House Ramelzen is a noble house within the Ramboidae Realm that once had their seat on Ramalivua before being driven off by the Orcs. Ever since they settled on Karzhamarhi-Nui and named it their seat of power.

The Sigil of House Ramelzen resembles a red raptor-like creature above the waves, indicating the ancient struggles the house faced and always overcame. Their motto:
Ages Past
Lost from Kin
Returned to the Light
As we Struggle
We Overcome



Seat of House Ramelzen on Karzhamarhi-Nui

9800 years before 2798 (0 BQF) a large group of Rambo Serindia population vanished from their homeworld, the Rambo Capital. These Serindia wound up on the mystical planet known as Ramalivua and thrived within their main settlement, Ramalivua Tirith and fought many a conflict with the Orcs. Siding with the humanoids on Ramalivua House Ramelzen eventually was elected to leaders in 2298 (500 BQF) and as the Lords and Ladies of Ramalivua ensured a period of peace that lasted for decades. During their history the House also gained a favorable relation with the Creckel of Creckabad. Upon encountering their brethern and sisters within Rambo Nation, House Ramelzen pledged fealty to Royal Dynasty.

During the Tertius Bellum-events House Ramelzen and the Serindia were forced to migrate from Ramalivua in 2812 (14 AQF) and found a new home within the subjugated Rambo Nation realm on Karzhamarhi-Nui- a planet in decline after suffering a Confederacy of Allied Systems occupation during the Great Cyrannus War in 2802-2803 (04 AQF - 05 AQF). With their numbers the Serindia relocated and brought new prosper and wealth into the planet and its capital, Ga-Laiquendi grew to become a beacon of tranquility, peace and wisdom within the Ramboidae Realm.

In August 2820, the HRSS Tirith was destroyed by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus when Lord Ramelzen attempted to contact the Rambo Loyalist faction. Lord Ramelzen managed to escape the doomed vessel though. After a secret meeting on Ramrevera, House Ramelzen officially pledged their support to the Loyalist cause after Lord Ramannis Le Rambo agreed to Lord Ramjon's conditions. After Ramanei Joy Feather was liberated from captivity at Pauvenris, Lady Rayria at behalf of House Ramelzen pledged fealthy and her loyalty to the princess.


Members associated with House Ramcelsior:

SerRamjonMartin RamelzenLarge Lord Ramjon Martin Ramelzen
Ramjon is the proud head of House Ramelzen, bold and at times stubborn he leads his house fair and just.
Rayria Mary Ramelzen II(Guard)Large Lady Rayria Mary Ramelzen
Ramjon's sister and a proud knight once in service of House Le Rambo.


House Ramelzen has influence over a single planet within the south-eastern parts of the Serindialiae (or better known as the Ramboidae) Realm.

Karzhamarhi-Nui, a large planet located within the capital region of the Ramboidea Realm of the former glorious and noble Rambo Nation. Located along the Ramsoria Run Trade route and near the fearsome Metruia Nebula. The green/blue colony is known for her peace, silence and wisdom and is the seat of House Ramelzen. The colony is also well known for her hospitality and tolerance for other species and cultures.

The planet is the main seat of power of House Ramelzen.


As a noble House within the Ramboidae Realm, House Ramelzen is allowed to maintain its own military forces to defend its holdings and protect its interessts. The House deploys its own Tirithian guard and various space worthy crafts for the defense of its teritory. The fleet is rather small compared to other larger houses but effective none the less.

Ground Forces
TirithianGuard The Tirithian Guard are clad in bright white and blue decorated armor. Wearing shields and spears the guard serves both a ceremonial as offensive role to ensure the protection of House Ramelzen and its subjects.

Their armor is heavy and limits agility, yet the armor is light and is very endurable.


House Ramelzen starfleet

The starfleet of House Ramelzen consists out of the Tirith-class cargo corvette and the B-wing starfighters. The 350 meter long Tirith-class cargo corvettes are equipped with a combination of basic defenses with an extensive cargo capicity. Its light armanent was made up out of various phasers and laser cannons, it also boast a tractor beam projector and is capable of using both impulse and hyperdrive. It required a crew complement of at least 35.

the B-wing starfighters of House Ramelzen are heavily armed assault starfighters and bombers. As a single-pilot starfighter is agility and speed is unquestionable while its armament is capable of disabling corvettes and frigates. It is equipped with both impulse and a hyperdrive engine. It has an average length of 17 meters.

Ships Deployed

The Tirith-class starships use the prefix HRSS, standing for House Ramelzen StarShip. The various ships of the class are named for places found on both Ramalivua and Karzhamarhi-Nui.


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