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The Grox Empire was one of the largest and most powerful empires in the universe.

History Edit

Evolution Edit

The Grox are the spacefaring descendants of the Grob, a species of weak, semi-sapient humanoids from the planet Atzerry, around one hundred parsecs from the core of the Andromeda Galaxy of the First Gigaquadrant. Atzerry's native organisms were unique, as even the animal life was highly resistant to gamma radiation from the core and the volatile climatic changes of the planet.

Life on Atzerry was hard for the Grob. They had very little physical strength or speed and relied on their intelligence to escape from their many natural predators. In addition, they were carnivores, which meant that they had to scavenge on the remains of animals hunted by larger creatures without being eaten themselves. Eventually, however, the Grob developed technology, and quickly made their way to the top of the food chain. After this, the Grob's technological capabilities increased exponentially, and they achieved space travel within a few thousand years of first making controlled exothermic reactions (they did not create traditional fire, as Atzerry's atmosphere contained no O2 gas for combustion).

At one point during their early spacefaring history, fluctuations from Ardenta's core resulted in Atzerry being bathed in significantly higher levels of radiation than normal, causing mutations across the Grob species. The Grob, realising how harsh space travel was going to be on their bodies, began to upgrade themselves with cybernetic implants. Many of these cybernetics were to fix some of the harmful mutations incurred by the Grob species as a whole. Most visibly, there was major damage to the structure of the entire right-hand side of their bodies, which is why the Grox have such obvious external cybernetics on that half of the body but comparatively little on the left. After becoming cyborgs, the Grob began to refer to themselves as the "Grox" (due to a feature of the Grob language; it can be considered similar to calling themselves the "Grob-X"), and the new Grox Empire slowly spread across the galaxy. During this time, they also obtained the Conqrix.

First Rise Edit

When they first appeared, 6 billion years ago, the Grox Empire was one of very few civilizations to have evolved in this universe. Because of this, they were unimpeded as they expanded their empire and surrounded Ardenta's core, using the supermassive black hole there as an energy source. They also spread outwards, and colonized the entire central disc of the galaxy. Their colonization efforts were helped by their species' adaptability, which meant that the only planets they couldn't survive on were those with a significant percentage of oxygen in their atmospheres. In addition, their technology meant that their colonies did not need healthy ecosystems to thrive, so they spent no time on terraforming their new worlds. For the same reason, the Grox felt that Atzerry itself no longer needed an ecosystem either, so (possibly in revenge for making their ancestors' lives so difficult) they eradicated every non-Grox organism on the planet and made it as barren and lifeless as any other world in their empire.

Over the next half a billion years, the Grox continued to expand. Technological developments allowed the Grox to visit other galaxies and colonise there, and eventually the Grox had visited tens of thousands of galaxies and had colonised tens of thousands of systems in each of them. During an unknown time, the Grox colonized the Quadrant Galaxies, and eventually came into conflict with the Neraida Gigamatrix. This conflict ended with the Grox being assimilated into the Neraida, creating the Quadrantia Grox.

Golden Age and Grox Wars Edit

The Grox Empire entered a golden age, and their technology advanced even further. However, they became complacent and isolationist, their technological development stagnated, and numerous minor empires grew in the arms of their galaxies.

On the other hand, the Grox had little reason to worry. Five Xhodocto "Scourges" caused intergalactic devastation over the course of the next four billion years, and each time a few hundred thousand Grox colonies survived, scattered across the universe, and quickly rebuilt their empire. Even with wars against powerful nations such as the Xyanxes and Krassio, the Grox remained undefeated. As they advanced, they created the Marinox to aid in their expansion and in their battles.

But after the last of the Ancient Scourges 1.48 billion years ago, the Grox changed. Once again, more than a billion years passed with the Grox alone in the universe, but when their solitude was inevitably interrupted, they slowly became xenophobic of the civilisations surrounding them. In their paranoia, they began attacking their neighbouring empires, starting a period of conflict known as the "Grox Wars". These wars originally went well for the Grox, but after a few million years, numerous resistance movements sprung up in various galaxies - the Delpha Coalition of Planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Grand Galactic Fleet in Girdo, and thousands more across the universe - and the Grox' golden age ended as their empire crumbled.

Then, when the Xhodocto returned and the Tigris War began, it seemed as though the Grox were to be given a death blow. The Grox King was killed by Xhodocto hands, and the once mighty Grox Empire was reduced to a few thousand systems in a few galaxies across the First Gigaquadrant (Milky Way Galaxy, the Quadrant Galaxies, Ottzello, and Kraw).

The Crimson Tear Edit

Spore 2010-02-21 12-54-14

The Grox settle on Atzerry Haena.

Meanwhile, the main portion of the Grox Imperial Fleet - composed of all of the Grox Empire's remaining battleships, along with various "makeshift" ships built out of spare parts - was fighting the Xhodocto and being pushed ever closer to destruction. Eventually, after an encounter with a DCP Black Light ship followed by an attack by Xhodocto forces, only one ship survived and escaped via interdimensional portal to "Universe 66501". It was the Daman, one of the makeshifts, carrying a total crew of 600.

The Daman landed on the first planet they encountered - a Class K planet - and colonized it. They named it "Atzerry Haena", meaning "reborn homeworld" (after the Grox' original homeworld of Atzerry), and built the town of Tarox of its surface. The Daman's captain, Xoa Arga, became the leader of this town and of the new Grox Empire. The Grox stayed in Tarox, rebuilding their culture and lives, until they discovered the Scoover species living in conditions that were far more hospitable (for normal life) underground. Although the Scoovers were initially hostile to the Grox, negotiations soon took place and the two races chose to share the planet.

Interactions between the two species allowed to Grox to learn about the Scoovers' knowledge, philosophy, and history. At first, the Scoovers had been aggressive predators, and had even wiped out most of the species on their planet. Then, slowly, they began to realise that they would starve to death if they did not stop their mindless killing, so they formed a tribal society and adopted a communist culture. The tribe eventually expanded into a large nation, but this fell to corruption and ended up being ruled by a small oligarchy, with the rest of the species being slaves. This new oligarchy quickly conquered the entire underground world with bribery, but this did not last long. The slaves rebelled, overwhelming the slavedrivers and crushing the oligarchy, and finally returning to their original communism.

From the Scoovers' lessons, as well as their own experience, the Grox realised that every villain, oppressor and criminal will be judged and brought to justice. They vowed to redeem their sins, but there was one problem: the Xhodocto. They had eradicated all life in the old universe, but had never been brought to justice. So, the Grox formed a new alliance against the demons (and any other evils that may appear) - the Crimson Tear.

However, as the Grox population began to expand, they needed more territory to survive. A new "Fleet of the Crimson Tear" began to spread across unexplored space, and also attacked anybody who they believed had ever helped the Xhodocto. Unfortunately for the Crimson Tear, they made the mistake of ambushing a colony of Andrudans of the House of the Krassio, which started a war that lasted two weeks. At the end of the conflict, the Grox had lost half of the territory that they had recently gained, and found themselves begging the Krassio for peace. The Krassio were at the time busy in political affairs, so they accepted a conditional peace. The Grox learnt from this lesson and repented, since they knew that their many powerful rivals would be there to stop them should they cause any more harm.

Over time, the Crimson Tear began to flourish, and they soon met another power in their new galaxy - the Rambo Remnant Coalition of Allies. After a series of negotiations, they formed a powerful (if uneasy) alliance. The Rambo helped the Grox to redeem themselves and to become a major superpower once more. This also opened the doors for smugglers and gangsters from all over the universe to come to the Grox for safety, as the Crimson Tear had decided that they would now give safety to all outcasts, as the Grox themselves once were.

Soon, the Rambo and Grox became good friends, with active trade between their worlds.

Return and Revenge Edit

Meanwhile, the Grox in the First Gigaquadrant had not been completely destroyed. Although nobody was quite sure what had happened, those galaxies that just managed to survive continued to remain, and although they had only a few dozen systems, the Grox Empire still existed. For nine years, they expanded once again to several thousand systems, although they had to be careful since they knew that the Xhodocto had not yet gone. The Grox also started a new project to upgrade their fleets and armies, since after their recent near-destruction they realised that their technological stagnation had to end were they to survive.

Eventually, the Crimson Tear and the Grox Empire came into contact with each other. The Tear realised that it would not be able to win a war against the Empire so they instead decided to be assimilated into the main Grox group mind, where they could hopefully spread their ideas across the entire Grox species. Although it seemed for several years that this plan had failed, the Crimson Tear still existed, in a form, in the depths of the Grox Empire's consciousness.

For the next five years, the Grox kept in the shadows, pretending to be fearful as they had been before. They were successful in their hiding attempts, as when the Xhodocto returned in the "March of the Apocalypse" the Grox were completely untouched. There were a few problems during the course of the upgrading project - the most major one being that the Grox in the Kraw Galaxy became separated from the group mind early on, and eventually declared independence from the Grox Empire - but these soon did not matter. A new ally came along, the Tokzhalan Empire, and gave the Grox new technology for their ships and soldiers. The Grox ships were soon armed with superlasers, transphasic missiles, graviton spheres, improved shielding and beaming technology, and much more; the Conqrix soldiers had strong armour, phased plasma torpedoes, high-powered ion autoblasters (nine times as powerful as they originally had), and electrified blades that could kill all but the toughest of creatures without trying; and the Grox were ready to be feared once more.

New Grox Wars Edit

Main article: New Grox Wars

The New Grox Wars began as the Grox decided to take revenge against those that had beaten them in the original Grox Wars. Three galaxies became part of the conflict in the beginning - Milky Way Galaxy, which was still weakened by the Imperial Civil War; the Kcaj Galaxy, home of the self-proclaimed Anti-Grox Alliance; and the Ko'Sa'Va Galaxy, in which it was actually not the Grox, but the Fordan Empire, to begin the war. Due to a combination of bad mistakes (in all galaxies), technological disadvantages (in Ko'Sa'Va and Kcaj, after the invention of the "Void Cannon"), and overwhelming enemy forces (in Milky Way Galaxy), the Grox were destroyed in all three galaxies (although having caused great damage in return) over the course of a month.


The Grox, however, learned from their mistakes. But before attacking anywhere else, they began to recolonise the Ardenta Galaxy, turning it into a stronghold far away from any of their enemies, as well as possibly other galaxies too. It is possible they were in fact doing a tactical retreat, and may have more strongholds beyond. The Scoovers, Krudha, and other non-Grox members of the old Crimson Tear were moved to Ardenta, along with construction of some of the Grox' new superweapons such as their "Super Star Destroyer" type ships and Conqrix mecha.

The Grox knew that there was still a lot of fear even if it was hidden. They made sure sightings of their Super Star Dreadnoughts were well known, almost like the UFO sightings of various pre-space societies. Their first target was the Kraw Galaxy, where a splinter faction of Neutral Grox existed. The DCP detected the ghosts of the Super Star Destroyer or Super Dreadnought as it was known to them in the presence of the galaxies core. The DCP believed the KGGC were tricking everyone (the KGGC being massively less advanced) and was soon crushed in days. Its effect on the galaxy was huge, as they were holding its history which caused the Kraw to cry in mass hysteria. Eventually the True Grox then tried to re-absorb the KGGC and start in the fresh galaxy, but the DCP realized and then started taking the True Grox head on at the edge of the galaxy. The Dreadnought started firing Spatial Compression waves which destroyed most of this fleet. The DCP regrouped and attacked the Super ship discovering it was hybridised with Shadow technology, again, the Super ship escaped. The True Grox had instilled fear once more, proving their power and managed to colonize a cluster near the galaxy.

Great Cyrannus War & Quadrantia Disorder
Quadrantia Disorder 20

Grox and Confederacy ships vs Rambo Nation ships

They also decided to cause chaos in the space between Cyrannus and Quadrant galaxies in its new war, counter attacking DCP reinforcements by phasing into a similar field and continuing to block off the Rambo in the first week of the Great Cyrannus conflicts. Not long after, they took down the DCP's defenses leaving them open to CAS attack.
Quadrantia Disorder 24

Battle of Koerband

During the sixth month of the Rambo date year 04 AQF the Grox launched an attack against Rambo Nation, as allies of the Confederacy and managed to destroy the Rambo Nation listening post Proogency. Soon after they prepared to attack the Inner Colonial Sector and had quite some succes, as Rambo Nation has no experience with the Grox since their Grox policy of staying away of the Grox. Later on, the Grox launched a massive attack at the Rambo Colony Koerband as part of the Confederate Operation Fortune, in an effort to take over the colony and clearing the way for a possible ULE invasion of the Quadrant Galaxies, also allies of the Confederacy. Yet due to the Rambo resolve and refusing to surrender the Grox were defeated over Koerband, and were forced to withdraw. Later on, most of the Grox fleet was ambushed by the Delpha Coalition of Planets, halting their current advance into the Quadrants.

Targetted galaxies
Gob vs Grox

The Grox try to damage the entropic beast Gobongogon

Soon the Grox began to reclaim lost territories in lesser known galaxies such as the Elalma and Bunsen Galaxy, as well as establishing secret strongholds in the Cyrannus and Milky Way galaxies. They had two main aims 1)create a strong alliance of enemies to pack up on empires like the DCP and 2)recolonize small but numerous strongholds across the Gigaquadrant. However, the Grox were not going to waste their forces on invading the entire universe, they began to set up mutual foe relationships and even alliances, while participating in the latest wars. Along with the Cyrannus galaxy the Grox also entered Vartekian war and Second War of Black Fog. They were met with both success (destablizing DCP forces, removing the new Marinoxidiz threat and recolonization efforts) and drawbacks (such as their losses to Gobongogon).

Loss of Ottzelloan Grox

During the Second Ottzello Galacic War, the Kralgon Invasion Force (later the New Kralgon Empire)'s activity and their notorious refusal to allow others in or out of their territory resulted in the Ottzelloan Grox being cut off from the main empire. The Dark Chronoscopic in Kralgon technology also disrupted transmissions, further preventing the Ottzelloan Grox from communicating to the empire. This totally changed their personality, making them angry and grumpy at the same time about their situation. Later, during the Third Ottzello Galactic War, the Ottzelloan Grox aligned themselves with (and joined) United Nations of Ottzello.

The Annihilation Edit

During the universal annihilation, the Xhodocto scourged most of the universe, completely destroying many galaxies while leaving the few that survived scarred and barren. Universe 66501 was destroyed along with other neighbor universes, taking the Grox's stronghold galaxies in either universe.

As the wave of unreality hit the Grox strongholds, the Meta-Emperor, a super-sentient black hole AI began to take action, and began rotating himself using electrogravitic fields, until even the singularity itself became a toroid. Large populations, colonies and military fleets of the Grox crammed through into the safe potion of the supermassive black hole doughnut, it closed up just in time before the wave of unreality hit. Even the black hole began to be affected, but ts event horizon held...

The survivors of the universe now were left to quickly repopulate and recover. The Grox Empire's response was quick, quickly claiming planets as they do not require such specialised environments as many of the survivors. However, they could risk colonising the "hotspots", there was now tough competition and chaos. Dwarf and satellite galaxies were colonised, some Grox forces began to explore the Large Megallanic Cloud, its population II stars would make a perfect home, and it was relatively uninhabited compared to the Milky Way below it. But there they would meet an old rival...

It was around this time they contacted and gained the allegiance of the Grox Followers and began to use them as pawns.

Final Attacks and SurrenderEdit

Strike from the Grox

The Grox and the Borg join forces

Months after the Annihilation had passed, the Grox started a quest to find new technologies to assimilate, to resume their quest for conquest. They would eventually come into conflict with the Borg Collective, a rogue faction of Grox origin, which would result in both assimilating each other into a single empire. The Grox, more powerful than ever, launched their final invasion on their enemies.

As the new Grox-Borg Empire attacked, their enemies, the Seven Starr Alliance and the AI Netspace, rushed to find ways of beating them. The two forces searched around the galaxy for ancient artifacts and relics, the Grox wanting to assimilate them, and the SSA wanting to keep the Grox's power in check by denying them of these technologies.

Grochius' Triumph

The Andromedan Grox launch their attack

During this time, the Andromedan Grox Empire also emerged, wanting to retake the Grox home galaxy of Andromeda with a zealous fury. Laying waste upon the galaxy's natives and extragalactics alike, they also seeked for powerful ancient artifacts scattered around the galaxy to empower themselves. Their invasion severely cripped Andromeda, but would come to an end when the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth was formed and defeated their leader, King Grochius II, in the battle for Cathemera. The Meta-Emperor, considering the Andromeda branch no longer useful for their defeat, discontinued them from the rest of the Empire, causing them to become independant.

As time passed, the enemies of the Grox would finally discover and confirm the existance of the Meta-Emperor, whose defeat would cause all Grox Empire technology to malfuction. Being tricked into a vulnerable position by Apalos and the Salsetthe, the Meta-Emperor was defeated after being fed the mass of stars vaporized by Salsetthe, which caused his thought processes to be slowed and distorted, and his connection with the huge superstructure supporting him and his personal defence forces, along with the rest of the Meta-Empire, to fail. To escape destruction, the Meta-Emperor was forced to surrender, being taken "hostage" by the AI Netspace, who would keep him in check to stop any more potential wars. By extension, the entire Grox Meta-Empire also surrendered, and was absorbed into the Civilisation.

News that the war was over, and that the Grox had been defeated, was at last given to the universe.



The Grox originally began as the Grob, who were weak, evolving through intellect not strength; they learned how to make weapons out of wood to fight off others and hunt for food. Physically they are weak, however, they have incredibly strong cybernetic limbs. The Grox are still known to use robotic slaves for work that involves physical strength, such as building construction.


One reason why the Grox were able to colonise so many planets in a short time was because they live on T0 planets, and the majority of planets in the universe are T0. The Grox tended to head towards the centre of galaxies, in order to tap in and harness the supermassive black hole in the centre. This would place their civilization as a Type III on the Kardashev scale (see here). In addition, the radiation emitted by these black holes makes an even greater percentage of planets T0 than elsewhere in the galaxy.

While the Grox were a danger to many empires, they were not the most powerful force in the universe. Many empires such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets (only in the recent Golden Era) and the House of the Krassio were easily more powerful than the Grox, although by the New Grox Wars the Grox had again become a match for them.


The Grox were well known for their xenophobia, and ally with few but eradicate many. Their preferred form of fighting was hit and run tactics, coming in quickly and destroying fleets/colonies and then escaping before their victim could send reinforcements. However, if the Grox were really mad (which wasn't hard), they will invade an empire properly, with no mercy.

The Grox were led by a Grox King in individual galaxies, the only known Grox Kings were the Grox King of Milky Way Galaxy, who was killed by the Xhodocto during the Tigris War and King Grochius II of the Andromeda Galaxy. It was believed that every galaxy had a Grox King, however, the entire empire was led by the Meta-Emperor, who is in fact a Singularity brain (see below), basically, the Grox were led by a Grox emulated into a black hole computer.

Environment Edit

At its height, it had thousands of systems in millions of galaxies. They usually had around 2000-2500 systems, such as the 2400 in the Milky Way galaxy, although in others they had many more - over 5000 in the Girdo Galaxy, and several thousand more in Tigris - while in others they had comparatively few, such as in the Cyrannus Galaxy where they had only 1500 systems to their name.

Grox lived in cities made mostly of metal, which often contained very advanced turrets and other weaponry for defence. Their cities ran mostly on nuclear power, as their society was very electronics-oriented. It was also known that they have few entertainment buildings, as the only Grox entertainment comes in the form of killing others.

Imperial Fleet Edit

Main article: Grox Imperial Fleet

The Grox Imperial Fleet is the military force of the Grox Empire, composed of billions of ships and trillions of soldiers.

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This is for troopers or smaller Grox robots.

Starship/Star cruiserEdit

This is for the smaller class of ships, namely starfighters/star bombers, as well as Star cruisers-medium sized ships.

Star dreadnaughtEdit

This is for the large ships in the fleet.

Retired shipsEdit

This is for the retired ships in the Grox fleet.



The following describes relationships with major powers. Due to the Grox Empire's xenophobic nature, it's mind-boggling that these races are able to become allies or, at the very least, on good terms with the Grox.


Blue faceYou may now attempt to justify your continued existence.


Yellow faceMake your case.


Orange faceYou have made a fatal error.

Enemies Edit

Red faceThe Grox will exterminate you.

Other Grox Edit

Not all Grox are found in the Grox Empire. There are several Grox who recide in different organizations, for various reasons.

Ottzelloan Grox Edit


Ottzelloan Grox

As explained above, the Grox in UNO lost contact with the Empire, so they became independent. Losing power on their own, especially with the Kralgon around, they joined UNO in order to save themselves from destruction and to take revenge on the Kralgon. The Grox contribute largely to UNO's technology and especially the fleet, and have been noted as 'some of the greatest brains behind UNO'. Since their joining, UNO has been greater at defending against the Hostile Xenoform Threat (while the HXTs are dependant on life, the Grox are dependant on lack of life), their ships have become more efficient (with some new classes introduced) and the Ottzelloan Grox have become less cold, and capable of surviving in zones with life.

Quadrantia GroxEdit

Quadrantia Grox

Quadrantia Grox

Main article: Quadrantia Grox
Grox sphere

Quadrantia Grox Sphere

The Quadrantia Grox are natives of the Quadrant Galaxies. Formerly an empire of regular Grox, they were assimilated into the Neraida Gigamatrix thousands of years ago. Because of this, the Neraida have access to Grox technology such as the Conqrix.

A notable and interessting fact is that the Quadrantia Grox seem to be aware of many events and have a large database to their possesion. They sometimes follow Rambo Nation or other Quadrantia citizens and record what they are doing. As they are not part of the Grox Empire, they allow the Grox Empire to use their transwarp routes and the Grox Empire also has access to the Quadrantia Grox databases. In all of their history, none has ever seen a Quadrantia Grox. Though they are known to assimilate other species to work on their ships.

The ship of the Qaudrantia Grox are spherical ships, classified as Grox Spheres. Though they are rarely spotted and when you see one, if means you entered their territory. Until 04 AQF, none has ever survived an encounter with a sphere, better to say none has ever escaped their assimilation.

The Kraw Galaxy Groxic Colony Edit


KGGC flag

Main article: The KGGC

The KGGC is a splinter faction of the Kraw Empire who separated themselves from the Grox Empire in 401 KRE. The KGGC is very neutral, and never takes part in any wars unless they benefit them. The KGGC holds the main historical databases of the Kraw Galaxy, which span 5 Billion years. The KGGC is also known for being the main victims of the New Grox wars, having been nearly destroyed by the DCP. However, thanks to the Junction, the KGGC are back with their neutral ways.

Wental GroxEdit

Wental Grox

Wental Grox

The Wental Grox are a much more peaceful variety of the normal Grox. They do, however, have one major difference. Normal Grox cannot dream, and are bound by their programming to hate all biological life. The Wental Grox can dream, and are not bound by their programming, not any longer. A tiny glitch turned into a new empire and people. They have a taste for Triangles and Pyramids too, all their ships and buildings are made in those two shapes. Wental Grox cannot survive for long on a life-bearing planet, but they can visit them for up to a month before they start to break down. The Wental Grox keep their mechanical additions in memory of their ancestry (of which they are proud) and because they can hook up all sorts of cool weapons to it. Having mechanical implants is also a tradition and custom of the Wental Grox, they do not wish to lose it.

Quotes from other empiresEdit

The Grox were a mistake that should not have happened.

- An old Taldar writing

The Grox are a disgrace to reality. We must destroy them!

- Galot's general opinion

Hur hur hur dem stoopid geeks shud go ta hell. We battered dem an I remember wen I had a fight wiv a grox I sed no gunz an he ran away cos I broke his gun... wimp.

- Zr'Ahgloth

We have a long history of war with the Grox, and we hate these tyrants. Now we have overpowered them, they simply exist so we can test our newest weapons on them!

- Delpha Coalition of Planets

Mechanicaos cruelis (the Grox)

Colonies:less than 2000 in the Plazith Rim

Apperance:Short, ugly, right eye is robotic, robotic arms and legs

Description:Ugly cybernetic imps! They are very mean to us, but one day, we will completely exterminate them, and their presence shall never infect the universe again!

- Gablinus-Avis Bestarium description of the Grox

Insignificant mortal meat, not even worthy of our wrath!

- Xhodocto

The KGGC (Kraw Galaxy Groxic Colony) has done a great choice in declaring Independence from these Monsters!

- Emperor Varkeos of the Kraw Empire

Remember us, we're the empire you tried to destroy on Bearth, now it's time for you to die Grox.

- Captain Benjamin XII of the BNSC

The Grox are a blight on intergalactic purity.

- The Galactic Federation

The Grox are a pathetic race. Similar to our own, with an exception- they're much weaker. They haven't discovered he powers we have... and we shall prove far superior!

- Kralgon Emperor of the Kralgon Invasion Force

The Grox are weak, small and stupid. They need some cybernetic hands and legs and eye! If they were intelligent, they will genetically strengthen themselves biologically. They only waste steel now. Grox are not evolved and stupid race, and Terdiatlans hate stupid and weak. Destroy them!!!

- Renus XXXV, Emperor of the Terdiatlan Empire

Foul mistakes of nature! The day you are exterminated, we can finally rest in peace!

- Dracogonarious Empire


- The Marinoxidiz

Synthetic race...must be...suppressed...

- The Junction

The Grox are... interesting. They have the capability to be good, of that I am sure, but they seem afraid to do so. Like a bully trying to keep up their reputation but not really liking the bad rep they have.

- Arukas of the GWA

The main grox empire is evil, but we understand them. They are not evil of their own choice, it is how they a programmed. Would you not be evil if you could not dream of feel true emotions? Would you not also one evil if all that existed around you loathed you and wanted you dead? Would you not be evil if everyone told you that you were evil?

- Clank of the Wental Grox

The Grox are evil, to their core, but they are also primitive. The only thing they have going for them is sheer size and sheer determination. Those two things may just be enough, if they can manage to find something to give them greater power. Either way, they will be destroyed, eventually.

- Klo of the LWA

What are these "Grox" you speak of? We have never met such beings before... ah, so that little red thing is a Grox? Take off the machinery it looks kinda cute. Aih! Damn thing shot me! -shooting sounds, Grox scream- That'll teach the little bugger. Yea, I officially hate Grox now.

- Phreonics Lord

Eaila Eiria Raviana Uamao Oiyau Auya Oios Auroa

- Electromagnetic God

I like this empire!

- Zev


- Tarmealox Hierarchy

We either ally them and get destroyed and hated by the rest of the Galaxy, or go to war with them like everyone else and be destroyed too! Oh, what shall we do?

- Luania Empire

The Grox are a plague. A terrible plague for which the only cure is to annihilate every last one of them. If even one Grox is still alive, it would be too many.

- King Drake Syliss III of the Arkit Council Empire

It's a shame such cruel beings have to exist in this universe. They're reminiscent of middle-school bullies: high inferiority complex, so they beat everyone else up.

- Amnus Thredit

Flawed. Broken.

- Cyrannian Neraida

A great threat to Uff'Wuj. Nothing is secondary to the emptying of the Grox. They are no longer just outsiders, they are obstacles! Obstacles deserve greater attention than outsiders!

- The Crystalline Hive

I would say, 'Thou should be dishonored and shown mercy, as thou art a worthy enemy.' But let me tell you this, they have no honor to be stripped of, and therefore shalt not be spared.

- High-Templar Oderak of the Varshoka

You enslave our people, turn them into your cybernetic playthings, use them to conquer innocents..... WE WILL DESTROY YOU ALL! YOUR CITYS, YOUR CHILDREN, EVERYTHING! YOU BROUGHT YOUR BLIGHT ON YOURSELFS!

- Supreme Consul vardeck of the Congrix confederacy

Had people not fought against them, they would have helped all races transcend the very fabric of the omniverse itself. Because of people fighting against them, they turned evil and must be purged by the Ayrai'shikua.

- Farubaida o Caroha

Primitive, and yet advanced, alive, and yet robotic. Strange creatures, they are.

- Maxus Bipodus

When the Grox do something, it's best to not do it.

- Lavacat Proverb

What are these things? We've never seen them before... Though that sounds like a good thing.

- A Mithadorn Senator

These guys are fun to whack!

- Grand Admiral Rictande of the Plazith League

The Grox block our path to glorious acension. Destroying them will make our acension complete, and the universe will be ours once more

- Mekkan Prophet A-1

Yoiu may be strong in numbers but when we all stand united your rain shall come to an end

- Koala The Outisder

The Wentals and Ottzeloan varieties aren't that bad, but the main empire is a worthless piece of biomechanical junk.

- The Entirety of the Narkal Alliance

Their philosophy is full of absolute stupidity, but they make for good merchandising and action figures. Speaking of action figures, I think I met a Grox once.... Or was it a cosplayer?

- Tyrolox

The Wentals and Ottzeloan are proof that the Grox can be redeemed, so it only makes sense to try to redeem them. Although in their main empire’s variant is a threat to all life and shall be treated seriously

- President Thenado Wei of the The Federation of Free Empires


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