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The Great Cyrannus War is the largest in the history of the Cyrannus Galaxy, a gigantic battle for the dominance of one of the greatest galaxies in the First Gigaquadrant. The first year proved devastating on all fronts in the war, massive regions of space are now at total war, with no end in sight. Many more factions, such as the Cyrannian Grox and the Cognatus Remnant came to the spotlight last year, now things are about to get a lot more interesting...

Participants Edit

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Other Stories/Side StoriesEdit

Prolude Edit

The Shape of Things to Come Edit

Near the celebrations of the new year, in both the URC, the CAS and Rambo Nation, evil was stiring in the Choas Realms. The Dark Lord Tyrómairon was instructing his greatest servant, Apeligateza on a great plan, a step toward domination. After they had finished communicating, Apeligateza understood his mission, and he understood the rewards if it was completed.

Year Two Ending

Dasá's last moments.

Meanwhile, on the Confederate Capital, Chancellor Dasá was pacing in his office. He was thinking about the Confederacy's current status in the war. Though it was doing quite well on the front in Cyrannus, in the Quadrants, more and more conquered planets came back under Rambo Control. Nevertheless, he recalled the CAS Quadrantia fleets to return to Karzhamarhi-Nui to regroup and pretect it from an ineviteable invasion. However, just as he was about to go to bed, a dark figure appeared behind him... Apeligateza. Shocked, Dasá grabbed his blaster and shot at the dark entitie's head, though the laser went straight through it as though the entity as though it was made of smoke, hitting the wall on the other side of the room. Apeligateza walked forward and picked the Chancellor up by the neck. Dasá screamed in pain and was shocked to see that they had been teleported to a high dimension, with Apeligateza grip still tightening. Dasá's vision began to darken, with the last thought in his mind, was the sea breeze of his homeworld.

Apeligateza smiled, and tossed Dasá's corpse aside. He then apparated into Dasá's empty office, and with little effort, morphed his appearence into that of the dead Chancellor of the CAS. He looked out the window, before uttering, Something wicked this way comes.

Month One (13th overall) Edit

As the first month of the year begins, all sides are preparing to see who makes the first, bold move...

Celebrations in the Cyrannian Republic Edit

3 ATC on Orbispira

Celebrations mark the new year on Orbispira

On Orbispira, Apollo and his family was preparing for the huge fireworks display to symbolize the beginning of a new year, 3 ATC, hopefully bringing more happiness and propserity for the URC, compared the last few years, where war has ravaged the galaxy, leaving few untouched in some way. Apollo looked grim, but he tried to hide it from his celebrating family. He was thinking about the future, specifically the future of his children, he didn't want for them to grow up as he had done, estranged from his father after the tragic death of his mother, and being conscripted into the military for something he didn't agree with and much later being hunted down by dark forces.

Still, he looked at his children with happiness and pride, he was going to do everything in his power to give them a better life, one without worry or pain. While also trying his hardest to protect his citizens from outside harm. Still, he thought about the upcoming election at the end of this year, and despite the fact he had enjoyed his presidency, he was glad for the burden of power to fall to someone else, and live the rest of his life pursuing his interests and goals, while growing a family to continue his legacy.

However, he kept his memories and thoughts hidden for the timebeing, and looked out the window of the Presidential Palace, looking out toward the horizen, which in ten seconds was about to be filled with fireworks. Apollo, Gianne and their two kids began counting, 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... Happy New Year! They all yelled, as beautiful colors filled the sky.

Celebrations in Rambo NationEdit

Rambo New Year

Fireworks at Tirithsilliana

Ramashe looked at her many holo viewscreens in her office at Tirithsilliana, together with her just born son Ramaith to see citizens of Rambo Nation gathering to celebrate the start of the new year, 05 AQF. At the various colonies, even at Karzamahri Nui which was still conquered many gathered to see the fireworks and join the celebrations for the new year.

Half an hour before midnight Ramashe and Ramaith went outside, joined by her guards they all watched to the sky and gathered around a large table with food and drinks. When midnight finally arrived, Tirithsilliana her sky was full of fireworks and all present gave eachother their congratulations for the new year and began toasting at it. When Ramashe looked at her mobile holoscreen she saw that at every colony celebrations were taking place (where it was night at least). After the fireworks Ramashe brought Ramaith to bed, singing a bed song for him and returned to her office where she said her best wishes for Apollo, as the URC had also started another new year.

Bisistar Invasion Edit

Bisistar Attack

The Bisistar Attack

The Avenger was quickly falling apart, with each hyperspace jump back to Cyrannus (the Wormhole Generator was malfunctioning) large portions of the ship were falling apart. Captain Roslia was trying his utmost to keep the crew of the ship functioning in order to return to Cyrannus in peace. However, he was quickly becoming aggitated with the Messenger known as Shelly's constant appearences, telling him that the One would show him the way to safetly. He had no time for her preaching and sat on the captain's seat in annoyance.

However, the security officer reported that the two Bisistar ships were gaining on the Avenger. In fear, Roslia ordered the ship to engage it's hyperdrives, but it was too late. The ships began to flank the Avenger and open fire on its bow. The bridge was rocked with explosions and Roslia heared the hull begin to creek and give way. Shelly appeared to him once again, saying that if only he listened to the One, the way would be shown. Ignoring her, Roslia was just about to order the crew into the escape pods, the navigation officer told him that the intergalactic wormhole generator was finally repaired. Wasting no time, he ordered to escape.

As soon as the ship entered the wormhole, they reappeared near the shipyards of Charcati, in the Outer Rim of Cyrannus. However, before they could dock and repair the ship, an entire fleet of Bisistar City ships appeared over the planet, and within two minutes, the colony and the shipyard was destroyed. Before they could notice the Avenger, Roslia ordered the ship to return to the Core Worlds, hiding their hyperspace signature so that they couldn't be followed. He had dire news for High Command... the Bisistar have invaded the galaxy...

Taking of Acrocanthaí Edit

Spore 2011-08-04 22-28-55

Acrocanthaí aflame

The ULE had been silently watching the war for two years only partaking in a few major military operations against the URC but now as the Republic is in a state of total war they will take this time and strike. The United Lanat high commanded wanted to take a world of value from the URC and they chose the tourist world of Acrocanthaí. The United Lanat high command believed by annexing this colony that it would cause a moral drop in the civilian population of the Republic causing unrest and doubt. A large invasion force was sent to Acrocanthaí under the command of Master Admiral Tul to take Acrocanthaí from Republic control.

As the ULE dropped out of hyperspace they was greeted by a large Republic garrison which quickly formed up in a battle formation at the sight of the ULE armada. The ULE-URC fleet was locked in a vicious, cut throat battle within a matter of minuets. The URC fought bravely against the United Lanat forces but many stationed at Acrocanthaí had no experiences fighting the ULE and didn't know what to expect from this dangerous foe and plus the greatest ULE military tactician was leading the assault.

While the space battle was still raging the ULE managed to land several squads of highly trained special forces soldiers on the surface of Acrocanthaí in order to secure a landing point for additional troopers. After a while the ULE began push away the Republic forces and after three hours of fierce fighting the Republic naval forces stationed at Acrocanthaí was on the break and the ground forces where starting to route. Close to the end of the battle the ULE started a small scale orbital bombardment of Acrocanthaí, threatening that if the Republic did not surrender the colony to the ULE then they would turn Acrocanthaí into a pile of rubble. The Republic, tired and desperate accepted and retreated but vowed to return with vengeance.

Shortly after the last Republic ships retreated the ULE warships descended to the Acrocanthaí surface. As the Torma warships slowly flew over the burning Acrocanthaí the ULE finally announced their ownership of Acrocanthaí. The ULE won the day but at a cost...over half of the invasion force was destroyed and even more was in need of repair.

Invasion on AscioaEdit

House Invasion

Khuenaten and his drones invade civilian homes

The Grox were finally done in repairing Khuenaten, and sent him to attakc their next target: the Confederacy planet of Ascioa. The Cube fleet travelled to the planet, undetected by the CAS' radars. Meanwhile, Khuenaten equipped his drones with improved armor, and even made a new armor for himself: a armor which eletroculted anyone who touched him. Upon approaching the planet, the Cube fleet revealed itself and fired its Conqrix Hive in the middle of a city. Immediatly, Dronox and Caprigrox drones started to emerge and attack the citizens furiously. The drones' group mind was being fueled by their past defeats, making them far more ruthless and aggressive than before. Feeling particularly nasty, Khuenaten started to invade the houses of civilians and slay the inhabitants. Being overwhelmed in both land and space, the planet fell to the Grox.

While the drones finished the job, Khuenaten came back to his Grox Cube to prepare for their next invasion. Khuenaten still wanted to give the Dracogonarious a payback, but he decided to target the Confederacy instead. He wanted to have some fun with them...

Three-way Battle of Masolirsra Edit

Space Battle Edit

Grox Attack 03

Mortalitas in the hanger bay of a Providence-class observe the battle.

The colony of Masolirsra has never known violence or war, and yet it was at the crossroads where the traderoutes departed the Inner Rim into the Outer Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The Confederacy understood this and sent a large fleet of several Providence-class Dreadnoughts and several Munificus-class frigates to attempt to take the colony by force. However, they did not expect another large enemy URC fleet to be defending the colony. Hours pasted, with no side having the upperhand, turbolasers fired across the expanse of space, hiting their targets, which vented atmosphere and crew members to their deaths.

Grox Assualt

The Grox arrive in the battle.

However, after endless hours of fierce fighting, hyperspace signatures were detected... the Cyrannian Grox had arrived at the battle, and began to attack both CAS and URC fleets with a huge number of Grox Cubes, which could survive even the most deadly attacks. In fact, only when an explosion neared the Cube's engines would it finally explode. The sheer size of the Grox invasion fleet was so great that both the URC and the CAS came to an unofficial truce trying to destroy the advancing Cubes, which cornered both the Cyrannian and Confederate fleets, finally destroying them. Triumphant, they sent down forces to the planet, to create more cybernetic slaves...

Ground Battle Edit

Dronox Hive on Masolirsra

A Dronox Hive falls in the middle of the city, destroying everything in its way

As the Grox drones started to be deployed around the planet, both the URC and CAS started to fight them off together. However, when the opportunity rised, the CAS troops betrayed the URC and started to attack them as well. The battle raged on with all three factiosn murdering each other. However, the Grox had enough drones to outnumber both URC and CAS at the same time, and were slowly winning the combat.

In the middle of a city, at the time free from the Grox, the URC and CAS troops marched to fight each other. However, a purple object was launched from a Grox Cube and fell into the middle of the city, crushing the buildings and releasing fiery steams from the ground. It was a Dronox Hive. From it, Commandant Khuenaten and his troops emerged and started to massacre the enemies. Few hours later, both the Republic and Confederacy were defeated. It was another battle won by the Grox, with the cost of the entire Confederacy fleet and millions of Republic lifes.

Second Battle of Karzamahri NuiEdit

Quadrantia Disorder 38

Second Battle of Karzamahri Nui

At the start of the second week of the 1st month of 05 AQF a large Rambo fleet exited warp near Karzamahri Nui and engaged the Confederate fleet at the Rambo conquered planet. The HarbronrSaurien Captain of the USS Ambassador was eager to test his new ship in combat, and he was backed up by a Dagian Captain of the USS Calypso. With the fleet captain stationed at Rametru Nui the other captain were fairly unknown though had some experience in combat.

As the two fleets clashed the battle turned out into a heavy battle. During the lengthy battle the Liberty II became heavily damaged by two Constitution class ships, but managed to destroy one of them. As the battle raged on the USS Ambassador heavily damaged a Rescure Class Light Destroyer, forcing it to withdraw from the battle. Further more another Rescure Class Light Destroyer managed to cripple a Kelvin Class and the USS Calypso was also heavily damaged by a Rescrue Class Light Destroyer. Even the powerful Serindia Caradhras Class Carrier didn't manage to break through the Confederate fleet. As both the Rambo and the Confederacy took even more damage, the two fleets were actaully at a draw. Eventually the Rambo decided to withdraw from the battle, yet they left a heavily damaged Confederate fleet behind, without means to repair of to get supplies from the Confederacy. Meanwhile Ramsoria Run route leading to Karzhamarhi Nui was backed up by another Rambo armada. It seemed the Confederacy in Quadrant 82 were trapped!

Month Two (14th Overall) Edit

The first month say devastation on all sides of the war, with the Grox conquering Masolirsra, the terrorism in the TIAF , the attack on Karzamahri Nui and the battle of Acrocanthaí. Will the second month prove as disastrous?

Counterstrike at a Grox Colony Edit

URC Attack

The Grox watch as their base is destroyed.

Furious at the loss of Masolirsra at the hands of the Grox, President Apollo ordered Vice Admiral Shaw to use cloaking technology to sneak into Grox space and attack one of their bases. Glad at the opportunity of revenge, Shaw engaged his hyperdrive and set his coordinates directly into the Unknown Regions, into the known space of the Grox. After a period of several hours, Shaw detected an unmistakable radiation signature emanating from a nearby planet.

Upon arriving, it became clear that the planet did infact belong to the Grox, who held a large force of drones near a large base, which appeared to be made using Cubes. Wasting no time, Admiral Shaw engaged the cloaking device and ordered his flagship, the Valorous to hold position directly over the base, while the second Star Destroyer did the same. Moving as quickly as possible, the Valorous fired a superlaser blast directly on the base, while the other Star Destroyer, the New Dawn did the same. The Grox soldiers on the surface turned toward the base as it was engulfed in flames and smoke. Just as they were about to fire their weapons on the two invading warships, Shaw ordered the ships into hyperspace, pleased at the result of the battle.

Skirmish over Carolinii Edit

Test battle

The Basileus ship unknowingly runs into a Republic ship.

As the war dragged on, some of the more impulsive captains of the Confederacy believed that hit and run attacks on important URC worlds would be a more efficent way of ending the war in the favour of the CAS. A Basileus captain had his eyes set on Carolinii, homeworld of the Tenerensis and an important world in the Inner Rim. However, when he approached the Confederate Congress, they refused, citing that they should concentrate on possible URC invasions on CAS held worlds.

Furious, the Basileus captain decided to take his personal flagship and attack Carolinii against the orders of his superiors. Ignoring warnings from his admiral, the Basileus set his coordinates to Carolinii, where to his shock lay a Venator-class Cruiser backed up by numerous Hyperspace interdiction ships, preventing him from escaping. Filled with rage, the captain sped toward the planet at full speed, quickly followed by the URC ships. Knowing that his time had come, he his ship and faced his enemies, destroying two interdictor cruisers, and damaging the Venator. However, in the end he was hopelessly outnumered, and the price of his ignorance was his ship, his crew and his life.

Zillum's Rise Edit


Zillum encounters the evil entity.

After a couple of weeks of inactivity, Zillum retired to his quarters on his flagship, the Malevolent. However, just as he was contacting the Confederate Congress to inform them of the recent events in the war a glowing orb of energy appeared in front of him. The orb spoke to him in a deep, booming voice that appeared to darken the entire room, ‘Hear this General Zillum, join me, Tyrómairon, and know power unlimited!’ Zillum however was not afraid, and replied, ‘I serve no one but myself and the Mortalitas Empire!’ Tyrómairon however, was expecting this answer. Suddenly, Zillum found himself becoming immersed in Mornûnenduran Energies, he felt even more powerful.

I think, Zillum, that you will prove quite useful indeed. I do not care if you serve me or not. Though these new powers will help you destroy the Republic. Do so any way you can.’ The entity spoke, just before disappearing, leaving Zillum to contemplate his new powers, abilities and plans.

The Remnant's aid Edit

Cognatus Grox URC Battle

The Cognatus Remnant appears to aid the Republic.

General Sesoka had been tasked to go to planet Temomyho, to investigate about a possible Grox invasion. Travelling in a Tenerensis Star Destroyer ship, Sesoka and a team of scouts approached the planet, to find the invasion was really happening. He detected a Grox Cube approaching the planet, apparently carrying several Dronox Hives to be launched at the surface.

The two ships engaged, but the Grox Cube was equipped with extra defenses to protect the Hives. Most of Sesoka's scout team was destroyed, and his Star Destroyer was being damaged. However, it was then that another signal was detected, and a third ship joined the battle: a CCS Class Battlecruiser of the Cognatus Remnant. The Cognatus ship started to attack the Grox Cube, who couldn't take sustained fire of two enemies at once and exploded, destroying the Dronox Hives before they could be fired.

Sesoka was relieved, and thanked the commander of the Cognatus ship for his aid. Both ships left, and the planet was secure from danger for now. The Cognatus Remnant had joined the Cyrandia Alliance's side.

The Strike of the Ryderallo Monster Edit

Battle of Ancaoilion Edit

Ryderallo Monster 01

The Ryderallo Beast attacks.

On the planet Ancaoilion, a massive battle was taking place between the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the invading United Republic of Cyrannus. However, this was a different battle to the others. The government of Ancaoilion granted the URC permission to use Anti-Matter Bombs to rid the world of the Confederate occupiers, something that the Republic agreed to, albeit reluctantly, as it could cause significant harm to the planet's biosphere. Never the less, the bombs were dropped, wiping out the CAS forces in a grand flash of light and fire.

However, while being congratulated for the successful liberation of the planet, the ground began to shake violently, and a huge crater began consuming a large portion of the continent's surface, burying thousands of Republic troopers and vehicles. Suddenly an ear-piercing roar was heard across the former battlezone, and two huge feet emerged from the ground, crushing hundreds of troopers. This was followed by the appearance of the creature itself, the 2500 feet long Ryderallo Monster, a beast of folkloric standing in the culture of those who live on Ancaoilion. This giant is the last of it's kind, and very angry.

The monster began to ravage the planet, killing thousands, with all efforts to stop the beast failing. However, by the use of Republic Stun Tanks, the creature was knocked out. Acting quickly, the monster's body awaited transportation but the senator of that region of space, Senator Guolivian ordered a change in plans. Instead of being taken to a planet where no sentient civilization exists, the scientists and Guolivian wished the creature to be studied in a contained environment, the planet, Orbispira...

Arrival on Orbispira Edit

Senatorial Debate

Gianne and Guolivian debate the Ryderallo's fate.

After a multitude of debates and questions regarding the intelligence of the decision, the huge monster was brought to the Orbispira. Tensions run high as the most dangerous life form in the galaxy touched down on its most populous planet, Apollo himself believed that the creature was too dangerous to be brought to the planet, only to be assured by Senator Guolivian that finding out what makes this creature so invulnerable would bring the war to a quicker end, by studying it's scales that protect him against all known modern weapons, such as Anti-matter and even turbolaser strikes.

While being studied, the lead scientist informed Senator Guolivian that to harness the power of the creature's invulnerability, it would put the creature in tremendous pain. The scientist suggested that they bring the creature to a wildlife reserve, where it can live it's days in peace. However, Guolivian believed that it's power would end the war in the favour of the URC, and ordered the scientist to kill the beast to avoid putting it in much pain. As soon as he said these words, the Ryderallo awakened and glared at Guolivian with extreme hate, who left the test chamber and back to the Executive Building.

Meanwhile, when Guolivian returned to the Excutive Building, he was confronted by Senator Inviá who was angry about the Ryderallo's death sentence. Gianne pointed out that the beast was brought to Orbispira against its will and has no voice to defend itself. Gualivian however, disagrees, stating that it is a small sacrifice, and that it's scales would help the URC win the war.

However, just as the scientist in charge of the Ryderallo's death was about to deliver a lethal injection of a gas found only on it's homeworld, the beast became enraged and broke free of its confines, escaped it's facility and began to rampage across the city planet...

Rampage on Orbispira Edit

Ryderallo Monster 02

The Ryderallo Beast escapes it's confines.

The Beast quickly escapes its compound and began a devastating rampage across the city, destroying hundreds of landmarks and bringing small skyscrapers crashing to the ground. As it rampaged across the endless city blocks, it saw a holographic projection of Senator Gualivian addressing people about the beast, overcome with anger, the beast lunged at the projection, destroying it, before catching sight of the massive Executive Building.

Meanwhile, on the huge plaza outside the Rotunda, Gualivian was confronted by Princess Ramtilsae and her boyfriend, Athan Apostila, who also had doubts about the beast's condition and treatment. However, Gualivian assured them that it's death would bring prosperity and peace to the URC, by given it's troops an advantage over the CAS army. Ramtilsae had the same opinion as Senator Naberrie, claiming that they would be eradicating the last of a species.

Ryderallo Attack

The Ryderallo Beast observes it's destructive path.

Before Gualivian could respond, the ground began to shake, as the monster sprinted forward furiously, catching sight of Gualivian, who along with Ramtilsae and Apostila, hurried into the Emergency Bunker, just as the Ryderallo climbed to the top of the building and roaring at the bustling city below. Meanwhile, Apollo was watching the scene is horror from his penthouse on top of the Palace of the Republic. He came up with a solution already, and called his senior military general to enact a method that would spare the city from destruction and also save the life of the disoriented animal. Suddenly, the creature noticed it had become drowsy. Republic fighter planes were spraying the beast with an unique gas that would knock him out, but not kill him. The beast closed its eyes, and fell unto the streets below, in a deep sleep.

The next morning, much of the clean-up operations were in progress, however, thousands were dead and Senator Gualivian had to make a public apology for the incident. Apollo also promised the public that the creature would be transported to a wildlife preserve, where it could live out it's day's in peace.

Month Three (15th Overall) Edit

The aftermath of the Ryderallo Beast Incident shocked the galaxy, and many planets decided to leave the Republic, giving the CAS even more strength to fight the URC...

Cybernetics versus ZealotsEdit

Grox Coggie Battle

The Grox Cubes attack the defending ships of the planet

A Grox Cube fleet was going in the direction of Planet Carthaniapian, controlled by the Cognatus Remnant. They could not afford to fight three Tier 1 enemies at once, expecially now that these enemies were starting to fight back. Each Cube transported hundreds of drones who were ready to invade the planet.

Dronox Kills Cognati

The Commander Dronox murders the priest

In the surface, a Cognati priest and several other citizens were in a temple, studying and discussing their deities, when a large, gray figure entered the building with two large blades. The being towered over everyone in there. It was a Commander Dronox. "You are not welcome in here!, the priest said, before the Commander stabbed one of his blades into the priest's chest, electroculting him to death. The citizens around him screamed in fear and tried to run away, when Dronox and Caprigrox drones started to invde the temple as well.

As the planet was consumed, a transmission was sent to all nearby Cognatus planets from the Commander Dronox. He was fast and clear of what he wanted.

You have seen an extent of our wrath. Do not engage in fighting against our units again, or your punishment shall be death and complete annihilation.

Aid from Borealis Edit

UNO vs CAS Space

The Unified Nation's simulation

In the Borealis Galaxy, General Sesoka visited the Unified Nation of Ottzello, as the Kralgon Emperor had called for a presentation. The Kralgon Emperor was presenting some of the Unified Nation's newly acquired weapons, in the hopes for UNO's forces to supplement the Republic Navy on some fronts.

"Greetings Republic ambassador," he greeted, "I am here regaring my involvement in the Great War after my efforts in the Trucinex Colonial Sector. I am in the hopes of attacking the Vartekian forces within the Confederacy, but I will first present my weaponry. I'm sure you will find it is comparatively powerful to your navy." He then began the presentation.

The Emperor first showed his usage of railguns, electrolasers and antimatter missiles. He also showed off the ships' abilities to beam antimatter into a ship, causing it to explode from the inside. This did not attract to much of the General's attention, as the Cyrannian Republic had similar weaponry already. The railguns in the starfighters did attract attention, however, as the Republic's starfighters do not use these weapons.

The Emperor next showcased the Nation's movement of attacking planets. They showed how dropping down several Killer Pods, which released clone soldiers, is an effective way of both probing and creating a huge army without needing to sacrifice lives. "Several people give their lives in this war," the Emperor said, "would it not be better for none to die?"

However, the Emperor's next presentation was one that lost General Sesoka's interest. The Emperor showed how he dropped gas bombs, used antimatter, and even used Essence to frigthen the population into changing allleigance. He then showed how the Nation dropped down nanomachine hordes into the inhabitants' minds. Sesoka felt this was a harsh way of controlling the population, and began to lose interest.

The Emperor showed many other UNO weapons, some unique, some were already used by the Republic. Sesoka thanked the Emperor and returned to the Republic to discuss what would happen. They concluded that the Unified Nation could help out with planetary defense, but not with offense, as the Emperor had initially wished.

An Osteolan Plot Edit


The war has made even old allies subject to questioning. The Duchess of the New Osteolan, Kyrsa Whitestone is rumored to be secretly giving information about the Republic's military movements to the Confederacy. The senate sends an old friend of Whitestone, Senator Baloa Magalen of Caprica to find the truth in these rumours.

Terrorism on Mandareoz
Osteolan Plot 01

Senator Magalen and Duchess Whitestone witness the explosion.

When Senator Magalen arrived on the Osteolan Capital Mandareoz, he was astonished by the progress the capital had made in the aftermath of the wars that raged here in the past, the planet was now a beuatiful temperate planet, with gleaming towers and calm forests. Magalen was escorted to the Mandareoz Royal Palace, where he was confronted by the Duchess, who despite their past, did not seem very pleased to see him. Magalen then told her about the rumours that the Osteolan may have aligned with the Confederacy, something that the Duchess denied strongly. She claimed that the Osteola were not represented by the rebel Hyperaon Empire, who Whitestone claimed where an internal threat and shouldn't be confronted by the Republic at large, as it would only bring war and violence to her people.

After a brief argument on her safety and that of her planet, Whitestone invited Magalen for the walk around the capital city. The two talked about their shared past and what they have accomplished since they last met. Magalen told her about his life as a senator, and about his view on the Great Cyrannus War. Whitestone became rigid at the mention of the war, and told him about how it was destroying the principles of the URC, and that she doesn't want to be any part of it. Understanding that the Duchess would only remain so angry if this topic was discussed, Magalen changed the conversation to one about Mandareoz's progress since the great wars that once plagued it. Just as the Duchess was about to agree, a shock wave through them off their feet, the Duchess quickly got up, followed by Magalen who look in awe at the bellowing explosion that destroyed a nearby government building. Whitestone quickly rushed over, where she helped citizens recover from the shock. Magalen quickly called for emergency services, which immediately teleported to the site. The droid firefighters put out the fire and helped revive injured citizens.

Soon after, Whitestone and Magalen returned to the palace, where they came to the conclusion that the attack was orchestrated by pro-Hypeoran terrorists, who want to tear down the diplomatic ways of the Osteola and revert it back to a warrior culture. Magalen tells Whitestone that the Hypeoran Empire are believed to have joined the CAS, but the Duchess disagrees and vows to stay out of the war, a fact she intends to tell the senate when she arrives on Corunnia.

However, powerful figures don't intend to give her a choice...

Nowhere is Safe
An Osteola Plot 02

Whitestone speaks before the Senate.

On the massive cruiser, the Malovolent, High General Zillum sat in his command chair, awaiting contact from the leader of the Pro-Hyperaon Terrorist group located on Mandareoz. Zillum tells him that his organization will be in power soon, and that the one way to do this is to influence the Republic Senate to send a task force to protect the Osteolan Homeworld, something that the citizens will see as an invasion force. Their sight will change from Whitestone to the Hyperaon, and with it, the CAS.

Meanwhile, Whitestone arrived on Corunnia, the moon of Orbispira, and the location of the Republic Senate. She visited President Apollo, who informed her that he called for an emergency session of the Senate to help come to a disicion about the Hyperaon threat to the peaceful Osteola of Mandareoz. While in the Senate Chamber, Senator Gaulivian says that the Hyperaon's threat to Mandareoz is significent and that it must be delt with with extreme force as soon as possible. However, Whitestone says that the Osteolan people will never again turn to violence, and that they can settle this using diplomacy, which had worked for them before in the past. She says that a Republic attack on them will only cause more bloodshed to both sides, and that the citizens will rally to the CAS. However, she is met with little support, as the theories regarding her alligences are still griping their minds.

When she left Corunnia for Orbispira, she was confronted by Senator Magalen and Senator Inviá, who told her that they were moved by her speech and would be voting against the Republic Task Force to Mandareoz. Whitestone was pleased, and decided to explore Orbsipira for herself. While walking down the streets of the capital, a figure his in a nearby building, watching her every move, then suddenly, a shot was fired at the young duchess, who fell to the ground, clutching the wound on her arm. Police quickly arrived on the scene, healing the duchess and capturing the assassin, who claimed that (Under the influence of a drug that forced the assassin to tell the truth) he was sent by Zillum to take the Duchess out of the game, and pave the way for a Republic Presence on Mandareoz, which would spark sympathy for the Confederacy.

Upon hearing this information, the Senate voted against a Republic task force, and instead gave the Duchess information regarding Hyperaon plots that could threaten the peaceful Osteola. Pleased, she was seen back to her ship by Senator Magelan, who she gave an affectionate hug, before leaving back to her homeworld, happy that peace will prevail, at least on one front in the war.

Old Rivalries Ignite Edit

Basileus Fleet

The Basileus Fleet looms over Neudan

Annoyed by the Confederacy's lack of progress in recent weeks, the Imperius Leader authorises a long awaited attack on the Cavaneu Intersteller Union, an old enemy of the Imperium. Striking fast, the Basileus Fleet attack the Cavaneu Capital Planet of Neudan, placing under a strict blockade. The Cavaneu ask Willelmus Cretacea and General Sesoka to liberate their homeworld from the iron claws of the Basileus...

Cretacea's Aid
Old Rivalries 01

General Sesoka is forced to retreat.

General Sesoka looked out the viewport of his Star Destroyer, the Precipice, which was just finished being refitted. A large Basileus fleet was indeed over the planet, preventing any attempted invasion. To make matters worse, Senator Gira was also on the planet, trying to organize troops to combat the ever present Confederate invasions. Just as Gira contacted Sesoka, the hologram was cut off, preventing contact with the planet. Sesoka ordered the Precipice into action, however, the enemy flagship, a massive Basileus Supercarrier, concentrated his fire power on the ship. Sesoka's vessel was buckled with explosions, and just as Sesoka is about to order a retreat, a massive vessel emerged from hyperspace, the flagship of the Fleet of Retribution, the Spirit of the Republic!

Cretacea contacted Sesoka, and ordered him to back away from the battle and return to the Spirit's position. Luckily, the Basileus fleet mysteriously let him retreat. Sesoka had heard about the new Phoenix-class before, but he never saw one, seeing the massive vessel filled him with awe. Cretacea once again contacted him, saying that they only have one chance to protect Neudan against the Confederacy. Cretacea would lead the Spirit into battle and engage the enemy along with a handful of support ships, while the Precipice attempted to break the blockade and liberate the planet's surface.

Old Rivalries 02

The ambush of the Basileus Fleet.

Acting fast, Cretacea clocked his vessel and made his way toward the enemy fleet. When he was literally alongside the main battlecruiser, he de-cloaked and fired everything the Spirit had directly at the enemy warship's critical systems, such as the bridge, shield generator and the engines. Within a few seconds of fierce bombardment, the Basileus supercarrier exploded, under the intense fire-power of the Spirit of the Republic. Cretacea smiled as he looked at his monitor, a Rambo Ship, the USS Phoenix, under the command Captain Ramoslin dropped out of warp and engaged the enemy. Within an hour of fighting, the Basileus were in retreat, swearing revenge. Cretacea, Sesoka, Senator Gira and Ramoslin later met on the surface of Neudan, to celebrate the planet's liberation.

The Second Battle of Acrocanthaí Edit

The URC colony of Acrocanthaí had been taken by the ruthless United Lanat Empire and forced into subjection for what seemed like an eternity. The population lived in fear as the slightest disobedience could lead to severe beatings or even execution (all of which was done in public). There was a small scale liberation movement but it was fairly unpopular because every time they would make a move the ULE would punish the other civilians. The United Republic had gotten leaked footage of the brutality their civilians where facing on Acrocanthaí and was more than ready to liberate Acrocanthaí from the iron grip of the United Lanat Empire. The URC president, Apollo ordered a large force to make its way to Acrocanthaí and entrusted with the task to liberate the colony.

Second Battle of Acrocanthaí

The battle for Acrocanthaí rages.

The United Republic navy tried to take ULE by surprise but their plan failed because the United Lanat navy was on too high alert to get a small fighter past them never mind a entire fleet. The ULE-URC navy was quickly locked in a heated battle with both sides hardly being able to make any ground. A United Lanat ground to space cannon that was recently build on the surface of Acrocanthaí was giving the URC navy a very hard time by picking off lead ships so it became imperative that they take it out. A URC Star Destroyer was able to find the location of the GtS cannon on the planetary surface and destroy it with a well placed laser strike but not before it left its mark, the cannon destroyed ten Star Destroyers before its destruction.

The United Lanat navy was also taking a bad beating at the hands of the URC. A good number of ships where destroyed or disabled and the defense was on the edge of crumbling. After a few hours the URC was able to land some land forces of the Acrocanthaí surface. The ULE would not allow the URC to land a sufficient land force on Acrocanthaí thus the URC soldiers that made it on Acrocanthaí hopelessly outnumbered so they was quickly slaughtered by the ULE's superior numbers.

After a few more hours of intense the ULE was able to push the URC back, but just barley. The United Lanat Empire was able to hold Acrocanthaí but at a cost.

The Third Battle of Corulus Edit


Under the control of the ruthless Confederate Admiral, Moravilon, the people of the Corulus live in constant fear. However, hope is at hand as Captain Roslia, on the Avenger is dispatched to Corulus to finally liberate it into Republic hands.

The Battle

Taking a large fleet to the Corulus System, Captain Roslia was presented with the latest intelligence information gathered in the four months since the last battle over the planet. According to this information, the infamous admiral of the Affluent, Moravilon led the Confederate fleet over Corulus, which would make his flagship their primary target. However, as the battle began, there was no sign of the Affluent, only Munificus-class Frigates and several Yadumaran Frigates backing them up.

Second Battle of Corulus

The showdown between Moravilon and Roslia.

Roslia looked at the overview of the battle between the two fleets, and came to the conclusion that Moravilon was using the support ships as a distraction to his main goal. After sending out Recon units throughout the system, the Affluent was located above the capital city of Curamelle, on the planet's surface. Speeding past the Confederate blockade, the Avenger headed straight toward the Affluent over the city. However, to his surprise, he received a transmission from Moravilon himself. The fearsome Mortalitas filled the view screen of the Avenger, telling Roslia to retreat or he would reduce the capital to a burning crater. Acting fast, Roslia ordered an immediate turbolaser barrage on the command bridge of the Affluent, only for it to be reflected by Moravilon's fearsome shields. Meanwhile, on the Affluent, Moravilon laughed, and targeted his turbolasers on the city. Gigantic explosions ripped through Coramelle, while collapsing skyscrapers crumbled to the streets below. Roslia knew that if he didn't act quickly, the entire city would be lost. He came up with a plan to concentrate firepower on the Affluents shield generator, which exploded in a violent display of fire and light. Next, Roslia ordered an immediate barrage on the Bridge, directly at Moravilon. Moravilon's smile quickly faded, as his ship was rocked with explosions. He closed his eyes, accepting his fate, just as his beloved Affluent exploded.


Without their commander, the Confederate fleet retreated back to CAS space, while planet-wide celebrations erupted across the planet. Senator Gira arrived on her homeworld for the first time in many months, to her great relief. She personally congratulated Roslia, who returned to the Avenger for further adventures.

Month Four (16th Overall) Edit

As the fourth month of 3 ATC begins, the political stability of the galaxy begins to unhinge.

The New Cyrandia Edit

A New Cyrandia 01

The two senators meet with Voro Acetenus.

The increasingly close relationship between the Cyrandia Alliance and the Cognatus Remnant became closer and closer by the day, until finally, the Cyrandia Senate sent two senators, Senator Chuinaylia of the Rambo and Senator Guolivian of the URC to formalise the relationship, however, evil forces plot against the union...

A Voyage to Decatría

Travelling on-board a starship, Chuinaylia sped toward the newly completed Cyrandia capital of Concordia for her rendezvous with Senator Guolivian of the URC. She had heard much of his reputation as a great public speaker, but also about the disgrace of the Ryderallo Beast's rampage throughout Orbispira. However, when she finally met him, she sensed that he volunteered for this mission in order to improve his reputation among the Cyrannian citizens. He remained silent for the trip, and yet Chuinaylia saw him as being intelligent and polite during moments where she tried to have a conversation with him. Thankfully, Decatría, capital of the Cognatus Remnant was suddenly below them, and Chuinaylia marvelled at the planet and hoped that peace would prevail.

The two senators landed at a busy spaceport, where they were greeted by an Atacmon delegate, who led them to a speeder, destined for the Palace of Cognatia, the home of Voro Acetenus and the seat of the High Priests of the Thirteen. Their journey was a joyous one, with the two senators being met by thousands of happy onlookers. Guolivian found it hard to believe that a decade ago, it was the very same civilization destroying the URC.

Upon meeting Voro Acetenus, he gave them both an honourable embrace and pledged the Remnant's allegiance to the Cyrandia Alliance. Delighted, Guolivian, Chuinaylia and Acetee prepared to depart for Concordia to formalize the Remnant's membership. However, something dreadful was about to happen.

File:Voro Acetenus vs Commander.png

As they prepared to depart, an alarm was set on. A large fleet composed of hundreds of Grox Cubes approached Decatría and fired Conqrix Hives into the surface, faster than the planet's defenses could stop them. It was just a matter of minutes until a large wave of Conqrix, Marinox and Caprigrox emerged from the Hives and started to slaughter the cities across the entire planet.

Dronox forces approached the Palace of Cognatia, led by the same Commander Dronox who had attacked Planet Carthaniapian a month ago. As the Cognatus forces did their best to ward the invaders off, Voro Acetenus and the Senators sneaked into the exit, making their way to the nearest spaceport. Voro Acetenus saw his forces being slowly overwhelmed and his capital being consumed by the mechanical plague of the Grox.

As they approached the spaceport, Guolivian heard something approaching. He looked back to see the Commander Dronox was following them, firing a missile at their direction. Guolivian jumped on Chuinaylia, removing her frm the missile's path, while Voro Acetenus jumped back to dodge it. Enraged by all that was happening, Voro Acetenus charged at the Commander and battled him, using his power sword to fight the enemy. After several blows, Voro Acetenus smited the Commander, who fell dead into the ground.

Chuinaylia and Guolivian aided Voro Acetenus into continuing, as the fight left him injuried. Entering the nearest spaceship they found, they managed to escape the planet. With no other options left, Voro Acetenus ordered his fleet to glass Decatría entirely. He and the Senators remained quiet as they watched the destruction of the Remnant capital, while several Grox Cubes managed to escape...

Third Battle of Karzamahri NuiEdit

Quadrantia Disorder39

Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui

the same time Rambo Nation, under orders of Empress Ramashe mobilized a large fleet to attack Karzamahri Nui. Soon the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui began, and soon turned out to be the most devastating and hardest battle for Rambo Nation in the Great Cyrannus War, even more intense then the destruction of Ramaprica. During the battle plots were revealed, heroes on the Confederate and Rambo sides died. Others managed to survive the battle with luck when a great disaster occured, followed by the appearance and summoning of a demonic creature by the Confederate Governor. Blessed by his demonic powers the Governor wanted to take control over the entire planet but was in time stopped by a young girl and her band of air borne troopers. As both fleets were hammered and tattered the Rambo eventually managed to win the battle, and forced the Confederacy to withdraw.

For full story see: Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui.

Morgandaûr plotEdit

Morgandaûr plot 01

Morgandaûr, Aur'Lodin meet Guolivian

Morgandaûr, known only as the sorcerer of Carnthedain and bearer of the iron crown was in fact the former ruler of the dreaded Imperial Alliance. Now filled with a resolve to unify the Quadrant Galaxies under one banner, in which he would have a severe vote, even more so than he had in the Imperial Alliance he set his newest plan into motion. Making use of the ongoing Great Cyrannus War he travelled to Orbispira together with his slave Aur'Lodin to meet with Senator Guolivian, a Basileus who joined the United Republic of Cyrannus. Teleporting straight in front of the senator he was taken by surprise and raised his hand to surrender.

Morgandaûr told him it was not needed and Aur'Lodin handed over a parchment, containing information about Rambo Nation secrets, like the Angforst, the Wells class and more. Guolivian looked surprise he was given this kind of information, and was especialley surprised by the line containing the information that President Apollo was well informed of this by the Empress of Rambo Nation. When he looked again the armored entity was gone, and Guolivian wondered what he should do with this precious information. Perhaps it could even bring down Apollo?

Morgandaûr plot 02

Encountering Ramordarth

Immediately afterwars Morgandaûr teleported to the capital of the Imperial Remnant, though he left Aur'Lodin at Carnthedain as the high prophet would surely recognise her. Ramodarth, the current ruler of the Remnant stood at his balcony, it was a rainy night and rain was streaming down his helmet, but he liked being in the rain. Somehowe it calmed his mood and made him more happy. When Morgandaûr suddenly teleported in front of him Ramordarth stood at the defensive but the armored entity made no moves to attacked. Surprised Ramordarth asked what he wanted and the entity replied. Handing over a parchment, containg information about the Great Cyrannus War, the Cognatus Remnant joining the Cyrandia Alliance and more made Ramordarth hesitant for the entities intentions. Morgandaûr simply replied he wanted peace for the Quarant Galaxies and that the Remnant would do well to join the Cyrandia Alliance, to improve galactic relations and to improve their economy. Before Ramordarth could reply Morgandaûr was already gone, and wondered what he should do with this information. Perhaps making peace with the Cyrandia was a good thing, after all the Cognatus managed to do the same?

The Second Battle of Nosiso Edit

Second Battle of Nosiso 01

The meeting on Nosiso.


Treason in the Senate! Many senators are under the impression of a growing conspiracy within the senates of both Rambo Nation and the United Republic of Cyrannus who have sympathy for the Confederate cause. President Apollo secretly dispatches the bounty hunter, Linn-Taan to find the truth in these rumors. After finding evidence of a massive Confederate military buildup, the Cyrandia Alliance began to assemble their navies for a massive invasion of this important Confederate world...

For full story see: The Second Battle of Nosiso.

Counter kidnapping Edit

URC and Dracs vs Grox

The Republic and the Collective fight off the Grox

The Grox were restless in their attacks on the Cyrandia Alliance. After their victory on the capital of the Cognatus Remnant, they seemed unstoppable. Their next move was against the Republic once again, where they attacked a planet with relatively low defenses. What the Grox didn't expect, however, was that Captain Jerkon of the Indoctrinate Collective was scouting the region.

Detecting the Grox Cubes approaching the planet, Jerkon led his scouts into fighting them before they could reach the planet. While the Dracs' ships couldn't do much against the Cubes, they were being covered by the planet's own fleet. Some drones managed to reach the planet and deply into the surface, which gave Jerkon a great opportunity to achieve their biggest objective in the war: study the Cyrannian Marinox.

Dracogona Drones were deployed from Jerkon's ship and started to abduct dozens of Marinox soldiers, while the Republic's troops took care of the rest. Missing their strongest soldiers, the drones were eventually defeated in both ground and space. With the planet saved, the Dracogona Drones were transported to the Drac's colonies, where they would be dissected and studied for future knowledge on the Marinox species.

A Split in the Confederacy Edit

Basileus Leave the CAS

The Imperius Leader officially announces the departure of the Basileus.

The Confederacy is being shaken to its core upon hearing word of the possible Basileus departure from the CAS. A special session of the Confederate Congress has been called to settle the matter...

Secessionist Movement

The Confederate Congress was in uproar, irate senators began to shout and argue with each other. Suddenly, the unnaturally booming voice of Chancellor Dasá rang out, calling the senators attention. He told them to calm down and that anger would not solve this issue. He called upon the Imperius Leader to speak and explain himself.

The Imperius Leader strode forcefully to the podium where he gave a rousing speech, criticizing the Confederacy of lackluster efforts to spell the end for the Republic and imploring more species to join his new civilization, the New Basileus Empire, which he promised would lead his people into a new era of peace and domination over the corrupt Republic.

Basileus Might

A Basileus captain observes the newly initiated Basileus Imperial Navy.

The Congress erupted in disapproval, all except the Mortalitas, who appeared impressed and strangely, the Chancellor himself, who gave a cunning smile.

Stepping down from the podium, the Imperius Leader led the Basileus delegates out of the Congress Hall and toward his newly established Basileus Imperial Fleet, looming dangerously in orbit.

The Blockade of the Perliama Run Edit


Wasting no time, the New Basileus Empire struck from the Unknown Regions! Basileus Battlecruisers first appeared on the fringes of the Perliama Run, in the Hano Arm and held position. Unaware of their origin, the URC sent a diplomatic delegation to meet the new found empire...

Onslaught of the Basileus Empire
Blockade of the Perliama Run 02

The Diplomatic Delegations last seconds.

When the battlecruisers first appeared on the Hano Arm, Apollo decided that it would be best to send a diplomatic delegation to discover the motives and the identity of the unknown fleet. The sight that the delegation beheld was one of awe, a massive fleet stretching from as far as the eye could see. Meanwhile, on the bridge of one of the Battlecruisers, the Imperius Leader smiled, letting the diplomats send images of the fleet back to their superiors on Orbispira, before ordering his captain to open fire on the diplomatic ship, destroying it instantly.

Blockade of the Perliama Run

Basileus Battlecruisers ruthlessly destroy the civilian vessels.

Before the Republic Navy could respond, the Basileus Fleet moved toward the Perliama Run, the main and safest hyperlane trade route of the Galaxy. The Imperius Leader looked out the view screen of his flagship and smiled as he saw the thousands of civilian vessels leading trade into the Core Worlds. Ordering the fleet to decloak, the hundreds of Basileus vessels fired upon the civilian fleets, ruthlessly destroying them with ease. Hyperspace interdiction fields were placed all across the Run, blocking the Republic from its trade activities in the Outer Galaxy and strangling the Core Worlds, including Orbispira... How will the Republic react to this ruthless assault?

Battle against the SyndicateEdit

With the blockade of the Perliama Run many trade vessels were destroyed by the dreaded New Basileus Empire. With trade coming to a halt, the Rambo Senate began pressing the URC senate to take drastic actions to lift the blockade by force!

However, the Rambo themselves weren't able to give much aid due to their main battlefleets being tattered and damaged by the recent battles at Karzamahri Nui and Nosiso, add to that the mysterious death of one of their senators which happened in Cyrannus space, the Rambo Senate was hesistent to send more diplomates into Cyrannus.
Quadrantia Disorder 49

Battle against the Syndicate

Meanwhile Rambo Command was occupied with an operation of their own, two ships, the USS Dallas and the USS Aquila, under command of vice-admiral Ramcard and a Feolhviaeri Captain were leading a secret operation in name of the Rambo. Their target; the Syndicate, a criminal organisation within Quadrant 89. With aid of various remainign Girdo droners (their legacy to the Rambo and under command of the Girdo ambassador) the Rambo and the droners finally teamed up for combat. The Syndicate raiders immedate responded but were soon destroyed by the more powerful phasers of both the Rambo ships and the droners, the Syndicate vessels were soon destroyed. With a following orbital bombardment send all the bounty hunters fleeing for their lives and the Rambo claimed the Syndicate Headquarter as their own. Sending troops various Syndicate bountyhunters were captured, and even the Syndicate leader was arrested for his crimes. All those who were arrested were send to Ramghatulk after their trail.

A few days after the Rambo victory, Rambo Nation citizens settled and began using the former Syndicate basion as a trade port and the place florished, though some criminals still managed to use the port as a slave market, which Rambo authorities could do little against.

Month Five (Month 17) Edit

The galaxy in in shambles, with the Core Worlds in a state of starvation and shock, the citizens begin to lose faith. The URC will have to find some unlikely allies to aid them from a war on three fronts...

Zillum's Further Exploits Edit

Zillums Exploits

Invasion of the Core Worlds.


Inspired by the actions of the Basileus Empire, the high and mighty Zillum decides to take advantage of the precarious situation in the Core Worlds and deal a critical blow to the Republic...

Attacks on the Core Worlds

Exiting hyperspace in the centre of Republic territory, Zillum began a series of assualts on many outlying systems. Using his flagship, the Malevolent, Zillum melted the crust of the planet Grecyar, turning it into a lifeless ball floating in space, choked with volcanic ash and roaring lava. Leading more and more attacks, he eventually landed on the planets himself, ruthlessly killing civilians, using both his new found Mornûnenduran energies and his blades. Despite the fact that these atrocities were shielded from the eyes of the Confederacy's citizens, the Republic was not speared and terrifying images of Zillum's onslaught and the ongoing blockade of the Perliama Run was a huge blow to moral for the good civilians and officers of the URC.

Emergency Meeting on Orbispira
Emergency meeting

Supreme Admiral Nagala, Admiral Cretacea, Senator Fila and the President meet.

These acts of terror prompted many in the senate to call by the death of Zillum, by any means necessary. For a change, nearly all senators agreed, though Apollo was initially sceptical, believing that capturing the infamous Mortalitas would gain more results. However, he was later swayed upon hearing the opinions of Supreme Admiral Nagala and Willelmus Cretacea along with the wise council of Senator Fila. Now the four individuals began to plot the downfall of Zillum once and for all.

The Realm's true intentionsEdit


Up until now, the real reason for the Bisistar invasion was unknown for all civilizations of Cyrannus. But what they really wanted wasn't the downfall of the URC or CAS. At least not at the moment. The Bisistar had a much bigger priority target: the Grox.

Grox Bisie War

The Grox face the Bisistar.

The real reason behind the invasion was a lust for power. After decades of research, the Bisistar have found out the Grox are in possession of a megastructure of Oikoumene origin somewhere in their territory. The Bisistar's plan was to capture this megastructure for themselves and use its seemingly divine technology for their own selfish, deadly reasons.

The first attack

The Bisistar made their first move into Grox territory by sending a large fleet into the Unknown Regions, searching for the Grox space. They were soon detected by a Cube fleet, and a large battle ensued. Both sides were surprised with each other, the Bisistar didn't expect the Grox to be that powerful, and the Grox weren't prepared for technology like that.

The battle raged for a while, but it ended with the Bisistar being victorious. They had to return to the nearest colony for repairs, but now they knew their opponent's strenght, and how to fight it. On the other hand, the Grox prepared themselves to fight the new enemy, but had more plans in mind as well. The largest Cube fleet ever seen in years was going toward Confederate space, with Commandant Khuenaten leading it...

The Cornered General Edit


Taking their chance, the Republic Command has come to an agreement; to set up an ambush and finally put an end to Zillum's act of terror.

Taking their Chances
Zillum's Fight

The plan was carefully executed. Willelmus Cretacea sent a small medical frigate near to Zillum's last known coordinates and activated its distress beacon, well aware that the bloodthirsty Mortalitas would not back away from unarmed victims. When a massive Confederate fleet began to exit hyperspace, Cretacea smiled. His trap was sprung. An even larger Republic fleet surrounded the Malevolent and opened fire. Within moments, large Confederate battlecruisers were crashing to the planet below, while the Malevolent itself was having trouble starting up its primary weapons.

Suddenly, the massive Spirit of the Republic appeared and launched an immediate barrage against the Malovolent, which was engulfed in flames. Not one for taking such a chance, and not wanting to give up on life again, Zillum rushed to the escape pods, swearing that he would avenge the destruction of his prized ship. Launching the pod, he saw the Malevolent buckle and contract before finally, in a dazzling display of light, it exploded, taking a good portion of the CAS fleet with it. Cretacea, despite having won the battle looked grim. Zillum escaped death once before, and who is to say he hadn't done so again...

Third Battle of Acrocanthaí Edit


Acrocanthaí under occupation! In the aftermath of the ruthless United Lanat Empire's vicious assault on the Core World of Acrocanthaí, Republic command organized a large assault to liberate the planet from it's evil occupiers.

The Liberation of Acrocanthaí
Third Battle of Acrocanthaí

Two Venator-class Destroyers destroy the ULE flagship

The large Republic fleet under the command of Admiral Shaw took the ULE fleet by surprise. A fierce battle in space ensued, with both sides experiencing heavy losses at the hands of the other faction. From beyond the battlelines, Admiral Shaw broke through the blockade of ULE vessels over Acrocanthaí, bringing another Venator-class Star Destroyer with him. Their destination was the capital city, above which was the Torma-class Destroyer that led the forces of the United Lanat Empire over and on Acrocanthai.

Third Battle of Acrocanthaí 02

The many crucial battles in the waterways of Acrocanthaí.

A dogfight was waged between the two URC cruisers and the ULE vessel, but ultimately Shaw was victorious and the flagship came toppling into the ocean. Wasting no time, Admiral Shaw began to land troops in the cities across the planet and to his surprise, the citizens began to take up arms against the fearsome Tralor. Eventually, despite heavy causalities, the ULE was defeated and the entire planet let out a cheer of victory, Acrocanthaí was brought back into the fold of the Republic and began to heal the damage done.

Allies from Beyond Edit

Basileus Meeting

Mar-Júun meets with the Imperius Leader.

As he observed the events of the war in the Basileus Throne World, the Imperius Leader plotted his next move. He would then notice his room started to ger darker, and a malevolent presence made its way into it. A dark shadow emerged and took the form of Mar-Júun.

Mar-Júun was considered a hero in the Basileus society, and the Imperius Leader was interested in meeting with him. Mar-Júun spoke that the Leader had all his support, and that he would fight for the New Basileus Empire when he had opportunity. Asking if there was something needed at the moment, the Imperius Leader denied, much to Mar-Júun's surprise. "It's all according to my plan", said the Leader.

Mar-Júun was gone, and the Imperius Leader was content to have him on his side. However, he would have no use for him for the time being. Having Mar-Júun with him now could also attract some unwanted attention. It was better this way.

Breaking the Blockade Edit


The Basileus Blockade of the Perliama Run choked the primary trade route for the Republic supplying military support to the Outer Rim and the main civilian hyperspace route to the Core Worlds, effectively splitting the URC in half. In the Outer Rim, recently acquired Republic space began to fold into the allegiance of the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the New Basileus Empire.

Mass riots began to break out on the lower levels of Orbispira and some senators even began to suggest a complete surrender to the CAS. Apollo however remained firm. He could only wish for salvation from this crisis.

An Ideal Business Venture
Breaking the Blockade

The Smuggler Fleet ambushes the Basileus Blockade.

The Smuggler Ramindia V'Las saw a very profitable business venture. With the URC willing to pay any price for raw goods and the chance to rid the Core Worlds of their vicious blockade, Ramindia had a brilliant plan; Break the Blockade of the Perliama Run. For two weeks, he travelled Cyrannus recruiting other smugglers and those whom he could do business. He had amassed a rag tag fleet of warships and average smuggling vessels armed to the brim with trade and weapons. Abroad the Calamuendi, Ramindia ordered his new found fleet to converge on the Perliama Run.

Breaking the Blockade 02

Apollo congratulates Ramindia

The Basileus didn't know what hit them. The motley fleet of small smuggling starships dropped out of hyperspace and opened fire on the evil blockaders. A massive space battle ensued and yet Ramindia began to realise that he was hopelessly outmatched. Luckily, help was on the way. Apollo received word of the attack and immediately sent a fleet of Star Destroyers to aid their new smuggling allies. With this newfound aid, the Basileus were quickly defeated.

The blockade was broken, and normality returned to Republic space. Ramindia went to Orbispira and was greeted as a hero. By the time he left, he had more wealth than he could imagine and evenly spread it out among his comrades. The URC was saved from further destruction.

Battle of the CAS Capital Edit

Battle of the CAS Capital

The Grox attack Carindes with all their might.


General Zillum had retreated to Planet Carindes after his flag was destroyed. While preparing a new one, he was unaware of what was stalking him. The biggest Grox Cube fleet in years, led by Commandant Khuenaten, approached the planet each day with the plan of annihilating it. Carindes was one of the most important planets of the CAS, and losing it would be a massive defeat which would damage the entire Confederacy. Khuenaten also wished to duel with Zillum himself, seeing it as a way of proving his superiority.

For full story see: Battle of the CAS Capital.

A Growing Alliance Edit

A Growing Alliance

Apollo meets with Voro Acetenus.


While the Confederacy was locked in engagement with the Cyrannian Neraida, the Republic enjoyed a brief period of calm. Apollo saw this as the perfect time for a great alliance to be forged between the URC and the Cognatus Remnant.

The Leaders Meet

The leader of the Cognatus, Voro Acetenus was keen to meet President Apollo again, with whom he hadn't seen since the initial truce almost a year prior. He had suspected that Apollo was a great leader when he first met him and had his suspicions met with confirmation at the tales of Apollo's heroic leadership during the chaotic times of war.

Meanwhile, on Orbispira, Apollo was getting ready for his meeting with Voro Acetenus, he was similarly excited about meeting the famous leader of the Remnant, and hoped that a great alliance could be set in stone. When he was finished, two Miluiel protectors escorted him to the waiting Cognatus Cruiser over the city. When he boarded, he was greeted by an impressive display of the strength and pride of the Remnant, who all bowed respectively before him. Making his way to the bridge of the cruiser, he was greeted by Acetee who embraced Apollo in a hug, much to the dismay of Apollo's Guards. The two leaders talked for hours about the Cyrandia Alliance, the Grox and Apollo's protection. In order to protect his new friend, Voro offered Apollo the use of twenty highly trained Cognati Guards, which Apollo gladly accepted. Apollo, in return allowed Cognatus citizens free citizenship on URC worlds, much like the citizens of Rambo Nation.

The two leaders once again left the meeting in peace, and the two became close friends and allies.

Month Six (18th Overall) Edit

Prepare yourself for the final month...

The Final Operation Edit

The Final Preparations

Zillum bows to his masters.

Zillum was resting abroad his new flagship, the Providence-class Dreadnought, Lucid Voice, however he wasn't asleep and his keen eyes scoured the room for possible threats. His titanic battle with Commandant Khuenaten left him eager for more battle and bloodshed. He needed to become more powerful. Suddenly, he received an incoming transmission. To his surprise and awe, a hologram of Tyrómairon appeared, followed by Chancellor Dasá, leader of the Confederacy.

He bowed to Tyrómairon and listened to him speak. The Dark Lord asked him what news came from the front lines of the war. Zillum replied that the Republic were spread thin across the Outer Rim, in a vain effort to engage both the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the New Basileus Empire. This pleased Tyrómairon who informed Zillum that now was the time to launch the final offensive. Zillum was pleased, the fools have no clue of what awaits.

Non-aggression pact Edit

Grox Peace Meeting

The Commander Dronox proposes the non-aggression pact.

With the crushing defeat at the battle of Carindes, the Grox decided their campaign could no longer continue without putting their territory in danger. A Grox Cube approached Coruannia, and was quickly detected by the planet's defenses. However, the ships noticed the Cube was sending what appeared to be a truce proposal. After much discussing, the fleet allowed the Cube to enter the planet's atmosphere.

A single Commander Dronox and two Marinox guards exited the Cube and made their way to the Senate. Always followed by Republic guards, the three robots made their way until they reached the Senate itself. The senators were surprised to know the Grox were proposing a non-aggression pact.

While some senators saw this as a great opportunity, others accused the Grox of trying to fool them. The discussion went on for hours until the Senate decided to accept the Commander's request. A treaty was signed and a reminder was sent to the Indoctrinate Collective to no longer fight against the Grox. Both sides agreed to not aggress each other for the next 10 years, and not enter each other's territories unless it was utterly necessary. The same proposal was also sent to the Cognatus Remnant, who only accepted it partially.

The Commander Dronox and his Marinox guards came back to the Grox Cube and departed back to their territory. The Bisistar threat was still active and they had to deal with them.

The Cyrannian Neraida had left the Great Cyrannus War.

Quadrantia Conclusion Edit

Sadistic CommanderEdit

Commander Mortikran was looking at his sensor reports, which his second in command gave to him. Two months after his escape at Nosiso, Mortikran was send to patrol a sector in the Unknown Regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy, Mortikran hated patrol missions. The report showed no significant matters, his ship the Emperico class known as the Mortalitan Bastion was performing as expected, with only some shield and engine fluctuations, nothing spectacular. Only the kitchen seemed to have a problem with their stock, as they seemed to have a short on it every time since leaving Nosiso, perhaps there was a stowaway on the ship?

Claire managed to evade Nosiso patrols and infriltrated the Mortalitan Bastion, and hid herself into the ventilation shafts, only venturing out to explore the ship or the get some supplies from the kitchen, but Claire was weakened and knew it was only a matter of time before the command or crew would discover her, and she still had to contact Rambo Command of the Confederate fleet stationed in the Western Sector, in orbit of the capital planet of the sector known as Muunivelle. Claire sighted (and sometimes talked to herself to keep her ongoing) and left the shaft and headed to the nearest communication panel, which she discovered a few days ago in an abandoned cargo bay, which only had storage and reserve parts.

Hacking the communication panel she managed to send a decoded message to Rambo Command, but due to this she revealed herself and was soon cornered by a Mortalitas trooper squad. Facing them she was outnumbered and knocked unconscious by a direct hit by a trooper his fist, which send her world sprawling and eventually went dark.

Quadrantia Disorder 50

Mortikran faces a captured Claire

When Claire awoke she noticed she was in a holding cell. “Darn” Claire said, and looked around for a possible way to escape, but when she moved she realized she was chained and didn’t have her uniform. Instead she only wore her underwear and sport bra, and suddenly she felt really cold and she noticed she had goose bumps.

Suddenly the door of her cell opened, in the door way Commander Mortikran smiled, flanked by two Mortalitas troopers. Mortikran raw voiced broke the sudden silence and Claire felt really afraid. “I guess we still have our moment of fun, my dear slave, your uniform I already ordered it to be removed, as I like humanoids in exotic clothes. Even if it is in her underwear.” Mortikran said in a crackling voice and sickening smile.

“Commander” one of the Mortalitas troopers disturbed Mortikran, who shot him an annoying glare. “Are you going to take her honor?” the trooper continued in a voice of disgust. Suddenly Mortikran turned and grabbed the trooper his head, and with a show of tremendous force he ripped of the head of the unfortunate trooper. Mortikran then turned his attention to the other trooper, who suddenly seemed very afraid, even for a Mortalitas it was a rare sight. “Did you think the same, trooper?” Mortikran bellowed. The trooper lead in the attitude and simply nodded a no. Mortikran nodded and turned his attention again to Claire.

Claire looked really afraid and disgusted, with sweat breaking out and chills at her backbone, she feared the Mortalitas Commander. Instead of approaching or touching her the commander walked to a panel, pushing a button Claire was suddenly rocketed by electricity, yelling in pain she hit the ground hard, with spasms over her whole body she slowly got her breath again and tears rolled down her cheek. Then Claire realized she was going to get tortured, simply for the fun of a sadistic Confederate commander. The only thing Claire could bring out was “Why?”. The commander simply laughed and hit the button again, and Claire her screams were heard for another 125 minutes over the decks, until she finally lost her conscious and the commander left for the bridge.

Attack at the Mortalitan BastionEdit

A few days after Claire her capture, A male Legacy Serindia Captain exited warp, though the cloaking device was still active, the massive Confederate Emperico class hadn’t noticed the Korolev Class USS Goddard yet. The captain looked grim, an Emperico class outmatched a Rambo Korolev class in weapon and shield power, though the Korolev class had the advantage of the cloaking device and was more agile. Rambo Command gave him the mission, as they received a transmission by a missing Rambo sergeant, which turned out to be the daughter of the captain of the USS Enterprise-A. Taking a breath the Serindia captain nodded and gave the order to shut down the cloaking device.

Quadrantia Disorder 51

USS Goddard vs Mortalitan Bastion

Mortikran, who was sleeping suddenly woke up when the alarm of the Mortalitan Bastion was heard. Immediately he felt the impact of torpedoes. Ordering to raise shields and locate their attacker it was turned to be in vain as the USS Goddard has used quantum torpedoes to disable the engines and shield generators of the massive Emperico class. Luckily most weapons were still online and Mortikran ordered them to open fire. The USS Goddard was taken heavy damage, trying to evade the incoming fire as much as possible they managed to teleport a recon party into the ship.

The marine trooper sergeant and a small squad headed to the holding cell areas. Facing heavy resistance and loosing various troopers the marines managed to reach the holding cells and began searching for Claire.

The marine sergeant, known by the name of Shooter found Claire in a dark holding cell, being chained and in her underwear the trooper felt no emotion, that was not in his training. Checking up the unfortunate girl, he noticed she was badly injured, unconscious, dehydrated and a bit starved and really cold, the commander lifted the girl at her shoulder. Somehow he noticed the girl, a humanoid, was slim and quite beautiful. Giving hand signals the squad returned to the rendevouz point, losing four more marines only three managed to survived. Contacting the USS Goddard they were beamed to the ship and at arrival the Rambo ship escaped the battle and headed to the Rambo Capital where Claire recovered from her injuries.

However at the same time Rambo Nation was involved that the URC was in combat above their capital, Orbispira. But was unalbe to aid them due to their own space fleet being in combat against the Confederacy in the Western Sector.

Battle of MuunivelleEdit

Quadrantia Disorder 52

Battle of Muunivelle

Vice-Admiral Ramcard looked grim to the Confederate fleet in front of him. It seemed Claire Rambo, some sergeant of the militairy stranded during the second battle of Nosiso was right about the Confederate hold over the Western Sector. It seemed Senator Muunithrond really did betray the grand Nation. As the two fleets drew closer to eachother above the capital planet of the Rambo Nation Western Sector, Muunivelle Ramcard was already making battle tactics. Contacting his other two commanders, Thel'Vicliquam and the Trucinex captain of the Allecto Ramcard gave the order to attack.

On the other side of the fleet, the Confederate Serindia captain of the Serindia Utopia looked in awe and anger. It seemed they were betrayed, it was probably the fault of Mortikran, a Mortalitas which escaped Nosiso instead of defending her at all cost. As the two fleet clashed it seemed the Rambo/URC fleet and the Confederacy were equall in strength, and both sides took heavy damage. The tides of battle changed totally when two Xiaan Poseidon Cruisers arrived, backed up by various Hutter ships. As such the battle intensified, with Rambo Nation loosing various ships, including one of the two Caradhras Class carriers. Even a Galaxy class became heavily damaged by the Confederate destroyers, but with aid of the remaining Cyrandia ships the Confederacy was pushed back, all hope gone to launch an attack at the Rambo Capital. After three hours of combat all Confederate ships had retreated, ensuring the end of the Confederacy hold over the Western Sector. Now all awaited the news what was the next move of the Confederacy, as they only were at Yadumarth.

Battle of Orbispira Edit

Battle of Orbispira

The largest battle of the war wages above the planet.

With the URC fleet stretched across the galaxy, attempting to once and for all defeat the Confederacy, much of Orbispira's defence force was absent from the capital planet. Following his master's orders, Zillum saw this as an excellent opportunity to deal a crushing blow to his enemy. And the time was matched to an important senate debate on Orbispira's moon, making the planet full of the Republic's most important figures. However, the battle eventually ended when an unknown fleet made up of various Capricornian vessels appeared to aid the Republic!

A New Era Edit

A Proclamation Edit

Battle of Orbispira 06

The United Capricornian Fleet arrives at the Senate.

The Senate was full of excitment, a massive fleet appeared over the moon of Corunnia and talk was stiring about a united galaxy against the Confederacy of Allied Systems. However, despite the emergency session of the senate that was called, President Apollo and Senator Inviá were nowhere to be found. Despite this, all the senators got into place and talked quietly to themselves about the new beginning, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the leader of the fleet that had just spelt an end to the majority of the Confederate Navy. Suddenly a bright light filled the doorway to the Senate Chamber, and a congregation of Basileus, Adlapuspino, Osteola, Libertus, Corthrinus and Mataii appeared, followed by a figure that resembled a great Miluiel garbed in red robes. The senators clapped their hands enthusiasticly toward the new arrival, who strode up the podium with a frown upon his face. He began to speak.

People of the galaxy. Of the Core Worlds. Of the Inner Rim. Of Cyrannus. We mark this day as a transition. The history of our great galaxy has been mired by weak leaders and dreadful wars, that leave billions dead. We stand on the threshold of the future, one of peace and liberty. I come before you as a herald of a New Era, one where we put aside our beliefs and embrace the hand of peace.

It is my duty to inform this august body that our former leader, President Apollo has been secretly conspiring with those who would subject us all to a horrible way of life, amoung these, the shameful Cognatus who with the help of Apollo conspired to bring the galaxy under their barbaric beliefs and the Miluiel who are attempting an uprising to overthrow our great senate in the name of their leader. I assure you, our great soldiers of the united galaxy will bring him to justice. His dealings have created the war that rotted the heart of this great galaxy for the past three years. If you do not believe me, our very own honourable Senator Guolivian has proof of Apollo's secret acts to damage our reputation and standing in this chaotic Gigaquadrant.

All eyes in the room turned toward Senator Guolivian who stood forward and began to speak though he appeared apprehensive,

This figure is correct. I was recently given information from an unknown source that Apollo has been conspriring with none other than Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation about the downfall of the galaxy and secret new Rambo weapons designed to bring the galaxy under the rule of the Cognatus, who have skillfully worked their way into our favour.

Guolivian sat back down and uploaded the information to the holonet around the room, allowing all the senators to look at the deeds that the President committed away from the public eye.

But no longer. The war is over, and Apollo's attempted rebellion will be stopped. With your permission, we will apprehend him and bring him before us as a war criminal. My friends, we must never allow such a deed as this horrible war to happen again. The Republic and indeed, the galaxy must evolve beyond its borders and unite itself under one law, language and under the enlightened guidence of one individual. My friends, the United Republic of Cyrannus is a failed dream. However, today we shall create one that will not fail and like a phoenix from the ashes the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus shall rise!

Fear not, this Empire will not be one of hardship or oppression but one of democracy and resolve. But know this, I, Emperor Tyrómairon will show no mercy to those who would dare challenge Cyrannian resolve and progress. My friends, mark my words a new age has begun.

Never again shall a conflict ravage our galaxy, we will trade war for peace and anarchy for great stability. Beings can now look foward to a new Imperial future. The direction of our course remains clear. With your help, I'll lead the Empire to glories beyond your imagining. The future begins today.

A triumphant applause rang out across the Senate Hall, fireworks went off in the distance and across the galaxy it was like the stars themselves rang out in praise. Tyrómairon smiled. He had two more cards to play before the galaxy was truly his.

Diplomat Eviran's MissionEdit

Diplomat Eviran's Mission

Eviran runs back to his ship

While everyone was applauding in the Senate Hall, someone was finding the entire situation very strange. Diplomat Eviran, a young Shodrae member of the Indoctrinate Collective was in the Senate by the time Tyrómairon made his entrance. He watched the announcement, but found it too well planned, like if Tyrómairon was behind the invasion of Orbispira so he could stop it himself.

Eviran ran outside and contacted Captain Jerkon, informing him of everything he heard and sending him a picture of Tyrómairon. Jerkon looked at the image, and immediatly asked for Apollo. Eviran retorned of not seeing neither Apollo or Inviá in the announcement.

Captain Koluap shouted in a mix of worryness and rage as he got worried about Apollo and angry for not having wrestled Zillum. Jerkon ordered Eviran to get his Collective Thunder and find Apollo the fastest he could.

Meanwhile, the Vida'Rranlora planet found by the Republic a year ago shrudded in fear. They knew who Tyrómairon was, and knew what he could do with them. The planet activated its essence-based weaponry and stayed at full alert, threating to destroy any spacecraft near its territory. The Vida'Rranlora knew it would happen, but there was nothing they could do about it...

The Realm's RetreatEdit

Despite Tyrómairon's announcement, one faction of Capricornians wasn't under the Empire's banner: the Realm of the Bisistaran. Still in their fierce wrestling with the Cyrannian Neraida, the Bisistar were struck by the news of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus' formation.

Ceasing fire on the Grox for a while, the Bisistar discussed their next actions. This Empire could prove to be a real threat to them, even more than anything they would had ever faced. The Bisistar Queen ordered the retreating of all forces on Cyrannus, which left back to the Cyranai Galaxy.

Meanwhile, the Grox also became aware of the Empire's formation. They were still recovering from their losses to the CAS and Bisistar, so weren't capable of taking any actions. They decided to just ignore the situation, and would only do something if their territory felt under danger.

In the Grox Palace, a new drone had been completed. It stepped out of its chamber and let out a metallic roar while its Grox masters watched. Commandant Khuenaten was reborn...

Shock in the QuadrantsEdit

Empress Ramashe looked in awe silence at the cripted message her nephew Senator Lord Ram'Lendilia had send her. Behind her colonel Chodecra and Chancellor of the Crown Aleathria also were silent. How could it have gone so far? What had happened without the Rambo knowing it. The URC was no more, the Rambo were branded as traitors together with Apollo, who seemed to be involved together with the Cognatus Remnant.

Chodecra shook his head in disbelief, while Aleathria simply stared at the screen. Ramashe suddenly rose, with tears in her eyes, she told Aleathria to inform the Rambo Senate by an emergency session. She ordered Chodecra to summon Angforst Space Station to blockade the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole as a prevention. The road to Rambo Nation was closed, further orders would soon follow. The two left Ramashe her room, while she contacted the remaining leaders of the Cyrandia Alliance in the Quadrant Galaxies.

The Xiaans reacted with shock, and also went into an emergency seesion, while the Hutters were furious, claiming it was their fault and closed the message without warning. It seemed problems were far from over.

Elsewhere, Morgandaûr was in doubt, this event was unexpected and a change would be needed as his plan was in serious danger.

Regarding the President Edit

Regarding the President

The fierce stand-off against Apollo.

Apollo looked in shook at his viewscreen. The self proclaimed Emperor Tyrómairon of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus had declared Apollo, Rambo Nation, the Cognatus and all their followers as enemies of the Galaxy. It was now only a matter of time before he was found and arrested for his supposed crimes. Apollo walked up to the window of his office, shaking with a mix of anger and fear. The United Republic of Cyrannus had fallen and a new imperial regime had taken its place. He now knew what he had to do. It was his job to fight for the liberty of Cyrannus and that is what he planned to do. However, he needed somewhere to think about how he could achieve this. Suddenly, Basileus and Libertus Imperial Soldiers burst through the window and surrounded Apollo and his family, Gianne, Kara, Laoi and his father, Cretacea.

Regarding the President 02

Basileus and Venator Star Destroyers attack the Placidi Itinere

Cretacea raised his weapons, but to his shook, a bright light illumated the room, as a graceful Miluiel appeared casting a ball of light against Apollo's would be apprehenders, throwing them out the window. The Miluiel told Cretacea, Gianne and Apollo that Senator Naberrie was waiting for them aboard a Cognatus Cruiser, the Placidi Itinere in orbit and awaits their arrival. Outside the window, a Cognatus shuttle appeared and Apollo and his family jumped in and sped toward orbit. The Placidi Itinere however had other, visitors. To Apollo's shock, both a Basileus Cruiser and a Venator-class Star Destroyer were both engaged in a dogfight with the Placidi Itinere suffering heavy damage. Despite this, the company managed to board the cruiser, which jumped into hyperspace toward a secretive rendezvous point...

Regarding the Confederacy Edit

Regarding the Confederacy

Meketanor destroys the leaders of the Confederacy.

Emperor Tyrómairon was pleased. He had successfully merged the majority of Capricornian species and two superpowers of the galaxy, the New Basileus Empire and most importantly, the United Republic of Cyrannus. Soon after the Declaration of the Empire, the new Emperor's sight turned to the Confederacy of Allied Systems, a beacon of hope against his newfound rule. However, he had little intention of it staying that way, he summoned his skilled assassin, Meketanor to take care of them once and for all.

The Confederate leaders met at a top secret location in the Outer Rim, suddenly the door to the cave in which they were hidden opened and a dark figure emerged. Meketanor. Suddenly, he began to crush the CAS leaders one by one, killing them all until only two were left, Zillum and Tyrant. However, before he could engage them in a duel he layed down his arms, and relayed a message to the two admirals from the Emperor himself. He had no intention of destroying such powerful specimens and decided that they would do well in the new Imperial Navy and he had great hopes for the Mortalitas in the new Empire. Indeed, the entirety of the Confederacy would do well in the Empire. Zillum looked around at his deceased allies with a cunning smile. The Mortalitas had no more need for the CAS, great power lies within the Empire and they would be happy to ensure it's construction.

With this, the Confederacy of Allied Systems, like it's enemy, the United Republic of Cyrannus came crashing down and thus, the Great Cyrannus War came to a bloody end. Now, the Dark Times grabbed hold on Cyrannus. And yet, hope remains, in the form of those of remain loyal to the ideals of the URC and indeed, those who are loyal to the CAS. However, they now find themselves in a galaxy under the control of a superpower unlike any seen before...

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