We have such sights to show you...

- An Alpha Drone

The Grox Grand Empire of Cybernetic Dominion, referred to in shorthand as the Grox Grand Dominion, is a terrifying and powerful faction of Grox, Alpha Marinox, Tarmealox and various other cybernetic creatures and beings, brought together under the dominion of the Eternal-Mind, immortal God-Ruler of the entire Dominion, and the who all gain their power and collective will from. Made larger by an influx of Meta-Grox refugees escaping the Civilization and the vengeful Delpha Coalition, and the assimilation and allegiance of multiple other Cybernetic factions, the Dominion has no other want but to absorb every last cybernetic, organic or robotic soul in their path, believing such to be manifest destiny for them.

Their troops are varied, their fleets as vast as they are diverse. For outside of this driving need to assimilate and conquer, the Dominion has another, more terrifying fact; for all their advancement, their consumption of materials resembles that of a 21st century power, magically gifted space flight and dimensional travel. If left unchecked, they would consume every star, planet and molecule in their path, leaving dead and dying rocks and broken civilizations in their wake.

History Edit

Formation Edit

The Grand Dominion began as perhaps the greatest incident and accidental series of events that some within the Multus Esse would wonder if perhaps fate itself had decreed their end and annihilation for some unknown reason. The first step in this, began as an act of kindness towards a group in desperate need. A faction of Grox, escaping the Cyber Rabies plague spreading throughout Andromeda, had escaped and fled across the universe from the rest of their kin. They came to Mirus, at the height of the Multus Esse's empire that held dominion over the galaxy. Taking pity upon the Grox, the Multus took the cyborgs into their fold, and began experimenting on them, trying to expand their telepathic and telekinetic powers, build up their technology.

As they began to mold the Collective into helping safe guard the galaxy, the Grox took a new name to show their superiority and power over their original kin in the Meta Empire, the title of Alpha Grox. As part of this, they began to evolve new forms and modified Castes to carry out tasks for themselves, under the watchful eye of their "creators", Kashiin'Rishaas, and Daavron'Kaaleth. Kashiin believed in treating them as equals, and guiding them, but ultimately leaving their culture to develop on their own. Daavron, however, was quite the opposite, believing the Grox were inherently self-destructive, and needed guidance and a strong hand to keep them in place.

Though they debated often, they did respect each other, and tried to compromise together to lead the Grox effectively. As they did this, Kashiin also worked on a cybernetic race of guardians known as the Leviathan Hive-mind, based on his studies of the Grox, but with an inherently superior understanding and ability to handle and control their essence-based abilities.

The event that would lead to their downfall, was the arrival of the future Meeno Grox, a colony of the Meta Empire. Lead by King Mortox I, the Grox intended to conquer the galaxy, and upon finding their kin, and receiving orders from the Meta-Emperor himself, commenced with the assimilation and return of their "kin" to their empire. However, the Multus fought back, and Alpha joined them. When facing Grox forces, the Meta-Grox glitched, unable to effectively fight against their own. This advantage made victory seem certain.

A mistake was made, when a mysterious figure came to the Multus, calling itself Dark One. It offered to help them in their war, if they would allow him to construct icons and such in their empire. Outraged, they refused outright, and in spite, the Dark One planted evidence that Kashiin was consorting with the Grox, and implanted viruses into the Alpha Grox and Leviathan, and drove the already dangerously unstable Daavron insane. All of this lead to the Alpha revolting, and joining their kin, followed by the Leviathan Hive-Mind. The Alpha became lead by a Grox Drone of unknown origin, who commanded alongside Mortox.

The battle that followed became known as the "War in Heaven", as the Alpha cast down their "gods" and the cyborgs began their vicious battle to rule the galaxy, and then the universe. The Multus, seeing the conflict turning against them, began the plans to protect their unevolved creations, placing them within the storage stations, and began their final project, a military race called the Kulaung, who would wage war on the Grox like no other. As these races were placed within the Seeding vessels, the Multus fired their super weapon, temporarily disabling their foes, as they placed their creations upon their homeworld, and other races back where they once where.

Weakened from the fighting, the Multus disappeared into the oceans of other worlds, to wait out the long millennia until their creations awakened again. The Alpha, weakened from the fighting, withdrew from galactic affairs, setting up shop in the core, alongside the Meeno. The Leviathan vanished into the Unknown Regions, as the groups went into hibernation to await the return of organics to assimilate and take into their territory and empire.

Daavron, driven insane by the loss of Kashiin, and the rest of his species, threw himself and the lead Alpha Grox into a device, fusing their minds and breaking down their bodies into a massive super-structure, creating the Eternal-Mind, a figure who would refer to himself as "The World" and the Great Orchestrator.

The Formation of the Dominion Edit

When the Tralor arose, the brutal conquerors carved out the largest empire in all of Mirus, and the two Grox, for their part, still awakening and not at full power, signed a treaty, signing away large parts of the Core away to them in exchange for peace. The United Lanat Empire remained the dominate power in Mirus, but this suited the Grox just fine, for it took attention off of them for a while, allowing them to slowly build up and increase their strength. At around the same time, another cybernetic race, known as the Isakelli, allowed themselves to be absorbed into the Collective's hive-mind, after a disastrous war with the Mendel.

During this time, the Meeno Grox fused partially into the Alpha Grox Collective, giving each other access to their plans and technologies, and the Meta-Emperor, though intrigued with much of their technology, agreed to leave the Eternal-Mind alone. The Alpha would provide the Meta-Emperor with some technology and weapons of their own as a sign of good faith and hopes for a day when all Grox would be united. Some of this would be used by the other colonies and empires in time, as the Alpha waited to build up their power.

For their part, the Alpha began to replicate that what they saw in others, but did their own way, believing their ways inherently superior. Although impressed with the Marinox, they crafted the Alpha Marinox to lead their forces and act as coordinators and advisors in battle. Though based on Caprigrox, the Alpha Goorkiens barely resembled their original forms, becoming massive, hulking reptilian brutes. All of this was done to further their own empire, but showed a great weakness; the Alpha lacked imagination.

Even the creation of the Tarmealox was not their idea, merely put forward by the Meeno under Mortox II, and bankrolled by the scientist Dormuncka, and assisted by the Alpha with their great bio-engineering technology. The Tarmealox arose, fanatical, made and seeking to constantly conquer and die for their masters, viewing them as gods in the flesh. Due to their inability to quite know what to do with their servants, the Tarmealox began to identify most strongly with the Grox Meta-Empire, though a number would worship and fight for the Alpha.

Phradox-Alpha War Edit

The Alpha Grox would, soon after their creation, come into conflict with the Phradox Grox Empire, as the two made their expansion efforts into the wider galaxy. The two sides would meet in a short border skirmish that escalated into a full war of extermination between the two sides, due to their differing ideals regarding how best to deal with the other races and what truly deserved to be exterminated. Though the war dragged on for many years, multiple planets being scoured of Grox life, there seemed no true end to the battle. The Alpha, though able to effectively deploy larger forces, were out-maneuvered by the Pharadox Grox constantly, leaving no clear victor.

Finally, the Pharadox began to run out of outposts and colonies in the Milky Way, as the Alpha also began to lose resources and steam in their conquest. With no other choice, both agreed to sign a peace agreement and end the fighting, and leave without further conflict, though the Alpha maintained command of the traitor Dronox Nine, and the two would continue to fight proxy wars against one another through other powers.

Destruction of the Elalma Galaxy Edit

When the Elalma Galaxy was destroyed by the power of the Xhodocto, multiple powers fled the dying galaxy, including the resident Grox Empire, and their servants, the Criii. Though powerful in their own right, they could not hope to survive, and knowing they would serve well with their own forces, the Alpha Grox sent one of their Overseers to the fleeing Elalma Grox, and, manipulating events and ideals, warned that the Meta-Emperor would have them processed and recycled now that he had no use for them. Fearful, the Elalma joined fully with the Collective, like their Meeno kin, and sent the Crii to assist the Tarmealox Hierarchy.

This boosted the power of the Alpha Grox, and gave them more forces to call upon in war, as well as access to the many strange and alien technologies and devices the Elalma Grox Empire had developed after their years of isolation.

Fall of the Grox Empire Edit

The fall of the Meta-Empire would send shock waves through those connected to the Grox. The Meeno shut down temporarily, weakened severely by the Emperor's loss. The Tarmealox went into isolation, unable to comprehend the loss of their ruler. The Alpha themselves seemed poised to die as well, but rather then let their comrades' loss be their own, they refused to follow destiny. They ordered the Meeno Grox to allow themselves to be assimilated, keeping their kin alive, and expanding the technology of the Alpha. They further sent several fleets into the Milky Way, consuming a number of worlds and species, before finding a number of Meta-Empire war fleets and remnants, each lead by a number of Warlords seeking to escape or carve out their own empires. By carrot or stick, the Alpha convinced these wayward Grox to join their empire.

Their expansion and growth allowed them to not only take up much of the slake from the Grox's fallen empire, but also moved them into a much grander threat to the universe and the Mirusian empires then ever before. However, they gained a fierce rival, ironically enough, in the Tarmealox Hierarchy. The Hierarchy also began to absorb Grox remnants, giving them more freedom to pursue their own goals, as long as they provided fleets, resources and manpower to the Tarmealox. Realizing their creations intended to replace them, as the Alpha had done to the Multus, the Grox began planning for an inevitable war between their two sides.

Dominatus Wars Edit

Gigaquadrantic Conflicts Edit

Post-Conflicts Edit

Though no one really knew it, the Alpha Cyber Collective had been harmed as much by the Imperium of War as the other empires of the Mirus Galaxy. The attempt of them and the Bachyeon to assimilate the Iron Skull and Steelroller Olympians into their ranks had ended in total failure. The bold War-Imperial attack into the core regions had destroyed most of the Alpha's many precarious black hole foundries, robbing them of their tool which had allowed them to pump out their vast fleets. Worse, though the suicidal assault of the Imperium onto the Evermind itself had been warded off with minimal casualties, the Rakar onboard had wreaked havoc upon the Evermind's systems, temporarily shutting him down.

The Alpha Cyber Collective responded to this in the way they had always done: by launching an assimilation campaign against western Mirus. Yet, where the Collaborative had largely neglected such matters, the newfound Covenant of Mirus had set up an effective system of border control, which intercepted the fleets before they could strike. In the months that followed, this scenario was repeated over and over again, and without adequate repacement fleets, the Alpha eventually began to feel their losses for once. Whatever assimilation fleet was not destroyed by the Covenant would mysteriously fall prey Darkling incursions. For reasons they could not discern, it became clear to the Alpha that their Brotherhood rivals did not want the Covenant destroyed. Embittered, the Overseers had to admit defeat, and focus first of all on re-activating the Evermind and rebuilding the black hole foundries, tasks given to Overseer Mortox. Then, one day, when the Evermind was back online but the foundries not yet repaired, Overseer Terrox picked up a signal, from the eastern rim of Mirus, of another Grox splinter, and the extra-universal AI that led them. A splinter in a region that was weak and undefended. A splinter which, once assimilated, would give the Alpha just the recources they needed to repair the foundries and get back on track. Ever better, there were barely any Darkling incursions in eastern Mirus, and no unified government to stop them. Thus Terrox set off at the head of the last large Collective fleet, and, though he found the splinter in question wiped out already by something a few assimilated native guides called "the Nightmare Engines", he had gained entry into the Eastern Sphere.

The Alpha had found new hunting grounds.

And these, they would not give up.

Ultima Cybermatrix Edit

Traits Edit

Society Edit

Despite being a Collective, despite claiming to shut of fall emotions, despite everything that should come with a group of Grox, the Grox Dominion in fact defies many of these stereotypes. While individual Drones and lower ranks are less likely to display emotions, leaders and Overseers display many emotions, ranging from grandiose and over the top, to the ambitious and conniving. Whatever the case, the Collective exists only to curtail any rebellious tendencies and keep drones in line and working. However, their over-writing goal is not to assimilate and add new races to their own, but to gather resources and fuel their endless war machine.

Indeed, they care little for other races, instead, coming to every world, stripping it of every resource and source of energy they can get their claws on, and leaving soon after, leaving the carcass of a dead world, as they use the resources to fuel their power and create more ships, drones and weapons to fight their enemies. They care little for cultures, for distinctiveness, for anything other then what can help to fuel their endless march and the destruction of their foes across the universe. Assimilating others and their memories and ideas is merely a way to help fuel their endless march.

Despite being a Collective, and due to their emotions being given slightly more free reign, the Underseers that see to the operations of mining and taking over worlds and devouring them, are often ambitious and plotting figures, often fighting and backstabbing at a chance to get the power to become Overseers themselves and serve the Eternal-Mind more closely then ever before, even if it means throwing their drones and even their commanders into the fires to fuel their endless ambitions of power.

If the Collective of the Borg is a endless number of voices droning into the minds of the assimilated, and the Grox is that of one mighty Emperor roaring in their minds, the voice of the Collective is that of a yawning maw that hungers without limit, that hungers for every last drop of energy, with little regard for tomorrow.

Religion Edit

The Grox do not worship any deities, given their structure and collective mind based solely on logic. The Alpha and Meeno Paradigms do, however, believe the Multus Esse are gods, like many of the younger races who deal with them=, or were created by them. This causes them, to, naturally, hold themselves above others, believing they have done what no other race could do, and struck down the gods, making them the ultimate power. As par their traditions, the Grox teach that they had to, for fighting the Elders was what guaranteed their freedom, though the truth is, of course, more muddled.

Government Edit

EM CoreE

The over-arching ruler of the Collective, the Eternal-Mind is the resulting fusion of two personalities, the Chassin'ra Daavron'Kaaleth, the supposed creator the Alpha Grox, and the first Alpha Grox ruler, the mysterious figure known only as Continuum. The two have fused together, to become the absolute ruler of the Alpha Grox and all within their borders, and to take the fight to whatever threatens their race. Though a twisted fusion of two races, the Eternal-Mind cares little for either side of his personality, merely driven by a disgusting need to "protect" and advance his children, no matter what occurs. His will is that of the entire collective. His commands are the law of the entire Collective. No Underseer, no matter how ambitious, moves against him. No Overseer, no matter how strong, moves against him.

The Overseers
AG Overseer
GO Shell

The Overseers are the equivalent of the Grox Kings in Alpha society, and rule with an iron fist. Clones of the first original Grox King who lead the revolution against the Gods, the Multus Esse, the Overseers are the supreme masters of the Grox within the Collective, and highly tuned psychic powerhouses, their mere thoughts and suggestions able to command trillions of drones at a time with fine-tuned precision. Each is not only a living super-computer, but housed within a massive construct of death meant to take the fight directly to the organic lifeforms of the universe. There are around 9 Overseers, each a master of a different legion, and each considered the Supreme voice of their section of space. Individually, almost all of them are distant and uncaring towards the individual lives or feelings of others, and are seemingly aware of something far grander going on in the universe.

Prime Leaders

Prime Leaders are the racial leaders of different important groups that have joined the Alpha in their conquest. Including Queen Khenkai of the Alpha Marinox, Lord Zevri of the Metallos Dragons, and others are given the rank of Prime Lord, and tasked with leading their kind into battle and leaving no organic alive. Though lower ranking then an Overseer, they command far more forces and authority then an Underseer, and often warrant the chance to test new weapons and technologies on behalf of the Overseers, as well as conducting diplomacy with other synthetic races to convince them to join the Collective.

The Underseers
AG Underseer

The Underseers are lesser Grox given the ability to command a fleet and began mining operations on a world, the leaders most often encountered by other races when sent to go about their operations on a world. Callous of their inferiors and subordinates, and often willing to sacrifice millions for their ambitions, each Underseer represents the worst of their races' stereotypes. Though weaker then the Overseers in everyway, and not able to pilot a battlesuit, the Underseers are still highly developed telepathic power houses, able to feast off the energy in others' minds, erect psychic shields to stop enemy fire, and even use their powers to tear others from their world and send them directly into supply ships above. They are required to lead a fleet, and Grox forces are protective of them until mining operations have finished.

AG Lord

Lords lead sections of the fleet under an Underseer's command, as well as the colony worlds and stations that the Grox inhabit. The highest rank to still possess a normal Grox body, Lords follow Underseers and act as advisors to them, commonly used alongside Deathless Commanders, Dronox, Tarmealox Captains and Marinox Commandants in advising and helping organize forces under an Underseer. A lord is put in place of a world deemed worthy of long term Grox-colonization. Lords have slight psychic and essence powers to control and direct their forces, and protect themselves.

Species Edit

Though the Collective has numerous assimilated populations, only a few are worthy of becoming a "Prime Species" in their minds. These include the Alpha Grox, Meeno Grox, Meta Grox, Alpha and Normal Marinox, Tarmealox, and the Metallos Dragons.

Military Edit

Your troops serve but one master; Expansion of the Collective! If they die for that cause, then they fulfill their purpose!

- Unknown Alpha Overseer

Army Edit

AG Army

A typical Alpha Grox army.

The armies of the Dominion are truly vast and aweinspiring to those that have the misfortune of fighting them. Legions of Conqrix, ranging from scuttling Dynamites, to berserking Insectrox, the basic grunts of the Dronox, and the Dronox leaders, nothing is beyond their grasp of power. Backing them up, are the radioactive mutants of the Alpha Goorkiens, who use their brutal power to tear apart buildings, rip open fields, and flatten infantry. The Grox further deploy millions of assimilated and other forces to assist their armies, as well as techno-organic vehicles, some small, auto-piloted tripods, tanks and collector drones, others, monolithic monstrous walkers meant to crush all resistance before them.

Their infantry mostly use highly radioactive weapons, ranging from basic blasters that can cook their foes down to the bone, to massive shotguns that can rupture even the most heavily armored targets, to large canons able to do as much damage as the Castle Bravo explosion, but focused into one area per shot. No matter what they use against their foes, they plan to leave very little for their foes to recover from.

Further leading their armies, are zealous Tarmealox, who fill their troops with zeal and savagery, the Alpha Marinox, who fight with an erratic and almost random force that leaves in the back-peddle, and numerous other forces taken from other Cybernetic vassals and servants absorbed and taken into the Collective to serve their goals and powers.

Navy Edit

The Fleet has many vessels under it's command. Though they vary in size, function and use among the Dominion, all of them have the common goal of taking that which they desire, and leaving nothing but ash and dust in their wake. The ships are lead by Command ships, large saucers ranging from automated ships sent to bog down the foe in numbers, to monolithic vessels. All ships they use are armed with processors aboard, used to beam up materials, ranging from wreckage and bodies, weapons and other pieces of technology to beam up, and either be assimilated and studied for the Collective's future military projects, or sent to the processors to fuel their military. Every piece broken down and burned through means hundreds of more Dronox to throw at their targets and make short work of the enemy. Even their own bodies will be used to fuel the processors, making every victory difficulty, so long as their Command ships remain in orbit.

Individuals Edit

My extensions...Will Conqouer all in my path!

- The Alpha Grox Eternal-mind

Collective Space Edit

Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Green faceJoin us = Eternal perfection awaits.

Neutral Edit

Orange faceSurrender/Run!

Enemies Edit

Red faceOpposition = irrelevant.

Afraid of Edit

Face threatenedEnemy too strong to destroy = Tactical withdrawal!

Quotes from others Edit

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Beware the Grox of Mirus, is all I have to say, for they are deceitful and ambitious to the last. Each of them would sell the whole universe to get more power, while the collective whole hungers for every last being, resource and drop of radiation in the universe to use and empower themselves. They are the worst of everything in one race, a Nightmare in Blood and Chrome, Flesh and Metal.

- Barda Clett

Beware the Alpha Cyber Collective, for they are not like other Grox. That the Alpha even know the value of diplomacy makes them all the more frightening, for they will not use it for the sake of peace - only to feign subservience and then strike when one's guard is down.

- Official Waptoria Alliance of Species assessment

Analysis: Grox copies. Threat Level: Considerable. Conclusion: Assimilation is insufficient. Exterminate.

- Phradox Grox

I will tell you why we are enemies. We are physically fit beings who use cybernetics to stay fit, stay superior. You are weak, decrepit creatures who foolishly believe that you can make yourselves superior with cybernetics. You are wrong, and you will find that out in time.

- Dread of the Scythe of Glory

While we may both be allies of the Saucerian Singularity, my kind still does not trust you. Stay out of our way if you don't want another Pseudopath-given asskicking again.

- Krill of Níl An Tsíocháin Inghlactha

It was not revealed until now that you are a possible ally, the Ascending asks for forgiveness and possible alliance.

- Collector of the Ascending

I see a future alliance with You, but first, would you like some of our weaponry or other technologies?

- Messenger from the Dominion

Run away, little cyborgs. Your core belongs to me now.

- Durrandon Voelyrocanth

I see an empire being crumbled beneath a fist of metal lead by a creature of pure light but what do I know my prediction may be false or not I am just a simple outsider I see and Ihear things I know things that I Would be killed for saying out loud-Koala

Destroyers of our creators, defilers of the plan, for them their is only one solution: complete extermination.

- Claxebrain Moho-Cera of The Claxe

God damn it stay away from Spore 2 we don't want you to hack into the game again like you did centuries ago with the first game-

- Jill Bright from Maxisoft

hey do you have any merchandise for sale i need to finish my grox merchandise set so i can sell it on the black market k thanks bye

- Tyrolox, asking if they have any merchandise of themselves for sale.

Trivia Edit

  • The Alpha Cyber Collective was made right after the Neraida Gigamatrix, and was the idea was stolen from them. ZF felt ashamed of this after so many years, and restructured everything about the Collective to separate them from the Gigamatrix, and bring them in line with the The Hierarchy from Universe at War, to make them stand out from other Grox factions.
  • The Meeno Grox are the creation of Ecoraptor3339, as where a number of the creations and ideas put forward for the Collective.
  • Bio21 helped finalize and structure much of the page, as well as constructing ship creations for the Collective. Though he's left the wiki, ZF kept many of his ships and ideas to honor and respect him, and as thanks for his help.
  • Theme - Universe at War - Doom of the Aliens
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