The Hive Of Mirus (Exillic: Grawak Mirus) is the successor state of another empire from another universe. However, it would be wrong to call it an empire, given that the people are completely controlled to a mental level by infrared control divided in an intricate hierarchy to ensure that every last citizen is under full mental manipulation of the King.


Having been defeated by war in the other universe, Kadnig Zelekè and a group of a few hundred Àtzalèkotl-Lina-Ek Àtzokotl escaped in the portal that they had once sacrificed their own people into on a daily basis, hoping that it would direct them into a realm within the Exiled One's subconsciousness. Instead, they found themselves in the Waptoria Alliance Of Species, and Kadnig, then known as Kad-Niig-Zel-Ek, a more Aktheistically traditional and deceiving name, noticed that he was unable to control some Àtzokotl there, and believed this to be the doing of the natives, which in an extent was true, but due to their group-mind. His own people were still under his command, though, so they used some Exiled Flesh spores they brought along to grow themselves biological ships, allowing them to leave and settle near the edge of the Golarius arm, from which they quickly mushroomed in population thanks to inherent high fertility, expanding to the very tip of the arm, and then turning forward to a road of conquest on their way to their neighbours, the Waptoria, which were their newly-proclaimed "sworn nemesis".


The government is in fact a system of infrared control put in place by a network of Àtzokotl divided along provinces, planets and colonies, with the occasional Exiled Flesh to keep the signal strong and steady, often a Secondary Form 9, so as to remain in space. At the top is the King, Kadnig Zelekè himself, and he asserts his infrared will upon Princes, the provincial outlets, then onto the Dukes of the planets and eventually, the Marquesses of the colonies. Essentially, there is no true governmental structure, only a system of undisputed control over all those who live under the Hive's banner.


The citizens of the Hive Of Mirus have no individuality whatsoever. Their actions are dictated by the King's all-powerful will, and only choose what to do when they're not being directly controlled. Either way, they are absolutely unable to appreciate or practice the religion of Aktheism, and are always given a religious pride of the state and the Exilist religion. There is no need for propaganda, as the King and he alone dictates the attitudes the people take.

This control is especially useful in the military. All the units attack by the direct battle orders of the King, and if one unit is hit, another heads straight for the battlefield without any thought about it, essentially making the entire population either in the army or it's reserve personnel. This handy technique has ensured prosperity and local dominance for the Hive Of Mirus.

It's also used to willingly enslave prisoners of war, as they all get inserted into a special Exiled Flesh tertiary form in the form of a room. When inside, long, sharp, thin needles descend from the ceiling, homing in on the prisoner's veins, inevitably puncturing the target's skin and injecting their bloodstream with a special mixture of DNA, which slowly morphs the hapless victim into an insectoid of similar, yet bulkier appearance to the Àtzokotl, called an Exiled Zealot. The transformation works on any and all carbon-based lifeforms, and as they also can be controlled with the infrared influence that manipulates the rest of the Hive, they become mindless slaves with even less individuality than the other, normal citizens, often serving to do agricultural and military work.



Blue faceMay the Exiled One forever ensure your existence.

  • Blood Brotherhood - We are exiled together. The One smiles on you.
    • Aeba Shuka - Our closest and most simmilar ally. Not suprising considering we were the catalyst of their creation.
  • Suicide Watch - Very useful indeed
  • Quista Clan - One of our allies, though not the closest.
  • Sheba Shuka - Another very close ally. One day you shall be under our direct control.
  • Viterva Khmara - The Hive will expand. The Monolith will be ours in time.

Close Relations

Yellow faceThe Hive welcomes you.


Orange faceState yourself to the Hive.


Red faceThe Exiled One is displeased of your deathly deeds.


Crossed SwordsWe'll crush you under Kadnig's claw!


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