The Order had to change from homeworlds to main territory beacuse a shaman empire capured it and moved it 10 parsecs away, and ever since then the Order has been tring to take it back...




  • The Ultimate Empire, Zealots of the Phradox Galaxy are a powerful, zealous empire that founded the Hidden Order. They remain faithful to their religion, and are one of the most violent empires in the Hidden Order.
  • Tier: Low 3
  • Status: Leader and Founder
  • Colonies: Unknown
  • Leader: Zetok
  • Archetype: Zealot



  • The Vivid Trader Empire gain colonies through trading and diplomacy, not through force. They are intelligent, and adaptable, making the Hidden Order more powerful.
  • Tier: Low 4
  • Status: Leader and Co-Founder
  • Colonies: 100+
  • Leader: Siaul
  • Archetype: Trader



  • The Ancient Batilits are the oldest and wisest species in the Hidden Order. They make up the Hidden Order Honor Guard.
  • Tier: Low 4
  • Status: High
  • Colonies: 110+
  • Leader: Baniouns (Ba-By-On-Sis)
  • Archetype: Scientist

Eivl FairyEdit


  • The Evil Fairy Slave Drivers are the farmers, agriculturalists, and slave drivers of the Hidden Order. They are a surprisingly ecologistic species for their name.
  • Tier: 5
  • Status: Medium
  • Colonies: 50+
  • Leader: The Slave Driver Leader
  • Archetype: Ecologist



  • The Louel Empire is a new species in the Hidden Order. They have a large military for their size, and are respected among many members.
  • Tier: 5
  • Status: High 4
  • Colonies: 75+
  • Leader: Leekononkips (Le-Con-On-Cips)
  • Archetype: Warrior



  • The Grand Council of Wingers makes up the diplomatic side of the Hidden Order. They are less reactive and aggressive than most of the Hidden Order.
  • Tier: Medium 5
  • Status: Medium
  • Colonies: 65+
  • Leader: The Winger Grand Master
  • Archetype: Diplomat



  • The Zelingka Knights are the newest edition to the Hidden Order. They have powerful tools and gifts for the rest of the Order and have quickly ascended the ranks of the Hidden Order's military, senate, justice department, and supreme commanders.
  • Tier: High 4
  • Status: High
  • Colonies: 80+
  • Leader: Zemankinops (Ze-man-Kin-op-is
  • Archetype: Knight


The Hidden Order's government is far too complicated for anyone to understand. If you wish to know more, then consult the creator, Harrypottergeek, on his talk page.

Their Goverment is a very complex so read carefully. It contains 3 different types of Goverments

  1. Theocratic Socialist
  2. Parlimentary Monarchy
  3. Democratic-Repuplic


The Hidden Order control a large area of space near the core, as well as some more at the rear of the arm, and about fifty-five space stations in the ring-like nebula that circles the galaxy.

Fortress WorldEdit

More to come... Is about the size of Jupiter and is 1/3 the size of the Home world and is almost filled to the roof with food for the coming of Spode



Green face "These raes should be happy that they recieve our gifts."


Blue face "Perhaps there is an alliance in the future."


Yellow face " These may soon live or die"


Orange face"These empires are soon to be eliminated."

  • The Multiflex


Red face "These evil races will taste our wrath!"

  • The Shaman Collective
  • Lippin Empire


  • The Batilis could overthrow the government because they have the biggest say. They have three on the war council, two on the imperial senate, two on the justice department, control the honor guard, and make up 2/7 of the Hidden Order's population.
  • The Louel are the tallest species in the Hidden Order.
  • The Hidden Order's creator wanted each member to have a different archetype.
  • The Hidden Order has its own day to execute their prisoners inhumanly.
  • Allmost every empire has an Emperor. The Louel, Winger, Zelinka, Batlis, and Evil Fairy all have one.
  • The Hidden Order are the 2nd most powerful empire, native to their Galaxy.
  • The Hidden Order is very protetive of its colonies.
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