The Grox Meta-Emperor is the universal leader of the Grox Meta-Empire. Up until recent times he was regarded as merely mythological. He is the highest leader, while Grox Kings would rule commonwealth's in each galaxy, typically the core zones before the Annihilation, all must answer to the Meta-Emperor.

General information Edit

Some time in the deep past, the Emperor may once have been biological. Perhaps, in order to survive a failing body, or as a way to control cybernetic rebellions in his empire, the Emperor emulated himself into a supermassive black hole. It is believed by more advanced civilizations that black holes do indeed store information at their boundaries. The black hole itself is over 3.5 million solar masses (compare that to the mass of a human brain), such computational capacity and memory storage is so tremendous, the Meta-Emperor's perception and intelligence is unknown.

Matter is contantly fed to the Meta-Emperor, which controls machines that collect matter and energy from the accretion disk to create vast simulations, fleets of ships and so on. It is thought he can create gridfire on a galactic scale, like the legendary First Ones of old.

It is unknown why the Meta-Emperor does not make the Grox Empire a Tier 0 civilization, it is possible he is loarding up all the power to himself, and using the Grox to ensure no other civilizations attempt to build brains that might rival him. This is one possible reason why the Grox congregate to the cores of galaxies. Alas, he does have competition, and soon, he may well be outcompeted...

Very few, if not any natural phenomena can really destroy the Meta-Emperor, at least not in realspace, although he is not totally invunerable to Ultraterrestrials and other powerful contenders such as the AI Netspace (which have yet to ever have really cared about the Meta-Emperor). It may be possible to slow his thought processes down to a level that makes his threat negligible. If the Meta-Emperor is never "killed", he could potentially live for 10100 years in the future Black Hole era, succumbing to virtual energy before exploding.

Mind of the void Edit

The mechanism for how the brain "runs" is unknown, it is technology and science beyond many of the civilisations of the known universe. However, intelligence agencies do have a theoretical model for how the Meta-Emperor may work: The entropy of the black hole equals the number of planck-sized cells that can cover its horizon, each unit one bit of information*1 (Meta-Emperor has 1077 bits). This information is stored in a horizon of black holes (not the volume, it is holographic). Now, particles in the form of virtual radiation can leave a black hole, typically one planck cell a planck second.

For the Meta-Emperor, it is postulated as these virtual photons heroicley climb away from the black hole's gravity, they tire and lose energy to its unrelenting pull*2, and combined with gravitational waves, both cause disturbances on the photon sphere which surrounds every black hole (a tight band of trapped light just shy of its event horizon), to creates patterns of thought. If it indeed uses light and gravity, the Meta-Emperor is processing a billion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion terabytes of data at the speed of light...

*1: The model is highly complex. It depends on a strange link between information and entropy (a measure of disorder, and is capable of measuring the hidden entropy of a system). For example, 1000 coins has approximately 21000 configurations of heads and tails, a very small fraction of these configurations would stand out with some order (one configuration would allow for 999 were heads or tails). Eliminating these from the calculation makes little noticable difference. Now imagine the heads or tails as 0's or 1's, each number or bit is information because it tells us so. Entropy however isn't equal to the number of configurations, instead it is defined as the 1000 coins in total (entropy would measure details like where a H2O molecule would be in a container, while on the macroscopic, the total volume of steam overall would only be noticed).
*2: Interestinly enough, to an outside observer the horizon is a real physical place, if you watched your mate fall into a black hole they would become trapped at the horizon where you might think they would burn away due to intense heat and then get spaghettified, but to your mate he or she would pass through (because inside a capsual they will observe no difference between free fall and empty space), creating a seemingly logic-defying clash of perspectives! Both can exist because the perspectives can never clash and cause a paradox, because to either of your mate isn't getting out. This works for information because its stored at the horizon from the outside. <Reference: Information from The Hidden Reality by Brian Greene was used as a source>

History Edit

The Meta-Emperor is one of the oldest native sentients in the universe, at some point, early in the history of the Grox (some of the first inhabitants in the universe) several billion years before the current era, a Grox who's name now forgotten was uploaded either by choice or force into a black hole. Very little is known about the Meta-Emperor between then and now, other than legendary tales, there may have been ancient battles between the Grox and other Elder races. Some of the AI Netspace are comprised of ancient, AI's dormant for millenia. Part of the reason why they were dormant for so long may have something to do with the Meta-Emperor.

Before the recent Annihilation, the Meta-Emperor was located in one of the Grox stronghold galaxies outside the explored political Gigaquadrant, but now inhabits one of the now dead Tokzhalan dwarf galaxies, already in the past year or so the Meta-emperor has been churning out vast fleets and other manufacture so the Grox can claim much of the desperate Gigaquadrant that survived. The Grox were saved from the annihilation by hiding within the Meta-Emperor.



The Meta-Emperor is though to be a cold and cruel being, despising all non-allied life. He does, however, seen to show a degree of caring for the Grox and his cybernetic forces, risking himself to save them from the Scourge.

If any Grox Kings show any signs of rebellion, they are captured, and brought before the Meta-Emperor, where he engulfs them like spaghetti. This fear, usually maintains discipline.

Equipment and mainframe Edit

Being a Singularity Brain, the Emperor is equipped with a large arsenal of weapons. Having an almost infinite source of power from his black hole, the Emperor is a very powerful being who can easily defend himself from almost anything.

  • Defenses and weapons
    • Stars arranged in walls, sheets, gravity flowers, rings, bowls and grids both serve as sources of energy and a defense.
    • "Nightshade" Spacetime Shielding.
    • Various spacetime weaponry.
    • Point-and-defense hyperluminal torpedoes, hyperspace missiles, superlasers and staves of death.
    • Large Grox fleets.
  • Industrial infrastructure
    • Stellar lifting.
    • Also powers vast factories for the Grox Empire.
  • Computation
    • The Meta-Emperor's past-time is bent on seeking knowledge.
    • Computation also serves the Grox Empire, supporting vast amounts of important (often tactical) data.




Everyone not part of the Grox Empire.



My Lord,Your greatest servant awaits.While the Grox Kings squeble amongst themselfs like chidlren,I await,Un-speaking,Un-heard.Through my Blood and tears on the battlefield,Your will is enforced on those I Conquer.Of course I don't cry and bleed unless you will it,My great Emperor,but oh,how your will is enforced...

- The Meta Prophet of The Followers of the Grox


- King Grochius II

Get out of here, being! We are we and you are you, you are not all of us!

- Dxxo Ezmo

Could this be my arch-nemesis, who I have led my beautiful Coalition to battle for generations, our most hated foe? Only recently has this being been reveiled to the my Intelligence agencies, and I can say, this being is billions of years older than me, and is by far more than a match than my fragile organic flesh.

- Emperor Wormulus II

Pathetic...there is no use for you in this life or the next.

- Khazurhal Angazhar


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