End of March 2820 (22AQF), the Butterfly-Class vessel USS Harakaze embarks on her maiden voyage and test flight from the Rambo Capital with their heading Rambo Prime. With the Second Great Cyrannus War the ships launch can be considered a small succes during the occupation by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Yet their maiden voyage goes wrong when they are tasked to investigate the disappearance of an Imperial Arquitens-class light cruiser near the borders of the dangerous Metruia-Nebula. Against the objections of commander Tash Hannity she has to take her skeleton crew and cadets to investigate the matter when things go sour!

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Main Cast of CharactersEdit

Rambo Academy Cadets
Character Cast
Jenna Lenissa RamboCadetLarge Volerx AteesheCadetLarge
Jenna Lenissa Rambo
Volerx Ateeshe
Supportive Characters
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Tash HannityCommanderLarge
Tash Hannity


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USS Harakaze leaves drydock for her maiden voyage test flight

October 2819 (21AQF), the once proud Rambo Nation was subjugated by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus after the death of High King Rambert Ramveral during the Umbra du Elen'nathien-events. Now under occupation by the Imperials, the exploratory duties of Rambo Command continued though many of their ships were sieged and dismantled by the Empire, including most of their powerful Constitution-Class and Miranda-Class battlecruisers.

Yet, some programs continued including the ambitious Butterfly-Class line of vessels with the USS Butterfly and USS Harakaze scheduled for testflights in the last week of March 2820 (22AQF). In the background of the Second Great Cyrannus War, a group of cadets continue their Academy Education on the Rambo Capital and follow their internships on both Ramboidae and Imperial vessels since the occupation.

Academy commander Tash Hannity assumes command of the Harakaze in March 2820 with cadet Jenna Lenissa Rambo as her XO and cadet Volerx Ateeshe as the helm!

Chapter 01Edit

May 2820, two weeks after the liberation of Umbrax by the Rambo Loyalist an Imperial patrol intercepts an U-Wing commandeered by lieutenant Watcher and sergeant Judie Watcher carrying vital plans for the next targets of the Loyalists. The Imperial Arquitens-class light cruiser Unfortunate intercepted the U-Wing near the Metruia Nebula and launched its two ASP-IV-fighters to intercept.


Unfortunate intercepts a Loyalist U-Wing

"Stay on my tail" lieutenant Vax Trask ordered his wing man Ciena Dunedin. From onboard the Unfortunate lieutenant Timothy Winthazen monitored their progress. He hated this trainee mission with its sole objective to find suitable candidates to serve within the elite Emperor's Fury fighter squadron that was currently assigned to the notorious and feared Raptor Squadron. To their credit, the Loyalist U-Wing evaded the two ASP-fighters with a stunning display of skill.

"Status" lieutenant commander Zahra Ross inquired, the commander of the Unfortunate. Timothy explained that both fighters were still unable to catch the vessel. A bit nervous, Timothy was well aware lieutenant commander Ross served the Inquisitor Chi Chodecra during the beginning of the war. A sudden tremble send the bridge crew flying, scrambling to their feet Zahra shouted orders to reset internal dempers..........

Four hours later, commander Tash Hannity and cadet Jenna Lenissa Rambo discussed the performance of the new Butterfly-Class Harakaze-subclass USS Harakaze. Tash snorted when cadet Rambo gave the report of the ship's performance while she looked at the technical specifications of the vessel. Tash was happy a number of cadets wished to remain onboard instead of enjoying their two weeks holiday in May, Tash was sure to reward them for their efforts and flexibility as the test run turned out to be longer than expected.


Cadet Rambo gives Tash the report of the ships performance, May 2820

"The power fluctuations in the warp conduits prevent us from reaching maximum warp velocity. In addition sensor alignment had to be readjusted for scanning as the Metruia Nebula seemed to create more ghost readings than accurate ones. Replicators in the mess are still down, both transporter rooms are online though sonic showers report failures on decks two and three. In addition, I gave the few engineerings top priority in repairing water tubes as both the coventional showers and lavatories reported stoppages. Especially on deck three the stench is reported to be intolerable" Jenna dutifully reported.

Tash shook her head, wondering that in all the decades the Ramboidae created ships during test flights there were still so many problems with the basic requirements. On the other hand, perhaps that is why they still needed to do a month long test flight before ships were send into active service if time and situation allowed.

Suddenly an alarm beeped, an incoming message from Rambo Command. To her surprise, the Harakaze was send on an investigation mission to locate an Imperial light cruiser that lost contact with Imperial command. As the closest vessel in range the Harakaze was dispatched even though the ship only was running on a skeleton crew of 12, had no physician onboard and was still conducting test flights and facing technical difficulties. Rolling her eyes she issued the orders to cadet Ateeshe at the helm to change course and head to the coordinates provided by Rambo Command.

Thirty mintures later the Harakaze arrived at the outskirts of the Metruia Nebula. Cadet Ateeshe adjusted course and steered towards the Nebula.

"Commander, you wish to enter?" Volerx asked with a little hesistation. He didn't like the prospect of entering the Metruia Nebula, it was notorious and hazardous for vessels. Hannity affirmed his question and Volerx sighted. "Aye Ma'am" he said a bit nervously.


USS Harakaze is hit by a displacement wave in the Metruia Nebula, May 2820

Tash sat back in her chair, as there were not science officers onboard due to the test flight cadet Rambo took over the duties at the science station. She after all had followed a scientific intership just a few weeks back under fleet-captain Garan Andarch.

"Commander! Sensors found Imperial debris at our port!" she exclaimed in excitement. "Though it are just hull fragments ma'am, no sign of larger ship parts nor the black box" she continued.

"Yellow alert" Tash commanded. At once the lights of the bridge turned darker and yellow, a low alarm sounded as Jenna ran to the tactical console and charged the shields and weapons. She didn't like this situation, a ship still facing technical difficulties sending into one of the more dangerous nebulas of the Quadrants. A sudden tremble was felt that shook the ship violently.

"Status report!" Tash shouted when a nearby console exploded in sparks.

"Ma'am, we were just hit by subspace turbulance. Displacement wave forms straight ahead of us at 05 degrees port!" Jenna said in fear.

"Raise the shields! Helm turn her out of the wave" Tash ordered in vain as the wave hit the Harakaze out of nowhere.........

Chapter 02Edit


Minutes after the displacement wave hit the USS Harakaze at the start of the second week of May 2820, the bridge of the Harakaze was a mess. Bulkheads had come down, in the left corner debris fell down and took fire. As the alarm sounded in the background the skeleton bridge crew got to their feet.


The crew of Harakaze try to get a clear picture of the damage when something lurks behind them

Commander Tash Hannity looked around her, carefully probing the side of her head she noticed the blood of her finger. "Just great" she muttered to herself. Looking behind her, she saw cadet Jenna Lenissa Rambo getting to her feet with support of her fellow cadet, Volerx Ateeshe. Looking to the other side of the bridge she noticed that a Serindia officer had been crushed by a bulkhead, he was dead. Sighting she wondered how many more had perished throughout the ship. Stretching her back and walking to the viewscreen she issued her commands. "Cadets, status report now!" she said in a firm voice.

Both cadets sprung to the attention, obviously rudely brought back from their state of shock. Volerx pointed to the helm console that was littered with sparks as an energy surge hit the bridge once more. Jenna approached her tactical station and relied the reports.

"Ma'am, reports are coming in" she said as she processed the data. "Warp engines still functional, shield generators intact. Hull breaches at deck three, section 3 to 5. Three reported casualties...apologies make that four with the Serindia officer on the bridge" Jenna dutifully reports.

Tash felt a chill and looked at the viewscreen when she thought something was moving in the nebula. The nebula she thought. Wasn't the Metruia Nebula purple in appearance instead of white? A slight tremor was heard but she shrugged it off.

"Ma'am?" Volerx inquired when they heard slithering sounds crossing the hull. All three looked to the roof when Tash realised it was nonsense as they couldn't see anything. Suddenly the ship shook again and the computer gave an automatic alarm that the hull integrity was diminishing. "Report" Tash shouted over the noise.


Harakaze entangled by a space entity, may 2820

Jenna pointed to the viewscreen when a massive tentacle and hideous creature emerged from the nebula. A massive space faring entity had entangled the Harakaze. Pushing Jenna aside she looked at the computer screens and realised the entity, or rather entities were drawn to the ships energy signature. "Why did sensors not detect them?" Tash asked Jenna angrily.

Jenna swallowed. "I-i think sensors took a hit or are still not fully aligned correctly to perform at maximum performance" Jenna said evasive. Rolling her eyes, Tash couldn't blame them they were cadets after all.

"Ma'am, I have a suggestion" cadet Ateeshe said. Raising an eyebrow Tash gestured to continue. "What if we make us a prey that gives a bit of a heat. I could set impulse at maximum so it seems we struggle while the engines heat up" he said.

Tash complied with the suggestion, after all they were to escape if there was any chance of escaping this entity, set their targeting sensors right and repair the vessel and find the nearest starbase to ask for aid.

As Volerx executed his plan, the engines roared and the Harakaze moved forward. The entity tightened its grib but the Harakaze eventually shot forward when Jenna and Tash works to energize the shields that jolted the creature. Exiting the nebula Tash looked at the cadet and sat down at the nearest chair. "What a day" she muttered.

Showdown at Gorgoroth

After spending four weeks in the Void of Nothingness the skeleton crew of the Harakaze managed to repair most of the systems that were damaged during their encounter with the displacement wave and the tentacle entities. With their sensors back online, the computer calculated that they found themselves in the Endless Space, 126 years away from the edges of Ramboidae space. The crew needed some days to recover, as most were new and fresh from the school or were still cadets. Most of the senior crew were killed during the replacement, including the tactical officer and the chief engineer.


Arriving at Gorgorthrond, June 2820

After the repairs they set course to the nearest planet, a month away. Even during her voyages with the USS Enterprise-A- Tash never encountered a month of nothing, no planets or space phenomenas. It was depressing to say the least, to her crew as well though they performed excellent. After four weeks they made contact with some scavengers belonging to the T'varuuh. They informed Tash they were in the Argoroth Sector and pointed them to a location were they could get supplies though warned them to avoid the borders of "Gorgorians". Even more shocking, the creature were aware of the Rambo though they didn't elaborate on it. Tash was determined to find out how they knew. By the end of June 2820, the Harakaze was running low on almost everything and Tash decided to enter Gorgorian space and head to a planet called Gorgorthrond.

Tash left cadet Jenna in command of the Harakaze well she took an away team to the surface, using their only shuttle as the transporter room was still down. The cadet objected ofcourse, wanting to experience the thrill of adventure as well though Tash decided to use better assets, cadet Volerx Ateeshe as pilot and the fierce crewman Velinde Autumnlight as her security detail. As the shuttle decended all three looked in wonder at the fortress, surrounded by a lava lake.

Entering the fortress itself, most of the massive oger-like creatures ignored them though pointed them to the "pleasure house" where buisiness could be conducted. Volerx looked surprised at the sight before them upon entering, barely dressed females and one dancing in a cage. "Erm, commander?" he asked hesitantly.

Velinde snorted; "A whore house this is?" she cursed under her breath, disgusted. Tash crossed her arms, it seemed indeed the place was build for pleasure but she would conduct trade here if this was the place to do it. She was interrupted in her thoughts by Velinde who tapped her shoulder.

"Yes crewman?" commander Hannity asked. "Commander, if I am not mistaken that girl over there is an Amiaeria!".


Gorzask recognizes Rambo within his estate

Tash looked in the direction and froze. The Elven crewman was right. Approaching the girl, she noticed bruises and scars along her back and the girl seemed into a state of extase. Noticing the injection spots on the inside of her elbows she understood the girl was drugged. One of the waitresses informed Tash that the girl could be rented for pleasure though at the moment was recieving her treatment. Tash looked disgusted at the girl. How in the name of the Atlantica Gods did an Amiaeria wound up at Gorgorthrond? In the back of the saloon a curtain was shifted away, revealing the heavily armed Gorzask. Gorzask froze as he saw Hannity and her crew. Recognising the insigna on their chest he shouted while raising his blaster; "RAMBO! BLAST THEM!".

In the moments after it was chaos. Velinde and Volerx opened fire with their phasers while Tash grabbed the drugged Amiaeria with her. Grabbing her own phaser, she ordered the shuttle's computer to beam them to the shuttle just in time as more guards rushed in. Gorzask roared, the Rambo had returned and for the second time they took his prized slave from him.

As the shuttle took off it headed to the Harakaze at full speed. While Volerx piloted the shuttle, Velinde used a medical tricorder on the young Amiaeria while Tash herself opened a channel to the ship.

"Cadet Rambo, upon arrival jump to warp and leave Gorgorian territory at once" she barked as the Harakaze came in sight.

Taking a Breath

Tash and Velinde discuss Evaana's condition

Commander Tash Hannity raised her hands in the air in frustration with the Amiaeria lieutenant Lassa Evaana Penaeli and looked angry at crewman Velinde Autumnlight. Velinde simply shrugged her shoulders and sickbay seemed really suffocating.

"I am sorry commander, I am no nurse or physician. I can treat certain combat injuries but this is......whooz" she said with a gesture that it was way above her paygrade. Rolling her eyes in annoyance (something she did often lately upon arriving in the Argoroth Sector) she looked again at Penaeli who simply sat there dreaming and making seductive gestures. Crewman Velinda used the medical tricorder that indicated besides various bruises and some healed fractures she seemed healthy. But as Velinde pointed out, she was no physician after all.

"Get her patched up as good as you can" Tash ordered, which resulted in an annoyed glare from Velinde. "Something wrong crewman?" Task inquired while crossing her arms in front of her.

"I am no physician commander nor a babysitter" Velinde shot back.


Harakaze approached the Crockagator C5 space station, June 2820

Narrowing her eyes Tash pointed a finger at Velinde and said sharply; "Whatch your tone crewman, my decision is final". That being said Tash turned and left the sickbay heading to the bridge. The Harakaze could barely reach warp 2 though luckily they didn't encounter a single Gorgorian interceptor yet. Entering the bridge both Volerx and Jenna sprung to attention.

"Commander, we are approaching a space station with various ships surrounding it" Volerx said.

"Hail them" Hannity ordered as the Harakaze set course towards the station.

"Commander, the eh "Crockagator C5 space station" invites us to dock" he said. Smiling Tash acknowledged sat back in her chair relaxed. Finally a friendly face since their last encounter with the T'varuuh traders.

Chapter 03Edit

August 2820, after spending the entire month of July and the remaining days of June at the Crockagator C5 Space Station for repairs, the USS Harakaze problems were solved and the outer hull damage was repaired. Commander Tash Hannity was pleased, with the aid of the Crockagator they managed to get back on the road towards the Quadrant Galaxies. To her surprise, they confirmed a Ramboidae vessel was seen in the Argoroth Sector before, back in 2802 (04 AQF) until if vanished a year later in 2803 after their dealings with the T'varuuh. During her time on the station Tash managed to complete the picture, the USS Elgorodaurl was relocated to this sector as well, made first contact with the species in the sector before they were lost again. Lieutenant Penaeli was still not back to her senses though she seemed to have survived the dealings after the Elgorodarul met de T'varuuh. Something was still not right.

"Commander to bridge" the voice of cadet Rambo said over the intercom. Leaving her ready room Tash entered the bridge and inquired was was going on. After leaving the station she hoped for some quiet time but it seemed the cadets discovered something again. "Commander, you are not going to believe this, we have picked up a signal. Its Imperial" Jenna confirmed after reviewing her data console again.

Raising an eyebrow she approached the screen as well and confirmed it came from Gorga III, according to the Creckagator star charts they were given after some trading. Signaling cadet Ateeshe, the Harakaze changed course and headed towards the planet.


Crew of the Harakaze meets Corbar on Gorga III, August 2820

Two hours later, the Harakaze entered low orbit and confirmed the crash site of the Imperial Arquitens-class light cruiser Unfortunate, a Rambo Loyalist U-Wing. To their shock the planet was devoted of life besides the crashed crew of the light cruiser, the U-Wing and a lone Amphibiahria. Taking a shuttle, Tash headed to the surface with Volerx and Velinde to investigate the Amphibiaeria, not wishing to meet either the Loyalists or the Imperials just yet. Touching down, they found a lone tent in a crater and upon approaching they were fired upon.

"Stay away thieves! This scavenging is mine alone!" the Amphibiahria shouted while firing a few rounds. Velinde signalled Tash to provide covering fire while she snuck behind the tent. "I will hurth you!" the Amphibiahria shouted again while firing another few rounds. Suddenly they heard the sounds of fighting as Velinde kicked the rifle from the shooter and hit him in the stomach followed by a high kick that send him flying outside the tent. Pointing her phaser at the Amphibiahria she smiled. "Your surrender is accepted" she said smirky.


Imperials are under attack at Gorgar III

Both Tash and Volerx approached, and to the Amphibiahria's delight as he recognised the insigna on their chess. "R-rambo? You found us! They searched for us" he said while tears rolled over his cheeks. Falling to his knees he grabbed Tass' hands and thanked the Atlantica for this miracle.

Shaking her hands loose she kneeled as well and looked the Amphibiahria in the eyes. "I am commander Tash Hannity of the USS Harakaze. We found you, but are relocated as well like your ship was. Who are you?" she inquired.

Corbar saluted, "lieutenant Corbar" he said. Velinde shrugged her shoulder, finding the Amphibiahria boring already. She was ready to fight some Imperials. Behind them they heard the explosions coming from the crash site of the Imperials. Drawing her phaser, she ordered Corbar and Velinde to come with her while Volerx was ordered to return to the shuttle and await furher orders.


Tash and Corbar meet Gorzask

Arriving at the crash site, Tash saw to her horror that they were under siege by Gorgorians, notably the one from Gorgorthrond. The Imperial camp was overrun, with various troopers dead while the remaining crew members were seperated. Tash heard the screams and a Libertus elite shouting orders. Smiling she just had the right plan how to solve the problem. Signaling the shuttle she ordered Volerx to open fire. Taken by surprise, the Gorgorian took defensive positions while Velinde and Tash entered the village herself. The Imperials took advantage of the situation as well and most of them managed to gather together and form a front while the shuttle flew over and beamed them out two at a time. Lieutenant Corbar, in his civilian outfit remained with Tash as they ran up to the hill surrounding the crash site and providing covering fire.

A sudden roar nearby made Tash turn too late when a fist hit her, sending her sprawling. As blood spilled down the right side of her mouth, Corbar holstered his weapon and stepped back. "G-g-Gorzask!" he said affraid. The massive armored brute stepped forward and looked angry behind his helmet. "Well well, seems the scavenger survived. Not yet able to save your little girlfriend eh?" he said taunting Corbar while Tash managed to get to her feet again.

"Surrender brute" she said. "You are outnumbered and I have no interesst in conflict with the Gorgorians" Tash said firmly.

Gorzask laughed claiming the Rambo were already at conflict before her arrival in Argoroth. Drawing a knife he lunged forward though Tash was faster, firing her phaser she brought the Gorgorian to his knees in agony.

"Hmpf" Tash snorted. Contacting the Harakaze directly she ordered two to beam up. Suddenly Gorzask launched forward, plunging a small spear through Tash abdomen while the transport started. Smiling he said "Not so fast" as he plunged the spear further.

Crewman second class Dil'inne'Dry, who operated the transporters as the team was away pressed the intercom. "Cadet Rambo to transporter room one please" he said. On the bridge, Jenna raised an eyebrow, she was to abandon her post. Complying she took the lift to the transporter room where Dil looked sad as he guided her to the back of the transporter itself. In the back, commander Hannity sat against the wall and breathed heavily. Looking at her abdomen Jenna noticed the spear and turned pale.


Jenna and Dil are present with Tash' last moments

"C-commander" Jenna said with a vibrating lip as she kneeled down and grabbed Tash' hand. "We need to get you to sickbay and..." Jenna said desperately though Tash gentle silenced her.

"T-too late cadet. I am done for, the EMH is still offline and I already feel my concious slipping away. Listen, listen..." Tash said heavily.

"Per emergency order, cadet Jenna Lenissa Rambo is field promoted to commander. Computer transfer all command codes to the now Commander Rambo" Tash managed to get out before she spit up some blood. Jenna looked shocked, claiming it was Tash who needed to get them home. A lone tear rolled down Tash cheeck when she grabbed the hand of Jenna.

"G-get them home Jenna, promsie m-me...." Tash said with her last breath.

Jenna cried, while Dil placed a hand on her shoulder. Later Velinde and Volerx stormed the transporter room as well and were shocked with the death of their commander and the field promotion of Jenna.

"How unfortunate, it seems the Harakaze is now left without its commander" Imperial lieutenant commander Vax Trask said coldly as he entered the room with his arms behind his back.

Chapter 04Edit

Newly field-promoted commander Jenna Lenissa Rambo sighted. Leaning back in her chair in the ready room of the USS Harakaze she had made a bold decision after asking advise from her friend, cadet Volerx Ateeshe. After the death of commander Tash Hannity, the Harakaze was still in orbit of Gorga III, as she gave the order to salvage as much as possible from the Unfortunate, including the two intact ASP-IV fighters.

During their search they located and salvaged the crashed Rambo Loyalist U-Wing as well and security crewman Velinde Autumnlight had difficulties preventing fights between the Imperials and Loyalists. While Jenna was sympathazing with the Loyalists to liberate Rambo Nation from Imperial subjugation, as a member of Rambo Command she was still bound to the orders to cooperate with the Imperials. A door signal interrupted her thoughts and organizing her uniform she said; "Enter".

Imperial Lieutenant commander Vax Trask and lieutenants Ciena Dunedin and Timothy Winthazen entered the ready room.


Jenna provides the Imperials with an ultimatum to serve onboard, August 2820

"Lieutenant commander" Jenna said formally and inviting.

The Libertus simply nodded back in respect and walked to the nearby window, looking outside and obviously uninteressted in what Jenna was about to say. Counting to ten in her head she exhaled and began her case.

"Imperials, late commander Hannity's idea was to take you onboard, however I do not plan on taking guests onboard" she said. Ciena and Timothy looked shocked while Vax slowly turned and narrowed his eyes in anger. She heard him growl and raising a teeth.

"What? You are a subjects of the Empire. You cannont maroone us on this dust ball" he said angrily.

Jenna raised a hand; "I have no intention in doing so lieutenant commander. I have an ultimatum for you" Jenna said with a smirky smile. To his credit Vax remained silent and scratched his underchin. "Well, silence is an agreement I presume" Jenna continued.

To Vax' surprise she named him executive officer and the second in command of the Harakaze, effectively making him a senior bridge officer while the two lieutenants would be deployed onboard the Harakaze or the bridge for various tasks. Taken by surprise, Vax agreed though when he recieved a datapad by Jenna with her other plans he reacted annoyed. Raising a hand again Jenna said; "It is not open to debate XO, take it or leave it" she said before she dismissed the Imperials.

Two minutes later, Rambo Loyalists Watcher, Judie Watcher and former Imperial commander Zahra Ross entered the bridge.


Jenna meets the Watcher cousins and Zahra

"Thank you for seeing us" lieutenant Watcher said.

"My pleasure" Jenna said in return. "Well, I guess you saw the Imperials just leaving my ready room, as I told them I do not take guests onboard. If you want to join us in our voyage home I will deploy you two to serve as crew onboard the Harakaze" Jenna said firmly as she handed over the same ultimatum as she did to the Imperials.

"Quite a bold statement for a Cadet" Lieutenant Watcher sarcastically said.

Raising an eyebrow Jenna swallowed a sharp comment and exhaled for a moment. "Lieutenant Watcher, you will assigned as head of security onboard with you niece and crewman Autumnlight as the security detail, in turn you are part of the senior crew and are expected to be present on crew briefings and meetings".

"But I have to serve under you and that Imperial lizard" Watcher said. Jenna nodded though Judie placed a hand on her nephews shoulder. "That will require some adjusting on both our parts, but we are happily to join your merry band of a crew ma'am" Judie said before Watcher was able to make another remark. As the two left only Zahra remained behind, who apparently had thrown away her Imperial uniform.

"A moment of your time commander?" Zahra asked politely. Agreeing Zahra told her story to Jenna, explaining she donned the Imperial uniform to her Aldárae Order outfit. Taken by surprise that she was a member of the Order of Light, Zahra requested she swore to keep it a secret and from the Imperials. The Loyalists were aware she was as she already told them as Zahra had chased them with the Unfortunate to actually meet and relay intel to them. Massaging the sides of her head Jenna disliked the intrigue of espionage but still needed everyone onboard. Zahra's healing abilities made her perfect as the Chief Medical Officer, something Zahra agreed to do. "Thank you commander" Zahra said as she left the ready room.

Before she could ponder about Zahra's story and impact it could have when the Imperials discovered her being a spy, lieutenants Corbar and Lassa Evaana Penaeli entered her ready room as well- dressed in the current Ramboidae uniforms.


Jenna welcomes Corbar and Evaana onboard the Harakaze

"Reporting for duty" Corbar said happily while Evaana remained rather silent. Rising from her chair she shook hands with both and welcome them onboard. Evaana's drugged state had worn off but she still looked tormented by her slave experience though promised to do her duty as required.

"Well, as you noticed we are short on crew and senior officers. Since I already have a capable pilot, and seeing your record I assign you as Chief Engineering lieutenant Corbar" Jenna said. Corbar smiled, he always wanted to do more with his engineering skills besides piloting a star ship. "Thank you ma'am" he said. Earlier, he had explained to Jenna what he had to do to survive- acts not not examplary for a Ramboidae officer. Jenna decided to overlook these acts as she needed a crew and promised that only Rambo Command could judge that for him.

Turning her attention to Evaana she smiled. "You will be my Head Science Officer, since you are very capable and the only science officer onboard" Jenna said kindly. Evaana blushed and silently thanked Jenna. Both would be part of the senior crew, together with the XO Trask and Security Head Watcher.

"That was all lieutenants" Jenna said and watched them leave. Taking her seat again and leaning back, Jenna was pleased with herself though hoped the different crews could set aside her differences and work together.

Chapter 05Edit

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