Groxic Empire of the Kraw Galaxy (GEKG)
Empire Data
Affiliation Kraw Federation
KUL Name Groxak Empir Krawnak Galaxiiai
Tier Tier 4
Size 2400+ colonies (Tier 3)
Location Eemr Arkil, Kraw Galaxy
Population ~1400 Billion People
Government Basic Democracy
Leader Ynxx Eimadex (Grochius III, Grokius 3), since 412 KRE
Species KG Grox, Marinox, Andromedan Grox, Milky Way Grox (Rare)
Homeworld Kraxia
Alignment Lawful Evil
Currency Kron (1KR = 1§)
Status Active, and expanding technologically
Age As part of the Grox Meta-Empire: 5 Billion years
As an independent faction: 11 years
Formed 401 KRE
Best Allies Junction, Kraw Federation
Worst Foes DCP

Test our wrath and you will regret making that decision.

- Grochius III

The Groxic Empire of the Kraw Galaxy (KUL: Groxak Empir Krawnak Galaxiiai (GEKG)), otherwise known as simply the GEKG, is a Groxic Empire who separated themselves from the Grox Empire In 401 KRE and became a Kraw Galaxy superpower in 412 KRE following massive reforms in ideology.

They were historically in a federation similar to the KrawFed 3.5 Billion Years ago, called the Hrezi Federation of the 6 Great. They are still friends of the Hjaa'akrh, the former leaders of the former Hrezi Federation, even though their empire is now nomadic and they have no memory of the Hrezi Federation.

Ever since Grochius III's rule, the GEKG assume a darker alignment due to their darker policies on universal affairs, to the point they are seen as a universal threat. However, due to escalating technology advancement, the GEKG will become stronger and may even dwarf the Kraw Federation in power.

History Edit

Until 401 KRE Edit

The Grox arrived in this Galaxy 5.5 Billion Years ago. Their personality was the regular evil back then, but as they felt ever more lonely, they began losing their evilness, and became Neutral.

In -3491784203 KRE, The Kraw Galaxy Grox were accepted into the Hrezi Federation of the 6 Great, an Alliance similar to the 4 Major Races of the Kraw Galaxy. However, in -1739223832 KRE, All Kraw Galaxy Sapient Empires were destroyed, only leaving 200 Million People alive, including 199 Million Kraw Galaxy Grox, who hid underground, in metal shells inside the colonies, which was between 15 and 5 Km deep. They took 30000 Years to finish, to prepare for a day like this.

Slowly, the Kraw Galaxy Grox returned to power, and until 400 KRE, they decided not to meddle with other empires. But in 401 KRE, When the former Asgord Empire allied the Kraw Galaxy Grox, many empires threatened to destroy the Asgord, but nobody was hurt, because days later, the Kraw Galaxy Grox declared independence from the Grox Empire, thus becoming the KGGC.

Seclusion Edit

The KGGC entered a disastrous state, due to a DCP invasion on the KGGC. The KGGC entered seclusion, launching De-colonizers on their lost colonies, and cloning new Citizens over time. The Tahar Empire helped them, so 65% of their efforts were being used on re-building the KGGC. The Tahars are also developing a way to make KGGC Grox immune to Oxygen.

By 17/08/402 KRE, The Junction arrived and started massively rebuilding the KGGC, taking over Seliviaris's work. The KGGC is currently thinking of allying the Junction, and the Kraw are thinking on making relations with the Junction.

In 23/08/402 KRE, the KGGC left seclusion once more. They awowedly hate the DCP and worship the Junction now. The Tahars and the Junction have also made the KGGC Grox resistant to Oxygen, thus making them a bit fatter.

Post-seclusion Era Edit

The KGGC was weary of current events around the Galaxy, including the Anihilation, which they have grown used to due to their age, and the current Kraw Galaxy Liberation War, led by Kies Kortograa, though the KGGC always stood neutral at such events. Post-Tzhrhokia, the KGGC were in charge of dealing with Nidlak Arkil affairs due to the supposed threat of the Draconid Imperium, though they ended up departing from the Outworld Territory in 412 KRE.

Empire Era Edit

Following a meeting between commander Dxxo and Commander Ixxan of the Andromedan Grox following Grochius II's death, the Andromedan Grox fled to the Kraw Galaxy, increasing both its technology and its general power.

Meanwhile this, Ynxx Emaidex won the KGGC elections of 412 KRE, though he was slightly controversial due to his assumed dark plans for the KGGC. Nevertheless, he rose up for a speech and announced the KGGC, now known as the GEKG, would act as a shield empire for the Kraw Galaxy, following their technology increase, and that they would "crush any empire that stands in their way". This has drawn ire specially from the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, who considered Ynxx, now known as "Grochius III", of "worshipping a monster".

A Superpower was born.

Culture Edit

Empire Size Edit

The GEKG Currently has 2400 Colonies in the Kraw Galaxy's center. The former KGGC has had a policy to recycle planets which get destroyed by Sun expansions, however that was deprecated with the rise of the Empire.

KGGC Technology Edit

Military Edit

Main Page: KGGC Military

Relations with other Empires Edit


Allies in our cause.


They at least understand the Empire.

  • N/A


Who's the friend... and who's the foe...


To smite in due time.

  • AGC - "Seriously? Worshipping monsters?"
  • Inquisition of Drakon - "Kraw don't want you here, and I will make sure that rule is followed."
  • The Marinoxidiz - "Who are these monsters in our records?"


A fine subject to exterminate.

  • The DCP - "Sorry. Oxygen doesn't kill us anymore."

Quotes Edit

What does your Empire think of the KGGC?

Pre-Empire Edit

Their words, their Empire, their Kind, THEY ARE AN INSULT TO US AND THIS WHOLE UNIVERSE! We shall slaughter them all! leaving only Guts and Broken Circuitry lying around, they don't deserve to live, they don't deserve to function, they don't, they don't, for they are a disease of this Universe, We shall cleanse them, purify them and see to it that their Words can no longer be heard in this Universe and they shall CEASE TO EXIST!

- High Fleet Commander Zerkruztozrokr of House Xarikuz

These semi-Grox were attacked for no good reason, and do not deserve the hatred of other species. The Meta have never had any issues with the Grox, and do not have any issues with these KGGC citizens. We do hope that someday they can be accepted into the fabric of society without any issues, and hope to aid them in that journey. We respect their ways and respect them, and accept them as fellow sentient lifeforms in the universe.

- Metamind

Neutral Grox? Bah! They are all the same to me! Traitors!

- Errr of the Marinoxidiz

No more use...suppress...

- Junction Mind

You can always return back...

- King Grochius II

You will return to our masters,Whether you like it or not...

- High Prophet of Honur of the Grox Followers

Post-Empire Edit

...We have just destroyed the Andromedan Grox and now they start rebuilding their empire together with the Kraw ones?!

- Iovera IX

We once admired your empire and its philosophies. Now you just disappoint us.

- Jerkon

More arise. Only one will stand.

- King Mirras III


- Junction Mind

It appears they have no interest in learning from their cousins' mistakes. This is somewhat dissapointing.

- Larnus Vontarion

More inferior Grox. More that we can annihilate.

- Lord Korizakh

We are not finished with the Grox yet.

- Delpha Coalition of Planets

Do not confuse alliance for servitude, "friends". You serve goals that assist my kind's racial glory. Nothing more.

- Supremius

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