The Guild of Shadows is a mercenary organization consisting of only a few assassins, the most feared mercenary group in Borealis. Considered a PMC alongside Borealis organizations such as Soltako Armed Military and the Thugz Fer Dosh, the Guild is made of the most loyal, feared and deadly assassins known to the galaxy. Led by Genrai Nal, the Guild upholds a sense of honour, while still being trigger-happy.

History Edit

Origin Edit

The Guild of Shadows were formed during the Wrath of Gods era of the Second Borealis Galactic War. Partially associated with the Borealis Consortium Network, they were created Falrik Zaarkhun's private assassins, under General Volim's permission assuming that the guild would be equally loyal to Volim. Zaarkhun pulled out the most interesting and powerful individuals in his mercenary group. Zaarkhun appointed Genrai Nal, his most trusted of them all, as the leader.

Mercenary business Edit

When the war ended, Falrik Zaarkhun committed suicide. As part of his will, the Guild of Shadows then became a mercenary group who would work on their own, to the highest bidder. Zaarkhun specifically asked them never to ask "what would Zaarkhun do", so Genrai took matters completely into his own hands. The war also resulted in the defeat of Sollow, meaning there was one less member.

Ice Age Edit

During the Ice Age, the Guild made themselves associates with Torrent and the New Wranploer Legion. However, they also became an associate of Billig Oltauris, meaning they were torn between the two factions.

Characteristics Edit

Behaviour Edit

The Guild of Shadows are a very secretive organization, and are sly and efficient in their operation. While the members often perform certain tasks on their own, for more dangerous work that involves actually making noise, they will work together as a highly co-ordinated unit. The Guild are not ones to ask questions, and when they defeat a foe, they make the death swift, and the body hidden, unless ordered otherwise to leave a message.

Code Edit

The Guild of Shadows follow a strict code. They cannot, under any circumstances, go against the will of their employers. They are fully loyal to all their employers, and in case of conflict, will not turn to the highest bidder- they will simply stay out. If needed, the Guild will give their life, although only under dire circumstances. Only under one circumstance may the Guild act against their employer; if their employer is attempting to damage the Guild's integrity, or has been declared as too much of a threat. The Guild are also made to respect the law of the region of space they operate in...but not to follow it.

Equipment Edit

The Guild do not have specific equipment. They acquire it all from the black market, and several of the weapons they use are banned and made illegal in many regions of Borealis, without military authorizations. Their technology is highly advanced, and several of them use implants. With or without equipment, however, each Guild member could single-handedly take on an entire army of the Zoles Imperium or Unified Nation of Ottzello.

Role Edit

The Guild do not have a specific role to anyone, other than their employer. Their employer command the Guild as they wish, but only under certain agreements.

The Guild Edit

Genrai Nal Edit

Genrai Nal Pos Pic

Battle is all that will suffice.

  • Race - Kalyik Inalton clone
  • Position - Guild Leader
  • Status - Under arrest

Genrai Nal is a Kalyik breed Inalton warrior, capable of using advanced cybernetics and spacetime technology to make him faster, stronger and more sneaky in battle than others. He is the clone of the former Genrai Nal (who became Murangon Nal), Falrik's most trusted ally and friend.

The original Genrai Nal was a long-time supporter and ally of the Zaarkhun Consortium, and he grew up with Falrik. Formally one of the Vyro'Ralza's Blyro'Tralzarca Dark Templar Assassins, Genrai was raised the son of a Kalyik - a Blyro'Tralzica (convert) whose genes had been mutated to fit in with the Tralzorca. Genrai betrayed them, killed most but was then on the run, when he travelled through time and met Zaarkhun's family, and eventually, Zaarkhun himself. Later, he became the puppet of Shu'wokerama, and eventually became Murangon Nal and left the Consortium. Falrik had a plan B however, using spacetime technology and implants to replicate Murangon Nal's abilities, created his own 100% identical Genrai Nal. Genrai Nal is just as loyal, and just as great a warrior.

Genrai Nal is an incredibly strong, fast and sneaky warrior. Using his stealth skills a lot, Genrai Nal fights his battles slowly and methodically, enjoying combat and prepared to fight for anything. He craves battle, and believes in killing first rather than making compromises. By reading his opponent's muscles, he can predict their moves, and even where they will aim a gun.

Fostrak Edit


Cross not my path, where I prey on what is mine.

  • Race - Mutant
  • Position - Guil 'tank'
  • Status - Unknown

Fostrak is a mutant of an unknown race who has been bioengineered five times, by many different people, the last being Falrik Zaarkhun. He is a mutant beast who can, at any ime, mutate to become a 10m tall monstrosity capable of ripping anything apart. Feasting on his targets and any foe, as well as all those in the woods, Fostrak is a force to be retconned with.

A simple ape-like jungle beast one time, Fostrak was a predator who feasted on the weak, and one of the most feared creatures on Groodrub. He was one of the only beasts of Groodrub's jungles that could take on the Loron who were spreading rapidly and taking over the world. Fostrak was captured by a mad Loron and used in Loron gladitorial combat, but was undefeated. Taken by a mad Loron to be mutated further, Fostrak was going to become the first non-Loron warboss, until he fell into the hands of a rival gang. This gang mutated him further, although Fostrak was nearly killed by their engineering. Found later by Galot environmentalists, Fostrak was 'healed', until the Kralgon Invasion Force spread across Ottzello and, once again, made Fostrak into a monster. Falrik Zaarkhun kidnapped Fostrak during this same war, put him in cyrosleep, and for many years, engineered him into the perfect assassin and warrior, with Genrai's consultancy.

Fostrak can go from a small, seemingly harmless creature - who is capable of hiding his appearance in chameleon-like fashion - to a huge, 10m tall monster whose immense strength, claws and fangs can tear apart anything. His teeth have fangs, which can induce a deadly, slow-acting poison that it sure to kill anything lucky enough to escape from him; his claws are made of diamond and are thus unbreakable and can pierce nearly anything, in addition to being energy-induced that can make them hotter and thus a lot more powerful; and his cybernetic muscles can be up to 10 times stronger than muscles of the same size, meaning that very few can match his strength. Fostrak can use spacetime technology to boost his speed greater; he is capable of easy escape and easily able to chase anything down.

Parihus Meipengyus Edit


Your death approaches...

  • Race - Dominatus
  • Position - Guild member
  • Status - Unknown

Parihus Meipengyus is a Dominatus Beta who though excelling in all other fields, failed in the neuroscience section of the exam, placed in the bottom 10 percentile. For other youths this would surely warrant certain death, however for this one, his parents intervened, sacrificing themselves so that he may live, though never in the Tyranny.

Falrik Zaarkhun noticed Parihus, who had been deeply involved in the criminal underworld of the Tyranny, and had the Dominatus come to Borealis, preying on his want for power. In a bid to improve himself even more the Dominatus subjected himself to an experimental surgery to place replicators inside his body to make himself the ultimate weapon. Zaarkhun performed this, however due to a fumbling by one of the assistants, the surgery went horribly wrong. Although it achieved it's objective the Dominatus's decision making part of the brain was damaged beyond any kind of repair. Now he needs direct instructions in every situation no matter how simple it may be. There is always a price to pay for perfection.

During combat, Parihus is a true monster on the field of the battle. Although he is not outfitted with official Dominatus military grade material, his massive form is able to spontaneously form weapons and other pieces of equipment at different parts of his body, making him a walking weapons platform; most notably his sniper cannon, and because of Zaarkhun, the cannon can modulate the level of damage it can do, from destroying city blocks to perfect headshots. Due to the nature of his biomass, he also has the ability to cloak his massive form. In addition, his prowess is not simply limited to long range fighting, he is a true monster in close combat as well, being able to crush main battle tanks with relative ease as well as fling vehicles like toys and cause havoc with his replicator or biomass protrusions. His only true disadvantage lies in his ability to think for himself.

Kithana Mowesta Edit

Kithana Mowesta

A little target practice won't hurt...

  • Race - Galotian
  • Position - Guild member
  • Status - Unknown

Kithana Mowesta is a heavy weapons assassin, who specialises in explosives. Her weapons include gattling guns, a whole load of bombs and missiles. Her bulky figure and strong muscles allow her to carry all the weapons that she wields; technology and training allows her to get a perfect aim.

Kithana's mother was part of an infamous gang within the late Zaarkhun Consortium, whose rivalry with a rival gang had been going on for so long that they were prepared to launch suicide attacks on each other. In one attack, when the women of the gang were the last standing, Kithana picked up her dead brother's gun and fired it, killing all the attackers. The gang leader promoted her and gave her a stronger gattling gun to weild; she would practice against the rival gang members every day, picking them off; her next promotion would give her goggles, which she'd use to 'lock on' to a target and aim perfectly, then aim for the weak points and kill; she managed to defeat one of the gang's most important members. However, she was surprised when her boss' next promotion was strange; a few bombs to strap to her back, as a suicide bomber. Kithana thought about it, then strapped the bombs to her boss at night, and blew his house up, ending the war. Now wanted by both gangs, Kithana worked with several mercenary groups, earning money from them to buy newer, more powerful weapons, and she eventually caught the attention of a PMC, and later, Zaarkhun.

Kithana is a talented shooter, who never misses her mark. Her goggles allow her to lock-on to foes, and are directly linked to her gattling gun and missile launcher. However, her goggles also use complicated spacetime technology; they can slow down time from her persepctive, allowing her to aim better, dodge, and calculate her next moves. Her gattling coilgun fires bullets 138mm in length at a muzzle velocity of 3,000 m/s and 5,000 m effective range, thanks to electromagnetic propulsion. Furthermore, her missiles contain a nanogram of antimatter; she can fire the missiles mounted into he back by thinking, at almost any range, and can obliterate even the toughest targets with quick work.

Death Bot 99 Edit

Death Bot 99


  • Race - Robot
  • Position - Guild member
  • Status - Unknown

Death Bot 99 is a 'sorcerer robot', who weirdly lacks any limbs; using gravity/spacetime technology, Death Bot 99 holds its whole body together. It is heavily armed, but its main attacks are its spacetime Essence emulator. It can hide by pretending to be a heap of scrap.

Death Bot 99 was originally the property of a proud, successful Wranploer, who had led so many ship raids he could afford a Deathbot class-9; he would show off his wealth by using it in every raid to defeat his foes. However, the deathbot was trashed in one raid, and thrown into the scrap heap. The crazy Wranploer went to the trash heap, pulled out what remained and went shopping around to find a way to put it back together. A rogue Ioketa working for Zaarkhun put the deathbot back together, although also reprogrammed it to kill the owner so that Zaarkhun would have it (and then the Ioketa so that no one would know anything had happened). The deathbot was jokingly called Death Bot 99 to mark its 99th kill and superiority over its former form.

Death Bot 99 is a long range fighter, with its let handas a blade and gun, the right hand as a grasper and gun. Its main attacks are Dark Chronoscopic attacks, which can slow the enemy, kill them over time, and deal overall Essence damage. As Death Bot 99 has no limbs and can fake its destruction easily, and is levitating, it is very mobile and very tough to destroy.

Caro Nesh Edit

Your existence is an insult to the glorious name of the Legion!

  • Race - Chronodrake
  • Position - Guild member
  • Status - Unknown

Coming eventually.

REM Edit


  • Race - Zazane; unknown subspecies
  • Position - Guild member
  • Status - Active

REM, his true identity otherwise unknown and often referring to himself as Mr. REM, is a Zazane of undisclosed origin or subspecies who is infamously recognized for his preference of mobile, hit-and-run tactics and close-ranged combat. REM is enhanced by performance-boosting nanomachines and is thought to be almost-constantly intoxicated with drugs, alongside possessing traits akin to Descension.

Details of REM's past and origins are unknown to almost all individuals; all that is known is that REM has participated in many minor and major criminal activities, including the trafficking of illegal substances, weapons, materials, organs, and sapient beings, serial murder, mass kidnapping, terrorism and anarchy, and severe violation against sexual conduct. REM is known to be considered hated among the resident Zazane natives of the Borealis galaxy, most particularly within Ottzello, due to his unpredictability, disregard for basic moral and cultural practices, and his status as having underwent Descension among other things. Aside from an extensive criminal record, REM has no confirmed personal history and is considered to be more along the lines of a phenomena than he is an individual.

REM employs guerrilla tactics when engaging in combat although he is otherwise unpredictable and highly volatile, making use of an anti-gravity bike, dubbed Widow-Maker by REM himself, that is equipped with a plethora of weaponry ranging from machine guns and flamethrowers to rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and various other forms of devastating weaponry. The vehicle itself is fitted with the capacity of traveling to almost-unimaginable speeds and is equipped with a self-sustaining, somewhat functional artificial intelligence which allows the vehicle to prevent itself from crashing and remaining operational and effective during REM's antics, thought to be communicating with one another via neural links. Within Widow-Maker's mechanical body is a fully-functional faster-than-light drive, an advanced communications interceptor, multiple quantum replicators and batteries, and various sub-atomic destruction systems designed to activate under the most dire of circumstances.

REM himself prefers to fight in close-ranged combat when not using Widow-Maker in battle, using sheer strength and bare claws and teeth when he does not think to use his main assets, a pistol that fires explosive-tipped ammunition and a pair of sai-like weapons that can be used to both deal damage against enemies and disarm them of their own weaponry, and are capable of returning to REM if thrown or lost due to virtual intelligences stored within their handles. As REM is both enhanced with nanomachines and Descended, his regenerative abilities are almost unmatched alongside his endurance and level of physical strength, although his near lack of logic can cause some drawbacks against him and potential allies.

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

Death sentence. All of them.

- Xerkea

Useful so far. Don't disappoint me.

- Torrent


- Fre'kloar

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  • The Guild of Shadows was created in response to the UNOC group
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