We will lay low the Empire's greatest warriors, break the back of the Republic's citizenry and smash the Rambo into dust until all of Cyrandia realises that the only true power worthy of their devotion... is my own.

- Grand Imperarch Zillum

The Great Star Dominion is a militaristic and authoritarian state formed in the Quadrant Galaxies upon the conclusion of the New Cyrandia Wars. An emergent power forged in exile and fueled by aspirations of Cyrandia conquest, the Dominion seeks the destruction of Rambo Nation, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic to claim a seat of undisputed power over the species of the Cluster. United under the leadership of the Grand Imperarch Zillum, the Dominion utterly forsakes the freedoms offered by rival powers, even the Empire, in favour of absolute loyalty to the Imperarch and his march toward absolute power.

The origins of the Dominion lie in the legacy of the once-powerful Imperial Alliance, which saw an alliance forged between the Mortalitas of Cyrannus and the Lizardians of the Quadrants. While the bond soured with the fall of the Alliance prior to the Great Cyrannus War, it was rekindled upon the fall of the Cyrannian Imperial State and the arrival of Zillum and Tyrant to the Quadrants. The Lizardians provided many of the military assets utilised by the early Dominion, in addition to remnants of Zillum's armada as it fled from Cyrannus. While Zillum's rule over the Dominion remains unknown to most beyond the fortified borders, his hand has directed the Dominion's ruthless expansion—utilising the destructive power of the Galvarus hyperweapon against those who would dare oppose their march.



Lizaconda: "I doubt the Lizardian benefit from another conflict. I'd rather like to believe that we benefit from peace and trade, to prosper once more."
Zillum: "The words of a defeatist! Do you not wish to recapture your glory days from the talons of the filthy blue birds? You cannot do so with peace. Utilise this world's destructive power. Smash all those who would dare stand in the way of the Lizardian people!"
Lizaconda and Zillum discuss their differences, hours prior to Lizaconda's death.

The origins of the Dominion lie in the designs of the Mortalitas King Zillum, a ruthless and ingenious military tactician who fought in conflicts ranging from the Second Galactic War, the Great Cyrannus War and the New Cyrandia Wars. Once a Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy, Zillum went rogue when the Empire attempted to arrest him when his power within the Imperial hierarchy became too great for Imperial High Command to control. Ultimately, Zillum found himself in the employ of the Cyrannian Imperial State, though viewed the State as a means to an end, holding no loyalty to it or its officers—with the noted exception of his battle-brother Tyrant.

Galvarus firing on the Rambo Capital.

In the final year of the New Cyrandia Wars, Zillum and Tyrant were defeated by the Imperial Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur, who threatened to use the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation to destroy the Mortalitas homeworld Moreuse, lest he capitulate. Infuriated, Zillum and Tyrant abandoned the flailing Imperial State and fled to the Quadrant Galaxies, with a considerable portion of the State fleet loyal to them, rather than Imperator Tyermaillin. Landing on Yudumarth, Zillum and Tyrant began to plot their return to the intergalactic stage as a force capable of overthrowing the Empire, the Republic and the Rambo. Eventually, the Mortalitas commander Mortikran—in service to Zillum—forged an alliance with the Lizardians, with Zillum ordering a coup against the Lizardian Commander Lizaconda when he began speaking of peace with the Rambo.

Early Conflicts (06 NE - 15 NE)[]

Attack on the Rambo Capital

The coup ended with the death of Lizaconda and the destructive power of the planet-smashing Galvarus falling into Zillum's claws. Wasting little time, Zillum ordered Mortikran to fire on the Rambo Capital system, a vicious attack which destroyed the Rambo moons and billions of people, including many high ranking members of the Rambo government. Nevertheless, Zillum's involvement in the attack remained unknown to the Rambo, as did the formation of the Dominion as a pact between the Mortalitas, the Lizardians and the Tiranozark under the leadership of the Grand Imperarch Zillum.

Battle of the Warp Gate

To all vessels in the vicinity, withdraw. The Great Star Dominion claims this construct!

- Mortikran during the Battle of the Warp Gate

Toward the end of the Cyrannian Cold War, the Great Star Dominion finally revealed itself to the other powers of the Cluster by attacking Rambo Nation's Interdimensional Warp Gate, which the Rambo had been using to breach the barriers between different realities. During one such incursion, vessels from the all-powerful Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, native to the mirror universe, arrived and captured the Warp Gate, prompting the Rambo, the Republic and the Empire to rally to combat them.

Utilising stolen Imperial warships, the Dominion revealed themselves to the galaxy during the Battle of the Warp Gate.

Attracted to the battle, the Dominion fleet, made up of stolen Imperial vessels and led by Lizrawn and Mortikran, arrived to combat their foes, aiming to steal whatever vessels and technology that they could.

In the subsequent battle, the Dominion vessels fought against the Republic, the Empire, the Rambo, the Hegemony, the Regellis Star Empire and the Hutter Kingdom, before withdrawing when the Empire rammed the warp gate, preventing Hegemony reinforcements from arriving. However, Mortikran, under direct orders from Zillum, managed to tow one of the hyperadvanced Hegemony Aretenus-class Star Destroyers away from the battle and back to Dominion space. There, Mortalitas scientists reverse-engineered the Hegemony destroyer and used it as the basis for a new class of warship dubbed the Moravilon-class Destroyer, named after the famed Mortalitas Admiral who served the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War. With a new fleet of Moravilon-class Destroyers under construction, the Dominion awaited its moment to strike.

Second Great War (15 NE - )[]

When the Second Great Cyrannus War erupted between the Empire and the New Republic in 15 NE, the Dominion initially watched from afar, and did not move against either faction. However, Zillum ordered Dominion spies to infiltrate the worlds of the distant Mortiol Cluster, in anticipation of an eventual invasion. Simultaneously, he reached an accord with remnants of the Cognatus Empire, and later put this contact to use when the New Republic Remnant arrived at Cognalorilos, seeking aid from the Unified Order of Cognalorilos after the Fall of the Twelve Worlds.

The Great Star Dominion invades the Mortalitas homeworld.

Leading the charge against Willelmus Cretacea's fleet, Zillum personally boarded the starship Republica and killed his old nemesis, and was only prevented from killing Apollo with the sacrifice of the mysterious entity known as Gorf. In the aftermath, the Dominion withdrew from the planet and prepared for their planned invasion of Mortalitas space. The invasion came in the final months of 17 NE, when numerous planetary governments in the Mortiol Sector defected from the Empire in the midst of a massive Dominion invasion. The invasion came to a head when Zillum personally seized control over Moreuse, imprisoning his former wife Moch-Na and shoring up his recently acquired territory against an Imperial reprisal.

Government and Politics[]

Zillum, the Grand Imperarch of the Dominion.

The future heralds a new dawn for Cyrannus. One in which the Empire and the Republic both vie for control. Fear not, I will not rest until both fall to my feet.

- Zillum speaking with Tyrant prior to the formation of the Dominion

The Great Star Dominion is a militaristic juggernaut forged under the iron will of the Grand Imperarch Zillum, who led his followers to the Quadrant Galaxies upon his defection from the Cyrannian Imperial State in 05 NE. An autocratic dictatorship, the Dominion forsakes the freedoms of the New Republic and the pretences of the Empire in favour of raw, unbridled power. As Grand Imperarch, Zillum's word is law for the loyal masses of the Dominion, though his top advisers and warlords are provided with considerable autonomy within the government to pursue the Dominion's goal of dominance over the Cyrandia Cluster.

The Dominion has no official capital, with Zillum instead residing on his flagship, the Mortalitas Dreadnought Benevolent, from which he coordinates the essential matters of governance from a mobile command centre. As the bulk of the Dominion's territory consists of Lizardian space, worlds such as Ungul Liza, Lizardia and Lizar Prime are important centres of commerce and administration within the Dominion, while the critical world Yudumarth also swears fealty to the Grand Imperarch. While the Dominion lacks a capital, the superweapon known as Galvarus acts as a mobile command base for the bulk of the Dominion's growing military might.

Indeed, the Dominion is universally regarded as a rogue state—a military junta—with no civilian authority, rather, power is centralised in the warlords who operate under the Grand Imperarch's inviolable rule. The most powerful of these warlords is Grand Admiral Tyrant, Zillum's right hand man, who served with the Mortalitas lord since the Intergalactic War. While Tyrant operates under Zillum's commands, the Grand Imperarch trusts his lieutenant to almost absolute autonomy within the Dominion, placing trust in the Tiranozark above any other being. Another influential figure is the new Lizardian Commander, Lizrawn, who serves as the de jure leader of the Lizardians.

Society and Culture[]

Representing the confluence of Mortalitas, Lizardian and Tiranozark martial traditions, the Great Star Dominion is an enigma to all within the Cyrandia Cluster—the representation of savage strength and power. In the Dominion, the liberties of the Republic are spat upon as inefficient and corrupt, in which the ambitions of each world, each member state, are given free reign to act against the central will of the government. The Empire, while respected as a powerful foe, is considered to be an extension of Libertus high culture, despite the Grand Imperarch's knowledge of the Emperor's true face as an Oikoumene. The citizens of the Dominion, while utterly powerless, are nevertheless granted the honour of rising through the meritocratic ranks of the Dominion's all encompassing military, though their views on the Gigaquadrant are often skewed by omnipresent propaganda broadcasts decrying the depravity of the Republic, the Empire and the Rambo, and hailing the power of Zillum.

Slavery is ingrained in the emerging culture of the Dominion, both as workers in the military and as domestic servants and pets for the most influential figures in the Dominion. While a being of any species can be made a slave is captured in battle, the Dominion shows a particular preference for enslaving mammalian and humanoid races, considering them to be the lowest of the low and worthy of nothing but eternal servitude. Such an attitude translates into a belief that reptilian races, and in particular, the Mortalitas, the Tiranozark and the Lizardians are the master races of the Cyrandia Cluster, destined to rule it in the name of the Grand Imperarch. Within the heavily militarised Dominion, war is considered to a natural and beautiful, while every able bodied being within Dominion territory is expected to serve equally. In stark contrast to the Dominion's policy on slavery, every race is expected to serve and if they show merit, they can rise through the ranks of the military without prejudice.


Lizardia, homeworld of the Lizardians, houses many of the nascent Dominion's administrative functions.

Dominion Space is, as of the Cyrannian Cold War, concentrated in the Quadrant Galaxies, where the Grand Imperarch absorbed the Lizardians into his growing ranks, bringing with them a vast swath of territory stretching from the so-called "neutrality zone" in the galactic south, to the borders with the Creckel Kingdom in the north. Close to the astrographic heart of Dominion Space is the artificial world known as Galvarus, which houses the hub of the Dominion's military and the instrument of projecting fear and raw power across Quadrant 82. While Galvarus houses the military might of the Dominion, many of the administrative centres of government are located on the Lizardian throne worlds of Lizardia and Ungul Lizar, with the latter housing a small trade post handling much of the Dominion's limited trade with the outer Cluster.

In the Cyrannus Galaxy, small Dominion fleets have been spotted by Imperial Intelligence scouting the Unknown Regions beyond the borders of the old Mortalitas Empire, now totally dissolved after the end of the New Cyrandia Wars. It is believed by many military analysts within both the Republic and the Empire that Zillum is biding his time, waiting for the galaxy to be immolisied in galactic war before making his move, striking from the depths of unknown space to reclaim his homeworld of Moreuse. If such a scenario proves true, than the Tiranozark homeworld will not escape the wrath of Tyrant, who longs to break his people away from the yoke of the Core Worlds.

Notable Planets[]

Military and Defense[]

The military of the Great Star Dominion is forged around the central notion that they are the Grand Imperarch's might and will made flesh and steel, created to serve his ultimate designs for the Cyrandia Cluster. Every citizen of the Dominion is expected to serve in whatever capacity they are most suited, from the lowliest slave to the highest lord, none escape the call of the Imperarch. While the bulk of the Dominion's military is based in the stars, the martial culture of the three races upon which the Dominion was created, has resulted in the creation of vast armies of lethal Mortalitas and Tiranozark warriors eager to expand their power into Cyrannus and beyond.

The naval forces of the Dominion, in the early years of the state, primarily consisted of stolen Imperial Star Destroyers, such as a flotilla of Ifrit and Secutor-class vessels which had defected from the Empire during Garlboz's rebellion during the New Cyrandia Wars. Other sections of the navy are controlled almost entirely by the Lizardians, with vessels dating back to the days of the Imperial Alliance being common along the border regions of the Dominion. The bulk of the Dominion's earliest armadas, however, originated in the Imperial State fleet that Zillum commanded in service to Vasuband until the Battle of Moreuse.

After the Battle of the Interdimensional Warp Gate, the Dominion harnessed the technology utilised by the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony's Aretenus-class Star Destroyer, utilising it to develop the Moravilon-class Destroyer, which soon became the most feared instruments of the Grand Imperarch's will across civilised space, often leading assaults on far-flung Imperial, Republic and Rambo outposts to test their strength in preparation for the inevitable war to come.


Moravilon-class Destroyer

Moravilon-class Destroyer

Class: Moravilon-class
Length: 5,500 metres
Propulsion: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: : Heavy dual turbolaser cannons, point-defense dual laser cannons, heavy proton torpedo tubes, hyperspace missile launchers, precision flux cannons

Second only to the Galvarus hyperweapon in representing the destructive might of the Dominion, the Moravilon-class Destroyer—technically a Star Battlecruiser in the Cyroenian ship classification model—are the most advanced warships currently operating in the Dominion Fleet. Named after the famed Mortalitas Admiral Moravilon, who was killed during a broadside with the Republic Captain Helo Roslia at the Battle of Corulus during the Great War, the Destroyer was constructed using technologies gleamed from the Aretenus-class Star Destroyer stolen from Hegemony forces at the Battle of the Interdimensional Warp Gate. The Moravilon-class can match two Imperial Star Destroyers in a fight and represent a considerable threat to the fragile peace in the Cyrandia Cluster.

Stolen Designs

Intergalactic Relations[]


Blue face.pngWe have some use for you.

  • Unknown


Yellow face.pngYou will stay away if you value your existence.


Orange face.pngYour fall is inevitable.


Red face.pngYour worlds will become ash.


You think you command fear? How naive. Your defiance will not be forgotten and you all shall learn the folly of your arrogance in the face of the Empire. The Empire that you will inevitably bow to.

- Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius

A disgrace. Our fleets will blast Zillum's lapdogs across the cosmos... and I will watch him hung upon the spires of Moreuse!

- Grand Admiral Mortalagueis

Sure, because we don't have enough to deal with already.

- Commandant Gavakar

Mortals insist in perpetuating destruction. Your conflicts are inconsequential. We have much more important things to worry about.

- Thaurlathrón



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