The Mirus Galaxy is riddled with hatred and conflict. We have made sure of it. Now, let this galaxy...let this universe long last drown in blood! FOR WAR ETERNAL!

- Imperator Caligustus

Year One Edit

As one of the earliest places in the whole Gigaquadrant, the battles start out suddenly and bloody. As the Imperium of War sets it's decade-long plan for Eternal War in motion and, riding on the tides of war, makes a massive power grab in various other Galaxies, so too begin their allies the Zarbaian Powers to spread out. Meanwhile, the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment is hit by various groups of renegades in a series of rebellions by egineered by the Imperium of War. And the worst is yet to come.

War of the Simnu Republics Edit

While internal rebellions tear the Alliance apart, one of the Waptoria's newly-discovered allies suffers a massive civil war. With everybody locked in their own conflicts, there may be nobody left to intervene. Unless, of course, someone is already involved in it.

Year Two Edit

With their internal rebellions crushed, the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment sets out on an great quest to sweep down their last pockets. However, while severely weakened, the renegades are far from deafeated, plotting their return. The Zarbania Powers continue toir plot to restore a feared race back to life. In the core, the dreaded Alpha Cyber Colletive and their feared Bachyeon allies begin another wave of mass-assimilation against the Mendel and Federation, as an extragalactic, enigmatic horde known as the Scelus Horde launch an grand invasion on the Waptoria and the Vanara. To such a myriad of threats, the best solution to the Alliance seems to mobilize their Praetorian Congregations.

Year Three Edit

Beset by foes on all sides, the Alliance can do little to prevent the Xonexi Allies from archieving a massive grab of space in Mirus, right in the liberated space they have sworn to take under their wing after the deafeat of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. And now, it seems, fail to protect...

In the face of Xonexi Imperialism, the Zarbania Powers, until this time not involved in the Conflicts, descide to finally set aside their old grudges with the Mendel. Though initially met with distrust, it is all too clear that the Alliance will need every bit of aid they can get if they want to take on the Xonexian hyper-alliance alone. Due to the alliance of the Zarbanians with the Imperium of War, even the most unlikely of allies will fight alongside them for what seems to be the freedom of the Mirusian- ex-Tyranny Territories. The Hegemony, both part of the Alliance and the Xonexi, vows to stay neutral.

But betrayal still lurks. For what they believe to be the sake of a quick peace, the Hegemony break their promise. Hoping to cripple the back of it's former allies before they can make their move, they hit every key target from the most veteran Praetorian Congregations to the youngest Koatria Cadet. In the face of the Hegemony and the Xonexi, can the fleets of the Coalition even arrive at their destination in the first place? And what is the Imperator Caligustus really after?

Meanwhile, the Proditkar Movement is breaking apart, many a Highlord discontent with Pridar's rule. Seeking to break the chains that bind them to the Movement, a group of influential Proditkar Renegades mark a blood pact amongst themselves. Thus the Blood Brothers are born, and they will stop at nothing until true freedom is theirs...

Year Four Edit

Like the Hegemony before it, and with victory within grasp, the Imperium of War has betrayed it's so-called allies, even Zarbania. ex-Tyranny Mirus lies in their bellicose grip, eternal war ravaging it's many planets. And where they go, darkness follows. Playing the bitter resentment of many scattered companies of Praetorian Congregations, many of which saw the Hegemony's Super Soliders are true brothers-in-arms, the Darkling Brotherhood begins it's corrupting work.

Caligustus, meanwhile, seeks out the Blood Brotherhood. He offers them the service of the newly-corrupted Olympians, only one condition: that the Enlightenment Alliance is weakened and the Proditkat Movement is whiped off the galactic map. Meanwhile, the legions of the Imperium itself sweep northwards from War-Imperial and ex-Tyranny space into the vastly weakened Alliance, where the Blood Brothers still run havoc, ready to crush all before them. Even the Draekar Dominion, the longest-time enemy of the Imperium, is forced to helplessy stand by. War Eternal, it seems, has at long last come...

Year Five Edit

With their use outlived, the Imperium has backstabbed it's last ally. At Caligustus' command, the corrupted Olympians have turned upon the Blood Brotherhood, revealing their true allegiance to Caligustus' Darkling masters. Only the Zarbanians, the Mendel and the Persan still stand, the other members of the Alliance ruthlessy conquered by the War-Imperial armies. Even this nascent triumvirate and the remnants of their allies seems lost against the oncoming fury. Xonexi aid, if it is accepted at all, proves insufficient. Then, from the far-flung Cyrannus Galaxy, the Troodontid Empire finally arrives, bringing their vast Android armies to the fight. The Sovereign Mirusian Coalition is revived one final time, in one final attempt at stopping the Berserker Onslaught. Above Kodalore, against all expectations, these at long last combined forces finally fight the Imperium of War to a standstill.

Can the tides be turned? Can the Imperium of War be defeated, Caligustus be slain, and the grip of War Eternal upon the Mirus Calaxy be broken?


  • Was intended to be the Mirus sub-story arc of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts, but the name was changed after the collective effort in thos gigaquadrantic-wide war fell silent, forcing the Grand Mirusian Conflicts to go out on it's own.
  • Despite covering most of the Mirus Galaxy, it does not cover all of it.
  • The Feud Of Faith story is Chantal71's first plot contribution to the SporeWiki Fiction Universe.

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