House Ramcelsior is a Rambo Serindia noble House within the Ramboidae Realm, often considered a Grand House and one of the most ancient and influential of the Serindia Houses. They once had their main seat of power at Pauvenris before its destruction and were forced to relocate their seat of power to Rambo Prime.

Over the decades House Ramcelsior lost various holdings across the Ramboidae Realm though mainted a powerful and influential house within the Realm, though one often met with discontent due to their own arrogance.

Their sigil features a gold/blue colored warrior knight resembling the Atlantica Barthandel holding a sword. Their motto:
Our Sword Unseathed
Guarding those underneath us
Ours is the fury
Beware thee who stands against us


Château St Selenyia01

Château St Selenyia, House Ramcelsior seat of power at Rambo Prime, 2820

House Ramcelsior origins dates back to before the founding of Rambo Nation, and first records of the house date back to pre 2298 (500 BQF). Staunch supporters of what was to become the Royal Dynasty they were part of the original founders of Rambo Nation and part of the first settlers and explorers of the at that time young Nation.

By 2523 (275 BQF), House Ramcelsior was considered a Grand House and second only to the Royal Dynasty in power and influence. With their main seat of power at Pauvenris, they had colonies and holding across the entire Ramboidae Realm. Yet an incident known as the Planet Buster Incident in 2588 (210 BQF) signaled the start of a slow descent. The House suffered a painful blow when it lost Vietara shortly after the Algernon War and was dealt a crippling blow in 2799 (01 AQF) when the Xhodocto destroyed Pauvenris. House Ramcelsior resettled their main seat of power to Rambo Prime with the elderly Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior at their leader at Château St Selenyia.


Head of House Ramcelsior meets with a reporter, 2806

In 2805 (07 AQF) House Ramcelsior refused to create a private defense navy for Rambo Prime, but a year later House Ramcelsior had raised its own private navy and provided jounalist Dennis George Voltar with the material that led to the Senate Scandal of 2806 (08 AQF). The House than made a fundamental deal with the former Hand of the Monarch, Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo to reorganise the govermental structure and geography of the Ramboidae Realm. On 10 may 2810 (12 AQF) House Ramcelsior was forced to bend the knee and support the crowning of Rambert Ramveral. Since then House Ramcelsior kept to themselves, improving their own defenses and building up their private military.

Years later, with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus driven from Rambo Prime and the orbital bombardment and destruction of Rambo Prime City, its head refused to support the Rambo Loyalist. In September 2820, Trasram Ramcelsior went against the wishes of his uncle and aided Lusitania Squadron in the liberation of Ramgotheria with various Gozanti-class cruisers. The House later participated in the battle of Pauvenris where Ramanei Joy Feather was liberated from captivity, with her freedom House Ramcelsior once again pledged fealty and loyalty to House Le Rambo.


Ramtterson RamcelsiorLarge Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior
Ramtterson Ramcelsior is an elderly Rambo Serindia pauvenris. Formerly a rear-admiral in service of Rambo Command, he became the head of his house after various disasters that dwindled the influance of his proud house. His House blood dates back to the early days of the Rambo Alliance, and some say they are direct decendants of the deceased blue Serindia kings and queens, generals of the yellow Serindia tribes during the planetary wars.
RamnielsRamcelsiorLarge Ser Ramniels Ramcelsior
Ramniels Ramcelsior was a veteran captain and officer in service of Rambo Command. He commanded the USS Majestic, a Miranda-Class battlecruiser during many battles and earned a favorable reputation.

He earned the discontent of his family when he refused the rule of High King Ramveral and joined the Rambo Loyalist. During the Battle of Ozdudrahk, Ramniels- heir to House Ramcelsior perished in combat to see the return of Rambo Nation.

RamansaRamcelsiorLarge Lady Ramansa Ramcelsior
Ramansa Ramcelsior is the younger sister of Ramniels Ramcelsior and granddaughter of the elderly Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior. An attractive Serindia Pauvenris, she uses her cunning and beauty to get what she wants.

She serves her House faithfully and is a strong supporter of powerful private navy.

Ser Ravaris RamcelsiorLarge Ser Ravaris Ramcelsior is the brother of the late Ramniels Ramcelsior and the beautiful Ramasna, heir of House Ramcelsior and current Warden of Ramsoria. A bold and cunning warrior, he favors his own house above all other loyalties.
Ser Trasram RamcelsiorLarge Ser Trasram Ramcelsior is a nephew of Lord Ramtterson and current warden of Ramgotheria. A kind and gentle person, he wishes the best for his people and refuses to bow to tyranny or stand by idle when wrong doing occurs.


House Ramcelsior has influence over various planets within the southern areas of the Serindialiae (or better known as the Ramboidae) Realm.

Rambo Prime
Rambo Prime is a stronghold within the Ramboidae Realm in the former Mid-Colonial Sector, located near Starbase 25 and the Wormhole Plateau. As such the planet is known for trade and its hospitality to other alien races. It lies along the Ramsoria Run Trade Route.

The Planet was once known for its shared rule between House Froramsillia, Hosue Ramveral and House Ramcelsior but by 2820 House Ramcelsior assumed complete control over the planet and Rambo Prime became its main seat of power.

Ramgotheria Ramgotheria is a small settlement within the southern regions of the Ramboidae Realm. Often seen as a peaceful and wealthy place it houses Rambo Serindia who wish to escape their busy lives on other major planets. Many wealthy Serindia have a holiday house on the planet as well.
Ramsoria is an ancient stronghold of House Ramcelsior and known for its architecture and wealth. It is also known for its annual games within the Coliseum Arena. Its Serindia inhabitants are often found arrogant though.


As a noble House within the Ramboidae Realm, House Ramcelsior is allowed to maintain its own military forces to defend its holdings and protect its interessts. The House deploys its owm guard, known as the Ramcelsior Watch and various space worthy crafts for the defense of its territories. The fleet is well equipped and quite powerful compared to other noble houses.

Ground Forces
RamcesliorWatchLarge The Ramcelsior Watch are clad in traditional "Pauvenris" armor, decorated with bright blue and golden colorations. Wearing swords as their main weapon, the Ramcelsior Watch are excellent guardsman and trained in close combat.

They serve House Ramcelsior both in a ceremonial and defensive purpose to ensure the protection of House Ramcelsior, its holdings and its subjects.


House Ramcelsior Defense Fleet

The starfleet of House Ramcelsior consists out of the Serindia-class battlecruiser and modified Gozanti-class cruisers. The Serindia-class is a 325 meter long sturdy battlecruiser and well known amongst the noble houses as one of the strongest within the Ramboidae Realm besides the former Ramboidae Starfleet. The ships are supported by the smaller yet venerable Gozanti-class cruisers, a modified and less powerful version of those deployed by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Both vessels are constructed by the Saurien Sector Corporation by the shipyards of Eris. The total number of ships produced by the yards for House Ramcelsior are a well kept secret.

Ships Deployed

The ships deployed by House Ramcelsior use the prefix HRCS, standing for House Ramcelsior Starship. The names of the Serindia-classes are named for current or formerly hold locations within the influence of House Ramcelsior whereas the Gozanti-class cruisers are named mostly for individuals or persons of importance for the House.



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