The HXTs, which stands for Hostile Xenoform Threat, are a collection of races with the same genes (or one race with different variants), appearance and mind.



Revealed to be created by Emperor Zargoth (posing as Falrik Zaarkhun), they were a mad scientist project created to wipe out all life in Ottzello. However, an early form of HXTs was created a long time ago, seemingly out of nowhere, and only seen really in the Delphan Excavation War of Ottzello; this form was adapted into the newer form.

Third Ottzello Galactic War[]

The HXTs filled this role... for some time. They caused mass genocide, killing and eating everything they found. Eventually, the entire Ottzelloan races united an the end of the Third Ottzello Galactic War, and destroyed HXTs by eliminating their point of origin and minds. This was also when Zargoth was defeated, and left Zaarkhun's body.

The Catharsis[]

Before their destruction, one Spaceflyer, carrying a Swarmlord, was attempting to explore beyond Ottzello. Near death, it was discovered by some of The Catharsis. It had been converted into a new Catharsis hive mind before the end of the Third Ottello War, and so the Catharsis absorbed the HXTs.


Some other HXTs, coming from seemingly nowhere, arrived and joined Grand Troopers of Foreign Origins.



HXTs have a diverse biology that fits their role. All HXTs have similar genetic structure and skin, as well as Dark Chronoscopic in their bodies.

HXTs have diverse physiology that fits any combat situation, ranging from forms similar to a squid to massive Tyrannosaurs with mortar launcher-like biological weapons on their back. Their biology is mainly a combination of reptilian and insectoid characteristics. The largest seen HXT was a 60-foot centipede.

With few exceptions, no HXT has displayed the ability to speak or even show some sign of real intelligence. They may have a "Hive Mind", which allows the new leaders to control them. HXTs have never attacked each other, so they are not completely primal. During the end of the Third Ottzello War, it was discovered that they are a complete hive mind.

HXTs reproduce by laying eggs, which are gray in color with a large yellow spot in their center, which presumably develops into a skull gem. The eggs possess webbing to cling to the walls of the Metal Head nest, and will grow on stalks when placed in Dark Eco to feed on.


The main strength of the swarm is huge numbers. There is nothing more frightening then a large horde of HXTs heading straight for the enemy base and consuming all in their path. They eat all their defeated foes, whose reproductive cells they use to help their own, by inserting gametes (as well as energy from the body) into Hives.


Little is known about HXT social structure. They have never been seen attacking each other, and don't seem to differentiate one member of their species from another. It is known from observations that HXTs feed on other indigenous fauna, and often seen teaming on a creature who ventures out of a haven. Whether the HXTs don't see them as a threat or not is unknown. The HXTs have no apparent language of their own, spoken or written. The different forms have various growls and shrieks, but they seem to be battle cries and have not been used for real communication. It has been a common theory by UNO and Kralgon scientists that the HXTs have some form of hive mind, or at least telepathic communication.

HXTs are split into 4 social structures; the HXT Soldiers, the HXT 'structures', HXT hivers and the greater HXTs. HXT soldiers do the 'hunting', and are bred to hunt the enemy. Their role is simply to eat all organisms and anything edible, although sometimes they are given specific orders. Literally born killers, they are blood thirsty and their bodies have 'kill' written all over them. They never rest, and are always on the move, be it to return some proteins and eggs they've gained from battle to the Omnibreeders and Omni-Hives, or on the Spaceflyers to hunt for more food and create new Omni-Hives out of planets.

HXT Hivers are the HXTs who do less moving. While some travel with HXT Soldiers to help the soldiers build Omni-Hives, most are in the Omni-Hives. HXT Hivers mostly come from HXT-Hive only HXT omnibreeders. They just send messages, minerals and blood around the Omn-Hive and between HXT Structures. The purpose for this, however, is unknown.

As for the others, HXT Structures are plant-like beings who keep the HXT life structure together. They work with HXT Hivers to keep the Omni-Hives working, and breed new HXT Soldiers and HXT Hivers.


Tyranites turn planets they control into Tyra Hives. This is for a planet that is purely jused to feed and breed new Tyranites. They are quickly consumed of their natural resources, and always suck out the Chronoscopic/Dark Chronoscopic from the planet. They also live in Tyraland.

When Tyranites take over a world, the Tyrasoldiers quickly transform it into a Tyraform. They will tear the planet of all its natural resources, dig roots to find Dark Chronoscopic beneath the surface and often pollute the air to be more breathable for non-Tyrasoldier Tyranites (but unbreathable for other organisms).

Tyra-Hives are a huge planet made mostly of Tyraland and biological mass. Sometimes referred to as living planets/plant planets, they gain energy largely from dark Chronoscopic, photosynthesis and a portion of proteins the Tyrasoldiers gain after eating. The planets are covered in Omnibreeders and other Tyranite plant-structures. A single Tyra-Hive could produce multiple fleets, which makes Tyranites so dangerous. Also, when tyranites turna world into a tyra-hive, it is nearly impossible to chngeit back, and the air is nearly always polluted with Tyrannic gas (as wela s Dark Chronoscopic gas).

However, one disadvantage of the Tyra-Hive system and how they've evolved is that Tyra-Hives aren't nearly as effective on non-Ottzello planets (which don't produce Dark Chronoscopic). Without that, the tyranites won't be produced as quickly, and won't have as many of Dark Chronoscopic's advantages. This is the same for Tyraland; it isn't as effective when it is on worlds without Dark Chronoscopic.


Tyranite 'technology' is purely biological and Dark Chronoscopic. Their substitue for biology is different races with different roles.


Tyranite don't have any real vehicles. However one, the Broodpod- which, when landed, spawns millions of Tyranites- could be considered a carrier.


Tryanites don't use weapons, with the exception of those built into their body.

  • Tyrablades- poison-tipped blades which stab enemies, and are found in most Tyranite bodies
  • Tyrashards- incredibly acidic poison shards mixed with Dark Chronoscopic which can cut through armour well

Known Races[]

Common Soldier[]

HXT Common Soldiers are those HXTs who are around the size of a normal humanoid creature. These Common Soldier HXTs make up the majority of the HXT force, as well as gathering most food for the Swarm. Their bodies are a weapon, and they have the lowest need of food.

Greater Soldier[]

On average the size of an epic creature, the greater HXT Soldiers are incredibly tough to defeat. They crush foes on the ground under their feet or kill with poison, and are incredibly deadly to fight; they are three times tougher than a normal epic creature, and six times stronger.


The Structure HXTs are more plantlike, and are called Structures as they function like one. They make up the very ecosystem of HXT worlds, as well as being responsible for the Swarm growing in numbers.


'Omniland' is a HXT organism used to nourish other HXTs. It feeds from Dark Chronoscopic in the planet, as well as food provided from soldier HXTs, such as Flakvol and Salthots. The cells in Omniland feed off anything edible. It is also used to carry gametes around, allowing reproduction.

Omniland has a cellular structure. It spreads rapidly if left unchecked. This proliferation may be observed in real time. Omniland helps to sustain itself and other HXT organisms by processing minerals extracted from the ground via deep tendrils.

Omniland may grow in anaerobic environments and over water. It may also grow over hollows in the terrain; attempting to traverse over such hollows may cause it to tear and give way.


Main article: Swarmlord

Swarmlords are huge minds, that control the HXT Hive Mind. They are the masters of the entire Swarm, and are the 'brains' behind it; most of their bodies are a large brain.


Main article: HXT Spaceflyer

HXT spaceships are long, biological creatures. Their fuel is Dark Chronoscopic, and they are capable of photosynthesis. They launch Omnibreeders, which produce Omniland.

Daren Breed[]

Left to Right, Front to Back: Warrior, Carrier, Soldier, Chaser, Fortress.

The Daren Breed of Hostile Xenoform Threats are a seperate strain and faction from the usual HXTs, which are ultimately controlled by the Zazane Kol Daren and serve as his main attack force, often being organized into legions led by more intelligent genetically-engineered HXTs.


The Daren Breed was created and genetically engineered by the violent crime overlord Kol Daren, using fossils and genetic samples of the original HXTs to create a template for him to use and modify to his liking. The Daren Breed was to serve as Kol's main attack force to either subdue or erase any threats he felt opposed him and his plans for the Gigaquadrant, dispatching HXT invasions across several territories.

Using strategic planning and taking every advantage of each individual HXT, Kol Daren has organized several legions which he ultimately instructs and leads from afar using his own edited version of the System, originally used by the Unified Nation of Ottzello. Kol had managed to use his time in hiding to create and develope more HXTs than the original strain, giving him much more advantage over his foes through their variety and mixed, yet effectice, strategies.

Kol had spent laboruous months travelling black market sites in search of samples and fossils of the original HXT strain, often gaining such through force and murderous, as well as brutal, acts against sellers that often result in death and destruction. As well as wandering the black markets, Kol has explored planets where HXT attacks have occured in order to find any preserved evidence of their existence, collecting as much as he could before eventually reconstructing and redesigning the HXTs.

The Daren Breed is a currently expanding strain throughout the Andromeda and Borealis galaxies, devouring entire planets and absorbing new genetic materials for them to take advantage of and manipulate in order to improve their offences and defences. The worlds they have invaded have usually been conquered, with all fauna and flora becoming integrated into their structure and entire worlds being stripped of their life and bio-diversity. While they may not be the most powerful force in the Gigaquadrant, they are certainly growing to become one of the more numerous and currently serve as an effective invasion force for Kol.

While it is currently unknown how many worlds currently belong under HXT influence, what is certain is that they have become strongholds for HXTs to continue breeding and travelling. It is incredibly dangerous to adventure upon these worlds independently, or even with a military force, and often require the destruction of the entire world in order to prevent continuation of the HXT presence.

Daren Breed Species[]

HXT Ripper.png

The Rippers are the smallest offensive unit of the Daren Breed HXTs. The Rippers, like all HXTs of the Daren Breed, begin their lives as small maggot creatures that grow from small spores within the ground or in massive hives. Rippers are designed on the base level to spread ZazDie to other Zazane, transforming them into irreversable, mutated beasts that are devoted to serving Kol Daren's will. Rippers are also designed to tear enemies apart in large hordes and consume their flesh to increase their spore count, thus the name "ripper". They take the least time to grow and mature, although they are the most easily defeated member of a HXT attack force, at least when on their own.

Rippers are often brought into combat via HXT Carriers, or they storm underground sewages and tunnels in order to rise to the surface unexpectedly to surprise their enemies before devouring them. Rippers, like all HXTs, are capable of spitting a corrosive acid that works to dissolve armour and flesh, which can often prove to be a very dangerous strategy against enemy forces as Rippers will often attack in massive swarms that overwhelm foes, making way for larger HXTs.

HXT Carrier.png

The Carriers are the mini-tanks of the Daren Breed HXTs. The Carriers evolve from small maggot creatures that grow from spores that reside beneath the ground or within walls. The purpose of the Carriers is to spread spores across the battlefield to ensure the continuation of HXT assaults, despite the fact that all HXTs produce spores. However, Carriers are also bred for assault charges, as they have resistant bodies and immense strength, capable of flipping heavy vehicles with little effort. Carriers are merciless in their assaults, smashing through defences and capable of surviving while under fire. They are brutal but can be fooled by holograms and often underestimate their enemies.

Carriers are often seen bringing Rippers into the heat of battle, another reason they are called "carriers". Like their kin, Carriers are capable of spitting corrosive acid in large amounts, though they do not do this often and usually do this as a last resort, despite seemingly not posing any harm to itself. It is most likely that it trusts its own physical strength too much to resort to spitting at its enemies, preferring to charge at them instead.

HXT Soldier.png

The Soldiers are one of the more numerous types of Daren Breed HXTs. The Soldiers are the main ground forces for HXT assaults and defences due to their overwhelming numbers. Soldiers are often equipped with different bio-weaponry in order to prove some variance within their ranks, usually armed with either shard spitters or organic blades which are capable of shredding metal. Soldiers are rather easy to defeat when on their own, although in large groups it is significantly harder to deal with them, especially if the group members carry varying weapons. They are often alert, although this sometimes leads them to extreme paranoia.

Soldiers can be seen in large groups and are easy to reinforce. It is because of their rather expendable status that they are called "soldiers", although older Soldiers will have the opportunity to evolve and transform into the much stronger Warrior caste of HXTs. Soldiers are often treated as nothing more than food by other HXTs when off the battlefield, though their numbers are easily replaced.

HXT Warrior.png

The Warriors are a common type of Daren Breed HXT, although unlike the others, they do not grow from spores and instead they "evolve" from older Soldier HXTs. Warriors are the more elite versions of Soldiers and, like Soldiers, carry various types of bio-weaponry into battle, usually shard spitters or metal-piercing organic blades. Warriors are known for their pair of large, incredibly powerful acid sacks which shoot out large amounts of corrosive fluid, capable of melting through metal easily. Warriors show no concern for their Soldier brethren and often cannibalize them when outside of battle.

Warriors grow from Soldiers and produce twice the amount of spores. Warriors are a terrifying sight on the battlefield as they stand above several well-known races in height and their own physical strength is impressive, enough to outmatch even Zazane. Warriors, like their lesser kin, are rather aware of their surroundings to the point they have developed a sense of paranoia, which can be taken advantage of in order to distract or harm them in some way.

HXT Chaser.png

The Pursuers are the shock trooper type of HXTs. Currently the fastest form of HXT, Pursuers are designed for flanking the enemy and infiltrating bases, as they have the ability to camouflage their bodies to match their surroundings. They have strong muscles in their limbs to help propel them and their tail helps them keep balance while they sprint. Pursuers are armed with a third pair of limbs that are designed for wrenching away and tearing flesh, as well as grabbing objects in the surrounding environment.

Pursuers also have the ability to shoot corrosive acid which fires in small amounts but corrodes materials faster than that of the other HXT types. Pursuers also have poisonous saliva which attacks the immune system and blood of its victims and enemies through managing to bite through the flesh. Pursuers are often hard to kill due to their speed, strength and merciless ferocity in battle, hunting down anything they see as a threat or easy to pick off.

HXT Fortress.png

The Fortresses are one of the largest types of Daren Breed HXTs in existence. They are the most physically powerful of the ground-side HXT forces and often carry tons of spores within their body. Fortresses are used to smash into cities or defensive bases if nothing else works. Fortresses are incredibly dangerous and travel with only the largest of HXT hordes. These beasts often take weeks to mature due to their intense height and strength. Aside from their strength, they also have the advantage of spewing large amounts of acid from its mouth, coating entire streets in floods of corrosive fluids.

Fortresses are, however, blind due to their lack of eyes, thus they must really on their sense of smell, hearing and touch to get around. Fortresses spend most of their time sleeping or resting when not in the field of battle, with most HXTs finding it hard to cannibalize such massive creatures due to the immense amount of strength they have and the fact they are so massive to consume. Fortresses are also easy targets for ships due to their size, though getting so close often results in Fortresses literally smashing them out of the sky.



The Darrennarrgh Breed, like the original HXTs, have a diverse biology. However, the D-Breed use more forms of HXTs to attack and infest planets.

The main traits shared between the D-Breed are similar to the original HXT, looking like a combination between reptiles and bugs. However, some members of the D-Breed don't appear as either, with Chasers having more mammalian characteristics despite not having any visible hair or fur. The largest HXTs yet seen of the D-Breed are their massive Hive Ships.

The D-Breed generally display animal-level intelligence a majority of the time, with their primary instincts being to kill, feed and reproduce. However, there are few exceptions to this. HXT Commanders, of which there are five, display their own personalities and also a high level of intelligence. It is though that the Commanders have traces of Kol Daren's DNA, giving them this ability to think for themselves. They emit their own version of the System, which is used by UNO, that keeps the lower HXTs in order and prevents them from killing each other.

The D-Breed have various ways of reproduction, with most of their ranks reproducing through mitosis. However, Chasers reproduce only through impregnating a suitable host via sending their genes into the host through openings, such as the mouth or open wounds. Reapers reproduce asexually, producing up to two seperate Reapers while keeping their original body.


The D-Breed has a huge army to help them with their purpose, which is to infest planets and wipe out all potential threats to Kol Daren until he has an army of his own, by then they would become obsolete and would be no longer needed. However, they are known for their somewhat instinctive ability to adapt to battle situations, and with the assistance of their version of the System, they have less weaknesses and vulnerabilities than the original HXTs.

They do not need to gather genetic material from their victims in order to reproduce, however they do need to feed, as well as rest for a minimum time depending on the type of HXT. Reproduction is an automatic process in most HXTs, either performing mitosis or asexually spawning more HXTs whether they like it or not. The only type of HXT which is given the choice of reproduction is the Chaser, although they are programmed to infect at least one host during an invasion which they are featured in.


Their structure is based on size and power. Often the bigger HXTs will attack from behind large waves of smaller HXTs, who are seen as cannon fodder by the Commanders. Their hunger is never truly quenched, although they will all take turns in feeding to make sure they have enough units for their next attack. It is not uncommon to see the bigger HXTs to feed on the smaller, unneeded ones while they travel through space, or after an attack.

They do not have a seen language which can be understood, with only shrieks and roars being heard by their targets. These primitive sounds probably do not form a real language, and are though to communicate on a telepathic level. However, the Commanders of the D-Breed will speak a variety of alien languages, though only through psychic prowess as their mouths and throats cannot form a large variety of words. There is no written language which can be read, though they are sometimes seen marking the ground or walls.


They can adapt to most habitats, whether it be a large technologically city or deep jungles. Arctic conditions were once a problem when the D-Breed started, although over time they naturally adapted. It is instinctive to them to destroy non-HXT constructions, and also to corrupt the ground where they attack. Mighty forests could be reduced to nothing but a wasteland in a matter of hours during an infestation.

When a planet is completely overrun, native animal life is either absorbed into the D-Breed, or is devoured to extinction on the planet. The fate is the same for flora. The planet will begin to terraform with the extended presence of the HXTs on the planet, as they will either change it into a barren world devoid of any environment aside from just rock or desert, or change it into a massive Hive where HXTs are bred and Hive Ships are grown. Usually on these Hives, the air is incredibly poisonous to non-HXTs, known to kill beings with no breathing apparatus within a minute, and if they survive, the damage is often permanent.




Hostile Xenoform Threat