everyfing I seez in dis galaxy is mine, even da uvva bitz I aint seen yet. Iz gonna march across da whole Ooniverse, burn all da worldz beneath me bootz, and then march bakk. Iz gonna be da Prophet of Da Godz, and burn everythin fer em.

- Griim'gagor

Griim'gagor, known by his full title as Propa Big Scary Boss-Tyrant Griim'gagor the Drakcrusha, Gatesmasha, Hoardmasta, Blingtooth Rock N Roll Blasta, Planet-Eata the Shockingly Amazingly Powerful, is the current "leader" of the Mirus Loron, Tyrant of the Big Shankaz Warband, and one of hte most powerful Loron in all of Mirus, few able to match his strength, intelligence and brutality in battle. Long ago traveling to the Loron Mirusian capital of Karhala, Griim'gagor slaughtered the warlords there, thinking them unworthy of being Loron leaders, and created a brief period of anarchy, before declaring himself the new Propa Big Scary Boss-Tyrant, to which all would answer to. He would let other Tyrants and Bosses do as they liked, as long as they paid him tribute and acknowledged him as the greatest leader.

Since then, Griim'gagor and his Warband have maintained their rule over Karhala by being the biggest, strongest and most powerful Warband among the Mirusian Loron, and keeping them at each other's throats. Although deeply respectful of the likes of Fre'kloar and Zr'Ahgloth, he does not wish to unite his people just yet, choosing instead to let them rampage about and loot and pillage to their hearts' content, rather then attract bad attention, until they are ready to take on the galaxy at least.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

The early life of Griim'gagor is completely unknown by most other Loron, or the other powers of Mirus that tried to study and look into his past. He appearantly was born outside of Mirus, and traveled there when the Loron first came to the galaxy, arriving some time after the Hermicce wars. Griim'gagor had long held the likes Fre'kloar, the leader of Da Rogue Boyz and Zr'Ahgloth as the height of what it meant to be a Loron, and sought to replicate their prowess and success. However, he found the Mirus leaders weak and cowardly, preferring to hide in their fortresses in Da Big Scary Boom Place and Karhala instead of be out fighting on the front to prove their strength. He came to the various Bosses and Tyrants, and slaughtered them all, and declared himself ruler of hte Loron and Karhala. Few lived to challenge him, and the remaining Warbosses and other leaders settled in to rule their own warbands, Clans, Tribes and movements, paying homage and lip service to Griim'gagor, and avoiding his wrath.

For years, Griim'gagor spent his time ruling the Mirus Loron, leading raids, directing acts of piracy, sometimes working for criminal organizations like the Blackstar Cartel to provide muscle, but mostly staying away from the major powers, Griim'gagor wisely choosing to let them fight amongst themselves and let the Loron gain power and strength over time, weeding out the weaklings in their ranks through his raids. Though feared by Loron and Non-Loron alike, few had the strength or ability to launch an attack or assassination mission to take him out.

After the fall of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, Griim'gagor lead a number of raids on the weakened powers, looting pieces of technology for himself, taking the best bits for himself and his warband. He later welcomed Nyog'sothep and his mutated Overseers, the Abominations of Azathoth that survived the war and fled into his territory. Though he knows their origins and history, he has not yet revealed Nyog'sothep's origins, and is simply thankful for their place in his Empire.

After Da Reckoning, the Mirus Loron became more aggressive and unruly then usual, Griim'gagor changed his leadership, leading more and more daring attacks against the other powers, even attacking a major foundry world of the Mendel, killing many warriors, and even fighting an Olympian Captain of unknown Chapter, surviving the struggle, and even fighting the Darklings. To this day, many Loron whisper Griim'gagor is on his way to becoming a greater Loron leader, like that of his idols in Borealis/Ottzelo sector.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Griim'gagor is surprisingly stoic, silent and introspective for a Loron. Though still violent and brutish to his foes and his boyz, Griim'gagor prefers to think and hear out his foes and those that come to him before acting. He looks down at Loron and enemies that don't fight at the front and prove their stuff to him, as he holds the leadership of Fre'kloar and Zr'Aghloth to the highest accord, and their ability to fight at the front with their boyz to prove themselves. Any who can't do that, deserve to be slaughtered. As such, he, when not coordinating and strategizing, is happy to smash apart his foes with his bare hands, and his gigantic axe, a choppa he named "Makez-Em-Ded", which has never dulled in his entire life, no matter how hard he swings it at his foes, or how armored they are.

Griim'gagor, unlike other Loron leaders, doesn't concern himself with bling, preferring his heavy black armor suit and his choppa at his side, finding anything else to be "soft stoff". While he doesn't frown on bling and the like to show off his stuff, he prefers it in his treasure vaults, or worn by his best Bosses to show his wealth and power, while preferring to look like a brutal warlord.

While he takes great pride in himself and his power, he won't stand people smack talking his idols, especially Zr'Ahgloth and Fre'kloar, holding them as the pinnacle and examples of what it means to be Loron, and will kill any that insult them. Even those among his sycophants who claim he's better then either of them will get Makez-Em-Ded right in their skull for daring to insult the two greatest Loron.

Appearance Edit

Griim'gagor appears as the average Loron Betta Boy, of average height, though adds to his stature and appearance with black, spiked armor, adorned with the skull of a large beast behind him. It is designed to protect him, but not restrict his movement like Rel 'Eavy Boyz in battle.

Abilities Edit

Griim'gagor is a powerful and strong Loron, able to smash aside most targets, and is the strongest baseline Loron in all of Mirus, and even surpasses the strength of many Abominations of Azthoth. Of all the Loron, only his idols, and a handful of other Loron, surpass his monumental strength. Surprisingly, of all the Loron, he is noted to be the most capable of strategy.

Equipment Edit

His heavy black armor is usually all he needs to protect him, while his massive axe "Makez-em-Ded" is one of the few weapons he uses, though he sometimes uses disposable guns, blastaz and shankaz to soften up his targets for Makez-em-ded. He has a few cybernetic implants, mostly things that allow him to bring his axe back to his hand if it ever gets away from him.

Relations Edit

Green face Homies Edit

ya cool man.

Blue face Servants Edit

do ye job.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

spik, befor I start stabbin.

  • Naxor - Iz gonna turn ya to soup if ya boss me about.

Orange face Disliked Edit

Yooz askin for a bashin.

Red face Enemies Edit

Say my name! Say MY NAME!

Quotes from others Edit

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More to my liking than my other, stupid, kin. I'd watch my words around him BUT OI MAN THAT DUN MEEN I WANNA HEER ANY OF HIS GANG TALKIN SMACK BOUT DA DOMMIE LORDZ EITHA!

- Nyog'sothep

Notes Edit

  • Griim'gagor was originally named Taan'jiborr, before being given a name more befitting of a major Loron villain. Given it's over the top nature, and his mysterious past, it may be a fake name.
  • Griim'gagor was based on Grimgor Ironhide.
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