They are coming. The forbidden tide...deprived of the right to express its anger and hatred! The River of Death shall flow once more, washing away the mortal sins of our realm, collecting the toll of blood and bodies. The bonds of our realm; ready to be ripped apart, along with all life that refuses to step down and die before the caged gods, whose very rage boils deep within their betrayed hearts. Soon, the dead shall dance...and Hell will sing!

- Unknown prophet

The Holy Shadow War was a major conflict that took place within the Onuris Universe which marked a universe-wide attack from undead and cultist forces, as well as the reawakening of the infamous Five Gods who had been sealed away for many eons. Bent on causing the complete destruction of the entire Universe and the elimination of mortalkind, the Five Gods and their forces swept over the universe in an attempt to quench their deep hatred. However, within this war of annihilation was a hatred so great that the barriers of life and death shattered into a million pieces and melted within the fires of their intense wraths. The Zazane Empire would face one of its most terrifying foes in history, alongside the rest of the entire Universe.



This version of the Holy Shadow War is a remake with the purpose of replacing the original, removing the cluttered page layout, redundant or unimportant parts in the story and look overall more respectable, as well as introduce more plot elements and storylines. This war is managed and handled by TheHachi and OluapPlayer.


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