Royal JudgementEdit

Supreme Commander Guro 'Chavamee of the Fourth Fleet of Divine Salvation was very bored. Certainly it is not the will of the gods that I sit in my ship all day and watch for intruders all day. I wish I could actually fight once in a while.

  • Cognati Major: Commander, the Priests's frigate is approaching. Their shipmaster, Sesa 'Taromee, says he has orders for us to escourt him to the outer colonies of the URC, around Basileus space.
  • Guro 'Chavamee: Let me speak to him.

Instantly, a white armored Cognati appeares on the ship's communications screen to speak to the gold armored Commander.

  • Sesa 'Taromee: This is the Shipmaster of the Frigate, the Royal Judgement en-route to the Adelphi colonies beyond Basileus space. The Supreme Leader, Voro Acetenus himself, has instructed us to tell you that you are to escourt my ship around Basileus space.
  • Guro 'Chavamee: Very well then, off we go.

Finally, something to do, he thought to himself.


Beacon in the Void 4

A Cognatus ship is destroyed.

High Preist Onsoona Ratu 'Zeclis was an important religious and diplomatic figure for the Remnant. He was an old Cognati, and slightly taller than most, and had lighter skin than the average Cognati. He was assigned by the rest of the High Preist Onsoonas to improve relations with the Adelphi, which had been slipping in this area since they were cut off by Basileus colonization.

  • Sesa 'Taromee: We are now intruding in Basileus space, we shouldn't need to get out as long as we stay in the outskirts of their territory. They tend to be very protective of their territory, and attack intruders, even of the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

Then, as if in response to the Shipmaster's warning, a laser seems to erupt from nowhere and destroy one of the fleet's battlecruisers as three Basileus Star Destroyers disengage their cloak and appear near the fleet.

  • Ratu 'Zeclis: By the gods! We've got to get out of here before we're all destroyed!
  • Guro 'Chavamee: No, we're not retreating! We stand and fight like all other Cognati do! All units! This is Supreme Commander Guro 'Chavamee of the flagship, Glorious Sword! Man your battle stations! The fleet is under attack by Basileus ships! Man your battle stations!

The two flagships, the Glorious Sword and the Timeless Chorus, move into a sideways formation as they launch a barrage of particle beams and plasma rounds to dispatch any oncoming Basileus fighters, and then they begin to bombard the enemy's shields. However, the Basileus ships launched wave after wave of boarding craft, eventually penetrating Cognatus defenses, and boarding several of the ships. Six of the borading craft land on the Cognatus frigate, the Royal Judgement, location of the High Preist Onsoona.

Commander NakatarEdit

  • CN: This is Commander Nakatar to Basileus Command Ship, Corporeal Scythe. We have infiltrated the enemy ship, and we have begun searching for the bridge to comandeer it.
  • Basileus Fleet Officer: Roger that sir. We have begun drawing them back into our space, to be intercepted by the fleet near our colony, Narko.
  • CN: Good. Over and out. Alright troops, move to the bridge! We capture this vessel, and use it to infiltrate the flagship!
  • Troops: Sir, yes sir!

The Basileus troops from the boarding craft begin to advance through the various hallways of the Cogantus Light Frigate. The "Grim Reapers", as they are called, were an elite group of Basileus commandos th at were tasked by the Imperius Leader to infiltrate the frigate and locate the High-Preist Onsoona. They reeked destruction wherever they went and killed everyone in their path.

After many hours of serching through the frigate, they found the High-Preist Onsoona's quarters.

  • CN: Attention Ratu 'Zaclis! Come out of hiding and fight! Break down his door.

The two nearby guards use their weapons to break open the door, only to be me by a flurry of plasma blasts, killing the two unfortunate soldiers. Then remaining Commandos take coverbehin the walls outside his quarters.

  • Ratu 'Zaclis: Come and fight me you cowards!

Six commandos barge in at once. He manages to kill one, but the remaining ones disarm and immobilize him. They hold onto his arms and legs as their commander walks up, his sword unsheathed.

  • CN: Your "gods" cannot save you now.
  • Ratu 'Zaclis: Blas-

He only got half of the syllables out of his mouth before he realized that the end of Commander Naklar's sword was jutting out from the end of his torso. His lifeless body hung limply in the commando's arm, and when they let go of him he slumped onto the floor.

  • NC: Get the body loaded onto the escape craft! We're sending a message to Cyrandia Alliance command central.


After the murder of High Priest Onsoona Ratu 'Zaclis, the Basileus flagship, Corporeal Scythe sent a transmission to the nearby Adelphi and Xiaan colonies, as well as the rest of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

To all who may hear. I, Commander Nakatar, have slain your precious Ratu 'Zaclis. This serves as an example to all those who cross into our space!

- Commander Nakatar in a transmission to all of the Cyrannus Galaxy

The majority of the galaxy was shocked at the lengths the Basileus would go to to protect their territory.

Commander Nakatar speaks to a very angry holographic Imperius Leader. Imperius Leader - Commander Nakatar! What did you do!? You weren't supposed to kill the Priest!

CN - I am sorry most gracious Imperius Leader. It will not happen again.

Imperius Leader - No, it won't. And why in the world did you threaten everyone in Cyrannus to stay out of Basileus space? What of our allies? What were you thinking!?

CN - Oh, I wasn't talking about Basileus space.

Beacon in the Void 2

Fleet emerging from the wormhole.

A smile crept over Nakatar's face as the image flickered, and died. "Let the fun part begin," he thought to himself.

The Imperius Leader sent a Basileus task force to kill Nakatar for treason against the New Basileus Empire, but when the he arrived, Nakatar' entire fleet, and any traces of his presence, was gone from Basileus space.

As the Basileus fleet disengaged their cloak and prepared to leave the system, an enormous wormhole appeared in their path and several large, red ships came out of it. Surprised by the new arrivals, Nakatar ordered his ships to open fire on them. The ships immediately opened return-fire and pushed the Basileus fleet back to their territory. The ships send a warning transmission to the Basileus leader when they enter the atmosphere of the Basileus planet.

Ship - This is the Mercuris Federation flagship, the Planet Eviscerator. By imperial order of Emperor Mercuris, you must disengage and leave this planet.

CN - Am I supposed to fear you lowly worms? You may have destroyed one of my ships, but you are no match for my defenses.

Ship - So be it. That was your last warning.

Beacon in the Void 6

Glassing the Basileus World.

When the Mercuris Federation's fleet breached the city's perimeter, it began to destroy the entire area with hyper-accelerated excavation beams. All attempts to threaten or attack the fleet were anything but useful. The entire world had to be evacuated before the entire planet's surface was scorched to a crisp.

The Blood of the SunsEdit

Meketanor's Task

The three conspiring.

Somewhere, on a planet in the outer rim the Dark Lord summoned his two most trusted acolytes, Meketanor and Agonânghâsh to speak with him. The Dark Lord teleported them to an odd place where they were surrounded by a cylinder of light and smiled, watching the transmission from Commander Nakatar.

Tyrómairon - All goes as planned my servants. Soon the galaxy will be mine.

Meketanor - Yes master.

Agonânghâsh - Excellent my lord.

Antediluvan - Yes. Meketanor, I have a task for you. The Apocalyptan Marinox turned his head to see the Antediluvan was smiling broadly.

Meketanor - Of course master. What is my mission?

After Meketanor learned of his mission, the cylinder of light disappeared, along with Tyrómairon and Agonânghâsh, and he was in the middle of a battlefield between Shu'wokerama's Corruptus demons, and a group of Miluiel. Meketanor used his dark Apocalyptan powers to crush several of the Miluiel immediately. The rest were finished off as time went on. After all of the Miluiel were destroyed, a small portal opened up, in which Meketanor and the two Mor'natios that followed him went through.

Regarding the Confederacy

Meketanor killing the Confederate Leaders.

When Meketanor emerged at the other end of the portal, he was in a small cave with all of the Confederacy of Allied Systems leaders in it. Following the Dark Lord's orders, he killed all but two of the Confederate Leaders, leaving only Zillum and Titanozor. He then disappeared into another portal and rendevouzed with Mar-Juun to destroy a tribe that was holding Capricornians hostage. Meketanor then took the appearance of one that he captured and freed them.They thanke him, and they left the planet in the fighters that they came in.

Corthrinus - Errm, thanks for...saving us...

Libertus - Yes, thank you. What's your name?

Meketanor (in disguise) - Sorvo Rie-Arto. So, where are we going?

Corthrinus - We're going to the hub.

The Meeting of PreludeEdit

To be Continued...

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