Many say that my thirst for revenge has blinded me...that all of the death and destruction I've caused breeds nothing but more death and destruction. But...this thirst..this drives me. If ignorance is bliss, then I do not want to see...I will stay "blinded" until I have my revenge!!

- Ziskin to Prince Glynn during the War of Tyris Major.



Ziskin was born a long time ago, before the slumber of the mysterious Nebulorians. In his youth, Ziskin was trained by his father, Nano, and many other combat trainers. He was considered to be a prodigy, at least by his masters. Ziskin lived an extremely rough childhood. Mostly growing up in a time where his kind faced extinction at the hands of an unknown race of creatures. They were forced to flee their home galaxy and colonized a few planets in the Milky Way. Nano always preached to Ziskin that the Biskin would one day have revenge on their attackers. Ziskin did not fully understand what was going on most of the time. His father was consumed by hatred for the aliens. One day, his father stumbled across a planet whose inhabitants were similar to the aliens that almost wiped out the Biskin. It was planet Ascon, home to the newly formed Volver Empire. Ziskin watched as his father enslaved and tortured the Volver. According to Nano, this was justice.

Ziskin was tasked with supervising a group of Volver slaves in the new mining division for the next 17 years. By then, Ziskin had grown accustomed to feeling superior to other species. After learning about the death of his grandfather, Ziskin was convinced that the Volver deserved the years of torture they had received and had yet to receive.

Death of NanoEdit

Within the 17 years that the Volver were enslaved, a young Volver rose up from his cage and sparked a rebellion. He was known as Zirux. He was the son of King Holreb, the first Volver King. Holreb had been executed 17 years before Zirux rose up. Zirux led a massive rebellion against the Biskin, and managed to take many of their cities. Nano was infuriated by this, and order that all Volver were to be wiped out. Unfortunately, the Biskin numbers had been spread too thin. Their military was no match for the sheer numbers of the rebels. During his fight with Zirux, Nano was beheaded, and left in the middle of the street.

Ziskin had returned home, defeated by the rebels to find his decapitated father laying in a pool of his own blood. He cried in rage, and his hatred of the Volver was born.

Rule of ZiskinEdit

Months after his father's death, Ziskin accepted the title of king and took over the Biskin Empire. He decided that persuing the Volver would be unwise, and allowed them to return back to Ascon. Ziskin waited for years, rebuilding the damage caused by the Volver and colonizing other worlds to prevent Biskin extinction.

Quest for VengeanceEdit

Years after Ziskin became king, he continued to monitor the Volver. His obsession for revenge consumed him. On his first attempt to destroy the Volver, Ziskin traveled to Ascon disgusted as a scientist selling weapons. Ziskin told the King of a new super weapon he was working on and asked if the Volver wanted to help with it. The current Volver King, King Gartoom agreed to Ziskin's offer.

Months later, Ziskin revealed his new weapon to the Volver populous. It was a giant mech suit, armed with chain guns. It attacked the crowd, killing many Volver. Ziskin was later defeated in combat by Prince Glynn, Gartoom's son. Ziskin retreated back to his Homeworld, having failed his attempt.

Once the Biskin population was high enough, he began to put together a master plan to eliminate the Volver once and for all. He had monitored two other species that he could recruit to help him.

Schemes and AlliancesEdit

Ziskin is known to be extremely intelligent and cunning, even for someone who is blood thirsty for revenge. He planned to recruit the Antroth Empire and the Infectant Horde. His first order of business was to gain the Antroth's support, though he new that their leader was not open to outside relationships. Xi'qui disliked outsiders, and was often considered to be pure evil and insane. Ziskin decided to have her killed. He hired legendary assassin Crow Daxur to assassinate Xi'qui. Crow did as Ziskin told him. Months later, Ziskin contacted Xi'qui's daughter, Queen Si'daal, telling her that the Volver ordered the assassination of her mother. Si'daal was enraged and agreed to help Ziskin take the Volver down.

Ziskin's next order of business was to gain the favor of the Infectant Horde, a horde of flesh craving viruses and creatures. He would need their sheer numbers to overwhelm the Volver. After chatting with Viral, the male ruler of the Infectants who was speaking on the behalf Infectant Hivemind, an alliance was formed. Ziskin had promised that any Volver they killed could be eaten.

With two new armies at his side, Ziskin felt unbeatable. He allowed years to pass, training his troops and himself for his next attempt at destroying the Volver.

Battle of MineraEdit

Years later, Ziskin learned of a planet known as Minera. The planet was rich in ore and appeared to be a forge planet. Ziskin was going to colonize it, but later found out that the planet was already inhabetd by the indigenous Helmore. Instead of sending in his own troops, Ziskin convinced Queen Si'daal to attack the planet for him. Halfway through the attack, however, General Chainbarr, leader of the Helmore's armed forces, contacted a team of mercenaries to lend aid. This team was later revealed to be led by Prince Glynn himself. With the aid of the Volver military, the Helmore managed to successfully defend Minera from the Antroths. Si'daal called for a full retreat. Ziskin was angered by the Volver's interference and his hatred for them grew even more.

War of Tyris MajorEdit

For the next hundred years, Ziskin had been communicating with the Unitech Citadel of Sentients. They formed an alliance, working together to create weapons of mass destruction. Ziskin and Dr. Loctopus had been working together on the Galactic Devastation Ray. The weapon was capable of wiping out life on entire planets. If given enough power, it could wipe out life within a galactic arm over a period of time. Unfortunately, a scientist known as Zard Beetz had the remaining schematics for the weapon. Ziskin hired bounty hunter Averil Daxur, son of Crow Daxur, to steal the remaining blueprints.

Meanwhile, Ziskin had convinced the Antroths and Infectants to help him capture Ascon alongside the Unitech. With intel he received from spies, Ziskin also found out that Prince Glynn had left Ascon for vacation. Ziskin took this as an opportunity to strike. He attacked Ascon a few days after Prince Glynn's departure, laying waste to most of the main cities. Under Ziskin's orders, General Oskel Leton, general of the Antroth army, managed to capture King Gartoom. Ziskin held Gartoom and his advisor, Noruuk, hostage on his ship. Ziskin had finally captured Ascon.

Later on, the Waptoria Alliance of Species arrived to aid the Volver. Shortly after the Waptoria's arrival, Prince Glynn and his team returned. This made keeping Ascon under Biskin control hard. Ziskin and Solid, a very powerful member of the Unitech Citadel, faced off against Glynn and Commandant W'tze, a high ranking member of the Waptoria, aboard Ziskin's ship. The battle was so intense that Ziskin's flagship was badly damaged. For the most part, he technically defeated Glynn, but was unable to kill him. Ziskin was badly injured in the battle and had lost many men. He regrouped with his remaining ships and attempted to attack the planet from space. This was thrashed however by the Soldarian Empire, who chased the Biskin, Antroth, Infectant, and Unitech fleets off with their own massive fleet. Ziskin had lost Ascon.

Despite this failure, Ziskin was pleased to hear that Averil had successfully stolen the blueprints form Dr. Zard and handed them off to Loctopus. For the next few months, Ziskin watched the Galactic Devastation Ray being built. He could almost taste victory.

Days into the final stages of construction, Ziskin and his allies discovered that W'tze had been spying on them. Ziskin managed to capture W'tze, but was unable to prevent him from sending the information to the Volver. With this, the Volver and their allies discovered what Ziskin was building. This resulted in a full on attack from the Volver, Waptoria, Soldarians, and Lavatufts. Ziskin and his allied forces managed to defend the weapon long enough for it to go into a charging sequence. He had planed to fire the weapon, killing everything on the planet and the surrounding solar system. Ziskin faced off against Pulporius V, the Soldarian Emperor, before spotting Glynn trying to deactivate the weapon. Ziskin rushed at Glynn, attempting to kill him with one strike, but this was thwarted by his friend, Shaank. Shaank had taken the blow for Glynn, dying in the process. Ziskin fought against Glynn for almost 20 minutes. Eventually, Ziskin was defeated by Glynn's blind rage at the lost of his best friend. However, Ziskin had damaged Glynn badly, preventing him from deactivating the weapon.

Averil swooped in and saved Ziskin, defeating Glynn with his superior speed. Chainbarr arrived and chanced Averil off. Averil managed to fly off, carrying Ziskin, though he didn't make to far. Chainbarr later destroyed the weapon by sacrificing himself in a huge explosion. The explosion devastated the planet. The Volver and their allies escaped the explosion, but the remaining Biskin troops were not so lucky. Ziskin was pronounced dead by doctors a few days after his defeat. His injuries were far too much for his body to handle.

The War ended with a final assault on the Infectant Homeworld, effectively driving them to extinction. The Antroths later surrendered to the Volver, causing no more blood shed. Ziskin's efforts had been in vain.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

Unknown to his people, Ziskin's remains were recovered by a man known as Lord Ne'yon, ruler of the Nebulorians. Ne'yon took Ziskin's remains and augmented his body with cybernetic enhancements, effectively reviving him. Ziskin was pleased with his new enhancements and was told that if he lended aid to Ne'yon, he could have revenge on the Volver, who they were currently fighting. Ziskin agreed and joined them. Ziskin reunited with Solid of the Unitech once more, pleased to see that he survived the explosion.

Later on, Ziskin and Lorka Gredyc, a high ranking member of the Dead Watchers, were ordered by Ne'yon to defend his new weapon, the Spear of Apocalypse. Ziskin noticed that part of the Spear was created using the remains of his very own Galactic Devastation Ray. Ziskin was exited to see that his efforts were not completely in vain, thus helping Ne'yon destroy his enemies. Ziskin later learned that the weapon was supposed to open some type of portal that would release Lord Ne'yon's master from his dimensional prison.

During their defense of the weapon, Ziskin and Lorka faced off against Glynn and Barda Clett, a Ugandalorian who was the right hand of Ugandalore the Great, in a bog. After a long battle, Ziskin managed to defeat Glynn, though his arrogance cost him the battle. Glynn killed Ziskin once more, destroying his body.

The Spear if Apocalypse was eventually destroyed by Glynn by sacrificing himself. In a sense, Ziskin indirectly succeeded in destroying his enemy.

Enlightenment WarEdit

Near the beginning of this war, the Unitech Citadel and Proditkar Movement revived Ziskin using an artifact called the Marker. With this artifact, Ziskin's species was restored and no longer on the brink of extinction. Biskin numbers were still low however, so Solid swayed Ziskin, at that time a already a good friend of him, to join and the Proditkar in their campaign.

Later on, Ziskin and a few of his troops attempted to kill King Brygon, the son of King Glynn. This failed however as he was stopped by a mysterious Volver Knight in a Black Armor. Ziskin retreated back to the Unitech Citadel, defeated.

Due to Solid's relationship with Crimson, a Volver Knight who betrayed his own kind and led a band of rebels, Ziskin was forced to work side by side with Volver, a thing he hated. Even worse, Crimson used the Marker to revive ancient Volver known as the Braves to fight by their side.

After this, Ziskin joined the attack on the Unified Federation of Glory, which was made up of all of Ziskin's old enemies, including the Volver. During the battle however, Ziskin was once again defeated by the Dark Knight, being no match for his power. Ziskin faked his death, and escaped from the battle to the Unitech Citadel once more. Knowing what whas in Ziskin's mind, Solid descided to spare Ziskin's kind from the next battles to come.


After faking his death, Ziskin and his people became a nomadic race, living on space ships. Their only remaining colony was on the Biskin Homeworld of Crobe, though a number of them continued living in the Unitech Citadel. Ziskin took this time to reflect on his life, noticing that he was consumed by his hatred for the Volver.

During the years after the conclusion of the Enlightenment War, the Biskin population had increased. Around 550,000 Biskin remained in the universe, which is still not very much. Ziskin decided to focus more on his empire's government and philosophy. He had given up on defeating the Volver, as they had grown too numerous for his kind to stand a chance. It saddened Ziskin that he would never have revenge, but he was more concerned about his species.

He and a childhood friend of his discussed the future of the empire. She was a scientist named Sehvia, studying Essence and how to harness it. Ziskin had little skill with essence, though he was able to use it to heal himself outside of battle. Sehvia was of high caliber, being the most intelligent Biskin in the empire. Ziskin decided that he would need an heir and discussed having a child with her. She agreed, seeing as Ziskin was a Prime Biskin and thus had essence capabilities. The two shared a night of passion, though they rarely spoke after their child was born, only discussing the boy's schedule.

The HeirEdit

Ziskin and Sehvia named their child Vonnes Orala'Sim. Ziskin only spent small amounts of time with Vonnes, often training him for an hour or so. Sometimes only went to see him once a month. Ziskin was not the best father to Vonnes however, as he showed almost no affection to him. Ziskin left most of Vonnes' care taking to his generals and the onboard computers on Sehvia's ship.

Return of THEMEdit

Ziskin and a few of his colonization ships continued to explore space, avoiding the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment at all costs. Out of nowhere, Ziskin and his ships are dragged into a void and were confronted by Xizothano Ada, Lord Ne'yon's old master. Ada had ordered Ziskin and his kind to leave the Milky Way. Having nowhere else for his species to call home, Ziskin refused to leave. Ada ordered his forces to open fire on the Biskin fleet, destroying it. Ziskin and a few survivors managed to escape the void using escape shuttles.

Ziskin crash landed on the homeworld of the S'actha Republic. He pleaded with his old enemies to allow him to speak with the UAE. The S'actha reluctantly allowed him to do so, believing that what happened to him marked the return of the Nyarqaeshu, an extict race of extra-dimensional beings bent on galactic domination.

Ziskin managed to get the UAE to trust him, and aided them in their campaign to protect the Milky Way from Ada's wrath. Later on, Solid, Lorka and their ally Maccasin managed to infiltrate the UAE. They faced off against W'tze and Si'daal before Ziskin separated them. Ziskin convinced Solid and Lorka to join him in aiding the UAE. Being old friends, Solid agreed to join, in turn swaying Maccasin and Lorka into joining as well.

Ziskin stayed out of battle, commanded his troops and medics to aid the UAE's military in multiple battles. He later discovered that Ada was responsible for sending the Nebulorians to eliminate powerful races thousands of years ago. One race that he targeted were the Biskin. Ziskin was outraged. The Volver had nothing to do with the near extinction of his species. Ada was behind Everything. Ziskin vowed to help the UAE destroy Ada to get revenge for all of the Biskin who died to avenge their people.

Ziskin fought alongside the UAE leaders during their assault on the Abyssal Domain (Ada's Dimension), killing the revived Ne(yon in the progress for manipluating him. He almost died firing against Ada in his God Form, but managed to buy enough time for the UAE's scientists to arrive with the Deity Pulse, a weapon that could render Ada's god like powers useless. Ziskin ordered his fleets to attack Ada alongside the UAE fleet, effectively defeating him. However, Ada was absorbed by The Dark One, a super being similar to Ada himself. The Dark One spared their lives and teleported the UAE and Ziskin's forces outside if the Abyssal Domain.

In a sense, Ziskin indirectly, or even directly, got revenge for his hundreds of years of efforts. His Galactic Devastation Ray was used to create the Spear of Apocalypse. Ne'yon used the Spear of Apocalypse to release Ada, who was behind all of the events in the past, including his grandfather's death, which lead to his own father's death. Ziskin was pleased, and for once relieved that his people could rest knowing that their ancestors were avenged.

Enemies No MoreEdit

After the events of the Return of THEM, The UAE leaders spoke with Ziskin, offering his kind peace with the alliance, and even membership. Ziskin decided that he would accept official neutrality with the alliance, but turned down the offer to join. Ziskin then dissapeared into the void of space in search of the Proditkar Movement, with had left earlier. It is unknown if he found them, though it is likely.

About one year later, Barda Clett, now the new Ugandalore, arranged a secret meeting with Ziskin and asked him if any of the Biskin youth had talents in essence. Ziskin conformed that only Vonnes had shown an ability with essence. Barda offered Vonnes an opportunity to train as a cadet in an Ultra Commando academy. Ziskin agreed to Barda's offer, allowing Vonnes to travel with Barda to the academy, acting as an ambassador between the Biskin and the UAE.

Mirusian Gigaquadrantic ConflictsEdit

First YearEdit

Ziskin and his people enjoyed an era of great peace and prosperity. They were still viewed as evil by many races of the UAE, but they didn't care. Later on, Ziskin was contacted by Queen Si'daal, who informed him of multiple rebellions popping up around Mirus and Tyris Major.

Ziskin refused to help at first, but found out that the Blood Knights, a rebel faction of Volver formed by Crimson's old followers, would be attacking the academy where his son was. Ziskin quickly agreed to help, and travelled to the academy. He was late however, as the Blood Knights were attacking the academy by the time he arrived. Luckily, there were few casualties, and Vonnes survived. Ziskin sent his medics to help the cadets, feeling pity for the children.

He later left the academy for Matukoris, the UAE capital, to discuss the assault of the Blood knight Stronghold with Queen Si'daal and Emperor Pulporius V.

Ongoing at the Moment

Personal InformationEdit


Ziskin was once an obedient child. He obeyed his father's every command, and still maintained a sense of innocence. However, his father's paranoia began to affect Ziskin. He believed that the Volver had pushed his people to extinction.

As he got older, and after his father was killed, Ziskin became a ruthless monster. He resorted to slaying innocents to gain the advantage in war. For the most part, he was considered to be just as insane as his father. Despite this, Ziskin is extremely intelligent. He is a genius, capable of designing devastating weapons like the GDR.

After the many wars he had been through, Ziskin discovered the truth behind his race's burdens. He decided to leave the UAE alone, including his longtime enemies, the Volver. Ziskin has rarely shown much compassion. He does care for his son, Vonnes, however.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Weapons and ArmorEdit

  • Mark XI Automatic Biskin-Class Chaingun
CRE -120343ed sml

Mark XI Automatic Biskin-Class Chaingun

The Mark XI ABCC is a very powerful chaingun what Ziskin uses in place of standard Plasma Pistols. This gun shoots high impact plasma rounds at a rate of 16 rounds per second. The gun runs off of a plasma rod core, so the weapon is prone to overheating if it fires for too long. On the plus side, it almost never has to be reloaded, as the plasma core continuously replenishes itself until it finally burns out. This however is never a problem because the chaingun can be preloaded with extra cores. This allows the gun to replace a burned out core almost instantly and continue firing. The plasma shot from the gun is extremely volatile, capable of ripping through energy shields and armor.

  • Mark VI Biskin-Class Prime Blade
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Mark VI Biskin-Class Prime Blade

The Prime Blade is a powerful gauntlet that is often used by Prime Biskin. The gauntlet features one large blade extending from above the wrist strap and two shorter blades extending from the sides. The blades are quite sharp and made of a Titanium-Steel alloy. The longest blade is one and a half feet long while the smaller blades are around 6 inches in length. The gauntlet part of the weapon houses a small generator that can charge the blades with over 200 volts of electricity. The blades burn so hot when the electricity is activated, that they glow a bright hot red. The blades can easily disable shielding systems within armor, and short out any equipment that can not handle more than 400 volts.

  • Orala'Sim Mask
Orala'Sim Mask

Orala'Sim Mask

The Orala'Sim Mask is a very durable mask that covers most of Ziskin's face. The mask is made out of Biskinite, a rare metal discovered by the Biskin thousands of years ago. The mask is heat resistant, fireproof, does not conduct electricity, and can filter out noxious gases, including Volver poison. The mask also grants a heads up display of the battlefield during combat situations. The mask can detonate a remote EMP with a radius of up to 5 meters. It's durability is remarkable, as it was seen to have withstood blows from even the Alphorium Blade without snapping in two. Ziskin received the mask from his father as a gift. The mask is passed down to the first male child within the Orala'Sim line.
  • Mark VII Biskin-Class Prime Armor

Ziskin wears a full set of Prime Armor. The armor is comfortably padded on the inside and extremely durable. It has all the capabilities of the Orala'Sim Mask, as the Mark VII version of this armor was made specifically for Ziskin. The armor features temperature regulators and is very flexible.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Physical Condition

Ziskin belongs to a subspecies of Biskin known as the Prime Biskin. Because of this, he is much larger, faster, and stronger than most other Biskin species, save for the Titans. Ziskin has shown extraordinary feats of strength, once besting Pulporius V, a Soldarian, in combat. He even fought Lord Lavern of the Lavatufts and lived to tell the tale. He has been seen to be many times stronger than the average Biskin, being able to lift over 3,500 pounds with his arms, and 4,000 with is legs. Because of his powerful legs, Ziskin is very quick on his feet, even for someone his size. He could easily out run a car on foot. The long appendage extending from the back of his head is common on most Biskin, is called a Vigi'Dage, which allows Ziskin to sense everything in his environment. It is nearly impossible to sneak up on him, as the appendage would have sensed your presence. Ziskin can use Vigi'Dage just as well as his own arms, capable of tossing his foes around easily with it's strength.

  • Mental Condition

Ziskin is often seen as insane and blood thirsty. Dispite this, he is a true genius. He designed the GDR, a weapon that was almost on par with even Nebulorian technology. His battle strategies, even though they were failures, would have devastated the UFG and possibly the UAE if he had access to more recourses and troops. When granted these however, Ziskin successfully downed many of Ada's ships during the Returnof THEM thanks to his intellect. However, his arrogance often discredits many of his redeeming qualities.

  • Combat Skills

Ziskin is a warrior who is covered in scars from his past battles. He is an outstanding warrior, managing to defeat King Glynn, one of the most skilled warriors in the UFG at the time, three times. He is trained in the Biskin martial art of Hal'Simrah, a style developed by House Orala'Sim in the early days of the Biskin Empire. The style is a mixture of Judo and Tiger Style Kung-Fu. It involves countering the opponent's moves when on the defensive, then obliterating them with heavy blows when on the offensive. His Vigi'Dage is also implemented in the fighting style, acting as a third arm for blocking or striking with the force of his actual arms. Ziskin is also skilled with all types of blade weapons, firearms, and fighter ships. Ziskin also has the ability to heal himself with essence over a short period of time.



  • Mi'Kron Orala'Sim - Grandfather, you can rest easy now.
  • Nano Orala'Sim - Father, I Have avenged our kind.
  • Zsark - Honestly? I have a good feeling about this guy.
  • Solid - A true friend to me. The Unitech have aided my kind and kept us from extinction.
  • Sehvia - She is my son's mother, and a brilliant scientist. She has produced a strong heir for me, and I have come to love her.


  • UFG - Your offer of peace warms my hart. But I could never be your allies.
    • Barda Clett - I respect few of the people in your...alliance. However, I can look beyond our past.
  • W'tze - We haven't spoken much. I have no real opinions of him. Although, he does smell nice.
  • Lorka - Not my friend. Solid's associate. I tolerate him.
  • Vonnes Orala'Sim - Child, you are the future of our empire. Learn what you can from the worms. Sometimes, even the most insignificant things can turn out to be useful.


  • King Brygon - I don't ask for your forgiveness boy. I have redeemed my people, and that is all.
  • Oskel Leton - If you honestly believe that you can defeat me, then you are a fool.
  • King Viral - You are much better company than your mate, though you were just as loyal...
  • Crimson - A Volver is a Volver, no mater what your bullshit motives are.
  • King Lavern - A very powerful opponent...if only you would have joined me when I offered.
  • Emperor Pulporius V - I am stronger than you, do not for get that. You often forget your feeble limits when you gaze upon that fleet of yours.
  • General Thor - Oh, we shall see...


  • King Zirux - You murdered my father, and came for my life when you were revived. Be lucky that I spared your descendants, worm.
  • King Glynn - Despite my recent neutrality with your kind, I still regard you as an enemy. I WILL strike you down if you ever return to this world.
  • Anthil Agna - You've threatened the life of my only child. I will have your head.
  • Xizothano Ada - It was was YOU the whole time! You caused my race to hit the brink of extinction! You caused me and my father to go insane, and commit mass genocide on the innocents! I will personally see to it that your kind and followers are exterminated, "False God".
    • Lord Ne'yon - You may have revived me...but that does not excuse the genocide your kind committed against my species. Burn in Hell scum!!
  • Infectant Hivemind - Such a foul plague. I never trusted you.
    • A-Z Infectants - I hardly remember any of your names. I will say that all of you are equally disgusting.
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