Hmpf. A new year has started. A new year in which the United Republic of Cyrannus still strives. I cannot trust that idiotic lot of the Confederacy to do their job right. Either on these ridiculous Tralor or Grox. I cannot believe I was once part of that. Bleh! The life of a demon is far...far...more interesting. And if I want to end that corrupt Republic, I have to do it from the roots...

- Mar-Júun
Mar-Júun Watches

Mar-Júun watches the city from a building

It was new year on Cyrannus. The Republic partied, hoping for a better future in the war that was ravaging the galaxy. However, a third party was also present. Mar-Júun teleported to Orbispira and watched the fireworks. He really couldn't care less about the new year right now. He left all that behind when he linked his being to the demonic Shu'wokerama. But he still had his old ambitions, and with his new powers, he hoped in making them true on that night...

Mar-Júun - What a waste of time. Rush with this meaningless commemoration already.

He awaited for hours, until midnight. By that time, everyone was asleep, including Mar-Júun's victim: President Apollo. Mar-Júun teleported to inside the building and quielty walked through it. He passed through Laoi and Kara's bedroom. He stopped for a moment, but resumed his way.

Mar-Júun - Hmm, no, I'll leave you two alive. So you can see your dead father when you wake up...

After walking some more, Mar-Júun finally found Apollo's bedroom. Both him and Gianne were in there. This just made Mar-Júun more eager.

Mar-Júun - Both the president and his wife in the same time. Happy new years for me, hah.

The Basileus approached the bed quietly, preparing his blades. A single blow of entropic energy would be enough to assassinate both. As he was about to do what he wished for so much time, someone grabbed him by the tial and threw him against a wall. It was Mezzadriel, a Miluiel.

Mar-Júun and Miluiel

Mar-Júun is confronted by Mezzadriel

Mar-Júun - Arrgh, what now?...a Miluiel?
Mezzadriel - Keep away from the president, demonic being!
Mar-Júun - I will not be interrupted so next to victory!

Mar-Júun and Mezzadriel started to fight. The noise woke Apollo and Gianne up, both startled to see a Basileus in their bedroom. Using its powers, Mezzadriel punched Mar-Júun, causing his weapons to fall off a nearby window.

Mezzadriel - You are unarmed now. Begone!
Mar-Júun - Foolish!

Mar-Júun jumped on the bed and grabbed Gianne, making her hostage. He holded her neck with one hand while the other was enguled in a dark purple flame.

Mar-Júun - Give up, or she is dust!
Gianne - Aaaah! Let me go!

This, however, made Apollo extremely furious.

Apollo - Get your hands off her!

Apollo jumped on Mar-Júun, much to everyone's surprise, and started to push him. Gianne freed herself and hid behind Mezzadriel. Apollo then punched Mar-Júun in the face, knocking out of the window. The Basileus fell off the building and hit the ground, with a loud bone cracking noise being heard. Gianne hugged Apollo, who breathed deeply.

Mar-Júun got up and grabbed his weapons. Despite the height he fell, his powers made that do very little damage.

Mar-Júun - Cursed Apollo! I'll get in there again and...

Several more Miluiel, as well as guards started to appear, surrounding Mar-Júun.

Mar-Júun - Aaaarggh! I have been outsmarted this time, but next time, you won't be so lucky!

Mar-Júun disappeared in a black fog explosion, leaving everyone confused. Apollo and Gianne, seeing the assassin was finally gone, went back to sleep. But it would be a matter of time until he was back, for a second round...


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