Virus Q-2946, also known as the Hive Mind, was created some thousands of years ago. Hive Mind was a genetically modified clone of the Queen Virus, the first pathogenic ruler of the Infectant Scourge. When the Queen Virus died at the hands of the Flooians, a few of her cells had survived. One in particular was harvested and kept for further analysis by a scientist from another planet. During his research, the cell mutated into the virus known as Q-2946. She was originally quite docile, obeying her captor's every command.


As the years passed, Q had begun to realize her true power. She realized that she was stronger than her master and could easily kill him with her adaptations. When her master noticed her potential rebellion, he quickly had her moved back to Floo. The planet Floo at the time, was in an ice age. These cold temperatures made it hard for Q to survive, and she eventually slipped into a hibernation.

Hundreds of years later, the planet began to warm, and Q awakened. She later ended up facing off against another Infectant that had lived there previously named Viral. He was the self proclaimed king of the Infectant horde. He had adapted to the cold temperatures through mutation and believed that he had the upper hand on Q. Since Q was a clone of the original virus, she easily defeated him in combat. Viral had not gone opposed in centuries, and saw Q as a powerful being. He later sided with her and made her his queen. All Infectants that existed after this point are descendants of Q and Viral.


After a few years, Q took up the name of Hive Mind. Her ability to speak to any of her offspring at a time was a great advantage to have against foes who attempted to conquer Floo. Viral eventually let Hive Mind rule over the Infectants, having no power to truly oppose her. Despite this, the two had a loving relationship. Those foolish enough to venture to Floo were captured and infected with her virus. The infected were added to the horde and served Hive Mind with undying loyalty.

Viral and Hive Mind also had a few offspring together, mixing their genetics to make superior and unique Infectants. These were known as the A-Z Series of Infectants.

First Infectant WarEdit

During the Infectants prime, Hive Mind had continued the construction of their underground colonies. One day, an empire known as the Waptoria Alliance of Species arrived to colonize Floo, unaware of the evil that slumbered beneath. Hive Mind took immediate action and ordered her horde to kill them all. At the same time, the Infectants themselves invaded a race known as the Lavatufts, trying to claim their planets. Suddenly, a massive war broke out that almost wiped out the entire Lavatuft Empire. King Lavern, leader of the Lavatufts, was able to push the Infectant forces back with sheer will. The S'actha Republic came to aid the Lavatufts and the Waptoria, as the three fractions drove the Infectants to near extinction. Hive Mind had used most of her energy to maintain communication with her offspring, and failed to defeat Lavern in combat.

After the Lavatufts burned Floo to a crisp, Viral took Hive Mind and their A-Z's to the underground colonies. She was able to rest and began to hibernate again. Viral then took command, allowing Hive Mind to regain her energy.

War of Tyris MajorEdit

During this galactic wide war, Hive Mind remained dormant to an extent. Viral was still trying to aquire energy for her to use, but failed at this task. The infectants eventually lost this war alongside the Biskin and Antroth. A few of the A-Z's managed to escape the utter destruction of Floo's remaining environment. Hive Mind was left underground to hibernate, for her enemies had hardly any knowledge of her existence.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

During this war, Hive Mind began to absorb the access Shattorium that was released into the Alpha Dimension by Lord Ne'yon and the Nebulorians. This energy was natural to her, for the Infectant Virus originated from the Omega Dimension where Shattorium was abundant.

Second Infectant WarEdit

Hive Mind, after finally regaining her former strength, awakened to her desolate planet. Her surviving children returned to her soon after. She ordered them to infect more people to rebuild the Infectant Horde. The Horde was practically rebuilt in a matter of months. Hive Mind also had a new child created using the genetics of Lord Ne'yon. She dubbed him Omega. Omega, next to Alpha and Zeta, was her most powerful child. With his help, Hive Mind almost brought the Waptoria Alliance of Species and later the Unified Federation of Glory to their knees. Furthermore, the Meeno Grox and her servants, the Dead Watchers and Bio-Morphling Horde sought out the Infectants, allying them and ultimately planning to assimilate them, just as Hive Mind had done to a rogue Hermicee Clan earlier, and various other infectious races. However, the tide was quickly turned when her A-Z offspring was killed in combat.

In one final attempt to win the war, Hive Mind managed to use the entirety of Floo as a massave, infectious form. She consumed countless planets to gain more power. She attacked the main military training grounds of the UFG in the Milky Way and attempted to consume the planet. Unfortunately, the UFG, the Waptoria and the Waptoria's allies at that time struck back at Hive Mind, and destroyed her.

Return of THEMEdit

Hive Mind and her children were later revived by Xizothano Ada, leader of the Nyarqaeshu to fight the UFG's/Waptoria's successor, the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. Hive Mind served under Ada as a military commander over her Infectants and other units. She mainly participated in pace battles, using her massive planetary form to wipe out entire fleets. She, alongside the Dark-Morphlings and the Omega Grox, invaded the flagship/Capital of the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode, conquering after a long battle, though the Church's triad prophets still managed to escape. She would continue to use the flagship, the "High Sanctuary", as her base of operations, until the UAE did send an army, led by the Brotherhood Prophets, Thori'Valdem, Ajaar'Magnos, Herenzi, W'tze, Averil Daxur, Lavern and Magmos. Though 2 of the 3 Prophets were killed by Bishop before they could even board the High Sanctuary, the other heroes eventually made it trough, destroying the Omega Grox Overlord and defeating the Darkling cultists Kutai and Trodaka along the way. Eventually, they made it down to the reactor were Hive Mind was waiting for them. They killed the Dark-Morphling Emperor and the revived Viral, and eventually, the remaining prophet, Truth, was able to vanquish Hive Mind, cleaning the ship of all Infection.

Unknown to her victors, she was revived by Ada, as a reward for doing a lot of damage to the UAE. Still, she was ultimately destroyed when Ada recalled his energy, which was the only thing keeping her and the other Infectants alive.

Personal InformationEdit


Hive Mind cares little for other beings, considering them mere food. This feeling even applies to her allies and non-Infectant subordinates, though she did show some respect to fellow infectious races such as the various Morphling strains. She appears to act on impulse and instinct rather than using her own logic. Being a clone/biproduct of the original virus, Hive Mind naturally feels the need to spread the infection. Her main intentions seem to put her own children in harms way. Hive Mind has shown little to no remorse if she causes the death of her allies.

She can however, be a caring mother to her A-Z Series of Offspring. She cares deeply for Beta, Delta, Sigma, Theta, Omega, and the other A-Z's. Dispite this love for her children, she did not hesitate to absorb Omega when she was faced with death to gain more power. She still cares for Alpha, despite the fact that he turned on Hive Mind and his siblings.


  • Tentacles - Hive Mind's Tentacles are extremely deadly. She has two rows of tentacles below her midsecton and has eight "arms" that she uses for primary functions such as grasping objects. Her lower tentacles help her move about, but can also be used as weapons to ensnare her enemies. The main "arms" are very powerful and coated in deadly poison. The graspers on the ends of these tentacles can crush bones as if they were twigs. They are even capable of crushing an Antroth exoskeleton.
  • Viruses - Hive Mind Produces a variety of viruses that can either Infect, or kill her target. sometimes the virus can grow into a larger mass and become a Pure Infectant.
  • Noxious Gas- Hive Mind can sometimes release noxious gasses from her pores into her environment. After hundreds of years of this, the gas covered the entire planet of Floo, including the atmosphere. This gas can sometimes carry airborne pathogens that can infect or kill those who breathe it. The gas will even burn an organism's respiration system.


  • Telepathy - Hive Mind has the ability to communicate with other Infectants through thought. She can command her entire army with this power and even bend her enemies to her will.
  • Infection - Hive Mind naturally produces different viruses to infect her foes or make the horde larger. Being a clone of the Queen Virus, Hive Mind's viruses are so deadly that they can even cause an infected person to disintegrate in seconds. If one were to come into contact with her and they have an open wound, her natural secretion of these viruses would seep into the wound, effectively infecting them.
  • Infectant Hide - Hive Mind, like Viral, has a very thick hide. This hide is resistant to many forms of damage. Uniquely, Hive Mind is resistant to certain forms of essence because of this hide. The only thing capable of doing any serious damage to her are weapons forged from Alphorium and fire based attacks.
  • Cellular Tenacity - If an Infectant is ever destroyed, sometimes cells may survive and eventually regenerate into their original state. Sometimes into a brand new Infectant. In Hive Mind's case, if she is killed she can regenerate through at least one cell. She was created from one to begin with.



Green faceYour presence is welcome.

  • Viral- My dearest husband, I thank you for trying to save me.
  • Omega - My son, forgive me for what I did to you...
  • Beta - You were always one of my favorite sons. You will be the one to take my place.
  • Zeta - You hatred against the Antroths for their betrayal is tob e admired, my son.
  • Sigma - My beloved daughter. I wish you could have bonded with your father a bit more.
  • Theta - You need to toughen up my son. Crying about things will accomplish nothing.
  • Delta - You turned out to be very intelligent my son.
  • Epsilon - Ah...your swift stealth ruthless and frightening.
  • Omicron - Perhaps you can...settle down a bit, hm?
  • Iota - Such a daring little girl...
  • Tau - The quiet son...I love him dearly and he follows orders. No questions asked.
  • Gamma - He was never the same after what Lavern did to him...


Blue faceYou are...alright.

  • Xizothano Ada - I appreciate the revival of me and my kin dearly, though I hate taking orders from someone else.
  • Lord Ne'yon - While I thank you for brining us to this dimension...though I don't truly care for you.
  • Trodaka - As if you can command are useful though.
  • Kutai - A mix of two empires..and an useful specimen.
  • Slagan - Such fine specimen...If you weren't on my side, I would've infected you into it.


Yellow faceI might need a snack later...

  • Alpha - I wish you could have seen our true purpose son.
  • Lord Mortox - Your Morphlings and Dead Watch have proven to be useful in spreading death and decay.


Orange faceYou will make fine additions to the Scourge...

  • King - You...
  • Bishop - I obey you only because I need to.
  • Rook - What a fool. And I need to work with you?
  • Knight - Warrior? Bah. A relic of an old age is all that you are.
  • King Ziskin - You failed on your end of the bargain. I wonder how long your body can resist my virus?
  • Oskel - You are mine.


Red faceI will snack on your flesh!

  • Queen Si'daal - You anthropic, back-stabbing bitch... She not only pulled out of the War of Tyris Major, she fought against me during the next war! Not to mention that she took Oskel from my grasp.
  • W'tze - I hate Ecologists.
  • Ugandalore the Great - Rot in your grave, Ughandalore of Nothing.
  • Barda Clett - So my actions caused you to to uncover your element...oh well, I'll just have to correct that mistake by killing you. Rest assured, I shall do just that.
  • King Brygon - Offspring of the cursed Volver...You and that damned sword...
  • Ajaar'Magnos - Calling me a loathsome will pay for that!
  • King Lavern - Words can not express my HATRED for this monstrous bastard! He scorched my home and killed my offspring. If I ever get my claws on him again...I'm going right for his throat!!!


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