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This galaxy is our legacy. We shall make it strive for an eternity to come.

- Arkarixus

The Ice Age is the name given to the era of the Borealis Galaxy after the end of the Second Borealis Galactic War. With half of the galaxy united under the banner of the Polar Crystal Alliance and most old threats either defeated or destroyed completely, the formerly dystopian galaxy was slowly getting itself together and becoming a notable member of the galactic community.

However, the other half of the galaxy was still suffering from the effects of the War Economy and the Wranploer's tyranny, with many remnants of their original empire scattered around, causing trouble. And also, many secrets were still awaiting to be found. The Polar Crystal Alliance's adventures were only beginning.

Participants Edit

Years Edit

Year One: Humble Beginning Edit


See here: Ice Age, Year One

Brief but important, the first year of the Ice Age was only the two last months of the Earth year 2791. Despite being short, it was at this year that the Polar Crystal Council was founded, as well as Captain Torrent's New Wranploer Legion.

Year Two: The Butcher Edit


See here: Ice Age, Year Two

The first full-year of the Ice Age, it marked the birth of the Alliance's Penumbra Unit, as well as the rise of the Old Niaka Order, among other criminal forces. Meanwhile, the Alliance prepared for their new mission of "educating" the Arm of Wildness.

Year Three: Pirates Empowering Edit


See here: Ice Age, Year Three

With the rise of more and more criminal organizations, Borealis' situation was starting to deteriorate again. Torrent's New Wranploer Legion, Billig Oltauris's Oltauris Consortium and Vorius' Warband were starting to dominate the Arm of Wildness, bring it to ruin once more. And to make things worse, the Old Niaka Order desired conquest. Is the golden era of the Polar Crystal Alliance already ending?

Year Four: Universal Danger Edit


See here: Ice Age, Year Four

The entire universe suddenly saw itself under threat when Billig revealed Zargoth was still alive after all. Meanwhile, Torrent and Vorius grew in power, while the Penumbra Unit grew in number and gained an enemy in the Imalmah Hegemony. The galaxy would also be shaken by the Xhodocto Dominion invasion of Gratz'kaoz, in the event known as Da Blak Kroozade.

Year Five: Rise of the Benefactor Edit


See here: Ice Age, Year Five

With the end of Da Blak Kroozade and the Mass Armageddon following it, the universal threat had ended and Borealis returned to normal. With Torrent gone missing and Billig vanished, it seemed the situation was about to get better at last. However, the Benefactor's words reached Borealis, spreading a message of chaos and anarchy, and the mutant Vorius was still at large, growing more and more in power each day.

Year Six: The World of Corpses Edit


See here: Ice Age, Year Six

With Angazhar and the Benefactor defeated, the galaxy was hit by several months of peace. However, away from the eyes of the Alliance, Vorius and the Children of Synthesis got closer and closer to finally achieving their goal. Vorius was about to make the galaxy fear him like the galaxy had feared the very being that led to his creation: Regnatus.

Year Seven: Wrath of the Warlord Edit


See here: Ice Age, Year Seven

With Vorius and the Children of Synthesis destroyed Regnatus' presence had been finally vanquished from Borealis. However, the peace did not last for long, as the Murgur Warbands were caught by a scheme of forced unification and enslaving. Torrent and the New Wranploer Legion also desired conquest, having their plans foiled in the past. The Kvargo warlord would do whatever it took to get control of Borealis, and he wanted the Polar Crystal Alliance buried beneath his feet.

Substories Edit

Distant Planet

See here

When an unique group ranging from soldiers to explorers and scientists crashes on a planet where the most basic predator towers over them, they must join forces with the small plant-like aliens known as Mikmik to survive and fix their spaceship...

Da Blak Kroozade

See here

Da Blak Kroozade is the name given by the Loron to the final invasion led by the diabolical Gratz'kaoz. This time attacking the Borealis Galaxy, he sought to become the greatest Loron to have ever existed to regain the favour of Kolossus and the Dominion of the Xhodocto. However, he would get caught into things far greater than he expected...

See here

I said STOP making that CLICKING NOISE.

Son of Gotla

See here

The Polar Crystal Alliance Council chose numerous Penumbrans to serve as extensions of their will. Among them was the young Krektal named Tetra. After being ordered to investigate an attack on a Rovegar world, he would be caught in much bigger things than he imagined...

See here

For the first time, I am doing something of my own will, for myself. Or was it the second time? Perhaps. I am Genrai Nal. And from this day forth, until I am finished, I am to atone for my sins. There is something that I must do, before I continue. I am a killer, and I will kill. But I am killing for myself now.

-From the manifesto of a fallen warrior.

See here

With Torrent and the New Wranploer Legion defeated, Vekaron and his team were left to their own devices for the rest of 2797. However, each of his close associates would come to be bothered by personal matters. It would be up for the Penumbran to aid his teammates in their time of need.

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Summary Edit

For a very summarized version of the Ice Age, see here. It serves as a quick way to understand all of its main key points, in order to learn all of its relevant canon. Also take a look at the cast list to find out all the characters present in the story.

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  • The Ice Age was the featured story of June 2013.
    • The sub-plot Son of Gotla was the featured story of September 2014.
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