Very few times in history has a combined navy of this size ever been mustered together. We make Volzara proud today.

- Tuolog

The Great Galactic Fleet (also called Great Borealan Fleet to set it apart from other similar fleets from other galaxies) was a massive fleet made up of hundreds of thousands of space vessels united for the purpose of striking at Regnatus, the Ultraterrestrial lord of the Borealis Grox Empire, during the Second Borealis Galactic War.

The Great Galactic Fleet was made for the purpose of carving a path through the Borealis Grox's territory, so that the forces of the Polar Crystal Alliance and their collaborators could reach their homeworld near the core of the Borealis Galaxy. It was the largest military operation in the galaxy's modern history, and one of the largest of the First Gigaquadrant, often being told to rival the fleets of the War of Ages itself.

Despite the size and power of the fleet, it was almost completely wiped out once Regnatus joined the battle. Ultimately, however, the Great Galactic Fleet emerged victorious in the end.


The following empires made up the Great Galactic Fleet:

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