The two assassins were searching the metropolis, looking for their target. They scaled the city in seconds, and security wasn't a match for their version of The System. They worked based on logic; track the threat to the source, and it'll die. The traitor was the source.

They clung to the side of the building using magnets and grapples. They climbed to the window, and then sent their nano-searcher to the top. The nano-searcher's camera wasn't the best, but it was enough. The assassin reached up and stabbed.

The two were gone.

Assassin on radio - Is the Boglot traitor dead too?
Response - Yes.
Assassin - Good. Now, tell Unified Nation of Ottzello they can attack this Trucinex Colonial Sector.

Back on GrenzaarEdit

The council on Grenzaar were sent a transmission. It was from the Trucinex. Tuolog of the Ioketa, Valzo of the Galot, the Kralgon Emperor and the rest of UNOL were there.

Trucinex - Your representatives in our sector have been... exterminated. Furthermore, the CAS isn't happy with your dealings with the URC, our enemies.
Valzo - Well I'm afraid our little 'alliance' has been terminated.
Trucinex - As you didn't form the alliance, we still consider it active.
Kralgon Emperor - And I terminate it. The New Kralgon Empire, now a part of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, are no longer allied with the Confedaracy of Allied Systems.
Trucinex - And any particular reasons your spies were in our space? You think we didn't detect that afterwards? This isn't a legal or fair use of assassin's if you are just doing it for personal gain.
Kralgon Emperor - Oh we have evidence that the targets we assassinated were justified targets. For a start, the Boglot in your race was not working for us, but for the Zaarkhun Consortium, who you have been trading withfor some time including the Second Ottzello Galactic War. So no, we weren't killing one of our own, just a crime boss who was revealing our information.
Trucinex - But your Kralgon target. He's been a representive of the New Kralgon Empire since the end of the Second Ottzello War. Any reason you killed him?
Kralgon Emperor - Yes... We didn't want him revealing any more of our technological secrets. But the secrets you've got out of him are already too deep, and in fact we aren't even sure of what they mean. He even gave you one artifact we have... a Prophecy Machine, the Taldar gave us. Want us to play it?
Machine - ...And the Distant Relatives will work together. They will destroy the forces of corruption and greed, and of false beliefs of peace, and will reap the award. That is our descendants, and the descendants of the Thirteenth.
Trucinex - In which case we have no reason to declare war.
Yogtam - Oh but we do.

Yogtam played some of the war's events in the Intergalactic News.

Tuolog - Flaipolgotto!
Yogtam - Tuolog here is saying 'this isn't to be tolerated'. He's damn right. We have closr ties to the URC; they are members of the SSA and Onuris with us, and they allied directly with UNO. You aren't alligned with any, and you allied with our old enemies, even though they are members... this doesn't contribute to peace.
Trucinex - You have made a grave mistake...

And the UNO sent AI Weapons and a Fleet to attack the Trucinex Colonial Sector.

Beginning of the Dyslok Nebula SiegeEdit

The Dyslok Nebula was located within the Trucinex Colonial Sector. After a couple weeks of conflict, UNO had pushed several CAS fleets back here, to this important zone. It was more heavily defended than the rest of the entire sector. Any heavily defneded sector to UNO potentially meant to things- combat and importance to the enemy. As a result, it was an obvious target for UNO.

Tuolog - Kloogroto, molika!
Valzo - What? There's Taldar artifacts in this sector? Then they'll be ours!

UNO focused their entire fleet on the closest star system. The unmanned starships (AI Weapons) attacked the planets' orbital defences, and made short work of them. When reinforcements arrived, UNO sent their manned ships. The manned ships kept the CAS orbital defences and fleets busy, while several Obliterators attacked, and launched multiple Killer Pod at the surface. The killer pods cloned several Inalton Ottzel & troopers from other races; while the Loron would have been far superior at the assault, the URC wished for the Multi-species military instead.

The Pods cloned in new forces very quickly, and ripped the minerals and resources to use for their new clones' weaponry and armour. The land forces were in such large numbers that they didn't even bother using cover. Furthermore, the land AI Weapons were making short work of the rest of the planets' defences. The Killer Pods cloned a couple of Kralgon Engineers, who took control of surface-to-space weapons and fired them on the CAS ships.

Overall, the victory was easy for UNO, and they now had a resting place. But, from now on, the struggle wouldn't be so easy.

Retreat at the Dyslok Nebula Edit


General Sesoka and the UNO taskforce engage the Confederacy in the Dyslok Nebula.

As the UNO fleets pushed further into the Dyslok Nebula, the Confederacy appeared to be retreating back to a staging area within the nebula. Valzo knew that the CAS were regrouping, and so he called for reinforcements from the Cyrannus Republic. President Apollo personally sent General Sesoka, a battlehardened Tenerensis tacticion on his new flagship, the Precipice to back up the UNO forces. Upon regrouping with the allies, the stage was set for the final push into the Nebula, together the united fleet engaged their hyperdrives in the direction of the battlezone.

When the allied fleet arrived, the CAS fleet immediately engaged them. At first the battle seemed to sway in the direction of the allies, but after a while, more and more Confederate ships entered the battle, destroying many Kralgon and inflicting heavy damage on the Precipice. Despite his morals on the matter, General Sesoka ordered a retreat in order to build up their forces for another attack, something the UNO agreed with. Now the two fleets are healing their wounds and preparing for another attack.


The Kralgon Emperor was notified of the defeat. As General Sesoka was in control of the AIs (which are programmed to listen to biological creature allies above all, who have most command of them with the exception of beings with the System, and beings with the System with high authoirty), he had made the fleets retreat. The Emperor was furious that he had lost a battle, but the AI's assessment of CAS space meant that he needed a large fleet.

The Emperor wasn't content with just sending UNO's manned fleet in a larger amount. To lose was one thing, but to retreat was an insult. He would go persoanlly, and take Zr'Ahgloth with him. He was determined to leave a huge scar...

The Emperor sent UNO's manned fleet (Warships, Destroyers, led by Ottzel & Grox) as well as the Multi-species military (led by Marinox & Inalton) to attack the Confederacy outside the Dyslok nebula. Meanwhile, he himself, in his personal modified Kralgon Obliterator, was accompanied by only 12 Obliterators and 20 Killship AI Weapons. He would take the Dyslok nebula by storm.


As predicted, the Confederacy sent most of their fleet to defend their territory outside the Dyslok Nebula. Meanwhile, the Kralgon waited outside his first chosen target.

Kralgon Emperor - Well then... time to DIE!

He sent several Killships to attack the defending space station and surrounding defences, then arrived in with his Obliterator. He sent the rest of the Obliterators out to the several other systems. While firing upon the defences, he launched several Killer Pods, which cloned thousands of Loron. He also launched a gathering pod and killer pod to the planets' best mining locations, which gathered resources and warped them to each Killer pod to create weapons for their cloned soldiers. The result? A huge army coming from something nearly indestructible and full of weapons. After launching killer pods all over the world (even in the sea), they swarmed the planet. A pod also cloned some engineers, which took over a few surface-to-space weapons, and fired them on the planets' orbital defences... not that there were many left.

After at least half a day, the entire Dyslok nebula was taken over. The manned fleet was doing fairly well, having taken 10 systems, and got the CAS out of reinforcements.

Kralgon Emperor - Wait- the manned fleet MUST come here after planetary and orbital defences are in place. There's a system missed here... and I'm getting a transmission.

The TalksEdit

The Kralgon Emperor and General Sesoka both appeared in the star system. They were contacted by a Trucinex, apparently leader of that area. Just by looking it was obvious he was mad, with all his robotic eyes and implants.

???? - Behold, I am Nexatru, leader of the Trucinex Colonial Sector! The distant relatives are trespassing, and we ask you to leave.
Kralgon Emperor - Leave? You're the ones who destroyed half of my unmanned weapons in this sector! And worked with a rogue Kralgon and a crime lord!
Nexatru - I never invited you to destroy my territory.
Seskoka - You will be dealt with like I dealt with many others!
Nexatru - Oh but i won't... You will see what I have in store for you.
Kralgon Emepror - YOU have in store for ME?? I destroyed your pathetic nebula by myself, with not a single biological life form besides clones! You think I won't do so to the rest of your pathetic sector?
Nexatru - I don't think, i know.

Suddenly, the ship was deactivated.

Sesoka - What happened? EMP?
Kralgon Emperor - No, Essence disruption device. How did this fool gain that?

The ships were pulled onto the planet by a tractor beam and surrounded.

Sesoka - Ok, we're doomed.

The ship was completely grounded, and the Emperor and Sesoka were taken to some bse. The room was huge, and what seemed to be a reactor was pumping essence incredibly fast.

Kralgon Emperor - What is this pile of junk?

Nexatru revealed himself, sitting in a hovering throne. He looked slightly deformed, and definately mad.

Nexatru - That is what I have worked on for many years. This will kill the distant relatives in one shot!
Sesoka - But what do you mean distant relatives? We've heard this many times, from you, the prophesy machine...
Nexatru - ...Let me explain. You all know about the Thirteent Tribe, who aided in the construction of the Libertus, and the Taldar's 3D avatars? Well, they did use genes. Now, the Taldar's creation, the Ottzello galaxy, and its inhabitants. They all contain that Thirteenth Tribe gene, as do the Libertus.
Kralgon Emperor - Ah, so that's why you call us that. We know all about genes, our kind...
Nexatru - I know! Working with one of your kind on the project made it so much better! And don't forgot your crime boss!
Kralgon Emperor - We were wondering were he'd gone, We didn't know you were working with him. We've since destroyed him and his criminal network.
Nexatru - Muhahahahaha... Kroggs, come here!

Kroggs arrived. He was also on a hover chair.

Kroggs - Ah, Nexatru, I see you're using my chair designs?
Kralgon Emperor - But... you... I watched you die! LIVE!
Kroggs - No... you watched my clone die. Live. And, my oppressor, you are foolish. We crime lords ALWAYS have millions of clones, due to the danger of the job.
Sesoka - What's going to happen?

Nexatru decided to explain his plan.

Nexatru - With the Kralgon, I worked with genetic codes, essence technology, and much more. With Kroggs here, I worked on the top of the market weapons. I was planning to betray the kralgon instead of reward him, but Kroggs proved too difficult to betray, and so I'm letting Kroggs spread his influence in Cyrannus as a reward.
No, this plan hasn't been discussed with the Confederacy. I am going to destroy the Ottzelloans and Cyranians through genetic extermination! You see how this works? Using the same nanotechnology in The System, it can map out an individuals' cells, and target a sample. We found a match between the Kralgon's and a Libertus prisoner's, and used that. Now the weapon launches gold atoms that Kroggs managed to use, as well as Gyronic to massively speed up its process. The result? Every cell in the Libertus and Ottzelloan being is killed by lead atoms that get into it and poison it... And these atoms contain gyronic, which speeds death up.

Sesoka was shocked, but the Emperor wasn't.

Sesoka - You... monster!
Kralgon Emperor - Two can play at that game my friend. I am an adept in the field myself, and simply by activating this swicth in my head, all our soldiers will deply several nanomachines which can attack YOUR genes and prevent you from reproducing! HA! You'll all die, and nothing can stop it!
Nexatru - So? You'll be dead.
Kralgon Emperor - So would you...Oh damnit. It won't attack your civillians...
Nexatru - Exactly. Activate the weapon...


The weapon needed to be stopped. But neither Sesoka nor the Emperor could move. They simply waited... til suddenly Nexatru was killed.

???? - Typical mad scientists.
Kralong Emperor - Zaarkhun? But... but you''re...
Falrik Zaarkhun - No I'm not. See, back in that Third Ottzello War, Titanozor killed Zargoth, who was residing in my body. And so I got it back.
Kroggs - Excellent... now what will we do?
Zaakrhun - WE won't do a thing.
Kroggs - Huh?

Zaarkhun shot him, and activated the machine on him. Kroggs' genes were captured, and the lead particles were sent out. All of his clones would die. He then added something else; nanoscropic grenades would be sent to the same enetic co-ordinates; meaning Kroggs' cloning was destroyed facility.

Zaakrhun - Our partnership is at an end.. But yes please I'd like Cyrannus presence. Oh and as for you, Kralgon...
Kralgon Emperor - Zaarkhun, I see the Third Ottzello Galactic War didn't improve you after all. You're still cybernetic. Zaarkhun - *clenching his fists* You will pay for that...!

Zaakhun got out his weapon.

Sesoka - Wait, perhaps we could rsolve this peacefully.
Zaakhun - Peacefully? I don't do peace; it's a coward's tactic at this stage.

Zaarkhun was about to fire, but decided to tell his plan first.

Zaakrhun - With this weapon, I have a very new form of intimidation, and mass destruction. Now that it's proven to work, that is. I can kill as many enemies as I like, and their clones. Then destroy them. You see? I have the power of genetic destruction, and others built it for me! I'm a genious... anyway I am going to get revenge... on every last one of you.

Sesoka tried reasoning.

Sesoka - UNO aren't the ones to blame! Zargoth is! He did this to you!
Zaarkhun - You... you're....damint, you're right. I shouldn't have given in to him, so I am at fault. I guess these implants have made me think differently.

Zaarkhun released them, and tossed his gun.

Zaarkhun - Sesoka, do you have Psionic powers?
Sesoka - Luckily I do have some.

Sesoka altered Zaarkhun's brain slightly, making him control the implants, rather than them control him.

Zaarkhun - Good... for that I'll spare you. But I'm bck to my old criminal ways, I'm afraid.

Genrai Nal appeared behind him.

Genrai - The Zaarkhun Consortium is awaiting your return.
Zaarkhun - Good... Is everyone dead here?
Genrai Nal - Now that I have destroyed the Essence Disruptor, UNO has attacked the world. They will deal with the CAS, and we'll sneak off.

How wrong they were.


Several Loron arrived, carrying weaponry that could kill them instantly.

Zaarkhun - Damnit!

Zaakrhun spat. Genrai Nal challnged them to battle. Several Loron jumped on him, and genrai, masterfully, cut them down (after several hits). Genrai was busy in combat, while Zaarkhun got out his gun and killed the Loron who had been cut. The Loron kept coming, and wre difficult to kill.


A loron tossed the Kralgon Emperor a gun, which he used to kill Zaarkhun.

Zaarkhun - Arrrg...

Zaakrhun fell to the ground. Zaarkhun choked. Zargoth's soul wasn't here to absorb it this time; he died. Zargoth's long work of creating Falrik, and twisting the Zaarkhun Consortium into his own ended... with Zargoth's own creation.

Genrai Nal - Drat.

Genrai Nal left. It was clear to UNO now what species Genrai Nal was; he was an Inalton, with exception breeding. Genrai sneaked off.

The Zaarkhun Consortium had been destroyed, as had the weapon.


The Unified Nation of Ottzello had finished in the sector. They slowly conquered the rest of the Trucinex Colonial Sector, sharing it with the Republic. The neighbouring CAS territory would fight over that area afterwards, but with the combined might of the two, it woudln't be too difficult. UNO joined the conflict in the rest of the galaxy now.

A report afterwards of the conflict showed something surprising to UNOL; Zaakruhn's body was nowhere to be found, and Genrai Nal was missing.

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