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The Great Cyrannus War is the largest in the history of the Cyrannus Galaxy, a gigantic battle for the dominance of one of the greatest galaxies in the First Gigaquadrant. The first year proved devastating on all fronts in the war, massive regions of space are now at total war, with no end in sight. However, what was once a two way war, is about to get a lot more interesting...

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Something Wicked This Way Comes...Edit

Raid on Apailiana

Gauisa effortlessly destroys opposition on Apailiana.

Deep in the unknown regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy, an evil plot was unfolding, one that will have serious consequences in the future history of the galaxy, and the nations that live in it. While in his ship, Éaltar Gauisa was busy contemplating his past missions all of which were great successes that went better than Gauisa could ever believe. However, he still knew little about the figure who gave him the tasks to complete, apart from the known facts, that he was an important figure and that he had a great deal of intelligence and information. While thinking to himself, the merits of his career and the secrecy behind his missions, he was once again contacted by the unknown figure, however it was merely a two way transmission, not a video feed.

  • ???: I am in need of your services, bounty hunter.

The voice gave the same feeling of fear that Gauisa always received when communicating with the figure.

  • Gauisa: You know I will take any job.
  • ???: Indeed I do, which is why I have employed you yet again. Recently, scientists of the Cyrannus Republic recently discovered an ancient library located on the Core World of Apailiana. You will go there and retrieve the following information

As soon as he uttered those words, information poured into the ship's database, giving Gauisa his objectives.

  • Gauisa: As far as I can tell, the Library is under constant guard. This will not be cheap.

The voice gave a sinister laugh.

  • ???: Money is no problem, my friend. I trust you will perform the task at hand efficiently.

Gauisa was thankful of this new mission and quickly set his course for Apailiana.

Using cloaking technology on his ship, Gauisa was able to penetrate the planetary shield and quickly bypass the Republic Defense Fleet in orbit before landing only a few meters from the mouth of the cave in which the library is located. He quickly moved into the library, silently killing the armed guards and moving his way into the main chamber of the Great Library, using his personal cloaking device to move past the more difficult enemies, the Panther-class Battlemechs, which remained oblivious to the bounty hunter's infiltration. After several minutes of searching the library for the ancient computer terminal that the unknown figure directed him to, he finally found it and downloaded the vast swaths of information within. He then returned to his ship, narrowly missing the extra guards that were sent into the cave in order to apprehend the killer of the stationed troopers, however they failed to catch Gauisa, as he jumped into his ship and sped up into the atmosphere, while sending the huge amount of information to the unknown figure.

Meanwhile, on an unknown planet, the unknown Dark One received his information, his plan was going exactly as he had planned. The event ended the First Year of the Great Cyrannus War and brought about the Second.

Month 1 (7th Overall)Edit

The first month of the second year stated with a major Confederate operation against Rambo Nation. This event showed that the Confederacy is gaining ground. However, though the first blow is against Rambo Nation, the Confederacy increased their attacks against the URC and rumors have it new enemies and allies will be drawn into the conflict.

Operation FortuneEdit

Operation Fortune is a plan and operation made up by Admiral Lizaconda. This plan was made with the sole purpose to attack various locations within Rambo Nation. With success the Rambo were facing a serious change at defeat, though the operation was risky, bold and above all things very dangerous.

Yet Lizaconda executed this plan, and his pawns carried out his plan.

Battle of KoerbandEdit

Quadrantia Disorder 24

Battle of Koerband

Koerband, an important Inner Colonial Sector planet to Rambo Nation came under attack by the advancing Grox Empire, allies of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Fleet Captain Silveria of the USS Juno managed to warn the fleet stationed at Koerband and rallied the fleet to defend the important colony. When the Grox arrived the battle immediately turned in a nightmare, the Grox were with many and their ships seemed to be more powerful than that of the Rambo.

During the battle the USS Venture of Captain Rambam became heavily damaged (she was shortly ago repaired from damage during the Battle of Karzhamahri Nui), her saucer was penetrated when a Grox Dreadnought fired it’s cannons. The USS Juno came to aid Captain Rambam. Close by, a New Orleans Class, the USS Jefferson was destroyed. The rest of the fleet, consisting out of different kind of vessels fought bravely. The USS Madison, a Galaxy Class commanded by a Chuchulias Captain aided the USS Reliant of Captain Kloplyna and the USS Celcius of a Kloppig captain in destroying a Grox Dreadnought. While other ships, like Constitution Class, Peregrine Figthers, Miranda Class and New Orleans Class ships also engaged the Grox. With aid of the USS Enterprise-A of Captain Rambo another Grox Dreadnought was destroyed. This event meant that there was only one remaining dreadnought but with combined efforts of the rest of the Rambo fleet the Grox were forced to withdraw and the Rambo could celebrate their victory at Koerband after two hours of fighting.

Battle of Rametru NuiEdit

Quadrantia Disorder 25

Battle of Rametru Nui

Rametru-Nui, the second most important planet of Rambo Nation, located in the Mid Colonial Sector also came under attack at the same time as Koerband. The planet, home to Captain Rambo and Senator Creckbo was only once before attacked during the Second Galactic War. With the fall of Karzhamahri Nui Lizaconda used this advantage to invade Rametru Nui.

Fleet Captain Trabl'krgte of the USS Apocalyptor, was leading the defense against the oncoming Confederate fleet. However, a Mortalitas Commander, leading the fleet from onboard his Emporicó-class Mortalitas Fist, had a fleet of over 15 Munificent Class Frigates and two Mortalitas Dreadnoughts at his disposal. While Fleet Captain Trabl’krgte only had his own ship, three Kelvin class, four Constitution class, one Miranda class and one Bonaventura class at his disposal. Heavily outnumbered by the large Confederate fleet Trabl'krgte knew the battle was already lost.
Quadrantia Disorder 26

Confederate forces invade the city of Rametru Nui

However he used his fleet to break a hole in the fleet so various civilian ships with refugees could escape. As a Dreadnought advanced three Rambo ships were taken out by the cannons of the massive ship, though the Rambo did manage to create a hole in the blockade of the Confederacy, with covering fire from two Constitution class ships, one the USS Potemkin, commanded by a female Chinawkya managed to damage the Mortalitas Fist and escaped with the civilian crafts. While the USS Apocalyptor took damage the USS Aquila, a Bonaventura Class commanded by a Feolhviaeri fired photon torpedoes at the Confederate Dreadnought and later on managed to escape the battle too, together with the fleet captain.

After three hours of battle, the Confederacy drove away the Rambo defense fleet of Rametru Nui and invaded the planet. The small regiment of Rambo Troopers fought bravely, but were all killed in the battle. During the battle Senator Creckbo of the Mid Colonial Sector was also captured and Rametru Nui fell in hands of the Confederacy.

Attack at the USS Monts d'ArdècheEdit

Quadrantiia Disorder 27

Capture of the Cyrandia President Aur'Lumniassa

The USS Monts d'Ardèche, a Normandy Class light cruiser was escorting President Aur'Lumniassa of the Cyrandia Alliance from the Capital towards Ramsoria. Yet Admiral Lizaconda knew of this plan and took his flagship, the Liberty II to engage the USS Monts d'Ardèche. The light cruiser stood no change and with various hits from the Liberty II her cannons the Normandy Class was crippled.

As Lizaconda boarded the ship with various Confederate soldiers they headed towards the bridge, where Aur’Lodin and the Venatioa captain awaited his arrival. Outnumbered the Venatioa captain wanted to sacrifice himself for the President, but Aur'Lumniassa refused, and asked Lizaconda to let the crew of the USS Monts d’Ardèche go, in return she would allow Lizaconda to take her as his captive. Lizaconda complied and headed back to Karzhamahri Nui together with Aur'Lumniassa.


Within three hours Operation Fortune was completed, though Lizaconda was satisfied with the results, the operation was a hard fought one, with high casualties on both sides. Yet with only Koerband not in Confederate hands, it meant the ULE could not invade the Quadrants by that side. They had to take a detour then. Lizaconda informed the Confederate Senate, who were pleased with the results as Rambo Nation was dealt a serious blow. The following orders of the Senate were simple, fortify your positions and leave the Rambo alone for a while. The Confederacy, with their hands on various important individuals and planets now had a leverage against the Rambo, it was now time again to focus their attention to the URC, as they would also need some crushing blows. The Rambo Senate was furious, as was Rambo Command but none could understand that within a matter of hours the defenses of the Nation were so easily breached and broken. With Rametru Nui in enemy hands, it also meant a moral blow to the Rambo and now they had two planets to retake. However, the problems for the nation were not yet over, though that event will be chronicled soon, though that event will be one behind the scenes!

Dambusting Edit

The Grox had now had a strong grip on the Rambo Nation that she could not prize open. The gap was closing, surrounding the major space lanes, the Grox were creating a cage, using stations and dreadnoughts, sheltered by the stars themselves to jump out an anyting entering or leaving the Rambo Nation.

But these stars also made it hard for the Grox detect attacks from the otherside. Suddenly thousands of missiles streamed out of the void, but these were no ordinary weapons, they skipped along the magnetic lines of the star like pebbles across a pond, riding the waves of solar eruptions, screaming through the superheated gas as they did, and caught the Grox "dam bases" by surprise. This signalled a new attack and the Grox raised shields, but too late, out of confusement they had lossed formation. Suddenly mass shadows were detected, a lot of them, it could only mean one thing, the DCP had arrived...

Ownership of the Ring part 5 Edit

Tranala re-emerged into the world of the grey corridors and opaque rooms. She coudn't explain what she had seen, it was all too much that just the context of words. However, one of the Grimbolsaurians on her team extended a strange telepathic-device which could create representations of Tranala's memories, although by no means it was perfect, Tranala knew they had to get off the Ring, off Altranaya as fast as they could.

They were beck on the surface now. Much of the forest had been stripped for colonies and rooting out any rebels. Lumber-droids swarmed all over the place, but took no interest in her or her team. I wonder if we will find any DCP backup ships to escape with cloaked about somewhere said Tranala, but the Grimbolsaurian with her said they would have all killed themselves, he said it without emotion, but pehaps there was something in his voice. But she refocused on getting out of this strange place, there only chance was to steal a CAS ship.

The team congregated onto a nearby CAS base. Indeed it had ships waiting, lucratively. Using DCP stealth technology they entered the base. The plan was for a couple of them to steal one of the ships, then quickly fly it over to where the rest of the team was waiting. But they were not going to escape today, as their cloak suffered an equipment failure. Suddenly security came running, but they were not CAS, they were captured Libertus citizens, Tranala realized, recorgnising their accents. Step away from the starliner or we will shoot you down! They had come too far, this was unfair. But she realized they did not want to shoot her, they were hesitent. Damn it you fool. You are not the only one who wants to escape, we all do, but we can't all fit in that. Tranala realized they must think she was trying to escape without them. They had been forced into becoming CAS citizens. What shall we do with these? said one, another, barely an adult, said it was best to take them to the Enforcement camps.

Another two days passed in captivity. Tranala was in a dull concrete cell, she didn't know if her team, especially the Grimbolsaurians, still were okay. Another four. What were they doing, starving her? It was as if they were sending her mad with isolation. More weeks past, she had lost count, worse, lost weight. Finally, something new happened, a change in brightness, a change, was it her eyes? No, the lights abover her, were flickering in brightness. Sounds played through the room all of a sudden, loud, beating into her soul. For endless more time they drowned her very being. Someone she realized was making her lose her sanity, to access as much information as they could. The telepathic device. She realized they must know what she has seen! Tranala tried to moan, but she couldn't, her throat was dry and sore. She needed to fight them and do what they didn't expect. More time passed. She looked into the door, there was a frosted glass window, that had never been there before, but in her horror, there was a shapeless form beyond it, staring in. There was a hole in the wall, as she stared, she entered it. Her battle for sanity was lost, her mind was now being prized open by the CAS...

Cyrannian Aid to the Asgord Edit


The URC evacuates the Asgord from Are'enes.

President Apollo of the United Republic of Cyrannus is known for his intelligence, resourcefulness and resolve. Upon learning about the genocides on the FRA Asgord, he approached the Senate on the matter and they decided that the Republic should send help and attempt to rescue as many Asgord as possible. He then sent a transmission to the crumbling Republic of the Asgord where he extended aid to the Asgordian people, The FRA President was very nervous and accepted the offer with no question. Sending a small humanitarian fleet to one of the few remaining FRA planets, Are'enes currently under siege from the Mortalitas Empire, he hoped that his plan could succeed.

Upon landing on Are'enes, the Republic troopers gathered up as many Asgord families as possible and loaded them on their waiting transports. However, a large Mortalitas army was heading directly to the evacuation site, where hundreds of Asgord awaited evacuation off planet. The Mortalitas attempted to break the barricade of troopers protecting the Asgord, but were initially pushed back while the last of the Asgordian evacuated the planet.

Just as the Cyrannian Fleet engaged their wormhole drives, the Mortalitas began bombarding the planet from orbit, leaving it as a broken shell of what was once a prosperous colony.

First Contact Edit


A Grox Cube destroys two Mataii exploration ships.

The unknown regions of Cyrannus are largely unexplored and are considered dangerous by both the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems, who both exercise caution when travelling into the region. However, some species such as the Mataii have a lust for exploration, which often prompt them to trade with the lesser known empires that inhabit the huge expance of space within the Unknown Regions.

While in hyperspace, two Mataii vessels suddenly picked up an unknown hyperspace interdiction field, which deactivated their hyperdrive, leaving them stranded in normal space. The captain of one of the vessels assumed it was a Republic patrol searching for secret Confederate tradelanes, but why so far from the Core Worlds and even beyond the Outer Rim? Scanners reported a huge cube shaped ship approaching. But before the Mataii could send a transmission the ship opened communications, the voice that came sounded metallic and rather high pitched:

You are trespassing in Grox territory. Punishment is death. Do not attempt to retailate.

Before the Mataii had the chance to respond, the Cube fired two superlaser like weapons, destroying the two unarmed ships. In the aftermath of the slaughter, the Grox began accessing the knowledge archives of the destroyed ship's database. Upon taking in this knowledge, they decided that their time in seclusion had ended and their ultimate campaign shall begin...

Ownership of the Ring part 6 Edit

Time was lossed to Tranala. However, the door opened, finally. The stifling air was sucked out, and in came one of her captives. She heard the steps of a female. Poor, pathetic little Capricornian. Look at you, rotting on the bare floor. Hah, we have your memory stick. Our use for you has expired. The assassin bent over her with a knife. But to her surprise, Tranala spoke as if she was in good health. My name, is Tranala, and you will call my species, Libertus. Tranala swung her tail and wacked her assassins hand, the knife went flying straight into Tranala's hands. Who's laughing now? Tranala sliced the woman in front of her down the torso, spillThe CAS ing guts everywhere. It was violent, but they had tortured her for almost a month and it was clear to her that her team was dead.

The CAS had obviously uncovered the secrets of the Ring. The Thirteenth Tribe had finally awakened, and despite being starved and degraded they had enpowered her to get off the Ring. A white light shone through the windows of every wall and the the winds had picked up. Thick storms covered the CAS cities. It lasted no more than seconds, and once again, she heard a voice on her head "All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again, but for now, turn and never look back." Tranala stood and saw every Libertus was still alive, amd among them, her team had been ressurected. There were still many CAS ships ready to leave.

Month 2 (8th Overall)Edit

The first month of 2 ATC proved to be very important indeed, the Cyrannian Neraida came to light, Rambo Nation continues to bear the brunt of both CAS and Grox attacks and the Thirteenth Tribe became once again active on the ancient ring world of Altranaya. It is a dark time for the allies indeed...

Tumult in Rambo CityEdit

Quadrantia Disorder 28

Tumult at Rambo City!

Ambassador Ten'Trantia is the ambassador of the Girdo Empire for Rambo Nation and lives on the Rambo Capital Planet, in the city Rambo City. He is friendly and keeps the Girdo informed of all events within the Quadrants. He already explored some places within the nation and is considered friendly by many. With the start of the second month of the second year of the Great Cyrannus War Senator Chuinaylia and Girdo Ambassador Ten'Trantia were visiting the Founder his villa, just for fun in Rambo City at the Capital and for diplomatic talks. There they encountered the bounty hunter Zevracence, a dangerous individual which draw his blaster.

Zevracence simply smiled, and told Chuinaylia he liked her pretty face and wanted to see her again. Chuinaylia was confused she was angry and shy at the same time. The Girdo ambassador wasn't confused and simply asked what the bounty hunter his intentions were, and that he would defend Chuinaylia if he wanted to hurt her. Zevracence simply shook his head and explained this was a strange job as his order came in at the same time with a bag of money and Zevracence told the ambassador he didn't have to worry for the young Chinawkya senator. Ten'Trantia looked confused but saw to late Zevrecence opened fire at him, his body dropped to the floor and the last thing he heard was the scream of fear from Chuinaylia before his world turned dark. Zevrancence told Chuinyalia he had to do the regards from the Confederacy and simply left as the senator tried to aid the ambassador and called for help.

Three hours later Senator Chuinaylia contacted the Girdo Empire, explaining the bounty hunter attack in service of the Confederacy at the ambassador. She quickly followed with the news that he was still alive, yet was seriously injured but was already recovering due to medical aid the Rambo provided.

Girdo Joins The War Edit

Upon receiving news of the attack on their ambassador, the Girdo Empire decided that the best course of action for them was to fulfil their duties as members of the Seven Starr Alliance and join what they called the "Cyrannus Galactic War" against the Confederacy. Not considering their colonies in the Sol system to be important, and believing that any attack on the Girdo Galaxy would be suicidal because of the Tokzhalan Empire's Hyperluminal Defence Stations around the rim, they sent their entire force of Droner-class "starfighters" - 8,304,768 ships overall - to fight under the Cyrandia Alliance in Cyrannus and the Quadrants. They knew to be cautious, though, as their ambassador had presumably been made a target for a reason, and there was always the possibility of it being a trap.

Apollo and Ramashe meet againEdit

Apollo and Ramashe

Apollo and Ramashe at Caprica

After Empress Ramashe defeated the dreaded Dhazhrak in personal combat, she decided to keep the news a secret. A day after the attack at the Girdo Ambassador Ramashe was released from hospital and decided to travel to the United Republic of Cyrannus, where she met Apollo at the planet Caprica.

Apollo was happy to see Ramashe again, as it has been a while since the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War. Though when he approached her, his doubts and concerns he had about her were gone in a second, as somehow her auro felt differant then the last time they met. None the less, the two walked through the city and talked a lot about recent events. Shortly before lunch Apollo showed his two children, to which Ramashe was their godmother. Ramashe was happy, and played a while with the children, and Apollo noticed it was a long time he saw his good friend laughing again. She congratulated both Apollo and Gianne Inviá with their children. Apollo and Ramashe then had a private lunch.

Sitting at the table, Ramashe began her tale, starting with her capture by Dhazhrak one and a half year ago and the results of this act. She told him she defeated the Xhodocto in personal combat, but that she had doubts she really defeated him. When she looked straight into the eyes of her friend, Apollo eyes were wide open and hadn't said a word during her tale. Shacking his head in disbelief he simply sighted. Looking up, he saw Ramashe crying, something she handn't done since the death of her father. Apollo rose from his chair and comforted the Serindia Empress, and she simply smiled. Apollo didn't knew what to say, but he told her he was happy that she was "back" again. Then Ramashe told another surprise to Apollo, it seemed she was carrying an egg while still being a virgin, she told him the Founder believed her to be the Maid of the Quadrants, bearing the child which would bring endless peace to the Quadrant Galaxies. Apollo almost fell of his chair of joy, and simply laughed. The conversation continued and Apollo told Ramashe about his adventure with the mysterious creature called Gorf and the Confederate attack at Caprica. Long after lunch, the two still talked about a lot of things, and were discussing to aid eachother in retaking their conquered colonies by joint fleets again, just like in the Second Galactic War and the Inergalactic War. Near the end of the day, after Ramashe had a great diner with Apollo and his wife and children Ramashe returned to the Rambo Capital and promised Apollo to visit eacother more often.

Near the end of the day, Ramashe went to bed, pleased by the idea she could tell her best friend about her darkest secret. At Caprica, Apollo was in his office, staring outside his window. He still wondered how none could have noticed that Dhazhrak was acting as Ramashe, but was happy she had told him. Still, someting was nagging in the back of his head, but couldn't explain what it was. His thoughts were interrupted by a crying Kara, his child wanted some attention from her father.

A Failed Alliance Edit

A Failed Alliance

Confederate officials meet with a Corthrinus delegation as Linn-Taan makes his move.

On Corunnia, many senators agreed that the Confederacy's latest victories must be put to an end through any means nessacary and so when Republic intelligence recieved information that the very powerful Great Corthrinusi Empire was planning on allying with the Confederacy, giving the CAS another advantage over the URC. They decided in utmost secrecy that they would send the skilled Fernai-Tuu bounty hunter, Linn-Taan to assassinate the Corthrinus' delegation party in order to show them that the CAS does not keep dignitaries safe.

The meeting place was on the planet of Con-aoi in the Outer Rim, and Linn-Taan made his way to it and landed on its surface. He waited in a nearby house just as the Corthrinusi shuttle landed to meet the Confederate officials consisting of a Trucinex, a Mortalitas and a Basileus. After a few minutes, Linn Taan pulled out his sniper rifle and shot the two of the three Corthrinusi diplomats, causing the remaining one to escape. Linn Taan smiled as he returned to his ship, his mission was a success and the Great Corthrinusi Empire's attempt to ally with the CAS failed. They would surely blame the Confederacy for not preventing the delegation's death and perhaps turn to the URC for talks...

Rise of the salamanders Edit

In the CAS planet of Cianbur, a mysterious spceship slowly descended into the atmosphere. It was a Grox Cube. The planet attempted to communicate with the ship, but there was no answer. A hatch opened in one of the Cube's faces, but nothing came out of it. The citizens simply stared confused at the Cube. After about a minute, the hatch closed and the Cube left the planet.

Some Trucinex discussed about the incident when one of them heard a strange noise. He looked back, but everythign seemed normal. Suddenly, their stomaches were opened up, like if they were stabbed by a large blade weapon. The citizens fell dead, and soon other creatures were also dying out of nowhere.

Marinox Entrance

The Cyrannian Marinox make their entrance

Mortalitas troops approached the place to find the dead bodies. From out of the air, pulse blasts were being fired at the Mortalitas, hitting several ones while others escaped. A beeping noise was heard and a missile appeared, hitting the remaining troops who were too surprised to dodge the attack.

A ship then decided to use a heat detector device, only to detect a gigantic army of creatures in the planet. The creatures decloaked, revealing to be Marinox and Dronox troops. The leader, Khuenaten, arimed at the ship and the troop fired their weapons at it, taking it down.

The Marinox and Dronox forces marched forward, defeating the surprised CAS reinforcements. After a while, the planet was in ruins, and the Marinox roared at the sky while standing on dead Mortalitas bodies. The Grox Cube appeared and the forces entered it. Their job was done, for now.

Clash of the Titans Edit

Clash of the Titans

Confederate forces engage Cyrandia forces, while the Grox join the fray.

Over the past two months, High General Zillum of the Confederacy began engaging Republic forces across the Cyrannus Galaxy, leaving no trace of Republic Fleets that he attacked, nor any sign of both Zillum and his deadly new flagship, the Malevolent. Republic Intelligence however, tracked down Zillum orbiting a planet in the Outer Rim, apparently undergoing a refit. When they sent their most powerful ship, the Pride of the Core and a large fleet of URC/Rambo ships, they had no idea they were walking into a trap...

It was believed that Zillum and his flagship were alone in the system, without Confederate reinforcements, but the fleet under the command of Supreme Admiral Nagala soon found this to be false, when she saw a huge CAS fleet protecting the Malevolent. Not one for backing away from a fight, she quickly ordered her fleet to engage. The URC Star Destroyers would attempt to engage the Capital Ships, the Rambo ships would attempt to destroy the frigates, while Nagala herself in the Pride of the Core would personally destroy the Malevolent. However, during the battle three massive Grox Cubes, filled with Marinox and Dronox cyborgs entered the fray, destroying many ships in the opening stages of their attack. However, the Malevolent made short work of one cube, using its advanced turbolasers to cut a hole deep in the Cube's hull, disabling it. Meanwhile, the Pride of the Core used the Grox attack as a distraction and began to broadside against the Maleovolent. The two titanic ships battled, both sustaining heavy damage, though it was the Pride of the Core that wasn't faring as well in combat.

While the two superships battled one another, Cyrandia ships coordinated an attack on a Grox Cube, and after a heavy firefight, managed to destroy it. The third cube however, escaped, retreating under heavy CAS fire. However, the CAS forces began to dwindle, despite the Malevolents upperhand against the Pride of the Core. It was now that Zillum decided to show his weapon that made his ship so deadly... the super ion cannon. He pointed it directly at the Cyrandia Fleet, and fired. By the time the ship captains understood what had happened, their ships exploded under the heavy fire of Zillum's turbolasers. Nagala, with a heavy heart ordered a retreat. Zillum had won this round.

Second Battle of Rametru Nui Edit

An unidentified Basileus captain, in service of the Confederacy and commanded the Mortalitas Dreadnought Terror of Stars, was stationed at the conquered Rambo Nation colony of Rametru Nui, the second planet of that Nation. He was assigned by Admiral Lizaconda to lead the defense of that planet as the Mortalitas Commander of the Emporicó-class Mortalitas Fist had to return to Confederate Space in the Cyrannus Galaxy. The Basileus Captain already fought during the initial battle to conquer Rametru Nui and found himself bored. As the second month of the war was coming to an end, and taking over the Rambo colony had already been a month ago it seemed the Rambo didn't care about the conquered colonies in the mid colonial sector.

Quadrantia Disorder 29

Second Battle of Rametru Nui

Though he was mistaken by that, Empress Ramashe had already discussed with President Apollo for a joint attack just like during the Second Galactic War. And with the recent losses against the CAS the Cyrandia moral was low and needed a boost. As such, Vice-Admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas, Fleet Captain Trabl'krgte of the USS Apocalyptor, captain Junelda of the USS Attentive, two unidentified captains commanding a Kelvin and a Constellation class were aided by three Venator Class Star Destroyers of the URC, commanded by unidentiefied captain. Junelda, using the USS Attentive decloacked and caused for a great surprise when she fired at the confederate fleet. Seconds after, the three URC star destroyers arrived and opened fire, and kept their ground as the other Rambo ships arrived and used their agility to attack the slower Munificent frigates of the CAS. While Ramcard opened fire at the Terror of Stars, using transphasic torpedoes it soon buckled and the Basileus captain saw his prized fleet at Rametru Nui crumbling at the surprise attack. As he cursed in his native language, he wondered how the Confederate intelligence weren't aware of this plot, as they had undercover high officials in both the URC and Rambo Nation. After two hours of space battle, the Confederate fleet was forced to withdraw to Karzamahri Nui.

As the leaders of Rambo Nation and the URC celebrated their victory and reinforced Rametru Nui, rounding up the remaining Confederate ground troopers Lizaconda was furious. This defeat meant he was not able to launch an attack at Javan, to totally secure the eastern part of the Ramsoria Run into Confederate hands. Even more, he knew Karzamahri Nui was the next target as he recieved intelligence of his patrol ships both Rametru Nui and Rambo Prime were recieving more and more ships.

Quadrantia Disorder 30

Agandaûr fires at Valhtara, while a few Confederate ships managed to escape

Shortly after the retaking of Rametru Nui their were a seperate group of Serindia who claimed their alliagence to the Confederacy, these so called Confederate Serindia changed their appearance and used the large Serindia Independia Class as their own ships. They managed to steal over 95 of these vessels and gave construction schematics to the Confederate Shipyards. The first colony, known as Valhtara, located in the Cyrannus Galaxy announced in public their leaving to the Confederacy. Rambo Command, fearing that a new Resistance was going to be formed tried to solve the problem with force. An unidentified Serindia Rear Admiral used his Suiliagothrond Class Battlestation, the Agandaûr. Arriving in the system, he immedate opened fire at the colony, though the beam was only at 18% power it scourged the colony of all cities and turned the green colony in a desolate place.

However, few ships managed to escape to Confederate space, and made the act of Rambo Command public. Now even more colonies were disturbed, some feared to leave others wondered why they would still remain with the Nation as her ways of using force seemed to have changed drastically.

Month 3 (9th Overall) Edit

In the opening days of this month, the majority of the universe was destroyed by the Xhodocto, changing the face of the First Gigaquadrant. However, life in Cyrannus and the Quadrants remained unchanged thanks to intervention from higher powers. Because of this, the war for Cyrannus continued...

Destruction of the Resolute Edit

Destruction of the Resolute

The Resolute being destroyed, while the Valorous comes to its aid.

After the Battle of Nosiso, several months ago, Admiral Cretacea was sent on escort duties in the Outer Rim of Cyrannus. It was a boring assignment and he knew it. He would have much prefered to fighting on the front lines against the Confederacy as opposed to patrolling peaceful space. However, unbeknownst to him, he was being watched by High General Zillum, his arch nemesis. Zillum smiled as he noticed that the Resolute was all alone in empty space and that this was the perfect time to strike. However, the Malevolent still was receiving upgrades and repairs since the last battle and so he sent an advanced fleet of frigates to destroy the Resolute and kill Cretacea.

Meanwhile, Cretacea looked out into space from the Resolutes bridge, two Munificent-class frigates and one Rescure-class Frigate came out of hyperspace and began to attack the unshielded Resolute. Charging weapons, the Resolute opened fired on the nearest starship, which began to buckle under the turbolaser fire. Cretacea watched however, as the ship began to be engulfed in flames, they couldn't take much more of this punishment! He sent an emergency transmission to the nearest URC warship and began to order his crew to this escape pods. Another ship, an Emporico-class jumped into view of the Resolute and began firing its massive cannons directly at the Resolutes bridge. Cretacea made it into his escape pod just as the bridge was consumed by flame. The escape pods shot out of the Resolute and Cretacea looked one final time at his flagship, the one whom he only used for a few months and yet he felt a great deal of sadness as it exploded. However, help was at hand! The Valorous, command ship of Admiral Shaw arrived at the scene, and quickly rescued the survivors of the destruction of the Resolute and quickly escaped, baring light damage.

However, Cretacea still appeared solemn, his flagship was destroyed and once again Command would have to give him another...

Maiden Voyage of the Spirit of Freedom Edit

Spore 2011-06-25 23-53-43

Maiden Voyage of the Spirit of Freedom

A few days after the destruction of the Resolute, Republic Command decided to give command of the newly constructed Phoenix-class Colony Ship, the Spirit of Freedom to Admiral Cretacea. Any other officer in the navy would not see command of another ship for months, but Command saw an exception for Cretacea, citing his long military career. Cretacea took a shuttle to where the Spirit was being constructed, the shipyards of Athena in the Corannus System, the same system that houses the Twelve Colonies.

To his surprise, his new ship was not a Star Destroyer, but an entirely new ship with origins that go back to the Intergalactic War. The Spirit was built with state of the art technology and a highly advanced gigaquadrant engine, capable of crossing the Gigaquadrant in no time at all. As well as being used for a military flagship, Cretacea also has a new job of colonization and exploration, with particular attention to worlds that have Thirteenth Tribe artifacts.

Second Battle of Koerband Edit

Battle of Koerband GCW02

The Spirit of Freedom arrives at Koerband.

Cretacea soon recieved a distress call from Koerband, a Rambo colony in Quadrant 82 which was under Confederate attack. It was believed that the CAS was after ancient Atlantica ruins found on the planets surface, much like the ones found by the Imperial Alliance during the Intergalactic War. Rambo Command believed that the CAS must not get their hands on such valuable technology and so called the Spirit of Freedom and several Venator-class Star Destroyers to help them defend Koerband. When the Spirit arrived it attacked the invading CAS forces, who were surprised to see such a new and large warship.

Battle of Koeband GCW

The Spirit of Freedom finds the Thirteenth Tribe artefact while under heavy CAS attack.

However, while battling in space, several CAS Frigates went to ground to secure the artefact and take it back to CAS space. The Spirit followed at full speed and engaged the frigates near the artefact, and after a long firefight managed to defeat them. With the CAS ships retreating, Cretacea got onbourd a Raptor and headed down to land on the artefact. From the information he could glean from it, apparently it was a transporter to a higher dimension or universe, and contained knowledge regarding the history of the Quadrants and yet it also pointed to a planet in the Milky Way. However, he accidently pressed a button on a console, and a huge flare shot into space. Confused, Cretacea continued to investagate, but was called back to his ship where he was thanked by Rambo Command. Still, he wondered, what was this flare, and who did it alert...?

Infestation Edit

The Grox's attack on the CAS still wasn't over. A Mortalitas guard was bored, looking at a screen. It was the control panel for the planet's defenses. It could detect any unknown ship that approach the system and warn the nearby ships to take it down. The guard changed the view, seeing everything fine.

Guard Down

Khuenaten murders the guard

Footsteps were heard. The guard turned, but no one was there. Believing it was just his imagination, the guard resumed his work. However, a figure uncloaked behind him and slashed his back with a lighting striker. It was Commandant Khuenaten. The guard jumped and tried to fight back, but a second slash meant his death.

Khuenaten jumped into the large computer. From his hand, a wire-like structure came out and plugged into the machine. Khuenaten then started to overwrite the system with his own AI, causing all screens to malfunction. The ships around the planet were left confused as something took them down one by one. A Grox Cube.

The Cube approached the planet and started to fire large structures into the soil. These were Conqrix Hives. Soon, Dronox units started to emerge from it. It didn't took long for the empire to be devastated. Before unplugging himself, Khuenaten started to gather information about the CAS, such as their important planets and individuals. A certain one got his interest: Zillum.

During this same time, something else was also happening in the CAS...

Third Battle of YadumarthEdit

Captain Ramniels was walking to the elevator, which would bring him to the bridge of his ship, the Miranda Class USS Majestic. Arriving at the bridge he was informed by his Serindia commander that they would exit warp and had arrived once more at Javan, after the refit at the Shipyards Ramniels was back to see Javan again. Though his mind was troubled with his newest mission, personally given by the Empress.

The USS Majestic exited warp and approached the Rambo Nation colony Javan. Seeing the space station in orbit he noticed that two other Rambo ships and five URC ships were already there. They were early, as the captains of those ships were being put under his command for the coming mission. Ramniels ordered to lower the shields as various shuttles arrived, bringing with them the captains of the ships. In the conference room of the USS Majestic Ramniels welcomed all the captain, and noticed they were quite diverse and different from eachother:

  • A Feolhviaeri Captain, a beautiful example with long legs and a cute face, she commands the Bonaventura Class USS Aquila, and just returned from the Battle of Rametru Nui.
  • A Goldianius Captain, with golden feathers and a serious looking face, his appearance demanded respect and he commands the Miranda Class, the USS Emperor's Servant.

Though he was happy his taskforce was aided by various URC Captain, he didn’t knew any of them, and was quite impressed by the Venator Classes they commanded:

  • An Apationagtus Captain, who commands the Behemoth and who still has resentment against Lizaconda after his defeat near the Metruia Nebula.
  • A Draken captain of the Implacable, with a noble appearance and seemed quite wise.
  • A Libertus captain of the Loyalist, which seemed to be impatient for battle.
  • A Trucinex captain of the Allecto, who seemed cunning and a capable tactician.
  • And the only URC female captain, a Tezelteän commanding the Senator, small in appearance she stood behind the others and was careful to give her opinion.
    Quadrantia Disorder 31

    Third Battle of Yadumarth

As the meeting continued for a few hours, Ramniels showed the battle plans the Empress and Rambo Command gave him, this seemed to please the URC captains a lot, as they had a key role in the upcoming battle with their Venator Class Star Destroyers and overwhelming fire power. They would be backed up by the three Rambo Nation ships, which would use their agility to confuse the Confederate ships and damage them when possible. When the meeting was over, Ramniels advised the other captains to inform their crew, make the ship battle ready and to sleep as they would engage the Confederate forces above Yadumarth the next morning.

24 hours later the task force dropped out of warp or hyperspace and immediately the Confederate frigates went on an intercepting course with weapons and shields ready. However Ramniels and his colleagues were in for a surprise as sensors showed Admiral Lizaconda and the Liberty II were also present at Yadumarth.

Before he could react the Apationagtus Captain already intercepted a Munificent Frigate and opened fire, damaging the Confederate ship. Another Confederate Frigate opened fire at the Senator, damaging her and crippling her hangar doors. At the same time the Liberty II opened fire at the USS Majestic, damaging her. Ramniels, sitting at his chair saw explosion and cables falling down from the ceiling and the consoles and received reports that already 4 crewmembers had died. When Ramniels looked at his viewscreen he saw the USS Aquila opening fire with photon torpedoes at the Liberty II, as did the USS Emperor’s Servant with red phasers and also targeted a Confederate Frigate.

Lizaconda onboard the Liberty II was furious, within minutes the Rambo/URC fleet disabled various ships and were getting the overhand. Lizaconda was surprised to see them attacking Yadumarth, which only had a small fleet protecting her as most Confederate ships in Quadrant 82 were stationed at Karzhamahri Nui. Now he understood why the Rambo and URC would dare to attack Yadumarth, though risky with Yadumarth fallen into URC/Rambo hands they had cornered the Confederate forces in Quadrant 82 and reinforcements were unable to arrive as the wormhole leading to the Cyrannus Galaxy would also fall in the allied hands.

Lizaconda roared, and tried to leave the battle. Yet the Feolhviaeri Captain of the USS Aquila fired a volley of photon torpedoes at critical systems, something the Rambo never did before. They were surely after to kill him. Looking at his view screen, he saw the USS Emperor’s Servant firing phasers at the bridge of a Frigate, destroying the entire bridge crew and crippling the ship. Lizaconda had to survive and leave this battle, otherwise the Confederate Senate would never know that the Rambo and URC would get more aggressive and used new tactics. When the other Venator Class Star Destroyers opened fire at the frigates Lizaconda managed to escape the battle unharmed, though the rest of the Yadumarth fleet was destroyed by the URC and Rambo ships.

Yadumarth had fallen into URC and Rambo hands. Ramniels was pleased and ordered his task force to form a blockade. With minimal damage to the various Star Destroyers, only the USS Majestic and the Senator were badly damaged. When the URC and Rambo Captains asked for the invasion plans Ramniels complied the Empress did not gave that order. Which surprised most of the captain, with the strategic location in Cyrandia hands, an invasion would be lengthy and cost a lot of trooper life’s.

Ramniels closed the transmission and opened a channel with the Libertus Captain . He ordered the Libertus Captain of the Loyalist to leave formation and start an orbital bombardment. And he did, targeting various cities and military camps and orbital defenses it seemed the Empress simply wanted to delay the Confederate advancement into Quadrant 82 and cut short Confederate reinforcements and not to conquer the planet. The Cyrandia blockade of Yadumarth has been a fact and now were awaiting the Confederate response.

Battle of Delfoí Edit

Battle of Delfoi

The Battle wages on Delfoí's swampy surface.

The planet of Delfoí is the capital planet of the Delfoí Republic and a major player in the politics and military of the URC, being one of the key providers of ground vehicles and starships in orbit. Spurred on by the improved tactics of previous CAS captains in the Great Cyrannus War, the infamous Admiral Moravilon contacted the CAS Congress in regard to a possible invasion and takeover of the planet, a move that would surely cripple the Republic’s war effort in the Inner Rim, and destroy the moral of the Adelphi, who recently relocated from Quadrant 82 during a Confederate blockade of their planets located there. The Congress gave the invasion the go ahead, and Moravilon began to muster troops and ships under his command ship, the Affluent to prepare for the invasion. At the staging ground over Nosiso, Moravilon gave the order for the fleet to enter lightspeed, and it quickly complied.

The large fleet entered the Delfoí System and quickly made its way toward the planet, however the Republic had great defences built over the planet, including several defence stations armed with Hypervelocity Cannons, capable of destroying a capital ship in a single blast. Moravilon changed his tactics into disabling the Hypervelocity Cannon and the Space Station and then proceeding with the invasion. The Cannon began firing at the CAS fleet, destroying two Munificus-class Frigates in a single blast. However, it was quickly outnumbered by the larger CAS ships, who concentrated their firepower on the station, eventually destroying it, and then continuing to disembark troopers onto the planet’s surface, targeting key areas of the planet, and bombarding others, as retribution for the blockade of Yudumarth.

However, they quickly found resistance from new, never before seen Republic units, armed with new and power weapons, however they were few in number and were eventually destroyed, just as Moravilon himself captured Senator Fila of the URC Senate, and as the CAS gained control over the planet...

Month 4 (10th Overall) Edit

The galaxy is in turmoil, with citizens of both waring factions wondering to themselves which side will win this seemingly endless struggle, meanwhile in the darker parts of the galaxy, dark forces are at work...

Imperial Border ConflictEdit

Quadrant 89, the home galaxy of the Imperial Remnant and the Hutter Kingdom haven't been involved in conflicts since the Second Galactic War, though that was about the change.
Quadrantia Disorder 33

Remnant arrives!

The Rambo and Imperials haven't been in conflict anymore since the Battle of Fornaeria in 02 AQF.

As the USS Bozeman of Captain Ramkamura was patrolling the Imperial/Rambo border in Quarant 89 together with the USS Vespucci, commanded by a Kloppig Captain, everything seemed normal as usually. However as of a sudden a Confederate Frigate appeared out of nowhere and opened fire at the USS Vespucci, lightly damaging her hull. However a lone frigate is no match against two ships and the two Rambo ship began persueing the Frigate. After two minutes of chasing two Imperial Ardent Star Destroyers (of the V2 kind) dropped out of hyperspace and opened fire at the Rambo ships. The USS Bozeman her shields were takign heavy damage and various hull breaches were made by the inocoming fire. Ramkamura looked in agony as the two Imperial ships protected the frigate and forced the Rambo ships to withdraw. Ramkamura understood very well what happened, it was a trick to start another conflict with the Remnant if they wanted it.

Rambo Command was furious and feared, they knew the Remnant were in an economic crisis, yet they managed to build a new kind of star destroyer which was even stronger than the ones used in the Second Galactic War. What effects this event will have on the war remains unknown at the moment.

Invisible combatEdit

The Cyrannian Marinox sent another attack to the Confederacy, now targetting the colony of Coleteoum. After two victories, the Marinox started to understimate the CAS. This, however, would be proven to be a horrible mistake.

The Grox Cube transporting the Marinox and Dronox drones approached the planet, but this time, there were no ships guarding it. The drones activated their cloaking devices as the ship descended into near a city. The drones jumped out of the Cube and landed, but to their surprise, there were no civilians or soldiers on sight. This surprised both the drones and the Grox present on the Cube.

However, the drones suddenly started to die, being attacked with blasts, blades and explosions. Confused, the drones started to retreat. Many Dronox and Marinox died out very fast. As their forces fell, their attackers became visible. The planet's forces were using cloaking devices themselves, as well as heat-detecting devices, meaning that the Marinox couldn't see them, but the CAS troops could see the Marinox. Cloaked ships also started to attack the Grox Cube, forcing it to retrat. The Dronox and Marinox forces were defeated, with no CAS casualities at all that day.

Frustrated, the Grox had to rethink on their strategies for dealing with the Confederacy. However, before attacking them again, they decided to pay the Republic a visit first...

Strike on Corunnia Edit

Opening Stages Edit

Battle of Corunnia

Zillum and his warriors surround the Senators.

Zillum sat on his command chair on board his flagship, the seemingly unstoppable Malevolent, thinking to himself the Confederacy's latest victories and defeats, and laughing at the fact that the URC and the Rambo have no idea what is in store for them. He was waiting for top secret coordinates to be sent to him by a mysterious figure, who seems to know quite a lot about the workings of his enemies governments. Suddenly, his nav computer pointed directly toward a planet deep in Cyrannus' Core, the planet Corunnia, home of the URC's senate...

Meanwhile, on Corunnia, the senators were debating on the Senate Lobby about how to proceed with the war, and the aid they should give to nations heavily affected by the Annihilation. They were waiting for President Apollo to arrive from Orbispira, a short flight to Corunnia, though he was delayed by bad weather over Orbispira, a slight malfunction in its weather control center. Many of the senators believed that the URC should concentrate on the war in Cyrannus and the Quadrants, and ignore the damage done to other galaxies of the First Gigaquadrant, however, others like Senator Inviá, Naberrie and Magalen disagreed. Suddenly, the chamber was rocked with heavy explosions with rock and rubble falling to the ground. Suddenly, a massive figure, General Zillum and his Mortalitas warriors beamed down to the ground.

Many senators attempted to escape, only to be herded into a circle by the imposing Mortalitas. Zillum! How dare you attack Corunnia, you will find no refuge from our retribution! Senator Magalen roared at Zillum, only to be held back by Senator Naberrie, who didn't want him to make the situation worse. Zillum laughed at Magalen and spoke, Good morning, senators, how are we all today? I'm afraid this complex is now under CAS control. I am in control now.

A Desperate Mission Edit

Battle of Corunnia 02

Starfighters dogfight near the Senate on Corunnia.

The Senators of the URC listened to Zillum's demands carefully and with looks of dread in their eyes. He told them that he would kill one senator every two hours until the President agrees to surrender the URC and its colonies to the CAS, effectively ending the war in Cyrannus. Meanwhile on Orbispira, Apollo looked furious, he was pacing up and down his office, thinking of a possible scenaro to take in this matter, if not the war would end, and his wife could be killed.

However, soon an idea snapped into his head, and he called Admiral Shaw to implement it. Following his orders, Admiral Shaw and the Valorous arrived in orbit over Corunnia, and broke through the blockade of CAS ships. While hovering over the planet's tropical oceans, he informed his pilots and their new Scimitar Fighters to launch, their mission, to infiltrate the Senate Chamber, rescue the Senators and bring Zillum to justice.

However, the fighters were ambused by CAS starfighters and a massive dogfight began over the entrance to the hidden Senate deep within the mountain. Luckily however, the Scimitar fighters were more advanced and quickly won the fight with few casualities and landed on one of the senate's landing pads, close to where Zillum and the senators were located...

Conclusion Edit

Battle of Corunnia 03

Zillum, moments before his escape.

The troopers made their way to the Senate Chamber at full speed, by passing the bodies of dead delegates and ambassadors until finally reaching the Chamber, where to their horror, they found the corpses of Senator Ganá, Senator Cavil and Senator Soattica lying on the floor, while the rest of the senators remained unharmed, albeit shocked. They told the troopers that Zillum had escaped to the east landing pad.

The squad leader split the team into two groups, one would stay and protect the senators, while the other would track down and capture Zillum. The second group began to make their way to the Landing Pad, where they met Zillum, just as an Eagle Gunship appeared behind him. Zillum was trapped, but he spoke with laughter in his voice, Haha, you lose, Republic scum! just as he beamed up by his awaiting flagship in orbit. While on the bridge of the Malevolent, he set the timers of a huge explosive device his warriors planted in the chamber...

However, the troopers protecting the senators were quick and conjured up a bubble shield, which the senators fled into, just as the entire Senate Chamber went up in smoke and flame. Luckily however, the senators survived the blast, but mourned the passing of three respected senators and the devastation of the Senate Complex. Meanwhile, Zillum laughed, the URC may not have surrendered, but it was certainly in fear of the CAS, and more importantly, him.

Battle of MatakoroEdit

Matakoro, a Rambo Nation colony in Quadrant 82, located in the Mid Colonial Sector became the newest target of the CAS Admiral Lizaconda, onboard the Liberty II. When the Liberty II arrived at the colony together with 3 frigates. The sight surprised Lizaconda, Matakoro wasn't protected by ships as most ships were located at the more important and larger planets. At the arrival of Lizaconda the Governess of Matakoro called Rambo Command for aid with a distress call. Mere seconds after the transmission was sent, the USS Venture' of Captain Rambam arrived and opened fire at the Confederate ships. Though he did it without permission of Rambo Command, as Command didn't have any ships free to send, they decided Matakoro would fall under possesion of the Confederacy until more ships could arrive to combat the Confederate ships (most Rambo fleets were stationed at the Capital, Koerband, Rametru Nui, Rambo Prime, Javan, Ivalaë, Ramaprica and Ramghatulk). As such Rambam ignored the order of Command and came to aid the colony none the less. Lizaconda, already aware of the weakened position of some of the Rambo colonies knew that prominent captains would arrive to aid those colonies in need. The so called heroes would be the new target of Lizaconda, and they would fall one by one!
Quarantia Disorder 33

Battle of Matakoro

The Liberty II her cannons openend fire, hitting the USS Venture with remarkeble precision. With shields weakening and frigates also opened fire and Rambam transported medical and food supplies with the transmission to the surface, to give the citizens hope and a little bit of luxary before the Confederate could land their ground forces at the planet. Suddenly, the USS Venture her shields buckled and fell, and the incoming fire of the Confederate ships breached the hull and damaged the USS Venture severe. Rambam looked grim and serious, he ordered his crew to prepare for warp. Sadly the warp coil exploded and left the USS Venture crippled. Luckily the USS Valley Forge, under command of Captain Klopiels arrived and intercepted the confederate ships and covered the USS Venture attempt to retreat. When the two captain made contact with eachother, it became clear that the USS Vennture was lost. While Klopiels began transporting the crew of the USS Venture to his own ship to evacuate them by using the teleporter the USS Venture was hammered upon and explosion rocketed the Galaxy Class.

Rambam looked at the bridge which became engulfed in flames, and looked at the viewscreens that his ship was near destruction. Rambam contacted Klopiels, and told him to withdraw as soon as possilbe, as it seemed to late. He told the captain of the USS Valley Forge to inform Rambo Command that the citizens of Matakoro had supplies to at least hold out for another month if a blockade was being thrown up by the Confederate. While Kerika showed up at the viewscreen she yelled Rambam his name, with tears in her eyes. Rambam smiled, and raised his hand and gave a symbolic kiss to the Pantorilisea. Kerika cried as she saw flames rising behind Rambam and the transmission was cut short.

At the viewscreen, Klopiels and Kerika witnessed the USS Venture exploding, killing Captain Rambam and over 225 crewmembers, even when she exploded the Confederate ships continued to open fire. Klopiels left Matakoro and so Matakoro was conquered by the Confederacy. But the troubles and new advances of the Confederacy haven't reached their end yet.


As the Grox Cube approached the Republic controlled planet of Caasuamin, Khuenaten looked at the Dronox clones. It was known that these Dronox were capable of infecting other creatures. As he was thinking, Khuenaten had an idea. He met with his Grox leaders and told them about it. The Grox appeared very interested...

As the Cube entered the planet's atmosphere, a Marinox ship emerged from it, piloted by Khuenaten. The Republic attempted to communicate with them, but instead, the Cube unleashed it's weapons on the planet. Khuenaten swifted around the ships and approached one of the cities.

The Cube fired it's Dronox Infestation pod on the planet, and the Dronox and Marinox clones started to attack as usual. However, Khuenaten had something else in mind. As the Cube distracted the Republic's ships, Khuenaten flew over the cities and started to abduct citizens. Soon, more Grox Cubes started to appear, and the Republic's ships started to fall.

Several citizens were abducted by Khuenaten, mostly Capricornians, and he then left the planet. Meanwhile, the Cubes and drones finished off the planet. A Cube was taken down, but the other one managed to destroy the Republic's forces by itself at that time. The planet was now under Grox control.

Meanwhile, Khuenaten presented his captives to his Grox masters. They had plans for them...

Genocide on Eirinnia Edit

Spore 2011-06-29 02-43-38

Effects of the dirty bombs

Eirinnia was a small outer URC world that held no particular strategic value what so ever. The civilians of Eirinnia believed that they would escape the horrors of the Great Cyrannus War because of the obscurity of their colony but unknown to them they was targeted by the United Lanat Empire as the first part of their grand strategy.

The ULE set up several radar jamming beacons and communications jammers around Eirinnia. It would not be not long before the Eirinnia defense force (made of only three Valiant-classes) would discover that they was being sabotaged. Quickly, the ULE attack force quickly jumped in front of the three Valiant-classes and opened fire. The ULE attack force quickly defeated the URC defense fleet at Eirinnia and moved on to the bombardment of Eirinnia's surface. The civilian population was in a state of shock as they seen the shells fired from orbit by the ULE ships rain down and many prepared for the blast of the bombs to shake the Eirinnian surface but the shells popped open mid drop, releasing a sickening green fog. The shells fired from the ULE warships was really dirty bombs full of a particularly nasty nerve agent. The air turned green as the nerve gases polluted the atmosphere killing everything that inhaled it. The Eirinnia citizens that found themselves under the full effect of the nerve agent in less than ten minutes.

Their eyes blistered and burned, consistent vomiting, and ever the slightest movement felt like every bone in there body was breaking. Within twenty five minutes the entire Eirinnia population was killed by the shameless biological attack and the ULE was long gone. Now, with this action the ULE's plan was set in motion and it would only be a matter of time before the URC was to face the full might of the United Lanat Empire.

Fourth Battle of YadumarthEdit

Four days after the Battle of Matakoro the Basileus Captain of the Terror of Stars was given a new mission by the Confederate Senate. He was retake Yadumarth back from Cyrandia hands. Taking 9 frigates and his own dreadnought he used a tactic which wasn't seen before by the Cyrandia Alliance, and it proved to be a disaster for the Cyrandia blockade.

Quadrantia Disorder 34

Fourth battle of Yadumarth

At Yadumarth, the blockade was reinforced by the USS Potemkin, a Constitution Class commanded by a Chinawkya female captain, she brought food and medical supplies for the citizens of Yadumarth, as they suffered from a heavy bombardment two weeks ago. When 6 Confederate frigates appeared, Ramniels ordered his blockade to break orbit and intercepted the Confederate fleet. Just as the Basileus Captain suspected, his dreadnought and the remaining frigates were now able to jump between the Cyrandia blockade and the planet, attacking the Cyrandia blockade from both sides. Trapped, the Loyalist was destroyed by the cannons of the Terror of Stars, as revenge for the heavy orbital bombardment. The Libertus Captain and his crew stood no chance and the ship was destroyed with all hands. Ramniels and the other captains knew a trap had spun and Ramniels ordered a retreat. But it proved difficult as the Allecto was hammered at and both the USS Majestic and the USS Emperor's Servant took heavy damage. When the USS Potemkin broke through she was damaged by a Confederate frigate, but that one was damage by the USS Aquila which fired red phasers at the frigate. The USS Potemkin was soon followed by the USS Emperor's Servant and the already damaged Senator. During the remaining of the battle one Confederat frigate was destroyed and the Terror of Stars took serious damage by the cannons of the Implacable. However, after 45 minutes of combat the Cyrandia Blockade was broken and had retreated back to Rambo space.

The fourth battle of Yadumarth was lost, back in Confederate hands the Cyrandia blockade were lucky to survive the battle, though they lost one of their own as the Loyalist was destroyed. Now both the Rambo and URC were concerned again, where did the reinforcements come from and now that Yadumarth was back in Confederate control one could only wonder, where will they strike next?

Third Battle of Koerband Edit

Third Battle of Keorband

The Cognatus Remnant forces attack the Cyrandia Fleet over Koerband.

During the Second Battle of Koerband, the URC and Rambo accidentally activated an ancient Thirteenth Tribe artefact which sent a signal deep into space. This signal was picked up by a lone star cruiser searching for just that sort of signal. A Cognati, Voro Acetenus picked up the signal, which he recognised as a beacon of his gods, the Atlantica. He followed the beacon with a large fleet to the planet of its origins, unaware of its position as an important planet of Rambo Nation. When he fleet excited slipspace he was shocked to see that his former enemies had a large fleet over the planet's surface. Enraged, he immediately opened fire, disabling two Rambo ships and a single Venator-class Star Destroyer, but as the battle waged on, he began to take casualities, with one Cognatus Battlecruiser being destroyed by a Victory-class Star Destroyer. The heretics have grown in firepower it seems, he thought to himself.

However, eventually his fleet was victorious and although casualties were great on both sides, the Cyrandia evacuated as many citizens as possible and retreated. Voro Acetenus went down to the surface of the planet and retrieved the artefact, a great symbol of the might of the gods, yet now he wondered, how would the allies react...

Month 5 (11th Overall) Edit

The tenth month of the war was utterly devastating for the allied forces, with the Confederacy, the Grox and even a new faction of Cognatus scoring great victories over the allies, with the deaths of many important officers, from the three senators of the URC to the famous Captain Rambam. It is dark times for the Cyrannia Quadrant.

Bombardment of Trycaron Edit

Orbital Bombardment

The URC fleet turns Trycaron into lifeless ball.

President Apollo was furious about the ULE's attack on Eirinnia and gave the order to exact revenge on the ULE on the scale of which unlike any in URC history. A large fleet of over fifty star destroyers were dispatched to the ULE military world of Trycaron with the orders, Base Delta Zero. The captain in command, Captain Pierea ordered the fleet into hyperspace, where it appeared in orbit over Trycaron. ULE orbital defences put up a strong fight, but ultimately the Star Destroyers were able to destroy them by using sheer numbers and at the cost of five Star Destroyers.

Captain Pierea and his flagship, the Angelic, gave the order and the Venator's turbolasers began aiming at the planet's military complexes. Pierea, without hesitation ordered the fleet to open fire on the planet's surface. On Trycaron's surface, the turbolaser fire began to hit the ground, smashing huge holes in the planet's crust and turning the planet's atmosphere into a firely hell-like furnace, from which in a matter of minutes all life was obliterated and the entire crust of the planet became atomized. Pierea smiled, That was for the legacy of the DCP. Just as he ordered the fleet to return to Orbispira.

Terror of the Caprigrox Edit

Grox Cubes started to approach a peaceful Republic colony, destroying the opposition on their way. A larger Cube also approached slowly. Khuenaten was abord, preparing his plan. As the Cubes invadedthe atmosphere, reinforcements appeared and clashed with the Grox. The Dronox Hive was fired at the surface, and the clones started to march toward the cities. However, something else was in there.

Robotic beings approached a city, led by Khuenaten. The beings growled like animals. The Republic troops who saw them were startled and shocked. Some even felt sick at what they were seeing. The beings approached and started a bloody carnage.

Caprigrox drones, relocate to the next target.

These were the Caprigrox. Created by the kidnapped citizens from the Grox's first attack on the planet, these Libertus were mutated and engineered into mindless beasts. Their limbs were replaced with mechanical arms and legs, and their tails were even ripped off their bodies. Khuenaten led the creatures as they crushed the Republic opposition, as the Marinox and Dronox gave ranged support. The Caprigrox were very tough and had great numbers, giving the Grox a big advantage.

The chaos created by the Caprigrox ade the planet's surrender much easier. As the Grox finished destroying the cities, more Libertus were kidnapped, to create more beastly Caprigrox for their next strike...

Battle of RamapricaEdit

Five days after the bombardment of Trycaron the Confederacy and Cyrandia forces enjoyed a five day time of peace, with no conflict whatsoever. The Rambo and URC were glad to have it and used it to repair ships and resupply colonies and ships.

Yet unknown to the URC and Rambo, the Confederacy was preparing for a massive assault at Ramparica, the joined colony, close to Orbispira. It would be an attack close to the Core Systems and very dangerous and risky. None the less, showing that the Core worlds of the URC were not save would surely cause panic and fear among the citizens, perhaps a core planet would join the Confederacy, showing the failing might of the Cyrandia Alliance. Under command of an unidentified Confederate Serindia Captain, onboard the Providence-class Dreadnought Serindia Utopia a massive Confederate Fleet dropped out of hyperspace and intercepted the Cyrandia fleet stationed above Ramaprica.

Quadrantia Disorder 35

Battle of Ramaprica

The Cyrandia fleet, with no familiar captains in it, only the USS Calypso, under command of a Dagian Captain is an experienced captain was put in command of the inexperienced fleet of Rambo and URC ships, as most experienced captains were fighting at the frontlines the newer and younger captains were stationed at guard duties at planets.

Another young captain, who had just received command of the Constitution Class USS Salazar was a Pantorilisae, who disliked guard duties and was eager for battle. To her surprise, it was 23.00 pm at Ramaprica the Confederate fleet appeared and the Pantorilisae captain was called from her bed. Arriving at the bridge the view was terrible. She saw Venator Class Star Destroyers torn to pieces by Providence and Mortalitas Dreadnoughts. Two Victory Class were also destroyed, while another Star Destroyer managed to damage the Providence Class Serindia Utopia with aid of her own ship. The USS Calypso took also damage, and to her surprise Confederate frigates destroyed two Miranda Classes. Meanwhile as Quetzalcoatl Class ships provided covering fire it turned out the Confederacy was to powerful.

The Dagian Captain of the USS Calypso ordered a retreat, but many ships stayed and refused to accept that order, but it meant the destruction of those ships, even the Constitution Class which managed to damage the Mortalitas Dreadnought was destroyed in battle. The remaining ships stayed in combat and held their ground for another four hours but at 03.00 am the planet of Ramaprica had fallen into Confederate hands.

With the recent defeats against the Confederacy, the URC and Rambo grew worried, especially now that such an important and Core world had fallen. Orbispira was now in possible danger, and the Rambo weren’t able to provide support for another 8 hours, as most of the Rambo fleet was stationed at Ramparica and were now destroyed. The URC was at her own, but the Serindia Captain had no plans to attack Orbispira, he had other Core Worlds at his sight!

Second Battle of Delfoí Edit

Second Battle of Delfoi

The battle rages over Delfoí.

The citizens of the Delfoí Republic were growing tireless under the occupation of the Confederacy of Allied Systems and eagerly awaited the chance to rebel against the occupiers and aid a Republic fleet in the liberation of the planet. Apollo knew that Delfoí was an important world in the URC, and decided to liberate it immediately, sending Admiral Shaw to help end the Confederate occupation.

The initial battle in space was fierce, and at first it appeared that neither side held any advantage, with both Confederate starships and Republic Star Destroyers falling on the planet, exploding upon impact. However, while the battle raged in orbit, the URC sent ground forces to liberate key cities and installations on the planet's surface, with the help of the loyal and brave Adelphi and D'annaoí citizens. Meanwhile, Admiral Moravilon decided to retreat, disappointed with the defeat, though pleased that in the next attack, the URC won't be so lucky.

Meeting with the Cognatus Edit

Cognati Meeting

President Apollo of the URC, Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation and Voro Acetenus of the Cognatus Remnant talk on Corunnia.

President Apollo was looking forward to the sceguled meeting with Voro Acetenus, leader of the Cognatus Remnant and Empress Ramashe, leader of Rambo Nation very much. He never met a Cognati before, apart from a time when one tried to assinate him during the Intergalactic War, but that seemed that a lifetime ago. The meeting would take place on Corunnia, despite the devastating attack nearly a month ago, and marked the first time Apollo saw it since the massive battle that waged in and around the Senate Complex.

While siting in his office, he researched known Cognati customs in order to avoid disrespecting Voro, and possibly sparking yet another war. Nevertheless, by the time he arrived, Apollo was surprised to learn that he was quite friendly and tolerant, traits that he would never have associated with a Cognati. The meeting official began when Ramashe arrived, and the three leaders talked at great length about the Intergalactic War, the Atlantica and the artifacts they left behind. It was agreed that when an artifact is discovered, it can be studied by a joint team of Cognatus, URC and Rambo scientists in order to avoid competition. The meeting went on for hours, and Voro even became good friends with the other two Cyrandia leaders and by the time he left, an alliance between the Remnant and the Cyrandia appeared to be quite likely indeed.

Apollo then began to talk with Ramashe about her pregnancy, and she told him that the egg would arrive very soon indeed, something that Apollo was delighted to hear.

The Dracogonarious's aid Edit

Several Grox Cubes slowly approached the Republic territory, searching for a new target to deploy their new Caprigrox toys. However, this time, they would get a nasty susprise. The Cubes chose their target and slowly descended into the planet, where the Republic engaged in battle.

However, they were not alone. A large fleet of red ships, unknown to the Grox, appeared and started to aid the Republic in driving the invaders off. These were the ships of the Dracogonarious Empire, who decided to aid the Republic in their battles against their enemies.

Khuenaten landed on the planet and led his drones to war. However, a red dot on the sky flew on his direction. Coming closer, it slammed against Khuenaten, heavily damaging is body. The attacker was Captain Koluap, who led the Dracogonarious troops against the Grox's drones. Khuenaten was forced to retreat back into the Grox Cube who managed to survive the attack.

After their job was done, the Dracogonarious fleet left the planet and travelled back to their own territory, awaiting for new orders.

Battle of Corulus Edit

Battle of Corulus 01

The battle high over Corulus.

Captain Mornauó was ordered by his superior officer, Admiral Moravilon to siege and conquer to Core World of Corulus in order to mark their invasion of the Core Worlds. However, Monauó's flagship, the Prosperous was undergoing repairs and he instead took command of the Mortalitas Dreadnought, Mortiol's Honour and a small, but effective fleet of Star Frigates to conquer the planet.

The defence forces over Corulus fought back with fury, with an unidentified Dromeourus commanding the Venator-class, Solaria disabling two frigates, while causing small damage to the huge Mortiol's Honour, to which it was no match. Reluctantly, he ordered a retreat, but wanted to buy as much time as possible for evacuating citizens, the CAS had control of Corulus, one of the most important Core Worlds.

Apollo was furious when he found out, the CAS had once again conquered a planet, but he would liberate it if it was the last thing he did.

Battle of ArnoarioEdit

Arnoario, a temperate, though rather cold planet it does provide a beautiful scenery, which is quiete known across the Confederacy. For that reason, the Confederacy wanted to occupy the planet and force the citizens to join the Confederacy, taking profit of the wealth of tourism Arnoario provides. Another reason, lying close to Ramaprica the planet is often visited by Rambo Nation as a vacation side and having control of her could provide somesort of leverage against both the URC and the Rambo.

Battle of Arnoario

Battle of Arnoario

The Unidentiefied Serindia captain of the Serindia Utopia, who just conquered Ramaprica with a grand victory. Taking a small part of the fleet with him the Serindia captain approached Arnoario. However he was met with a URC fleet consisting out of victory and Venator class star destroyers. One of them, the Implacable under command of a Draken captain immediately engaged the Serindia Utopia, damaging her though taking damage herself. Soon a Mortalitas Dreadnought was taken under heavy fire and soon buckled under the pressing fire of the URC volleys of blasters and exploded.

The Serindia captain looked around, in anger as both the URC and the Confederacy were taking heavy damage, he had a chance to push through and defeat the URC fleet stationed at Arnoario. However it would cost a lot of ships and materials and if reinforcemetns would arrive later on, the Confederacy would not be able to keep her position or hold of Arnoario. The Serindia captain sighted and ordered his fleet to retreat. Retreating back to Ramaprica, the Serindia captain filled in a report to the Confederate Senate, explaining the current fleet movements and position he was aware of in the Core Worlds and asked for his next target.

Month 6 (12th Overall) Edit

And so the war wages ever on and on. The previous month left the allies in a dark place, with their citizens fearing CAS and Grox attacks, however Confederate citizens enjoyed prosper on their worlds, confident that the war would end in their victory. But one thing is for sure, the war would only get worse for all factions...

Battle of Ivalaë Edit

Battle of Ivalae 02

Chioaik watches the CAS attack.

It was a cold, but clear morning on Ivalaë and its citizens were getten up out of bed for school, work and their various other concerns. Chairman Chioaik rose out of bed and looked out his window at the majestic sunrise, thinking how lucky he was to live on this planet. However, just as he made his way to the kitchen, a sound similar to a meteor falling filled his house until a huge flash nearly through him to the ground, he looked out his window and nearly collapsed at the vision he saw, a huge Chinawkya battle cruiser had fallen from the sky and slammed into a nearly hotel, engulfing it in flame. He ran outside to aid the civilians from this terrible accident, only to realise that it wasn't an accident. He looked into the sky and saw various Confederate dropships, with Mortalitas warriors charging out, killing the defending Chinawkya citizens. Chioaik ran back into his home, only for Mortalitas troopers to jump through the doors and windows and arrested him, bringing him to a waiting ship in orbit.

Battle of Invalae 01

The battle rages, before Chioaik's arrival.

Chioaik's shuttle flight to the attacking vessel, Mortalitan Fist was not pleasent, he saw the broken hulls of Rambo and URC ships, and to his horror, bodies floating in the void. He prayed for their souls but was interrupted by the shadow of the Mortalitan Fist. Upon docking, he was brought to the captain, a terrifying figure known as Captain Mortizavaé. You have no right to attack this world! Chioaik sayed, only to be interrupted by Mortizavaé's raised hand for silence. From now on, Chairman, you will speak only when spoking to. Do I make myself clear? Chioaik knew better then to argue, he was no use to his people dead. Now he could only pray for a Cyrandia invasion.

Diplomats and scientistsEdit

Jerkon's ship travelled in Corunnia's direction. He managed to schedule a meeting with President Apollo, about the Dracogonarious Empire's participation in the Republic's current conflicts. With him, Jerkon was also taking Captain Koluap, who wanted to visit the planet as well. The ship landed, and the duo was scouted to Apollo's office. Jerkon and Koluap were fascinated with the city, and Koluap was expecially admired in how big the citizens of Cyrannus were compared to the Dracs. Until they met Apollo, Koluap kept calling Jerkon "shorty" because of this.

Diplomats and Scientists

Apollo meets with Koluap and Jerkon.

Upon entering the room, Apollo greeted the two captains. Jerkon and Apollo started to discuss about the war, while Koluap looked round the room. Apollo was worried, as the Dracs were a mere Tier 3, and could never do any real damage to the Confederacy. Apollo also discussed about how the Dracs would be damaged if the Confederacy decided to attack them. The discussion went on for an hour, where they decided the Dracogonarious wouldn't take offensive actions against the Confederacy unless they were attacked first. They also agreed the Dracs would scout around the Republic territory in search for more Grox Cubes, as the Dracs were interested in capturing a Marinox drone to study it.

As the discussion went on, Koluap commented on how the room reminded him of his former empire. Interested, Apollo asked about it, and they started to comment about more trivial subjects. Apollo told them about his terrible experience with Shu'ytrogarva, while Jerkon and Koluap told him the events of the Second War of Black Fog. Koluap showed Apollo a "family picture" he had, showing other people not currently present: Herquie, Princess Maryah, Mimi and, much to Apollo's surprise, Gorf. Seeing Gorf with the Dracs made Apollo confused, but he didn't mentioned anything about it.

Jerkon and Koluap left Orbispira, and Apollo came back to his activities. It was then that Gianne told him someone had broken one of the mirrors, apparently by throwing an empty bucket out of it.

Second Battle of IvalaëEdit

After a daring and bold mission by Senator Chuinaylia and Ktrn of Rambo Nation they managed to save Chairman Chioaik from the captain of the Mortalitan Fist. They were teleported from the dreadnought by the USS Attentive, who opened fire at the Mortalitan Fist.

Qaudrantia Disorder 37

Second Battle of Ivalaë

At the same time a large Rambo Nation fleet arrived, backed up by various Chinawkya ships and the dreaded Angforst, a massive space station in service of Rambo Nation. Immedate the Confederate and Rambo ships clashed, and the USS Enterprise-A opened phasers at the Mortalitan Fist, further more damaging the dreadnought. As Chinawkya cruisers engaged the Confederate frigates a Chinawya super cruiser arrived, covering the Rambo fleet with back up fire. Captain Mortizavaé of the Mortalitan Fist knew the battle would be hard fought, but the Confederacy still had a chance.

At that time, Mortizavaé did notice the massive station, didn't gave much attention to it until it fired one of her massive bombardment cannons. The beam shot straight through a dreadnought, destroying her and openened a black hole, sucking in various frigates and a Providence class. Mortizavaé looked shocked, since when did the Rambo had such powerful weapons? Even when a Providence class cruiser destroyed a Miranda class battlecruiser and chrashed into the massive station, the shields merely flickered and the station was undamaged. Now Mortizavaé knew he should retreat and gave the order. Within an hour the second battle of Ivalaë had turned into a victory for the Rambo, and a disastrous loss for the Confederacy. It seemed the Rambo campaign came in jeopardy.

At the same time a Cyrandia fleet attacked another planet which was conquered by the Confderacy...........

Destruction of Ramaprica Edit

Fall of Ramaprica

The Malevolent destroys Ramaprica.

The planet Ramaprica was under Confederate control, and the Unidentified Serindia captain ventured down to its surface to walk the famous streets to unlock the secrets of the this important Cyrandia colony. However, he was soon summoned back to his ship, when his communication specialist reported that a high autority would be visiting the planet within a matter of hours, the Serindia captain was pleased, surely the Congress would reward him for conquering one the most important worlds of the Cyrandia Alliance.

However, within a matter of minutes before reaching his ship, a massive Cyrandia fleet made up of URC Star Destroyers, Rambo star ships and a variety of other more unique Cyrandia craft emerged from warp and hyperspace. The Confederate fleet quickly sped into action, and several Munificus-class Frigates managed to cripple two Rambo ships and three URC corvettes, while the CAS destroyers were busy battling the Star Destroyers of the URC. However, it became apparent that the Cyrandia would win this battle. However, just when the ground forces began to evacuate off the planet's surface, a massive ship emerged from Hyperspace... the Malevolent, under the command of Zillum! Speeding past the Cyrandia fleet and the CAS navy, the Malevolent approached the planet's surface, before hovering high above its capital city. The citizens below looked into the sky, just as the massive warship unleashed its turbolasers on the planet below. Within a few minutes, the water turned to lava, and massive earthquakes and volcanos erupted across the planet, however, by the time the Malevolent was finished, Ramaprica was a lifeless ball.

Before the allied fleet could attack the Malevolent, it escaped as well as the rest of the Confederate fleet, leaving the Cyrandia with a cold, dead, lifeless planet, once known as Ramaprica.

Second Battle of Corulus Edit

Counterattack on Corulus

The Battle wages above Corulus.

Apollo and the Senate of the Republic were furious and saddened that Ramaprica was destroyed, and wished to exact their revenge by invading Corulus to liberate it from Confederate Control. He sent a D'annaoí captain with the Star Destroyer, Liberty and Freedom along with a small fleet of frigates to aust the CAS from Corulus. However, they were instructed that the likelyhood of an invasion succeding with such a small fleet available was doubtful, so Republic Command instructed them that the mission was a hit and run, to damage the CAS forces before a large scale invasion could take place.

Surprisingly, the planet was defended by a smaller fleet then the one that conquered the planet in the first place, but it was still large enough to repel the small URC fleet. Acting quickly, the D'annaoí captain engaged a Munificus-class Frigate, while launching fighters to take care of attacking CAS gunboats. After a long dogfight, the Liberty and Freedom managed to destroy the Munificus frigate and began to prepare an invasion force to the planet, however, just as he was about to launch the ground forces, the captain noticed that a huge CAS fleet was hiding behind Corulus' moon, ready to attack. Quickly, he ordered a retreat, as he didn't want to waste resourses on a doomed battle. He soon returned to Republic Command to tell his tale.

Second Battle of MatakoroEdit

Quadrantia Disorder35

Second Battle of Matakoro

Two months ago the Rambo Nation colony known as Matakoro fell into Confederate hands. Thanks to the sacrifice of Captain Rambam the citizens had enough food and resources for another month but now they were running short on medical supplies, food and more. However after the victory at Ivalaë and the dreaded loss of Ramaprica the war continued and Rambo Nation laid her eyes upon retaking Matakoro, which was protected by three Munificent Class frigates and a Rescure Class Light Destroyer. The Rescrue Class Corperate was commanded by a Yudimaran captain who was in charge of the fleet. In the last week of the twelth month Rambo Nation attacked the Confederate fleet with a the Caradhras Class Assualt Carrier Ered Mithrin, the Galaxy Class USS Madison, the Constitution Class USS Potemkin and the Miranda Class USS Valor. Backed up by three Lightning fighters and two Chinawkya Medical Frigates, carrying medical supplies and food supplies the battle started.

The Yudimaran captain looked surprise, such a small fleet to engage the Confederate, it seemed the Rambo made use of various tactics, one time overwhelming numbers and now a precise attack? The Yudimaran captain ordered to open fire and he himself engaged the Caradhras Class Assault Carrier, but the cannons of the Ered Mithrin were powerful and both ships became damaged in the process. Other cannons of the Ered Mithrin destroyed a Confederate frigate, which went down in a huge fireball. Meanwhile the USS Potemkin and a Chinawkya Medical frigate took damage by a Confederate frigate but the USS Madison fire quantem torpedoes and destroyed the frigate. The Yudimaran saw his fleet halved within a matter of moments and decided to retreat. As one frigate managed to escape easily the USS Valor was in the way of the Corperate escape route. As such he fired it forward blasters, cutting straight to the USS Valor, damaging the ship severely and he managed to escape.
Qaudrantia Disorder 36

Zabiela and his troopers retake Matakoro

With the fleet gone the Caradhras Class deployed her troops at Matakoro, taking care of every remaining Confederate troopers. One of the troopers, known as Zabiela was part of retakal of Matakoro and his troopers, under command of a Templar killed many Mortalitas Trooper who didn't want to surrender. After two days of battle and a hour of space battle Matakoro was a retaken and the citizens celebrated the fact they were liberated.

However the Confederate Congress was not so happy with the loss of Matakoro, though they managed to destroy Ramaprica and the Cyrannus Campaign was well underway, it seemed their Quadrant Campaign was about to come to an end. The Rambo had a fortified line of defense at the planets near the Cyrannus-Quadrantia Wormhole and now Karzhamahri Nui was surrounded, leaving Lizaconda with no route of escape. And the Congress didn't like the fact they could lose another Admriral of the fleet.

The Rising of Dementians Edit


Xarik-Radux frigates incapacitate the Mortalitas ship.

The Confederation was rising and fighting the Republic at all fronts - including the Cyrannian Radeon sector, located in the Outer Rim. The small Confederate strike fleet, led by young Mortalitas commander Milazi, was sent to conqera small sector. Senator Agna was busy gathering the troops, but she knew that without any help her sector and her kind will fall to the CAS. The fleet was not large, but the Cyrannian Radeon sector was minor and did not have a large amount of military yet. So, in the last desperate attempt Agna, without the knowledge of the senate of the URC, started to gather new allies.

Several days after the Confederate invasion of the sector, the allies came to help. Quite large pirate fleet of Xarik-Radux came to help Agna, well paid for their service. Dementians possessed the cloaking technology, and hence Confederation was not able to monitor and predict their attacks. Many of the Confederate soldiers were captured, tortured and enslaved by Dementians - but Agna, as a Radeon, barely cared for such things. As a result, the fleet was crippled and Milazi, no longer wishing his soldiers to be captured, decided to leave the sector - planning to return later, with the larger force.

Agna, however, decided not only to defend from invasion, but to have her revenge. She paid Xarik more - and now, the Dementians were fighting on side of the United Republic of Cyrannus. Now, the Triumvirate was operating on the territory of Confederation, preying on the planets and starships. Agna was pleased - the state she has sworn to was winning, after all, and the fate of the millions murdered by Xarik-Radux was not of her concern.

The Shape of Things to Come... Edit

Year Two Ending

Dasá's last moments.

Near the celebrations of the new year, in both the URC, the CAS and Rambo Nation, evil was stiring in the Choas Realms. The Dark Lord Tyrómairon was instructing his greatest servant, Apeligateza on a great plan, a step toward domination. After they had finished communicating, Apeligateza understood his mission, and he understood the rewards if it was completed.

Meanwhile, on the Confederate Capital, Chancellor Dasá was pacing in his office. He was thinking about the Confederacy's current status in the war. Though it was doing quite well on the front in Cyrannus, in the Quadrants, more and more conquered planets came back under Rambo Control. Nevertheless, he recalled the CAS Quadrantia fleets to return to Karzhamarhi-Nui to regroup and pretect it from an ineviteable invasion. However, just as he was about to go to bed, a dark figure appeared behind him... Apeligateza. Shocked, Dasá grabbed his blaster and shot at the dark entitie's head, though the laser went straight through it as though the entity as though it was made of smoke, hitting the wall on the other side of the room. Apeligateza walked forward and picked the Chancellor up by the neck. Dasá screamed in pain and was shocked to see that they had been teleported to a high dimension, with Apeligateza grip still tightening. Dasá's vision began to darken, with the last thought in his mind, was the sea breeze of his homeworld.

Apeligateza smiled, and tossed Dasá's corpse aside. He then apparated into Dasá's empty office, and with little effort, morphed his appearence into that of the dead Chancellor of the CAS. He looked out the window, before uttering, Something wicked this way comes.

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