House Ramveral is the ruling House and Family of the Legatus, crowned in title of Augustus or Augusta, House Ramveral rules supreme over the Legatus with aid of their loyal protectors, the dreaded Praetorians. As a former Noble House of Rambo Nation, House Ramveral holds a considerable influence and prestigen within the entirety of the Ramboidae Realm.

The House features two sigils, their royal insignia featured a crowned head and neck of a full grown Unirilea-Scion. The Golden crown features a green emerald diamond, a reference to the colors of House Ramveral in their original sigil.

Their common sigil features two blue colored crowned Unirilea unicorns of Rambo Prime at a green background. Their motto:
Forward we trot
Furious is our stampede
Dawn is Rising


In 2448 (350 BQF), the planet Rambo Prime was settled by the Rambo Serindia. Within the same year House Ramveral was founded as one of its overseers together with the ancient and noble House Ramcelsior. Both houses prospered over the decades and were on friendly terms. By 2496 (302 BQF) , House Ramveral settled on the planet Fornaeria as well in the outer colonial regions to expand their influence and wealth.

Things propered for the house until 2798 (0 BQF) when the Second Galactic War hit Rambo Prime and suffered under the attack and short occupation by the Imperial Alliance. After the liberation House Ramveral and House Ramcelsior grew odds about creating their own defense forces, with House Ramcelsior refusing to give authority to House Ramveral.

In 2806 (08 AQF), Rambert Ramveral usurped the throne and crowned himself High King of Rambo Nation, thus starting his reign and dynasty. He ruled over the Ramboidae during the Dawn of Divina-events until his demise in 2818 during the Second Great Cyrannus War events known as the Umbra du Elen'nathien-events, shortly followed by the fall of Rambo Nation. During his reign, Rambert alienated much of the Ramboidae allies like the New Cyrannian Republic and the Delpha Coalition of Planets and almost went to war with France.

During the Second Great Cyrannus War in 2820, newly appointed Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral onboard the Autokrator-class star destroyer ICS Thanatos refused to join forces with the Rambo Loyalist and executed an orbital bombardment of his holdings before fleeing to the eastern Ramboidae sectors. Once there, House Ramveral reassured their dominant position within the Legatus when they placed Rambert's son as their rightful monarch and crowned him Augustus.

For the first time in the history of the Serindia, the Serindia species was divided and had two legimate monarchs.


Rambert Ramveral (armor)Large.png High King Rambert Ramveral

Rambert Ramveral usurped the throne and crowned himself High King of Rambo Nation after the passing of its Lord Regent. Unknowingly, his act made Rambo Nation vulnrable though Rambert managed to get the support of the people and most of the noble houses. Rambert turned out to be a decent ruler, though kept some questionable secrets including the infamous salt mines of Pauvenris. His rule however was not without internal strife and problems and after his demise and assasination Rambo Nation fell with him.

Mandator Ser Ramburgo RamveraLarge.png Ser Ramburgo Ramveral

Ser Ramburgo Ramveral is a veteran of the Second Galactic War and the Great Cyrannus War. He was appointed Mandator within the Legatus and now loyally serves the Legatus with a hatred for the Cyrandia Resistance and its associates who killed his nephew and lord, the late High King Rambert Ramveral. He is a Mandator that rules with an iron fist.

Vice admiral Ramtainus.png Lord Ramtainus Ramveral

Lord Ramtainus Ramveral is a legendary former Rambo officer and admiral, a hero and veteran of wars like the Tigris War, the Tralor Civil War and the Great Cyrannus War. He dissapeared in the line of duty upon the dissapearance of the Angforst.

Ramtailia Anna Le RamboLarge.png Queen Regent Ramtailia Anna Le Rambo

Queen Regent Ramtailia Anna Le Rambo is the youngest child of the late Dino Le Rambo I, and the younger sister of Ramashe and wife of the late High King Rambert Ramveral. Ramtailia, often called Anna is a kind and gentle person, more shy and far less a warrior and more gentle then her elder sister, Anna is often seen by the noble families of Rambo Nation as an ordinary individual, not capable of ruling the throne of Rambo Nation in times of strive and war




As the Royal Family of the Legatus and Noble House within the Ramboidae Realm, House Ramveral is allowed to maintain its own military forces to defend its holdings and protect its interessts. The House deploys its owm guard, though lacks any military space crafts as the Royal Family stands under the constant and vigil protection of the might of the Legatus Army and Navy.

Fornaeria Ramveral GuardLarge.png The Ramveral Royal Guard were reputedly the most skilled Serindia warriors in the forces of the Legatus; out of the legions of soldiers, the Augustus' guards were unsurpasse din skill and status. Handpicked by the monarch there loyalty is unquestionable. The qualifications for joining the Guard's ranks included strenght, intelligence, and loyalty.

Recieving advanced training in many forms of combat, the monarchs word was considered law and his guards would obey his or her orders without question or hesistation, even if it meant killing one of their own. The Royal Guards are clad in traditional "Ramveral" armor, dark grey with golden decorations, wielding a sword and a helmet. Their chest plate featured the royal insignia of House Ramveral. They either used a sword or a whip as their preffered choice of weapon.


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