The Human Republic is known throughout the galaxy as harbingers of wealth and prosperity. After discovering space flight, it began its journey, charging headlong into the very questions of market and trade. As philosophy never interested the species, many commanders rue the day that they break an unwritten rule of Spode on a foreign planet.

The first song that human children learn is "Returns are earned through thinking, yes they are" to the tune of "She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain when She Comes", and many view this song to be more valuable than the national anthem "Oh High Returns" (music from "Oh Canada"). Nothing can stop this species from closing the biggset property deals in the galaxy, many have tried, all have failed.

History Edit

Classified. I'll have to pry this information from the Alpha-Librarian's cold dead hands.

Ships Of the Human Republic Edit

The Human Empire has four main battle cruisers in its fleets, as well as a few very old and very new ships for nostalgia and experiments, respectively. The cruisers are used sparingly to avoid the hatred of warmongers, and the subsequent loss of trade. Due to the fact that battle is not often nessecary, the Human Empire has no fighter carriers or MBS (Main Battle Ship) class ships. Cruisers are a lighter, faster, cheaper, but weaker alternative to heavier craft such as MBS.

Dardanelus Edit



The Daranelus class has the best surveilance systems that the Human empire can offer. What it lacks in weapons it makes up for in its 9.2 TSL (Times Speed of Light) interstellar, 3.2 in solar systems, and sensors capable of detecting the enemy pilot's eyes when he is up to 10 parsecs out, still within his carrier. The Dardanelus is mainly used for patrol and early warning, since it cannot hold its own in a fight with only Minor Proton Missles and a Mini Laser.

Avantus Edit



The Avantus is the premier scout ship of the Human Empire's Navy, offering a whopping 20 TSL interstellar, and a breakneck 4.7 inside solar systems. It truly is, the fastest battle cruiser in the galaxy. The speed of the Avantus made its status as a Battle Cruiser seem strange, since it was faster than two of the slowest destroyers in the Navy. Yet in a ruling by the Supreme Human Court, the Avantus kept its status as a Battle Cruiser due to its Mini Laser, which all destroyers lack.

Nordinius Edit



The Nordinius Class Ship is the best in exploration in the Human empire, boasting a 3,000 non-combat personel capacity, and the supplies and gas mileage to get them there in comfort. It was described as "The Greenest Battle Cruiser in the Galaxy", for its incredible 1/4 metric ton of sporillium to 100 parsecs. On the other hand, it is very slow, and has only a Proton Missle and a Mini Laser to defend itself. The Nordinius also lacks many sensors, leaving it nearly blind in the vaccuum of space.

Thermopalus Edit



This ship is the heaviest and slowest of the battle cruisers, but still capable of 6.3 TSL between stars, and 1.2 within solar systems (intense solar gravity and radiation makes high-speed calculations skewed). Yet the Dardanelus class packs the heaviest punch, with Mega proton missles, Justa Bomb, Shields, Pulse and Laser which make up for its meager speed.

Assault on Kamik' Shi Edit

Taken from Pilot Jack Ribbisal's journal:

"It was a cold autumn morning in the Earth-like atmosphere of our ship. We were just boys, suiting up for our first simulated combat. Our names were Jhon and Reece. We had green flight suits and white helmets, with gray pistol holsters slung around our waists. As we exchanged our usual moring banter about getting out of training and going to war and being heroes. I heard a murmur. Reece seemed to have heard it too, and was scanning the hangars white walls for something moving around.

In the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow moving behind some boxes. I drew my pistol and put in a magazine, telling Reece to do the same. We walked across the room, checking for any signs of movement. I had never fired in anger before, but something in me wanted to see heads roll. I pressed on, crouching behind cover where ever I could. There was nothing new about my surroundings, but I was starting to truly pay attention to every detail. Details like the serial number on my pistol, and the creak in my boots.

Yet I did not think very much, merely gaze. Oddly enough, the fact that my magazine was empty barely registered. I was in a trance, completely oblivious to everything around me. All that I could think about was how attack the threat. I was constantly hearing Reece's footsteps, and they were starting to irk me quite a bit. I told him to stop walking so loudly, but he kept on going. I had to tell him three times before he stopped. That was unusual of Reece, as he would never listen to me. I began to feel even more ill at ease, longing for those reasurring sounds of life, the creaks and thumps of footsteps from a friend.

Reece screamed, so loudly that the echo made me cover my ears. I saw smoke rising from behind a plane. I had gotten the action that I had so desperately wanted.

I hit the hangar floor, crawling away as bright blue pulses singed the air. One almost hit me, and I heard a guttural roar as the bolt flew past. I took cover behind some boxes and looked up, and there I saw the most terrifying thing in my life.

The monster was purple, oozing slime from every pore. It had a head that gleamed in the sun, with deep-set crimson eyes. Its arms were glowing blue, held out in front of it like laser cannons. I sat there, mystified in horror, but nothing could compare to the terror I felt when it pointed those arms at me."

The assault on Kamik' Shi had begun, the demon infantry boarded the ship, destroying all in their path. Not even the greatest human marksmen could land a hit, as they moved in a blur, seemingly everywhere at once. So long as accuracy couldn't be relied upon, automatic shotguns were the weapon of choice.

The number of these demons was small, and were rather quickly disposed of using biological weapons. Yet the true assault was yet to begin- small attack craft peppered the ship and and exposed viewing decks with fire, gunning down about one hundred with every pass. The halls were steaked with blood and gore.

Large ships came, ships even larger than the mighty Thermopalus class. With one blast they could obliderate a turret, with two, a fighter deck. Anarchy was rampant on the bridge and not even Adrian Avartis could remain calm. All seemed lost until the ships of the Human fleet came down, hard. The ship shook with fighters being pulverized as they hurtled into the hull.

All around, space lit up as the great fleet of Kamik' Shi was crushed. There was a catch though; the strewn remains of ships were coming together to form zombie vessels. Try as they might, the human fleet could not permanantly destroy any of them. Everything was tried, every angle, every firing speed, every type of weapon. There was simply no way to stop the horde from breaching the human lines.

Suddenly the vacuum lit up with a new kind of light, the light of human ships being blown to smithereens. There was nothing that could be done to save them and their crews, the escape pods' minimum range was not met. The only thing left to do was to call for help. To call to someone who may have had experience with this horror before. The call, went to Rambo Nation.

When the Rambo Ships arrived, it was almost too late to save the human fleet. The ships were in tatters, and thousands of their crews had been lost. The zombie horde advanced on the fleet, and nothing could stop them. There was a tale of a captain having a bowel movement on the bridge, and falling on an idea. He ordered all of crew on his ships to use the lavatories post haste.

When the tanks of the ships were full, the captain ordered them to be fired at the enemy vessels. None of the cannons would take such munitions, either do to poor fit or small bore. He had to run the gauntlet and release his cargo right between the ships. His first mate told him that it was suicidal, and in a famous quote he replied:

"Fine! Jump off, nobody's stopping you!"

With that he flew the ship right through the middle of the Kamik' Shi fleet. He rode her hard, switching over to manual, and turning off his instruments to gain some peace and quite in the bridge. When the alarms stopped, so did the frantic crew. All they did, all they could do was sit there and watch in awe as their seventy year old captain flew like a maniac.

As he flew out from the horde, he was asked what his plan was. He ran through it with surprising speed, and in the end the cadet figured out what the purpose of lauching the turds was. They were small enough not to be stopped by the shields, and biomechanical ships absorbed the poisonous solids as food. The botulism wreaked havoc on the controls, causing life support systems to go haywire. Oxygen would suddenly flood and then evacuate the chambers. Massive fires burned through to the outside, causing enormous holes in the hulls.

Zombie ships flew no more in Quadrant 82 from that day on.


Many were lost that day, and the widows lined the streets to pay their respects to the dead. A poem was composed by one of them, to honor the fallen and the unique battle they had fought.

Rest now soldier, duty done

'Need no longer fire your gun

Weary trooper, you may rest

This gravestone your strenght attest

Time goes on, in a mighty flow

But mortal life ebbs, you know

Sleep the sleep without an end

Glory to you, oh fallen friend

The battle fought against Kamik 'Shi was the bloodiest ever known to the species. The casualties were staggering, and nobody could even begin to count the slain.

New Life Edit

In the Human Republic, even after great death, came new life. This new life was in the form of genetic material from the zombie ships. It was integrated into test subjects, and showed that life expectancy shot up nearly four-hundred percent. Needless to say, the Human Republic began to enhance itself wildly, and within a few short years, the augmentations were mandadtory. Food no longer needed cooking, and sanitation was a thing of the past, the new immune systems defeated even the hardiest bugs.

The full effects of this substance remain unknown, but some speculate that the zombie DNA is making us into clones of Kamik' Shi.


"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" never seemed to get across to the ever-busy Human Republic Legislature.

New Laws Edit

The Human Republic Senate has recently sent a message urging all empires, republics, and even remote colonies populated by humans to ratify the Intra-species Non Aggression Treaty, or INAT (pronounced Eye-Nat). Under INAT, no member shall attack another member without a vote of confidence from the remaining members.

This treaty's goal is to solidify the position of human beings in the cosmos, and to protect what little we have left from the splintering of our species.

Furthermore, another bill, just passed by the Senate, the Human Free Trade Agreement (HFTA, pronounced hafta), in which no tarrifs on human made goods shall be imposed among members. However, tarrifs on human made goods made by non-members shall be increased to account for a loss of revenue.

The HFTA will be governed by the Interstellar Trade Council (ITC, pronounced itch), which also will preside over an upcoming Interspecies Trade Act (ITA). The ITA will serve to regulate any labor price differences, to prevent exploitation of either humans or other beings as a cheap labor source.

Responses to these agreements are to be directed to Sapius Prime, also known as the Human Republic Chancellor. The Senate wishes you a good day, and happy trading.


President Adrian AvantisEdit

President Adrian Avantis is wily and educated in economics.

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