The deciding battle of our time...

- Apollo

The Battle of Orbispira was a titanic battle of the Great Cyrannus War that was fought over the Republic capital of Orbispira near the closing stages of the war in the year 01 BNE/03 ATC. Under orders from the shadowy Tyrómairon, Chancellor Dasá and Zillum of the Confederacy of Allied Systems amassed a massive fleet to strike a critical blow against the Republic by besieging Orbispira, the symbol of the superpower's power over the galaxy as well as to out Apollo as a traitor to the Republic, thus ensuring his removal from power and the creation of a new Imperial Order.

With the URC fleet stretched across the galaxy, attempting to once and for all defeat the Confederacy, much of Orbispira's defence force was absent from the capital planet. Following his master's orders, Zillum saw this as an excellent opportunity to deal a crushing blow to his enemy. However, even the dreaded Mortalitas General had no idea what the future held after this critical battle, which ultimately decided the fate of the entire galaxy.

The Battle Begins Edit

A surprise attackEdit

Battle of Orbispira 02

The Republic fleet is being quickly pushed back by the advancing Confederacy.

Using secret hyperspace coordinates provided by his shadowy lord, Zillum brought his fleet directly out of hyperspace over Orbispira, destroying many Republic ships instantly before they could raise their shields. However, a vast portion of the URC's defence fleet was still operational and a titanic battle ensued, with Zillum in the centre, commanding the Lucid Voice. However, the initial surprise of the invasion eventually wore off for the elite Republic fleet, who eventually managed to inflict casualties on the CAS fleet, though each second more and more battlecruisers excited hyperspace, while the Lucid Voice began aiming at landing pads and military staging areas on the planet surface, destroying them with tactical orbital strikes, killing many citizens.

Meanwhile, Zillum also began sending down landing forces, deploying hundreds of thousands of Mortalitas troopers onto the streets of the capital, causing chaos and disorder among the citizens of the planet.

Battle of Orbispira 01

Apollo is startled to see Orbispira going to war.

Thousands of miles away, Apollo and Gianne Inviá were just waking up. They had a busy day ahead of them in the senate and they were quickly getting ready. However, just as Apollo was opening the curtains, a dreadful sight met his eyes. Massive Venator-class Star Destroyers were looming overhead while launching starfighters in the direction of a massive Confederate fleet looming over the city.

Orbispira was at war.

Chaos in the StreetsEdit

Battle of Orbispira 03

Mortalitas Warriors wreak havoc on Orbispira.

Chaos broke out across the city with more and more Confederate Troopers fighting against the Republic, destroying propety and killing civilians. However, the massive Republic forces present on the planet quickly sprung into action, including the Miluiel who, using their commands over Pure Essence, could kill many CAS troopers at a time. Above the streets, starfighters battled it out, with many crashing into towers, causing heavy damage to many buildings.

Meanwhile, in orbit, Sesoka entered the battlefield on board his flagship, the Precipice and began to engage the Confederate fleet. However, the sheer amount of enemy ships began to take it's toll on the Precipice, and Sesoka ordered that the ship was to be abandoned. Taking a legion of troopers with him, he boarded a Providence-class Cruiser and commandeered it in the name of the URC.

However, despite these victories, all was going according to Zillum's plan...

The Battle Continues Edit

An Unexpected Visitor Edit

Battle of Orbispira 04

The two arch-enemies face eachother.

Apollo, his wife and children were preparing to evacuate Orbispira for a safe haven on Caprica. Apollo of course didn't want to leave and voiced his objections as he approached his shuttle, but his Miluiel guards were insistant that he left the planet. Suddenly, a massive figure appeared behind them, Zillum. The Miluiel formed a defensive shield around Apollo, but Zillum used his new found Apocalyptan powers to crush the throats of Apollo's protecters, and knocked Apollo and Gianne to the ground. Zillum strode forward with a cunning smile on his face and picked up Apollo by his neck, he found that crushing victims with his hands was far more enjoyable. However, while savouring his victory he didn't notice Apollo preparing to kick Zillum, sinking his sickle-shaped foot claw into Zillum's leg. Dropping his captive, Zillum roared out in pain and gave chase to the fleeing family.

However, Zillum quickly gained on his enemies and eventually grabbed Kara, Apollo's daughter by the neck and held her up. He wanted Apollo to see him kill those closest to him. However, suddenly a bright light burst out of Kara, knocking Zillum through the wall. Gianne rushed forward and picked up her daughter and rushed to the emergency bunker, as the shuttle was destroyed. In shock that the baby Libertus had such power, Zillum retreated quickly back to his warship to inform Dasá.

Treachery in Orbit Edit

Battle of Orbispira 05

Morumadáin destroys Apeligateza.

Meanwhile, in orbit, the Dark Lord's second in command, Apeligatesa in the form of Chancellor Dasá, leader of the CAS was meditating in orbit above the battle. He was displeased, he couldn't see the happenings on the planet below, a dark force was blocking his vision. Suddenly, the doors to his chamber opened and a massive figure, one that Apeligatesa didn't recognise stepped in.

The figure introduced himself as Morumadáin and claimed that the Dark Lord had no more use for him. Apeligatesa was furious, this figure had dared confront him and lie about his master. The great Apocalypta attempted to crush Mormadáin, who shot blinding hot lightning at Apeligatesa. The Ultraterrestrial had never experianced the illusion of pain and yet he soon saw the meaning of it at the hands of the superior powers of Morumadáin. Slowly but surely, Apeligatesa vanished, consumed by the darkness of the Apocalypta for eternity, leaving only the form of Dasá hunched in death. Smiling, the new second in command of the Apocalypta returned to his master, to give him the news.

When Zillum returned to the Lucid Voice, he was shocked to see the dead body of the chancellor. However, he felt little emotion, swearing to avenge the death of his leader. Little did he know, that another arch enemy was fast approaching the battle...

Cretacea's Intervention Edit

Battle of Orbispira

The largest battle of the war wages above the planet.

General Zillum had decided that enough was enough. The Confederacy was facing heavy casualities and the Lucid Voice was taking heavy damage from attacking Star Destroyers, such as Captain Pierea commanding the Angelic which was locked in a bitter dogfight with the Lucid Voice. Angered, Zillum ordered a screen of Confederate warships to protect the flagship while Zillum recharged his deflector shields. Zillum wished he was still commanding his old flagship, the Malevolent which could easily spell an end to the Republic forces attacking his retreating fleet.

Spore 2011-10-18 20-11-23

The Lucid Voice sends out hordes of Starfighters.

At that instant Zillum's eyes widened, the massive Spirit of the Republic dropped out of hyperspace followed by the Republic taskforce of the Fleet of Retribution, followed by Vice Admiral Shaw commanding the Valorous. This massive fleet began to make its way toward the Lucid Voice, however Zillum had one more trick up his sleeve. He launched thousands upon thousands of automated starfighters, all set on suicide runs against the bridges of the advancing Republic Star Destroyers. One by one, massive ships exploded and crashed into one another and yet still more ships approached their ultimate target, Zillum.

Spore 2011-10-18 20-09-25

The Fleet of Retribution nears the Lucid Voice.

Within hours of fighting, the Valorous entered a direct engagement with the Lucid Voice and began to exchange broadsides causing massive damage on both ships, however, a lucky shot from the Valorous destroyed the critical navagation systems found on the Lucid Voice causing the massive dreadnought to lose control. The ship's hyperdrive system was activated and the ship began to steer toward Orbispira's moon of Corunnia, the ship was going to have a direct hit with the moon!

Zillum however was prepared for this and quickly made his way to his personal shuttle taking off just as his massive flagship plaughed straight into Corunnia causing a massive blinding light. Zillum was now in shock, he would need to find the CAS leaders to inform them of the battle's probable outcome and of the unfortunate death of Dasá.

The Battles End Edit

An Unexpected Conclusion Edit

Zillum had fled the battle, but the CAS was in no way retreating. On the contrary, it was fighting until the last ship, desperatly trying to cause as much damage to the URC as possible. Giant starships from both factions fell to the ground over the city, causing a huge amount of damage. However, things were beginning to improve on the side of the Republic. Admiral Cretacea was sitting on his command chair, bravely ordering attacks on the deadly Confederate fleet attacking and killing his people on the ground, suddenly, a massive flotilla of ships came out of hyperspace and began attacking the CAS fleet. Cretacea had to blink twice to comprehend what he was seeing. The unknown fleet was massive and made up of Basileus, Cavaneu, Osteola, Adlapuspino, Tenerensis and Mataii ships. Cretacea could hardly believe his eyes, some of the ships belonged to species that hated the URC, such as the Basileus. He was about to open fire when he received a transmission from a Basileus captain, claiming that a powerful individual had united all Capricornian species and now requests to speak before the senate.

At first, Cretacea was hesitant, but after witnessing the fleet teaming up the Republic Navy, finally defeating the CAS and repelling their invasion of Orbispira, he decided to let the fleet dock on Corunnia to meet the senate. With this latest development, the Battle of Orbispira came to an end.

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