"Pure Problems" is the storyline in the Great Cyrannus War surrounding the battle of Republic of Miragna and the Union of Lu Sarteck.

Prologue: The Virus Edit

Laraia, the ambassador from the Orbispira, was visiting Anastasis, the capital of the Miragnan Republic. She felt herself uncomfortable. The planet was located far from its sun, and Laraia, born in the world where the every part of the nature was controlled, shriveled from the cold. Luckily, Radeons, who were apparently resistant to the low temperature due to their fur, have given her a coat. She has walked to the largest building in the capital, protected by two large droids. Immediately, the machines stood in the front of the Laraia, stopping her.

- Identify yourself.
- Laraia Aenia, the ambassador from the United Republic of Cyrannus... Inner Rim.
- Provide the proofs of your identity.

Laraia has put the small, silver card out of her pocket, with the small icon of the Republic and her photo engraved on it. The droids have taken it from here. They have been studying the card for some time, then gave it back to Laraia.

- Identity proven. Enter. Any hostility shall be deal with accordingly.

Laraia has entered the grey and bleak halls made of concrete. Radeons in the building have met her with.hostility and distrust, and in their eyes Laraia could see cold hatred. Once again she has felt herself uncomfortable, this time not due to the cold of the planet but the cold of those who inhabited it. She has ascended the long stairs and eventually has entered the small room located at the.pinnacle of the building. A Radeon woman was sitting there, awaiting her guest. She wore simple clothing but by her imperious look Laraia has realised who she was.

- Senator Agnassana, I guess?
- Indeed. And you are the Ambassador Laraia from the Cyrannus Senate, I guess? Good... I wished to show you one... thing our scientists have discovered.

Agna has opened the large door in the room. There, a huge, monstrous Trucinex was standing, surrounded by the few Radeon scientists.

- Viralnex?! - Laraia has screamed. Her family was murdered in the Trucinex War by these very mutants.
- Do not fear. It is sedated and is not dangerous. However, by studying this specimen we have realised what was the cause of its mutation... It was some kind of virus. We in Miragnan Republic have changed it a bit so it could be controlled. Let me show how does that work. Is that animal around you a Dvottie? Give it to me, please.

Agnassana has taken a small Dvottie out of Laraia's hands and has placed it into a jar filled with water. Radeons have pressed few buttons on the computer located close to the jar, and the water there has started to turn black. At the same time, the Dvottie has started to mutate. Spikes and blades grew on its back, and its feathers turned darker. Finally, the Dvottie grew in size and jumped out of the jar. It was now twice larger than Laraia. The monstrous bird growled in rage.

- Aaah! - Laraia screamed in horror.
- Do not worry. It is not aggressive. It is completely controlled by me. Look!

Agna has pointed at the Viralnex in the room. The beast immediately jumped and ripped him in two.

- Isn't if beautiful, ambassador? If you and the Senate shall agree, we shall make more of these creatures. They shall be our greatest weapon against the Confederation.
- This is... the crime against the nature itself! We cannot allow it!
- Ambassador, do you want to win the War? These creatures would be very useful if you want to.
- If that is for the good of the Republic... so be it.
- Good. We shall mass-produce them soon... For the glory of the Republic, yes.

Laraia has left the room and has soon returned to Orbispira. Away from the War, away from the nightmares, away from the terror.

Chapter 1: The Infection Edit

Alazarus was a small world belonging to the Confederacy. Away from the Great Cyrannus War, it knew no conflict in its history. Until now...

In the night sky of the world, the lone light could be seen. That was the Miragnan spaceship entering the atmosphere of the planet. Silently, shrouded by the darkness, it has landed and opened its doors.

- Unleash the virus.

Within minutes, the Purity Dvotties have been roaming the planet, murdering and infecting the local lifeforms. The infection has been slow and deadly, and at the end of the night, half of the planet was corrupted by the virus. However, the inhabitants of the world were still unaWare of this - until the sunrise.

The inhabitants of the world have been awakening from their sleep, getting ready for the labor. While one of the Wexord citizen was working in a factory, he has noticed a small insect stinging him, leaving a small wound. Only a nuisance, he thought - and he was wrong. Suddenly, the wound has been turning black and spreading to the whole body. The Wexord has grown tentacles all over his body as his muscles were enlarging and his hands were becoming clawed. His mind now belonged to the virus, and it was telling the Wexord to kill. Growling furiously, the beast that once was a Wexord leaped at his former comrades, murdering them immediately. Not even in death, however, they could not find rest. The Purity virus has transformed their bodies into the husks of the corruption ready to attack.

Soon, the monsters have emerged from the factory, murdering and killing everyone on the planet. Within second, the soldiers rose to fight the infection, but they could not survive the rush of mutants. Slowly, the virus was consuming Wexords, turning all of them into the mindless beasts. As the planet was conquered, Agnassana was looking at the carnage from the sanctity of the spaceship orbitting the planet.

- Perfect, perfect. The plan is going right. - said Agnassana while laughing - The virus works!
- Sorry for interrupting you, ma'am, but... are you sure the virus is controllable?
- responded Ilthron Aleri, Agnassana's personal advisor. - Indeed, it is! Don't you see, Ilthron? One my word, and they all shall serve me! Let me show you...

The spaceship has landed to the planet, and Agnassana has left it, entering the infected planet. With one gesture, she spoke to the mutants:

- On the spaceships, scum! Go, infect more!

Instinctively, the mutants have entered Agnassana's flagship along with Senator herself.

- The mutants have retained some of their sentience - enough to serve me. And those who are non-sentient serve us instinctively... telepathy, I assume. - Agnassana told her advisor. - There is nothing to worry about.

Within the minuted, the infected were boarded on spaceships and sent to another planet to infect. However, there was some resistance. One of the Wexords survived the onslaught, a CAS captain, Xor Nazar. Fleeing on his spaceship, he was now going to Warn his people of the terrible enemy.

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