The Tuurosian Division of Paranormal Threat Prevention, known colloquially as the Hellstrider Division is an enigmatic paramilitary organisation operating solely within the Tuurosian Hellspace. Bound to the mutagenic environment of the Hellspace and its dangers, the Hellstrider Division's sole purpose is to combat abnormal entities within the Hellspace - preventing their emergence in the realspace and potential catastrophes that may come of it. Unaffiliated with any Tuurosian government, Frontier nor Schism, the Hellstrider Division exists and operates outside of any political jurisdiction and often exercise their freedoms violently if their operations are endangered.


Emergence of the Hellstrider Division within the Tuurosian Hellspace can only be accounted for as early as the mid twenty-second century. Due to the distorted perceptions of time in hyperspace related to that of the realspace, the Hellstrider Division has existed in relative terms for several millennia longer than natural reckoning. Though the Hellstriders have only been in historical account for approximately seven centuries, some scientific calculations estimate that they have been operating for 40,000 years or so in Hellspace time. It is thought that a considerable percentage of the Hellstrider Division was wiped out during the War of Ages amid the Samut'angari invasion, leaving their numbers sparing in the 29th Century.



A Hellstrider Soldier.

The namesake of the Hellstrider Division, the so-called Hellstriders are the contingent of armoured warriors that comprise the numbers of their operations. From what is understood, Hellstriders are members of an uncharted species that have since mutated to the environmental conditions of the Hellspace, their bodies merging with their armour. Hellstriders are of few words and are not considered approachable - travellers within the Hellspace often recognise that Hellstriders survive in the most hazardous environments within the galaxy.

Very little is understood of the organisation of Hellstriders or their origins; as anonymous members of uncharted species, several rumours surround their origins - reawakened survivors of a precursor culture, cybernetic experiments, or interdimensional entities working deep within Tuurosian hyperspace. As warriors, the martial prowess of Hellstriders are thought of as second to none within the Tuuros Galaxy - on a similar echelon as Asilaphean Overlords or Mahanayan Spiritwalkers. Whatever devices they have constructed to survive in the Hellspace has warranted the usage of highly destructive weaponry that has been known to pierce through Samut'angari defence.

Due to the environmental mutations that Hellstriders exist under, it is believed that they cannot exit nor survive in realspace, although there has been no indication that a Hellstrider has ever exited their environment.



Purified face.png "Outsiders are not permitted within our areas of operation."

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Purified face.png "Move along."


Red face.png "Threats within the Hellspace are to be eliminated immediately."



My first and only encounter with the Hellstriders was a mistake, to be sure. A contingent of twenty ships of mine were disintegrated after a warning from them wasn't heeded in time. No amount of shielding protects you from a Hellstrider Gun.

- Tuk Nijusi

Supremacy over the Hellspace cannot be achieved until the so-called Hellstriders are eviscerated. The Doomstone will prove beneficial in our campaign.

- Sarhadraxantal
  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II