A mere parchment could bring the Republic to it's knees, people tired and sick of war were quick to accept changes, opening the way for the Imperial march! Years later, one can only wonder if they made the right decision. By the people the Republic was built, and by the people it was brought down.

- Unknown

The Great Cyrannus War raged for over three years, resulting in the ever-increasing militarisation of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the steady decline in support for both it and its wartime adversary, the Confederacy of Allied Systems. As the galaxy tore itself apart in this dreadful civil war, the enigmatic Tyrómairon began to move his pieces into play, confident that everything would play out according to his design which would usher in a new era for the galaxy, one era of peace and order under his singular rule. Meanwhile, on Orbispira and Carindes, President Apollo and Chancellor Dastirius couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding on the horizon as the Old Cyrannian Order began to collapse around them.

Dramatis Personæ Edit

Dark HorizonEdit

Day One

The President and the EmpressEdit


Apollo confers with Ramashe.

President Apollo sat in his office on Orbispira, which was experiencing one of its rare lightning storms. Listening to the rain bounce off the wide window behind his desk, the President sighed. Interacting with a holodisplay, Apollo contacted his friend Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation, whose pretty face appeared on the display.

  • Apollo: "Hello Ramashe, my old friend."
  • Ramashe: "Apollo! What a surprise to receive a call from you this late! How are you?"
  • Apollo: "I am troubled. These are the last few days of my term of President and I should be relieved, but I fear something is on the horizon."

Ramashe, in her sleeping dress crossed her arms in front of her, raising an eyebrow she replied.

  • Ramashe: "I see you have bags under your eyes my friend, it has troubled you at night?"
  • Apollo: "I find it difficult to sleep lately. Support for the Presidency has remained strong during the war, but public opinion for the Republic itself has never been lower. Especially in the aftermath of the Ryderallo Beast's rampage on Orbispira a few months ago, not to mention the damage our fleets cause to worlds in the war."

Ramashe nodded, her eyes radiated comfort. She smiled.

  • Ramashe: "Difficult times ask for difficult decisions"

Apollo's expression brightened slightly.

  • Apollo: "In happier news, I have a meeting in the morning with Admiral Deoclet Caesarius. Apparently, the governor of Taracondor in the Mid Rim has found coordinates that links both Confederate and Republic territory. Hopefully that information will lead to a quick attack on Carindes and the end of the war."
  • Ramashe: "That is great news! The war will be over soon then?"
  • Apollo: "That is my hope. I expect a peace treaty will put an end to hostilities and hopefully anti-Republican sentiment in the Core. That would leave only the New Basileus Empire to threaten the Republic."
  • Ramashe: "Hmm, yes that is some disturbing news. A new faction in the Outer Rim of Cyrannus. Should we be concerned about them in the Quadrants?"
  • Apollo: "Not unless they manage to access a wormhole to the Quadrants. However, it is my hope that they'll come to their senses once peace with the Confederacy has been achieved."

Ramashe nodded and smiled again. Wishing Apollo best of luck with these new tactics she advised him that a good night rest would do him some good. Smiling slightly, Apollo still couldn't shake the feeling of unease that filled him. Especially with news that a coalition of high ranking admirals and senators were pushing for a new system of governors to oversee worlds in the Republic when the war ended, a possibility that Apollo rejected as subverting the democratic system. Putting these fears to the back of his mind, Apollo bid Ramashe farewell, unaware that this would be the last time the two would talk for over three years.

Ramashe smiled and waved Apollo goodbye, expressing her hope to see him in person again soon. Closing the transmission, Apollo rose from his desk and looked sadly out the window at the city below. Sighing deeply, he made his way to his bedroom in the hopes of getting some sleep before the busy day in the morning.

A Meeting with the ChancellorEdit

The capital city of Carindes, Siracusai was in ruins. The recent "Grox" attack had devastated much of the Confederate capital with the battle itself causing the very sky of the planet to change into a deep red, with estimates saying that the recovery of the planet would take many years indeed. Sighing, Chancellor Dastirius, leader of the Allied Systems watched as cleanup droids attempted to repair the massive damage done to the city, oblivious to the growing discord in the streets about the state of the war, which had deteriorated swiftly over the last few months. The Confederacy had been pushed out of the Core Worlds and the Inner Rim, with the situation being even worse in the Quadrants, with the Confederates isolated on Yudumarth.

However, it was not all bad news. Dastirius knew that the Republic was not faring any better and that a swift strike on Orbispira would be enough to destroy any chance of Republic victory. Deep in his musings, Dastirius failed to notice that a hologram suddenly activated at his desk.

  • Unknown: Chancellor. May we speak?

Tyrómairon contacts Dastirius.

Jumping from fright, Dastirius composed himself and turned towards the hologram, despite knowing who was speaking. Since the beginning of the war, this unknown figure had been feeding the Confederacy vital information regarding Republic fleet movements, which had secured many Confederate victories. However, the Chancellor couldn't help but fear this powerful individual, whose hologram conveyed his appearance as a dark, hooded figure.

  • Dastirius: I am very busy, I'm afraid. I need to coordinate the war effort.
  • Unknown: Do not forget who put you in your position, Chancellor. You will find the time to speak.

A shiver suddenly shot down Dastirius' neck.

  • Dastirius: Yes, of course. I apologise. What did you want to discuss?
  • Unknown: The war's end draws near, Chancellor. We must strike soon while the Republic is disorganised.
  • Dastirius: I assume you refer to a possible attack on Orbispira that has been floating around with the Admiralty. It's impossible with all the hyperlanes so heavily fortified.

The unknown figure frowned slightly.

  • Unknown: Do not be so sure. The answer lies on Taracondor. The governor there possesses knowledge about the Conexivus Route, which leads directly to Orbispira. Task Zillum to retrieve this information and immediately amass a fleet to conquer Orbispira. And then... A new era will arise.
  • Dastirius: I have trusted you before and the Confederacy has made gains, but how does this benefit you?

He knew as soon as he spoke that he made a mistake, throughout the war, the figure had provided information to the Confederacy and had never given the Chancellor a reason to doubt him.

  • Unknown: Now, now Chancellor. Do not ask questions for answers you do not need to know and you will prosper as the leader of the Confederacy for years to come.

Dastirius couldn't help but feel like the figure had made a veiled threat, after all, such a powerful individual would be well within his power to send this information to the Republic instead of the Confederacy.

  • Dastirius: I apologise, I should never have doubted you.
  • Unknown: Farewell Chancellor, the next we meet, your worries will be relieved.

As the transmission ended, Dastirius knew that the figure was correct as always. He could feel it. The war would end in a matter of days, with the Confederacy sitting upon the throne of Cyrannus.

Onward to TaracondorEdit

Day Two

Apollo watches as the fleet goes to war.

Despite the fact that the lightning storm had passed over the Presidential District, Apollo still couldn't sleep that night. Rising from his bed early the next morning, his personal assistant droid poured a brew of Chuchulias Coffee, which Apollo considered a must before the start of any day. Soon after he had prepared himself, the President stepped into his private shuttle and sped off through the skylanes of Orbispira in order to attend his meeting with Admiral Deoclet Caesarius, who claimed to have vital information about the war's possible conclusion.

As the speeder touched down on the landing field, an impressive sight lay before Apollo and his entourage as a fleet of Republic warships, both new and old designs, lifted off into the atmosphere. Standing a couple of metres away was Caesarius, who stood proudly as he watched the mighty fleet that would take the battle to the Confederacy. Apollo walked up beside him.

  • Apollo: I take it the fleet is up to snuff, Admiral?
  • Caesarius: As ever, Mr. President. I trust you are here for the information I mentioned in our earlier conversation?

Apollo clasped his hands behind his back.

  • Apollo: Of course. This war needs to end and it needs to end now. You mentioned something about Taracondor?
  • Caesarius: Yes. The governor of the planet has apparently discovered an Oikoumene artifact that reveals a hyperspace route between Orbispira and Carindes. Controlling such a hyperspace route would surely end the war in favour of which ever side controls it. However, there exists a problem. A Condan spy working within the Governor's palace leaked this information to the Confederacy, who attacked the planet about half an hour a go. Before the authorities on Taracondor could question this spy, the miserable fellow jumped to his death from the highest pinnacle of the palace.

Apollo scratched his chin in thought.

  • Apollo: This mission is above top secret, Admiral. There are more sinister things in the galaxy than the Confederacy that would be quite happy to use this information to our detriment. Ensure that this mission is quick and decisive and the war will end sooner rather than later.

With that, Caesarius saluted his President and turned towards his newly constructed flagship, content that the mission would go perfectly as planned. As he watched the massive ships lifting off into orbit, Apollo couldn't help feel a sense of unease...

Battle of TaracondorEdit


The Republic Fleet has company.

Day Three

On the bridge of his flagship, Admiral Caesarius sat with his hands templed. The bright blue void of hyperspace surrounded the bridge of the prototype Imperator-class Star Destroyer as it and its fleet hurtled towards Taracondor. Suddenly, hyperspace gave way to real-space as the fleet of Republic vessels entered low orbit over the Mid Rim planet, the blue hue of the atmosphere and large clouds surrounding the ships. Rising from his seat, Caesarius pointed at the main viewscreen, which showed a fleet of Confederate cruisers almost directly ahead of the Republic task force.

  • Caesarius: "All cruisers, fire at will! Launch ground forces and prepare my shuttle for an immediate launch."

Acknowledging the Admiral's orders, the entire fleet began firing at the Confederates, which promptly returned fire. Lances of blue and red crisscrossed over Taracondor, impacting against the cruisers of both fleets as shuttle and gunboats launched from the Republic Star Destroyers on transit to the capital of Taracondor, where the planet's governor and the vital information essential for the outcome of the war would hopefully be found.

Landing on the Governor's Palace landing platform, Caesarius and his trooper escort surveyed the city below. A Confederate frigate hung silently above the cityscape while fighters of both factions fought each other between the towering buildings. Entering the Governor's reception room, they were shocked to see a massive Mortalitas and his warriors holding a prisoner hostage. Alongside the prisoner was the corpse of the governor whose body had shown clear signs of an execution-style kill.

  • Zillum: "You're too late, Republic scum! We have the information, and with it, your Republic shall fall."

Just as Caesarius and his escort were about to fire on the Confederates, Zillum shoved the prisoner to the ground and beamed up. Rushing forward, Caesarius looked at the prisoner with interest. He was large, maroon saurian not too dissimilar from a Miluiel.

  • Prisoner: "You have my thanks, Admiral Caesarius."

Caesarius narrowed his eyes.

  • Caesarius: "You have me at a disadvantage, Mr...?"
  • Tyrómairon: "Tyrómairon. I am what you might call a... power broker. The governor's death was inconvenient, but contrary to the Mortalitas' claim, it does not portend the end of the Republic. I too possess the knowledge you seek."

Caesarius smiled.

  • Caesarius: "Excellent. Though Orbispira is at risk. If we are truly to emerge victorious in this war, we must first warn the capital against the impending assault. Then... then we shall discuss your knowledge about the Conexivus Route."
  • Tyrómairon: "And I would be happy to divulge. I assure you, the best days of the galaxy are ahead."

The Battle of OrbispiraEdit

The Battle for CyrannusEdit


Apollo awakes to find Orbispira under siege.

Early in the morning in the Presidential Palace, Apollo and Gianne Inviá were still sleeping peacefully, dreaming about the impending end of the war and with it, Apollo's presidency. The two had planned to retire to a world deep within the Core Worlds to raise their children in peace away from the politics of Orbispira and the next President, who by all accounts pointed at Apollo's political enemy Guolivian. Suddenly, both were thrown from their bed by a colossal explosion. Disorientated, Gianne managed to recover herself and walked over the window, pulling back the shutters to reveal a crashed Venator-class Star Destroyer which had plowed into a nearby skyscraper.

  • Gianne Inviá: "By the gods, it must have been a terrible accident."

Just as Apollo was about to reply, his personal guards burst into the room.

  • Guard: "Sirs, we are under attack. A Confederate fleet is in orbit and has engaged the home fleet. For your safety, we recommend that you follow us to the bunker."

Apollo nodded, a grave expression etched on his face. As he watched the scene from the window, two Confederate frigates dropped out of orbit and began engaging low-level Republic forces directly outside the Presidential Palace. Gathering Kara and Laoi, the Presidential couple began to follow the guards to the bunker, while the sound of turbolaser fire in the distance filled their ears.

Suddenly, a gigantic figure dropped from the ceiling, brandishing his energy sword and a Confederate battle rifle. Within the space of three seconds, the new arrival cut down two of the guards with his sword, and disintegrated the other with his rifle. Stepping forward, the figure reignited his sword and approached Apollo, Gianne, Kara and Laoi.

  • Zillum: "Well now, what have we here!"

The Sky is AflameEdit

Parental Instinct

Pushing Gianna and Apollo aside, Zillum lifted the little Kara up by the throat and held her menacingly into the air, a sadistic smile etched on his reptilian face. Apollo and Gianne rushed forward, only to be kicked down by the massive Mortalitas.

  • Zillum: "Now, Mr. President. I will destroy you. Starting with your spawn."

Just as he was about to crush down on the youngster's neck, Gianne leapt forward and kicked the Confederate general in the face, grabbing her daughter and knocking Zillum down with her powerful tail. Lifting up Laoi, Apollo urged Gianne to run as fast as she could. Taking out his Presidential Pistol, Apollo pointed it his nemesis, filled with a cold fury as the Mortalitas began to recover.

  • Apollo: "Stay. Away. From. Them."

The President fired two stun blasts at Zillum's head, knocking him out cold. Holstering his weapon, Apollo ran as fast as he could to keep up with his family, wondering to himself if this portended the end of the Republic itself. The mission to Taracondor must have failed and with it, the Confederacy now had free reign throughout the Core. And with the Core at their command, the war would end swiftly. Suddenly, the President bumped into a large golden saurian who was in the midst of protecting Gianne, Kara and the Presidential Dvottie, Tigarlu.

  • Apollo: "Mezzadriel, it's good to see you. Zillum is right behind us, stunned but not for long."
  • Mezzadriel: "It is good to see you too, Apollo. However, I really must insist that we keep moving, the entire planet is under siege."

Despite the grave situation, Apollo grinned at Gianne, impressed with her action against Zillum.

  • Apollo: "I'm so attracted to you right now."

Zillum and the Benefactor

Getting to his feet, Zillum roared in rage. He was the most powerful warrior in the galaxy and he was beaten by two weak little politicians. As he got to his feet, he prepared to give chase when suddenly, his holo-device indicated that someone desired to speak with him. A chill ran down the mighty General's spine. He knew who it was. As he activated the device, the holographic image of his mysterious benefactor appeared, garbed in dark crimson cloaks and with a hood draped over his head.

  • Unknown: "The end of this conflict is near, General. I trust you have obeyed my directives to the letter."
  • Zillum: "In most part. My fleet is engaged in orbit while I have ventured down to the planet. The President must be silenced."

The figure adopted a cold, but noticeably more stern demeanor.

  • Unknown: "Return to your flagship immediately. You waste my time with clumsy assassination attempts. Take heed, the Republic's final week dawns and with it, the future of Cyrannus begins."

The Battle of Orbispira.

Zillum growled and terminated the transmission, beaming up to his warship, the Lucid Voice to command the battle in orbit.

The Battle of Orbispira

On the bridge of his Venator-class Star Destroyer, the Resolute, Admiral Willelmus Cretacea gravely watched the scene unfold in the low atmosphere of the Capital Planet. Thousands of Republic Star Destroyers engaged in deadly broadsides with their Confederate adversaries as the power of tens of thousands of suns were exchanged in the final colossal battle for the future of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Admiral Cretacea knew that the victor of this battle to end all battles would surely win the war and at the present time, fortune favoured the bold; the Confederacy was winning. Turning to his bridge officers, Cretacea cleared his throat.

  • Admiral Cretacea: "We are not prepared for this attack. After the Basileus blockaded the Perliama Run, our fleet is stretched thin. But let there be no doubt, we will not let this planet fall. We will fight to the last ship to ensure that Zillum and his Confederates are defeated and only then will the Republic finally be at peace. We will endure and we will never relent! Target the nearest Confederate ship and open fire. Send these slime to their ends!"

From the mighty turbolasers and hyperspace missile launchers of the Resolute, the flagship of the Home Fleet unleashed unrelenting power against the nearby Confederate battleships. A Munificus-class Frigate was caught with its shields down and was sent to oblivion when a hyperspace missile materialised within its bridge, while a mighty Confederate Dreadnought was gutted by the tremendous power of the Resolute's ventral superlaser in a massive bloom of light that outshone Orbispira's sun.

Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Lucid Voice, Zillum had finally regained his composure and was directing his mighty fleet against the Republic with a noticeable gleam in his eye. Standing behind him, Chancellor Dastirius watched frowning. When he began his political career, he could not have expected that it would lead him here, waging war for control over Orbispira. Suddenly, something caught Zillum's eye; A Venator-class Star Destroyer approaching the Lucid Voice with a terrible ferocity. Zillum widened his eyes in anticipation.

  • Zillum: "Cretacea. The son escaped my grasp, but the father shall not."

As the battle continued, on board Deoclet Caesarius's flagship hurtling toward the planet in the void of hyperspace, Tyrómairon sat alone in a dark room, internally visualising the battle in real-time as well as billions of potential divergent courses the battle may take. Opening his eyes, the room returned to normal lighting.

  • Tyrómairon: "All has led to this."

Death of the ConfederacyEdit

The starboard wing of the Resolute exploded under the intense bombardment from the Lucid Voice. The two massive vessels were circling one another like marine predators, unleashing petatons of energy as thousands of Republic and Confederate vessels clashed around them. In the endless city below, Zillum ordered hundreds of drones on suicide runs of the Senate District, killing those who had failed to heed to the mandatory evacuation and causing the massive dome of the Senate Tower to collapse in upon itself.

On the bridge of the Resolute, Admiral Cretacea nursed a severe shoulder injury while barking orders to his surviving crewmates. The arrival of three dozen vessels under Admiral Laege Shavalera gave him hope that victory was possible, though the fact remained that the Republic was militarily outmatched. While the devastation wrought upon the Confederate fleet at the recent Battle of Carindes was reported to be close to seventy percent of their entire fleet, it appeared that Zillum's personal armada had many more vessels than Republic Intelligence believed. While the Republic fleet had larger numbers overall, only a small portion had arrived in time to combat the Confederacy.

Another massive explosion rocked the Resolute, snapping Cretacea out of his reverie.

  • Crewmember: "Admiral! Shields are at three percent, we can't take another hit like that!"

Just as the Admiral was about to order the Resolute to ram into the Lucid Voice, another crewmember suddenly informed him that a massive fleet was dropping out of hyperspace. To his shock, a vast Republic fleet, a thousand strong, materialised from the void with turbolasers blazing, led by the prototype Star Destroyer Exactor.

On the bridge of the Lucid Voice, Zillum watched with unease. The tables had turned and he had no intention of dying for a useless cause. Nevertheless, he activated the holocommunicator as instructed—revealing Tyrómairon. Zillum genuflected slightly before the Dark Lord, much to Dastirius' surprise.

  • Zillum: "Your timing is inopportune. One more volley and Cretacea is dead. I will be the one to kill him."

Tyrómairon peered out from his hooded robe, a malicious smile etched on his face.

  • Tyrómairon: "No. No, I think not."

Zillum bared his teeth.

  • Zillum: "Do not trifle with me, "my Lord". I am a servant to nobody. I will not be denied my reveng-"

The bridge darkened considerably. Zillum's surviving bridge officers began to choke on an unseen force. The ship itself seemed to splinter as if caught in the inescapable gravity of a black hole. Only Zillum and Dastirius appeared unfazed, though the Mortalitas suspected this was by design.

  • Tyrómairon: "Silence!"

Zillum narrowed his eyes as he stood to his feet.

  • Tyrómairon: "Now, the time has come. Eliminate Dastirius."
  • Dastirius: "Wait, wha-"

Zillum did not betray his surprise. Acting instantly, he whirled on his feet, lifting the Chancellor of the Confederacy off the ground by the neck. He was never comfortable taking orders from a foolish politician, least of all a Libertus. With cold satisfaction, he could feel the life of the Chancellor draining from him, before finally, he slammed the broken corpse to the bulkhead.

  • Zillum: "It is done."
  • Tyrómairon: "You have served our new Empire, well, Lord Zillum. Return to Carindes to await my command."

Nodding as the hologram dissipated, the Lucid Voice and its escort fleet shot off into hyperspace. On the bridge of the Resolute, Cretacea sighed in relief. The combined Outer and Mid Rim armada, led by Admiral Caesarius, had utterly annihilated the surviving Confederate stragglers. Interdiction fields were raised by the Exactor, preventing any further surprises appearing in the darkened skies above the capital, while simultaneously preventing escape. A figure known as Tyrómairon, who had been making in roads as a power broker for years, held the key to the Republic's victory—the Conexivus route leading directly into Confederate space. Though to Cretacea's unease, Senator Guolivian was quick to circumvent presidential authority, granting this Tyrómairon the honour of addressing a full session of the Senate, while Apollo was nowhere to be found.


  • This story serves as a retcon to the last month of the war, including the Battle of Orbispira and the events leading to the rise of the Empire.

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