The Hogomoth refuge is a collection of massive city ships that travel the galaxy, after the destruction of the Hogomoth's empire. It stands between the survival or extinction of the Hogomoth species.

History Edit

The Hogomoth Grand Alliance Edit

The Hogomoths were a peaceful and spiritual empire, who allied with many species created a grand alliance, a goal of which was to maintain peace in the galaxy, unlike the Delpha Coalition of Planet's policy of control and surgical force. However, despite being more enlightened than much of the galaxy, pacificism would be their downfall.

After five centuries of technological, diplomatic and spiritual development the Hogomoth attempted to ally with the Grox, after their devastating conflict with the DCP. They wanted to teach the Grox the philosophy of harmony which was the scaffolding of the Hogomoth's peaceful society. The Grox however were inconsolable for their loss, and mercilessly attacked the Hogomoth shortly after the alliance, purely out of spite and conquered fresh colonies. The Delpha Coalition of Planets punished the Hogomoth with a nanotechnological beacon which infected every Hogomoth. And so began their persecution, world after world of the Hogomoth fell from various empires and the Hogomoth retreated to giant city ships which roam the galaxy to this day, always hiding.

The Hogomoth Retreat Edit

Realising they were to become extinct if they took no action, they created massive city ships, each one containing thousands of Hogomoths, and flora and fauna from Polix, their homeworld. All in all, only a few billion Hogomoth survived the eradication.

And that is their story, the galaxy is vast, and hopefully one day, the Hogomoths will find a permanent settlement, but until then, they lead a normadic life aboard giant ships. They are not out of the woods yet, empires such as the Grox, mercenaries and pirates still hunt them. Hogomoth trophy heads are highly prised, hung upon the walls of stately hmomes and starships.

The Hogomoth continued to drift for years, and they encountered too helpful races, the Galblinus-Avis and the Fordan Empire, who allowed safe passage through their galaxy. But the Gablinus-Avis would succumb to a hostile AI and this spurred the Hogomoth to carry on going.

The Annihilation Edit

During the events of the Annihilation, all but one of the city ships survived. Caught in the fire, the Hogomoth narrowly escaped destruction. Only 5000 survived, while one Hogomoth ship was travelling through a wormhole, the hell fire chased them through, but the violent energy snapped it shut.

When the Hogomoth emerged, those of the universe had been destroyed. With only 5000 Hogomoth, their species were destined for extinction. Even if they could surivive there was now very little genetic diversity. The last Hogomoth settled on a rogue planet deep in instellar space, possibly kicked out by the hell fire. Scorched, half crumbling, but now very cold and dark, this would become their final resting place. For no one would detect it easily in realspace, and its gravitational well was too slight to be noticed in hyperspace. The Hogomoth would huddled for warmth around the ship's last working fusion reactor and recollected on grander times...

Trivia Edit

  • An adventure series which featured five episodes with Master Hasporan called Far Among the Stars is available on the Sporepedia. They do not represent the most skillfull adventures however, being early ones.
  • The Hogomoth did actually lose most of the colonies after an alliance with the Grox ingame (and with a little help from the DCP saved game), thus Wormulon resorted to a form of gameplay with no colonies (except the homeworld), developing the stage by doing missions and exploring.
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