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The Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui is the final battle between Rambo Nation and the Confederacy of Allied Systems campaign in the Quadrant Galaxies.

The battle only has two outcomes, one Rambo Nation is victories, ensuring the Confederacy campaign has came to an end. The second option would be a Confederate victory, which would mean the entire Mid Colonial Fleet would have been defeated and the Confederacy can start another campaign!

The battle started with both fleet attacking eachother but soon a ship broke through the Confederate blockade and managed to land down troops at the surface of Karzamahri Nui. Soon the conflict intensified when a disaster took place!


Fleet Captain Trabl'krgte USS Apocalyptor was furious when in the second month of 05 AQF the second battle of Karzamahri Nui had turned into a victory for the Confederacy. Angered he contacted Rambo Command and they told the Tralor fleet captain of Rambo Nation that a new plan was already formed, though the fleet captain himself had to remain at guard duty at Rametru Nui.

Meanwhile Rambo Command had also heard of a Confederate attack at the URC planet Carolinii and a Grox attack. Now it was time to attack the Confederacy and end their Quadrant 82 campaign.

Elsewhere, in a hospital onboard the Liberty II, flaghip of Confederate Admiral Lizaconda a roar was heard throughout the halls of the former URC Venator Class Star Destroyer. Lizaconda looked furious when a Trucinex doctor changed the bandage of his wounds. The wounds Lizaconda received during the Second Battle of Karzamahri Nui. Tired of fighting and now even injured Lizaconda looked in awe and fear as the Liberty II her sensors gave a red alert and the viewscreen was filled with approaching Rambo Nation ships!

The Space Battle[]

Fleet Captain Ramdleton of the Suiliagothrond Battlestation looked grim and serious. He looked around him, onboard his prizes battle station they were to engage the Confederate blockade over Karzamahri Nui with a large fleet. Though most captains of the fleet weren’t well known or even inexperienced (the shortness on Rambo captains became a real problem for Rambo Nation these a days).

Luckily Ramdleton also had a few experienced captains in his attack fleet, like Captain Ramburgo, captain of the Quetzalcoatl Class USS Krassio. Another well known captain part of the fleet is Captain Ramuchi of the Excelsior Refit Class USS Enterprise-B. These two captains were his two subcommanders of the fleet, each given a flank to engage while Ramdleton himself would lead the front attack. Other well known captains were an unidentified Amphibiahria Captain of the USS Endeavor, an unidentified Chuchulias Captain of the USS Madison and an unidentified HarbronrSaurien Captain of the USS Ambassador. On the militairy side Colonel Ramseph of the Erid Mirith, a Caradhras Class would try to break through the Confederate blockade and launch ground forces to combat the Confederacy at the surface of the planet.

As the Rambo fleet approached Karzamahri Nui, Fleet captain Ramdleton opened a channel to the entire fleet and said: “All ships, engage!”.

The Conferate and Rambo fleet clash!

On the Confederate side Admiral Lizaconda rallied his sub commander for battle, an unidentified Mortalitas Captain who commands the Emporicó-class Dreadnought Mortalitas Fist. Within seconds the Confederate and Rambo fleets clashed, with devastating results. During the battle the Suiliagothrond fired her massive bombardment cannon and destroyed a Confederate Rescure Class Light Destroyer . At the same time the USS Enterprise-B targeted a Confederate frigate while the USS Madison was backed up by an Excelsior class in disabling the Liberty II. As the battle raged on both blasters, phases and photon torpedoes heavily damaged both fleets, sometimes even under friendly fire due to the close proximity of the ships. However after two hours of space battle the Erid Mirith and the USS Krassio managed to break through the Confederate blockade. While the Erid Merith entered orbit the USS Krassio covered her approach and the ground assault started soon after.

As the space battle raged on Lizaconda grew even more furious. “How is it possible those Rambo ships are breaking through? We have the number on our side!” he roared. However his navigator simply said that the presence of so many ships and the battle station they were gaining the upper hand in fire power. Lizaconda nodded, and opened contact with a captain of a Providence cruiser.

Meanwhile on the Rambo side Ramdleton was happy. “What is our status” he asked his navigator. “Status is well due sir, though we are receiving heavy damage to both the station and our fleet we are pushing the Confederacy back. We are gaining the upper hand sir! Ramdleton nodded, it seemed it was time to destroy the Confederacy once and for all. “This is Fleet Captain Ramdleton to the fleet, we are gaining ground. Hold firm, we are close to victory!”.

Hunting Governor Garlboz[]

With the space battle turning in favor of the Rambo, the ground assault came as a total surprise to the undermanned ground forces of the Confederacy stationed at Karzamahri Nui. Within half an hour the Rambo ground forces under command of Zabiela and Sergeant Claire Rambo managed to retake Ga-Laiquendi. With various walking tanks, mobile plattfomrs and buggies, backed up by morties most of the Confederate troopers surrended with relative ease as the Ered Mirith als hang above Ga-Laiquendi.

Within a building of Ga-Laiquendi was Governor Garlboz hiding from the Rambo Nation troops, protected by various Mortalitas Troopers he decided to surrender to both Zabiela and Claire. Or at least so it seemed. While most of the troopers were rounding up the surrendering Confederate troopers and preparing an assault at Arthrastral Claire and Zabiela entered the building where Garlboz was hiding, backed up by a small squad of 3 troopers. When they were inside the building the door suddenly slammed tight, and four Mortalitas sprung from the ceiling of the building. Within a blink of an eye three of the troopers were killed by the Mortalitas.

Claire and Zabiela face Garlboz and his Mortalitas troopers, at the same time a blinding light and shockwave occurs

One of the troopers was killed as a Mortalitas broke his neck, another trooper was killed when a Mortalitas chrushed his skull with his bare hands, with streams of blood spatting out of his facial helmet. The third trooper was killed when the third Mortalitas stabbed him from behind, stabbing a large knife straight through his hart. However the Mortalitas with the knife was soon killed by a volley of fire from Zabiela his gun, whle Claire launched herself in the air she slammed her leg into one of the Mortalitas neck, breaking it with a sickening sound.

"Very very impressive soldiers" a cruel voice said. It turned out to be Garlboz, backed up by two more Mortalitas soldiers. He clapped his hands once more and CLaire looked annoyed at the way Garlboz looked at her from behind his facial mask and respirator. "You should surrender Sergeant, and order your trooper to lower down your weapons if you want to tell the tale" Garboz said, though she noticed he also had drawn a large black sword, which she recognized as a Chinawkya craftmanship. Suddenly her world went black when she wat hit by one of the Mortalitas, as she fell to her knees she saw stars spinning around her and she felt dizzy. Yet the Mortalitas hitting her was hit by the back of Zabiela his gun, making him bleed.

Standing up again, back to back Zabiela and Claire prepared for the worse as both the Mortalitas soldiers closed in and Garlboz his sword was glowing. "Quiete impressive that your kind found me so soon after you landed at the surface, luckily for me I have you outnumbered you fools" Garlboz spat. Claire found herself annoyed at the silence of her fellow Sergeant, Zabiela. "It seems our working together seems a little bit short on time, isn't Zabiela" claire said defiantly. Though Zabiela could tell her she was already calculating her moves, which Zabiela knew the Mortalitas would not survice, Claire was well known for her killing acrobatic moves.

Suddenly a tremendous sound and blinding light appeared and the following shockwave send all inside the building flying.............

A sudden turn of events[]

Minutes before the shock wave that hit Ga-Laiquendi and send Claire, Garlboz and Zabiela something disastrous happened in space. As Admiral Lizaconda ordered his forces to target the Suiliagotrhond the USS Enterprise-B, USS Ambassador and the USS Madison came to aid the station which fell under heavy fire.

"Status report" Ramdleton ordered. He slammed his fist at his viewscreen as he saw a part of the Confederate fleet approaching his station, and opening fire. The bridge shook violently when blasters hit the shields of the station, though various conseles and decks were ruptered. "Return fire, and ask for back up, we won't hold long against this onslaught!" Ramdleton yelled at his navigator. When Ramdleton looked at his viewscreen he saw the massive Mortalitas Fist coming aside and opening fire, though the USS Enterprise-B was nearby and opened fire. Meanwhile the station was loading another volley from the orbital bombardment cannon at 45%.

"Sir, we have an anomoly in front of us" Ramdleton his navigator yelled! Ramdleton looked at the viewscreen, and the only thing he saw was the USS Enterprise-B and USS Ambassador making a turn. As of a sudden a Providence Class cruiser exited hyperspace and headed straight for the Suiliagothrond!

Suiliagothrond destroyed!

Onboard the Providence class, known as the Resistancia her commander, former Resistance leader Ramgaro looked in awe as they headed straight for a massive station he never saw before. "What is that, what is going on!" he ordered. When his navigator told the former Resistance leader that they were coming in too fast Ramgaro knew he had made a vital mistake to come and visit Karzamahri Nui. The following crash between the Resistancia and the Suiliagothrond was disastrous. When the Resistancia hit the Suiliagothrond dead on the massive station cracked and stumbled. Explosion rocketed the station and overloaded her bombardment cannon and her Warp cores. Without a word all present saw a massive shockwave coming from the Suiliagothrond, which incernated the station, the Resistancia, destroyed the USS Madison, the Mortalitas Fist, and an unlucky Miranda Class and Confederate frigate. With the shockwave growing bigger and bigger only the USS Enterprise-B and USS Ambassador managed to escape, while the massive firewall also claimed a too slow reacting Constitution Class. But things got far worse, as Kerika saw the shockwave growing bigger and bigger hit also hit the planet, scourging the area around Ga-Laiquendia!

The shockwave had done her work, both the Confederate and Rambo fleet was in ruins, with half of their fleets destroyed and in ruins, the remaining ships were mostly heavily damaged by the explosional shock wave. Even Lizaconda felt the shockwave hitting the Liberty II, and saw in vain as most of his fleet was destroyed. Yet he could do nothing to stop it as the systems of the Liberty II shut down and was left driftless in space. Even onbaord the USS Enterprise-B systems were failing and engines were shutting down. When Kerika looked at her viewscreen the view shocked her with dread, of the ships in the vicinity of the Suiliagothrond only scraps of metal and bodies (or at least what you could identify as bodies) were floating in space. Even worser, with the destruction both sides lost commanders like fleet captain Ramdleton, a Mortalitas Captain and Ramgaro, who could have held to be responsible for the onslaught.

Holding firm[]

With most Rambo Nation ships retreating back to the nearby moon to regroup the Confederacy did the same, however they remained in orbit of Karzamahri Nui. As the Rambo ships regrouped the USS Ambassador escaped the battle and left for the Shipyards of RoWar to inform Rambo Command of the need for reinforcements. Upon arriving the USS Ambassador was send to the drydocks and Rambo Commmand send more ships to aid the battered Rambo Nation fleet at Karzamahri Nui.

Ramashe, Marscalcus and the Colonel in conversation

Meanwhile Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation was in deep conversation with Colonel Chodecra, her trusted aid and commander and the Rambo militairy leader the Marscalcus. As the holoscreen closed they were informed of the disaster at Karzamahri Nui and Ramashe slammed her fist at the table. Frowning the Marscalcus decided to keep his mouth shut, he didn't want to suffer her anger at moments like this.

"Impossible" Ramashe snorted". "How is it possible the Confederacy managed to destroy the Suiliagothrond, one of our more powerful weapons" Ramashe asked her militairy advisors with tears in her eyes. The Colonel placed his hand at the Empress her shoulder, "I known fleet captain Ramdleton was a close friend of yours, but his sacriface will not be in vain. We must send more ships now!" the Colonel said.

The Marscalcus shook his head. "It would be maddness Colonel, which colonial sector fleet would you want to weaken with it? Yadumarth still holds a large fleet. Taking ships from other fleets or armadas will weaken our borders and open a way for a new Confederate assault. I propose to send in the Angforst and finish the Confederacy at Karzamahri Nui once and for all. With it perhaps finally Lizaconda could be captured or killed" the highest militairy commander said in a cold but calm voice.

Ramashe raised her head, "No" she simply said. "Angforst will be our last resort for Karzamahri Nui. I have other plans and captains or commanders which we can send into battle, even though our fleets are protecting our borders there are those that are not assigned to a fleet!" Ramashe said with a little proudness in her voice. As she began speaking both the Colonel and the Marscalcus nodded, this would be a perfect way to send fear into the hearts of the remaining Confederate troops for sure. It seemed a certain artifact would draw the attention from a certain ally.

Darkness at Karzamahri Nui[]

Dispatch of Claire and Zabiela

Garlboz awoke with a pain in his head. As he looked to the sky he saw the buildning he and his Mortalitas troopers were hiding in was in ruins and rubble. Looking around he saw the dead bodies of the Mortalitas troopers, and he sighted, after all they had served their purpose well. Suddenly Zabiela and Claire surrounded Garlboz.

"Surrender Governor, your time has ended" Claire said boldy. Garlboz smiled (though none could see it due to his facial mask) and his sword began glowing. "Ended?" Garlboz bellowed, "It seems you have all been fooled Rambo servants, even for someone as pretty as you humanoid, my time as just begun!" the Governor claimed. As of a sudden Zabiela dropped to the ground, screaming in agony as blue energy hit his mind, even for a trained trooper is was to much and he fell. At the same time Claire her midsection was also hit by such energy, releasing an agoning and terrible pain she collapsed to the ground, heavily breathing the last thing she saw before going unconcious was Garlboz his feet coming down upon her!

Garlboz has walked for hours, and in the distance he saw smoke coming from Ga-Laiquendi. It seemed the Rambo and Confederate ground forces were once again in combat over that prized city. He didn't care, he had other matters to attend but the sky of Karzamahri Nui was still burning red, and for hours debris from space rained down upon the surface. In the meantime he had learned from Lizaconda what had happened, it seemed the space forces were at draw since the destruction of the Suiliagothrond.

Finally arriving at the place he wanted to be, an area filled with special marking Garlboz began his ritual. A dark ritual it was and the words he only said were:

"Parma I'cku Elda Matrim Invulitich"

Garlboz waited, he found these word with a description it would summon a might creature from the Realms of the Gods that would do his bidding and make him the most powerful being in the Quadrant Galaxies. Suddenly Garlboz found himself in the midst of a rotten and decaying small and a terrible skreech was heard whith drove Garlboz nuts. Suddenly the skies turned purple and clouds were assembling. Even more so it seemed the sky was actually burning.

Garlboz summons a demon!

Tremors shook the ground as massive pillars rose from the ground lifting Garlboz high into the air. Turning around he saw a most terrifying sight, a hideous monster faced him, who Garlboz only knew from legends.

"What are you" Galrboz babbled. The giant simply looked at the in his eyes small mortal and the sound that came from his skull was terrible, it sounded like skeletons being chrushed together with the screams of agony of persons in pain. Though Garlboz thought it was laughter for the creature it suddenly spoke.

"Why did you summon me if you are not aWare of who I am" the powerful entity said with the a crackling voice. Garlboz explained what he found at the tablet and the creatures nodded. Though also said he was misquided as he served none but only himself and the Ultimate One.

But as promised he gave Garlboz tremendous powers over control of elements and dark powers. Garlboz rose again and thanked the massive demon and bowed before him. The entity simply said he should be careful, as others are well aWare of him and his actions and that summoning someone from the Realms is forbidden. Garlboz didn't care as the creature vanished once again back to the place he came from. Crackling with dark powers Galrboz knew there was no one to stop him now, after all who could dare to stop him now when he was so close to rule over the entire Confederacy as the Master of Darkness!

Pressure at the fleets[]

As the Governor summoned his dreaded creature and the first day of the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui reached her end Amdiral Lizaconda launched another assault at the crippled Rambo Nation. Taken by surprise and overwhelmed by the Confederacy the Ambassador Class USS Ayers was disabled and was leaking plasma into space and left the battle at impulse later on.

Confederate and Rambo ships clash once again above Karzamahri Nui

While the USS Enterprise-B took heavy damage by a Confederate light destroyed she was forced on the defensive, but both her hull and port side became heavily damaged. However the Rambo captains didn't gave up their position without a fight, and the Excelsior Class USS Ford managed to disable a Confederate frigate. During the entire battle the space around Karzamahri Nui was still burning due to the destruction of the Suiliagothrond hours ago. Hitting such cloud or anomaly would mean a certain destruction of your ship.

As the battle raged on, and the Rambo fleet seemed on the losing end all of a sudden two Rambo ships arrived at Karzamahri Nui. It turned out to be the Galaxy Class USS Challenger, under command of a Zazane and upon her arrival it opened fire with photon torpedoes at the Liberty II, buckling the flagship of the Confederacy stationed at Karzamahri Nui and forcing Lizaconda to withdraw as Vice-Admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas also arrived. Evading the after effects of the shockwave it opened quantem torpedoes at the Liberty II, further more damaging the former URC Venator Class star destroyer.

Lizaconda was furious as he didn't understand where another Galaxy class came from, one of the most powerful and largest ship class of Rambo Nation. It seemed Confederate intelligence was lacking vital information since Lizaconda only had information that most Galaxy class ships were either in the Tigris Galaxy or in the Cyrannus, being part of the Fleet of Retribution. Angered he ordered his fleet to back up his retreat and regroup. It was then that Lizaconda recieved massive dark energies from the surface below and he could only wonder what the Governor was up to this time.

Elsewhere, shortly after Garlboz summoned the creature a shimmer of hope arrived for the Rambo troopers and forces. As Claire Rambo was informed of the summoning of the dark entity by Rambo intelligence forces at Karzamahri Nui she was finally able to use her newest armor, given to her in person by the Founder and was embedded with the power of light!

Light vs Darkness[]

Claire stood at the hangar doors of the Ered Mithrin and looked outside. She closed her eyes, believing she has become insane. Even with her new armor, giving her a golden look (even her hair colored blonde) and wings which she could levitate with. The armor even gave her the ability to fire light energy, though it could exhaust her if she used it too much. But now, with a squad of newly trained Airborne troopers they would jump out of the Erid Methrin which was in orbit above Karzamahri Nui her capital city, Arthrastral which was under siege by Rambo troopers.

Claire sighted again, looking at her airborne troopers, all confident in their own abilities. She wondered how many of them would survive when the intercome sounded. "All airborne troopers, prepare for launch. May the Gods bless you and your mission. Your target, take out Garlboz" Colonel Ramseph said in a cold voice. Claire didn't like him, though the son of famous vice-admiral Ramcard he was a bit arrogant and to easily sacrificed his troopers in her eyes. She once raised her voice about this to the Colonel, but he didn't took notice of it. Or at least she thought, the relation with her superior officer was tense and troublesome. And now he had send her on a suicidal mission, she was sure he disliked her too.

Looking at her troopers she nodded and all sprang out of the Erid Mithrin. Straight into battle, even as the anti air cannons of the Confederacy launched their counterattack at the massive Rambo Caradhras Class. Claire and her Rambo troops evaded the incoming fire, though she lost two of her troopers which were too late to evade the explosives and were send chrashing down below, a horrible sight to see those dark angels fall from the sky with smoke coming from them.

Claire and her airborne trooper vs Garlboz

Giving support fire to the advancing Rambo Nation mobile turrets and mobile tanks the Confederacy was pushed back more and more into the city of Arthrastral. Seeing an opening Claire led her troopers straight to the building Garlboz was, according to Rambo intelligence. Intelligence was right, but Garlboz was given powers to defend himself and with on strike of his fist he killed three airborne troopers, chrushing their armor with metallic powers and making them yell and scream before they died.

Angered the remaning airborne troopers charged but without success. One was set a flame and another was killed straight through a wall, falling various meters down below at the ground. Two other airborne troopers were killed by black energy sprouding from Garlboz his hands, incernating them in an instant, leaving no trace of them then wisps of ashes. Claire attacked, together with the remaining troopers and together they circled around Garlboz, making him dizzy and even more anger. When Garlboz grew tired of them he charged his powers, and it was the time Claire and the trooper were waiting for. At the same time Claire fired a powerful beam of light, whille the trooper fired missles as the Governor. The impace rocketed the building and send Claire and her trooper flying outside. Of Garlboz there was no sight and no one knows where he went.

When Claire rose, her armor still gave up a lot of light and around she saw the vehicles of Rambo Nation coming through the streets. It seemed the Confederacy ground forces had surrended and Arthrastral was liberated. However though most of the surface was liberated from Confederate hold, it seemd in space above the Confederacy was gaining the upperhand over the tattered Rambo Nation fleet.


The battle turned in favor of the remaining Confederate ships, and Vice-Admiral Ramcard knew it. Ramcard fell from his chair when the USS Dallas was hit by a blaster by a Confederate destroyer. "Status report" the vice-admiral commanded.

Cognatus come to aid the Rambo!

The reply the navigator gave wasn't one Ramcard was happy with, the USS Challenger was being hammered at by the same Confederate light destroyer that had just hit the USS Dallas. The USS Ford, an Exelcior class joined the USS Dallas to gave her covering fire while a Constitution Refit Class was opening fire at a Confederate ship. Sadly another Constitution Refit Class was being destroyed by a light destroyer and a heavily damaged Liberty II was approaching Ramcard his position, together with a Confederate Dreadnought. All of a sudden space changed in front of the Rambo ships as a small fleet of Cognatus Remnant cruisers exited space and openend fire at the Confederate fleet. With two massive beams the dreadnought was destroyed in a huge explosion, which in result also destroyed an unfortunate Miranda class ship together with a Confederate light destroyer.

Ramcard looked in awe as all of a sudden the Confederate ranks broke, ships were destroyed and bodies of Confederate soldiers and individuals floated into space. The Cognatus did not halt their assault and within 20 minutes Lizaconda ordered a retreat back to Yadumarth, the third battle of Karzamahri Nui had turned into a massive defeat for the Confederacy. However the Rambo had their casualties too, their fleet tattered and wounded the Rambo would be unable to launch an assault at Yadumarth for months. This was the only good thing for the Confederacy.

As the Rambo launched medical and food supplies to the surface of the planet Ramcard realised how costly this battle turned out to be. Many good captains lost their lives, and the vice-admiral knew for sure, it would not be the last battle against the Confederacy.

Somehow, he felt that it was all going to get worse soon.