The Hutter Kingdom is a large empire within the Quadrant Galaxies. A galactic player, hailing from Quadrant 89 the Hutter Kingdom became known as a kingdom of proud and ruthless warriors, capable of using cloacking devices onboard their ships. During it's history, the Hutter Kingdom became involved in the Galaxies at War, fighting to protect themselves during the Second Galactic War and the Dark Times. More importantly, after Rambo Nation, once close allies were placed under the "protectrate" of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Kingdom saw it chance to become the dominant power within the Quadrants and began preparing itself to expand it's influance and power by conquest!

After their incursion into Quadrant 82 and their involvement in the Torments, the Kingdom stood against Rambo Nation with relations rapidly detoriating between the two major powers.

In 2820 the Kingdom fell apart after the extinction of the Hutters and was reformed into the Hutter Sodality.


Old Kingdom[]

Though allies, the Rambo and the Hutter often stood against eachother due to differant visions and believes

The origins of the Hutter Kingdom lies with it's founding species, the Hutter. The Hutters were able to reach space in the year 2000 BQF and soon began to explore their nearby space. In the early space years they soon made contact with the Rambulan Star Empire and the Swerion Trade Federation and managed to live in peace with them. But when the Hutters wanted to explore the north, they soon encounterd the Quadrantia Grox and the Hutters didn't go to that sector of Quadrant 89 anymore for many many years. In the following years the Hutters became involved in conflicts with the Rambulan, made first contact with Rambo Nation and during outbreak of the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, the Hutters became a galactic player within the Cyrandia Cluster! After Rambo Nation was placed under the protectrate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, tensions began to rise and grew even worse when the Empire destroyed Tigma IV, killing billions of innoccent citizens. Ever since the Kingdom prepared their forces to wage war upon Quadrant 82 and the Empire!

Kingdom under Kael'Thalas Bloodwing[]

Battle of the Infernal

The Hutters, growing disatisfied with the rest of the Quadrant Galaxies see their chance and decide to expand the Kingdom with new species and territories by conquest under the false directions of the demonic entity known as Liloth.

Change of leadership

One of her first moves was to convince the Hutters to siege the Infernal during the first month of 07 AQF, a powerful rouge star destroyer under command of Mortikran. With rising border tensions and the use of the Q89-Q82 wormhole led to an incident with Rambo Nation, other nations grew weary of the Hutters and diplomat Ca'Lippe summoned various other nations for summit at Lianna-station that led to the signing of the Lianna Initiative. An Initiative fleet managed to intercept both the Infernal and the Hutter fleet and managed to gain the upperhand, utterly defeating the Hutter fleet.

The Kingdom is formed under Kael’Thalas Bloodwing, witnessed and supported by Lady Liandra of Ramalivua; the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel warlord Anjulius Gaitonius; Hutter general Hut'Pmec and the demonic entity Liloth and the or cwarlord Bolgrash Bloodhammer

Since then the Kingdom is reinforcing their borders, resulting in tensions with neighbouring empires like the Regellis Star Empire and the Ca'Leon. For the rest of the Quadrants these new hostilities by the Kingdom came to their surprise, but a far darker truth lies beneath that. Revealed a month later when the Sinleri prince Kael’Thalas Bloodwing killed the King and usurped the rule over the Kingdom. Sinleri Lady Liandra of Ramalivua; the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel warlord Anjulius Gaitonius; Hutter general Hut'Pmec and the demonic entity Liloth. The room, guarded by Sinleri guards and the Wronly Knights, they all awaited their last arrival, the dangerous orc known as Bolgrash Bloodhammer.

The Hutter fleet arrives in Q82!

Afterwards, the Kingdom was officially expanded and former under Kael'Thalas, now known as the Quadrantia Prince. He ordered his new subjects and lieutenants to await time and train their own species in the use of the Hutter space ships, waiting for the right time to strike against the Cyrandia Cluster.

The time to act came a few months later when the 6th fleet entered Q82 and marched upon Thelliria and started to "purge" the neutral territories of non-Quadrantians and Cyrannians, rising tensions within Quadrant 82 and threatening the hard won peace! The Hutters were dealt a major blow in July of 08 AQF, when the Blood Prince was killed by the Tormentor during the Torments of Arcaniox. The following relocation to Quadrant 82 made the Hutter Kingdom even more confused though only increased their hatred for Rambo Nation even more, whom they blame for failing to "protect" the Quadrants. In the fall-out, the Hutters continued their hostilities against Rambo Nation at large, both sides wondering when it would surely come to all out war! An event that both sides were unwilling to engage each other in at the moment.

During the climatic events known as the Torments of Arcaniox, the Hutter Kingdom suffered a major loss when Kael'Thalas was killed by the entity Tormentor whom changed the geographic lay-out of the Quadrant Galaxies. The entity was stopped, but the political break-out almost crippled the Kingdom, yet all the other major powers among them the Rambo struggled with this new geographic lay-out wich allowed the Kingdom to recover.

Struggle for Dominance[]

In december 15 AQF, 7 years after their loss at Arcaniox the Kingdom faced Rambo Nation once more in battle. Though border conflicts were frequent, as well as crippling attacks on each other ships no foresaw that High King Rambert Ramveral would send a Rambo invasion fleet to liberate Thelliria. During the battle the Kingdom faced defeat though forced the Rambo to retreat after they started bombarding the Thellirian settlements. Shortly after, relations detoriated even more and many people feared the Rambo and Hutter would go against each other in open war.

Battle of the Warp Gate

Shortly after they made an incursion into the NZTO to locate and liberate the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel there and were the direct cause Rambo Nation raised the infamous Gorge in 19 AQF. After the incident the Kingdom made a shady pact with France though it remains to be seen how the Kingdom will honor such agreements. As the Gorge raised tensions between France and the Rambo, the Hutters looked in amusement as it benefited their own goals.

Hutter delegation meets with the Rambo delegation in secret to cease hostilities (12-20 AQF)

However, by 20 AQF the Kingdom itself grew concerned of the massive build up in the NZTO and feared that it might be a prelude of invasion by Milky Way forces to conquer the Quadrant Galaxies. Since the beginning of 20 AQF, the Kingdom began heavily inforcing the area around the Tigma system and closed it borders.

In october of 20 AQF the Hutters attempted to siege the Interdimensional Warp Gate during the Crossing Line-incident. The Hutters failed and retreated after the construct was destroyed by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. By december 20 AQF, Stekius Gaivel ascended to the position of High Lord and became the new ruler over the Kingdom. One of his first acts was to make an unofficial agreement with Rambo Nation that ended hostilities between the two powers for now. It also ensured both empires to aid each other if France, a rising power would move unprovoked against either of them.


As the future is always in motion, their are a few futures known in reality or alternate futures where as the Hutters managed to survive and thrive.


The Kingdom's government changed drastically after the arrival of the elven Sinleri and the usurping of power by the Quadrantia Prince Kael'Thalas Bloodwing. Leadership of the Kingdom was always in hand of a sole leader, aided by the Hutter Defense Force it's generals.

Ever since 07 AQF, when Kael'Thalas gained power of the Kingdom, he disbanded this way of ruling and instead formed his own war council to aid him in his decisions or to fight his coming battles. The Warcouncil consists out of representatives for each of the species present within the Kingdom, having each an equal vote. Sadly, there is much mistrust within the War Council, with differant ideals and visions, marking the Kingdom's government as fragile and with a high possibility to fall if Kael'Thalas should pass away.

Currently the government consists out of the following individuals:

Image Name and describtion Image Name and describtion
Kael’Thalas Bloodwing2.png Name:Kael'Thalas Bloodwing
Former leader of the Hutter Kingdom
Nicknamed the Quadrantia Prince
Commander Stekius Gaivel.png Name:Stekius Gaivel
Race:Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel
High Lord and leader of the Hutter Kingdom
Anjulius GaitoniusLArge.png Name:Anjulius Gaitonius
Race:Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel
Warlord upon the War Council
BloodhammerLarge.png Name:Bolgrash Bloodhammer
Race:Ramalivua brown Orc
Warlord upon the War Council
Hut'Pmec.png Name:General Hut'Pmec
General upon the War Council
Lady Liandra01.png Name:Lady Liandra
Warlady upon the War Council and mage
Alive but in Rambo Prison
LilothV2.png Name:Liloth

Notable Individuals[]

The Kingdoms features some notable individuals that serve within the Kingdom.

Image Name and describtion Status
Hut'Kraang.png Name:Hut'Kraang
Captain of a D-5 cruiser

Hutter Planets[]


Huttlangia Template

Huttlangia Capital City

The Hutter have called their home planet Huttlangia, wich is located deep within their territories.

The large planet is heavily defended by orbital space station, filled with dry-docks and Hutter ships. The heavily guarded planet is one of the best defended within Quadrant 89. The planet is quite dry, with little green and large mushrooms as it's flora. Very little wildlife is found at Huttlangia as well, most of it died during an ecologic disaster in the past. During the planets excistance, it came under attack in 0 BQF by the Imperial Alliance for the first time and was conquered by it's overwhelming numbers. Later one the planet was liberated again.

The cities and villages found at the planet as diverse, ranging from small to large. The capital city lies within a valley, wich has been filled up with constructions. In the middle of the city their capital building is constructed, the palace of the High King of the Kingdom. Near the north of the city the skyscrapers reach into the skies, while found at differant portions at the city the massive factories that provide, food, energy among things are found. The cities and buildings of the Hutters are marked by their dark green and red coloring.

Other planets

  • Tigma III: Tigma three is a large planet, it is filled with massive dry-docks and shipyards and is one of the more crowded planets. It is located close to the Rambo-Hutter border in the east of the Hutter territories.
  • Tigma IV: Tigma four was the sister planet of Tigma III, destroyed by Zillum as a warning not to risk the wrath of the Empire. The planet housed over a billion citizens, specialised in farming. The loss of Tigma IV gave the Hutter Kingdom a great setback in their production of food.

Ship Classes[]

The ship classes of the Hutter Kingdom are easily recognised by the green colors and their ability of cloacking.

Ship images made by Cyrannian



Blue face.pngWe do not believe alliances last forever!

  • None at the moment

Orange face.pngDo not face our wrath, or our melody will destroy you!

  • Ca'Leon - Better keep these on your friendly side
  • Caizini - We seemingly destroyed a freighter of them, now they are angry at us. How amusing
  • Delpha Coalition of Planets - Whatever happened to these guys?
  • France - Foreign invaders, for now we tolerate your presence as it benefits us.
  • New Cyrannian Republic - Be warned, we are watching your every move!
  • Rambo Nation - Once allies, now allowing subject to an Empire. How dishonorable!
  • Xiaan - Not sure about them to say the least

Red face.pngOur enemies!

Affraid of

Face threatened.pngRetreat! All hands retreat!


  • The Hutters admire the Rambo for there role they have played in the universe.
  • The Hutters still hate the Rambulans and they are the sworn enemies of them.
  • It is said that one of the Rambo Gods gave Venocios the abilities to creature the Hutters, thus makes them part of Dinoman82's protection.


Destroyers of undefended freighters!

- Caizini

Brave warriors, yet quick to anger and unpredictable

- Rambo Nation

Perhaps an alliance with them would be useful. I can't say that I trust them however.

- Apaltar


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