Governmental Broadcast Alert Edit

The new emperor has been elected, please welcome and honor Sr. Tyrolox.

Info Edit

The United Republic of Grubmolian Federation (URGF, otherwise shortened as "Grubmolian Republic" is a minor empire located in the Milky Way Galaxy (originating from the Carina arm) consisting of the majority of the Grubmolia Maxima species. The majority of their people are considered diplomatic and friendly (There are exceptions to this) and consider the cosmos their personal allies.

History Edit

4,000,000,000 to 2,000,000,000 years ago Edit

Around 4,000,000,000 years ago, an asteroid hit the planet of Mutypla and spawned a series of different creatures on their path to sapience. One of these cells was the herbivorous Gribapolow, a small yet intelligent cell, often using poison and spikes to wear off potential predators.

2,000,000,000 to 500,000 years ago Edit

Out of the ocean spawned the Alienexius, an ancient ancestor of the Grubmaw. Notable accounts of fossils from different specimens when recreated seem to have different skeletal structures as time goes by, most noticeably around the spinal area, in which multiple generations would start walking upright. Relics from ancient nests show the development of carved rocks (often styled in the form of crude faces for other species) as gifts. The Alienexius eventually went extinct around 10,000 years ago, due to repeated hunting of tribes for food.

500,000 to 10,000 years ago Edit

Ancient Grubmaw civilizations included the usage of skin and wool for thermal protection during glacial periods. Carvings of wood found were most likely used as musical instruments to pacify and interest other tribes. A skeleton found in what is now modern day Cioopma (One of the three continents located on their homeworld of Mutypla) seems to be located in a small pen area in an abandoned tribe (Currently preserved and protected by a public museum located in the city of Alivoyxa)

3 notable individuals (whom ruled over the three main tribes of the land) would collaborate together in a project that would advance the technological and cultural aspects of the Grubmaw, Sr. Juviroa the I, Btalypo the Almighty, and Hyloa the Graceful. Years of construction took place in gathering metal from mines and using blueprints as a reference to erect the first city on their planet. Sr. Juviroa was elected king by the people, and ruled over the nation for 30 years, before his death at the age of 84 years (Estimate)

Holidays honoring Duoapli Mutylo (Day of Resurrection) were popular around the city, and new nations would pop up. (In this case, they're classified as a religious nation) The nation often had unhealthy rivalries with other nations due to their sheer size and nation barriers, which lead to an international war between different nations, mostly targeted towards the Grubmaw.

They reigned victorious, however, and used the time to capture other cities, eventually taking over the planet.

10,000 years ago to present Edit

The civilization, unaware of the cosmos for quite awhile, prospered peacefully on the planet for several millennia, until 5,000 years ago, when the first draft for a cosmos-capable traveling vehicle was submitted to the Empire's main engineering facility. Several versions came through, until the final one was launched into space. When the Grubmaw first saw the cosmos, they were rather shocked to see how bigger everything was than them. Quickly coming back to broadcast the entire footage, the entire empire worked day and night providing upgrades to the ship. Colonization packs for other planets were invented, lasers and abduction rays were invented, and hologram scouts for close inspection was just one of the many things provided to the pilots of these ships.

An unknown amount of colonies was placed on different planets (many of which are currently taken over by other empires due to trade routes or wars) before the discovery of another (unknown) empire 3,000 years ago.

To this day, the Grubmaw establish themselves as a peaceful and helpful race able to make decisions quickly and easily.

Alliances and Enemies Edit

The Grubmaw have had several alliances (most of which come from level 1 and 2 empires, which results in the Grubmaw buying out most of their systems)

The Grubmaw have had very few enemies, (with their use of the gracious greeting and overall friendly personality they're still able to gain the trust of a warrior empire.) often times being resolved easily with a gift or peace treaty.

Dialogue Edit

Alliance Request Edit

"Our people widely agree to our newfound ally, my friend! May both of us prosper in peace and prosperity!"

Alliance Request (if relationship not high enough) Edit

"Sorry, but we're just not in the cards for that right now. Don't worry, pal."

Breaking up an alliance Edit

"What? Such a powerful and peaceful alliance between us and your people has decided to cancel it? Well, sorry everything didn't work out..."

Declaring War (from transmission to your empire) Edit

"If our allies won't strike you down, then we'll drop anything we have on your planets to stop you!"

At war and contacting them (with a relationship more than -200) Edit

"Oh, look. It's the stupid, dumb, pathetic, ignorant alien who decided to declare war on us? Your devilish actions put every citizen of the empire at fear. Burn in Inferno, you sad piece of scum. You are not worthy of the cosmos. You are not even worthy of respect by any living creature in any area! The Grox would scoff at your attempts. Begone from our sight."

*The transmission force closes*

  • You cannot bribe them into becoming peaceful with their empire past that point.

At war and contacting them (with a relationship less than -200 and more than -50) Edit

"You scare our citizens so much! What is it that we've done to gain such negativity towards oneself? Have kindness for once!"

When dropping a planet buster on their homeworld Edit

*In the background is a bunch of screaming and untranslatable Grubmolian language is heard. The background is burning and structures are collapsing. The transmission is broken.*

JJIOAJKLWDJKALJKLMKAPOWDJ{}LD:jwD"A)*14n;Akw;danA:DADN<;9401u5./d \[\a]dqkldIO:|{a]\dwair;adjk;wOPAU

  • By blowing up the homeworld, you kill off all transcommunication from them (due to Ipliq getting killed) and a permanent -600 negativity boost is given to your relationship.

Religion Edit

Most of the Grubmaw population follow Spodism (a recent poll last year put it at 75%) with other religions being mixed into their culture as well.

Technology Edit

The Grubmaw are not much different in their terms of technology, utilizing the almighty planet buster (They are kept in minor stock, and none have been used due to their strong belief of the galactic code)

only when necessary. Notable technology includes Anti-Matter Bombs, Embassies, and Hologram Scouts.

Military Edit

The Grubmaw lack a strong military, their weaponry isn't diverse and there's not a lot of soldiers in their armies due to lack of interest in defense. They usually rely on their allies for support.

Mubgrewl (Colony Land) Edit

The Mubgrewl is often utilized as more of a "spice collector" then an actual war weapon. However, it can be used as "scouts" for wars.

Mawseab (Colony Sea) Edit

The Mawseab is, similar to the Mubgrewl, utilized as a spice collector to trade and collect spice. It is commonly used as a cruise ship for entertainment, but can be used as a war weapon as well.

Aeramaw (Colony Air) Edit

Once again, this is an air vehicle used to collect spice and trade spice. It can be used to kill off soldiers from high up using a cloaking device to hide its whereabouts.

Epigrylic (War Hybrid) Edit

A massive (Larger than an epic) sized vehicle utilized for war. Used in small numbers.

Punishment Edit

The Grubmaw have a very different form of punishment than most empires. The Grubmaw primarily believed in the prospering and advancement of their species and often get highly offended when one of their kind is executed. (unless of course ordered directly by the emperor) Most criminals are sent to a prison where they are life sentenced there and (usually) die of old age.

Other forms of punishment used by the emperor directly are lethal injection, the electric chair, and burning at the stake.

Philosophy Edit

The Grubmaw are strong diplomats and shamans. They allege to the Spode. All life is the same, and should be treated as such.

"Tell me about yourself" Edit

"Well, we follow the Philosophy of Harmony! Any creature born in the cosmos deserves respect! Some don't, but that's okay! They can change, just like every other person in this vast ocean of stars are changing!"

"Don't forget to check out our new library of scrolls and books open to the public! You get a free coupon, just for asking!"

And now, Ipliq's opinion on different philosophies Edit

Groxology Edit

"Groxology is the ultimate evil in this galaxy. All who follow it must die. I don't care about your pathetic, sad cybernetic enhancements, and we don't care about a pathetic, sad little empire that died out years ago! Begone from our sight, foul demon, to the pits of Inferno!"

- Ipliq's hostile opinion on Groxology

  • Note: Most Grubmaw oppose Groxology, and it is the only philosophy (other than Zealots, although this may just be a subjective view from Ipliq) that most Grubmaw often choose not to think about or actively hate whether friendly or not.

Shaman Edit

"If you really think about it, Shamans are just advanced diplomats."

- Ipliq's general opinion on Shamans

Bard Edit

"Anybody ever heard of a bard that's not good at playing an instrument?"

- Ipliq's general opinion on Bards

Diplomat Edit

"Aren't we basically diplomats?"

- Ipliq's general opinion on Diplomats

Ecologist Edit

"A warrior and a ecologist walk into a rod. One gets up and the other one complains about how the rod shouldn't be there because of 'nature'."

- Ipliq's general opinion on Ecologists

Knight Edit

"Knights are pretty much just warriors but less grumpy about everything."

- Ipliq's general opinion on Knights

Scientist Edit

"Science doesn't bind us all together in some spiritual way, but it makes some pretty cool stuff."

- Ipliq's general opinion on Scientists

Trader Edit

"A trader and a Grox walks into a room. Get it? Hah.. Because you couldn't trade-..."

- Ipliq's general opinion on Traders

Warrior Edit

"If you weren't so angry about everything maybe you would have more friends, pal."

- Ipliq's rather negative opinion on Warriors

Zealots Edit

"Zealots are those annoying people in the Galaxy that try to force their beliefs on you or else you die. Worthless unless you actually meet a friendly one."

- Ipliq's extremely negative opinion on Zealots

Wanderers Edit

"Wanderers are the students of the galaxy. You just have to... Direct them to the right path of choice."

- Ipliq on Wanderers

Language Edit

The Grubmolian language usually consists of x's, i's, l's and o's, and often features a light, southern tone of pronounciation for words such as "Hyliox" (Hello) and "Briacn" (Goodbye)

Often times, the Grubmaw utilize translator devices on their ships to communicate with other empires with different languages.