Apollo meets Gorf.

President Apollo was in his room in Orbispira. Everything seemed calm, and he was almost falling asleep. He felt bored, actually. While looking for what to do, he heard a noise coming from another room. Something was there, wandering around and makes things fall on the ground. Apollo approached, slowly.

Apollo - Who's there? Reveal yourself!

Apollo could see a small wooden stick on the ground, a tiny blue hand grabbing it and hiding behind some crates. Apollo slowly removed the crates out of the way, but there was nothing there. Apollo was confused, but decided to just go back to his room. However, a faint light appeared on his front, revealing a small blue creature gnawing the wooden stick Apollo saw before. It reminded much of a Grox, but it appeared to be non-sapient.

Apollo - Oh, hello! How did you got here, little guy?
Creature - Peem.

The creature offered it's wooden stick to Apollo, smiling. Seeing how innocent that little creature appeared to be, Apollo grabbed it. However, as he grabbed it, both disappeared in a blink of light. Apollo found himself in a bright tunnel-like place, where distorted images of the world appeared everything Apollo looked. He closed his eyes for some seconds, and opened them again, to find himself in the other side of Orbispira. The blue creature was on his side, jumping up and down happily.

Apollo - Uhh...h-h-how did I got here? What happened?

The blue creature laughed and grabbed Apollo's arm, and the world started to get distorted again.

Apollo - Oh no, you are doing this! Stop!

Both Apollo and the creature disappeared again, and reappeared back in Apollo's room. Apollo was feeling dizzy of all this.

Apollo - Owww...my head...
Creature - Yehehehe! Again!
Apollo - What? No! Enough!

The creature grabbed Apollo's arm again, and they disappeared once more. This time, they appeared in the middle of a URC city. Apollo reconised the place as Coruoan, which was a couple light years away from Orbispira. A citizen was passing by and noiced Apollo and Gorf.

Citizen - Hello, mister president! I didn't knew you were visiting us today.
Apollo - Yeah...me neither, actually...
Citizen - Who is that near you? Is that your pet?

Apollo looked at his side to see the creature laughing happily.

Apollo - Please...take me back home...
Creature - Play! Gorf wants to play!
Apollo - Gorf?

Gorf grabbed Apollo's arm, and both were teleported to a forest, in a unknown planet. Apollo looked around, with no sight of civilization. They were in the middle of a wild planet. Both looked behind, to see an enormous epic creatures walking in their direction. As they were going to be crushed, Gorf teleported Apollo once again.

Both reappeared in some kind of base. Apollo was hearing someone talk, and spied from a door nearby. It was a group of Mortalitas, discussing new innovating ways of murdering Asgords.

Apollo - You teleported me to a CAS base!
Gorf - Uhh, uhh?
Mortalitas - Wait...I heard someone.
Apollo - Uh-oh...

The Mortalitas got up and walked into Apollo's direction, holding a blade. The Mortalitas jumped and slashed his blade through the door, but there was no one there. Apollo and Gorf already had teleported away.

Mortalitas - Hmmm...I swear I heard someone in here...

This time, Apollo and Gorf reappeared inside a palace.

Apollo - Listen...Gorf! You can't just appear like that on a CAS planet! They would certainly kill us if they noticed...wait...I know this place...
Gorf - Peem?
Apollo - ...This is Empress Ramashe's palace on the Rambo Nation!
Gorf - Gorf did good?
Apollo - Yes, you did. Since I'm here, I'm gonna pay her a visit!

However, as Apollo walked into the hall's direction, he could hear heavy steps approaching. His skin started to crawl. These steps were too heavy for any Rambo Nation member. Apollo and Gorf hid behind a pillar. From the hall, a shadowy figure appeared.

Apollo - I-i-i-is t-t-that a-a-a...

It was a Xhodocto, but not any Xhodocto. It was Izhjuul Dhazhrak. Apollo and Gorf watched as the demon slowly walked in the hall. Apollo noticed the Xhodocto was also wearing Princess Ramashe's armor. The Xhodocto reached the otehr side of the hall, but as he was about to enter the next roon, he looked behind himself. Apollo and Gorf were still hiding, too scared to say anything. The Xhodocto resumed his way and disappeared. Apollo was then teleported once again, now back into his room.

Apollo - There was...a Xhodocto...in Ramashe's palace...I hope she is alright...right Gorf?...Gorf?

Apollo noticed Gorf had disappeared. Still confused and scared from what he saw, Apollo sat down. What was a Xhodocto doing in Ramashe's palace? Why was he wearing her armor. Apollo needed a rest...