards the door. He walked out of the room, leaving Xeron secured to the table for several hours aftwer he left, the boredom and tension from his vunerable state was broken when a pair of soldiers came inside and unstrapped him to return him to his room. Unfortunately for him, they were as considerate to his sense of personal comfort as the alien was while carrying him.

The Raid[]

Calling In Support[]

In the days after the hijacked broadcast, the Polar Crystal Alliance's council debated a resolution. With their Penumbra units on various assaignments thoughout the galaxy, it was considered that Xerkea should lead a task force to rescue Xeron. Negotiation with these belligerents was out of the question, she knew it. Further investigation had been made into the large list of firms that Blackguard had provided. While they were all rather diverse, including some who had been previously associated with Billig's crime syndicate, there was a unifying link in several of them in the form of dealings with a Draconis.

Even with every feature of his body obscured, the council could guess that he was a Draconis. While this roused some concern amongst the council, it contributed to a decision to seek aid from the Draconid Imperium. Four days after the message and a few days of investigation alongside the Draconid Imperium's own law enforcement agencies led ot a suspicion that the Khaxvis Resurgence were involved. For this reason, Corteus had arrived at a Niaka Special Forces office, with Grukarb and three others of the Imperium's controversial Wraith Legion joining him. Two days before the Alliance had sent a scouting party to investigate the source of the transmission, however while they were able to relay back some of the hideout's layout, they had gone silent hours before Corteus had arrived. The Wraith Legion found Xerkea and her team of Niaka Chiefs already waiting for them, each in their own battlesuit and waiting for orders.

  • Xerkea - Well then. I know you.
  • Corteus - I have worked alongside the Alliance before if that's what you refer to.
  • Xerkea - I'm fairly sure you were with me back when Councillor Semirian was kidnapped by Billig. Seems like we got a thing on us regarding kidnapped councillors.
  • Corteus - I believe I remember now. The communique we were provided mentioning it was councillor...Xeron was it?
  • Xerkea - Correct. Xeron, councillor of the Niaka. My personal student. Kidnapped by a band of Draconis who were identified as "Khaxvis".

Corteus looked to his team as they suddenly became uneasy at the mention of Khaxvis.

  • Corteus - Well...you were correct to call us.
  • Grukarb - Which one was it?
  • Xerkea - Semirian says she was contacted by one who went by the codename of Blackguard. No idea what that's meant to be.
  • Grukarb - No name I've heard of. Which I hope is good.
  • Corteus - Agreed. We should hope for Xeron's sake that this "Blackguard" is not one of their Blessed Few.
  • Xerkea - Blessed what now?
  • Corteus - Personal enforcers to their leader. Apparently infused with some unholy energies, but I cannot be sure.
  • Grukarb - Yeah the gits are more like "Demon few" given their reputation.
  • Xerkea - A survivor of one of their raids mentioned them having powers like the ones from the Devourer's Chosen. So I suppose that's what we're dealing with.
  • Grukarb - Well, how quickly was one of Xeron's body parts broken?
  • Corteus - Not appropriate Grukarb!
  • Grukarb - Well you find a more reliable test. The lizard didn't shoot himself did he?
  • Xerkea - Well, in the event Xeron is hurt, I plan to inflict twice as much suffering on the bastard in the exact same places. So for his sake, Xeron is okay.
  • Corteus - Do we have an extraction plan?
  • Xerkea - Yes. They hid well, but not well enough. You and me will be going to their hideout and tear it apart. I don't know if you want to take the Blackguard guy as a prisoner or not, since as far as I'm concerned, he's a dead man.
  • Corteus - Well preferebly we'd like to capture him and sentence him. But that's under ideal circumstances.
  • Grukarb - If we can't arrest him, or if he's Blessed Few, we blow his rotten brains out.
  • Xerkea - That's what I like to hear. We should go as soon as possible, lest something happen to Xeron.

Corteus and the rest of Wraith legion nodded. And neither group had to wait long before they set a course for one of the more lawless regions of the galaxy.

The Hidden Holdout[]

The outpost itself was a small space station orbiting a lifeless planetoid. It was a functional design, but even with evidence of scarring the design suggested it had at one point been constructed by the Wranploer Legion. As their shuttle arrived inside a hanger bay the station was bizarrely quiet. Corteus and Grukarb left first.

  • Grukarb - You sure they're Khaxvis? This place doesn't feel fancy enough.
  • Xerkea - Who says this is not a disguise?
  • Grukarb - Would have thought they'd at least done some scrubbing...
  • Xerkea - They'll need it once we're done here.

Corteus nodded and moved cautiously to a door. Pressing his plam against a keypad he hacked into the console and opened the door, peeking his head around the threshold to see what was down the corridor, noticing two humanoid aliens talking amongst themselves. Corteus made a hand signal to call everyone over. Xerkea and her men kept close, attempting to make as little noise as possible in order to not get the enemy's attention.

  • Mercenary - Stuck out here in the arse-end of the galaxy. To protect what? Some bug?
  • Mercenary 2 - Hey that bug's going to make us all rich once those Borealis guys cough up. And all we have to do is wait.
  • Mercenary - But this place isn't connected and none of the women are that loose. I need my fix of flesh!
  • Xerkea - We found them.
  • Corteus - We can interrogate these two. See what they know.
  • Xerkea - Good plan.

Corteus' hands morphed into projectile firing devices and launched two darts at the mercenaries, hitting them in the arm and leg, causing them to fall over. Wraith Legion ran up to pin them down as they tried to get up while still feeling numb..

  • Corteus - Xerkea, the honour is yours.
  • Mercenary - You serious!?
  • Xerkea - You two better start talking about the bug you're guarding before I squash you both under my foot like bugs yourselves.
  • Mercenary 2 - Bring it bitch! Blackguard's got an army waiting for you!
  • Mercenary - Dude are you out of your mind! Just tell her!
  • Mercenary 2 - Only for that Zazane of the boss's to rip me in half if I tell her? No i'm frakking not!

Xerkea reached her suit's hand to the second mercenary's head and wrapped its finger around it, applying some pressure as she approached him.

  • Xerkea - Would you rather me do it then? Tell me who Blackguard is.
  • Mercenary 2 - Some enforcer to Lord Valserion, gragh! I swear I that's all I know. I've never seen him out of his armour!
  • Xerkea - Valserion, eh? Is that name familiar to you guys?
  • Grukarb - Yeah. Real bad news.
  • Xerkea - I get the message. Tell me where Xeron is.
  • Mercenary - Don't tell her! We know you need us alive!
  • Xerkea - I will destroy this entire place if I must. You can either cooperate and be sentenced to work for the Zoles' outer mining colonies or I can crush your heads here and now.

The two mercenaries were silent, looking at each other in panic.

  • Mercenary - Director's office. Upper levels.
  • Mercenary 2 - Argh, I hate you so much right now!
  • Xerkea - Good boy. You get to live today.

Xerkea let go fo the mercenary's head as her suit stood up once again.

  • Mercenary 2 - Uhh, cheers...wait, that's not a good thing is it?

The fort mercenary managed to free an arm and grab his rifle, aiming it at Xerkea's cockpit, but fired int othe air as Corteus pulled his arm away, tearing it off in the process and casuing him to scream. Corteus then followed though with a punch to the gut.

  • Xerkea - And they ask me why I am not merciful. You've done a terrible mistake, scum.
  • Mercenary - F-F...Frak you....b-bitch!
  • Corteus - Could always leave them here. The numbing agent's good for two hours.
  • Xerkea - Bah. Okay then. When I get back, I'm selling you to the Indoctrinate Collective. I hear they need more brains for their robots.

Corteus chuckled and stood up, taking oen of their PDA devices fro mtheir belts.

  • Corteus - Alright, director's office is three floors above. There's a service elvator that rises past it down this corridor.
  • Xerkea - Are we gonna go in guns blazing? If these two numbskulls' words are true then they're well prepared.
  • Grukarb - I'm up for givign them everything we've got.
  • Xerkea - So be it. Let's make these fools regret being born at all.

Corteus nodded and sprinted for the service elevator, he heard someone shotu to him and turned around to see a squad of Levarcor warriors stempeding towards his location. They yelled and roared at their direction, preparing to fire their weapons at them, but many were shot down as Xerkea and her men opened fire at them. Corteus nodded in thanks to Xerkea and took cover against one of the corridor walls ,reofrming his left hand into a plasma cannon and firing it down the corridor. Grukarb joined them and activated the lift, narrowly missing a plasma bolt that was aimed for his head.

  • Grukarb - Where did these gits come from!
  • Xerkea - Hired thugs, probably. Not that it makes any difference.
  • Corteus - As far as we know the only non-hostile here is Xeron. Everything else is Khaxvis or allied to them.
  • Grukarb - This will be fun.

The elevator screeched as the cabin descended ot their level. Wraith legion continued to fire i nretaliation, aiming precisely and keepign themselves as minimally exposed as possible. As the lift screeched to a halt there was a clang, and the doors were thrown open to reveal three Superzazane in the elevator. Grukarb turned around and screamed.

  • Grukarb - Five o'clock, five o'clock!

Xerkea and her men turned to the Superzazane and opened fire, aiming for their heads and necks. The middle super ran out of the elevator and reached to tightly griip Grukarb's throat, its hand inches from the Kroogvon cyborg before a razor-sharp blade descended on the beast's wrist, Corteus sent a kick into the superzazane's stomach, sending it backwards. The other two, having exposed themselves in the elevator were picked off and fell to the floor with heavy thuds.

  • Grukarb - Sometimes I hate this job...You think-- You think you see everything, then this!
  • Corteus - You don't remember Tassalor?
  • Grukarb - I'm still trying to forget Tassalor! I happily forgot those freaks were there
  • Xerkea - I can't say I've fought Zazane this large before. I assume you've encountered them before.
  • Corteus - Khaxvis started deploying them just before Soredus joined the Legion. If they're here, we have problems.
  • Xerkea - No problem superior firepower can't fix. Kill them all!
  • Grukarb - Gits are hard to put down. Tassalor had a strain that would get up after a few hours of being shot dead.
  • Xerkea - Hell. More reasons to reduce this place to a burning wasteland when we get Xeron.
  • Corteus - A fine plan, but this isnt't one of their breeding labs. Too small.

Grukarb walked onto the service elevator and pointed his shotgun up though the service hatch. He waited for the others to join him. Xerkea and her men followed, keeping their weapons primed for more enemies.

The elevator was even louder inside, Corteus and Grukarb had the luxury of sonic dampeners built into their ears, protecting their senses from the relentless scraping that followed as the lift ascended.

Blackguard's Strategem[]

The service lift did not stop at the floor they wanted but that did not stop them. Once Grukarb activated the elevator brakes, Corteus destroyed the wall with a wide-beam plasma cannon blast, revealing an empty corridor beyond. But at the end was a door with a plaque next ot the door that offered relief - sprawled in the Wranploer language was the word "director".

  • Xerkea - That way. We're nearly there.
  • Corteus - Grukarb, you and I flank the door, Xerkea, you take point. We keep this corridor clear for extraction.
  • Grukarb - Aye-Aye boss.
  • Corteus - Screecher?

Grukarb tossed what looked like a grenade to Corteus, and he grabbed it with one hand. He then made signals and Grukarb pressed himself against the wall the door was set within.

  • Corteus - Xerkea, you and your men better shield yourselves unless you are looking foward to your joints seizing up.

Xerkea nodded and she signalled for her men to take distance. Grukarb opened the door and Corteus primed the grenade, throwing it into the room. Rather than an explosion, the grenade let out a flash of light and a high-pitched whine. Corteus then signalled for Xerkea to go in first. The fist on Xerkea's suit's arm entered the suit itself and out of the socket came out a long, serrated vibroblade and her and her men entered the room.

The director's office was empty save for one thing: Pinned by forks to the director's desk was Xeron, who had been splayed out to have his lims extended as far as they could go. The councillor's eyes widened as he saw Xerkea, though he was noticeable dazed by the grenade.

  • Xeron - Chief Major! You came to my rescue! I knew someone would come... but can you not check before you flash, I'm nearly blind!
  • Xerkea - ...They trapped you with forks.
  • Xeron - It's embarrassing, I know, but spitting on the damned fool's face was worth it.

Blackguard then appeared out of nowhere in front of the two of them, his black armour glistened in fro mthe single light source hanging in the ceiling.

  • Blackguard - So...The Council decided to send their chief-major and some chop-shop cyborgs to take my prize. How undiplomatic.
  • Grukarb - Whose this windbag calling a chop-shop cyborg?
  • Blackguard - This is the best that Borealis sent me?
  • Xerkea - Die!

Activating her jetpack to give her speed, Xerkea rushed at Blackguard and delivered a slash through him with her blade, which unexpectedly went straight thoug hhim, distorting his appearance. When it reformed, the Blackguard sounded as though he was seething under his helmet.

  • Blackguard - Not clever.
  • Xerkea - Cowardly little shit.

Behind Xerkea a large figure dropped from a hole above the ceiling, despite their apparent size the figure landed very silently, but drew the attention of two of Xerkea's squadmates. When one of them called out, the figure, a large female Zazane, drew a longsabre and slashed vertically,then horizontally, cutting deeply int othe mech suit of one. She then moved quickly to kick the leg of another of Xerkea's team, which didn't initially affect them until she swung her sword ot sever the legs. As the upper half fell over she stood up, twisted around and slammed her foot though the cockpit. With one foot embedded into the destroyed mech, the Zazane turned to glare at Xerkea. The Chief Major opened her cockpit and grabbed Xeron, freeing him from the forks as she tossed him inside before closing again.

  • Blackguard - Tear that metal nuisence open.
  • Xerkea - Corteus and friends, get your asses in here and give me assistance!
  • Xeron - If only I had my suit here right now.

The torso on Xerkea's suit turned itself over to the Zazane as she prepared her blade and aimed her arm cannon at her. Corteus and Grukarb nodded but jsut before they entered they saw weapons fire hit the walls near them. Behind, several Wranploer, Levarcor and Superzazane had gathered and were firing to shoot down the wraith legionairres.

  • Corteus - Somewhat busy here!
  • Xeron - Why only one force, Chief Major? You should have brought an armada! Hired Kicath Agents! Called the ascendants!
  • Xerkea - Oh, stop overreacting on me.

The legs on Xerkea's suit turned themselves in order to face the same direction of the torso again as she stared at the Zazane who killed her men, awaiting for her next move. Tearing her foot from the ruined mech, the Zazane charged with a roar, swinging her blade with the intent ot sever one of the mech's arms. Xerkea fired her cannon at the Zazane as she approached and swung her own blade as she stepped forward, displaying no fear of the enemy while Xeron yelled inside the suit. the Zazane dodged two shots and reached to grab Xerkea's blade arm. She moveded with an odd grace to her, giving her an advantage in agility. The Chief Major retaliated by swinging her cannon at the Zazane's direction, aiming to slam her in the head with it. Several blows to the head and while her crest did crack, she only looked partially disoriented. She retaliated by shifting her weight and tossing the mech to the floor.

  • Xeron - Ack!
  • Xerkea - Tough cookie. But I've crumbled tougher!

The woman pounced and paced in an attempt to smash the mech with her foot as she did her last opponent. Xerkea's jetpacks fired themselves as the Chief Major hurled herself upwards, aiming to crush the Zazane against the ceiling. The impact of both of the mi nthe ceiling heavily dented the metalwork while chipping her scales, but the Zazane continued to punch and pound at the mech's armour, displaying a primal ferocity. Though she never actually say anything, what came from her mouth were snarls and growls. Xerkea allowed herself to fall down, landing on her feet as she thrust her blade at the Zazane's direction. Despite the damage done to her suit, she showed no intention of stopping.

  • Xerkea - Die you bloody animal!

The blade however did not go in, as the Zazne struggled to keep it form piercing her by grappling tightly to the mech's arm. Xerkea growled as she forced her arm in as much as she could, stomping forward in the process. Xeron breathed heavily inside the suit, growing nervous from the fight. The Zazane attempted to resist this movement, flesh against steel, but could not resist the sword forever, which slipped and dug int oher waist. In retaliation to this move she thrusted her knee against the mech's torso before pounding it with her fists. Xerkea's cannon arm shielded her torso as she could as she tugged her blade forward and back inside the Zazane, the serrated points acting like a saw inside her flesh.

  • Xeron - We're suffering heavy damage, Chief Major!
  • Xerkea - Do you think I'm blind!? Get your butt out of my screen!
  • Xeron - It's not my fault we made our suits so uncomfortable for multiple occupants.

The woman scremaed in pain as her innars were savaged by the teeth of the blade, eventually she tore herself from it and fell backwards onto her side. Xerkea stumbled back, her suit dented and damaged from the attacks it had received and her blade soaked in blood. She took her distance as she began firing at the Zazane again. Plasma seared the Zazane's flesh as she was hit multiple times, but while her strength was visibly failing her, she retained the strength to leap back into the ceiling grate, blood pouring from it as she disappeared into the ventilation above. Xerkea's suit fell one knee into the ground, holding itself with one arm while the cannon rested on its torso. The two Niaka themselves breathed in relief as the Zazane escaped, as even Xerkea was unsure of how much more she was able to endure.

Corteus backed inside, still firing his plasma cannon and he looked to Xerkea.

  • Corteus - Apologies...Mercs came out of nowhere.,,can you stand?
  • Xerkea - Damned demons and their super endurance... I hate these Khaxvis loads already.
  • Xeron - We need to get out of this place immediately.
  • Corteus - Agreed. How airtight are your mechs?
  • Xerkea - What are you planning?
  • Corteus - I asked crews to install an autopilot in our shuttle. And there's only one way out of here...

Corteus turned to look at the back wall. He had that look in his eye of someone forming a plan.

  • Xerkea - Should be airtight enough. Let's get moving.
  • Corteus - Then brace.

Corteus raised his arm and blasted the wall several times to break open the bulkhead, causing air to rush out in a screaming torrent. Corteus then ran for the hole and jumped out, Grukarb and the Wraith Legion survivors followed, jumping without hesitation. Xerkea stumbled from the rushing air but nonetheless followed them, alongside what survived of her forces. Sure enough, waiting outside was the shuttle, which opened its doors and allwoed Wraith Legion and Xerkea's tema ot float inside. Once all of them were in, the doors closed and the cabin re-pressurised. Grukarb stood up and cheered!

  • Grukarb - Oh yeah!Never get tired of a vacuum extraction!
  • Xerkea - Mission complete. Xeron is safe.
  • Xeron - You all have my gratitude. Though, the snake itself managed to escape.
  • Grukarb - He'll be back. Who was that wierd lady anyway?
  • Xerkea - Some mutant or demon probably.
  • Corteus - Mutant, but blood contained Morphis.
  • Grukarb - Ah hells. They certainly know how to make our job hard.
  • Xeron - Get me back at Hyperborea. I require some medical attention, and I need to hire a few more dozen guards.
  • Grukarb - Alright we should be out of the danger zone. Everyone look out the window for some fun.

Grukarb waited a moment before he plressed a detonater, causing an explosion in the very centre of the station, before it began collapsing in on itself and then exploding in a more traditional fashion. Xeron, who had left Xerkea's suit by this point, clasped his hands and laughed at the scene while Xerkea smirked inside her cockpit.

  • Xeron - Excellent! I would have not done anything different!
  • Grukarb - I never got how those black hole singularity thingies created so much energy but by the summer winds do they make blow up cool!
  • Xerkea - Don't get too cheerful now. The councillor is safe, but now we have a new threat lurking in our galaxy.
  • Corteus - I will see if the Imperium can provide you with as much as it knows about House Khaxvis.
  • Xerkea - That'll be useful. By the way you treat them, I take your history goes a long way back.
  • Grukarb - Soredus says they were once paragons thousands of years ago but I always knew them as those wierd Draconis that attacked Minos'Drakon ten years ago.
  • Xeron - I'll make sure to alert all authorities of this threat. They must be exposed. And they must pay for this affront.

Corteus and Grukarb nodded in agreement as the shuttle engaged FTL in order to return to Hyperborea.

Power of a Rovegar[]

The training arena once again, within the depths of Vekaron's vessel. Kirlisir once more resided at its center, although this time she had been accompanied; a ball, designed for bouncing. She awaited patiently, her arms folded as she leaned back athletically on a single foot, her other leg stretched upward, reminescent to the pose of a ballerina. Kirlisir held the ball above her face with her psychic prowess effortlessly, humming to herself with a smile across her face. Once more, she had been waiting for somebody to join her. Gardin appeared on the door and entered the arena, with her plushie resting at the top of her shoulders as if it was clinging on her. She looked at Kirlisir and the ball, tilting her head to left and right. Kirlisir spoke without leaving her pose or dropping the ball, her voice sounding eased and somewhat friendlier than usual.

  • Kirlisir - I'm glad you could make it on time today, Gardin.
  • Gardin - Not like I have any choice...this training is boring.
  • Kirlisir - Well, I hope today will be different. This time, I'm giving you an incentive.
  • Gardin - Eh?

As Gardin watched Kirlisir, she saw one of the Dancer's hands flick something forth from it, and heard a tap. Landing beside Gardin was a small, pink candy, which had been flicked in her direction by Kirlisir, who now stood upright and proper with the ball in her hands, taking a step towards Gardin. Gardin looked at Kirlisir in confusion, expecting her to do something like throw her off course if she tried to approach the candy.

  • Kirlisir - What's the matter, don't like candy? Take it.
  • Gardin - What're you planning?
  • Kirlisir - Eat the candy and then I'll tell you.

Kirlisir placed her hands behind her head and placed her foot on the ball to keep it from rolling away. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, a smile across her face, yet not a malignant one. Gardin raised an eyebrow before turning to the candy. Using telekinesis, she made it levitate to her hands, and then ate it, though she did not get her eyes out of Kirlisir.

  • Kirlisir - Do you like it? Taste good, doesn't it?
  • Gardin - Well...it's...it's delicious!

Gardin put her hands on her cheeks and she kept munching on the candy. Kirlisir's smile vanished and she glared towards Gardin, her eyes narrowed as a stern frown crossed her face, replacing her once happy expression with a look of daunting, dread.

  • Kirlisir - Would you like another one?
  • Gardin - Yeah!

Kirlisir picked up the ball she had placed under her foot and rolled it towards Gardin softly, standing with her arms folded as she observed her student. A grin emerged on her face and she placed herself into a defiant stance, glaring at Gardin as the ball reached her vicinity.

  • Kirlisir - If you want another candy, you're gonna have to hit me with that ball. I'll stand still for now, but if you miss me, I'm going to throw it right back at you so you'd best know how to either deflect or dodge.
  • Gardin - So I get candy for hurting you! Yay!

Gardin immediately launched the ball at Kirlisir's direction, blasting it with telekinetic power. Kirlisir's grin widened as the ball collided with her face, smacking against her forehead with a surprising amount of force. The power that Gardin had accumulated was impressive to say the least, although Kirlisir knew that it was far from attaining its potential. Kirlisir, a bruise inflicted against her forehead, kicked the ball softly towards Gardin and flicked another candy in her direction. The Rovegar girl jumped in the air and ate the candy, licking her lips as she did. Kirlisir stepped once more towards Gardin and pointed at the ball.

  • Kirlisir - This time, I'm not gonna stand still. Throw the ball at me again, and if you hit me, you'll get a treat.

Not wasting time, Gardin laughed and sent the ball at Kirlisir's direction again, just like she had done before. As the ball approached, Kirlisir stepped to the side and watched as the ball flew past her direction. However, that was not simply the end; the ball stopped on its course in mid-air, and Kirlisir looked towards Gardin. After several moments, the ball moved once more - it was heading straight for Gardin fiercely, guided by Kirlisir's mind.

  • Kirlisir - Analyze your target as it approaches! Decide the best course of action now; deflect, or dodge?!

Gardin concentrated on the ball and used her energy on it, trying to make it fly back at Kirlisir. Kirlisir's grin widened even more as the ball was rebounded by a small outburst of psychic energy from Gardin, aiming itself towards the Dancer once more. The ball flew past Kirlisir as she moved her head out of the way, the ball circling around Kirlisir before being telekinetically flung back at Gardin once more.

  • Kirlisir - I have more power than that in one of my toes! Stronger, faster!

Gardin, having underestimated Kirlisir, was hit by the ball and knocked back into the ground. She held on her own head, her eyes spinning from being hit.

  • Gardin - Oh...

Kirlisir approached Gardin and flicked another treat towards her, despite not having hit Kirlisir in the process of the psychic ball bout. She kept a confident grin across her face as she reached out a hand in order to help Gardin to her feet, but it was not one of devious intention; it was one of enjoyment.

  • Kirlisir - What are you waiting for, kid? Take the candy and get up! Heh, never stay down for too long, Rovegar are evolved to live in the moment!
  • Gardin - Oh yeah? Well, you say that I should always be prepared for anything in the battlefield, right?
  • Kirlisir - That's absolutely right!
  • Gardin - Then prepare yourself for this!

Gardin jumped on top of the ball and sat on it, before launching herself and the ball at Kirlisir's direction. Kirlisir's eyes widened as she watched Gardin pull the bizarre maneuver, unprepared for such an attack. She had made the mistake of underestimating her student, and while she was stunned and confused by what was going on, she had forgotten to deflect the ball and thus her face was pounded by it, knocking her backwards.

  • Gardin - Boing!
  • Kirlisir - W-What the-- You're sly, kid!

Gardin levitated herself and the ball above Kirlisir and repeteadly hopped on it.

  • Gardin - Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing!

Kirlisir smirked as the ball continued to bounce, and she clenched a hand. As it came down towards her for another strike, she launched her fist towards the bottom of it, throwing the ball and in turn Gardin upwards as she laughed, amused and gleeful.

  • Kirlisir - Is that all you got, kid?! Hit me again!
  • Gardin - If you say so! Boing!

Gardin channeled all the energy she had and launched herself down at Kirlisir's direction. Kirlisir confidently raised one of her arms and impatiently awaited for the ball's descent, sparks of psychic electricity emanating from both Kirlisir and Gardin as they challenged one another's prowess. Soon, there was an explosion of blue, psychic fire that raged from the collision between the ball and Kirlisir's palm - she caught the ball, with the impact having created a wide, somewhat deep crater in the floor of the training grounds that Gardin and Kirlisir, and in turn the ball, were at the center of. Gardin's laugh ceased as she looked down at the crater, and her eyes widened.

  • Gardin - W-what did I do?!

Kirlisir continued to smile, impressed by the power that Gardin had channelled into the attack. She let the ball and Gardin bounce to the floor and folded her arms, an impressed expression upon her face as she looked down at her pupil.

  • Kirlisir - You wanna know what you did...? Well! I'll tell you what you did! You showed me one hell of a lesson!
  • Gardin - I...I broke the floor!
  • Kirlisir - I know! It's great, isn't it?!

Kirlisir kneeled down and held out her hand. Seven candies rested in her palm, all of them intended for Gardin. Her hot-blooded, confident grin transitioned into a softer, friendly smile as she passed the treats onto Gardin, a proud look in her eye.

  • Gardin - So I didn't do wrong?...Daddy is gonna kill me...
  • Kirlisir - Hey, kid, you can trust me; if you spend your whole life thinking about the consequences, you're gonna get nowhere and you're never going to become a great Rovegar warrior. Instead...

Kirlisir stood up and raised her hand to the ceiling, pointing upwards as she placed her foot on the ball that they had been using - it had been scorched by the energies that the two Rovegar had exchanged between one another. Kirlisir's eyes illuminated fiercely as her smile widened.

  • Kirlisir - ...You should think about the present, the now, and ready yourself for whatever's next! The floor doesn't matter; what's done has been done! Hehehe, it can be replaced, but you can't!
  • Gardin - ...You really think that of me?
  • Kirlisir - Yup! You have potential, and you have a proud future ahead of you, my pupil! Now tell me; is my training STILL boring, haha?!
  • Gardin - Nope! It's fun now!
  • Kirlisir - Now, run along, Gardin. You've done well today. And don't worry about the floor, I'll speak with your dad about that!
  • Gardin - Okay! Bye!

Gardin ran off to the exit, shoving candy on her mouth as she did. Moments after the girl left, Vekaron peeked inside the room, a sarcastic expression present on his face.

  • Vekaron - Yes, tell me about the floor.

Kirlisir climbed out of the crater with a wide grin across her face, her eyes narrowed but she smiled as she looked upon Vekaron. She appeared confident judging from her expression, and she held the scorched ball they had been training with beneath her arm. She brushed her hair out of her face as she spoke, grinning almost like an idiot.

  • Kirlisir - She's strong Vek, and I'm gonna teach her how to control all of that power. Buuuut sometimes a girl needs to let it out every once in a while.
  • Vekaron - So I've seen. I've been watching the entire session.
  • Kirlisir - I tried a new method to train her this time, and it worked. Heh, she'll be out with us fighting the enemy as soon as we know it! ...Aaand sorry about your floor.
  • Vekaron - It's okay, I can get it fixed next time we visit Hyperborea.
  • Kirlisir - Don't forget Vek, you still gotta teach her how to use a gun. ...Perhaps you could show me how to use a gun while you're at it.
  • Vekaron - I have to thank you for all you're doing.

With no warning, Vekaron gently took hold of Kirlisir's hands. He looked at her with a sincere expression. Blush overcame Kirlisir's cheeks as Vekaron grasped her hands, and she smiled at him. There was something swelling up within her eye, something vital to her, something vital to how she thought, something vital to the person she was - it was passion, or something close to it.

  • Kirlisir - Vek... I-It's not a problem, I like teaching her. Hehe, besides, I'm just doing my part as a member of your crew.
  • Vekaron - You had no obligation of doing this, yet you did it anyway. Personally I'd never put Gardin in a battlefield, but you are proving me that she can and will be able to defend herself.
  • Kirlisir - Heh, well, somebody had to... Your hands are soft today.
  • Vekaron - Hm? Well, your hands are also very soft...and warm.
  • Kirlisir - Warm, are they? Well, I'll tell you, they'll be piping red hot by the time we get to our next battle. I hope you're ready for it, Vek.
  • Vekaron - Indeed...the next time we fight, it will truly be life or death. Either we destroy the World of Corpses...or we lose Borealis.
  • Kirlisir - I don't know about you, but I don't feel too keen on the former. I like this place, after all. And... I like the people too.

Kirlisir smiled to Vekaron reassuringly, her eye glistening. Vekaron put his head down, his expression showing worry.

  • Vekaron - I'm actually really afraid, Kirlisir. You have not stared at Regnatus in the eyes like I did. I don't know if we will survive this time.
  • Kirlisir - Vekaron!
  • Vekaron - ...I'm sorry. I shouldn't be saying such things.
  • Kirlisir - Stop worrying about the consequences and live in the now, you'll only distract yourself if you focus on the doom and gloom. In the meantime, plan a course of action for us to take! You're not in this alone, remember?
  • Vekaron - You're right. I'm not alone. I have my team. You included.
  • Kirlisir - Not just your team - you have the whole of Borealis at your back!
  • Vekaron - Yes. That's correct. We will surely win.

Kirlisir grinned widely, gritting her teeth, and nodded to Vekaron with a confident stance, as her hands felt warmer than before. Her expression was reassuring, perhaps empowering. Vekaron suddenly crouched down slightly and wrapped his arms around Kirlisir, hugging her. Kirlisir's grin disappeared, replaced by a look of surprise. Her eyes were wide, and she gave a small smile as Vekaron embraced her. She embraced him in return, placing her hands upon her back.

  • Vekaron - Thank you for everything.
  • Kirlisir - Thank you... for this...
  • Wragrot - And I declare you man and wife.

At the door, Wragrot watched the two with a smirk, leaning on the entrance. Kirlisir glared towards Vekaron for a moment before letting an ounce of laughter escape, her cheeks vivid and red. She scratched the back of her head while she chuckled, keeping her eyes closed. Vekaron chuckled himself and let go of Kirlisir.

  • Vekaron - You sure like your jokes, Wragrot.
  • Wragrot - You two love each other so much you made a hole through the floor, it seems.
  • Kirlisir - Yeah well! We'll make an even bigger hole in Vorius' side when we go in to strike, I can assure you that.
  • Vekaron - Heh. Indeed we will.

Kirlisir smiled and approached the exit of the room, gently slapping Wragrot in a friendly manner before she was out of their sights, having walked through the corridors to go somewhere else, most probably the mess hall. Wragrot looked at Vekaron again, who was about to leave the room himself.

  • Wragrot - I do these to tease you. But only she gets peeved about it. You never deny them.
  • Vekaron - Hm. You're right. I don't.

Planet Graveyard[]

Time passed, and the location of the World of Corpses remained undetected. While Vekaron and his crew prepared themselves, there was no news of its location. Torrent and Billig used all of their possible means to locate Vorius, but were met with difficulties. All trails ended up too late or false. And while he was making a fool out of them, the Children of Synthesis acted, getting more resources for their new world.

The Imalmah Hegemony had fallen into disarray since Agent Chi killed its leaders a year prior. The Imalmah, always so restricted to their own people, had lost all direction due to how defunct and nonfunctional their government was. And when the hordes of chimeras under the World of Corpses arrived to harvest them, all they could do was panic. There was no one they could seek the aid of, and their own forces already locked in a civil war. The mutants arrived to deliver the killing blow to the Imalmah race, and as the waves of monsters devoured worlds whole, the Hegemony ceased to exist. Over the course of two weeks, all Imalmah were either killed or taken away to be merged into the World of Corpses.

The attacks did not restrict themselves to the Arm of Wildness either. The Ransio Empire, Krinkut Union, Kalda Polyarchy and Herame Republic were also attacked by hordes of chimeras. They attacked further into the Arm of Knowledge, and soon, monsters were invading the worlds of the Gooplet Technocracy, the Elzie Empire, the Egelielano Guilds, the Adrahira Tribe and the Minga Republic. The councillors of the Polar Crystal Alliance made themselves visited at the top of their tower, where their images were transmitted all over the galaxy to their member races and even some allies.

  • Semirian - People of Borealis. It is time to fight once more. Regnatus, the plague that once brought the galaxy to its knees, has returned in the form of the monster known as Vorius. And to combat him, we must unite our fleets once more. The great army that was once amassed to fight the Borealis Grox 6 years ago must rise again to face this threat. If we do not act, we will lose Borealis to these hordes of abominations like we almost did to the Ascended-Class Dreadnoughts. It might be too hard to believe, but we speak the truth, and we are really serious about it. So lend us your hand like you did in the past. Aid us in finally putting the last nail on Regnatus' coffin. He will not rise again! We will overpower him and his minions! In the worlds of Arkarixus, Regnatus will bow to the Polar Crystal Alliance and its allies!

The words of the council hit the whole galaxy, and beyond. The Indoctrinate Collective prepared themselves to help, alongside the empires of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth. The Mahanayan Borealis States would do their own part, as well as the Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello, who prepared their soldiers to fight Vorius under Xaltsa's orders. And of course, the Kormacvar Legacy, former slaves of Regnatus, would be more than happy to help. And at the Arm of Wildness, through Billig's intellect and predictions, as well as Torrent's sphere of influence, they finally managed to predict where the World of Corpses would be next. And their prediction was correct. Immediately, a message was sent to the Council.

  • Torrent - We found it.
  • Billig - Prepare ya fleets.

The End of Regnatus[]

United Army[]

Vekaron's ship took the lead. Behind him, an immense fleet composed of the entirely of the Polar Crystal Alliance's army, followed by its allies. The great army that once slayed Regnatus had been united once more to combat the World of Corpses. The Alliance itself made no effort to show it had brought its greatest and most advanced vessels to fight the Children of Synthesis. The Indoctrinate Collective was also present, with their weapons primed and ready to vaporize the chimeras right in front of their own eyes. Billig's fleet was already at the helm, using similar ships to those the BCN had used. Da Rogue Boyz arrived right next to Billig's fleet. Just like in the battle against Regnatus, Fre'kloar was in tears. Tuolog, along with Zr'Ahgloth, was actually aboard the Propa Big Rogue Krooza.

  • Billig - Time to feast on corpses, 'ey?
  • Fre'kloar - WE ARE NOT REDI
  • Jol'kiar - psst hes lyin wes redi

Following the PCA fleet was the ITN's First, fifth and seventeenth fleets, each one headed by a Warlord-class titan but above all the vneralbe TNSS Dominax, with Lord-Admiral Larnus VOntarion at its command. Thousands of ships arrived and prepared for this potentially suicidal mission A shadowy fleet from the edge of the darkness emerged, its ships barely distinguishable from the blackness of the void itself, with the exception of a bright, radiant vessel at its head; the Purifiers of Zamhareer. The silence that permeated the black fleet was suddenly interrupted by a voice that was all too familiar to the heroes of the Borealis War.

  • Venoriel - I have a most pleasant case of deja vu. Greetings, friends. Dei'nar cyredrae'nii.
  • Larnus - Imperial Talon First, fifth and seventeenth battlefleets reporting. May the paragavatus' finest deliver his fury.
  • Kithworto - The things I do to save the galaxy.

Kithworto was in a ship of his own, right next to Vekaron's own ship. It was streamlined, and, coloured in the Aknatazán family colours - that is, black and red. The Kormacvar Legacy also was present, having some of the largest ships in the fleet, made out of combined Grox, Kormacvar and Alvino technology. Mirras IV looked at his screen with hesitation, as the mere thought of Regnatus was already enough to send a chill down the Borealis Grox's spines. Another fleet came along, though the rest of the fleets could hear radio waves coming from it, playing classical-sounding music, until Xaltsa arrived.

  • Xaltsa - Hello! I've been composing that track and my orchestra have practiced it, for my greeting! Ohohohoho, you like it?
  • Larnus - I advise you focus Galotian.

Torrent and the New Wranploer Legion made themselves fully visible, showing off their numbers, He and Vekaron exchanged looks through communications, but said nothing to each other.

  • Tuolog - I ready to end this threat.
  • Xaltsa - What?! The traitors?! Those pests! I cannot fight alongside them! LET ME KILL THEM AND I'LL HELP YOU!
  • Kithworto - I think I can safely say this. Shut up and set your differences aside or the galaxy will be turned into mutant fodder.
  • Torrent - Agreed.
  • Xaltsa - Differences? THEY'RE LOWLY WORTHLESS PESTS!
  • Kilchárunya - Oh, we're going to die, aren't we?
  • Kamaris - Yes.
  • Xaltsa - Oh, do I really have to fight with the likes of these?
  • Kithworto - I said shut up, Galotian, and focus.
  • Xaltsa - Hmph, fine. Don't expect me to like it. Or to try and save you.

Behind Vekaron's ship was another, similar vessel; it was the ship of fellow Penumbran Tetra Terya of the Krektal. In between the fleets of the ITN and the ships of the Purifiers, there was a familiar and intimidating sight; rows of Zazane ships had their shidium weapons primed, with the Ghost of the Warrior positioned at its front.

  • Tetra - Penumbran Tetra Terya ready for assault. It... is an honour to serve.
  • Tyraz - Hragh! Once more, the Brood gathers here with their arms raised and their fists clenched! Grandmaster and Lord Councillor Tyraz Breek is eager and waiting, as is my Sacrificial Fleet! 300 war-vessels, 20,000 personal fighters are at the ready and begging for blood!
  • Larnus - Your presence is an honour, grandmaster Breek!
  • Venoriel - Hail, Grandmaster, and well met.
  • Tyraz - It is a pleasure to serve alongside you both this day, Grand Admiral, Navarch.
  • Venoriel - I no longer bear that title, Grandmaster. I am the Military Executor of this region.
  • Zr'Ahgloth - oi tyrazs heer dis is gonna b sik

Kithworto smirked at Xaltsa, though a heavy, sharp breath could be heard through the comms as Tyraz was mentioned. As the fleets had gathered, there was a sound across the comms of nearly all vessels that had amassed within this space. A voice - sultry, almost seductive, one could simply smell her breath and pheromones without even having being in the room with her.

  • Kalcedia - Good morning, sweethearts!
  • Kilchárunya - The fuck is that?
  • Tetra - ...Help.
  • Venoriel - Why hello there, sweetheart. - Venoriel chuckled upon hearing Kalcedia's voice - I hate you.
  • Xaltsa - Oh goddamnit, Kalcedia, WHO SAID YOU COULD ACCESS THE RADIO WAVES?!?!
  • Larnus - A positive attitude is welcoming.
  • Kalcedia - Simple; I did. These boys need all of the morale they can get.
  • Larnus chuckled to himself - Radios...

Kithworto had his face seated within his palm, tapping his claws against a panel two his left. However, the communications systems began to come to an error, buzzing with interference as alien linguistics and languages could be heard, chanting mantras quietly. Suddenly, out of almost nowhere, the admirals and helmsmen watched as a mere five ships, alien-looking in design, materialized from nothing. All ships that could be hailed were hailed with a single image; a reptilian tyrant sat upon a throne of living metal.

  • Zarkhator the First - The primitives find strength within their numbers. It would not hurt me to contribute either.
  • Wragrot - Ugly.
  • Venoriel - And who, pray tell, is that?
  • Xaltsa - Primitive? PRIMITIVE?! What did you just say? You wouldn't know class when you saw it, you pest.
  • Zarkhator the First - I am the Great Nemesis. I am the One That Watches in the Night. I am He - I am Zarkhator. And today, after aeons of waiting, my wish shall be granted. I will once more come to conflict with what remains of the koromacavar.

The last fleet to arrived was the Rovegar Matriarchy, led by the Composed's Melody. Matriarch Vileraz IV looked at her communications at all the different races that had united today for this event. Erureidan raised an eyebrow over her as she smirked.

  • Vileraz IV - You all have such interesting faces...
  • Kirlisir - ...Not them.

Vekaron looked at the fleet that followed him and, getting their attention, his image appeared on their communications.

  • Vekaron - When we fought Regnatus in the past, Arkarixus let out a speech. And I imagine you are all expecting one now. However, I have something else in mind. I say we skip the speech and do what must be done. Let us go and finish what we started. Let us go and end Regnatus once and for all!
  • Kithworto - Let's do this again, then.
  • Billig - Bleh. Speeches are fun, though.
  • Vekaron - For Borealis! CHARGE!

As the fleet arrived to the coordinates found by Torrent and Billig, they managed to see the World of Corpses. And the sight of it caused thousands of Alliance soldiers to gag. It was a planet, except it was made of viscous, ever-shifting goo made out of the victims of the Children of Synthesis. Tendrils reached into space and multiple pitch black eyes were present at its surface, absorbed all light that shined upon them. Vorius had reached his apex.

  • Billig - Fer FOOD! CHARGE!
  • Fre'kloar - for pizza! CHARGE!
  • Tetra - Ship, ready the guns! I-It's gonna get... h-hot.
  • Ship - Affirmative, Penumbra-Commander.
  • Fre'kloar - wat da fuk venoriel ar yoo serius
  • Kithworto - For the record. I am not resurrecting any of you if you die.
  • Xaltsa - Oh yeah. If I kill you by mistake, it's an accident! I promise! BUT IT WON'T BE WHEN THIS IS DONE!
  • Venoriel - I'd prefer my soul to remain in the circle.

Cut Through His Flesh[]

As the fleet arrived to the coordinates found by Torrent and Billig, they managed to see the World of Corpses. And the sight of it caused thousands of Alliance soldiers to gag. It was a planet, except it was made of viscous, ever-shifting goo made out of the victims of the Children of Synthesis. Tendrils reached into space and multiple pitch black eyes were present at its surface, absorbed all light that shined upon them. Vorius had reached his apex.

  • Zarkhator the First - This is the great shame that the pride of the koromacavar had surmounted to. The cosmic disappointment.
  • Wragrot - What in the name of FUCK!?
  • Larnus - I take pride in the accomplishments of the Ancients, however this sight disturbs me and shames their memory.
  • Gol'thabex - oh man im gonna be sik...
  • Larnus - Penubran, may I ask your plan of attack for this...this entity?
  • Kirlisir - Urgh! Mmmph!
  • Kalcedia - Ew, that's worse than those crabs I had!
  • Tyraz - This... abomination shall burn tonight!
  • Tetra - M-My stomach...
  • Kilchárunya - Eh. Looks like breakfast to me.
  • Kamaris - What does it look like?
  • Kilchárunya - Uh. Breakfast.
  • Wragrot - Like my nightmares.
  • Kilchárunya - You'd hate lunch then.
  • Vekaron - Inside this abomination lays a a Shard containing Regnatus' essence. Our plan is to carve our way inside it and destroy the Shard.
  • Venoriel - ...Do you suggest we have to pry it open?
  • Vekaron - Pry it open, and land troops inside it.
  • Venoriel - Very well. As disgusting as this job may be, I understand that it has to be done.
  • Larnus - Infantry? In this? Forgive me but this idea sounds insane.
  • Vekaron - You'd be surprised by the amount of insanity I've been through this year.
  • Zarkhator the First - Be aware, such an assault may fail. The colossus is capable of withstanding even atom-destroying quark hellfire.
  • Venoriel - Larnus. - Venoriel coughed - We fought Grochius. Regnatus. Volim. Marigrax. Zargoth. Br'klakkon. Why are you afraid now?
  • Kithworto - We will succeed. Such is the path of causality.

The World of Corpses' eyes all turned their direction to the fleet that had arrived. Part of its surface began ripping itself open, turning into a gigantic mouth which grinned widely from one point of the planet to the other.

  • World of Corpses - You have arrived to become one with me. The plan is complete. I am born. I am Regnatus.
  • Venoriel - ...On the other hand... - Venoriel's eyes widened - I might need to go out for a while to... pray.
  • Kilchárunya - You're an idiot, that's for sure.
  • Zarkhator the First - You are but a mere fragment.
  • Larnus - This planet just smiled...I am unsettled.
  • Tyraz - We are the men and women carved by war across this universe! Fear is naught, death is certain... Victory is absolute! Hragh! It would have been wise for you to have stayed dead, fallen!
  • World of Corpses - Your fate was sealed when I demanded you to become one with me. You will now join my perfection. You will all now become Regnatus.
  • Kalcedia - Oh no... i-it wants me inside it?!

The World of Corpses opened its maw, and out of it, an immense fleet of spaceships looted victim species all piloted by mutants appeared and attacked the allied fleet.

  • Xaltsa - Oooh, now I get to blow things up! WOOHOO!
  • Kithworto - Let's have some fun then.
  • Venoriel - ...It can make ships? By Dei'Nar... charge! Now!
  • Zarkhator the First - Engage assault, for he had made the first move.
  • Vekaron - Attack! Let none stand alive!

ITN vessels responded with a volley from the capital ships hypermatter cannons and riftfire payloads to tear int othe approaching fleet. Out of aircraft carriers and capital ship hangers, thousands of ITN drone fighters began swarming, picking at soft points and smaller ships, picking away while hteir controllers were safe aboard the capital ships that commanded them The guns upon Tetra's personal vessel unloaded themselves unto the fleet of spaceships that had spawned from the planet's jaws, while the Brood fleet rained a hellfire of shidium onto the looted, mutated vessels. To those who looked close enough, observers could see Tyraz perched upon the nose of the Ghost of the Warrior, his arms folded. The Polar Crystal Alliance and the New Wranploer Legion's fleets attacked with their full power, pushing into the mutant fleet. The World of Corpses' position slowly approached the battle as immense tentacles sprouted out of its surface.

  • Kamaris - What is it with this galaxy and tentacles?
  • Venoriel - Tentacles. Very well.

Venoriel commanded her fleets to sear into the tentacles, using the high-energy weaponry the Divinarium was known for ITN capital ships and torpedo frigates fired their payloads towards the writhing tentacles that sprouted from the surface. Da Rogue Boyz fleet let out it huge volley of guns while several ships charged and crashed straight into the World of Corpses. Billig's ships unleasehed their volley of illegally-fired ammunition, without the PCA batting an eyelid, as this was a severe case.

  • Kalcedia - Don't let them get too close!
  • Larnus - All ships advisory alert. All decks compromised by biomass tendrils are to flood their decks with plasma. All compromised vessels are to initiate reactor overload procedures!

Tyraz allowed a smirk to pass across his face as he leaped into the void of space, his form shifting and changing, embracing its demonic state as his iconic and widely-feared Firesword, a bane of even the gods, materialized in his palms. Behind him, his Sacrificial Fleet, his personal guard, charged onward, firing their volleys at the tendrils. The attacks severed the tentacles that formed, but out of the World's eyes, immense blasts of essence was launched at the fleet.

  • Vyatak - Running analysis. Looking for weakspots. Give me a few moments.
  • Kirlisir - Watch out!

One of the blasts hit Kithworto's vessel, reducing it to ash in instants.

  • Tetra - H-Holy crap!
  • Kilchárunya - Well, Kithworto's dead. We're screwed.
  • Vekaron - ...Oh no...

The Dominax turned its forward gun to fire riftfire payloads at the eyes, materialising explosives that detonated matter leaked from hyperspace from artificial rifts int othe beast's eyes. While at least 20 of the ships within his Sacrificial Guard perished in moments, Tyraz roared with glee as he slashed downwards, unleashing a wave of deathly essence towards one of the eyes in order to deflect the world's own bombardments of essence. Destroyed vessels fell into the World itself and were absorbed into its surface, disappearing from sight.

  • World of Corpses - The more you fight, the more perfect Regnatus becomes.

Meanwhile the ships under the control of Zarkhator unleashed volleys of hyper-quark lasers in an attempt to oppose the essence blasts that the World of Corpses unleashed upon them. Zarkhator the First himself merely sat, drinking a rich beverage with an indifferent face. ITN ships damaged by the onslaught detonated their hypermatter reactors, obliterating themselves in an explosive shockwave. As a massive group of ships came from the left of the group, the ships suddenly found nearby chronotech-infused antimatter exploding, causing dozens of ships to be blown up at once.

  • Xaltsa - Welcome, Vorius...

Xaltsa played loudly on a keyboard-like instrument as his orchestra played deathly music.

  • Xaltsa - Welcome...TO MY SYMPHONY OF DEATH!
  • Zarkhator the First - You are an off key.
  • Vyatak - ...Found it! Weakness! Target!
  • Vekaron - Huh? What is it, Vyatak?
  • Vyatak - Ran analysis on surface and interior. Hardened on the inside. Dome. Artificial. Shard's location most certainly there.
  • Kirlisir - So it's hard both inside AND out?!
  • Vyatak - No! Only hard on inside! Outside can be severed! Carve into him!
  • Fre'kloar - ya meen BOM HIM LIEK HELL TELL WE CAN GET IN?????
  • Vyatak - Yes! Attack!

In a bright red flash, a colossal red stream of energy appeared to the side of the fleet as it sent the smaller ships off course. Kithworto returned to the fight, hurtling towards the World of Corpses. The World's eyes all launched blasts of energy at Kithworto's energy. The fleet's efforts had defeated most of the mutant fleet, allowing them to unleash fire on the planet itself. The demonic Tyraz laughed loudly as he watched Kithworto engage the planet, and joined him subsequently, unleashing ribbons and waves of evil energies from his Firesword as he made a descent towards the abomination.

  • Demon Tyraz - Butcher!
  • Larnus - Captain prepare berserker warheads.
  • Captain - Lord-admiral....
  • Larnus - Do it!
  • Vileraz IV - This should be interesting. Begin orbital bombardment!

ITN vessels fired payloads at the World of Corpses, upon impact the payloads unleashed berserker swarms that ate into the planet's fleshy surface and into its crust. As Kithworto slammed into the side of the planet, bursts of golden liquids were sent into the air accompanied with a crimson red flare of essence. Parts of the planet's surface were hurled into space by Kithworto's attack. Oceans of mutant goo were launched at both him and Tyraz's direction, with the intention of consuming them. Another volley deployed essence-hampering yrsalmarus machines that buried themselves into the planet's body, using the planet's own mass t ocreate more of themselves. Tyraz' Sacrificial Fleet moved onwards, making a direct charge towards the World of Corpses while their chassis began to illuminate brightly, overwhelming themselves with shidium energy and material. They were making a suicide charge, with one of the vessels moving to shield Tyraz from the goo that sought to devour him. Kithworto himself radiated pulses of his own essence, disintegrating the waves of the syrup-like mass flying over him. The Polar Crystal Alliance and New Wranploer Legion joined in and attacked the exposed World. The mutant's grin changed into a pained expression as the team made progress, carving into his flesh and opening way to its core.

  • World of Corpses - Enough. Enough. Become one. Become one.
  • Sacrificial Admiral - Let loose the hounds of war!
  • Kamaris - This is beginning to look optimistic.
  • Vekaron - We're doing it! Keep it up, everyone!
  • Captain - Lord-Admiral Yrsalmarus has never been tested on a volume of this size before. What if we inadvertently overwhelm its mass?
  • Larnus - We must do whatever we can to destroy it captain. No trace, no evidence.

Out of the World of Corpses' surface, mutant in the shape of Vorius began forming, all of them hundreds of kilometers in size.

  • World of Corpses - The god was dead. The god has returned. You are all children. Children of Synthesis. I am your patriarch!
  • Xaltsa - God has always been dead. All we do is stamp on the ashes each coming generation.
  • Larnus - I honour no patriarch that demands death and singular obedience.
  • Billig - Me old man was afraid of gods. I ain't.

The Sacrificial Fleet bombarded itself into the surface of the planet, exploding in colossal blasts of shidium energy that scorched and tore apart the flesh of the world, creating deep, overwhelming craters in its 'crust' as they eviscerated even matter. The fleet's efforts went deep inside Vorius' surface until they arrived to a solid, hardened, stomach-like core. Pieces of the World of Corpses that had been flung into space began falling down on it, causing it to regenerate its damage. It was time for the ground battle.

  • Vekaron - Our entrance is visible! Prepare yourself!
  • Tetra - T-There's an opening!
  • Zarkhator the First - A true koromacavar would not lose his shield so easily.

Vekaron led his team to his fleet, which was the first to depart. The Polar Crystal Alliance and New Wranploer Legion sent down their own fleets, packed with warriors. Tetra and his own team of soldiers prepared for a shuttle and launched themselves towards the opening that had been made. Tyraz, his demonic state desiring to further the bloodshed, crawled into it, while Kalcedia teleported herself into the vulnerability, without so much as saying a word to Xaltsa. Kithworto had torn his own opening into the ship, meeting with the main path not far away. The Rogue Boyz landed, with all the Warbosses and Leedas itching for battle. Billig landed too, and his rotten stench was even worse than that of the corpses. The ITN deployed thousands of droid soldiers to the surface of the "core". As they landed, they were immediately met with the gigantic doppelgangers of Vorius created by the World. The PCA unleash their weapons, and one particular Niaka Battlesuit charged ahead, blasting one of the mutants at very fast speed.

  • Xeron - Behold! Now you will learn why I am a councillor!
  • Tetra - C-Councillor?!
  • Kirlisir - Bug guy?
  • Vansenk - What an entertaining spectacle.
  • Vekaron - Xeron?! Why are you here?
  • Xeron - This is my way of saying "I'm sorry for sending you to your near-deaths many times over", Penumbran. Do not disappoint me now!

ITN droid legions blasted at the mutants, not caring and not feeling negatiely towards the disturning surroundings they were in. Followed by epic music, Xaltsa slowly teleported to the world, and bowed, then got his bombs ready. Torrent and Dark Grip landed and quickly stormed the mutants. Torrent's teeth barred as his skin turned pitch-black, activating its nanomachines.

  • Xaltsa - Oh, we're in for some fun today!
  • Venoriel - I prefer more melodic tunes.
  • Torrent - I will bury you all here, you Regnatus scum!

Tetra and his own squad of associated met with Vekaron's, with Tetra hovering in the air with his thruster armour. Kalcedia stepped passed them both and fired her rifle at the mutants, Kirlisir, not willing to be outdone, rushed forward and slashed at her opposition. Another probe was deployed, opening out to reveal what looked like numerous ITN soldiers. Although for the essence-sensetive they felt hollow on their senses.

  • Vesinash - T-That's... T-That's Vekaron!
  • Tetra - Y-Yeah...
  • Credavan - I'm not going to let the threat of being eaten deter me from a good fight!
  • Erureidan - Let me have some fun too now.

A Rovegar army, led by Erureidan, appeared and quickly attacked the mutants, opening way for the team. Kalcedia looked towards Erureidan and perked an eyebrow, grinning to herself as she launched a shot near his foot to grasp his attention, intentionally missing. However, his attention was already taken, and Erureidan looked at Kirlisir for a moment before smiling and charging at her, hugging her and lifting her into the air.

  • Erureidan - Little sis!

Kirlisir smiled and embraced her brother tightly, her armour meeting his. She giggled loudly as she met with Erureidan, hugging his head.

  • Kirlisir - Bro!
  • Kilchárunya - Eh.
  • Vekaron - ...Family member of yours?
  • Kirlisir - Heh, yup! Could say that! I have the biggest, most badass bro in the entire universe!
  • Erureidan - Eheh. Yeah, you do.
  • Credavan - Okay sure. Fair enough.

Credavan fired his fusion rifle at the hordes of mutants approaching, deploying a forcefield cover. Kilchárunya and Kamaris fired at the mutants, whilst Kithworto fired blasts of essence. As the team made their way through the World's stomach, they eventually arrived to a much greater hollow "chamber." At its very center was a sphere which emitted an extremely large blue aura, connected to the top and bottom of the hollow chamber through tentacles. It was the Regnatus Shard, protected by a telekinetic barrier. All around the Shard were more and more mutants, some taking forms like Vorius, like Regnatus' spaceship body, like Kormacvar or like Zarkhator. As the team arrived, they immediately charged at their direction.

Several mutants were reduced to nothing, their atoms divided and torn apart, as Zarkhator and various warriors of his materialized in the room, blasting at the enemy with quark weaponry. Out of nowhere, mutants were set alight and incinerated as Tyraz, his demonic form engaged, emerged from seemingly out of nowhere, grasping and swinging his Firesword in a frenzy. Torrent attacked the mutants in a fit of fury while Councillor Xeron led the PCA's army. Erureidan walked over to Kalcedia in the middle of the fight and bumped her shoulder.

  • Erureidan - Hey. You nearly shot me a while ago. Pay attention to where you're aiming that gun.

Kalcedia turned to Erureidan and blew a kiss at him, grinning after she did. Credavan's mechanical soldiers continued firing at the mutants, some of them engaging in suppressive patterns to distract the mutants.

  • Kalcedia - How about you pay attention on aiming your "gun"?
  • Erureidan - Hmmmm. Say, after this is done, you and me could have a drink or ten together.
  • Kalcedia - Heh, how about thirty, maybe forty?
  • Wragrot - What is that guy doing?
  • Venoriel - Hm. Interesting.

Credavan and his marines fired in alternating patterns at the mutants, with other squad members deploying plasma throwers to burn away mutant and planetary flesh alike. Kithworto's body flared as an aura of Death Energy engulfed him, and he unleashed attacks which tore the mutants apart in seconds. Erureidan joined the fray and used his psychic powers to fling the abominations across the dome around like ragdolls, while Councillor Xeron charged at them, his army behind him. Venoriel stomped the ground and lifted the mutants in the air, watching them spin their appendages helplessly as they were suspended by the Radeon's psychic abilities. Smiling, but also severely disgusted, she walked from mutant to mutant, analysing each's physical composition and appearance.

  • Venoriel - Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. - Venoriel stared into the black, tormented eyes of one of the misshapen monstrosities. - This design is completely unfeasible and unsuited for combat. This Vorius, whoever he might be, lacks any taste in military organisation. - Venoriel laughed as she cut the mutant's throat off - Destroy these brutes. Free them of their misery.

The Purifiers of Zamhareer that followed Venoriel acquiesced, incinerating the mutants immobilised by their commander with plasma fire. Venoriel watched smiling as they slowly died; their faces - or, rather, the twisted visages that were once faces - all had a shared expression of relief on their faces. Kalcedia aimed and fired systematically, exploding mutants as she struck their bodies with hypermatter rounds. She glanced towards the mutants that Venoriel had suspended in the air and fired a round at each one, exploding their innards and blood all over the Radeon commander with a grin.

Kirlisir smirked and fought alongside her brother-in-arms, slashing the abhorrent mutants to pieces with her Witch Gauntlets while her psychic powers threw back anything that attempted to flank her from behind. Vekaron cut through the flesh giants with his blade, while Wragrot fired his shotgun. Kilchárunya fired at them while yelling in anger, while Kamaris blasted them his cannon, throwing flesh chunks all over the chamber. Vansenk remained behind the rest of his Penumbran team, allowing his nanomachines to infest within the titans that they assaulted. He allowed his machines to wreck havoc upon their internal systems, causing their muscles to spasm and forcing suicide upon them as they tore themselves to pieces, overwhelmed with pain and infection.

Nearby, a massive horde of creatures from the World attacked, aiming to come at the from behind and flank them. But within seconds of entering the proximity of nearby explosives, they exploded. And from the explosions, showers of blood and flying parts all over the place.

  • Xaltsa - ...What? My bombs were not meant to do that! They were meant to look pretty! And fabulous! And they look...UGLY!! VORIUS YOU WILL DIE!!!

In rage, Xaltsa threw more bombs at the enemies. But each bomb he threw intensified his rage as the explosions looked uglier and uglier.

  • Zalk'don - sik bomz
  • Xaltsa - NO!!! THEY ARE DREADFUL!!!
  • Venoriel - That's the art of war.
  • Kalcedia - Stop being a sissy boy, Xaltsa, this isn't your bedroom. You can't act like a woman here.
  • Xaltsa - My bombs are art! THAT IS NOT ART! THAT IS RUINATION OF ART!

Torrent and Dark Grip turned their attention to Kalcedia as she spoke, before the Kvargo began whispering at their ears. Some of them began laughing while Dolgal Tuchaki hissed in disgust. Tetra and his team assaulted the aberrations, with Tetra tearing them down with his blades while his team mates, Vesinash, Lirtelta, and Traslia, dealt with the mutants in their own exclusive way; Vesinash used her sniper to blow their brains out, Lirtelta smashed them into pieces with her bare hands, and Traslia threw them all over the place. Zarkhator the First's eyes illuminated with a deep, terrifying red, and he grinned; the mutants that had not been killed imploded on themselves by a horrifyingly strong, invisible psychic force, reduced to little more than pools of blood and other liquified remains.

Soldiers of the entire army fired their weapons at the Regnatus Shard, but the barrier around it protected it from all damage. A blast of energy was launched out of it, launching soldiers across the dome while downright killing any of them too close to it.

  • World of Corpses - THE GOD CANNOT DIE.
  • Kilchárunya -How the hell are we supposed to fight that?
  • Kamaris - It suffers no damage from our attacks.
  • Vekaron - Hmm...think, Vekaron. Think...
  • Erureidan - What in the Composer's name is even that thing? I've never felt some much mind power in my life.
  • Vekaron - Mind...power...that's it!

Inside the Mind of a God[]

Vekaron turned to Tuolog's direction.

  • Vekaron - Tuolog! I need your aid.
  • Tuolog - Hmm?
  • Vekaron - Remember back in the Great War, when you sent us to Khensu's mind?
  • Tuolog - Somewhat...I believe?
  • Vekaron - Do that again. Upload me and my team into the Shard's mind.
  • Kilchárunya - ...Well. Vekaron's gone insane.
  • Kirlisir - You sure you wanna do that, Vek?
  • Vekaron - I remember the Spawn of Vengeance's last words. He said a piece of Regnatus' soul is still in that shard. If we do that, we can attack it directly. We can kill it from inside out.
  • Kamaris - I do believe we have no choice in this.
  • Kilchárunya - Fuck this mission, seriously.
  • Venoriel - Do you suggest subverting the creature's mind? A sound strategy, but - will you survive? Bravery is needed on the battlefield, but the truth is if fighting will not result in victory, then you must not fight.
  • Credavan - I have no idea what you're talking about and it all sounds like insanity but I don't see you changing your mind.

Tuolog entered a meditative position and began chanting. Vekaron beckoned his team to keep close to him. Kirlisir approached and held onto Vekaron's side, while Vansenk stood behind Vekaron. Tetra looked to Vekaron with an impressed, bewildered expression and made a salute towards him.

  • Vekaron - The rest of the army, keep the mutants at bay while we deal with the Shard. Wish us luck.

Tuolog opened a portal in front of them. Vekaron smiled to Kirlisir as he stepped into the portal. Wragrot mumbled to himself as he followed, and after him went Kamaris and an irritated Kilcharunya. Kirlisir walked beside Vekaron as they entered through the rift, while Vansenk slithered, morphing his nanomachines into a scythe with a toothy, repulsive grin across his face. With the portal closing behind them, Vekaron's team vanished. Torrent looked at where the portal once stood and smirked to himself.

  • Torrent - Huh. Good luck, old pal.

Vekaron and his team opened their eyes to find themselves in a new location. It appeared as an infinite, pitch-black void. While they were standing on their feet, there was no floor below them.

  • Kirlisir - ...Are we in space?
  • Vansenk - Space? We're in space? SPAAACE!

Vekaron held on his head, still trying to adapt himself to the realm, while Wragrot shook from side to side, growing dizzy. In a distance, a small entity was visible. It appeared as an one-winged angel, carrying a weapon of some sort. Kirlisir pointed one of her fingers at the creature, while Vansenk prepared his scythe. His eyes were narrowed and he entered a stance, grasping his weapon tightly.

  • Kirlisir - G-Guys... What's that over there?
  • Vekaron - Huh? What's what...oh.
  • Kamaris - Is that our target?
  • Kilchárunya - Seems pretty teeny.

The angel approached the team, and as it did, it grew in size considerably, becoming nearly three times Wragrot's size. it appeared as a white, eye Kormavar, with one of his arms replaced with a disfigurated wing-like structure. At where his hand should be was a piece of metal, identical to the Regnatus Shard, and out of it, an immense sword. Kirlisir gulped as she looked upon the distorted visage of the Kormacvar and entered a stance, although she shook where she stood. Vansenk meanwhile muttered to himself. Vekaron prepared his blade while Kilchárunya stepped back, holding on her gun. Wragrot channeled energy his hands and Kamaris readied his cannon. The angel, Regnatus' soul, let out a shriek at the team which echoed through the realm.

Vekaron and his team confront Regnatus' soul

  • Vekaron - This is it! Attack! Destroy him once and for all!
  • Kilchárunya - I can't emphatize how much I hate you all right now!
  • Kirlisir - T-Try... Try not to die!
  • Kamaris - I'm afraid I can't promise that.

Kirlisir ran forward, launching psychic blasts towards Regnatus while dancing through the realm, Vansenk meanwhile knew that his nanomachines would not affect the beast and thus ran forward alongside, swinging and spinning his scythe. Kilchárunya, Kamaris ans Wragrot all fired their weapons at the soul while Vekaron charged at it, his blade in hand. Regnatus shrieked again and swung his weapon, tearing a cut through his own mind as he barely missed Kirlisir and Vansenk. The cut part of his mind briefly showed strange, deranged visions of Regnatus' memories before it quickly closed itself again.

  • Kirlisir - The hell was that?!

Kirlisir went in to charge Regnatus and slashed her blades towards him. As she did so, Vansenk flanked Regnatus from behind and leaped, swinging his scythe downwards in an attempt to lodge it into the Kormacvar's spine. The attacks caused the frail, demented soul to stumble back as it was attacked by the team. Vekaron thrust his blade at it, while it swung his own weapon. Wragrot was hit across the chest and launched backwards, a large open wounds visible on his chest.

  • Wragrot - Aaaaack!
  • Kilchárunya - Shit.

Kirlisir leaped from behind Vekaron and landed on his shoulders. Clenching her palms, she proceeded to unleash a barrage of psychic attacks at the Kormacvar before leaping towards its face, her claws outstretched. Regnatus launched his wing at Kirlisir, grasping her with it and trapping her. He spun in place before putting the Rovegar's face close to his, and with opening his mouth, he began devouring her own soul. Kirlisir screamed loudly as Regnatus began the process of consuming her soul and spirit, shrieking violently as she attempted in a futile manner to release herself from the Kormacvar's grasp. Vekaron growled in anger and leaped at Regnatus, slashing his wing with his blade repeatedly until it shrieked out in pain and let go of Kirlisir, who fell on the ground.

Kirlisir slammed against the ground and curled into a ball, shivering and shaking with fear. She spurted some blood from her mouth and her armour appeared damaged. From behind, Vansenk continued digging his scythe into the god's back and spine, with the intent of tearing or ripping it from its body. Regnatus shook himself, trying to get Vansenk off, shrieking loudly as he did. He swung his blade vertically with the intention of hitting and finishing Kirlisir off, but Vekaron leaped at her and shoved her out of the way. The blade hit and severed the tip of Vekaron's tail, making him yell out in pain. Kamaris used the opportunity and blasted Regnatus' head with his cannon, breaking one of his horns.

With an opening made in the demon's flesh, Vansenk narrowed his eyes and focused, passing his nanomachines beneath the skin and into the innards of the beast, intending to wreck havoc with Regnatus' internal systems. As he did, he felt a maddening presence, one that began to scare him. Kirlisir watched as Kamaris attacked Regnatus and turned to Vekaron, bewildered. Regnatus thrashed in place and began spinning around himself extremely fast, trying to launch Vansenk away from him. As he did so, he thrusted his gigantic blade again, stabbing through Kilchárunya's chest and skewering through her back. The Kicath warrior yelled out before falling down, blacking out.

  • Kamaris - Kilchárunya!
  • Wragrot - Ah shit, I'm dying over here.

Vansenk threw himself from Regnatus' back and rolled across the floor. grunting as he came to impact it. His nanomachines however remained within the Kormacvar demigod, wrecking havoc within him, and he attempted to stand and grasp ahold of his scythe again. Kirlisir stood up and backed away from Regnatus, limping.

  • Kirlisir - W-What do we do?!
  • Vekaron - Urk...I don't-

Regnatus created a sphere of essence above his wing and threw it at Kamaris' direction. The Mahanayan Colossus tried to jump out of the way, but the sphere exploded, launching him away. He fell down, standing on one knee, incapable of getting up. The soul looked down at Vansenk and struck at him, making a slash through his chest. Vekaron, enraged to see his team falling, leaped at Regnatus' chest and began stabbing it repeatedly, causing the mad soul to shriek in pain. Kirlisir meanwhile could see a small Wranploer appearing on the realm, who grew in size every time Regnatus was attacked.

  • Kirlisir - W-What the... I-Is that V-Vorius? ...Urgh... dammit...

With Vansenk defeated, Regnatus then send his blade at Kirlisir, striking her across the stomach with enough strength to knock her away, though she still managed to keep awake. Vekaron meanwhile kept stabbing the soul, who lost its balance due to Vansenk's nanomachines, sending a gaseous white "blood" all over itself. The Wranploer began walking at their direction, still growing in size. Kirlisir could only remain still as she saw the Wranploer gaining mass and enlargening, before looking downwards to observe some of her guts hanging out from the wound inflicted against her stomach. She was bleeding heavily, her blood spilled across the realm in a messy smear.

  • Kirlisir - V-Vekaron!
  • Vekaron - Huh?

Vekaron looked at Kirlisir's state and was taken by surprise, giving enough time for Regnatus to throw him off and slash him across the torso, creating a large, bloodied wound and knocking him into next to Kirlisir. The soul, battered by all the attacks, still stood alive, and it let out an echoing shriek at the duo as it prepared to slash at them again. Kirlisir gasped as Vekaron was thrown beside her and reached out towards him, placing a hand on his shoulder desparately. She was breathing heavily and she curled up weakly, glancing towards the bitter, hateful soul before looking back towards Vekaron.

  • Kirlisir - W-We failed... d-didn't we?
  • Vekaron - I'm...I'm sorry...

Regnatus sent his blade at them. Their mission a failure, they would now be out of its way once and for all. Or so it seemed. Something appeared out of Regnatus' right and delivered a mighty punch at its head, sending the mad god flying across the realm. It was the Wranploer, who had now grown even bigger than Regnatus himself.

  • Vorius - Get out of my mind!!

Vorius hammered the soul of Regnatus repeatedly, each attack making it shrink more and more. The soul of the Wranploer, tortured by the shard for so long, was not getting his vengeance thanks to Vekaron and his team. Charging another punch, he sent his fist at the soul's chest, sending a punch which penetrated Regnatus all the way to his back. The soul let out a scream as it dissipated into nothing, exploding in a spectacle of white lights. Vekaron and Kirlisir watched as Regnatus had finally been vanquished. Vorius' soul turned to them with a smile and nodded before dissipating himself, having lost his body and thus died out a long time ago. The Zoles and the Rovegar finally blacked out, and the team was left alone, in the realm of nothingness.

Vekaron opened his eyes to see a light above him. He shielded his eyes and tried to sit down, but couldn't due to a sharp pain coming out of his chest. Looking at his sides, he saw that he was now at the medi-bay of his ship. Each member of his team was also present while Vyatak watched over them.

  • Vyatak - Ah. Captain has awaken. About time.
  • Vekaron - Urk...what happened?
  • Vyatak - Victory happened. Shard became inert. World of Corpses died out.
  • Vekaron - What...what about the army?
  • Vyatak - Evacuated. Bombarded World of Corpses from orbit. Destroyed him. Good show.
  • Vekaron - Wait...how long have we been here?
  • Vyatak - Five days. Heavily wounded. Exposed organs. A miracle some of you survived. My skills come in handy now, I imagine.

Vekaron felt something climbing on his bed as Gardin appeared, looking at him with a relieved smile.

  • Gardin - Daddy! You're finally awake!
  • Vekaron - Hello, dear...daddy's still not feeling that good...
  • Vyatak - Well earned victory. Rest now, captain. Others still asleep.
  • Vekaron - Yes...Regnatus is finally gone...I can rest with that in my mind.
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