This story involves the latter half of the Andromeda Campaign from the DCP's perspective.

Concerns Edit

The DCP Council rarely convened in entirety in one location in times of war. The DCP took paranoia to measures of such extremes, that even in the heart of the Maelstrom, it was cautious. Within it's depths, the palace ship of Emperor Wormulus was docked with other flagships, none as big as his. Travel from one end to the other within it's volume required the use of vehicles in it own right to cross the main habitat module, Wormulus's personal garden. The DCP leadership was meant to be equal, but quite clearly, Wormulus commanded more prestige than other leaders.

The leaders walked and floated down the isles of a cathedral-like space, almost kitsch, adorned with virtual recordings of the DCP's greatest victories in all directions. A good number of them, the oldest from days of the Coalition's formation, floated down the isles on life support machines; victims of the days of early anti-senescence therapy. Anti-gravity technologies allowed them be in any angle they wanted. In the centre was Wormulus, surrounded by virtual statues of his dead sons; Tricarrion, Mauloron and Eclipsos (the latter of the three the Emperor believed had died inside).
The topic of discussion was the rise of Yutgap Fendo, a previously unknown leader of the Heralds of Mosivam. It was outrageous that the Civilisation had elected wanted enemies of the Coalition. There was talk of arrest or assassination, but some leaders found him favourable.

  • Wormulus - "This war has gone far beyond our projected aims. Everyone here must remember we were fighting in the Plazith Rim to make a statement to rival powers, and to plucky upstarts. To state to rivals, we will protect our interests. And to say to upstarts, that by not respecting us, they are dabbling with the unknown. They might be enjoying growth, but only in the sanctuary we and our allies have given them."
  • Voraamach - "Then what better statement is there, that to strike our enemies in their heart? Nothing stopped us from making that decision before."
  • Wormulus - "You speak of Draconid Imperium as if they are our mortal enemies. They are not like those we have had to punish or destroy."
  • Voraamach - "Your undue respect for the Imperium's recent cooperation blinds you to the fact they have manipulated the galaxy for thousands of years, and had long been evasive with the Seven Starr Alliance, do you remember? They have never been in support of our values."
  • Horlin - "That is childish and you know it. The DI could have crushed us centuries ago if they were strictly in opposition to our existence."
  • Wormulus - "We could be doing the same, destroying our values. We believe in order yes? We are not seeing it. This war has crossed a line I never wanted, hyperspace weapons. Worse, they were instigated by the Civilisation which we are supposedly steering."
  • Voraamach - "The DI's human pawns were armed with them from the beginning. Admit it, they crossed the line the first. You have been too kind Wormulus. Mirus is lost and the human superstate largely manages itself."
  • Kakorlorboran -"And now we are being made to hold back our forces again. You can't blame this Yutgap Fendo for doing the right thing, even if I don't like him. He could be... A useful idiot to us for now."
  • Voraamach - "A risky one. I think we should just be involved on the front line regardless. Damage the DI's offensive capabilities in Andromeda, and in Mirus, strengthen our alliance with the Cyrannai-run Tralor government."
  • Wormulus - "I must protest. I believe the Civilisation is no longer an honest and trusted asset. They are turning this war into something they want. You must ask yourself why!"
  • Fleexalot - "Wormulus, you and your supporters have done enough to be an obstacle. You can have your way with the DCP holding back a little, but there will be no withdrawal until the Xonexi Alliance is stamped out of power."
  • Voraamach - "Oh if you are worried about the Civilisation, we can assassinate Yutgap when all is said and done."
  • Wormulus - "This is foreign policy, you cannot stop the migration of unwanted ideas outside our borders so easily. I sense we will not find order with the Civilisation or with war against the Ardentans. We cannot police the entire universe."
  • Horlin - "You ought to be more respectful to his gracious wisdom. Wormulus has overseen more battles than any of you."

Eventually, the meeting adjourned, leaving a bitter taste in Wormulus's mouth. Wormulus and his close friends commanded more prestige than other leaders, but quite clearly, he would never always have equal say or a popular opinion. The DCP was to stay in Andromeda to support the Civilisation until it's use had run dry.

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