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General Zillum had retreated to Planet Carindes after his flag was destroyed. While preparing a new one, he was unaware of what was stalking him. The biggest Grox Cube fleet in years, led by Commandant Khuenaten, approached the planet each day with the plan of annihilating it. Carindes was one of the most important planets of the CAS, and losing it would be a massive defeat which would damage the entire Confederacy. Khuenaten also wished to duel with Zillum himself, seeing it as a way of proving his superiority.


Admiral Tyrant's warningEdit

Zillum and Tyrant

Zillum meets with Admiral Tyrant

Zillum had taken residence in Carindes while a new ship was prepared for him. He took the opportunity to rest and think on his strategies. He never expected the Republic to have the guts of doing after him like that, or that he would lose his flagship that way. It was then that he got the visit of a fellow captain of the Confederacy, Admiral Tyrant of the Tiranozark.

As the two greeted, Tyrant warned Zillum about an upcoming threat to Carindes. A massive swarm of Grox Cubes was approaching the planet and could arrive at any moment. Tyrant showed Zillum that the Confederate Navy had been warned of this invasion, and reinforcements were preparing for the attack. While Zillum couldn't give his support on space, he would lead the forces on the ground, as he knew of the Grox's tactic of launching Conqrix, Marinox and Caprigrox on land. As they finished discussing, Tyrant left back to his spaceship.

It was then that Zillum heard something in the other room. After he checked, he found nothing, but still could feel a strange presence in the air.

The invasionEdit

First Dronox strikeEdit

Carindes Dronox Attack

Mortalitas troops fighting the Conqrix and Marinox

Both ground and space forces were ready to ward the invaders off. The Grox fleet finally appeared and approached quickly. Tyrant cleaned his robotic eye, as he didn't believe the size on what he saw. The Grox fleet was gigantic, and led by what appeared to be a much larger Cube. He wondered to himself what could motivate them to do such a thing against their capital.

As the fleets clashed, smaller Cubes entered the atmosphere, and while dodging fire from the defenses, fired their Conqrix Hives at the surface. Dronox, Caprigrox and Marinox all started to exit these Hives and swarmed across the land. Conferedate troops were tasked to deal with these Hives the fastest they could, as they were creating drones faster than they could be stopped.

Meanwhile, the larger Cube entered the atmosphere, and several others orbited it in a defensive position. Whatever that Cube was doing was still unknown...

A Desperate Counterattack Edit

Battle of the CAS Capital 02

Confederate ships shoot down invading Dronox ships.

The planet was in chaos, countless Dronox Hives landed on various locations across the capital world. Citizens fled for their lifes, and the CAS fleet in orbit had to act.

Taking measures to protect the innocent civilians of the planet, Admiral Pagrin of the Anazaxi Pride rallied a large fleet to converge on the location where the majority of the Dronox ships were landing. Launching a volley of turbolaser fire, Pagrin's fleet quickly destroyed the Dronox Hives. However, this was an easy battle compared to the frightening ferocity of the Grox's attack.

Pagrin looked at his viewscreen. Massive amounts of Grox Cubes emerged from hyperspace every moment. He looked fearful that even the CAS would be unable to stop these mechanical tyrants.

Caprigrox distraction Edit

Battle of the CAS Capital 03

Caprigrox troops attacking the city.

While many Conqrix Hives were being destroyed, several had already landed and deployed several drones into the planet. Zillum observed the situation and prepared himself for when the drones attacked Cardiona, the city where he was located. What got him by surprise is that the largest Grox Cube, apparently the one leading the invasion, descended next to the city and fired a Conqrix Hive directly into it.

From this specific Conqrix Hive, a large number of Caprigrox led by a Commander Dronox appeared and unleashed hell into the city. Merely looking at the loathsome appearence of the mutant, cybernetic Libertus made the citizens and troopers sick. Zillum organized his troops and fought the Commander himself, easily besting him in combat.

After some minutes, however, Zillum looked up and was surprised to see that the sky was turning red. At a distance, he saw the massive Grox Cube surrounded by some kind of field, and quickly deduced: that Cube was damaging the atmosphere. What Zillum didn't notice, however, was that a dark, snake-like shadow came out of the Conqrix Hive and was now stalking him...

Red skies of Carindes Edit

Red Skies of Carindes

Zillum watches the Primary Grox Cube.

All CAS troops were signed to deal with the bigger Grox Cube after Zillum's report. The Cube was indeed damaging the atmosphere in an incrediby fast way, causing the planet to heat considerably. The skies were getting darker in colours, and if this threat wasn't stopped in time, the atmosphere would become too hot and toxic for non-Grox life to survive.

Zillum and his troops advanced across the ruined Cardiona, making their way to the spaceport. From that location, Zillum could have a much better view of the enemy target and coordinate a full assault to it. Meanwhile, the navy made their best to stop the apparently endless flow of Grox Cubes invading the planet's territory.

As Zillum advanced, many Dronox, Marinox, Insectrox and Caprigrox all attacked him and his soldiers from all directions, hiding themselves in the city's ruins. The bodies of dead citizens also made good hideouts for the kamikaze Mites. Great part of Zillum's force was lost, but he finally got to the spaceport. It was now a matter of safely climbing all the way to the ceiling to coordinate the attack.

Destruction of the Primary Cube Edit

Battle of the CAS Capital

Tyrant engages the fearsome Grox Cube.

Tyrant was furious with the Grox attack on Carindes and even more so now that they have begun to teleform the planet to suit their own needs. He soon can up with a plan to decapitate the Grox command at the battle by destroying the Primary Cube. However, this would be a dangerous mission and only the bravest captains even thought about volunteering. Nevertheless, within the hour Tyrant had gathered a huge fleet of CAS vessels, all of whom were elated at the chance to destroy the Grox.

The fleet of vessels under the command of Tyrant and the Providence-class Cruiser, the Tempest quickly convened on the Cube's location, only for many ships to fall to the might of the Cube's tremendous superlasers. However, the shields of the Tempest held, and Tyrant fired a barage of turbolaser fire at the key systems of the Cube, followed by the same on the other CAS ships. Soon, the Cube was engulfed in flame, and came crashing down into the ocean.

However, the leader of the attack managed to escape. He had a plan to keep to.

The Commandant's wrath Edit

Khuenaten vs Zillum

Zillum faces Khuenaten.

Zillum was the lone survivor of his force, the rest had all been killed in the climbing of the spaceport. Reaching the highest roof, he grabbed his communicator and reported back to the Navy. He was content to know the Primary Cube had been already destroyed, and the damaging of the atmosphere had been halted. Zillum could see some Cubes in the sky, struggling against the CAS ships, but unorganized after the destruction of their leaders.

However, a figure uncloaked behind Zillum and slashed his back with a blade. The general jumped forward, startled by the sudden, and when he turned, but saw a Marinox with a notably different appearence than the others. The Marinox growled at Zillum and identified itself as Commandant Khuenaten, the leader and coordinator of the Grox invasions against the CAS since Year Two. This made Zillum furious, and Khuenaten laughed at his rage. He challenged the Mortalitas general for a duel to the death, to prove who was the superior being in there.

Zillum and Khuenaten skirmished, blocking each other's attacks with their blades. Zillum had difficulty keeping up with Khuenaten as he was smaller, faster and slimmer than him, easily evading his strikes. Khuenaten would then jump on Zillum and throw him against the ground, proving he was also much stronger than he looked. Zillum, however, saw his as a good opportunity of testing his Apocalyptan powers. As Khuenaten jumped to slash Zilluma gain, he used his powers to throw the Marinox away, as well as stunning him.

Zillum kicked Khuenaten down and prepared to stab his blade through his head, but the Marinox easily evaded the attack and punched Zillum in the face, knocking him away. With Zillum distracted, Kheuanten stabbed him through the chest. Zillum grunted in pain, but managed to grab Khuenaten by the neck and started to stab his head several times. The Marinox felt unconcious, giving Zillum the opportunity of removing his enemy's blade from his chest.

Zillum was bleeding a lot, and was running out of breath. Khuenaten got up, and despite all his damage, could still fight. The Marinox ran into Zillum's direction, wanting to claw his eyes out, but Zilum once again used his powers to stop him. The Marinox found himself locked in midair, and Zillum decided to end that fight there. He got Khuenaten's own blade and decapitated the Marinox with it.

Kheunaten's dead body fell down, and Zillum held his wound in pain. He would then start to hear beeping noises which were getting faster in rate. Looking around, he noticed those sounds were coming from Khuenaten's body. Trying to keep distance from it, Khuenaten's body exploded violently, the knockback of the explosion launching Zillum off the spaceport's roof. He closed his eyes as he fell down. Everything was black...

A nearby trooper heard a noise and looked around until he found Zillum, heavily wounded and unconcious. He called for help, their general needed medical assistance as fast as possible.


Damaged Carindes

How most of Carindes looks like now.

Zillum woke up, hours after the battle. He looked around and saw he was in the Tempest. An Anazasí medic approached the general, who asked what happened. The medic explained that, after Zillum killed Khuenaten, the Grox fleet was scattered and unorganized, making them easy targets. The entire Grox invasion force had been destroyed and Carindes was safe. The atmosphere and the cities were still damaged though, and it would take many years until Carindes was back to normal.

Back in Grox territory, this defeat heavily demoralized the cyborgs. With so many different enemies at once, the Grox decided that, for the security of their territory, they should stop their campaign of destruction across Cyrannus for the time being.

In the Grox Palace, a new drone was carefully constructed. This drone would serve as the new body of Commandant Khuenaten, who would certainly want revenge against High General Zillum...


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