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This is a summarized version of the Ice Age, created to highlight its most important canon events for those unwilling to read through its full version.

Year One: Humble Beginning[]

Year Two: The Butcher[]

Year Three: Pirates Empowering[]

  • The indoctrinating shard takes over MiniVorius.png Vorius's mind, rendering him mad. He transforms himself into MiniVorius1.png Vorius the Chimera through the use of elemental energy and Borealis Grox-inspired tech, leading to the creation of the Children of Synthesis.
  • MiniVyatak.png Vyatak is kidnapped by MiniBillig.png Billig Oltauris and forced to create on an AI based on MiniFalrik.png Falrik Zaarkhun's thought patterns.
  • MiniVekaron.png Vekaron and his crew rescue MiniVyatak.png Vyatak, discovering the AI Zaarkhun in the process.
  • The Alliance learns of the Kormacvar Stock Market Exchange.
  • MiniVekaron.png Vekaron begins exploring the Carvious Sector under Alliance orders, initiating first contact with the Shrakanal people.
  • MiniVorius1.png Vorius begins attacking other civilizations, devouring their population in the process.
  • MiniVansenk.png Vansenk joins MiniVekaron.png Vekaron's crew.
  • MiniGenrai.png Genrai Nal and MiniTorrent.png Torrent make a blood pact, forming a partnership between the New Legion and the Guild of Shadows.
  • Wranploer citizens begin surrendering to the Alliance after life quality starts worsening in their remnants.
  • MiniBillig.png Billig Oltauris kidnaps Councillor MiniSemirian.png Semirian of the Alliance.

Year Four: Universal Danger[]

Year Five: Rise of the Benefactor[]

Year Six: The World of Corpses[]

  • MiniVorius1.png Vorius's attacks on the galaxy become much more common and aggressive.
  • MiniKirlisir.png Kirlisir begins training MiniGardin.png Gardin in Witch Gauntlet combat.
  • MiniBillig2.png Billig Oltauris returns from Insomnia, transformed into an undead. Him and MiniTorrent.png Torrent agree to join forces against the Children of Synthesis.
  • MiniBillig2.png Billig Oltauris's return marks the beginning of the Oltauris Consortium.
  • Exile Station is founded.
  • MiniVekaron.png Vekaron and his crew boards the Iron Fist and learns of MiniVorius1.png Vorius's plan to grow to planet-sized proportions.
  • The MiniSpawn.png Spawn of Vengeance attempts to break free of MiniVorius1.png Vorius but fails to be its own hive master. It is then slain by MiniVekaron.png Vekaron.
  • The Iron Fist is destroyed.
  • The Polar Crystal Alliance agrees to work with MiniTorrent.png Torrent and MiniBillig2.png Billig Oltauris to defeat MiniVorius1.png Vorius.
  • MiniBlank.png Valserion Khaxvis kidnaps Councillor MiniXeron.png Xeron of the Alliance.
  • MiniXerkea.png Xerkea and MiniCorteus.png Corteus rescue MiniXeron.png Xeron from the Khaxvis Resurgence.
  • MiniVorius1.png Vorius becomes the World of Corpses, a planet-sized mass of living tissue connected through MiniRegnatus.png Regnatus's power.
  • The Polar Crystal Alliance finds the World of Corpses and leads a fleet of allied empires to destroy it.
  • MiniVekaron.png Vekaron and his team venture into MiniVorius1.png Vorius's mind and slay MiniRegnatus.png Regnatus's lingering soul.
  • The Children of Synthesis die out.

Year Seven: Wrath of the Warlord[]


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