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This is Year One of the Ice Age.

Founding of the Council[]

One month had passed since the end of the Second Borealis Galactic War. The defeat of Zargoth had brough peace to the Arm of Knowledge, and the space station of Hyperborea was slowly being populated by the many member races of the Polar Crystal Alliance. Fully reactivated, cleaned and ready for use thanks to the Kormacvar Legacy's Caretakers, Grox and Alvino, the station had become the new official capital of the Alliance, replacing the Zoles homeworld of Zoleia.

While the population was moving to the station, the leaders of the founder empires discussed who should represent each empire in the Polar Crystal Council. Eventually coming to a decision, the people of the space station reunited on the main plaza to hear the annoucement.

King Rebaris - Deciding who would join the Council was extremely difficult. We had agreed to not have any actual head-of-state in it so all decisions would be fair among all members.
Chief Major Xerkea - Indeed. Still, after much discussion, we've chosen the best people for the job. For now on, they're in charge of everything.
Kralgon Emperor - As decided, the Council will have full control over the actions of the members, and they may override the orders of any empires if they deem it as necessary. However, don't worry about being fully controlled by it. You still have your governments, your politics, your laws, all in effect.
King Rebaris - Now, people of Borealis, meet the Council!

Being elevated by a platform to next to Rebaris, Xerkea and the Kralgon Emperor were a Zoles, a Niaka and a Galotian.

Zoles - I am Minister Semirian of the Zoles, and I shall represent the Imperium in the Council. It's an honour to serve under the reborn Alliance, and I will do everything under my power for it to strive and surpass the old one.
Niaka - And I am Chief Minor Xeron of the Special Forces, representing the Niaka. I promise to bring order and end all crime on the rest of the galaxy. People of the Polar Crystal Alliance, I will not disappoint you!
Galotian - You should all know me already! I am Valzaria of UNO, and I'll be representing them! It's a pleasure to serve under the banner of the Alliance, and I'll do my best to bring peace to all the galaxy, and beyound.

The people of Hyperborea clapped and cheered for the Council. As the festivities commenced, the Council were called over by Arkarixus, who wished to discuss their first plans for the galaxy.

New Wranploer Legion[]

The Borealis Consortium Network. Formerly the most powerful empire of the Arm of Wildness, an empire led by the tyrannical General Volim and Falrik Zaarkhun, who strived for the domination and slavery of the entire Borelais Galaxy...and it laid broken. The former superpower had been completely divided.

The Wranploer, rulers of the Consortium, had Volim as a leader for almost 2,000 years. And now, he was dead. They were left completely confused, in complete disarray. And to add insult to injury, the Polar Crystal Alliance had glassed Vijaha to oblivion. Being leaderless had never happened to the Wranploer before. How would they fix such an issue?

The richest and most influential warlords of the Consortium started fighting each other, each desiring Volim's throne. Each claimed they deserved it more than the others, and as such, the Consortium shattered like a cup of glass falling on the ground. Each warlord had his own remnant, trying to take over the others through force.

However, one man returned from apparent death one day.

He made his way through the palace of Warlord Zokarion, his soldiers being in too much fear to try to stop him. Upon meeting eye to eye with the warlord, the Wranploer's eyes widened as he looked at the man. Torrent, with his pet parrot Scallywag on his shoulder.

Zokarion - Commandant Torrent...but, I though you-
Torrent - Were dead? Yes. Everyone does, because I nearly died.

Torrent showed off his left arm. Completely made of cybernetics.

Torrent - After my arm was cut by that Vekaron dog, he left me there to die. Fortunately, some Levarcor soldiers got me out of the fortress before it was completely destroyed. Only three later I would wake up to find out the war was over. To find out Volim was dead.
Zokarion - Yes...we lost the General...

Torrent looked out of a window, with apparent anger.

Torrent - That Zaarkhun...this would not have happened if it wasn't for him.
Zokarion - Excuse me, sir?
Torrent - This is all Zaarkhun's fault, Zokarion! I never trusted his sorry hide. He turned our proud empire into a filthy corporation, forced us to depend on the Zoles to survive...can you believe he at one point desired peace with them?
Zokarion - That's treason to everything we strive for!
Torrent - He led us to our doom. He caused Volim's death. And I'm here to make Volim's work true.
Zokarion - ...I see where you're getting at. And I support it.

Torrent nodded, and then ordered the entire remnant to hear him out. He made a speech.

Torrent - Wranploer! Our old leader is gone! And the Consortium Network is to blame! They made us corrupt our original ideals, our original lifestyles. And what for? We lay broken! Defeated! But I say no more! For now on, we will be back to what we really are! The Wranploer Legion! Let this be a new beginning for us! And those of you who support the old corporation way, you are free to go to Hell and die, because you are not welcome here! In Volim's name, we shall rise again!

Distant Planet[]

A rich Kalda businessman had prepared a very special meeting, uniting various individuals known across the galactic community. Gathering warriors, scientists, explorers, he would send them to investigate the mysterious planet of Macronormus. Extremely few people knew of this planet, and this Kalda was sure it held many secrets.

And so he called those individuals to meet up with him, to prepare for their exploration.

It did not go well.

Piece of Metal[]

At one of the hundreds of Wranploer remnants across the Vijaha Sector, a certain, small one was having a normal day. Or so it seemed. Its warlord had just received a piece of material he had looted months ago, and finally had the chance to add it to his base. Any normal Wranploer would decorate his home with gold, silver, jewels, or even skulls of dead Zoles. But this was no ordinary looting.

It was a shard of Regnatus' body.

This particular piece of metal was about as large as a Wranploer's arm. Hundreds of thousands of people had looted pieces of Regnatus' body after he was destroyed during the Symphony of Flesh and Steel. However, most of these were tiny, as large as an eyeball at the very most. But this one was surprisingly large, and the warlord, named Vorius, was proud of what he had found. As his servants brough the shard to his room, he laughed.

Vorius - Good, finally! I've been waiting for this to arrive for months now! What took you lot so long?
Soldier - Excuse us, warlord, but there were many problems in getting the loot.
Vorius - What's that?
Soldier - For some reason, whichever mook we got to bring us the thing decided to steal it for themselves. So it was always a case of hunting the thief down and killing them.
Vorius - Hmpf. Bunch of wretches.

Vorius approached the shard and took it on his grasp. The soldier, however, kept staring at it.

Vorius - At least it's with me now...Roykor?
Soldier - ...
Vorius - Roykor, wake up!
Soldier - ...Oh! Sorry, sir. Just daydreaming.
Vorius - Any news from my old friend Nookrul?
Soldier - I'm afraid not, sir. We've not heard of him since his fleet was attacked by the Alvino during the Grox war.
Vorius - Dangit...well, I hope he shows up eventually. You're dismissed.

The soldier left the room, and Vorius sat on his chair, admiring his prized shard.

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