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The Great Macrosizing is named after a period of Kkrotids tribal history in which soldiers were sent to wipe-out all other tribes on the continent. The Perseus Deathlock was the starting War of the Great Macrosizing. The Perseus Arm Union became very needy for resources after the Mercuris Federation stopped trading with them and blockaded their other trade routes, so instead of asking for them they attacked the Kkrotids colony, Rygelo.


Battle of RygeloEdit

The Battle of Rygelo took place on four planets at once. The Rygelo System is precisely 1pc from the Kkrotids homeworld, Skuther. Planets Hasthus, Gerillum, Maskredo, and Zerf were all fought for simultaneously.

Provocation Edit

In the Kkrotids Warehouse General Kamaska was on duty preventing theft by enemy Zealots and attacks that plan the loss of Federation suppplies. It was a boring job with no action and it was already fortified enough. He did not notice the Wubble fleet over the planet about to attack.

  • Wubble Fleet Officer 1 - So thats it? There are far more places with more than this.
  • Wubble Fleet Officer 2 - And yet you don't care to notice how well it's guarded.
  • Commander Sikton - You know how much this matters. We can get help after. Now we attack for the Wubble Federation and the Perseus Arm Union!

The Wubble Federation fleet and the rest of the Perseus Arm Union funded a vicious attack on Rygelo. The Kkrotids forces were overrun in a matter of minutes, and the Wubbles took control of Rygelo. The current Emperor, Emperor Mercuris VI, became furious at this news, and declared immediate War. The largest War up to this point, the Perseus Deathlock. At the time, however, it was called the Great Perseus War. "The Perseus Deathlock" came later. Emperor Mercuris VI sent Admiral Kroptis to retake Hasthus, the planet the Wubble attacked.

Assault on Hasthus Edit

  • Adventure for this battle is being made currently (Battle of Rygelo Part 1)

In Progress

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