The Scramble for Mirus was a brief geopolitical conflict that took place in Mirus in 2801 between the Xonexi Allies, then composed of France, the Draconid Imperium, and the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation, and the Delpha Coalition of Planets. It began on May 4, 2800, when the allies launched a planned invasion of what used to be Dominatus space. The space was uninhabited, but contained countless Tyranny factories which were abandoned in the aftermath of the Dominatus War. These represented massive industrial potential if harnessed, and the allies meant to get their hands on them in order to use them in their impending conflict with the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

Their rapid expansion greatly alarmed the DCP who responded by initiating its own landgrab, appropriating territory surrounding the ruins of Demogorgon Prime and expanding inwards. The race was on to see which side could assert control over more former Dominatus worlds. While no direct armed combat occurred, tensions between the four superpowers were at the highest since the Halcyon B incident, and uninvolved nations everywhere feared that open conflict might break out at any moment. Thanks in part to pressure from the international community and to the unwillingness of the allies to engage the DCP openly, war was averted for another half-year despite many provocations from both sides.

The landgrab itself ended in a tossup, with both sides managing to claim roughly equal amounts of territory and Dominatus factories. However, the DCP ended up with some of the most valuable facilities in Dominatus Mirus, notably Demgorgon Prime and the Dominatem Interuniversal Syphon. Work began on turning these derelict installations into massive military powerhouses which would decide the fate of the next war. The invasion, however, also had an effect that had not been forseen by either side. Mirusian natives, notably the Imperium of War, Zarbania Powers, Xylon Empire and many constituents of the Enlightenment Collaborative, were greatly threatened by the sudden expansion of these extragalactic powers into territories they considered theirs by right of conquest during the Dominatus War. Unknown to the general galactic scene, these began to communicate their concerns, and a new alliance emerged with the intent of expelling these powers from Mirus.

Nation Asset captured Strategic significance Nation Asset captured Strategic significance
Demgorgon Prime Dominatus capital
Flag of France.png
Thule Black Hole Foundry High industrial power
Dominatem Interuniversal Syphon Extreme industrial power
TIAF Flag.png
Oblivion Black Hole Foundry High industrial power
Manticore Hypergate infrastructure
DIFlag New.png
Desolation Black Hole Foundry High industrial power
Dominatem Black Hole Foundry High industrial power
Apocalypse Black Hole Foundry High industrial power


  • This page, and the event it describes, is mostly meant as backstory. There probably will not be any roleplay or detailed stories centering around the Scramble for Mirus.
  • The Scramble for Mirus was inspired by and named after the Scramble for Africa, a period in world history lasting from 1881 to 1914 where European powers scrambled to colonize and claim as much of Africa as possible.
  • The Mirusian reaction to the Scramble was wholly unplanned, though it provided a great unforseen story element that was rapidly taken on board.


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