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Prelude Edit

Treason in the Senate! Many senators are under the impression of a growing conspiracy within the senates of both Rambo Nation and the United Republic of Cyrannus who have sympathy for the Confederate cause. President Apollo secretly dispatches the bounty hunter, Linn-Taan to find the truth in these rumors.

Pre-Battle Edit

Intrigue on Corunnia Edit

Second Battle of Nosiso 02

Linn-Taan smiles as his homing beacon reaches the departing shuttle.

Linn-Taan was confused, he had been summoned under the most intense secrecy to the office of Apollo on Corunnia, the home of the senate and the moon of Orbispira. Landing his shuttle on the president's secret landing platform, Linn-Taan quickly made his way to the president's office. When he arrived, Apollo was looking grimly out the window, only for Linn-Taan to make his presence known. Apollo turned toward him and smiled, telling Taan to sit. Over the course of ten minutes, Apollo told Taan about an alliance of senators who are giving information and funds to the Confederacy. Taan was not shocked. It was common knowledge that the senate had some members that were empathetic to the CAS, but few knew who they were. Apollo however, had suspicions about Senator Doast of the Corporate Union, and perhaps a Rambo Senator. Apollo continued to fill him in on the plot, and afterwards, they both said goodbye.

Taan ran back to his ship, stopping in his tracks, seeing both Senator Doast and the famous Senator Muunithrond of the Rambo Senate preparing to board a Republic Shuttle. Taking his chance, Taan attached a homing beacon unto the Shuttle's hull, and returned to his ship, keeping pace with the departing senatorial craft. Instead of going to Orbispira as expected, the ship entered hyperspace, with Taan close behind...

Landing on Nosiso Edit

Second Battle of Nosiso 01

The meeting on Nosiso.

When the Republic Shuttle carrying the two senators came out of hyperspace, Linn-Taan stayed in orbit until the skies were clear. Then, he turned his ship toward the planet's surface and sped down to a location near the shuttles landing point. When Taan left his ship, the sight amazed him, massive Core ships as far as the eye could see, and tens of thousands of Mortalitas and Basileus warriors kept watch.

Quickly, Taan activated his stealth field, making him all but invisible to enemy eyes. He made his way to the shuttle, where the two senators were deep in conversation with a Basileus commander. Taking out his recorder, the bounty hunter recorded the conversation. Doast informed him that the time is now right for a final push into the Core Worlds, that would spell the end for the Republic and the beginning of a new Confederate era. Taan also heard word of a Purity Virus before a squad of Confederate troops approaching prompted him to depart.

Once in orbit, he sent a transmission and a transcript of the conversation he heard. Apollo looked startled for a moment, but quickly thanked Taan and paid him his lofty fee.

Back at Corunnia, Apollo contacted Empress Ramashe and the two agreed on a large Retribution task force to attack and conquer Nosiso, for the Purity Virus must not be allowed to escape the planet...

Battle BeginsEdit

Cyrandia forces arriveEdit

Vice Admiral Rambas II of the USS Caprica was pleased, with the new orders of Empress Ramashe the invasion of Nosiso could finally begin. The planet should have been secured months early as it could stop a Confederate advance. Rambas himself didn't mind for the Senate plot the Empress told him about, his only goal was to defeat the Confederate forces at Nosiso and secure the planet into Cyrandia hands.

To his surprise even the Xiaan Alliance had send a new Poseidon cruiser, which Rambas could surely use. As the Rambo fleet was already mobilized, with well known ships like the USS Challenger and the assault carrier Erid Mirith. The Republic only was able to send the nearby star destroyers the Behemoth and the Senator and another unnamed ship. Rambas was impatient and getting nervous, where was his friend Admiral Cretacea and his fleet. He was late and Rambam feared the Confederacy would learn of this massive assemblance of ships. As such Rambam ordered his fleet to move and approach Nosiso.
Second Battle of Nosiso 03

The battle begins!

At Nosiso, the Confederate Admiral and charge looked in awe as a Cyrandia fleet dropped out of warp and hyperspace. He ordered his fleet to raise the shields and open fire, but the Cyrandia fleet was the first and had the element of surprise. The first line of Confederate frigates fell and buckled with ease. However the second line of ships managed to hold Rambas his advancing fleet, though the Republic Star Destroyers were pounding the Confederate ships, aided by the more agile Rambo Nation ships. Even the lone Xiaan Poseidon cruiser managed to destroy quiete a few ships, as it was a ship the Confederacy had never encountered before. However the Behemoth was taking heavy damage, as was the Erid Mirith and the USS Merced.

However with luck the Erid Mirith managed to break through and entered orbit and began landing on the surface to deploy Rambo Nation ground forces. High above Rambas his fleet was cornered and Rambas began doubting his decision to strike earlier on than schedule. He hoped Cretacea would arrive soon and that the Rambo invasion would be swift and effective.

Rambo invasion begins!Edit

Second Battle of Nosiso 04

Confederate ambush!

As the Erid Mirith had landed, Colonel Ramseph looked grim. Monitoring his holo table he knew the situation was not suitable for a ground invasion. The heavy anti artillery of the Confederacy forced the colonel to land miles away from the initial ground assault he had planned. Further more, his carrier sustained quite some damaged and wouldn't be able to take off and enter space for another rotation of the planet. He sighted as he saw his Rambo clone troopers and forces dispath and take direction to some nearby Emperico spheres. Though he didn't care for the lives of his troopers, his commanders were citizens of Rambo Nation, and he didn't like to write letter of death to their families.

Elsewhere, Sergeant C Rambo, better known as Claire looked around at the surroundings at Nosiso. She looked serious in her normal battle suite, her pink and green militairy suite was quite striking compared to the grim surface of Nosiso. She sighted, sitting in the passenger seat of a buggy she wondered how long her forces could advance before encountering resistance. Though on high ground, the massive ravins near her position were perfect for ambushed but no Confederate activity was seen, this worried her the most. She was grabbed by an airborne trooper and scouted a head. While her forces passed a bridge the troopers were on high alert but none could expect a Confederate fighter falling from behind the clouds and dropping bombs at the bridge. The new design managed to evade Rambo sensors and the missles hit their target, the frontline of Claire her forces fell into the ravin, loosing two buggies, a mobile plattform and a mobile terrain tank Claire sighted. One encounter with the Confederacy meant losing a fifth of her forces, and a detour was to be taken.

It seemed the initial assault to secure Nosiso was to become difficult indeed........

Republic Attack! Edit

Second Battle of Nosiso 05

Republic forces retreat from the Confederate reinforcements.

While the Rambo were busy attacking the Confederacy on the Western Continents, a massive Republic fleet under the command of Willelmus Cretacea dropped out of hyperspace near to the planet's surface, much to the surprise of the Confederate force stationed there, who expected the Republic to be aiding the Rambo fleet on the other side of the planet. Wasting no time, the Spirit of the Republic and its fleet attacked the small Confederate fleet, quickly destroying their foes and landing forces on the planet's surface.

At first the battle on the surface was going well, with the successful destruction of several Emporicó-class Core Ships stationed on the planet. However, soon Mortalitas troopers began appearing, driving the Republic to the narrow valleys of the planet's equator. There, they were flanked by the Mortalitas, where they quickly fell to the advancing CAS forces.

Meanwhile, in orbit, the Spirit of the Republic began strategic orbital bombardments of key Confederate positions, and yet he thought to himself about the locations of the two senators and most importantly, the possible release of the Purity Virus.

The Battle Heats Up Edit

Important CaptiveEdit

Second Battle of Nosiso 06


After the disastrous loss of most of her forces Claire looked grim and exhausted, the hot temperatures of Nosiso hard to get throught. She herself was already sun burned, while the Rambo troopers were getting short on water and food supplies, further more the Emperico sphere identified as the Mortalitan Bastion didn't seem to get any closer. Another problem also revealed herself, various buggies and mobile plattforms shut down due to their engines being full with sand, crippling the vehicles. Claire ordered her troopers to a halt and told them to make camp, they would travel further in night.

Scouting nearby Claire lost her escorting trooper in sight and she wondered where he had gone too when she suddenly heard a small sounds. Looking around she saw nothing, but the shoving of sand revealed her that something was behind her! Turning around she saw a terrible creature, red with spikes and a bad smell. She noticed the creature was filled with scars, shortly before it back handed her. Charshing into the sand Claire her world was spinning, she even thought she saw some starts dartling around her. Feeling blood dripping from her lips she felt the creature's saliva dripping in her neck. Then all of a sudden the creature fell stunned next to her, looking up she thought the Rambo trooper had saved her. Sadly for Claire it was Commander Mortikran and escorting Mortalitas troopers. Grabbing her by the neck and lifting her up in the air, the Mortalitas Command told Claire they would have fun tonight, then the world went dark for Claire.

Breaching the Laboratory Edit

Second Battle of Nosiso 07

The Tyrannic and an army of artillery lay siege to the massive lab.

Despite the ongoing defeat of the Cyrandia forces on the ground of Nosiso, in space there was a short period of calm and tranquillity. Willelmus Cretacea surveyed the battle from his command chair in orbit and eventually located what he assumed was the primary laboratory for the containment and possible manufacture of the Purity Virus. He decided to send a taskforce under the command of Admiral Adraci of the Tyrannic to lay siege to the laboratory, while a team of commandos arrested the two senators and the lead scientist.

As expected, the lab was surrounded by elite Confederate warriors, including the insectoid Nosisans, who fired ruthlessly at the Republic soldiers and tanks, destroying many, but ultimately their numbers were not enough to repeal the URC forces. With a direct turbolaser strike from the Tyrannic, the main doors of the lab opened, revealing empty corridors. Working their way down the corridors of the lab, a figure stepped forward. It was Doctor Indiv, a known fugitive of the authorities. The commandos raised their weapons, aiming for Indiv's head, but the Jamarilan scientist simply raised his hand, revealing a pure black substance. He then opened his eyes, revealing what lay beneath, a swirling mass of pure black liquid dancing across his eye lid. The scientist leaped toward the troopers, who opened fire, protecting themselves from the mad scientist, who fell the floor lifeless. However, a black oil like substance began gushing out of Indiv's eyes, nose and mouth, moving quickly across the floor toward the commandos, who retreated at full hast away from the advancing virus.

Making it out of the infected laboratory, the Commandos contacted Adraci and informed him of the threat. Acting quickly, the Tyrannic launched a huge turbolaser strike directly at the laboratory, completely annihilating it in a massive explosion.

After his report to Cretacea, Adraci was left with unanswered questions such as the location of the senators, if they were still alive and of course, the battle that still raged on the planet.

Final Stages Edit

Victory is at hand?Edit

Second Battle of Nosiso 08

Claire faces Mortikran and Muunithrond

Commander Mortikran looked pleased at his new captive. Claire Rambo on the other hand looked at the Mortalitas commander with disgust in her eyes, and the commander knew it. Held under gunpoint by a Nosiso, Claire looked for ways to escape, but came to the realisation none presented itself. The Mortalitas commander came closer, and suddenly she felt his tongue in her neck. "Ah, I taste fear" the Mortalitas commander said. Claire eyes widened, sweat breaking out, and suddenly she felt a chill. Mortikran smiled viciously, and chuckled.

Suddenly a door opened, and Senator Muunithrond entered the room, yelling at Mortikran that he couldn't do this. Mortikran looked like he could explose in anger within seconds, and simply waved away the fact that Claire was the daughter of a well known Rambo Nation captain. Suddenly Mortikran turned and told the senator to leave, as he was busy. Suddenly Muunithrond draw a blaster and fired at Mortikran, who could narrowly evade the blast. And finally Mortikran exploded in anger, however Claire took advance of this new turn of event and got behind Muunithrond.

"Run" the Muunilar senator told Claire, looking surprised that the traiterous senator aided her he swifly told her she had to return to her troopers and inform that his sector was breached. Claire knew what it meant, it seemed the senator felt remorse for his betrayal and Claire ran to the nearest window but found herself surrounded by Nosiso. Mortikran faced Muunithrond, though was unable to prevent his second shot that shattered the window so that Claire could jump out of it and chrash land into the river below. With a roar Mortikran launched himself at Muunithrond and bite his throat, making blood gush down his cheeck. Mortikran roared again and ordered his officers to find the girl and fire the new plasma cannons at the Rambo forces in orbit. Mortikran was displeased, his fancy new slave had escaped!
Second Battle of Nosiso 09

Rambo fleet in peril!

In space Vice-Admiral Rambas looked surprised at the new blue/green bolts that were being fired from the surface. Sensors showed that they were just energy, and not dangerous but Rambas didn't like it. The Rambo forces managed to drive away the Confederate ships to the other side of the planet, trapping them between the Rambo and URC fleets. Still Rambas ordered his fleet to evade the new kind of energy as much as possible.

However as the more slower Xiaan Alliance Poseidon Cruiser was unable to evade the energy and was hit by it, the entire ships crumbled and exploded in a bright flash. Rambas rose from his chaire and another energy bold shot near the USS Caprica, and sensors indicated more Rambo ships suffered from the energy and were destroyed. Rambas looked frightened, what is this for kind of attack?

Doast Captured Edit

Second Battle of Nosiso 11

The Cognatus aid the URC destroying the Confederate fleet.

A few days after the destruction of Doctor Indiv's laboratory, Willelmus Cretacea was contacted by a powerful ally, the Cognatus Remnant who offered to aid the other Cyrandia in the battle. Cretacea was very pleased and accepted the offer, as the Cyrandia forces were dealt a huge blow in the aftermath of Mortikran's vicious attack on the Rambo and Xiaan fleets. Soon, huge Cognatus Assualt Carriers, backed up by CCS-class Battlecruisers began to appear in the battle, engaging the Confederate fleet.

Second Battle of Nosiso 10

Two Libertus Troopers and a Cognatus Guard capture Senator Doast.

The Cognatus also began to land troops onto the planet's surface under the command of Cretacea himself. Working alongside Republic troopers, the allies successfully located Doast's hideout, only to find that the senator had surrendered, pleading for amnesty so long as he gave information regarding the Confederacy on the planet. The allies accepted, and the frightened senator told them of the plot of the mad scientist Indiv to breed huge armies of Nosisan warriors, infected with the Purity Virus against the Republic. He told them the only way to stop this plot is to kill the Nosisan Queen, buried deep the planet's surface.

The Battle Ends Edit

Second Battle of Nosiso 12

The Miluiel preparing to kill the Nosisan Queen.

It was clear to the team sent to end the threat of the Purity Virus on Nosiso, that to destroy the Nosisan Queen, they would need special forces. Admiral Cretacea contacted the Miluiel, beings of pure radiance and light to aid them in this dangerous task. Republic Intelligence reported that the Queen was burried in a small cave far away from the battle zone, coordinating her forces via her control of the Purity Virus. The team landed quite close to the cave and were met with thousands of Nosisan warriors all bred with the Purity Virus. However, they were easy to destroy, and the Miluiel easily dispatched them with a direct hit with Pure Essence. A massive skirmish began and some Republic and Cognatus warriors were killed, and even worse, infected with the virus, reanimating them. The surviving troopers were hesitant to destroy their former comrades, only to be encourged by the Cognatus that their friends were truly gone.

The team made its way into the Queen's lair, her eyes turned black under the influence of the virus. The Miluiel made their move fast, summoning a ball of pure energy and unleashing it upon the Queen, who exploded violently in a shower of Purity. The Miluiel, Cognatus and Republic troopers quickly made their way out of the cave, swiftly followed by the sentient virus. However, their shuttle was located nearby, and the team were carried to safety while the Virus expanded like a tidal wave across the area. Cretacea came to a decision to bombard the area from orbit to ensure that the virus would never again threaten the citizens of the galaxy.

With the threat of the Queen and the Virus gone, the remaining forces of the CAS retreated back to CAS space and peace at last came to Nosiso.

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