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I am nothing more then an mirror, really. I simply show people want they want to see. Conqueror, tyrant, man of the people, God-Emperor, what have you. But most will not know the true me. I doubt I know the real me...

- Gridlock

Gridlock or, Ridanax in Darkling, originally called Ray'calaath, and called by his troops The Cunning God of Death, is one of the 3 Highlords of the Zarbania Powers, as well as one of it's highest authorities, and are famous military and economic leader. At first nothing but a slave, Gridlock rose up and untied the planet of Zarbania, turning it into a regional power in little over 2000 years.

Taking the Zarbania Alliance after it was bombed by the Ugandalorians, Gridlock managed to reorganized and refit his army, making it a fine tuned war machine capable of fighting back against those that had attempted to cage them in.

Gridlock is commonly mistaken for a sadistic, brawn-over-brains dictator by his foes, and commonly appears that way. However, he is passionate about his empire above all else, and feels it is his scared duty to protect every Zarbanian citizen. Every death and causality weighs heavily on his mind, and he one day dreams of being free of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, when his people cannot be judged as savages any longer, and may rule the galaxy, as is their destiny, in his mind.

Since the end of the War with the Xonexi, Ridanax has come to understand his former enemies more and wishes to make up for the senseless slaughter that took place so many years ago, by creating an equal Mirus for all. Though it is difficult, his former enemies have found common ground with him over a shared threat in the Xonexi. Still, this now leaves him troubled about his place in his fathers' plan for the wider galaxy.

History Edit

Gridlock-Ray'Calaath Edit

Fool, strike me down if you wish, but know this, I, Ray'calaath the Conqueror, have not a single regret of this life! Though I may die today, my spirit shall forever curse this galaxy!

- Gridlock, before his first death

Gridlock was born in the inter-dimensional Empire called the Zarbanian Imperium. Nothing is known of his time in the Imperium, other then his War with another powerful empire, the Multus Esse of the Mirus. He began the war by transporting Zarbania into the Mirus, to demonstrate his ownership of the galaxy, and fought the Multus. He ravagedged entire sectors of space, and was a famous general. However, in the final battle, he was killed in one-on-one combat with Kossi'Valicar. The Imperium, disgusted with his loss, retreated, leaving the forces there to be reduced to tribal life, and went to their home dimension, to await whatever happened to them. They did not resurrect Gridlock, at least not to the Multus' knowledge, leaving him to rot into a skeleton buried under the of ashes of battle.

Meanwhile, a Dark force had watched Gridlock, or Ray'Calaath, and found the being's sadism and arrogance to be both amusing and similar to his own. With that, Terikalinra began contemplating creating a similar creature to Ray'Calaath, but with Terikalinra's own energies.

Gridlock-Raidanax Edit

The current Gridlock was the result of years spent experimenting with his energies to produce a specialized Kraatos, worm like creatures that Darklings naturally produced. Modifying the genetics, Terikalinra would only need a host in order to complete the process. Going to Zarbania, Terikalinra took the appearance of a Zarbanian noblemen, and seduced a female, transplanting his "child" into her. At first mistaking the process as a normal pregnancy, this was soon proven wrong when, within a few months, the "child" clawed it's way out of it's mother one dark night. The creature he designed was perfect in everyway, and, Terikalinra, pleased, had the creature captured and kept within the prisons to serve as a gladiator beast. While the Zarbanian authorities of the city of Kraegisburg wished to question The "Noblemen", he vanished, with no trace of his existence to be found, leaving many to believe a demon had been transplanted into their ranks. It was decided that the beast hatched from a Deutzalanian's corpse, would be destroyed in the gladiator pits.

Reviled for his savagery, yet beloved for the spectacle of his kills, they, due to his strategy of locking up his foes with strikes to their joints, and waiting for them to become paralyzed, gained the name Gridlock. Grid would indeed became a famous member of the arena's slaves, but, as he consumed the flesh of his adversaries, he came to acquire their memories and knowledge, and, keeping his growing intelligence a secret, plotted with his fellow slaves to lead a revolt against the Kingdom, and after many months, the slave forces drove forward one day, overwhelming their handlers, with Gridlock as their leader. Facing overwhelming odds once the armed forces of knights and Zarbanian-Duetzalanian militia came forth, Gridlock lead his men into battle, assisted by his rudimentary essence powers that he had basic control over.

Managing to fight his way to the capital spire, Gridlock found the king there, and killed him, declaring himself the new ruler of Kraegisburg, and setting his brothers and sisters in arms, and those forced to serve the upper houses, free. Taking onto his new role as king, Gridlock dismantled the upper houses, giving their land to the less powerful, but far more benevolent, Kluncker families, who had supported him and his rise. Seeing a mere slave take control of the most powerful kingdom on the planet, the other duchies, federations, and empires moved to stop him.

Knowing he faced death if he capitulated, but not wanting to surrender without a fight, Gridlock marshalled a new fighting force, made up not of knights and levies, but of volunteers and draftees. But, despite all he had done for the Kingdom, such as creating equal rights for it's citizen, employing more jobs to keep it's people happy, most citizens in his own empire reviled him, seeing him as a slave trying to command his masters. Yet, he still had loyalty from the Klunckers, with their vast military experience, his former fellow slaves, and the few who saw merit in him. Able to muster a force, he moved against the League of 6 kindoms, Sacovia, Ausmortia, Trotania, Remeus, Korvia-Tarvania, and Carpenko, and, studying their tactics, developed a counter measure. Where's they relied upon large forces and direct force, Gridlock developed his forces to use superior flanking and gunning positions to inflict terrible loses on his foes.

After mastering the planet with the destruction of all other nations that opposed him, and the absorption of all others, Gridlock, discovering relics and technology left on the planet from another age, turned the planet's population towards mastery interstellar travel so they could begin their march across the galaxy. In little more then 2000 years, The Zarbanians had reached the space age, building their first star ships. During this time, Gridlock mastered all major martial arts his subjects had learned, and also became an expert swordsman and marksman. The stigma towards him receded as years went by, yet, the pain never did. Gridlock still bore the scars of abuse and burning, and was haunted by the nightmares of consuming other beings. Gridlock, always hungry for knowledge, studied everything he could get his hands on in history, arts, military and naval strategies, and music, becoming a master of the bow and string in little time.

The Bombing Edit

Gridlock, as he expanded the Zabranians, and began to contact other races who had similar artifacts on their world, would grow bored with simply running his empire from Zarbania. He desired to lead expeditions and find something worthwhile to do to entertain him. Contact with other empires, such as the Grux, and the Scimat'akar, lead to him discovering the old Zarbanian Imperium, an old, interdimensional empire that had clashed with the Multus Esse, or Enlightened Ones, and has almost brought the galaxy to it's knees. Inspired by this fact, but not wanting to conquer the galaxy, Gridlock desired a more peaceful version, where he could work with the other empires of Mirus to create stability and peace. During his travels, he meet and befriended a Bygorian named Kradik, an exile from the disposed Royal family of Hakaras, who had found his way to Mirus. While Gridlock did not like Royals, he saw that Kradik was a good person, and, quite the effective military commander, and the 2 became fast friends. Gridlock would continue to pursue his vision for galactic stability as time went on.

However, the Ugandalorians under Reago Clett, Ugandalore the Indomitable, did not see it that way. Reago saw them as a threat, and began working with his allies to close off ties with the "New Imperium", and choke off their colonies. Gridlock tried again and again to seek peace, but the Ugandals would not stop until the Zarbanians submitted to Ugandal colonial rule. Gridlock, angered, ordered his forces to prepare for war.

Unfortunately, a few days before they could ready themselves against the enemy, the Ugandals attacked the planets of Zarbania, Blarene, homeworld of the Scimat'akar, and Kro-vitae, home of the Grux. For days, these bombings dragged on, with the Ugandals thinking they where attacking military designated targets. However, Reago had extended this attack to civilians buildings.

Gridlock's forces could do little as 20% of Zarbania's population was lost. He jumped into the burning capital city, and managed to rescue several Zarbanian youths, including one would later Captain Gridlock's Yager Corps years later, and would become his adopted son. Despite this, Grid felt undeniable rage grab at his soul. Even when the Ugandalorians refused to attack them any longer, when the truth was revealed, the damage was done. The Zarbanians, and their future allied states, swore they would never be victims to the Ugandals again.

And, on that day, when Gridlock had seen women and children suffer, he swore he would return the pain to those who had started it. He told his people the Ugandals wished to make them believe they lived in fear of their empire, but he swore that as their ruler, he would make sure such a thing never happened again. He would free them, even if the entire galaxy had to burn.

The Great Pirate War Edit

Spore 2012-04-09 12-45-37

Gridlock's father reveals himself to his son.

During the Great Pirate War, against the States of Cow, and the Arkit Council Empire, and later the Volver Empire, Gridlock, embittered by the destruction to his people, sought a race to victimize in order to bring his peoples' spirits up. With this, he targeted the States of Cow, and the Arkit, and his troops would later steal a Volver ship, drawing them into the war.

Having coordinating many battles against the States, Gridlock would eventually be forced to retreat, after sustaining several injuries. However, as he recovered aboard his flagship, the "The Visage of Death", his long lost father, Darkling Terikalinra, appeared to him, and revealed all his memories. At first enraged at having his memory whipped, and he himself abandoned for slavery, Terikalinra pointed out he had done it to strengthen the young prince. Realizing he probably would not be the man he was today without having to scrap and fight his way to survive, Gridlock apologized to his father, and swore his allegiance to him.

Terikalinra, ecstatic to have his son back, awakened his Darkling potential, causing Gridlock to become less organic, and more essence-based, like the mysterious Darklings themselves. Then, with a mere suggestion from his father, Gridlock decided that the alliance formed between the Scimat'akar and Grux, who had also joined the war on behalf of the Zarbanians, should become a permanent empire.

With new empires, such as the Federation, and the Alpha Cyber Collective forming to fight them, the Zarbanians at first faced destruction upon unification. However, the 3 leaders who would come out of it alive, Gridlock himself, Lord Ztac of the Scimat'akar, and Lord Galorian of the Grux, would become their strongest rulers, and lead them to a Golden Age of Potential. Having grown close to them throughout the war, Gridlock was happy to lead an empire with beings he considered his brothers, yet feared the day they would die, due to his seeming immortality.

With a new fleet upgraded and armed, the Zarbanians where at last united, and Gridlock, became one of it's leading rulers.

Enlightenment War Edit

During the Enlightenment War, Gridlock personal lead an assault on the planet of Ugandalore, commanded by his father. His legions of troops purged many enemy troops, and he was tasked with capturing and indoctrinating a mysterious Volver Knight with strange connection to the void.

He and Trodaka oversaw this, and in direct violation of the agreement that the Alpha Grox would get to assimilate him and his powers. Gridlock was hurt, thought not terribly, in a fight with Overseers Terrox and Mortox. Trodaka was seriously injured, with promoted his father to break off ties with the Collective and declare war.

After this, Dark was imprisoned in crystal by Six Warriors, and thus ended the Zarbanian Powers, and their allies' involvement in the war.

After the Trodaka betrayed the Alpha Grox, many of the Changelings left the Cult of Attzerry for the protection under the Powers, fearing the Alpha's wrath.

Return of them Edit

With the rise of Xizothano Ada and his servants, Gridlock and his empire, along with the Imperium of War, where tasked with assisting Trodaka with gathering the elements needed to free Terikalinra from his imprisonment. After sending squadrons of Skordi to capture the Relics the Koatria used to channel their essence powers, Trodaka began the ritual to free him. Ridanax would fight on multiple battlefields, before injuries taken fighting Zaraturai would force him to sit back on the rest of the war, so as to recover.

His skill and prestige in battle, however, gained the attention of his father, who decided it was time to seek out the other children he had created after Ridanax's success. Ridanax himself, after he recovered, was tasked with finding one of his brothers, Kaidanax, and recruiting him. Kaidanax himself had created a cult upon a fiery world dedicated to himself, and, as Ridanax arrived on the world, sensed his brother's power. The two confronted each other, and, Kaidanax, seeing him as a threat to his power, fought his elder, and showed greater power then Gridlock, but, the Elder brother held more control over his powers, and subdued his brother, before bringing him to Terikalinra. Pleased, Terikalinra decided to send out his cohorts to gather his other sons, or, as he called them "The Keys to Ascension".

The Great Deceiver/Attero Dominatus Edit

Gridlock was involved in The Great Deceiver campaign, fighting on behalf of his comrade, Imperator Caligustus. Later on, Caligustus once again called in for aid, this time because the Tyranny was succumbing to slave revolts with might mark the Tyranny's end if it wasn't quelled soon enough. Much of he high command was against this, preferring to let the Tyranny die only to salvage their technology later, and seeing them as no better the Ugandalorians themselves. However, Gridlock's friend, Kradik, eventually managed to convince the High command, Gridlock included, and was allowed to set up a campaign in order to save the Tyranny. However, as it was mainly Kradik's squadrons fighting in this war, the 2 empires did not advance their diplomatic relations further, due to many other High Commanders still being not willingly to get involved. Gridlock personally wanted to see the empire burn, for it's use of slaves, something he felt repugnant for a modern empire.

In the end, Gridlock and his Science Teams extracted DNA from the now-perished Kradik's remains, and used this to clone his friend back to life. His Science Teams did also harvest some of the Tyranny's technology, advancing the powers further. Using the most intact of this tech, they added it to Grid's flagship, The Void-Shadow.

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Coming of Eternal War Edit

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Return of THEM Edit

Gigaquadratic Conflicts Edit

I'm tired of this. Being alone among these warriors. I consider them brothers and family, but I have no others of my kin. I am a lone Zarban Drac. I have no one of my kind to bond with, to love. That's all I want, somebody to love. My kind, to lead and rise from the ashes. The Dracs will rise again, and I will be their master, their Overseer. And, just as the other leaders have their brood groomed for positions of power, I will have my own children. Proud warriors and warlords, those that will make the galaxy fear me, and my grand legacy. The universe should remember this day, for it will be their last.

- Gridlock's personal logs.

During the massive conflicts enveloping most of the gigaquadrant, Gridlock began to work on his own personal project; to resurrect his race. Since his races' fate was mysterious to him, he sought to create them in this universe, and have them become leaders of the Zarbania Powers. Gathering the highest ranking members of Science Command, Gridlock began his top secrete project, while also managing the Powers' massive, multi-front war.

The Imperium of War soon learned of Gridlock's plan to bring back his Race and sent a fleet to guard him, and keep an eye on his resurrected race, in case they made a hostile action. Gridlock, however, was aware of this, and decided to play along.

His father, also, was aware of it, and informed him that if his race would not accept the Dragowar, and if war broke out, then he would have to step in, and may have to dismantle both empires. Gridlock assured his father that it would not come to that, and set out to work.

During this time, Gridlock's best friend, and the being he long considered a brother, Kradik, travelled to the Cyrannus Galaxy to reunite his race under the Powers, and bring the galaxy under their role. However, Kradik, realizing his people and the Powers where at risk for having colonies, and going over the Cyrannian colonial limit, which may result in action from both the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. As such, Kradik made it appear that he had parted ways with the Zarbanians, and declared independence. In reality, they remained allies in secrete, but would not reveal it till much later. Gridlock, however, was deeply hurt by this, knowing he would not speak with his brother for many years to come.

Crashing the Paragon's party Edit

Later, with the Xonexi invading the Mirus galaxy, and Gridlock's top man, Bisarko, helping form the Mirus Coalition, Gridlock decided to pay a visit to Paragon Uriel of the Draconid Imperium. For Gridlock, the Imperium was everything he hated. Powerful, keeping of slaves, and believing themselves better the others. He especially grew to hate the Paragon, seeing him as a fool, and not knowing why the universe thought so highly of him. Gridlock had created an empire from duchies, kingdoms, and scattered tribes that now spanned 3 galaxies, and had a dark seed in Cyrannus. Dressed in the brightest of military uniforms of his kind, Gridlock arrived at a party held by the Paragon, quickly making a spectacle of himself by insulting the party goers and their weakness in drink and food.

While the Paragon and his wife danced to the music, Grid merely sat and listened as the music washed over him. After it ended, Grid sarcastically applauded the Draconis's music, as he and the Paragon came face to face. After a heated discussion over the Imperium seizing former Tyranny holdings, with Uriel claiming they where trying to bring peace and order to the region, Gridlock countered they where merely denying the DCP a military asset.

After much discussion, Grid quickly lost patience, snapping at Alesia, Uriel's wife, that she was no better then the slaver who owned him. After nearly drawing his sword, and ordering his Blood Dragons to attack, Gridlock challenged him to attack him, ready to murder him right there if he had to. However, both backed down as they ended the talks.

While the agreement between the 2 stated neither would attack the other, Grid could not promise peace, with the Imperium of War seeking battle with the rival imperium. The two may have parted peacefully, but their empires would meet again only as enemies.

It was after leaving that Grid came up with a new nickname for the Paragon. The Golden Boy of the Imperium.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Devil or angel, savior or killer. I will make things right. Some say you cannot redo. Let me show them how wrong they are. No matter what, I am the Emperor of Zarbania, and I raised this world by my hand, and, with my hand, we shall help raise this galaxy to something better.

- Gridlock

Gridlock usually appears cold, uncaring and neutral towards just about everything around him. Underneath this is a mixture of emotions, ranging from prideful, deceitful and manipulative, traits inherited from his father, to caring for his subjects and self-less at times. Sometimes, these feelings clash, other times, they meld, but most cannot read his face. He prefers this, actively hiding his emotions, while constantly prying at his foes and allies alike to get a read on them. When he is not, however, Gridlock is a caring soul, fully believing in his will and duty, as Emperor of Zarbania, to protect and provide for every subject within his borders, regardless of birth. Gridlock is known to be harsh with his troop, though also harsh with himself at times.

Gridlock has a deep rotted hatred for slavery, and despises cultures who partake in it. He seems to lose a bit of his cool-headedness when around those that keep slaves, constantly itching to start arguments, debates, and general fights with them over the subject, and more then ready to kill them if he feels the need to. Despite the cult of personality that is quite popular around his being, Gridlock does not support nor outright move against them, preferring to use them, as they garner much public support, and military recruits when he calls upon them.

Gridlock's deepest care of all, is music, crafting military marches that, even after 2000 years, are still in use, not only due to his popularity as Immortal Emperor, but also due to the skill through which he crafts his military marching themes. Gridlock, when alone or in his spare time, will listen to whatever music he can find, from any culture, to calm his nerves and think. He is also known to write poetry about his battles.

Abilities Edit

Gridlock can regenerate in seconds, and is skin is almost rock-hard. He can breath out fire balls, and shoot colunms of Plasma at targets, and can easily slice enemies with his claws and tail. Commonly, he uses this ability, when he has seemingly died in battle, only to reappear later. As part of his powers of heat, his body Is actually extremely hot in temperature, especially when his muscle strands are exposed, meaning his inner workings might burn hotter then his outer body.

He also has powers over darkness and negative emotions, like depression, fear and anger, though he commonly feels these emotions as well when using his powers, the more he uses them, the stronger they become within him. He can also shape-shift, but only when not in close proximity to the creature he is mimicking. Gridlock can also repair and restructure his body based on consuming the flesh of his foes. However, he has a disdain towards this, believing he is above such petty things as eating other beings, and only does it when truly desperate. When he consumes enough flesh, his skin will change, signaling his "evolution" of sorts.

Gridlock is also somewhat of an artist, being an accomplished painter, writer, musician and stone-carver.

Powers Edit

  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Shape-shifting
  • Shadows/Darkness/Night
  • Sleep
  • Fire
  • Poison
  • Shattering
  • Energy Drain

Equipment Edit

Gridlock wears a specially crafted set of powered armor, when he feels the need for it. The armor is crafted from specialized nano crystal and metallic weaving between it's plates, that fits over Gridlock's body. The armor, colored black and purple, is highly decorated, fixed with Zarbanian symbols and scared runes from all races of Powers, and spikes across the shoulders and helmet. The Helmet features a pair of horns curving towards his jaws, and a skull-like design on the top. The thigh and wrist armor is a series of plates fitted over each other to create a thick sheet. Around his back, curves a specialized cape that is armor itself, capable of protecting his back and wings in battle.

He also carries a giant, pure black blade, used only for a foe he deems worthy. The blade has the ability to drain the life from his foes with every stab, and can drain them of essence ability, if they don't die first.

Appearance Edit

Gridlock, despite what the cult of personality around him would say, is rather putrid in look. His skin, while black in color, is still pock-marked with scaring and scar tissue from when he was burned alive, and his skin that remains shins like unnatural metal, a hint at his Darkling heritage. What little black flesh remains is crisscrossed with purple lining and veins. He cares little for his appearance, evident by how he often goes naked even in formal events.

When he does decide to dress, Gridlock wears 2 uniforms, for 2 different occasions. When he is serious, he wears a intricate suit of powered armor, which adds some girth to his otherwise emaciated appearance. It is covered in jewel-like structures to show off his position, and is grey and black platted. When mocking other races, he wears a traditional uniform, like one from when he was king of the planet, bright blue with golden and sliver epaulets, and black and white trousers. The uniform is rather garish, and sticks out greatly compared to modern dress.

Gridlock's voice is harsh, grating but can be surprisingly charismatic when he wants it to be. Gridlock breaths heavily and one can hear it when the area around him is silent for awhile.

Fleet under his command Edit

Pets and creations Edit

Ummbras Necros is Gridlock's pet Dvottie. Gridlock received the creature as a gift from his friend, Kradik. This small little creature became his pet, and commonly appears like a pirate's shoulder-parrot, perched on Gridlock's shoulder, but using a built-in teleportation device to get to safety when Gridlock goes to battle.

Gridlock follows the strange Duetzalanian tradition of keeping a creature that could be considered "cute" by others standards, despite their vicious lives.

Despite his sadistic love of torture, Grid displays a clam, gentle, and tender side with his pet, enhancing UN's "magic" powers through essence, and giving him a teleportation device for safety in combat.

Ummbras's feathered coat is a glossy black, with bright purple highlights, but otherwise, it is no different from other Dvottie.

Mecha Gridlock is a creation by Grid to create a massive, robotic version of himself. Built to test his scientific knowledge, as well as to create a guard-dog for his flagship, Mecha Gridlock has a massive arsenal of weapons and computer hacking abilities. The machine has a flamethrower in it's jaws, eye beams, missile launching pod on it's back, and sharp, titanium claws.

The machine also appears to have some sort of psychic power, as it can control it's own troopers and crew men while it's master is away, keeping Zarcosians in line.

Relations Edit

Green face Family Edit

Please, just sit down and talk with me. That's all I need.

  • The Dark one - I don't know how to feel about you, father.
  • Kaidanax - You are need help brother, but I'll always love you.
  • Ozarius - If you want a home, I could give you one. We're family, that's what we do.
  • Dortello - We are all Terikalinra's children. None more important then any other.
  • Ryshel - You need more confidence in yourself.
  • Fokairi - Perhaps your powers will give you structure in life.
  • Tselaya - ...

Green face Allies Edit

We are family in battle and peace.

  • Ummbra Necros - My pet...
  • Kradik - Go, my brother, and find an empire worthy of thee. Zarbania is far to little for you.
  • Emperor Zmak - I miss you, Zmak. You where so violent.
  • Bisarko - Ah, my good friend...where would I be without your councel?
  • Ztac - We'll show them a new level of fear!
  • Galorian - Drop the Commandant title, you're a king!
  • Auriela - Welcome to the Powers, your highness.
  • Ervis Korota - When I found you, you where but a trembling child. Now, you have strength and focus. It brings a tear to my eye.

Blue face Comrades Edit

I appreciate your attempts to be on my good side.

  • Teridaxias - You are loyal and strong. Keep your troops in line.
  • Bosarrk - You are clearly the one most worthy of your clutch. I'm glad I choose you.
  • Koratos - A most capable warrior. And much more well behaved then Zontross.
  • Thor'Haamee - Deliver the wrath of the Scorner to our foes.
  • Doraxethius - Crush our foes like the hammer you are.
  • Kamal - Arrogance is the weakness of the mind. Remember that.
  • Wolosh Corash - You shrug off blows that would cripple most others. Impressive.
  • Hedo'Aristin - You where obviously raised by the High Commander.
  • Surak - Keep slitting the throats of our foes in the night.
  • Pla'Ro'Cay - While your abilities are disgusting, your efficiency is not.
  • Caracalla - Powerful, experienced, and useful. I can see why Kradik likes you.
  • Moria - ...Tragic child...

Yellow face Cultists Edit

You work for my father, but we are not friends.

  • Zontross - Your powers are nothing to me, weakling.
  • Kutai - Contuine your work.
  • Uumbras Rex - May your plans come to fruitation.
  • Latiscka - You're just a bounty hunter.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Stay on my side last an "accident" befalls you.

  • King Tirrias - I'm sorry I could not trust you before you became an Alpha Drone.
  • Abaddon Heimdall - One day, Dominatus, I will have an Empire as great as yours. And I won't let my family ruin it.
  • Medusa Heimdall - I can now see why my father left me in the deserts to fend for myself. To strengthen me.
  • Angrus Mortarius - A powerful warrior, but as flawed as the rest of your kind.
  • Wolframicht Stahl - As much respect as I an give to one of the savage Dominatus.
  • Meshuggah Metallicus - Pathetic and foolish this one.
  • Mortrig Malevon - As pathetic as the rest of your ill-bred, sterile kind. Good riddance.
  • Trodaka - Are you my step-mother or something?
  • The Hunter - The galaxy you seek to create. I envision it as well. Let us bury the hatchet.
  • Brygon - ...
  • Exarch Zuki - It is nice to know some within the Plazith Rim see that Mirus must stand on it's own.
  • Kossi'Valicar - Kill me once, shame on you. Kill me twice, shame on me.
  • W'tze - Yeah, peace and all that.

Orange face Annoyed Edit

I'll sort you out soon enough.

  • Uriel Ultanos - I created an empire as little more then a slave. You merely where handed one. Pathetic, Paragon of the Star Draons.
  • Cruon - You wanted Hedon's head? Then get it yourself!

Red face Enemies Edit

The Legions of Zarbania march on my command!

  • Arvus Causie - Unfortunate you could not see the Zarbania way of things.
  • Paris Vault - I shall cleave your skin with my claws.
  • Genarole Kiwara - Female arkit...I have "special" plans for you.
  • Rogue Mind - I am in control now!
  • Imperator Caligustus - You will not...You will never take my place as Father's hand!
  • Alexandre I - You and all your kind are cowards! Lowly lick-spittle's! You are as dead and useless as the little puppet state under DCP control!
  • Sylo Ethland - I will remember you with disgust when I burn your worlds to ash!

Quotes from himself Edit

Kill as much as you want! Have fun!

I shall conquer this galaxy with my fists if I must!

What bone shall I break from you first.

Oh, you mustn't run away. You will only die tired. I do hate prey that cannot fight back

Qoutes from others Edit

  • You can add your own as much as you want! Have Fun!

Y-You monster. Have you no regret for what you've done!?

- Parris Vaut of the States of the Cow

Your overconfidence will be your weakness. That's how you will lose!

- Arvus Causie of the States of the Cow

You are the one who started this war. You will be one to feel it's true effect...

- General Renaratai Kiwara of the Arkit Council Empire

Yes, now my Son, go and destroy your enemies, for you are destined for greatness...

- The Dark One of the The Darkling Brotherhood.

Oh, "burned" now, aren't we?

- Imperator Caligustus

Pardon me, great lord! I don't have potatoes growing on my farmland!

- W'tze

You think the Ugandalorians are bad? We Vanara don't even have a word for mercy.

- Empress Besta

You've grown into a fine young man, Gridlock. Perhaps you may surpass even your father.

- Xizothano Ada

I don't think Brygon would like it very much if I came with you. I wouldn't mind meeting you and my uncle one day though. You guys can't be that bad...right?

- Zataura Ada


- Cruon

So tell me, why didn't you kill Hedon when you had the change? But...I guess that if you did, my princeps Bruteigon wouldn't like THAT either, since in that case, he himself woudn't get the kill. BAH! THINGS CAN GET TOO COMPLICATED AT TIMES! Well, at least you popped the little worm kings' party rather nicely, I'd say.

- Caracalla

Well obviously Mirusians must be able to stand on their own, as must all, that is why we banned slavery no? One can neither be held up by the labor of other, just as one cannot be held down by the will of others. We are an extragalactic with native Mirusian races in our ranks, the Boyk clans for instance, and they are given true and equal representation. As much as any specie from the Plazith Rim deserves.

- Zuki

I... thanks for the offer, but right there's just to many things that I need to do before I can settle down anywhere. Not like father would ever let me even if I wanted to.

- Ozarius

Notes Edit

  • Gridlock, while he is based off Ridley from Metroid, is personality-wise based off Frederick The Great of Prussia, the Real life Shinji Ikari if he was ruling Prussia.
  • Theme - Orchestrated Ridley Theme
  • Gridock was nominated a featured character for May 2015, just a few days after the user's birthday in fact.

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